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For Education. Against Capitalist Schooling

Dr RIch Gibson, 03.09.2007 00:07

School is back. So are a bevy of school reformers who want to tinker with the NCLB, who want capitalist schooling without capitalism. Jonathan Kozol is a fine example of this group. At issue: how can educators, parents, and students build a class conscious movement that can connect reform with fundamental social change, or shall we just adjust ourselves to perpetual war made possible by the regimentation of what people know, and how we come to know it?

AFINA inicia su taller gratuito de Periodismo de Investigación

AFINA - Asociación para el Fomento de la Investiagción Periodística, 02.09.2007 23:51

AFINA inicia el 19 de Octubre su segundo taller gratuito de IP.


AYYILDIZ TEAM, 02.09.2007 21:02


A different kind of blitz

Many Angry Gerbils, 02.09.2007 17:05

This short article discusses the increasing propaganda in support of a US attack on Iran. It takes a single recent article in the Sunday Times and looks at some of the distortions and misreporting it contains.

The Coming Attack on Iran

Paul Craig Roberts, 02.09.2007 15:09

"The Bush administration managed to disrupt the work of the pesky IAEA weapons inspectors in Iran. Iran has been working successfully with the IAEA and has achieved what a senior IAEA official recently described as a milestone agreement. The Bush administration instantly went to work to discredit the agreement and unleashed its new lapdog, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, to threaten "the bombing of Iran." Iran risks attack over atomic push, French president says By Elaine Sciolino, International Herald-Tribune, August 27, 2007

The Bush administration’s position is legally untenable and is really nothing but a contrived excuse to start another war. Bush claims that Iran, alone among all the signatories of the Nuclear Non- Proliferation Treaty, must be denied its right under the pact to develop nuclear energy, because Iran, along among all the other signatories, will be the only country able to deceive the IAEA inspectors and develop nuclear weapons. Therefore, Iran must be denied its rights under the agreement."

Labor Day Hypocrisy

Stephen Lendman, 02.09.2007 15:08

Government and business mock labor's day.

New Mexico dignitaries to visit Desert Rock resistance Tuesday

Elouise Brown, 02.09.2007 14:46

New Mexico dignitaries who have spoken out against the planned Desert Rock power plant will visit the Navajo resistance camp on Tuesday

Filipino Groups Oppose Toxic Debt Payment

EcoWaste Coalition, 02.09.2007 07:14

Filipino groups unite to call the attention of the Philippine and Austrian government to cancel the debt incurred through the purchase of toxic incinerator machines.

Corporate Good Governance: New Issues And Responsibilities

Jasper Vikas George, 02.09.2007 04:04

The aim of this paper is to analyse the importance of Corporate Good Governance in the establishment of an environment that is conducive for corporate citizenship and social responsiveness. The ongoing discussion is centered around the fact that how companies manage the environment and the influence it has on business performance. The attempt is here made to analyse the core issue of Environmental governance is relation to the new responsibility of the corporate social governance, by looking at whether there is a link between corporate environmental governance and corporate good governance.

Foreshadows of &quot;The Kennebunkport Warning&quot;

Captain Eric H. May, 02.09.2007 02:17

Captain Eric H. May, the Internet intelligence writer, wise in on the controversy surrounding The Kennebunkport Warning, which has been a non-stop item of conversation in the web since its publication Monday.

It Was Complete Fascism Those First Four Days: Katrina, Rita Tribunal Pushes Forward With Final Day of Testimony

Darwin BondGraham, 02.09.2007 01:19

On this final day before deliberation, the International Tribunal on Hurricanes Katrina and Rita heard testimony from several more witnesses including Malik Rahim and a group of public housing residents from across the nation.

Police provocateurs

Collateral, 01.09.2007 22:29

Police provocateurs are caught at a demonstration in Quebec


XPRESO POLITICO, 01.09.2007 18:52



CESAR NARANJO, 01.09.2007 18:49


και προπαγάνδα πάνω στις στάχτες

ilias, 01.09.2007 09:42

άρθρο της Sabah 27/8/07 αναφέρει οτι η Ελλάδα αρνήθηκε την Τουρκική βοήθεια για τις πυρκαγιές

Asturias y el nuevo pantano en una Reserva de la Biosfera: cuidado con el director (firmado, el perro)

Juan Robles, 01.09.2007 09:38

Antonio Suárez Marcos, nuevo director del Consordio de Aguas (Cadasa), pertenece al selecto grupo que ha dado cobertura a los grandes desmanes urbanísticos y ambientales en España y de Asturias.

