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Departamento de Comunicaciones, 26.07.2007 22:58

Tras la ejecución 16 personas en Irán y el probable asesinato de otras 17, minorías sexuales, juventudes políticas y dirigentes secundarios se manifestaron hoy en contra de la Embajada de Irán en Chile y entregaron una carta de repudio a su máximo representante.


FERNANDO NINA, 26.07.2007 22:44


Expand Community Radio, Seize the Time!

John Riley, 26.07.2007 22:43

Community radio has a historic opportunity to grow in small cities and rural areas around the country as the FCC opens up to receive applications for licenses for full-power radio stations for the first time in many years. The video features an interview with Urusla Ruedenberg, Pacifica's Affiliate Coordinator. Progressives need to out-organize the Christian Right.

Interview with Zimbabwe youth activist on land question, 26.07.2007 22:21

Kwanisai Mafa Learn the Truth about the Imperialist Aggression Against Zimbabwe on Africa Live this Sunday

Chris Chandler Returns To Vancouver

Gordon, 26.07.2007 22:13

Storyteller and multimedia artist Chris Chandler returns to Vancouver accompanied by talented Seattle musician Paul Benoit

Drug War Democrats

Tim Castleman, 26.07.2007 20:37

If 50 of the following 79 democrats had voted for the Hinchey amendment the DEA raids on medical cannabis would have ended.

guia de stencil de juventudes camilistas

JC, 26.07.2007 20:20

una pequeña guia de stencil y arte popular

US soldiers, border agents, smuggling cocaine at US/Mexico border

Brenda Norrell, 26.07.2007 20:19

National Guardsmen, cops, border agents and prison guards, all caught smuggling drugs, now being sentenced. Border residents want the military out and to stop endangering their lives.



una pequeña publicacion

Dr. Fred Price Tells 20/20 &quot;Enough!&quot;

Michael, 26.07.2007 19:32

I thought you might be interested in this. There was a story in the LA Times business section July 25, 2007. (see below)

U.S. must pay $101M to wrongly imprisoned men

Jedite83 / Free Amerika, 26.07.2007 19:26

After framing and imprisoning 4 men for a 1965 murder they didn't commit the U.S. Government has been ordered to pay $100 million to the victims.

For more then 3 decades the FBI withheld evidence they had that provided the innocence of Peter Limone, Joseph Salvati and two others who died in prison, who sued the FBI for malicious prosecution.


FPF-fwd. Global Research - Prison Planet, 26.07.2007 15:32

Political Persecution in America: Antiwar Activist and Movie Producer Arrested

Korean Friendship Association-Germany

Official Delegate Meinolf Mario Wulf, 26.07.2007 13:30

Besucht diese sehr interessante Website der deutschen Sektion der KFA:
Es gibt eine Reihe interessanter Videos, die man sonst nirgendwo findet, die emotional-romantische und ergreifende Musik auf MP3, Koch- und Backrezepte, viele E-Bücher über Politik, Philosophie, Geschichte, sowie zahlreiche Links.


HAROLD MANTILLA, 26.07.2007 11:54

FARC, ELN, AUC AND MILITARY TROOPS POSITION ON FEBRUARY 16/2000. Next February 16 thru the 19th, it has been seven years since the hideous “El Salado [The Salted] Massacre,” in the region of Los Montes de María [María's Mountains] where paramilitary by means of terror acts murdered more than 58 peasants, beginning their journey at trails Flor del Monte [Mount Flower], Canutal, Canutalito, Bajo Grande [Under Big], Cielito [Little Sky], and Patibaque at the Municipality of Ovejas [Sheep], (State of Sucre), and later at El Salado jurisdiction in the Municipality Del Carmen de Bolívar (State of Bolívar).

The INTER-ECCLESIASTIC JUSTICE AND PEACE ORGANIZATION in their article "Forgetfulness 2007: The Paramilitary Death Dance of El Salado [The Salted],” published in Internet on February 18, 2003 (and later on, in Forgetfulness 46), narrates this massacre describing the horrors done, pointing out some of the victim’s names, and between lines reproaching the performance of some military personnel, among them, undersigned Lieutenant Colonel of Marine Corps Infantry (TCCIM), HAROLD MANTILLA.


