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Jesús - Queda la Palabra, 09.09.2007 19:32

Resumen: Como se trata en españa* a los migrantes. Las personas que migran, la absoluta mayoría trabajadores con escasos o nulos recursos económicos están siendo oprimidos hasta la saciedad desde el momento en que se plantean migrar hasta el momento en que, un tanto por ciento importante, tienen la mala suerte de caer en manos de las bandas de terroristas de estado que los deportan contra su voluntad en aviones de vuelta (con camisas de fuerza, lazos y cascos) a los países de donde se fueron huyendo del hambre, la guerra y la persecución política; aun sabiendo que en algunos de estos países los encarcelan o los matan. ¿Hay alguna asociación, sindicato o persona digna por ahí que esté leyendo esto y esté dispuesto a denunciar?


Cobertura de las elecciones en Guatemala, municipio de La Libertad, Petén

indymedia guatemala, 09.09.2007 19:04

Radio Libertad (en alianza con AMARC) está monitoreando las elecciones en los municipios de La Libertad y Sayaxché, buscando aportar un punto de vista crítico sobre el proceso "democráctico".

Police abuse of an activist: Diane White of Harrisburg, PA

Kimberly Wilder, 09.09.2007 17:43

Diane White at the block party before the incident. Activist Diane White was falsely arrested by police in Harrisburg, PA. Please help to spread the word, because the regular media has not helped. Public meeting: Tuesday, September 11th.

Join the 2008 War Tax Boycott

NWTRCC, 09.09.2007 17:00

Withhold from war, pay for peace: 2008 War Tax Boycott Join thousands of Americans in showing Congress who really has the power of the purse. Cut off the war funding at the source by joining the 2008 War Tax Boycott. This action is sponsored by the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee, and is supported by Voices for Creative Nonviolence, the National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance, and the Nonviolent Direct Action Working Group of United for Peace and Justice.


CEOLS/FETRALPI, 09.09.2007 16:32

Contra el alto costo de la vida y la derecha neoliberal los trabajadores del Ecuador nos movilizamos este 19 de septiembre.


Adoption Records Released

Rose Maria LaVerde, 09.09.2007 16:26

Adoption identifying information to be released in Ontario, Canada. The adoption community is finally seeing a victory after 50 years a law that hid the indentifying information of adoptees and birth parents will finally be lifted.

Loose Nukes Looming Near

Captain Eric H. May, 09.09.2007 12:45

Captain Eric H. May, the Internet intelligence writer, takes a much-needed look at the implications of the loose nukes story that has been reported (badly) by the mainstream media, and is still the focus of the cyber community.


FRIENDS OF KHALID AWAN, 09.09.2007 05:30

Khalid Awan is facing a modified,Bogus,Conspiracious,Fabricated,Preplaned case in USA since 9/11, he is still in the Back of MDC Jail's Wall.because he is Canadian Muslim INNOCENT.

Protest destruction of Colombian rainforests to feed automobiles

Reinhard Behrend, 09.09.2007 05:02

The Colombian government is embarking on a massive expansion of oil palms, sugar cane and other monocultures for agrofuels and other markets at the expense of rainforests, biodiverse grasslands and local communities. Sugar cane monocultures are being expanded in the Cauca Valley, whilst hundreds of thousands of hectares are being turned into oil palm plantations in the Pacific region, the eastern planes and the Caribbean region. Palm oil expansion is linked to large-scale rainforest destruction and to serious violence and human rights abuses. NGOs have documented 113 killings in the river basin of Curvaradó and Jiguamiandó, in Chocó region at the hands of paramilitaries who are working with plantation companies to take over land which legally belongs to Afro-Colombian communities. The paramilitary groups operate with the support of the 17th Colombian Army Brigade.

Bush-bin Laden Tape a Fake - Bush's Latest Trick

Tom Heneghan, 09.09.2007 03:17

It can now be reported that the latest alleged bin Laden tape is a fake. As we have reported many times, Osama bin Laden has been dead for six years from kidney failure.
Bin Laden's death has been confirmed by both U.S. and French intelligence sources tied to a group headed by Colin Powell.
So the question begs why and who wants to keep Osama bin Laden alive.
Item: The 9/11 black op was originally staged for both political and economic objectives.
First, the current occupation government, i.e. the Bush Administration, needed to legitimize a stolen presidency, which was a fraud from the start.

Oppose &amp; criticize our war criminal all-volunteer troops who are fighting unjust war of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan, killing thousands

anomynous patriot, 08.09.2007 21:18

Criticize our all-volunteer troops for killing poeple in Iraq and Afghanistan.


