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ROBERT FISK, 28.05.2004 23:29

Robert Fisk writes for The Independent in Great Britain.

I can't wait to see Abu Ghraib prison reduced to rubble by the Americans -- at the request of the new Iraqi government, of course. It will be turned to dust in order to destroy a symbol of Saddam Hussein's brutality. That's what President Bush tells us. So the rewriting of history still goes on.

Protest Plan for August 29th in New York

Erik Aronesty, 28.05.2004 23:14

This August, New Yorkers will witness the largest and most powerful RNC protest in history. The Bush administration has gone over the top with misguided, self-serving policies and so too will the people go over the top in their demonstrations against it.

Nuevo Dossier AFE : COPYLEFT

afe, 28.05.2004 23:05

Otro dossier, y van 5 !!!

Nutrition: how to eat &quot;carbs&quot;

Dr. £, pretend md, 28.05.2004 22:59

- Grace IS strength!
My own diagnosis, anyways, does not look good. See the end bits for a quickie. Otherwise read on.

[genovag8] diaz school

indymedia italia, 28.05.2004 22:58


Mike Moore does it again!

jamie, 28.05.2004 22:31

Very interesting? The second article provides background and an update on the Berg story. Very black box “psyops” anyone? jamie

George Bush is Mr. Burns!

blue 5, 28.05.2004 22:12

please forward

Looks like the U.S. is hunting for a new Saddam.

jamie, 28.05.2004 22:11

Beware friends,

Looks like the U.S. is hunting for a new Saddam. Early reports indicate pick for interim “leader” of Iraq was on CIA payroll. jamie

Terror Warning Surprises Homeland Security Dept !

Red neck, 28.05.2004 19:55

What's going on here? They couldn't be using a threat to American life as a political ploy.
Maybe "Homeland Security" needs to start color coding the antics of this administration.

Something for Memeorial Day

Anti-radical, 28.05.2004 19:36

1LT Thomas Meehan III
E Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment,
101st Airborne Division
KIA 6 June 44 over Ste. Mere-Eglise, Normandy

Letter written by Lt. Meehan prior to his death.

Yet another G8 meeting under fascist controls

balanced, 28.05.2004 19:10

A private island of the coast of Georgia, Sea Island, will be the site for a
Group of Eight (G-8) meeting June 8-10. The island is off-limits to the
public and protesters

RideShare to the Boston Social Forum and Convention

erideshare, 28.05.2004 18:29

Democratic National Convention and Boston Social Forum:
Rides Offered and Wanted

Truckers &amp; Hookers

CSR PRODUCTIONS Entertainment Group, 28.05.2004 17:01

Feature Documentary

Tortura: la viga en el ojo

Torturadas y torturados vascos, 28.05.2004 16:50

Llevamos ya varias semanas viendo fotografías de las torturas a presos iraquíes por parte de tropas estadounidenses en la ya tristemente célebre prisión de Abu Ghraib y llevamos semanas con el consiguiente escándalo mediático, político y social (por este orden).

For All You Stalin Lovers

Alexei, 28.05.2004 16:43

Some Comparisons, courtesy of Hatemongers Quarterly

Paris and Berlin 5 June demo info

jfkeuro, 28.05.2004 15:29

Berlin and Paris will hold anti-torture demos in solidarity with DC, LA, SF demos


José Del Grosso, 28.05.2004 14:48

Análisis psicológico sobre la campaña mediática que adelanta el ala terrorista de la oposición venezolana junto con USA y cuyo único fin es desatar una guerra civil en Venezuela.

The U.S. is desperate to save the sinking ship of it’s Iraq policy.

jamie, 28.05.2004 14:10

The U.S. is desperate to save the sinking ship of it’s Iraq policy. The horror and injustice of the actions our insane leaders are inflicting must be stopped and that is our responsibility. Please do all you can to end this madness. Inform others, act individually and together. jamie

Sean Hannity Poll: Put in a Vote for Kerry!

Democrat Voter, 28.05.2004 12:18

Sean Hannity has a poll on his web site asking whom people will vote for... let's show him we're gonna vote for Kerry and dump Bush!

