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December 15 2003

fairness, 12.08.2007 22:19

downwinder hearings

Staging the Portland Nuke (A Comedy of Terrors)

Captain Eric H. May, 12.08.2007 19:15

Captain Eric H. May, the Internet military intelligence writer, has written his most detailed article to date on the highly suspicious Portland Nuke exercise, Noble Resolve. He names the names of the key players in the operation, and of the military and media figures who have joined the growing outcry about what may turn out to be a false flag version of the White Houses much- predicted terror nuke.

Syngenta in Brasilien/ Synthetische Biotechnologie

diverse, 12.08.2007 18:30

Die schweizer Syngenta will auf einem Naturschutzgebiet im brasilianischen Staat Paraná genmanipulierte Organismen testen. - Synthetische Biologie, der neueste Schrei der Alchimisten...

Lindsay Lohan Suffers from Americanitis

Karen Fish, 12.08.2007 17:21

The Car The solution to your problems is right in front of your nose.

Politics Unmercifully Trespass Humanitarian Borders in Gaza

Nicola Nasser*, 12.08.2007 16:15

The major political players who are involved in sealing off 1.5 million Palestinians into an open air prison in the world’s most densely populated 360-square-kilometre area of the Gaza Strip are unmercifully trespassing humanitarian borders there; they perceive in the collapsing economy of the Mediterranean coastal strip, which is rapidly developing into a humanitarian crisis, a political “window of opportunity.”

Reviewing Marjorie Cohn's &quot;Cowboy Republic&quot;

Stephen Lendman, 12.08.2007 15:21

An incisive examination of Bush administration crimes.

United States Law Enforcement is 2 major steps towards a &quot;Secret Police State!&quot;

Jerry Marshall Atlansky, 12.08.2007 12:44

From 2005 to 2007 an investigation by the Oregon State Police-Independent Citizens Review Board has revealed that 6 top cops and 2 top state officials refuse to stop out of control cops from brutality and killings of restrained people even when seen by other officers. They will not set new specific policy/procedures, add new training, and report to our organization, a grass roots non-government controlled oversight board which is the first of its kind in the United States.

Local News Media Saves the Day!

Mark Melendez, 12.08.2007 05:18

Local Journalist rallies indy media supporters to save UCSD shuttle system and succeeds!

Reorganisation of the Talibans is a challenge

Tanveer Jafri, 12.08.2007 01:31

Author Tanveer Jafri In reality, if humanity, peace & harmony is to be established in the world & the real Islam is to be kept alive then the reigns of the Islam should not be allowed to pass in the hands of the extremists. The cruel deeds of the Talibans or the Talibani thoughts can be representatives of the Satan but not of the true Islam.


Damian Lopez Lopez, 12.08.2007 00:59

Mas alla del conflicto hay un pueblo que vive y quiere vivir

What Unites Iraqis: Blocking Western Petroleum Companies From Seizing Control of Their Oil

Joshua Holland, 11.08.2007 20:42

"If passed, the Bush administration's long-sought "hydrocarbons framework" law would give Big Oil access to Iraq's vast energy reserves on the most advantageous terms and with virtually no regulation. Meanwhile, a parallel law carving up the country’s oil revenues threatens to set off a fresh wave of conflict in the shell-shocked country."

A Personal Vision for Cindy Sheehan's Campaign

Daniel Ellsberg, 11.08.2007 20:25

"If this campaign can help bring about even the first of these, it will also, almost incidentally, put Cindy Sheehan within reach of success in the election. This is, in fact, a historic campaign opportunity, exploiting an opening unique in American politics. At this moment, Cindy appears to face insuperable odds, opposing without party support a powerful, heavily-funded incumbent. But we aim to change that. All we are asking is for Nancy Pelosi to do what she should: to uphold her oath of office, which is not to obey a Commander-in-Chief or to enlarge a Democratic majority but to uphold and defend the Constitution."


Κοινότητα μονίμων παραθεριστών παραλίας Ρούκουνα, 11.08.2007 17:32

Συντονισμένη «αντιτρομοκρατική» επιχείρηση, αποτελούμενη από την Ο.Π.Κ.Ε. (Ομάδα Πρόληψης Καταστολής Εγκλήματος), τη Δίωξη Ναρκωτικών και παρουσία εισαγγελικής αρχής (σαράντα τουλάχιστον ατόμων από ξηράς και θαλάσσης) διεξήγαγαν έρευνα, τόσο σε παραλίες και ταβέρνες, όσο και σε ιδιόκτητες κατοικίες.

