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Upset citizens stage rosy protest

Alan Peter, 14.07.2007 12:08

It was time for some Gandhigiri in Bandra on Friday afternoon, roses in hand

Erfolgreiche Feldbefreiung in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

monsanta meets genmais, 14.07.2007 09:27

Nach der Aktion war der Genmais leicht geknickt bis am Boden zerstört. Bei Ramin (Lkrs. Uecker-Randow) wurde auf einer ~3000m² großen Versuchsfläche Monsanto-Genmais der Sorte NK603 vernichtet.

Tricked Sumatra farmers fight to get land back - help their protest!

Rettet den Regenwald (Save the Rain Forest), Hamburg, Germany, 14.07.2007 05:04

Farmers from the village Karang Mendapo on the Indonesian island Sumatra are trying to retrieve 600 hectares of communal land a company tricked them out of seven years ago to plant oil palms.

Stop Spending Money for One Week Every Month Until the Governments Listen

Gina de Miranda, 14.07.2007 04:21

This is a letter written in response to recommendations by an economist in India that anyone doing business with the U.S. be sure to get their money up front before the banks and businesses here collapse. It is about economics and the shell game that has been played with America and the world for years by extremely wealthy bankers and the Feds or Central banks run by them.

YOUTUBE censor vid critical of Australian racist policy

mr mr, 14.07.2007 03:31

I was checking out Youtube this morning watching the John Pilger doco titled "Welcome to Australia". Its loaded up in 5 parts, a good film critcal to the Australian racist history toward its indigenous peoples, when I went to load the last section a banner stating "This video has been removed due to terms of use violation. "
Now I know it was there before as I started watching the last part first then went to the start to see the whole thing.

Its just that it seems to have been removed conincidentally while I was watching.

Any other experiences of censorship while trying to research Oz's racist history?

Indonesian farmers fight to get stolen land back

Rettet den Regenwald (Save the Rain Forest), Hamburg, Germany, 13.07.2007 22:03

Farmers from the village Karang Mendapo on the Indonesian island Sumatra are trying to retrieve 600 hectares of communal forest a company tricked them out of to use the land for oil palm plantations.


Serge Sushko, 13.07.2007 19:09

June 2007 - Alchemy Lab announces the release of Asset Tracker for Networks 6.6, a corporate network inventory tracking solution for Windows XP/2003/2000/NT/95/98/ME. Version 6.6 features automated DirectX inventory and collecting information about open TCP/IP ports on the network computers. More information:

propaganda and physics

Martin Concoyle Ph D, 13.07.2007 18:59

Minority rule has a limiting affect on the nature of physics. The main focus of physics today is on nuclear bomb engineering and on communication (or information) system engineering, eg computers, quantum computers. Thus a gravitational singularity point and the particulate structure of space-time and energy, ie particle states, of such a singularity point, as well as quantum computing is logically the main focus of today’s physics journals.
Physics is the study of material and space within a larger context of existence. The theories of modern physics are based in a probabilistic language, and hence they are designed to chase data, as Ptolemy chased data with his epicycles, as opposed to predicting data in the same useful manner in which classical physics predicts data. The process of chasing data characterized the science of Ptolemy, and it also characterizes today’s physics (see below). This, in turn, allows anything framed in the language of probability to be called science. Probability based descriptions are weak in the sense that it is very difficult to develop new technology from such theories, though they can influence the design of information systems.
If one blindly follows modern science as presented by such a limited notion of physics, then one is being deluded about the notion of “objective truth.”
Furthermore, by supporting today’s notion of physics, one is also supporting the hierarchy of value which the ruling minority has put into place. The implied message of the hierarchy is that the smartest people support the minority rule. By supporting today’s (2007) physics which is controlled by the ruling minority, one is also opposing both equality and the freedom of an individual to selflessly speak to truth. Archive of March 21, 2007 Online Greentech Investor Conference “Investing in the Environment: Global Warming, Global Warning” Available, 13.07.2007 16:58

Online Audio, Available Free to Interested Environmentalists and Investors, Provides Insight into Long Term Trends in Cleantech Investment Including Venture Capital, Funds, Indices and Public Companies

Barrick Gold Tribunal in Argentina

david modersbach, 13.07.2007 16:55

In an emotional international tribunal carried out against Barrick Gold Corp, argentine and chilean activists sentenced the gold mining giant to expulsion for environmental and social genocide, under the shadow of the Famatina Range in La Rioja Argentina.