Joachim Heimrath*Anne Franks of the PHILIPPINES****CHILD ABUSO under threat and the children terrified in a food chain company usually known for its family orientation and warmheartedness

SOS URGENT, 01.09.2007 07:42

We need you the children are terrified what is happening opposite Isetan Cubao,Quezon City child abuso under attack by whom in this identified meeting place of Infanta's RC church and the Carmelites

Joachim Heimrath*Anne Franks of the Philippines to all authority and our supporters from COR ..this is no hoax this is an urgent S.O.S

S.O.S URGENT, 01.09.2007 07:37

unholy connections or just the usual harassment and child abuses not too uncommon these days

Al loro. Lo que se está fraguando en Canarias va a quemar a todo África y a todos los demás

pelícano azul, 01.09.2007 03:19

Fotografía de maniobras militares en 2002 en Fuerteventura, Canarias Ahí pongo una serie de artículos para que vayamos poniéndonos al día. O empezamos a informarnos e informar rápido de esto o no podremos organizarnos para parar el desastre.

Un sueño indymedia

el pelícano azul, 01.09.2007 02:05

Soñando soñando, indymedia va avanzando

time to boycott corporate america! Markets are crashing!

FDR, 01.09.2007 00:10

with the subprime loan crisis now shaking up the financial world further and deeper, the repercussions of unbridled greedy capitalism and corporate short term thinking are coming home to roost. NOW is the perfect time for an international boycott of all major corporations. Consumer spending is the key to this equation. We can bring down this regime, end the war, change the policies...


&quot;EL CHOLO&quot;, 31.08.2007 22:03

Hasta el momento en los tres años de gobierno del Presidente Martín Torrijos, hay un incremento de desnutrición crónica en los menores de 5 años en el país, de un 14.4% al 20.6%, en áreas de pobreza extrema de frontera a frontera.

Acampada por una Vivienda Digna: Un gran éxito en los medios de comunicación, pero ¿quién se implica en el asunto?

Jesús - Colectivo Queda la Palabra, 31.08.2007 21:42

Gran éxito de la Asamblea de la Acampada contra la Precariedad y por una Vivienda Digna. Convocatoria de Rueda de Prensa a la que asistieron más de 30 medios de comunicación entre periódicos, revistas, radios y televisión incluidas las grandes cadenas como TVE, pero ¿quién se implica en el asunto?

Information about arrested Petersburg anarchists and call for solidarity actions (ABC-Petersburg Call Out)

anonymous, 31.08.2007 20:24

2 anarchists from Petersburg as well as Chechen from Novgorod Hasan Didigov are still being held in jail in Novgorod. They are suspected of blowing up "Nevsky express" train in Novgorod region which happened on the 13th of August 2007. According to the law people suspected of terrorism may be arrested for 30 days, but we demand their immediate release.


RADA, Cameroon, 31.08.2007 19:28

Our Foreign partners represented by the United States, British and Dutch Diplomatic Missions in Cameroon, have praiseworthily expressed their sincere opinion on the July 22, 2007 twin elections, although we still entertain some reservations. We hold that the essence of diplomacy is mutual friendship and collaboration in all domains. And friends who guide, correct and support each other are truly friends indeed. As an honest people, genuine Cameroonians must always strive for continuous improvement on our budding democracy and good governance.

The sorry expression of voter apathy during the July 22, 2007 polls is mournfully shameful. Radical thinkers say voter apathy is the contemplation and nursing of evil, especially when our people are powerless to claim their own destiny. Therefore, it is imperative for the about 18 million Cameroonians to bury the shackles of rigging, witch-hunting, tribalism, corruption, political exclusion and loss of confidence that has made our democracy so vulnerable.
The recent call for a broad based Government of National Unity by the Head of State, H.E. Paul Biya, is most welcomed, as this initiative will provide a forum for harmonizing political ideologies in Cameroon. But there is a need for clearly defined platforms for governance, in respect of the various political affiliations and the Regional Balance Equation. We therefore look forward to the implementation of the ELECAM Law and all other sleeping laws and government institutions stipulated in our national constitution, to help salvage this growing mistrust in our electoral and governance system.