Campaign for Debt Cancellation

Ian Jefferies, 11.08.2007 14:55

Campaign against illegitamate debt incurred by African countries due to irresponsible lending by the Western World.

Mayan women dead, in 'cage,' on Tohono O'odham tribal land

Brenda Norrell, 11.08.2007 14:19

Mayan Sebastian Quinac spoke of the pain of searching for Guatemalan women's bodies on the Tohono O'odham Nation, then seeing Mayan women and children caged like animals at the federal detention center on tribal land near the border. Quinac spoke during the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples in Tucson.

Indigenous Alliance without Borders

Alianza Indigena sin Fronteras, 11.08.2007 14:13

The Indigenous Alliance without Borders opposed the militarization of the border and policies resulting in harassment of ceremonial leaders and death in the desert, during a press conference on the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples

Campaign for Debt Cancellation

Ian Jefferies, 11.08.2007 14:07

Campaign against illegitamate debt incurred by African countries due to irresponsible lending by the Western World.

A Forbidden Truth Dissection of the Insane War Ritual

The Seer of Forbidden Truth, 11.08.2007 13:16

A Forbidden Truth dissection of the design, motivational, and operational structures of the Insane War Ritual, as practiced by the human species in the 21st century.

Viva (re-)Evolution

Dominik Vecernik, 11.08.2007 09:33

Wie wirklich ist die Wirklichkeit

Campaign against African Debt

Ian Jefferies, 11.08.2007 09:33

This article concerns illegitamate debt accrued by African countries due to irresponsible lending from the Western World.

Eine neue Zeit ist angebrochen

Dominik Vecernik, 11.08.2007 09:30

wie die welt funktionieren würde

Press release :lift the news black out and classifications on the Heimrath Family

Corazon de Jesus, 11.08.2007 09:10

The current news balckout limits our request we need urgently medicines for the Family denied by the child abusers and their backuppers in authority in Infanta...URGENT

Joachim Heimrath Family * Anne Franks of the Philippines*Rosario , Pasig ,Philippines W*A*T*C*H*...More conspiracy by the holy ones ?

Peter M.Cunanan, 11.08.2007 09:05

Allegedly around the Sta.Lucia area , Cainta allegedly a meeting was held by a group of older women by allegedly DSWD members and orlawyers working for Theodorus van Loon alias Deacon Mario who in violation of article 12 universal human rights et al are busy trying to frame up charges against Sir Heimrath and to stall the Estafa cases against Efren Alteza et al .ARF members are getting confused who abused the children Efren Alteza et al or Deacon Mario as far as data goes only a lynching group was involved so if it is that Theodorus van Loon attacking or interfering in the Heimrath Family he violates the Law surely he does not involve himself better he stops them ruining his name

Hostigamiento gubernamental contra radio comunitaria en Guerrero, detienen al comunicador indígena David Valtierra

Centro de Medios Libres de la Ciudad de México, 10.08.2007 22:44

Hoy ocurrieron los dos más recientes actos de agresión en el caso del continuo hostigamiento y represión del ejercicio de su derecho contra la Radio indígena comunitaria Radio Ñomndaa, "La palabra del agua" de Xochistlahuaca en el estado de Guerrero, participante del Congreso Nacional Indígena y adherente a La Otra Campaña.

ACTION! Camp Coming Soon!

Humboldt Forest Defense, 10.08.2007 21:52

A direct action camp will be taking place September 6th-9th. Non-Violence, Solidarity, Back-woods and Climb trainings will be offered.

radical left view of the g8

transladora, 10.08.2007 21:31

translation of a text written by german comrades and published in the hamburg autonmous magazine zeck some weeks ago. reflections aout the demos in hamburg and rostock, challenges of the radical left and militan t strategies.

Bullies and Mobbing Part 2

Not Silent, 10.08.2007 19:30

The goal of these posts is to let others who are victims of mobbing know they are not alone. Efforts are afoot to criminalize mobbing. Ideally these anti-mobbing laws will be retroactive.