The Bafim5 Troops [Marine Corps Infantry Battalion of Fusiliers No. 5], never arrived because it was legal, material and geographically impossible to do it. BECAUSE.

A) Months prior, by specific order from my Superiors, Bafim5 troops [Marine Corps Infantry Battalion of Fusiliers No. 5], had been relocated to other Municipalities threatened by subversives and self-defenses groups (such as in the populations of Córdoba and Zambrano, in Bolívar).

B) To the jurisdiction of El Salado [The Salted] (and the entire area of the Municipality Del Carmen de Bolívar), the military and territorial competition of the Bafim5 was discontinued, taken out, removed; and the military and territorially competition given, taken charge, commended, to the Bacim31 [Contra-guerrillas Battalion of No. 31].

C) In consequence, the jurisdiction of El Salado [The Salted] and the whole area of the Municipality Del Carmen de Bolívar, were under the protection and territorial competition, of the Contra-guerrillas Battalion of No. 31 (Bacim31), and not of the Bafim5.

Saving Iceland Blockades Hellisheidi Power Station

Saving Iceland Collective, 26.07.2007 09:51

Saving Iceland blockaded two roads to Hellisheidi Power Station at 7am this morning.


Ulrike Becker team international law and human rights, 26.07.2007 02:57

These are the prices offerd so far by Brgy Tanod Denis Villanueva America a relative of the Mayor of Infanta , Quezon
P1500 to wipe out the Fam.Joachim Heimrath , of a highly educated and human rights advocate for Filipinos known around the globe
P1000 to P1500 to find persons to give act as false witnesses.
How long does the Philippine government tolerate these lynchings classifing them as simple harassment.5000 cases are on record with members of families bestially and brutally slaughtered covered up and whitewashed in the Philippines and some of our Embassies in Manila.\
YES VIRGINIA THEY NOT ONLY KILL PET RABBITS IN THE PHILIPPINES OF CHILDREN but hurt and lynch the children of Foreigners .I am a Sudetendeutsche and proud of it but it does not mean that I treat a foreigner as an animal and even be proud of it of this without remorse.\\\
STOP THOSE SAVAGES IN INFANTA IN this Poblacion 38 and protect the decent families there who kept their humanity a as not all Filipinos are acting like that,

Depleted Uranium Blasts to Increase At Livermore Lab - Video News Clip

Cathy Garger, 26.07.2007 02:51

Livermore Laboratory where Depleted Uranium is exploded - SF Bay in background A recent news clip that discusses Lawrence Livermore Laboratory's permit application to blast 8,000 lbs of contaminants including Depleted Uranium near San Francisco/San Jose area. If you look in the pic out in the distance to your left, you will see the San Francisco Bay.

San Francisco, CA: Chinese consulate refuses petition delivery from Darfur advocates who will hold vigil

Thursday, July 26, 2007, 11:30 AM, PT, 26.07.2007 02:40

A representative of the Chinese consulate in San Francisco refused delivery of a 42,000 signature petition from Darfur advocates who will attempt delivery and hold a vigil outside the consulate to bring attention to China's unique position to persuade Sudan to bring peace to Darfur and ask President Hi to use his power to influence the Government of Sudan

PRESS RELEASE***** * * * * * W * A * T * C * H * * * * * Lynhing mob around Efren Altezza offered P1000 to P1500 for the right witnesses testifying for them. YOU NEED POCKET MONEY OF THESE PERVERTERS OF THE LEGAL SYSTEM WITH CONTEMPT FOR THE COURT

Mike M.Custodio, 26.07.2007 02:21

Efren Altezza offered already P1000 to P1500 to wip the Fam.Heimrath out in Poblacion 38 in Infanta , Quezon Province , Philippines using Brgy.Tanod Denis Villaneueva AMERICA relative of the reelected !! Mayor of Infanta , Quezon Province Filipna Grace AMERICA generally seen as the Dummy of a Dutchman Theodorus van Loon alias Deacon Mario notorious beggar on behalf of Infanta (with a licence of the Mayor?) but not being able to account the money that came to help the flood victims and the poor in Infanta.Deacon sitting in a castle in Filingvest surrounded by a lavish life style had brought the Fam.Heimrath to Infanta to degrade and exploit.Even on ABS CBN a film broadcasted showed a Father (Carmelite) Joel Borneo a friend of the Mayor of Infanta commenting that the Fam.Heimrath was rich and well to do as the Bishop of Infanta looked afetr them .They were exploited and Abandoned , harassed and degraded by lynching mobs run by friends and relatives of the Mayor.