An Unjustified Privilege: PAUL KRUGMAN; D.C. Madam, CINDY SHEEHAN - Listen Live


KRUGMAN: Treating the income of fund managers differently from the way we treat the income of everyone else who works makes no sense.


Remembering the Maestro - Music Master, Anti-Fascist

Stephen Lendman, 13.07.2007 14:15

Honoring Arturo Toscanini


By Fidel Narváez*, 13.07.2007 12:23

In the context of the Social Forum of the United Status, carried out for the first time in this country in Atlanta, Georgia, presented the launch of North American director Michael Moore’s new movie ’Sicko,’ the same director of ’Bowling for Columbine’ and ’Fahrenheit 9/11;’ exposing the economical power of large corporations in the United States and in this case Private Health Insurance.

SOUTH AFRICA: protest at Parliament against South African trade with Israel

Cape Town Anti-War Coalition, 13.07.2007 12:19

photo of the protest The South African ANC government trades a lot with Israel, and SA company De Beers sends all rough diamonds from all its mines in the country to Israel to be cut and polished, injecting almost 1 billion US dollars into Israel per year...

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Andrew, 13.07.2007 11:35

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The Jew Christian Muslim Song by C.C. Arshagra &amp; The Say Premieres Saturday, July 14th!

by Mariam Muradian for C.C. Arshagra, 13.07.2007 10:20

Be the 1st DJ in your country to AIR The Jew Christian Muslim Song The long-awaited Jew Christian Muslim Song by C.C.Arshagra & The Say will premiere worldwide on "Sounds of Dissent" with John Grebe, Saturday, July 14th, 2007.

MONTSERRAT Mt. fue la cuna de los dólmenes, al desear reproducir en piedra su totem-toro.

Ramon Ramonet Riu, 13.07.2007 09:55

Escultura de Toro, y proyección desde Mt. Montserrat Montserrat fue la cuna de los dólmenes megaliticos europeos. En la vertiente norte se desprende una gran parte de la montaña, que es la única que resalta iluminada las tardes de verano, ofereciendo la silueta de un TORO desafiante. Inspiró los dólmenes prehistoricos, cuya primera concentración está en el NW. la comarca SOLSONES(Lérida) y escultura de toro descubierta por mi en 1980.

In Defence of Revolutionary Justice

Brent Herbert, 13.07.2007 09:48

I just read this morning that Al Queda is ready to attack you Americans this summer. Therefore you must be prepared to be 'inconvenienced' this summer. Now given that the most reckless faction in Washington is seriously considering going on some kamikazee mission and plans to take the whole country with them on thatjoy ride, I thought that given how inconvenienced I might be when Bush uses those emergency powers to become Dictator of America and you Americans loose your internet access, I had best tie up a few loose ends that have been really fucking bothering me and pissing me off.


Ramon Ramonet Riu, 13.07.2007 09:36

Gizeh human face Huge new human face's image, obtained from aerial photo in the afternoon of determinate day for STERN fotograph. It appears very near of famous Sphing of Gizeh, in El Cairo city. It is not a casuality because in my collection of HUMAN FACES I have several similar ones.




Indonesian forest fires turning into a global menace

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 13.07.2007 06:11

The combination of peatland conversion and forest fires is causing global environmental damage by releasing massive quantities of CO2 into the atmosphere, further adding to the problem of climate change. Once a health and environmental hazard to millions in Southeast Asia, Indonesia’s forest fires are now turning into a global menace that contributes significantly to climate change. Indonesia is currently third largest emitter of greenhouse gas, trailing only China and the US, mainly due to deforestation, land conversion and forest fires.

