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Good Morning Iraq: News from the resistance

Fred, 25.05.2004 14:03

Here is a reposting from that claims to speak on behalf of the Iraq1 resistance. Seems genereally consistant with western reports yet told from a pro resistance stance and more extensive. Fred

What has happened to Michael Moore?

I wonder, 25.05.2004 13:53

For the last 24 hours, all the websites owned by Michael Moore and his production company have been down.

Practical Primitivism 1

stormglow, 25.05.2004 13:28

The Justification

Moore and Cannes

susanscully, 25.05.2004 11:42

Fahrenheit 9/11 wins most prestigious award at Cannes, among other compliments...I don't care what anyone says, I've observed what he's had to sacrifice to have many voices heard, and I know what it's like to stand up for what you believe in, the risks you take...
...coming a theatre...

I am really proud to be half Palestinian / Palestine

Zajel / PR/ An-Najah National University - Palestine, 25.05.2004 06:36

I shared these feelings with Palestinians. Now, I think I understand the meaning of real solidarity, a completely different kind of solidarity, than we all had planned in a different world, where people are free and responsible for themselves.

Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and the Manchurian Candidate

..., 25.05.2004 06:33

"...Both MK-ULTRA and ARTICHOKE grew out of "Operation Paperclip," in which Nazi scientists were smuggled into the U.S. to provide the government with information on everything from rocket science to germ warfare to torture and interrogation techniques..."

Unprecedented Week of Transgender Activism in Nation’s Capital

NTAC Media, 25.05.2004 06:32

A bit of history occurred the end of April and early May. Three national transgender or gender-diverse civil rights organizations lobbied Capitol Hill simultaneously and, for the first time, all lobbied for the same issues. In addition, yet another rejuvenated national group conducted its first organized protest in years, and still another organization conducted a march to the Viet Nam Veterans’ Memorial, and conducted a historic wreath laying ceremony.

Nablus is the most welcoming city I have visited / Palestine

Zajel / PR/ An-Najah National University - Palestine, 25.05.2004 06:29

Visiting the camp makes you feel a whole range of emotions, perhaps the strongest feeling is the desire to improve things.

Ireland belongs its people, not its politicians

Ann Marie Kelly, 25.05.2004 06:00

The result I most want to see from my campaign is for the people of Ireland, both young and old, to know that this country belongs to them, and not the politicians. The country is ours to change, and it can be done. We can change the system and every vote away from the main political parties is a vote for a bright and democratic future. Send a clear message to our Government on June 11th. Either they deliver on their election promises or they are out!

WTO Seattle 1999 Settlement Victory, 25.05.2004 05:17

LET'S USE THESE NETWORKS TO GET THE WORD OUT. TELL FOLKS TO CONTACT the attorneys (info below) so they can send them forms to complete. NOW is the time to do it since they will only have until JUNE 22nd to return the forms.

The Com-Passion of The Christ

Matthew Stanton, 25.05.2004 02:47

That a movie is reportedly a “spiritual experience” for so many of the faithful is evidence of a remarkable transubstantiation of those customary and socially embedded practices of Christian faith into the misty realm of a blockbuster movie. What moviegoer response to The Passion of The Christ testifies to is a sort of religious “re-enchantment” that happens through the marketing of religious symbols, myths, vocabularies, and beliefs...all for the price of a theater ticket and a officially licensed Passion coffe mug.

US Military hiding info on tortured/raped/beaten Iraqi women in Abu Ghuraib concentration camp

., 25.05.2004 02:47

The US military is systematically hiding all info on women
Iraqi prisoners who were either raped, tortured or beaten in
the Abu Ghuraib concentration camp run by the US military in
Iraq. During the release of 100s of prisoners, no journalists
were allowed to interview any of the released prisoners.
"Journalists were forbidden from talking to the women ..."

Gobierno Mundial oculto, 25.05.2004 01:58

Mapa de los Amos del Mundo.... Bilderberg, Franc masoneria, Illuminati, Comision Trilateral, Consejo de Relaciones Exteriores (CFR), IFRI, Club de Roma, Aspen Institute....toda una red mundial muy bien organizada de personas e instituciones que conforman el gobierno mundial oculto, con una filosofia y valores deshumanizantes, estilo Big Brothers y al mas puro estilo de una dictadura mundial (democra-dura) real, sin que nadie se de cuenta...visite ...lea, reflexione, verifique y actue (actuemos)!!!

Rawan's Innocence Assassinated By Israeli Bullets

Adel Zaarab, 25.05.2004 01:31

"To those whom evil is done Do evil in return" W. H. Auden, Poet, 1939 Zionazis developing a full head of steamed hatred.

President Uribe’s Hidden Past

Tom Feiling, 25.05.2004 01:31

Stop Bush's Racist Wars-Flyer

International Action Center, 24.05.2004 20:03

Flyer announcing June 5, 2004 March on the White House and Pentagon

Israeli Director Dedicates Cannes Prize To Palestinians

iol, 24.05.2004 20:01

Israeli director Keren Yedaya dedicates Golden Camera award to Palestinians "I want to create a different cinema that criticizes the Israeli politics and the occupation of the Palestinian territories," Israeli director Keren Yedaya said.