NGOBE BUGLE, 08.09.2007 19:24

La contraposició de un gobierno que exige desarrollo y da días libres para festejar su ascenso al poder con la excusa del inicio de los trabajos de ampliació del canal, los cuales no llenarán las expectativas de los panameños, solamente de las grandes transnacionales

Scientist for cancer fighting abuse in Mexico fired and looking but looking for support

Joaquin Sanchez, 08.09.2007 14:48

Dr. Jaime Lagunez with concrete proposals in bioinformatics, cancer and AIDS is looking for support to develop his work even though he has been fired with political foul play at UNAM.

Northcom Plans Martial Law: Our opressors are getting ready. Are you?

Lee Rogers, 08.09.2007 13:27

"In addition to the announcement of Vigilant Shield 08, USNORTHCOM also announced that they have been using the lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina to better respond to crises. The response to Hurricane Katrina was essentially used as a test laboratory to implement martial law in a city. People were forced to relocate against their will and authorities stole people?s firearms in the name of safety despite these actions being entirely unconstitutional."

Navajo President Shirley's poison pen and backdoor deal

Elouise Brown/Censored Blog, 08.09.2007 13:15

On the same day that Navajo President Joe Shirley, Jr., mourned the loss of the traditional way of life with his words, he entered into a dark alliance with one of the world's most evil and treacherous corporate agendas, the Skull and Bones family of parasites preying on Indigenous Peoples

Expulsion des sans papiers : ya basta !

Hacktivismes, 08.09.2007 10:04

Hacktivismes se mobilise auprès de RESF 33

European Parliament Sets Historic Target to End all Experiments on Primates

Max Green, 08.09.2007 05:17

European legislators have signed a Written Declaration calling for urgent action to end the use of Great Apes and wild-caught monkeys in experiments and for a timetable to be set to end all experiments on primates across Europe. The Declaration was adopted at the Parliament’s September 6 Strasbourg session, and now the European Commission will produce an action plan.

Bush Klansmen close in on Navajos

Brenda Norrell, 08.09.2007 03:31

Ignoring the ongoing Navajo protest of the planned Desert Rock power plant, the Big Republican donor Fluor was picked today to manage development of Desert Rock Power Plant

Healing within to heal 'without'

Joe Vitale, 08.09.2007 03:08

Healing within to heal 'without'
by Joe Vitale
Two years ago, I heard about a therapist in Hawaii who cured a complete ward of criminally insane patients--without ever seeing any of them.

The Feres Doctrine: What Soldiers Really Need Are Lawyers

J. Turley, 08.09.2007 02:50

Feres doctrine - definition:

A legal doctrine that prevents people who are injured as a result of military service from successfully suing the federal government under the Federal Tort Claims Act.

The Feres Doctrine needs to be repealed and many veterans groups are moving to do so. This is an excellent article explaining why written by Jonathan Turley.

WorldWide Event - Liberty - Freedom Not Fear Rally - Sept. 22nd

Jennifer L. Chatham, 07.09.2007 22:12

The NAU and SPP are a reality and I am trying to create awareness to my fellow Canadians by holding a Demonstration in Brockville, Ontario Canada at 2:30 pm on Sept. 22nd at Blockhouse Island Railway Tunnel. This tunnel is special in that it is Canada's Oldest Railway and therefore, the beginning of Coporate Trade!

Paris Hilton’s killer shopping spree

By Alisa Mullins, 07.09.2007 22:04

Michael Vick isn’t the only celebrity responsible for the deaths of dogs. Whenever impulse pooch-purchasers like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears buy dogs from chichi pet boutiques, they don’t just set a bad example for their fans—they take away homes from dogs waiting on death row at animal shelters across the country.

Doc on Courageous Afghani MP Malalai Joya to Air on PBS Series WIDE ANGLE, Sept 11

Sarah Reynolds, Women Make Movies, 07.09.2007 22:04

Enemies of Happiness Doc on Courageous Afghani MP Malalai Joya to Air on PBS Series WIDE ANGLE, Sept 11

Nanning Creek Raid


Blockade Nanning Creek Treesit raided during Murrlete Protection. Eric Shatz back in town. Save Nanning Creek!

SALVEMOS MONTSERRAT; Retten wir den Monserrat

diverse, 07.09.2007 19:07

El Ayuntamiento de Collbató acordó, el 3 de mayo de 2007, la aprobación inicial del proyecto de ampliación de la zona industrial Les Ginesteres, de 7 hectáreas, en 21 hectáreas más. El proyecto representa la destrucción del mejor suelo agrícola de Collbató y una amenaza para el privilegiado entorno de Montserrat/ Monserrat durch Industriegebiet in Gefahr...Online-Protest

Planet Relief

Spiderwolf, 07.09.2007 18:06

A response to the BBC's decision to not broadcast a concert that would highlight climate change. The article does not challenge the BBC's decision, it questions whether an Extinction Level Event will be help by a middle class rock concert, with stand up comedians.

