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Joachim Heimrath Family*Cor****W*A*T*C*H**** Toa all ARF groups and supporters****FREE THINKERS OF ALL THE WORLD YOUR SUPPORT IS REQUESTED

Maricel V.Sarmiento, 15.09.2007 03:19

Due to the continuous attacks against Sir Joachim Heimrath's personality , reputation and good name which are grave human rights violation with reference to art.12 we make the following comment...........

Sign petition to demand high-level diplomatic teams to negotiate on Darfur

Avaaz, 15.09.2007 01:05

For four years, Sudan's military ruler, General Omar Bashir, has organized brutal militias to murder over 200,000 of his own citizens in the region of Darfur, all because a few of them dared to oppose his rule. After a massive global outcry, the killing has decreased and the UN has authorized peacekeepers - but what peace will they have to keep? Our leaders can seize this chance to press for the fair and lasting peace that the people of Darfur want, or they can appease Bashir, seek peace on the cheap, and abandon millions of Sudanese to the whims of a genocidal regime.

Menwith Hill revisited

Ishtar.come, 14.09.2007 23:02

Why is it so difficult for us to have a rational conversation about The Boys up at Menwith Hill, when they are such an intimate part of our everyday lives?


INFO, 14.09.2007 22:18

Aprueba ONU Declaración Universal de Derechos de los Pueblos Indígenas

Mining Terrorist Explosion in Mexico

david modersbach, 14.09.2007 21:42

A truck carrying explosives for an open-pit mining operation in northern Mexico exploded Sunday, killing 28 and injuring 250 ina small village. Responsible for this terrorist attack is the Australian explosives and chemical company ORICA, Inc, a worldwide producer of explosives and cyanide for the mining industry.

Atentado Minero: ORICA, Inc Explosion mata 28 en Mexico

david modersbach, 14.09.2007 21:23

Un camión minero cargado con nitrato de amonio se estalló provocando una conflagración, dejando a 28 muertos y a 250 personas lesionadas en un pueblo del norte de México. Responsible es la empresa ORICA, Inc., de Australia, el productor mayor mundial de explosivos y cianuro usado por la industria minera.


Fedisech, 14.09.2007 21:07

Personas individuales, federaciones y organizaciones de minorías sexuales dieron su apoyo a la reciente creación de Fedisech.


Departamento de Comunicaciones, 14.09.2007 20:58

Movilh celebró que nuevamente una encuesta refleje un descenso en la discriminación padecida por las minorías sexuales, pero lamentó que Chile aún se ubique por debajo de los índices de tolerancia de América Latina

&quot;Unrecognized&quot; Palestinians

Stephen Lendman, 14.09.2007 20:30

How Israel discriminates against its non-Jewish citizens.

Were War Critic Soldiers Killed To Send Message?

Paul Joseph Watson, 14.09.2007 19:04

"A third author of the letter was also shot in the head in a separate incident during the time when the op-ed was being written. Though Staff Sgt. Jeremy Murphy survived and is expected to make a full recovery, the fact that three of the seven authors of the op-ed were either killed or received life-threatening injuries shortly before and after the publication of the piece is highly suspicious."

A Quiet Call for Revolution: A Personal Response to the President's Address on Iraq

Howard Vicini, 14.09.2007 18:44

"It is my opinion that all is not yet lost in America, but I firmly believe we are dangerously close to losing the foundation of our freedoms … more to the point, I believe our government leaders are out of control and beyond redemption … Democrats and Republicans alike." Howard Vicini

Global Solutions Investor Relations Launches New Service

GSIR, 14.09.2007 17:08

Global Solutions Investor Relations Launches New Investor Relations, Public Relations Service for Global Public Companies Listed on Foreign and North American Stock Exchanges

Jam Master jay Award Show for Positive Hip Hop

flygirl, 14.09.2007 16:44

.. New Awards to Highlight Rap's Positives
by Melanie Sims

Hip-hop has such a negative connotation in some circles that some people equate it with thuggery or crime - an unfair depiction that DMC of the legendary rap group Run-DMC is trying to dispel.

Possible repeat of 9/11 scenario

Michael E. Salla, M.A. Ph.D, 14.09.2007 13:53

An incident involving illegal transport of nuclear weapons in the continental U.S. indicates the stage was being set for another false flag incident similar to 9/11

UK fashion retailers shamed over sweatshop conditions

War on Want, 14.09.2007 13:41

War on Want's new report with Labour Behind the Label, Let’s Clean Up Fashion 2007, highlights the appalling conditions and stark injustices within the high street fashion industry. UK high street retailers do not pay developing country garment workers a living wage, whilst reaping vast profits and paying spokesmodels and CEOs millions of pounds.

