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arowws, 12.09.2007 17:39

world wide sos siganls stuff--seeking locations failure responce-----mintour half species line true sos-----------------------set east la calif on fireeeee-------water

The True Meaning of Recovery Month

Lucas A Catton, CCDC, 12.09.2007 17:14

Recovery Month Celebrating the end result of effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation

the red pill vol. 5 no. 12

grand junction alternative media, 12.09.2007 16:58

g-8 2007 report back
"i will never bow down again" six nations european speaking tour
pilgrimage to stonehenge summer solstice 2007
critical mass: london
cream city collectives: trp visits cream city in milwaukee
2008 riot road trip: a quick look at the dnc and rnc 2008

Despite Stock Market Volatility and Sub-Prime Credit Problems, Defense and Security Stocks Continue to Perform, 12.09.2007 16:14

Taser (NASDAQ: TASR), Garmin (NASDAQ: GRMN), Cubic Corporation (AMEX: CUB) and EDO Corporation (NYSE: EDO) up more than 80% year-to-date.

Sustaining Palestinian Division, Reviving a Partner

Nicola Nasser*, 12.09.2007 14:34

Saving a Palestinian partner, whom they have rejected until Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip in mid-June, has become the most important mission preoccupying the U.S. Administration and the Israeli government, a mission which nonetheless Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is taking seriously, against all the odds, pursuing a “hope” that their preoccupation could yet be a window of opportunity to revive serious Palestinian – Israeli peace negotiations and break through the siege imposed on him and his people by the both deadlocked inter-Palestinian and the peace process crises.


x . t . r . a, 12.09.2007 11:43

x . t . r . a


ΑΝΩΝΥΜΟ, 12.09.2007 11:17


Unfassbar – unglaublich

fbk, 12.09.2007 08:34

In Deutschland ist dieser Artikel verboten!
Selbst dann noch, wenn die eigene Körperbetroffenheit dafür spricht und Umgebungsereignisse und -reaktionen sich logisch einfügen. Bin auch ich geneigt zu sagen: Das kann nicht wahr sein.
Und doch ist es wahr. Hilfreich kann nur sein: Sachlichkeit, Öffentlichkeit und Wahrheit. Wir sind weit davon entfernt.

border people conference/ conferencia de pueblos fronterizos

brujo, 12.09.2007 07:14

Racibamos como merecen a los gobernadores del exterminio.....

The shame of being an American

M.A.Hussain, 12.09.2007 03:49

A collection of articles written by americans telling us why they are ashamed of being americans.

Truth for a Change: A new festival of it's kind!

EB, 12.09.2007 03:28

“With so many implications and divided opinions on the
state of New Orleans” says Co-Founder Tonisha Johnson,
TOMI Film Festival found it pertinent to begin with
supporting a healing community“.


Paradigm Shift Environmental Alliance-Coordinator Ivona Vujica, 12.09.2007 01:24

ONTARIO , CANADA-WIDE & GLOBAL ABOLITION OF COAL PLANTS NO NUKES! WEEKLY VIGIL / INFO PICKET / RALLY (A CONTINUATION OF WEEKLY VIGILS INITIATED ON EARTH DAY 07 AT TORONTO'S QUEENS PARK LEGISLATURE AND ONTARIO POWER GENERATION HEADQUARTERS) DATE: TUESDAY September 18, '07 TIME: 12 Noon - 1PM PLACE: OTTAWA, UNITED STATES EMBASSY 490 Sussex Drive (between Byward Market & Parliament Hill) Paradigm Shift Environmental Alliance - PSEA Contact Ivona Vujica Coordinator > MAJOR VICTORY FOR PEOPLES EVERYWHERE OVER KING COAL The Saskatchewan, Canada – Battelle Memorial Institute etc. giant (clean) coal mega project has been scrapped because of soaring costs. Originally it was $1 billion and is now projected to be $3.8 billion to produce 450 megawatts, but everyone knows the science and technology is on very unstable grounds. The financial risk is too high. The threat to the eco-system is even higher by the continued maintenance of coal mining and coal-fired plants locally and globally. 1. Letter to Prime Minister Harper 2. Letter to the U.S. Government 3. Letter to Ontario's Legislature

Non possiamo rimanere insensibili

sergio falcone, 12.09.2007 01:17

Libertà Sul destino delle rifugiate e dei rifugiati politici italiani

Hypocrisy of Bozeman Montana CO-OP. from ideals to made in China CO-Op hats

Donald Iarussi MFA, 12.09.2007 00:46

The Bozeman CO-OP is in the predominantly White Liberal Community near Yellowstone Park. It is a place where Liberals make in huge homes that were once reservations for Native Americans and where the Buffalo once roamed Free.