Gloria's Economy: NOT WORKING

Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC), 25.07.2007 23:57

Gloria's Economy: NOT WORKING Today, Philippine President Gloria Arroyo will again address the Congress to give a report on the achievements of her government, and at the same time express her primary focus for the next year. As she did during her previous State of the Nation Address (SONA) speeches, she may yet again boast the economic feats of her administration, including the strengthening of the peso and the recent booming of the stock market.

The Silent Victims of Sept. 11: Untold stories of brave American Arabs and Muslims

Arab-American Newswire, 25.07.2007 21:40

Packed with statistics and facts, as well as personal stories of those who live in a cloud of fear, Silent Victims is a powerful book that describes the manifestation of hate of these ethnic groups sometimes endure while trying to achieve the American dream

Colombia Delegation in September

Coordinator, 25.07.2007 21:09

Witness for Peace, SOAW, and 8th Day Center for Justice (Chicago) are organizing a delegation to Colombia September 6-16. Sector Close Up – Renewable Energy Stocks: Innovation Drives Investment in Electric Automotive Stocks, 25.07.2007 19:12

Electric Car Market Continues to Move Forward through Efforts from ZAP (OTCBB: ZAAP), Advanced Battery Technologies (OTCBB: ABAT), Azure Dynamics Corporation (TSX: AZD & LSE: ADC) and DaimlerChrysler

La Mafia cubano americana...

Combate News, 25.07.2007 18:59

La mafia cubano americana que controla la ciudad de Miami y el Estado de La Florida, son firmes partidarios y mantienen las mejores relaciones con el actual gobierno norteamericano, presidido por George W. Bush, enemigo acérrimo de Cuba y de todo proceso progresista, reformista o revolucionario en todo el mundo.

PERU: candidato del gobierno ligado a la CIA

Bert, 25.07.2007 18:47


The Conyers Legacy

David Swanson, 25.07.2007 18:40

This Thursday and Friday, members of, World Can't Wait, and After Downing Street will meet to discuss impeachment with Congress Members Maxine Waters and Keith Ellison, and with the offices of Jerrold Nadler, Adam Schiff, Robert Wexler, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz. We'll be delivering petitions for impeachment from all over the country.

Now is the moment for every member of Congress to take a stand for justice. Which side are you on, John?

"Your legacy, Chairman Conyers, is about to be remade by the American people, and all the good and noble things you have done will be overshadowed by your grand finale: the enabling of fascism in our country."


Departamento de Comunicaciones, 25.07.2007 17:27

Movilh fue panelista del Encuentro que reunió a activistas, académicos y estudiantes de Chile con el objeto de analizar los viejos y antiguos discursos sobre masculinidad

Urgent: Global Warming Will Release The Blob!

STOP the BLOB Campaign: , 25.07.2007 14:32

ARCTIC CIRCLE--There is a terrible new threat being posed by Global Warming. This time it comes in the form of a monster from outer space known only as The Blob. Exactly 50 years ago in July 1957 this formless terror crashed to Earth in a meteor in the rural town of Downington, Pennsylvania. In the span of only a few hours The Blob killed and devoured more than 50 people, growing from the size of a softball to larger than a school bus.

The Fight To Be Well ...Uk Medical Cannabis Users tell there story

CannabisNI, 25.07.2007 14:26

A hard hitting and emotive documentary where UK medicinal cannabis users and activists tell their side of the story. Featuring Lezley ... all » Gibson (, Pat Tabram ( and Stuart Wyatt ( Whatever your view on cannabis is, please keep an open mind, an an open box of tissues whilst watching this documentary.

The fight to be well

CannabisNI, 25.07.2007 14:18

A hard hitting and emotive documentary where UK medicinal cannabis users and activists tell their side of the story. Featuring Lezley ... all » Gibson (, Pat Tabram ( and Stuart Wyatt ( Whatever your view on cannabis is, please keep an open mind, an an open box of tissues whilst watching this documentary.