More electronic companies going green, Greenpeace says but much improvement still needed

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 13.07.2007 04:48

Electronic companies are clearly rising to the challenge of 'greening' their products, Greenpeace said today during the launch in Quezon City of the latest 'Guide to Greener Electronics,' a public ranking system of the environmental practices of electronic manufacturers. But, while this may bode well in the long run for developing countries such as the Philippines which typically end up as dump yards of toxic electronic waste (e-waste), a total 'greening' of the industry is still needed if the industry is to be toxic-free.


E. SAN JUAN, Jr., 13.07.2007 02:56

Senator Madrigal, with NDF representatives Louie Jalandoni and Jose Maria Sison Of distinguished progressive lineage, Senator Jamby Madrigal of the Philippines takes a principled stand critical of the Arroyo regime's bloody and brutal repression of Filipinos backed by the Bush neocons. The implementation of an "anti-terror" law this month will legitimize the extrajudicial killing of thousands of civilians and their forced "disappearances" already condemned by the UN, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, World Council of Churches, and the Asia Human Rights Commission. Senator Madrigal joins the world in this condemnation.

PHILIPPINES: Aksa leader killed by Maoist rebels

PDSP, 13.07.2007 02:08

San Pablo City, A woman peace advocate and the local head of the social movement Aksyon Sambayanan (People's Action) was killed Monday night by armed men believed to be members of the Maoist New People’s Army (NPA).

CISPES Declares its Solidarity with Salvadoran Political Prisoners

Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador, 12.07.2007 23:37

On July 2 the Salvadoran National Police (PNC) violently attacked a peaceful protest against water privatization and arrested 14 people.

The police attacked the protestors around the police station, on local roads, and even chased people into rural communities. Police pulled four movement leaders out of a vehicle kilometers away from the protest and arrested them. They attacked other protestors with rubber bullets and tear gas.

The Red Pill Vol.4 No.15

Grand Junction Alternative Media, 12.07.2007 22:28


Communism for Everyday Life

A Blast From the Past: Mesa State in 2003
looks at the state of affairs when Communist turned Right wing activist, David Horowitz spoke at Mesa State.

A Blast From the Past: Mesa State in 1984
When John Stockwell resigned from the CIA, he was the highest ranking official to go public. He spoke at Mesa State in 1984.

The Red Pill is Looking for a New Generation: GET INVOLVED!

[Rio] CMI no Ar - Espeial PanAmericano

CMI - Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, 12.07.2007 22:27

Convocatoria para o Ato desta sexta-feira

Pemex under Aattack in Mexico

wandering press grupo, 12.07.2007 21:15

three combined squads of urban and rural units ... have carried out surgical harassment actions by placing eight explosive packs on the Pemex pipelines." Mexico is ripe for sabotage and incitment to revolt. Hasta el futuro...

California Safe Schools Protects Health of 6 Million Students

California Safe Schools (Non-Profit), 12.07.2007 19:09

Summary: AB 405(Montanez) Sponsored by California Safe Schools became effective January 1, 2006, and prohibited experimental pesticides, whose health effects are unknown in all California K-12 public schools.

Jena Six....

By Harris Brio and Isabelle Ambrose, 12.07.2007 18:50

Marvin Gay asked the question, "What’s going on," in a song made that was made popular by not just whites and blacks but Americans of all colors and creeds.

So what is going on?

In Jena, La inter-racial fights broke out at the school and then spilled out into the small town of 3,000, which is 85 percent white and 12 percent black after a black student had asked “permission" to sit under a tree where only white students are allowed to sit. The next day three nooses were found hanging from that "special" area, a paradise, not to be defiled.

