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Actor Art Swenson To make 50,00 mil voyage in mini Nazi Uboat

chris becker, 22.08.2007 01:58

Actor Art Swenson of Recon 7 Down to voyage under water toTristan da Cunha from NY harbor in Uboat.


Lissa Messenger, 22.08.2007 00:28

In spite of solid evidence that the US Navy'slow/mid frequency sonar exposures are responsible for several mass stranding events (Greece-1996, Bahama's- march 2000, Madeira Spain in 2000, and Canary Islands-2002) and summer of 2004 at Hanalei Bay, Hawaii when during RIMPAC exercizes 200 melonheaded whales got trapped; the US Navy plans to intensify thier undeclared war against Hawaii's whales and dolphins......

Cobs Canada in Australian parliment

Bakers Delight Lies, 22.08.2007 00:19

The parent company of Cobs Canada, Bakers Delight Australia faces serious allegations. Breaches in criminal law and unconscionable conduct were voiced by federal member Joanna Gash in Australian federal parliament.

Norwegian Youth politicians detained in Western Sahara

Mbarka, 21.08.2007 23:59

From the left: Andrea Gustavsson, Rabab Amidane, Kamilla Eidsvik Two Norwegian youth politicians, Andrea Gustavsson (on the left) and Kamilla Eidsvik (on the right), were detained on Monday in the city of El Aaiun, in Western Sahara. They were arrested after having witnessed police officers storming one of the after having witnessed police officers storming one of the neighboring houses to where they were staying in the city, the Norwegian press agency NTB reports.

Evangelizing Porn Stars (Part Two)

Brent Herbert, 21.08.2007 20:45

Humor me

Undocumented immigrants hunger-strike in Lille (France)

lille imc, 21.08.2007 19:56

During the end of April and the beginning of June, the Comité des Sans-Papiers 59 (CSP59 : "Undocumented Immigrants Committee of Nord" (french department number 59)) organized a campaign to make visible their fight for regularization. They occupied several key-sites (Law faculty, House of business rulers, etc.), being systematically and violently evicted by the police.

Viewers See History Channel 9/11 Special As Straw Man Hit Piece

Paul Joseph Watson, 21.08.2007 19:16

Documentary set up bias straw man arguments, ignored key evidence, afforded debunkers overwhelming majority of time - so-called "experts" Popular Mechanics are on the same corporate payroll as the History Channel itself, which is owned by Disney, GE and Hearst Publishing

NZ Vietnam vet fights slow painful death. What of the DU vets of Iraq?

IC News, 21.08.2007 19:11

"Mr Mountain and dozens of other Vietnam veterans say they have traced the cause of their terminal illnesses to Agent Orange, a defoliant used by the United States military to flush out the North Vietnamese Army and insurgents dug deep in the jungle."

Norwegian Youth politicians detained in Western Sahara

Toby, 21.08.2007 18:58

Andrea Gustavsson (left) and Kamilla Eidsvik (right) together with Rabab Amidane Two Norwegian youth politicians, Andrea Gustavsson (on the left) and Kamilla Eidsvik (on the right), were detained on Monday in the city of El Aaiun, in Western Sahara. They were arrested after having witnessed police officers storming one of the after having witnessed police officers storming one of the neighboring houses to where they were staying in the city, the Norwegian press agency NTB reports.

The Short Story Made Long: My name is Tomo, I have been in Darfur

Apostolis Fotiadis, 21.08.2007 18:19

The desert of Sudan is a sea of sadness. The war that began in 2003 was overshadowed by the noise of the US invasion in Iraq. Over the next four years it developed into an unrestrained massacre in which thousands of innocent people were tortured, raped and executed. Slowly and steadily the scale of the horror, underlined by the 2 million refugees, became far too big to ignore. The Western world seemed hesitant to become involved, so the majority of us spent our objections in some half-hearted emotional denouncements, swallowing our guilt that once more, after Rwanda, the ‘civilized world’ had turned it’s back on Africa.

Twin snakes at the northern border

Brenda Norrell, 21.08.2007 16:51

In true snake fashion, Bush and Gonzales are slithering on both sides of the northern border. The agenda: New restrictions on border crossing for people, while securing quick passage for chosen corporations.