Floods expose Labour's climate complacency

Workers Power, 25.07.2007 13:27

On Friday 20 July, two months rain fell in 24 hours over the Midlands and southern England. More rains are forecast. Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire were the worst effected areas. More than 2,000 people have been evacuated, 45,000 homes are without electricity, 350,000 without clean water. This the latest disaster resulting from climate change. But what is the working class solution?

Saving A President

Stephen Lendman, 25.07.2007 10:09

More war ahead to save a criminal president.

“Howard’s tyranny in the Northern Territory” - - - - Aboriginal leader appeals for lawyers‘ help

Michael Anderson, 25.07.2007 06:34

Goodooga, New South Wales, Australia, 24 July 2007 – A spokesman for 16 Aboriginal tribes says what the Howard government is doing in the Northern Territory is tyranny and he calls on all legal firms in the country to stand up and help his people to defend themselves.

S.I. Activist Imprisoned by the Icelandic State

Saving Iceland Collective, 25.07.2007 00:57

24 July 2007

The Icelandic government and ALCOA have gained their first political prisoner with their repression of protest against the heavy industry policy.

A twenty three year old British Saving Iceland activist who was arrested today on the action against Rio Tinto-Alcan, has been imprisoned for eight days.

Pakistan under Dark Clouds

Tanveer Jafri, 25.07.2007 00:54

Author Tanveer Jafri With the reinstatement of Justice Choudhary, a chapter of opposition against Parvez Musharraf has closed. But the reinstatement of Justice Choudhary will prove a boon or curse for Musharraf is under the clouds. Only future can reveal it. But one thing is there that reinstatement of Justice Choudhary has no effect on challenge of terrorism that is being faced by Pakistan.

La Peña presents a week of world female artists!

La Peña Cultural Center, 24.07.2007 23:54

From August 12 to August 18, 2007, La Peña presents an extraordinary week of powerful renowned female artists, from Buenos Aires to Andalusia. La Peña stage will host an Argentinean Latin Grammy nominee, a Berkeley multi-octave range and multilingual venerated singer, a Bay Area Latina singer with her own powerful style who has produced her own album and music video and a mother and daughter from a family who has contributed generations of Flamenco artists in Spain.

Carta abierta al Diputado Nacional por la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Dr. Rafael Bielsa

Fabián Guzmán, 24.07.2007 23:20

Un ciudadano peticionando ante un representantante del pueblo de la Nación Argentina para que explique acerca de los fondos de su campaña, su equiupo de gobierno y algunos datos no menores de su trayectoria política.

Subject: 4 mth old baby shoved out into hot garage by Executive Director at Young Democrats National Convention


4 mth old baby shoved out into hot garage by Executive Director at Young Democra Subject: 4 mth old baby shoved out into hot garage by Executive Director at Young Democrats National Convention