Global Demonstrations 9-11-07

strike, 07.09.2007 15:00

General Strike in USA and Global Demonstrations 9-11-07

Go to and type in

Beauty Turner, 07.09.2007 14:00

"Get involved this is your life too!"

Imprisoning migrants and children big global business

Brenda Norrell, 07.09.2007 13:27

The same corporation that owns Wackenhut and deports migrants from the Arizona/Mexico border for profit, imprisons children with sex offenders in Scotland. The corporation G4S operates Dungavel detention center in Scotland and owns Wackenhut Transportation buses. The buses are a common sight along the Arizona border as they wait to be filled with migrants for deportation.

child labor elimination problem

sadashivan, 07.09.2007 13:20

Child labor is a consequence of poverty as hunger, homeless and others so is not as easy as we think. Even NGO’s and prominent individuals can not help eradication this issue until and unless they influence appropriate Governments to reevaluate the economic policies and rural economic growth. Till now rural economy is only known as agricultural economy and never emphasized on add-on value products. Governments have to consider growing and generating rural employment. Target set for 2015 to eradicate poverty may not be achieved until we understand roots and real causes of poverty.

Josep Renau 1907-1987. El arte como compromiso

Galileo, 07.09.2007 11:35

Homenaje a Renau de Mar Orozco Se cumplen cien años del nacimiento de Josep Renau, una fecha que parece haber caído en el olvido en este país amnésico para unos y tan dado a fastos y homenajes para otros (según de quien se trate…), ni por parte del Estado, ni de la Generalitat Valenciana, parece que se vaya a recordar a tan importante y agitadora figura artística.

If You Think Bush Is Evil Now, Wait Until He Nukes Iran

Paul Craig Roberts, 07.09.2007 04:59

"The war in Iraq is lost. This fact is widely recognized by American military officers and has been recently expressed forcefully by Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, the commander of U.S. forces in Iraq during the first year of the attempted occupation. Winning is no longer an option. Our best hope, Sanchez says, is "to stave off defeat," and that requires more intelligence and leadership than Sanchez sees in the entirety of our national political leadership: "I am absolutely convinced that America has a crisis in leadership at this time."

Staging Nukes for Iran?

Larry Johnson, 07.09.2007 04:18

"Barksdale Air Force Base is being used as a jumping off point for Middle East operations. Gee, why would we want cruise missile nukes at Barksdale Air Force Base. Can't imagine we would need to use them in Iraq. Why would we want to preposition nuclear weapons at a base conducting Middle East operations?"

NO LOS OLVIDAMOS: En el Día Internacional del Desaparecido

COFADEPA-HG / COPODEHUPA, 07.09.2007 03:06

Los gobiernos posteriores a la Invasión, incluyendo, y con mayor razón, el actual dirigido por el presidente Martín Torrijos, hijo del dictador, y secretario general del Partido Revolucionario Democrático, PRD, creación y continuador del autoritarismo y de las férreas políticas represivas que heredaron de los militares, han continuado con la consigna de borrar el pasado y enterrar en el olvido los reclamos de Verdad y Justicia que embarga a los familiares y a tantos solidarios, luchadores y simpatizantes de los nuevos tiempos que merecen los panameños.

Es cierto, hay muchas cosas que se prohiben en Cuba

Ingrid Storgen, 07.09.2007 02:27

Es importante que tengamos en cuenta, sin dogmatismos y sin cerrarnos en criterios obsoletos, que es real, MUCHAS COSAS SE PROHIBEN EN CUBA...

En Panamá: la Corrupción en la Justicia, le hace el Juego al Neoliberalismo.

&quot;El Cholo&quot;, 07.09.2007 01:59

El Audito Ciudadano de la Justicia Penal en nuestro país, realizado y hecho público por la Alianza Ciudadana Pro Justicia, revela datos precisos, y muy poco alentadores, hasta el 2006 el Instituto de Defensoría del Oficio, solo contaba con 67 defensores de oficio, esto se traduce a 2 defensores por cada cien mil habitantes, (100.000.00).

Foxylandia, un pais maravilloso

Fabian Giles, 07.09.2007 01:37

El Mapa de Foxylandia La historia del parque de 1000 mdd que se construye con lo que sobró de la MegaBiblioteca y la Enciclomedia, además de los generosos donativos de los nuevos "Amigos de Fox".
Ahora que con la visita a Disneylandia que realizó la pareja ex presidencial se encargaron de volver a ponerla de moda, muchos seguramente andan con la méndiga duda: "Bueno, ¿y cómo es Foxylandia?" Para que no les digan y no les cuenten, aquí les presentamos en exclusiva un mapa detallado de tan fantástico lugar, por si algún día quieren darse una vueltecita.