Driving Green in China Towards a New Generation of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, 10.08.2007 19:30, an investor and industry portal focused on the China-Asia sector, spotlights China as it plays a key role in the future success of electric and hybrid vehicles

Mexico: Land of Violated &quot;Laws&quot;

Mezcal &quot;La HIja de Juares&quot;, 10.08.2007 19:12

Mexico's Constitution has been reformed over and over. No matter how many reforms we go through, the contry will still be raped by the politicians who do not abide by these laws. Our Constitution, Our Dignity Our People and Our Land continues to be raped by Tyrans


FANNY FERNANDEZ MELO, 10.08.2007 17:51

La importancia del agua obliga a las instituciones estatales, privadas y a los ciudadanos en general a sumergirse en la cultura ambiental en su uso, mas aun a formar ciudadanos proactivos com prometidos con su realidad.

Manu Chao: Playing with Fire – video at Sziget Festival in Budapest

Gabor Kardos, 10.08.2007 17:38

After his concert at the biggest European music festival, Sziget in Budapest, interviewed Manu Chao about globalization, nature, the hope stolen from the new generation, about 1968 and about tomorrow.


ZBIGNIEW CHARNAS, 10.08.2007 17:14

There are eruption of methane hydrates and tsunami on the Barents Sea expected in autumn 2007 or near next years as consequences of global warming impacting at the North Atlantic Current. You can read about it in new theory Climatic Buffer Effect (in Polish). Put down thermometers on the Barents Sea’s floor! Coast people in Norway, Russia, Canada, Greenland, Island and Great Britain are unsafe! Tell it to them!

White, middle class &quot;Free Tibet&quot; brats from Klanada

Marcell Rodden, 10.08.2007 12:34

Tibetans don't need petty-bourgeois students to teach them about liberation. They already liberated themselves from the creulity of the dala lama regime, one by one switching over to the PLA, and bringing schools, hospitals and beter living conditions to the region. These white kids should spend there energies fighting Kanadian kolonialism at home, or agaionst Kanadian invasion invasion of Afghanistan, or the profiteering of Iraw by Kanadian Krown Korporations. Or is it just an infatuation with Buddhism?

Legal Intricacies of The Tangle - NTPC Vs RIL

Alan Peter, 10.08.2007 12:27

Those in know of the legal intricacies of the tangle say that primarily there are four issues that emerge out of this imbroglio and that will be put to test in the court of law

Paying Guest accomodation in Mumbai

Allen, 10.08.2007 11:06

MumbaiPG.Com provides Mumbai Paying guest accomodation information in all parts of Mumbai and New Bombay. Information on Paying guest in Andheri (Mumbai), Paying guest in Bandra (Mumbai), Paying guest in Borivali and Paying guest in South Mumbai can be found in this guide.

rap islam

rahim x4islam, 10.08.2007 06:56

guru's jazzmatazz 2007 hannover live video

Press Release: Tribunal on 14th March Massacre in Nandigram

All India Citizen's Initiative, 10.08.2007 05:49

The report of the Tribunal on Nandigram is released on 9th August through a press conference at Calcutta Press Club. The press release on the report is given below.


Weng N.Sandoval, 10.08.2007 03:44

Rosario waiting for Info.Ready and operational .We need actions in solidarity to establish this group.Recruitment started.


reZz, 10.08.2007 03:42


Your refusal to amend birth registration # 1971-008-4831, Dishonor Accepted for Value and consideration

:Nanya-Shaabu:El:(R)(C)TM - U.C.C. 1-308 ALl Rights Reserved, 10.08.2007 03:39

Barry Haugrud has read my declaration, in which I give Notice: I am a Flesh and Blood Man not Chattel Property of the Province of Alberta and I deny Corporate Existence, which was was commissioned by M.L.A. Jack Flaherty of St.Albert, Alberta and included with the submission of my Sealed and Certified legal name change document on file in the County of Bibb in the State of Georgia , Clerk’s Office. With the knowledge given to Mr. Barry Haugrud, he is knowingly and willfully violating: the United Nations Charter, the U.N. International Convention on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Canadian Bill of Rights.

Joachim Heimrath Family+Anne Franks of the Philippines++Taytay,Rizal,Philipines++ W_A_T_C_H ++ RACIST FACISTS AT UP DILIMAN MASTERRACE Practicioners at al

Maricel M.Besana, 10.08.2007 03:35

He has a Jet SETTER LIFE STYLE...GAMBLING , COCK FIGHTING .... a little mansion the income must be good for a Brgy Captain with a lttle Mansion to rest but he still has a darkest secret
THE MURDER OF THE COFOUNDER OF ARF ZENAIDA B.HEIMRATH he has not paid for , her soul waiting restless as she wanted to live but he snuffed this PINAYS life out like a flame.She never did anybody any hrm.A soft spoken lady and a true loving dedicated wife and mother.