Cindy Sheehan's challenge to Nancy Pelosi for her Congressional seat ,due to her failure to hold the Bush administration accountable for it's crimes ,appears to have thrown some of the Democratic Party establishment elites into a state of panic. Friday July 20, 2007 two Camp Casey Alumni members along with a 4mth old baby were forcefully ejected from the Young Democrats National Convention held in downtown Dallas at the Adams Marks Hotel. Without any povocation by either men, Jane Fleming, Executive Director of the Young Democrats of America targeted and ordered the two men and a baby to be force able removed from the building One of the men, Joey Daniel Retana, a member of Dallas Young Democrats and a delegate to the national convention was on his way to get warm water from the hotel kitchen staff so he could mix the formula bottle for his 4 mth old godson, Mason. who was in a baby carriage. The staff of the Adams Mark Hotel were very courteous and accommodating to making sure the baby's needs were met previously thru out the day. On his way to the hotel kitchen Ms. Fleming and her security goons intercepted Joey and shoved he and the baby carriage thru the backstage area across the back of the second floor lobby and out into a hot humid parking garage. Ms. Fleming yelled at Joey saying ""I'll teach you not to crash my party" She also told her security staff, "don't let that sissy boy back in the building. as she locked them both out in the garage with total disregard for the baby's well being and without the baby's formula bottle. This occurred about 15 to 20 minutes after Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards had held Mason, The baby, in his arms after leaning over the stage to pick him up after he gave an impassioned speech which he began by say he would shut down Guantanamo and put America out of the torture business. YDA Executive Director,Jane Fleming's irrational unprovoked actions occurred after Sen. Edwards had already left the building. (John Edwards has a right to know exactly what happened to the baby he had held on stage after he left the Young Democrats National Convention Friday night) Joey Retana is widely recognized and known by other young Texas Democrats for his association with Cindy Sheehan and for standing in solidarity with Cindy in Crawford, Texas outside the gates to the Bush ranch. The other Camp Casey alumni member force ably ejected from the convention hall was me , Doyle Fine. I had previously that day signed in at the Convention registration desk as an independent Media blogger affiliated with Camp Casey Alumni group. I was given a press pass indicating the fact and it was hung around my neck. At the time Joey and the baby were being kicked out I had returned to the main hall where Sen. Edwards had given his speech in order to retrieve my briefcase and notes which I had left under my chair in the hall. I stopped briefly to hear the testimony of an Iraq war vet who was speaking on stage about his experiences in Iraq. when I got a call on my cell phone from Joey who at the time had made his way down from the parking garage out to the street across from the hotel. He sounded quite shaken and briefly recanted to me what he and the baby had just been forced to endure. I then proceeded to walk across the second floor lobby toward the exit not bothering anyone on my way out the hotel to check on Joey and the baby outside the Adams Marks Hotel. Suddenly I was cornered and detained by Former Dallas City Councilman Larry Duncan and another large man. As I turned to inquired as to why they had stopped me from leaving the convention I saw this crazy women Jane Fleming coming at me from behind yelling at me that she was revoking my press credentials and not even bothering to ask me for them back but instead she put her hands against my chest and ripped the press pass from my neck while ordering security to kick me out of the convention. I was then shoved and immediately told the two men that they had best take their hands off me. They quickly backed down when an off duty deputy sheriff showed up. hired to work the Young Democrats Convention she was told to escort me out the building. I cooperated fully with the Deputy as we made our way downstairs and out the front door of the Hotel. The deputy was just doing what she was told to do and was as clueless as to why I was being forced to leave as I was. Especially since I was already leaving to meet up with Joey and the baby so we could catch the train at union station so we could return to Fort Worth as we had previously planned to do after John Edwards speech. (Below are photos of Joey with Cindy in Crawford in August 2006; Joey and his godson Mason at the Young Democrats National Convention; Sen. John Edwards holding Mason at the Young Democrats National Convention.) If anyone is interested in letting The Executive Director of the Young Democrats know what they think of her behavior you can contact her @ --- or by leaving a message with the National Young Democrats office in Wash. D.C. 202-639-8585

700+ Performing Artists Take Over Hollywood

World Championships of Performing Arts, 24.07.2007 18:18

World Championships of Performing Arts Performing Artists from More Than 40 Countries Take Over Universal CityWalk in a Parade of Nations on Sunday, July 29 @ 9AM Opening the 11th Annual World Championships of Performing Arts


IOHANA ARIAS, 24.07.2007 15:50

objetan la candidatura de Nelson Gonella a intendente de la ciudad de Bell Ville,por una carta presentada a la Junta Electoral Municipal,por un ciudadano común.

Filipino workers slam Arroyo for its consistent failure to clip the jobs crisis

Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL), 24.07.2007 15:15

A dismal failure! This is the verdict of workers belonging to the Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL) as they slammed the Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) administration ahead of her State of the Nation Address (SONA) for its consistent failure to clip the jobs crisis.

La próxima coartada

Aurelio Alonso • La Jiribilla, 24.07.2007 12:28

Cuba ha estado en la agenda del imperio al principio y al final de este recorrido: dilemas de la geopolítica. Primero, un siglo atrás, como víctima de una independencia duramente luchada y usurpada por la intervención militar. Ahora, acusada del imperio como el puerto occidental del “eje del mal”, por el pecado de seguir defendiendo su independencia. Este es hoy el panorama, donde se mantiene siempre latente, a ultranza, una amenaza de intervención. ¿No se le puede llamar “terror”?