Now the predominatly White Liberal community boasts of being progressive but this South Bronx writer who has seen their blatent hypocrisy

George Bush’s New Debate Is Osama bin Laden on Viagra

Karen Fish, 11.09.2007 23:28

Jenna Jameson The Iraq debate has been reframed once again.

Celebrate Latina/o Heritage Month!Presentation &amp; Slideshow by local Chicana Aritist:

Radical Women, 11.09.2007 23:24

Cecilia Alvarez is an influential radical artist who addresses themes of feminism, poverty, and environmental degradation in the United States and Latin America.

Colombia: entre la espada y la pared

Guillermo Solarte Lindo, 11.09.2007 22:22

Un conjunto de escenarios que muestran la realidad politica colombiana a partir de la situacion del conflicto armado en ese pais latinoamericano.

Photos, Truth and Justice in Tucson on September 11

Brenda Norrell, 11.09.2007 20:53

The Wheels of Justice, Raging Grannies and 911 Truth Campaign were among those calling for peace in Iraq and Palestine, while pressing for the truth of what happened on Sept. 11, 2001.

To the american nation

joseph ferrante, 11.09.2007 19:53

to ask a question

In more fitting memory: America's Number One Collapse Expert Thought WTC Bombed

GI Joe, 11.09.2007 18:07

Deputy Chief Ray Downey, the head of the FDNY's Special Operations Command, was also described by colleagues as "the most knowledgeable person on building collapses there was," and 9/11 Commissioner Timothy Roemer referred to Downey as a "very, very respected expert on building collapse."

IRAQ AND VENEZUELA: Two Countries, One Struggle

Venezuela Solidarity Network, 11.09.2007 17:31

This document not only links solidarity with Iraq and Venezuela, but also dispels myths about both countries. It is being made available for distribution at upcoming anti-war protests. The attachment provided with this post is for a more attractive version which people are encouraged to download, print, and distribute while participating in these demonstrations. - One of the first online investor resources providing in-depth information on renewable energy, environment and water investing!, 11.09.2007 16:13

Green Companies: Submit Content Featuring Water, Environmental and Renewable Energy News, Articles and Research to Leading Online Destination

Book release ceremony

adams, 11.09.2007 14:46

The two books, shame of being an American and Satanic war on terrorism were released and inaugeral ceremony was held at Gandhi Peace Foundation Hall New delhi. The meeting was presided by Mr Salah shehab Second Secretry Emabassy of the state of Palestine.

Remember September 9, 2001

Be The Change, 11.09.2007 14:28

I am not asking you to agree with my views, but I wish that you do read them. If you do agree with me, or want to repost, please feel free to repost, but I ask that you repost in full.

Inmigración: Agresión policial (TERRORISMO DE ESTADO) en los Campos de Nijar. La guardia civil y la policía siembran el terror en una chabola.

Jesús - Queda la Palabra, 11.09.2007 13:39

Hola compañeras/os:

Os envío esta carta de denuncia que ha escrito el sindicato SOC en Almería.

Como podréis ver estos hechos que nosotras/os calificamos como represión policial y tortura o terrorismo de estado se siguen produciendo en Almería de forma constante. Recordad la muerte por asesinato del agricultor en una comisaría de Almería o el "Caso Almería", además de las múltiples cargas que ha hecho la polícía cuando se han levantado los inmigrantes junto a sindicatos en manifestaciones o el levantamiento de asentamientos de chabolas de inmigrantes. ¡Ya está bien! ¿Cuándo van a cesar estas prácticas ilegales amparadas por el gobierno* PsoE** con los trabajadores que ellos mismos precarizan, sin condenar a los "buitres carroñeros" sin escrúpulos que son la mayoría de los dueños de los invernaderos y dueños de las empresas de hortalizas y frutas que se enriquecen con el sufrimiento de estas personas? ¿No es este el trato que en toda la historia se ha dado a los esclavos?