Yedaya used her Golden Camera award acceptance speech at the Cannes Film Festival to lash out at the Israeli occupation troops, saying they humiliatingly enslave three million Palestinians.

The talented filmmaker also dedicated the honor to all world peoples, who have not been emancipated from slavery.

For his part, Michael Moore also dedicated his Palme D'Or to all "the children in America and around the world who have suffered from our actions".

How a secret Pentagon program came to Abu Ghraib

repost, 24.05.2004 19:51

The roots of the Abu Ghraib prison scandal lie not in the criminal inclinations of a few Army reservists but in a decision, approved last year by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, to expand a highly secret operation

Fire Fighters Excluded From 9/11 Testimony

Press Associates, Inc, 24.05.2004 19:32

We wouldn't want to hear about those explosions at the WTC on 9/11, now would we?


Martin Griffin, 24.05.2004 19:15

America needs bi-partisan efforts to salvage iraq and America from disaster.

The press is doing a good job

Bob R., 24.05.2004 18:46


Random Thoughts On Modern Tactics

£, again, 24.05.2004 17:54

Electronic newswires can be irrelevant. They will ultimately lie about the facts, then not lie about the facts to refute claims, to then grandstand disinformation in response to the rest of the world's queries.

Interview: Cancer Dr.’s treatment suppressed 20yrs

Gavin Phillips, 24.05.2004 17:06

This year some 3,000 children will be diagnosed with brain cancer in America. This is a virtual death sentence for the children if treated with orthodox treatment, radiation therapy. My interview with Dr. Burzynski documents the FDA’s 20 some year suppression of his treatment Antineoplastons. It’s the same old story of the $$greeeeed$$ obsessed pharmaceutical companies controlling American medicine.

Halfax Stand Off Sign of Ills in Canadas Social Polcies

Richard Voigt, 24.05.2004 17:00

The ongoing oppresion of natives, spills into mainstream, and finally shows how Children's Services deals routinely with Canadian Families.

U.S. staff sargent back from Iraq calls marine actions genocide

jamie, 24.05.2004 16:55

Today (5/24/04)on U.S. staff sargent recently back from Iraq calls marine actions genocide. Says Iraqis have every right to be angry and hve every right to fight back. "I would." This is an incredible interview/report. Don't miss it. Share it.

D/FW skies 04.01.04

Tappy, 24.05.2004 15:43

Video of expensive and distasteful stunt over Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Misuse of gov't!!

Finders Keepers - lone activist outreach/protest action anyone can do in the U.S.

d.o., 24.05.2004 15:10

deception dollar Crumple up hundreds of 9/11 "dollar bills" and casually drop them in places where mainstream Americans frequent. Your freedom is worth the investment.

We must stop this nightmare.

jamie, 24.05.2004 14:55


As of now, at least 801 U.S. GI’s have died in Iraq. Of course countless Iraqis have lost their lives, perhaps 2 million if we count the effects of U.S./U.K. imposed sanctions. Remember the old war movies where the commanders would of speak “softening the enemy” before an attack? Is that not why all those Iraqi children were condemned by denying their country food, medicine, and the means to repair water treatment facilities destroyed in the first “gulf war?” Talk about crimes against humanity?

We must stop this nightmare. The anti-war movement in our country is a broad collection of perspectives and represents diverse aspirations. That is as it should be. But we all have the dire need to defeat the insanity of the neocon agenda of world domination at any cost. Regardless of our differences, it is clearly imperative that we hit the streets ASAP. Please plan, if you have not already, to attend the anti-war march in DC this June 5th. Information on the march, flyers, etc. can be found at

The tide is turning. A new world is possible now! See you in DC, jamie


£, 24.05.2004 12:55


New charter for the Constitutional Rights Enforcement &amp; Support Team

Quicksilverdime, 24.05.2004 12:28

Our new charter is about complete and can be viewed at
We have a few finishing touches to make and any suggestions would be most appreciated.
We also have some interesting topics going on in our Yahoo Group.
One topic now is the right choice of firearms. We need a logo for the CREST and we have a few entries in our logo contest folder in our files are. Add yours also. Who knows, maybe someday you'll be famous for designing our CREST logo. We have over 820 members now in our Yahoo group and are also starting new CREST chapters in the local communities.

Save America For Everyone

Tom Dodamead III, 24.05.2004 11:51

We the people of the United States have lost control of our government due to this one flaw in our constitution.

Military Men Are Dumb, Stupid Animals

doubleplusgood, 24.05.2004 09:36

Alexander Haig, newly appointed White House chief of staff, May 4, 1973 many people have asked about the origin of a quote from Henry Kissinger regarding military men, which came from Woodward and Bernstein's "The Final Days" (1976). Here is the complete paragraph--and for context, the one following--excerpted from pages 194-195 of the second Touchstone paperback edition (1994).