Christian Zionists, Jews &amp; Bush's reelection strategy

Bill Berkowitz, 28.05.2004 10:28

Courting the pro-Israel vote, President Bush addresses powerful pro-Israel lobby while his staff meets secretly with theocratic Christians

Socialist Young Foundation(SGD) waits anti-NATO organisations to Istanbul !

Socialist Young Foundation(SGD), 28.05.2004 08:48

We,the communists,revolutioarists and all democratic people of Turkey and Kurdistan,are preparing protests against NATO Meeting which will be held on 28-29 June.

On Camilo Mejia and other war notes

jamie, 28.05.2004 07:04

Dear friends,

Many readers may be veterans of movements for social justice and peace in Central America during the 1980’s. If so, many of you will recall the music of Carlos Mejia Godoy, a Nicaraguan folk activist. Please find below, among other Iraq war notes for today (4/27/04), information about the son of this wonderful artist who is facing severe punishment from the U.S. military for his refusal to continue to serve in the assault and occupation of Iraq. Please support his cause. He and his family need us now.

Today in Iraq!

jamie, 28.05.2004 06:25

05/27/04 DOD: Casualties Identified
Lance Cpl. Kyle W. Codner, 19, of Wood River, Neb. and Cpl. Matthew C. Henderson, 25, of Lincoln, Neb.

05/27/04 Xinhuanet: 2 Japanese journalists attacked in Baghdad
A vehicle carrying two Japanese, who are believed to be freelance journalists, and their interpreters came under attack in a Baghdad suburb on Thursday and one of the passengers was killed, the Foreign Ministry said Friday


Restless, 28.05.2004 05:28

12 days away from the Sea Island 2004 G8 summit, the repression in Georgia (USA) escalates. State of emergency declared by Georgia Governor in six coastal counties.
Police given the go-ahead to stop all demonstrations.

Inexpensive Boston Social Forum/DNC Convention Housing

GreenDemocrat, 28.05.2004 04:46

Inexpensive Boston Social Forum/DNC Convention Housing For Progressives and Peace Activists on a Budget. Packages for July 23rd to July 30th with prices from $380 to $660.

Coming to NYC RNC2004? tips on police tactics, and possible scenarios

R, 28.05.2004 04:22

A summary of police tactics, and the special situations you may encounter here in NYC.

The End of Oil

CommonSense, 28.05.2004 03:51

We are on the cusp of another great social change. All it is going to take is to lesson our dependence upon oil. If we put some serious muscle behind renewable energy, things like solar and wind power, our possibilities will be limitless.

That battery bunny beheaded by the Recharge Vibrator Gang!!!

£, newswire tyrany temp, 28.05.2004 02:34

w$ 0WN3D!

MKULTRA Hypnosis and Manchurian Candidate Projects

..., 28.05.2004 02:24

MKULTRA Hypnosis and Manchurian Candidate Projects


Martin Griffin, 28.05.2004 02:07

An Open letter to those neocons who have tried so hard to bring our nation down.

Native American Journalist Censored?

by Cassandra 'Sandy' Frost, 28.05.2004 00:41

Athabascan journalist's site taken offline then becomes target of hate site after investigating group of retired military intelligence officers.

Counting The Dead

Terry Baum, 27.05.2004 23:53

Terry Baum, the Green Party candidate for U.S. House of represenatives, from San Francisco, California reflects on memorial day and the uncounted dead in Iraq and other wars.

Who is Ahmed Sa'adat?

John Paul Cupp, 27.05.2004 23:22


Professor advocates blood and fire

Wilfredo Gutiérrez, 27.05.2004 20:04

To avoid dismissal, the professor should take a test on the subject of why “the prophet and the demagogue do not belong on the academic platform.”

David Dellinger of 'Chicago 7' dies

lat, 27.05.2004 19:55

As recently as three years ago, at age 85, Dellinger left his home in the middle of the night to take part in demonstrations in Quebec City protesting the FTAA

web de trova anarquista

notas de libertad, 27.05.2004 19:17

"Notas de libertad": Mp3´s, biografias, informacion de trovadores anarquistas

"Notas de Libertad": Mp3´s and information about anarchist singers


G. Wagner, 27.05.2004 19:02

Kleiner Hinweis auf meine Webseite.