Indian - Israeli Ties Could Neutralize Delhi’s Palestinian Policy

Nicola Nasser*, 12.07.2007 16:18

A seminar on “Palestine: 1967 and After” organized by the Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA) and the mission of the League of Arab States (LAS) in New Delhi on June 22 highlighted India’s still unwavering historical support for the Palestinian people, but failed to address the potential political effects of the growing Indian – Israeli ties on New Delhi’s more than ten – decade old policy on the Arab – Israeli conflict in Palestine.

‘Inspiring Progress’ on Iraq?: NICHOLAS KRISTOF; Cheney on DC Madam List Redux


KRISTOF: When Iraqis are begging us to leave, it’s remarkably presumptuous to overrule their wishes and stay indefinitely.


How the EU “cares” for its citizens

Katerina Mihalikova, 12.07.2007 13:19

This article is going to give you an exceptional opportunity to find out, how you are going to be treated when you get into financial trouble in the Netherlands, known for its “great social help programmes”.

IOC, RIL advance to 135th and 269th positions in Fortune Global 500 list

richa, 12.07.2007 13:11

Reliance rank in Fortune Global 269 up 75 from last year Reliance Ranking in Fortune Global 500-2nd Indian Company- First Private Sector Company.

How the EU “cares” for its citizens (The &quot;stupid herd&quot;, which pays taxes so that this &quot;red tape&quot; is able to exist)

Katerina Mihalikova, 12.07.2007 13:06

This article is going to give you an exceptional opportunity to find out, how you are going to be treated when you get into financial trouble in the Netherlands, known for its “great social help programmes”.

Luis Palomino, nuevo Secretario General de ASEGRE

Asegre, 12.07.2007 12:55

Foto. Luis Palomino Leal El recién nombrado dirigente de la Asociación de Empresas Gestoras de Residuos y Recursos Especiales (ASEGRE) es ingeniero agrónomo y procede de la Cámara de Comercio e Industria de Madrid, en la que ha sido Jefe del Departamento de Medio Ambiente y Energía, y Responsable de Calidad Corporativa.

Series of letters initiated debate over Gas Price Formula

Alan Peter, 12.07.2007 11:27

Reddy has written a series of letters to PM on pricing of gas from RIL's Andhra offshore field. These letters question the formula for working out the price

The German mayor of Sibiu, Mr. Klaus Werner Johannis, has sold the romanian children like onions to the canadian childtraffickers.

Georgiana ARSENE, 12.07.2007 09:56

Fuck the fake masterrace who was able to to Ausschwitz-Birkenau etc. This is a translation of an story published by "Justitiarul Sibian" - - on June 15th 2007 -
In 1990-1991, the teacher Klaus Werner Johannis (Mayor of Sibiu/Hermannstadt, Capital of Culture 2007) has done a lot of adoptions for different families from Canada.It's mentioned that the medium price of a adopted child by a Canadian family was, at that time, 20.000 USD.The price was bigger if the child was yonger. Interesting to see that immediately after the primary made these adoptions he bought a house in Sibiu witch cost 75.000DM, after that he invested a similar sum of money in endowments and modernizations.The building has apparatus of supervision performed how neither the impressive banks can acquires,creating a real bunker,with walls of 2 meters hight(though isn't any tradition ).

Nicole Vienneau

Anonymous, 12.07.2007 03:41

Nicole Vienneau has been missing in Syria since March 31st.

&quot;La pace urlata al megafono&quot;

A., 12.07.2007 01:35

Il Comitato di cittadini e lavoratori di Vicenza Est che si oppongono al progetto Dal Molin e chiedono la conversione ad usi civili della Caserma Ederle è lieto di invitare i rappresentanti dei comitati alla conferenza stampa con il Prof. Philip Rushton, autore del libro "Riportiamoli a casa - il dissenso nelle forze armate staunitensi" e Chris Capp, disertore americano impegnato con i movimenti per la pace per la fine della guerra e il ritiro delle truppe dal fronte.