Anti-abuse demo in London

The Usual Suspect, 24.05.2004 09:05

protesters in Trafalgar Sqaure Hundreds of anti-war protesters gather in Trafalger Square, London, where socialist Tony Ben and the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, were among those that addressed the crowd.


Larry Abraham, 24.05.2004 08:39

Politics and the war

Another Torture And Abuse Picture Surfaces

American Vet, 24.05.2004 06:56

Yet Another Torture And Abuse Picture Surfaces Just As Rumsfeld Predicted Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said "more photos and videos will surface" -
and he has been proven right, for a change.

It appears our very own President George W. Bush was the victim of abuse. Laura not only admits to "spousal abuse", she has even taken a picture of it.

billionaire blood for oil; it's worth a drop or .. ..

lbo-talker via piet, 24.05.2004 06:34

billionaire holds sign that says that rather (sorry to disappoint you)

On the limitayions of Moore's film

jamie, 24.05.2004 06:07

On MM’s 451 and it's limitations. Maybe we should go much, much further?

SOLDIERS IN MY HOUSE / [+ 26 similar stories]

Wafa Abu Shmees / An-Najah National University, 24.05.2004 05:50

I told my children to carry with them things like pajamas, some bread, canned food, and diapers for my 3-year-old daughter

caffeine causes neurosis, depression, anxiety

anonarchista, 24.05.2004 05:39

Good article on implants

..., 24.05.2004 05:21

Check out this article on implants, especially the info. on Jose Delgado and his experiments with putting actual implants in peoples brains back in the 1960's and 1970's to control their behavior.

Justince in China

Jonothan Sims, 24.05.2004 03:55

If you are a foriegner living in China, there is very little chance you are going to get fair treatment according to Chinese law.
So I'm going to take the Public Security Bureau to cout.




Se aplicaran los principios de dualidad e igualdad de genero, característicos en nuestras culturas el trabajo y las responsabilidades, se distribuirán entre hombres y mujeres de igual a igual, respetando el principio de complementariedad,El principio generacional de este espacio consiste en una participación mayoritaria de la población joven, y su plena inclusion en la parte organizativa del SEGUNDO ENCUENTRO INDIGENA, TAWA INTI SUYU PACHA MAPU, a realizarse del 13 AL 21 DE JUNIO DEL 2004,en el Qollasuyu,La emblematica CIUDAD DE EL ALTO y la rebelde ciudad de ACHAKACHI enclavado a orillas del lago sagrado del TITI KAKA en pleno altiplano aymara, seran la sede principal del evento, todos y cada uno de los Tawantinsuyanos son responsables por la ejecución de la siguiente agenda operativa: ANEXO CONVOCATORIA.


Newsletter of the “Iraq Committees” in support of the Iraqi Resistance, 24.05.2004 02:08

Posted to the Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network On-line Group by the Moderator

U.S. Tries to Get Off the Hook on War Crimes via HRW, 24.05.2004 01:19

The United States is insisting that its troops be exempt from international war crimes prosecutions while serving in any U.N. force in Iraq, despite U.S. abuse of prisoners there, Human Rights Watch said today.

Without prior notice to members of the U.N. Security Council, the United States yesterday demanded an immediate vote to renew contentious Security Council Resolution 1487. This measure grants immunity to personnel in U.N. authorized or approved operations from states that have not ratified the International Criminal Court (ICC) treaty, including the United States and Iraq.

Human Rights Watch opposes Resolution 1487. The resolution distorts the Rome Statute, the treaty establishing the ICC. The Security Council has overstepped its authority under the U.N. Charter by seeking to amend a multilateral treaty in this way.

Illumination Without Batteries: Of Gas, Glow Sticks And War

Adam Christopher Snow, 24.05.2004 00:58

This essay is a reflexive commentary on the current war in Iraq and the revelations of US military torture at Abe Ghraib prison.

CORRECTION~BTL:While Federal Contracts to Private Companies Proliferate...

Between the Lines' Scott Harris, 23.05.2004 23:18

...Government Oversight is Weak or Nonexistent~Interview with Michael Scherer, Washington correspondent for Mother Jones magazine, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

Kathy Kelly on &quot;The War on Iraq&quot;, 23.05.2004 22:04

Kathy Kelly of Voices in the Wilderness speaking on 8-7-03 about the war in Iraq.

Solidadridad con el pueblo palestino

Daniel Cantero Bello, 23.05.2004 20:58

Propuesta de una campaña internacional

US Military Fatalities In Iraq Reach 800

reapost, 23.05.2004 19:16

as intense street fighting continues in the holy cities of Najaf and Karbala, 800 US soldiers have now died in 'Operation Iraqi Freedom'.

more than 660 of these 800 Americans were killed since the Bush administration declared "mission accomplished" on May 1, 2003.

An Open Letter: The War Crimes of Bush, Cheney and Co.

Tom Stephens and John Philo, 23.05.2004 19:15

letter by Detroit Chapter of National Lawyers Guild to Congressman John Conyers about Bush regime's crimes against humanity, systematic violations of fundamental human rights, and flagrant violations of other laws, treaties and obligations, including internal regulations of the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice.

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