Venezuela: Boletin DDHH y Coyuntura 189

Provea, 21.08.2007 15:06

tope Una perspectiva de Venezuela desde los Derechos Humanos

Practitioner Mr. Wang Gang Loses His Right Leg Due to Persecution at Baoding Prison in Hebei Province

anonimous, 21.08.2007 09:12

Torture and killing of Falun Gong practitioners in China by the Chinese Comunist Party

The nation's energy security is at stake: Ram Naik.

Newage Media, 21.08.2007 06:54

Govt playing with energy security: Ram Naik

Asesinan A dos obreros del SUNTRACS

FRENADESO, 21.08.2007 04:21

Después de tres días de los asesinatos cometidos contra dos obreros del Sindicato único de los Trabajadores de la Construcción y Similares en Panamá SUNTRACS, el Gobierno de Martin Torrijos trata de criminal izar la protesta social, ante la huelga nacional en el sector de la construcción el día de mañana se preeve la represión al movimiento Social en Panamá. !Basta¡ los familiares de los mártires obreros y el pueblo de Panama Exigimos justicia

Should Journalists be Certified?

King James II, 21.08.2007 01:23

Reasonable people here in the U.S. appreciate, and also assume, that our culture’s news industry of executives, editors and journalists be held to high standards of professional conduct. A democratic republic needs, as well as expects, truth in reporting, and adequate, if not comprehensive, coverage on “all” important issues. To refocus the question of media fraud to one of whether journalists ought to be certified, or accredited by some kind of professional board, in order to be recognized as “professional” journalists, is, to say the least, shortsighted.

Seattle, WA- Minnesota Grand Jury Subpoena Delivered

griistle, 20.08.2007 21:57

At approximately 8:45 a.m. on Monday, August 20th, 2007, two law enforcement officials woke me by knocking on my apartment front door in Seattle, Washington.

RFK Memorial Denounces Murder of Pepe Méndez, Calls for Special Prosecutor

Jeffrey Buchanan, 20.08.2007 21:17

RFK Memorial expresses its deepest condolences to the family of José Emanuel “Pepe” Méndez, who was murdered August 17th. Pepe Méndez was the son of 1990 RFK Human Rights Award winner Amílcar Méndez Urízar, renown defender of Guatemala's indigenous communities. RFK Memorial calls for a Special Prosecutor to investigate his assassination among a string of high profile murders of public figures as the country nears elections on September 6th.

Saving Lakewood

Aaron McWaters, 20.08.2007 20:56

An interview with Glenn Atty, an officer of environmentalist group Voters for Preservation, who are dedicated to resisting the city of Chicago's plan to develop the Lakewood Forest Preserve. The preserve is home to 17 endangered species, including a nesting pair of Sandhill Cranes.

Naziangriff auf ausländischen Securitykraft

Martin Zimmermann, 20.08.2007 20:44

Gegen Nazis Am 3.4.07 verübten 12 Nazis in Essen einen gewaltsamen angriff auf einem ausländischen Securitykraft.
Der Grund dafür war,dass der "Cihan Atac" nach dem Hausordnung des Discos "Le Prestige" keine bedrohliche Personen die zu viel alkoholisiert sind reinlassen darf.

New blog regarding § 129a-proceedings in Germany // Blog nuevo al repecto procedimientos según articulo 129a Codigo Penal alemán

Paragraphenamazone, 20.08.2007 20:33

Desde alguons días hay un blog nuevo ( al respecto los procedimientos penal contra miembros supuetos del militante gruppe (grupo militante) en Alemania.

Since a few days there is a new blog ( regarding the judicial inquiry against supposed members of the German militante gruppe (militant group).

Homeland Security Audio Interview with Far Technologies LTD Discussing Military and Aviation Technologies, 20.08.2007 18:52 Marketplace Audio Update: Connecting Companies Seeking Partnerships, Funding, Acquisitions, Mergers, and Licensing Agreements

This Way Out: Edwards and Obama Face the Forum

Overnight Productions, Inc., 20.08.2007 18:18

August 20, 2007: Candidates Edwards and Obama quizzed on equality, marriage and faith. Plus masked lesbigay activists reveal Uganda's homophobic repression, Dutch officials investigate anti-queer aid recipients, Australians rally for marriage equality, Swedish priests go with Pride in Stockholm, gay pastor preaches the Gospel in Malaysia, and more news.