Podéis constatar qué alto grado de persecución sufren los trabajadores precarios inmigrantes, algo que se escapa de toda lógica y de la que todas/os los que no denuncien esto son cómplices.

Invitamos desde aquí al Sindicato SOC, así como a todas las organizaciones que quieran unirse a realizar conjuntamente una denuncia ante la Fiscalía General del Estado o la Audiencia Nacional para que estos presuntos terroristas, polícías y guardias civiles responsables de tales atentados contra las personas sean juzgados conforme a ley.

Un abrazo, salud y libertad

Colectivo Queda la Palabra
Teléfono del colectivo: +34 695 95 91 21
Ante esto gritamos:
¡Contra la desigualdad!
¡Contra la acumulación de riqueza!
¡Contra los abusos de poder!
¡Contra la Injusticia!

* Boicot en minúscula: Os invitamos a escribir en minúscula el nombre de los presidentes, estados, instituciones, organizaciones y particulares que ejercen y/o apoyan al terrorismo contra las personas precarizadas (incumplimiento de los Derechos Humanos).

** PsoE: Partido Español. Ponemos en minúscula y no pronunciamos "socialista obrero" porque no lo es.


Amazing – The International City Guide for Greater Dusseldorf

Philipp Schiwek, 11.09.2007 13:32

Amazing Dusseldorf Logo Amazing Dusseldorf is a city guide for English speaking people, working, living, travelling or visiting Dusseldorf.

Amazing – der internationale City Guide für Düsseldorf

Philipp Schiwek, 11.09.2007 13:30

Amazing Dusseldorf Logo Amazing Dusseldorf ist ein neuer City Guide für die englisch sprechende Community in Düsseldorf.

Netherlands refuse to return children to parent.

F.E.M., 11.09.2007 12:02

In court the judge deemed the local Dutch law above the international convention on kidnapped children and above the international laws.
Three years have passed and mother is still awaiting the return of her two children.
Many parents from all over the world come to the courts in the Netherlands to dispute the unlawful taking and holding of their children but they are talking to deaf ears as the Dutch children’s courts only listen to the companies that hold these children.

Concours International de Journalisme Citoyen

Achannel, 11.09.2007 10:32

Concours journaliste citoyen Alternative Channel TV, nouveau projet de media citoyen indépendant, organise pour son lancement officiel le premier concours international de journalisme citoyen, ouvert à tous!!

Wastes Ahoy?

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 11.09.2007 09:20

Toxics and nuclear waste dumping still legal under JPEPA

Weapons of Mass Destruction Housed in Populated Areas

Caitlyn Pardue, 11.09.2007 06:42

American Citizens unknowingly are exposed to sites of nuclear arms, transportation of such upon surface roads and the latest incident of a B52 transport of nuclear weapons across state lines.

In America, the Beat Goes On

Caitlyn Pardue, 11.09.2007 05:53

Election fraud, fraudulent machines. Is there really any difference?
This back article reveals little has changed.

US 'martial law exercise' Oct. 15 -- 20, 2007

anonymous, 11.09.2007 05:25

The United States is planning a five day 'martial law' excercise in Arizona, Oregon and Guam.

Expose secrecy

Caitlyn Pardue, 11.09.2007 04:59

Pictured is Daniel Ellsberg Daniel Ellsberg as interviewed by Reporter Càitlyn Pardue of the North Bay Progressive.
Wednesday May 19, 2004.

Speaking on Vietnam & Iraq- Secrecy, Democracy and Presidential Lies.
Sponsored by Osher Lifelong Learning Institute as part of the Global Lecture Series: America in the World. The Sonoma State University School of Extended Education.

Electronic Signatures Made Easy With AutoeSign

Jeff Leach, 11.09.2007 03:58 presents a new electronic signature solution with an easy to use interface which helps streamline the sales process for businesses.

Please send this to your activist community

Eagle Scout, 11.09.2007 03:46

This is a call to get off Common Dreams and get together to organize. We're here to educate ourselves about what organizing really means, why organizing is the essential precursor to action, and how to distinguish "works well" tactics from "feels good" tactics.