Yes, But-

Dan Benbow, 10.08.2007 03:15

Like it or not, Hillary Clinton looks more and more likely every day to be the Democratic candidate for president. What's Hillary really like? Can she win?

Joachim Heimrath Family+Anne Franks of the Philippines++ Infanta , Quezon Province , Philippines+++ All those stories about ESTAFA of the Heimraths

Carl de Jesus , Didier Melun, 10.08.2007 03:01

They intrigued no costs spared in the destruction of the former seminarian Joachim Heimrath who exposed the Roman Catholic Church around Theodorus van Loon (DUTCHMAN) and his henchman around him who he accused for child trafficking , illgal recruitment and exploitation Sir Heimrath was brought to Infanta by Theodorus van Loon on reuest of Dra,Coronacion to the Bishop of Infanta according to Theodorus van Loon where the Heimrath Family was exploited and abandoned.


Carl de Jesus, 10.08.2007 02:37

one eyed Brgy.Tanod Denis V.AMERICA who locked them out of their own house sexually molested the oldest daughter and the Pinay guardian and abused even a three year old he treated like an animal .This offer was made by a members of DSWD of region 4 and infanta both America loyalists.Both would not identify themselves or show any documents but caused the family public scandal and ridicule as well as terrifying the children already traumatized by treating them like animals .Infanta Myor offers medicine and help via 2 ladies of DSW for a price if the withdraw child abuse cases against her relative Denis V.America failing to accept DSWD will with "welfare" their style for the Heimrath kids and dismantle the family..........ET TU BRUTE , DSWD having refused to act for 21 years for the welfare of the fmily but members of DSWD were involved in child trafficking , kidnapping and harassment of the Heimrath Family violating international law and human ights as a fact DSWD of Infanta under a very Catholic Head close to the Carmelites and those People accused of child trafficking and illegal recruitment and last not least exploitation as a matter of fact of the Family of Sudetendeutschen (German) Human rights activist for Filipinos Sir Joachim Heimrath.His children were tolerated by the Philippine and German government to be murdered , raped , lynched and as a matter of fact the children were abused and treated as animals with the government watching doing nothing only this yer the family was allowed to look for redress in Infanta but there is foot dragging threats by those very people he loves , fought for , spent his fortune and suffered for 21 years for now ,being crucified by certin low life around a certain Efren Alteza and the relative of the Mayor of Infanta Denis V.America.

From Brazil - Ypioca attempts to intimidate and silence social movements

Group Text, 10.08.2007 02:36


The US Government at Work

Jeanne Chadwick, 10.08.2007 02:15

Young child depicted in the email Contents of an email which circulated the internet with numerous governmental email addresses exposed on the subject of Ebonics. For the joke, a young black child, a little boy of 5 or 6 years of age was used to depict their intent to explain Ebonics.

Ypioca attempts to intimidate and silence social movements

Social movement, 10.08.2007 01:00

Professor Jeovah Meireles of the Geography Department of the Federal University of Ceara (UFC) and the journalist Daniel Fonseca have been called by the justice system to respond to questions related to the fact that they divulged information, in the public domain, which was contrary to the business's interests of Ypioca Agroindustria[1]. The company's attitude was a reaction to the repercussion of an article by the German journalist, Nobert Suchanek (entitled "Hypocrisy in Bio-quality" with international repercussions), through a talk given by Jeovah Meireles during the 1st National Seminar on Environmental Racism (Rio de Janeiro, November 2005). The principle question refers to Ypioca's responsibility for environmental injustices and human rights violations of the Jenipapo-Kaninde indigenous people of Aquiraz, Ceara.

Ron Paul scares the Corporate Media

Benjamin Brubaker, 09.08.2007 23:19

Ron Paul Revolution Could it be that the hope for America is another Republican from Texas? Reality can be stranger than Fiction. Google Ron Paul. Check him out on Youtube.


padma media &amp; marketing, 09.08.2007 22:01

John Urquiza introduces his first photographic exhibit in over 20 years, “Perdido en Califas.” The photographs are a modern Latino-American vision of Urquiza’s path to a California dream. The exhibit will showcase September 13 to October 28 at Café Metropol’s exhibit space in Downtown Los Angeles.

International day of action to free Iranian trade unionists

ITF, 09.08.2007 21:30

ITF Activists infront of Islamic R Iran Embassz in Bern Transport workers across the world took part in a day of action to demand the release of two trade union leaders who currently remain imprisoned in Iran.

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