Caracas discusses Leon Trotsky on the anniversary of his assassination

IDOM-cort, 20.08.2007 17:50

Permanent Revolution

Web Site Launched to Critically Examine the State of Pennsylvania’s Prison System

Moniem A. El-Ganayni &amp; Haroon A. Al-Qahtani, 20.08.2007 16:22

Pittsburgh, PA – August 20, 2007 – The PA DOC Monitor has launched, a project dedicated to critically examining the current state of Pennsylvania’s Department of Corrections. The PA DOC monitor will feature news, editorials, and critical analysis of Pennsylvania’s DOC, and the American prison system in general. Content is produced by PA DOC Monitor staff members in addition to inmates and their families, activists, academics, and current or former DOC staff members or administrators.

It’s a Miserable Life: PAUL KRUGMAN; Terrorizing Social Protest +


KRUGMAN: New-fashioned bank runs are at the heart of the current financial crisis and more.

Reddelich-rules Ausstellung in der Kolonie-Wedding

Pablo Hermann, 20.08.2007 13:12

Reddelich -rules, Ausstellung zu den Anti-G8-Protesten im okk/raum29
in der kolonie Wedding in Berlin.

It's a Sad Life for Animals in the Circus

Storm News, 20.08.2007 08:58

2 elephants at Animal Open House My encounters at the Ringling Brothers Circus

8/20: Latest - Elvira Arellano Deported...

Lee Siu Hin - Immigrant Solidarity network, 20.08.2007 08:01

In a sad and shameful ending, according to the latest report, Elvira Arellano was deported to Mexico just few hours after her arrest by ICE agents at downtown Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon (8/19)...

Rampant arrests of innocent people continue in Bhutan - Press Release

Global Human Rights Defence, 20.08.2007 07:41

The human rights situation in Bhutan is worsening as many more innocent people continue to be arrested by the Royal Bhutan Police and detained without a trial. The Human Rights organisation Global Human Rights Defence has received reports of numerous cases of rampant and politically motivated arrests of guilt-free citizens in Bhutan over the past months.


Pedro Quesada, 20.08.2007 07:06


Indigenous in Canada in grave danger by trilateral union

U.N. OBSERVER &amp; International Report, 20.08.2007 03:35

Secret plan of Canada, Mexico and U.S. of corporate takeover of Americas; Peaceful protest in Canada of U.S. invasion of sovereign territory.

Bush Denies Visits from Red Cross

David Roknich, 20.08.2007 02:51

"...this order is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity, against the United States, its departments, agencies, or other entities, its officers or employees, or any other person." GEORGE W. BUSH

8/19 Emergency Alert! Immig Activist Elvira Arellano Arrested in Los Angeles!

Lee Siu Hin - Immigrant Solidarity Network, 19.08.2007 23:41

Emergency Alert! Immigrant Activist Elvira Arellano Arrested in Los Angeles! Your URGENT Support is Needed!

Depleted Uranium Inside the Human Body: Dr. Rosalie Bertell

Cathy Garger, 19.08.2007 21:31

Abrams tank fires Depleted Uranium Dr. Rosalie Bertell's short new film describes what Depleted Uranium in combat does to the human body.





Second World, 19.08.2007 18:59

The Fourth Annual New England Culture Fest September 1st 2007, 2-10PM Enterprise Bank Parking Lot, Downtown Lowell, MA 01852

In an exciting fusion of film, fashion, world culture, and fair trade advocacy, The Fourth Annual New England Culture Fest benefit extravaganza returns to the Arts District of historic downtown Lowell, Mass. Enterprise Bank Parking Lot (2-10 PM) on September 1st 2007 with a touch of Hollywood in headliners, Leon and the Peoples , featuring Leon the star of films such as blockbuster “Cool Runnings,” “Above the Rim” and “Waiting to Exhale.” Out of a love for music apparent through his award winning performances in “The Temptations” and “The Little Richard Story,” Leon bursts onto the scene with his signature Reggae - Soul sound in honor of the economic empowerment work of the non-profit organization, Second World.

“I am honored and excited to be part of 2007 New England Culture Fest Benefit! This festival embodies so many of the aspects of this world & community that Leon & The Peoples stand for. I can't wait to bring our brand of Reggae/Soul Live and Direct!!! Respect & Love - Leon

Yaqui and O'odham unite to plan Zapatistas' summits

Brenda Norrell, 19.08.2007 15:46

Yaqui from Vicam Pueblo united with O'odham on Friday to plan Zapatistas summits. The North American Continental Summit precedes the Intercontinental Indigenous Summit in Vicam Pueblo, both in the state of Sonora in October. There are also regional summits in Oaxaca, Michaocan and central Mexico during October.