Departamento de Comunicacione, 06.09.2007 23:21

El Movilh puso todos los antecedentes del caso ante la Comisión de Educación de la Cámara de Diputados, la cual oficiará de urgencia una reunión con la Ministra de Educación. El objetivo final es que la profesora lesbiana pueda ejercer su profesión, pese a las presiones y negativa del obispo de San Bernardo.

no habra paz en nigun conflicto armado en este mundo

antoni, 06.09.2007 22:20

hoy por hoy en ningun conflicto armado no habra tratado de paz en el mundo online now

x . t . r . a, 06.09.2007 18:37

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ferhat ataman, 06.09.2007 18:18

x . t . r . a


BY VICTOR YANULEVICH, 06.09.2007 14:41

Russia steps up military expansion (August 22, 2007 The Guardian)
The remarks follow his decision last week to resume long-range missions by strategic bomber aircraft capable of hitting the US with nuclear weapons. Patrols over the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic began last week for the first time since 1992.

Picture by AP

Myanmar Monks Briefly Hold Hostages

saigon, 06.09.2007 14:04

let's help them. please

Spread this message !

Meddlesomeness of Iran in Iraq

Tanveer Jafri, 06.09.2007 09:29

Author Tanveer Jafri Undoubtedly America is standing on the two edged sword of Iraq. America which is facing criticism on Iraq issue from all the countries of the world, even from the leaders of America & Britain, is itself seeking ways to leave Iraq. But before America leaves Iraq, it is necessary that there should be unity among the people of Iraq. There should be no interference in Iraq from its neighbouring countries. Iraqi people should be one in the basis of caste. God forbid, while America leaves Iraq, it may become a prey of plotters & indulge in civil war.

Why was the US DOJ running a War on Obscenity?

Cody Lyon, 06.09.2007 01:33

In light of revelations by SALON.COM regarding connections between the firings of a number of Department of Justice Attorneys and obscenity prosecutions, a bit of background on motives. The players in the DOJ crackdown on Pornography are a virtual who's who of social conservative politics.

The Self Esteem of a Roach: The sad truth behind Larry Craig's hypocrisy

Cody Lyon, 06.09.2007 01:26

The Senator Larry Craig scandal is indicative of a society steeped in homophobia. The abandonment of Craig by fellow Republicans is indicative of a party steeped in hypocrisy.

Video: APEC Climate Action at Loy Yang Power Station (Australia)

al, 06.09.2007 00:51

loy yang On Monday September 3rd 2007 activists shut down down part of the Loy Yang power station in Gippsland's Latrobe Valley to coincide with APEC leaders meeting in Sydney. The protest aimed to highlight the inaction on climate change by APEC member governments. A range of climate actions have happened across Australia over the past several days.

Mauer &amp; Schießbefehl: SWR-Falsch-Berichterstattung über die Mauer in Bil'n (Palästina)

Hartmut Barth-Engelbart, 05.09.2007 23:51

So gaaaanz nebenbei lässt der SWR bei der Berichterstattung zum Urteil des Obersten israelischen Gerichtshofes zur Mauer die Palästinenser "GEWALTTÄTIG" demonstrieren, um die Aggressionen der Israelischen Armee und anderer Staatsorgane in einem besseren Licht erscheinen zu lassen: Da müssen doch die mauer-Schützen sich selber und die mauer schützen, denn hier werden auch aus ABC-Schützen MauerSelbstmord-Attentäter - früher oder später . Man sollte dem Herrn Olmert die Installation von InfroTotHerodesstreifen empfehlen.

Blonde Glückssträhnchen für Wolfgang Schäuble: die BND-Mission &quot;Friseur&quot;

Hartmut Barth-Engelbart, 05.09.2007 23:29

Neueste Meldung
aus dem Hause (Schily-) Schäuble:
die Allzweck-Dienstwaffe
Horst Mahler
ist nach einem Gefängnisaufenthalt
von der NPD zum Dschihad konvertiert
und hat sich im dienstlichen Auftrag
als Friseur getarnt um die Beschaffung von
Die neue Rolle fiel ihm schwer
Wo hatte er denn nun
den SuperSexy-Bombenstoff
tatsächlich her?

ADL launches Campaign to promote US war on Iran

Admin of “Why Would the U.S. Attack Iran?”, 05.09.2007 22:58

One of the primary points of the recent Mearsheimer-Walt book “The Israel Lobby” [1] is that the lobby frequently pushes for policies and actions that not only are not in the best interests of the United States, but often not really in the long term interests of Israel either. As though on a mission to prove the point, the Anti-Defamation League – an integral component of the Mearsheimer/Walt defined Israel Lobby – has announced a public relations campaign to promote a U.S. attack on Iran.

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