Michael Vick should speak out against dogfighting

By Ingrid E. Newkirk, 31.08.2007 18:41

Dogfighting does not begin and end with Michael Vick. But some good can come out of the Michael Vick case if he speaks out forcefully against dogfighting and warns his young fans that people who fight dogs risk losing everything and hurting all those who are precious to them.

Un pantano innecesario pero un negocio provechoso

Juan Robles, 31.08.2007 18:24

En el Parque Natural de Redes, Reserva de la Biosfera, situado en Asturias, las autoridades regionales quieren construir un pantano que inundará zonas de gran valor ecológico y paisajístico.

Tribunal on Katrina and Rita Convenes In New Orleans

Darwin BondGraham, 31.08.2007 18:19

From August 29 through September 2, 2007 the International Tribunal on Katrina convenes in New Orleans.


Por Néstor Núñez, 31.08.2007 17:29

Ubicada en el corazón de América del Sur, y dueña de un historial y un potencial minero y energético de altos quilates, la nación boliviana, ahora bajo un gobierno popular, se ubica con especial acento en la mira de la Casa Blanca.

Public Housing Office of New Orleans Occupation by Residents and Representatives

Kirk Grisham, 31.08.2007 16:41

At this time, 12:31pm, Residents of the public housing of New Orleans, Louisiana, and representatives from around the country have occupied the Housing Office at 4100 Touro Street, demanding to speak with the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development Director. The police and the National Guard have surrounded the office, with armored cars. Anyone in the New Orleans area please come out and support them.

Public Housing Office of New Olreans Occupation by Residents and Representatives

Kirk Grisham, 31.08.2007 16:39

At this time, 12:31pm, Residents of the public housing of New Orleans, Louisiana, and representatives from around the country have occupied the Housing Office at 4100 Touro Street, demanding to speak with the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development Director. The police and the National Guard have surrounded the office, with armored cars. Anyone in the New Orleans area please come out and support them.

kUPAL, LONCÓN MELLADO - Parlamento de Koz-Koz, 31.08.2007 15:51

kUPAL, LONCÓN MELLADO - Parlamento de Koz-Koz
Agosto 10, 2007 5:06 PM

Upcoming cultural event at the Venice Biennial

Sacha Kagan, 31.08.2007 14:40

September 6, the 52nd Venice Biennale, at the Thetis New Arsenal, will be the site of a full day of events organized by the international network Cultura21. Lectures, debates, performances, videos and a workshop, entitled “the Cultural Dimension of Sustainability – Towards an Ecology of Culture”.

Joachim Heimrath Family*Anne Franks of the Philippines*** Who charges when Sir Joachim Heimrath is not even there in Infanta , Quezon rovince , Philippines

MaricelV.Sarmiento, 31.08.2007 13:53

ARF members were surprised when the Media claimed today Sir Joachim Heimrath charged for disturbing the peace it seams to happen these days that it happens without Sir Joachim Heimrath's permission

U R G E N T ................PRESS RELEASE

Maricel V . Sarmiento, 31.08.2007 13:46

WHO REALLY FILED A COMPLAINT TODAY FOR DESTURBING THE PEACE TODAY IN INFANTA , QUEZON PROVINCE ,PHILIPPINES .The people of Infants incited for so long with many others up to Manila and Sta Cruz at all with many P100 notes to stimulate their racist outbursts against the Heimrath Family did not react unusual to today's court session but Sir Joachim Heimrathn was the whole day in MANILA as on so many days when complaints are filed so who the hell is filing them he was seen the whole day in the food court of SM cubao not even aware of the goings on in Infanta , Quezon Province being cut of the Media like in Infanta,

Katrina All the Time: PAUL KRUGMAN; $4.5b bet on another 9/11 within 4 weeks +



KRUGMAN: There is a powerful political faction in this country that’s determined to draw exactly the wrong lesson from the Hurricane Katrina debacle and more

Northern Ireland - MoD apology to shot teen's family

mac, 31.08.2007 10:51

Operation Motorman The government has apologised to the family of a Londonderry teenager shot dead by the Army 35 years ago.

The Reason For 911

Frank Roinestad, 31.08.2007 07:25

It has been almost 6 years now since 911,
and none of the popular theories
have even come close to its reason.