Se edita el DVD de &quot;TRELEW, la fuga que fue masacre&quot; i

Fundación Alumbrar, 11.09.2007 02:07

Comunicar que está editado en DVd el film documental "TRELEW, la fuga que fue masacre"

BREAKING: More Bush-Clinton Treason and the Lil’ Turd Sam Donaldson

Tom Heneghan, 10.09.2007 23:51

It can now be reported that White House Homeland Security Advisor Frances Fragos Townsend conspired with Newsweek magazine Editor, closet homosexual Jon Meacham, to release a bogus Osama bin Laden tape to once again scare the American People.
Townsend, a Clinton-Bush stooge of the highest proportion, is also covering up the presence of Al Qaeda-Mossad-Gary Best cells on American soil.
These cells are operational with high tech weaponry and are tied directly to the highest levels of the Bush Administration.
Reference: Bush-Clinton Assassination Teams

This Way Out: Armistead Maupin &amp; &quot;Somewhere in Between&quot;

Overnight Productions, Inc., 10.09.2007 20:53

September 10, 2007: Author Maupin's tales continue; gender-political Israeli play; We'Wha. Plus Israeli A.G. defends queer couples' financial rights, Calif. marriage proposal awaits Arnold's answer, jailed Cameroonian gays forced to name names, Father Mychal's story a big "Yes" for kids, more news.

Montgomery County, Maryland, Snarled in an &quot;Educational&quot; Trip to Israel

Mohamed Khodr, 10.09.2007 18:37

The Chief Executive of Montgomery County, Maryland, Mr. Ike Leggett is facing Jewish Lobbying Pressure to accept an "educational/indoctrinational" trip to Israel despite his own county's Ethics Commission ruling against the trip as a violation of the County's policies. Mr. Leggett is now looking into other "funds" to sponsor his trip for Israel's political benefit, not America's. Despite Abramoff's et. al lobbying scandals, Congress still can't impose limits on AIPAC et. al funded "educational" trips. Who does Congress serve? Not America.

canada ripped for opposing UN declaration

aware press, 10.09.2007 17:49

OTTAWA – Canada was cast today as a bad actor that aggressively
campaigned alongside countries with tarnished human-rights
records in its failed bid to derail the United Nations
Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Online &quot;Mining for Money&quot; Investor Conference Covers Key Market Segments Including Gold, Silver, Uranium, Copper, and Metals, 10.09.2007 16:05

Presenters include: Eastfield Resources Ltd. (TSX.V: ETF); Uranerz Energy Corporation (AMEX: URZ; TSX: URZ); Callinan Mines Limited (TSX.V: CAA) and Bayswater Uranium Corp. (TSX.V: BAY).


Virgilio PONCE, 10.09.2007 15:09

Soy un cubano que piensa que aunque vive en el exterior, tiene compromisos con la tierra donde nació, se educó, se formó, donde tiene familia y donde se lucha por construir una sociedad más justa, por eso pido ¡LIBERTAD PARA LOS CINCO!

Campaigning On The Edge Of Society

Keith Farnish, 10.09.2007 13:50

What does it matter whether a campaign changes the world, so long as the intentions are good? Well, yes, it matters a hell of a lot. Set your sights low enough and reaching them is very easy; set them high enough and you might have to risk your life to get there.

The Solution

anonymous, 10.09.2007 13:22

Binladen's latest video full english transcript.

Call on Brown to endorse the IAEA-Iran agreement on Iran's Nuclear Programme

CASMII, 10.09.2007 12:34

Delegation goes to 10 Downing Street

Reliance acquires Polyester assets in Malaysia

Manu Dagar, 10.09.2007 12:23

This agreement is an important step towards the acquisition of assets of Hualon. The agreement to acquire is subject to certain conditions and regulatory approvals

Photos from Anti-APEC Rally Sydney Australia

Glenn Lockitch, 10.09.2007 11:54

Photo 1 Australia's largest security operation in history proves to be a police farce...

The Other Movie Industry

EB, 10.09.2007 08:07

"With so many implications and divided opinions on the state of New Orleans" says Co-Founder Tonisha Johnson, TOMI Film Festival found it pertinent to begin with supporting a healing community".

For 9/11: A Tribute to Fresh Kills

Rebecca Em Campbell, 09.09.2007 22:36

A powerful seven-minute symphonic poetry video questioning the lies told concerning September 11th and its underlying cultural structures.

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