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The Red Pill Vol. 5 No. 9

grand Junction Alternative Media, 11.07.2007 18:21


Tampons of Death: What the corporations don't want you to kno

A Bisexuals Guide to Giving Head

Green Sex

Short and Queer: an excerpt of the zine shortandqueer

Surviving Male Sexual Assault

Bring the whole baby home: a critique of male circumcision

The Red Pill Vol. 5 No. 7

Grand Junction Alternative Media, 11.07.2007 18:17

The Green Issue

The Uranium Mine Thats Not A Mine--a brief overview of the growing uranium industry in Western Colorado, and specifically one mine, SM-18, run by Cotter Corporation.

Resisting Desert Rock--by Nathan Coe. Indigenous resistance against the proposed Desert Rock coal fired power plant.


Global Warming Rock'n'Roll--Al Gore and Live Earth

The Red Pill Vol. 5 No. 8

Grand Junction Alternative Media, 11.07.2007 18:14

420 Issue

Higher Ground--examines the relationship between marijuana and religion.

Cannabis Facts--is a compilation of cannabis fact compiled by UCCS biology department Chair Dr. Robert J. Melamede, Ph. D.

Why is Pot Illeagal--examines the powerful people that pushed for marijuana's criminalization.

Pot Quiz, Hotshot--is a humorous look at some current government marijuana propaganda

The Red Pill Vol. 5 No.6

Grand Junction Alternative Media, 11.07.2007 18:05


Dahlia Wasfi, M.D. Speaks in GJ: TRP gets an interview

The Xeroxed Revolution: TRP represents at Denver's Second Annual Zinefest

GJ Still Says No to War: Four Years and Counting

Today We March: Tomorrow We Boycott: TRP covers the annual Cesar Chavez celebration in Denver

Is Iran Next?

Channel Surfing: Flash Fiction

Don't Go: Interview with animator and Media Review of 'Don't go' an anti-war short film

NASA and the Nazi's: Brief Intro to Operation Paperclip

Baptized in Blue Light: Turn off your TV week A/24-A/30

The Blue Pill (The Red Pill's April fools day issue)

Grand Junction Alternative Media, 11.07.2007 17:57

Fox News Corp. buys Red Pill, Now Blue Pill
Anna Nicole Smith: An Angel Among Us by: bill o'rieley
Anna Nicole Smith Autopsy Pics Revealed
Meth Gives You the Energy You Need to Give Us All The Energy We need
Clifton Methfest

Contaminación : El grito de los excluídos en Abra Pampa, Provincia de Jujuy

COPENOA, 11.07.2007 17:51

Desde Abra Pampa el pueblo Colla denuncia la contaminación y abandono de persona de que son objeto por parte del Estado y lanzan su grito desesperado de auxilio.

The Red Pill Vol. 5 No.4 (The Iraq War Issue)

Grand Junction Alternative Media, 11.07.2007 17:46

Who is Really Behind the Iraqi Civil War?

In Memory of Sid Siddeek

Email from Emman Ahmed Khamas; Baghdad

One Trillion Dollars; What a Useful Thing

Amnesty in Afghanistan

An-Bar Province, Iraq: A Photo Essay


War, What is it Good For? Business!

Four Years of Protesting this War

The Red Pill Vol. 5 No.2

Grand Junction Alternative Media, 11.07.2007 17:40


A Moment from an Unseen Revolution: The Red Pill attends J27 anti-war march and a break off march of anti-authoritarians occupy capitol steps
The War On Public Housing in New Orleans
No Oil for Blood: the World Social Forum addresses Iraq War
Ohio Convictions find 'Rigged' '04 election
Race and Rebuilding: New Orleans 16 Months Later
Words from the Wise to Open the World Social Forum: A Red Pill correspondent on Desmond Tutu's speech at the WSF.

The Red Pill Vol. 5 No.3

Grand Junction Alternative Media, 11.07.2007 17:34


Welcome to the Underground--Grand Junction Underground Action Alliance takes their message to the streets--counter-recruitment.

Profit Over People: Mega Media and You Right to Know--International and Local media critique.

Medicinal Uses for LSD?

Free Press? Free Josh Wolf?--Josh Wolf is the longest imprisoned journalist in US history.

Turmoil in Guinea--Protests and Strikes rage in Guinea, Africa

One Year of Reclamation--Haudenosaunee Struggle Continues at Kanonhstaton--An Update on Indigenous Struggle in Ontario, Canada

A book review on Revolt in 2100 by Robert A. Heinlein

War Crimes, USUK Hypocrisy &amp; Collective Responsibility

Rory Winter, 11.07.2007 17:15

The author, Günther Grass The ultimate crime has been committed! And just as we judged post-war Germany guilty, we in the USUK are, in the eyes of truth and by our own erstwhile standards, collective war criminals now!