Cindy Sheehan Occupies John Conyers' Office: gets arrested.

FPF-fwd. Bob Fertik a.o., 24.07.2007 11:35

Update 3:43 EST: Capitol Police arrested Cindy Sheehan, Ray McGovern, Rev. Yearwood, David Swanson, and 20 other activists and put them on a police bus. But all is not grim - Cindy is calling it her "campaign bus."

[Huelga UPO] Finaliza la huelga convocada por CNT-Sevilla, tras 127 días

CNT-AIT Sevilla, 24.07.2007 10:58

Los sindicatos CNT-AIT y CIT ponen fin a 127 días de huelga de limpieza en la UPO. Donde las limpiadoras consiguen la garantía laboral, jornadas de 37 horas, la readmisión de seis trabajadoras y seis días más de asuntos propios.

Terra di Tutti Film Festival

Annalisa Mantovani, 24.07.2007 10:28

festival.gif Il 31 luglio si chiudono le iscrizioni al Terra di Tutti Film Festival, documentari e cinema sociale dal sud del mondo.
L'iniziativa avrà sede a Bologna dall'8 settembre al 14 ottobre 2007 e le proiezioni giunte dall'Italia verranno affinacate ai documentari selezionati a Cordoba da "La Imagen del
Sur" ( L'iniziativa è all'interno di un network europeo

Aussie Feds caught trying to &quot;fit up&quot; Doctor Haneef.

Ben, 24.07.2007 09:42

The Australian federal police have well and truly caught trying to frame Indian born, Moslem medic, Doctor Mohamed Haneef.

Joachim Heimrath Family * Anne Franks of the Philippines* ______Taytay , Rizal _____W**A**T**C**H Group is recruiting new members and started its function

Marian Jesus, 24.07.2007 09:20

Taytay waqtch asks governor and , Mayor to support drive to find Justice for the family of well known human rights advocate Joachim Heimrath , The crimes committed against the ARF founders Zenaida B. and Joachim Heimrath were committed during the administration of Mayor Cadula, Brgy.Captain Col.Burgos and Brgy Chairman Emmanuel Mercado please give us your side and what you will do to correct the wrongs done to the family

Joachim Heimrath Family + Anne Franks of the Philippines++I N F A N TA ,Quezon Province,Philippines____W**A**T**C**H _____The fight for the Rights to lynch , murder , molest , rob et al foreigners , what else......?

Miriam S.Cunan, 24.07.2007 08:56

As predictated racist fascist groups are started to harass the Heimrath Family Why? not easy to understand by foreigners is theis mentality of Filipinos....The Heimrath Family fought back being victimized hereby in the eyes of these strange characters they did wrong as foreigners may condemn ALL FILIPINOS.This being rather kindergarten like how can the whole people of the Philippines be condemned for the action of low life targetting foreigners.As a matter of fact a foreigner will rather find respect for a government and DOJ if it treats everybody the same in front of the law crooks and criminals we find in all races , as well as compassionate ones.ARF reported heckling by racts facist groups on UP campus betitling them as Fuck you , bastards et al.WE QUESTION THEREFORE UP admininstration why they allow this in parrticular by freshmen as they violate human and legal rights , civil liberties are in violation therefore of the constitution of the Republic of the Philippines.How long will UP allow the harassment of human rights activists on the University of the Philippines while keeping silent to the activities of their racist fascist groups often allegedly operationg via pseudo religious groups.

Religious Freedom In The Zionist State…

J. Brown, 24.07.2007 06:42

July 12, 2007 - Jerusalem: Anti-Zionists Demonstrate on Yoel Street (Corrected) In an effort to appeal to the international community for assistance and political support, Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews, held a demonstration on July 18, 2007 outside the United Nations building in New York City, NY to protest the recent violence and attacks on religious Jews in the Holy Land.

Detienen pescador garífuna por buscar sus alimentos en una &quot;área protegida&quot;

FIAN Honduras - Grupo Local de Atlántida, 24.07.2007 03:32

En Honduras se privilegia el cuidado de las áreas protegidas en contra del derecho humano a la alimentación.
Los extranjeros de los "reality shows" de Italia, España y Colombia si pueden entrar a zonas vedadas a los nacionales.

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