Kyoto Protocol: Just do it

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 31.08.2007 05:10

Greenpeace calls upon Australia Prime Minister Howard not to derail Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change

Trigo a convertirse en biocombustibles : crimen de lesa humanidad

Arnaldo Coro Antich, 31.08.2007 04:20

Ahora, ademas del maiz, se afirma que miles de toneladas de trigo con alto valor alimenticio van a ser destinadas a la produccion, por via de la fermentacion alcoholica, de etanol para producir un tipo de biocombustible.
A consecuencia de esto, el precio del pan , las pastas alimenticias y otros derivados del trigo aumenta por dias

Three-way Sexual Trist:Craig, Frank and Thompson

Tom Heneghan, 31.08.2007 02:35

It can now be reported that homosexual Senator Craig, Republican of Idaho, was in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota to meet rogue FBI Division 5 agents to pay over a half a million dollars to the agents for the procurement of pictures involving Senator Craig and his boyfriends, current Democratic Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts and former Republican Senator Fred Thompson of Tennessee.

Defusing Nuclear Hysteria

Reprinted from UPI, 30.08.2007 23:47

"Two other factors would affect a regime's decision to transfer a nuclear weapon to terrorists. First, the cost to develop such weapons is significant – several billions of dollars. One has to question whether any regime would make that kind of investment simply to give a weapon away.

Second, once a weapon is in the hands of terrorists, they could use it against any target of their choosing. If that target is not the one approved by the regime, nuclear forensics could be used to trace the weapon back to its source (even without nuclear forensics, the list of suspects will be relatively short).

As a result, the regime would have to worry that a terrorist group would commit an act that would endanger its own survival – especially if U.S. policy is to reserve the right to retaliate against the suspect regime using its vastly superior nuclear arsenal."

Protest Newmont mining, Denver TODAY

Western Shoshone Defense Project, 30.08.2007 22:28

Protest Newmont mining in Denver today; Marriott Hotel Revokes contract for alternative award ceremony to Western Shoshone Carrie Dann.

No change elections ... إلى النضال الشعبي أيها الكادحون والمقهورون The Popular Struggle Dear Drudges and the oppressed

le jouranal almounadil (communiste revolutionaire marocain), 30.08.2007 20:52

No change elections ... إلى النضال الشعبي أيها الكادحون والمقهورون The Popular Struggle Dear Drudges and the oppressed

involuzione in quattro tempi

pietro ancona, 30.08.2007 18:33

la sinistra è diventata destra con un processo che si è accelerato in questi ultimi giorni


Jorgelina Londero-Multisectorial de Mujeres de Santa Fe- Argentina, 30.08.2007 18:24

Prohiben el aborto a una mujer menor de edad, violada, y con grave retraso mental en Paraná, Entre Ríos, Argentina

New Pet Website Awards Named by The Ratings Guy

John Morrow, 30.08.2007 17:56

The Ratings Guy Great Site Seal
The Ratings Guy awards ten new Great Pet websites that meet the grade for quality, trust and user experience. Award-winning websites cover; pet adoption, education, training, lost pets, and animal health resources. Website awards for Travel, Food, Shopping, Kids, Health, House and Home, Gardening and more can be found at The Ratings Guy.

H.I.J.O.S. México: Renombramiento de calle, hagamos de la memoria un verbo

cml-df, 30.08.2007 17:21

Cartel del segundo renombramiento Cambiaremos el nombre de esa calle porque estamos convencidos de que ningún genocida merece que los espacios públicos de nuestra ciudad lleven su nombre, así como nadie merece vivir en una vía que rinda homenaje a un delincuente impune.


aware press, 30.08.2007 17:13

spokesperson from Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory

Deliver Us : Utoro at the peril of eviction

Hong Ki Kim, 30.08.2007 15:14

Utoro's people In Korea, online space, which is called as blogsphere, is full of encouragement and concerted efforts to save one small village. Utoro. Utoro is the place where many Koreans were conscripted to during World War II for the purpose of building a military airfield. bloggers has been getting indignant against government’s negligence on Utoro, Because Japanese Government has been trying to evict them out of their home. Deadline for eviction is near at hand. Despite this absurd acclaim, Korean Government is trying to dodge the issue on ground that if Government get involved with this case, it can generate another problem of equity

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