CNCD-11.11.11, 11.07.2007 16:08

Le 13 juillet 2007, le Ministre de l'économie et des finances de l'Equateur, Ricardo Patiño, sera soumis à un jugement politique par le Congrès National, avec de très graves accusations telLes que la "déstabilisation des marchés, association illicite contre les intérêts de l'état, trahison de la patrie".
Cette attaque fait partie d'une campagne déployée par la banque et les puissants secteurs de la population vis-à-vis de la politique souveraine et de transformation du gouvernement national et du Ministre Patiño.

Evangelizing Porn Stars

Brent Herbert, 11.07.2007 16:02

My new mission in life...Apparently when you are trying to rebuild 'the Garden of Eden' a porn star is a good place to start...

Political Crisis Unfolding in El Salvador

U.S.-El Salvador Sister Cities, 11.07.2007 15:45

A political crisis of explosive proportion is looming this week in El Salvador. In an apparent
Effort to decapitate the leadership of one wing of the social movement, Salvadoran national police detained and imprisoned leaders of the Association of Rural Communities for the Development of El Salvador (CRIPDES), a social organization which has worked since the 1980’s with over three hundred organized communities to advocate for their rights. Along with 10 community members, the leaders were placed in “preventative detention” for up to three months pending trial by special tribunal on charges of terrorism.


melsen, 11.07.2007 14:57

«Κανένασ λαος, που εξουσιάζει ένα άλλο, δεν είναι ελεύθερο-Καρλ Μαρξ»

&quot;International Black block Day&quot;

Antifa Germany, 11.07.2007 14:50

"International Black block Day" in Leipzig Saxonia Germany 21.07.2007

Deutschland ins Sommerloch

History as an Alibi: MAUREEN DOWD - Bush Legacy;Senate cuts off Cheney;On DC Madam's List?


DOWD: When presidents have screwed up and want to console themselves, they think history will give them a second chance.


A new international Pick-up and Seduction Forum

Harlequin, 11.07.2007 13:49

For years pick-up and seduction has been discussed behind closed - and even locked - doors until Neil Strauss and published his book, The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists. Thanks to Neil the idea that pick-up artists really exist (and share tactics) is now reaching mainstream media!

5 MILLION PEACE MARCH 2007 - 13-15 July

Lars of 5MPM, 11.07.2007 11:18

(from the 5MPM sculpture by the DUFOUR family) The 2nd annual 5 MILLION PEACE MARCH will be from Fri. 13 July to Sun. 15 July 2007, from Jordan through the West Bank to Jerusalem. Parallel events & grand finale concerts will occur in NYC, London, & Kobenhavn. People from all countries directly or indirectly involved in the Mid East are welcome!

Hamburg Art Academy about to fire 80% of the art students

spectators, 11.07.2007 10:31

Hamburg Art Academy about to fire 80% of the art students
- because they successfully boycott the new german tution fees.

Major Protest at Coke Museum in Atlanta

India Resource Center, 11.07.2007 07:38

Banner at Coca-Cola Museum Protesters gathered today at the New World Of Coke museum in Atlanta - the hometown of Coca-Cola - to question the company's human rights and environmental abuses. A 20-foot banner - Coca-Cola Destroys Lives, Livelihoods, Communities - was hung in front of the museum as speakers from denounced the company's practices in India, Colombia and internationally.

To all Palestinians and Lebanese

tartarus, 11.07.2007 06:31

Zionism crimes

Lal Masjid to Satanic Dwelling

TANVEER JAFRI, 11.07.2007 06:27

Author Tanveer Jafri The Lal Masjid operation in Pakistan has once again proved that the people who organize the fundamental & terrorist activities in the name of Islam are infact anti-Islam. They are the foes of humanity, God & Muslims also.It should be done in all the parts of the world & not only in Islamabad. These self styled custodians of Islam should not be forgiven because today Islam is being seen as a synonym of terrorist, only because of these persons.

DebtCC community reaches new heights with ‘The Powerful Finance Blogosphere’

Ryan Smith, 11.07.2007 05:31

DebtCC community recently published a Magazine titled ‘The Powerful Finance Blogosphere’ to create awareness amongst the Finance Bloggers about some of the quality and informative Blog posts by some well known Bloggers from the personal finance Blogosphere. These blog posts not only tell about what’s new in the finance arena but also include expert advice on how to manage your personal finance and budget.

Travel and Volunteer in Nepal

Bishal Paudel, 11.07.2007 05:02

The Real Nepal experience : Cultural Immersion & Responsible Travel Program in Nepal

The New England Culture Fest FOR FAIR TRADE!