He Got Out While the Getting Was Good: FRANK RICH; YouTube censors Cheney '94 clip +

FRANK RICH - THE NEW YORK TIMES, 19.08.2007 15:24

RICH: Karl Rove’s departure was both abrupt and fast. The ritualistic “for the sake of my family” rationale convinced no one and more.

Dr. Edward Henry Jordan, &quot;Getting Away With Murder&quot;?

Malcolm Everett, 19.08.2007 11:59

In Memory of Arlene Berry How unscrupulous doctors exploit medical complications!

Press Release

Mariciel V.Sarmiento, 19.08.2007 10:39

Thje harassment of this family is relentless may be the money paid out ftom Inata is showing success they are getting harassed and treated like animals along the Raymond bus line route to Manila or Sta.Cruz without mercy and does not stop at the bus terminal in Legarda they get threatened ,insulted by certain bus drivers and conductors frequenting the route to Infanta in particular one scurity guard stands out who abused the Heimrath children.

Solidarity Manifestation and new homepage

transladora, 19.08.2007 10:10

solidarity demo for those arrested under german terrorist laws to take place in berlin next friday (and some news about the means of communication to organize solidarity)

A Canadian Innocent Khalid Awan ,(Another Mahr Arar).

ch-mohsin, 19.08.2007 06:41

He is facing a bogus case ,there is no any recording,no any witness,no any documentry prof,no any aiding proof,he has no any crime and crime behaiviour in his life with any body even in whole the world include india,pakistan,canada,usa . he loves all kind human even hindus,muslim,sikh,cristien,jues,every body .he has nothing any crime in his whole life because he hate,and dislike these bad deeds.He loves all Americans ,Canadians and even every body,we know he has become a target because of race and religion. We beleive in God and all human rights departments to help us in this matter.Khalid awan is agood-natured,God-fearing man,good behavoured man . His whole life is rememberable with friends and with every body.he did not give any hurt ,any bad words to any body in the world. he thinks every time positive . please ; save the life of khalid awan innocent canadian.

911-2B: American Nightmare &amp; Neocon Fantasy

Captain Eric H. May, 19.08.2007 03:36

Captain Eric May, the Internet intellegence writer, gives an insightful geopolitical summary, giving full consideration to the prospect of a summer World War Three. He continues his investigative work on "Noble Resolve," the nuclear excercise centered on Portland. He examines a parallel, equally perilous incedent in Texas City, Texas a year an a half ago, which nearly resulted in a nuclear false flag attack.

Protest Against CCIR in Orange County, CA

EQUALITY NOW!, 18.08.2007 22:21

CCIRprotestflyer Racist coalition CCIR, fundraising in the heart of Orange County.


Paulin Kuanzambi (AFVIC), 18.08.2007 22:18

L’Association Amis et Familles des Victimes de l’Immigration Clandestine (AFVIC) dénonce et condamne les arrestations des Migrants subsahariens opérées hier par la police de Casablanca.

Time to flood the Rhode Island Attorney General's office with Emails! Solidarity with the IWW.

recreate68, 18.08.2007 22:11

Police Violence (photo: Jonathan McIntosh) The Attorney General of the U.S. state of Rhode Island has issued an offensive press release in reponse to the outrageous acts of police violence against citizens who were expressing their right to free speech. Send your protests to the email addresses listed in this article.

national strike in usa 9-11-07 + march in washington dc 9-15-07

jan, 18.08.2007 21:43

getup standup and dont give up the fight

The US Administration Sexual Torture Scandal--Jason Bourne never volunteered!

Sue Arrigo, MD--by ex-CIA Physician and torture survivor, 18.08.2007 20:48

Do you know that the US Administration reserves the right to torture innocent children? To answer why it does that we start in US prisons in Iraq, atrocities committed by Special Forces, the White House and Pentagon Memos that ordered the torture, and end with US political coercion of foreign leaders and their families by making them amnesic mind control victims without their consent or their knowledge.

Venezuela: Workers control under attack_Struggle at Sanitarios Maracay

Megan Hise, 18.08.2007 19:36

workers control

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