Political Islam and Its Discontents

Lenin, 27.05.2004 18:10

Jesus Christ, Superstar, Takes on Mohammed Islam and Secularism Islam and Modernism Iran's "Islamic Revolution" Islamism and Democracy Liberation Theology

JFK Versus World Zionism

Donald J Cassidy, 27.05.2004 17:51

After JFK, the White House surrendered America to World Zionism. Johnson cancelled all of JFK's anti-Zionist measures, the Arms Race resumed, the Vietnam War was escalated, war debt and interest skyrocketed, nuclear weaponry given to Israel, Henry Jackson in the Senate made Zionist policy Washington policy, the crew of the USS Liberty was murdered by Israel without a murmur, Treasury currency was withdrawn and interest payments to World Zionism increased, and the "flyspeck in the desert" soared from protectorate to partner to patriarch of Washington.

FairyTale A True Story: Mini Review

Adam Christopher Snow, 27.05.2004 17:05

A mini review of 'FairyTale: A True Story' starring Harvey Keitel and Peter O'Toole.

&quot;STOP BUSH IN 2004&quot; Second Edition Released

Michael Dobbins, 27.05.2004 16:14

Worcester, MA - Off the heels of his well received self-published book
“Stop Bush in 2004: How Every Citizen Can Help,” which has sold over 800
copies since its release last August, first time author and political
activist Michael John Dobbins announced today a second edition of his
popular underground book. Every chapter of “Stop Bush in 2004” has been
expanded with a total of thirty more pages and a hundred new resources.
With the second edition, Dobbins hopes to provide more ammunition for
citizens looking to organize themselves and volunteer in efforts to defeat
President Bush in November.

American Authors Banned in Russia - Teleconference Call

International Harm Reduction Development Program, 27.05.2004 16:14

teleconference call on June 2 at noon EST with prominent free speech advocates and authors whose books have been banned in Russia.

Girl With A Pearl Earring: Mini Review

Adam Christopher Snow, 27.05.2004 16:06

A mini review of the Peter Webber film adapted from Tracy Chevalier's best selling novel.

Machine Gun In The Clown's Hand: Jello In London

Adam Christopher Snow, 27.05.2004 16:03

Jello Biafra's Latest Spoken Word CD A review of Jello Biafra's most recent London performance in support of his latest spoken word recording.

Verhoeven's Black Leather Sci-Fi Aesthetic: Starship Troopers Re-Reviewed

Adam Christopher Snow, 27.05.2004 15:58

A re-review of Paul Verhoeven's 'Starship Troopers', adaptated from a Robert A. Heinlein novel.

Funny Money Turns Out to Be Hysterical

Roger Wilde, 27.05.2004 15:52

A New York artist is accused of terror links and forgery.

Really REALLY Free Market in Raleigh, June 12

Nuh Uh! collective (seanet), 27.05.2004 15:16

Really REALLY Free Market in Raleigh, June 12 What: The Really REALLY Free Market Where: Chavis Park, 505 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Raleigh When: Noon, Saturday, June 12

It Was Chicago 8 You Fukkrs. Dellinger Dead At 88

marco, 27.05.2004 14:50

My local Republican newspaper called him Delling in their obituary headline.
Bastards. They also said he was most famous for being in the "Chicago 7."
Fuckers. I've but just begun grieving. My condolences go out to not just
his lovely wife, but additionally every single person who ever knew him.
Dellinger was a hero. Biblical proportions. I better stop writing now.
I'm starting to sound like Clapton losing his kid to a balcony.

Software Patents Rotten in the State Of Denmark

Gerhard Langlotz, 27.05.2004 14:14

In a recent EU Council meeting EU-Comissioner Frits Bolkestein and the Irish Presidency reached a fake "compromise" on the "patentability of computer-implemented" inventions. But even in the Council of Ministers the draft of the Irish presidency was very controversial. They won a slim vote. The Council meeting was held by patent bureaucracts of the national Departments of Justice. It reverses a september decision of the EU legislative body, the European Parliament. Division of forces is still weak on the EU level.

Workers World Party selects candidates

Deirdre Griswold / WW, 27.05.2004 13:32

John Parker for president, Teresa Gutierrez for vice president

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