Guerilla Fair Trade Movement, 11.07.2007 02:03

The New England Culture Fest 2007 September 1st, 2007: Lowell, MA, USA: The New England Culture Fest is the nation’s premiere festival for fair trade, complete with world class music from jazz, rock, hip-hop to reggae and world - along with a fair trade fashion show featuring conscious fashions from around the world, and an ethical interactive art & biz fair featuring green leaders, innovative organizations and local artisans- - and when night falls- huge video projections will cover the mill buildings of Historic Downtown Lowell, Massachusetts.



Escrito el 23-03-2003 y publicado en el sitio Cuentos Globales (Málaga) el 27-04-2003. Publicado en castellano (español), português e italiano.

Commettee Vicenza Est against the bases and the wars

A., 10.07.2007 23:53

"Peace shouted from the Megaphone"

The Road Home

NY Times staff with comentary from general Joe, 10.07.2007 22:47

In the article below the Times laments the "Bush failure" of Iraq. They sob for our great nation misled by it's "leaders." They hint at the coming break up of Iraq, as if this was not their plan and greatest objective all along! With the nation state destroyed, a million and a half lives (at least, don't forget those children and sick people dispatched by "sanctions" all throufh the 90's), after fuel prices have skyrocketed the world over, the real plunder can begin in earnest at last.

How The World Will End

Doctor Doomsday, 10.07.2007 22:43

It is a question that many philosophers, scientists and people world wide have pondered-How Will The World End ?
As an answer to this question we are presenting the numerous scenarios and causes that could end the world as we know it.

A Pound of Flesh: post 9/11 racism at an American university

Sudhama Ranganathan, 10.07.2007 22:15

For three years harassment, discrimination and racism were heaped upon me at a small landscape architecture program I attended at The University of Connecticut. It was all due to the false idea I was somehow an Islamic terrorist in disguise. This is my post 9/11 story.

Make A Film That Matters!

Darcy Hoover, 10.07.2007 19:13

The 2008 Green Reel Environmental Film Festival Is Now Accepting Submissions.

Political Crisis Unfolding in El Salvador!

U.S.-El Salvador Sister Cities, 10.07.2007 18:12

A political crisis of explosive proportion is looming this week in El Salvador. In an apparent
Effort to decapitate the leadership of one wing of the social movement, Salvadoran national police detained and imprisoned leaders of the Association of Rural Communities for the Development of El Salvador (CRIPDES), a social organization which has worked since the 1980’s with over three hundred organized communities to advocate for their rights. Along with 10 community members, the leaders were placed in “preventative detention” for up to three months pending trial by special tribunal on charges of terrorism.

Two Reasons to Ban Foie Gras

Christina Matthies, 10.07.2007 17:01

California and the city of Chicago have passed landmark bans on foie gras, and Philadelphia has proposed similar legislation. Two personable Pekin ducks prove why bans against this cruel product, made by force-feeding birds, are so desperately needed.

Declare Yourself! Wear Orange! Drive Out the Bush Regime!

rage, 10.07.2007 15:48

"Wear orange. Put orange everywhere. Those who have been clad in orange, tortured, and detained without recourse will not be alone."

Brutal represión en Suchitoto (El Salvador) contra organizaciones sociales

Suchitoto, 10.07.2007 14:56

El lunes, 2 de julio, la Policía reprimió a varias organizaciones sociales que se habían concentrado en Suchitoto. Estas organizaciones se habían reunido para entregar una carta de demandas al Presidente Saca, realizar un foro y manifestar su rechazo a la Política Nacional de Descentralización, que tiene como finalidad privatizar el agua y que sería anunciada ese día en esa ciudad por el Presidente Saca.

DC madam's records include senator's numbers(+full list); Abusing Iraqi Civilians: BOB HERBERT +

BOB HERBERT - THE NEW YORK TIMES, 10.07.2007 13:59

HERBERT: An article in The Nation magazine goes into great and disturbing detail about the brutal treatment of Iraqi civilians by some U.S. soldiers and marines.


Lessons From the U.S. Stance Towards Iran

Jeremy R. Hammond, 10.07.2007 12:09

"That the discussion coming from the government and media could continue as long as it has under this basic framework, the incredible hypocrisy as the proverbial elephant in the room, speaks volumes about American society and the willingness of people on such a massive scale to deceive themselves about their own role and the role of their own government in the world.

It’s understandable that nobody likes to look in the mirror and see a monster. But it’s unjustifiable for a nation of people to see what they want to see instead of facing up to reality when the consequences of such self-imposed delusion are so real, so profound, and so deadly to other people of other nations."