E. SAN JUAN, JR., 12.07.2007 00:35

Senator Madrigal, with NDF representatives Louie Jalandoni and Jose Maria Sison
Of distinguished nationalist lineage, Senator Jamby Madrigal of the Philippines takes a principled stand critical of de facto martial law in the Philippines and the Arroyo regime's subservience to U.S. imperialist dictates. The following article provides a historical background to the current crisis in the Philippines and an interview with Senator Madrigal on her courageous opposition to the brutal and bloody rule of the illegitimate and corrupt Arroyo clique and its fascistic patrons in Washington/Pentagon.

The Red Pill Vol. 4 No. 16

Grand Junction Alternative Media, 11.07.2007 21:21

"Accidental Genocide" looks at other factors other than military that might have contributed to the genocide of the First Nation people of this country.

"'The Holocaust'" delves into a few other holocausts of history.

"Feeling the Effects of Colonialism" a general overview of how colonialism has effected the developing world and the migrations of people as a result.

"Blood Money Trail" looks at just a few of our corporate 'friends' have benefited from Genocide.

The Red Pill Vol. 4 No. 17

Grand Junction Alternative Media, 11.07.2007 21:17


A Pink Editorial

Prohibiting Gays from Marrying is Unconstitutional: a look at how the federal government does not have the jurisdiction to change the constitution to prevent gays from marrying.

Photo Essay: gay Pride Parade, Denver Pridefest '06

Sexuality Definitions: definitions of some commonly misunderstood terms.

Bisexuality 101: a look at bisexuality

The 1969 Stonewall Riots: The gay community in New York stand against the pigs in '69.

A Fairer Wisconsin: LGBT activists in Wisconsin have been working to get their voices heard over the proposed anti-gay marriage amendment on November's ballot.

&quot;Peace shouted from the Megaphone&quot; in front of military bases

A., 11.07.2007 21:15

The Committee of Citizens and Workers of East Vicenza , who are opposed to the Dal Molin project and who demand the conversion to civilian use of the Ederle base, is pleased to invite you to a press conference with Prof. Philip Rushton, University of Naples, author of "Riportiamoli a casa - il dissenso nelle forze armate statunitensi" and Chris Capps, American deserter active with the peace movement against war and for the withdrawal of troops from war zones.

The Red Pill Vol. 4 No. 18

Grand Junction Alternative Media, 11.07.2007 20:50


Dems take back both houses; don't hold your breath

Blast From the Past: Hot Town 1971: Grand Junction still radio active after years of remediation

Evangelicals are Gay: More evangelicals found to be involved in drugs and homosexual acts

Comfortable in Worthless Fury: poetry

Hangin' With Saddam

We're Anarchists and We Vote

The Death of The Confluence: Thanks to all the folks who supported.

Making Gaza &quot;Scream&quot;

Stephen Lendman, 11.07.2007 20:25

Unrelenting Israeli repression becoming catastrophic.

Saving Iceland

Erik Bauxitmanglare, 11.07.2007 19:45

Action at the ALCOA smelter An Icelandic call for international support in our struggle against the Icelandic Government and multinationals Bechtel, ALCOA and Alcan, who aim to dam and destroy every river in Iceland by 2020 in their hunger for heavy industry and cheap energy.

The Red Pill Vol. 4 No. 19

Grand Junction Alternative Media, 11.07.2007 19:43


Interview from Iraq

John Otto's Rock of Ages

The Supreme Court and Singular Possessive Nouns That End in ..s..

Necro-bestiality legal in Wisconson?

The Red Pill Vol. 4 No. 20

Grand Junction Alternative Media, 11.07.2007 19:36


Soldiers ask Congress for Troop Withdrawl: An Introduction to the Appeal to Redress, an attempt to withdraw troops from Iraq.

What is it Good For?: A fiction piece on what war really means to individuals.

FORUM/EL FORO SOCIAL FRONTERIZO: a review of a trip to the Border Social Forum in Mexico

Check it out folks and GET INVOLVED!

Fitch Issues Presale Report on Asset Backed Funding Corporation Trust, Series 2007-NC1

Giuen Wealth Field, 11.07.2007 19:21

Mr Roger K. Olsson

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