Internet Stalkers - very disturbing

Stanford Women's Council on Violence, 10.07.2007 10:43

Techniques to combat internet stalkers, including interview clips with actual stalkers

Schäuble dreht durch

rene dombrowski, 10.07.2007 10:17

Alle Überwachen, Verdächtige töten, Bundestrojaner, Innlandseinsätze der Bundeswehr, etc. - Wehrt Euch gegen die Faschisierung des Rechtsstaates!!!

Gabriel Blanco fué recibido por el Gobernador de Mendoza Julio Cobos

Federico Zabalía., 10.07.2007 06:01

El gobernador de la provincia de Mendoza,Julio Cobos,recibió en su despacho al Presidente de la nueva aerolínea Cuyana,Gabriel Blanco.

ΠΕΡΣΕΠΟΛΙΣ 2, η επιστροφή

ΗΛΙΒΑΤΟΝ, 10.07.2007 01:37

Η ΠΕΡΣΕΠΟΛΙΣ επιστρέφει! Μόλις κυκλοφόρησε το ΠΕΡΣΕΠΟΛΙΣ 2, η επιστροφή, από τις εκδόσεις ΗΛΙΒΑΤΟΝ, με το οποίο η Μαργιάν Σατραπί ολοκληρώνει την αυτοβιογραφία της. Με περισσότερες από 1.000.000 πωλήσεις στην Ευρώπη η ΠΕΡΣΕΠΟΛΙΣ αγαπήθηκε ιδιαίτερα και στην Ελλάδα, καθώς ο πρώτος τόμος ανατυπώθηκε ήδη.

Help Our Final Push to Impeachment

Jodin Morey, 10.07.2007 00:47

It's time! is traveling to Washington DC at the end of this month to deliver thousands of Do-It-Yourself Impeachment Memorials to key representatives in the House!

Hilary Clinton gives alarming insight into her decision making process

Anonymous, 09.07.2007 22:31

Video File Parody

Promiscuidade na relação das diretorias do Banco Central do Brasil com os bancos

Vladimir Martins Coutinho, 09.07.2007 22:30

Os grandes bancos exercem o controle informal das nomeações na diretoria do Banco Central do Brasil. Medidas controversas que causam prejúizos para o país em termos de crescimento e encargos financeiros para o governos são tomadas em benefícios dos bancos.

Soutenir Atika, c’est soutenir tous ceux qui luttent

attac maroc, 09.07.2007 21:20

Contre la mondialisation libérale
Membre du réseau CADTM

Postiers(res) marocain(es) en colère: tous unis pour leurs droits et contre la privatisation du secteur.

belaid filahi, 09.07.2007 20:40

Postiers(res) marocain(es) en colère: tous unis pour leurs droits et contre la privatisation du secteur.

It Was 30 Years Ago in Dade

Overnight Productions, Inc., 09.07.2007 18:04

July 9, 2007: The 1977 Dade County defeat, when the religious right was born and queer street activism was born again. Plus new Thai constitution proposes sexual minority rights, Hungarian minister opens Cabinet door, EuroPride salutes Spain's marriage equality, US Lutherans axe partnered pastor, gay bar raids in Istanbul protested, and more news.

37 Poems, newest book by Lasana M. Sekou “will not wince”

OES, 09.07.2007 16:58

37 Poems book cover, capturing contemporary and old symbolism. Why has he been compared to Kamau Brathwaite, Dylan Thomas, Linton Kwesi Johnson, and e.e. cummings.? According to Indian novelist and scholar Tabish Khair, 37 Poems by Lasana M. Sekou “is significant, vigorous and radical.”

Eva/Sión/Es de la poeta dominicana Chiqui Vicioso bien recibido desde México hasta Hong Kong

Fabian A. Badejo, 09.07.2007 16:43

Chiqui Vicioso, autora, poeta, embajadora. Eva/Sión/Es, el nuevo poemario de la galardonada poeta-autora-y embajadora dominicana, Chiqui Vicioso, está recibiendo muy buena acogida desde México hasta Hong Kong, dice Jacqueline Sample, presidenta de la editorial House of Nehesi Publishers.

Evacuation imminente de Rhino: APPEL A L'AIDE!

Collectif Rhino, 09.07.2007 16:19

BD en soutien à Rhino d'Alex Baladi La semaine dernière, nous avons reçu des informations confirmant la menace sérieuse d'évacuation sauvage des habitant-e-s de RHINO le lundi 16 juillet.
Le 3 juillet, le Tribunal de première instance a suspendu le jugement d'évacuation, rendant illégale toute évacuation sans jugement préalable. Cependant, le procureur général Daniel Zappelli en a décidé autrement...

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