Stop UN Violence!!

Julia K., 14.09.2007 13:16

The UN calls it peacekeeping, for women and children of conflict ridden regions it usually means more abuse, more violence, more disrespect for their human rights.

RIL gas to cost bit less

Newage, 14.09.2007 09:50

EGoM sets RIL gas price, puts debate to rest

RIL gas to cost bit less

newage, 14.09.2007 09:48

EGoM sets RIL gas price, puts debate to rest

Joachim Heimrath Family+C or W +A+T+C+H +++Paul Heimrath 13 yrs old missing

Cor ARF, 14.09.2007 09:22

After a visit of DSWD region 4 and Infanta DSWD Paul traumatized from being raped ran away in fear to be taken from his family .The culprits concerned were senr allgedly by the mayor of Infanta ,Quezon.

Joachim Heimrath Family++Cor W+A+T+C+H++To all ARF gropus and supporters

Cor ARF, 14.09.2007 09:17

The war is not against Roman Catholics but those Catholics involved in nefarious activities as rhere is a constitutional right for the practice of law

Joachim Heimrath Family******Cor *W*A*T*C*H******ro all ARF Groups and Supporters of the Heimrath Family

Cor ARF, 14.09.2007 08:31

ro all supporters and human rights groups.................This is Goetterdaemmerung we request an all our effort ro fighr for the strengthening of law and upholding of human rights for all in the Philippines

“Lágrimas de cocodrilo”

Wilfredo Gutiérrez, 14.09.2007 06:38


Indigenous celebrate passage of UN Declaration of Rights

Censored Blog, 14.09.2007 06:33

Indigenous statments from around the world, including the North American Regional Statement: "With the adoption of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples by the United Nations General Assembly, we see the opportunity for a new beginning, for another kind of relationship with States in North America and indeed throughout the world."

September 15th - Say No To Bush

darla, 14.09.2007 05:26

To support the Mass March on Washington DC, this Saturday in Oklahoma City, thre will be a protest to 'Say No To Bush". After the outrageous speech that Bush gave Thursday night to the American people I think we must mobilize. According to Bush, there will be NO end to this war. He must be stopped.

September 15th - Say No To Bush

darla, 14.09.2007 05:25

To support the Mass March on Washington DC, this Saturday in Oklahoma City, thre will be a protest to 'Say No To Bush". After the outrageous speech that Bush gave Thursday night to the American people I think we must mobilize. According to Bush, there will be NO end to this war. He must be stopped.

&quot;Cumpleaños de la Murga Ni Lerda Ni Perezosa&quot;

Ni Lerda...., 14.09.2007 04:24

A un año de Construir con alegria decidimos festejarlo con ustedes...Nosotros somos Ni Lerda Ni Perezosa, pertenecemos al Movimiento Nacional de Murgas y nacimos en el centro de la ciudad de Córdoba amontonados por los vientos desde varios puntos del pais!!!!

Injustice to the majority communities in Tamilnadu

Konguvel P, 14.09.2007 03:59

Reservation issue in Tamilnadu. Those in power are using their offices for their selfish interests.

Star Ray TV goes Pirate

Jan Pachul, 14.09.2007 03:09

Star Ray Tv Protests Crtc Corruption

Peace Now Art

Spiral Kid, 14.09.2007 02:18

Anti War Art Free anti war art

Enjoy sustainable gourmet seafood, free music, kids' activities at OceanFest

Farallones Marine Sanctuary Association, 13.09.2007 23:44

Join the seventh annual OceanFest celebration of the Gulf of the Farallones and its sister National Marine Sanctuaries! Come to West Crissy Field Saturday, October 6, 2007, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m., and enjoy gourmet vegetarian fare and sustainable seafood prepared by the area's top restaurants, including Zuni, Chez Panisse and Oliveto, for only $10 per meal. Plus, there will be $5 Let’s Be Frank hot dogs and chips for the kids. Learn about the ocean wilderness off our coast, listen to free, live music and taste local beer and wine. Free valet bike parking, kids activities and stunning views! The event takes place during Fleet Week, and our beachfront location is the perfect spot to watch the Blue Angels air show. Questions? Call (415) 561-6625 x315 or visit

Renovación y continuidad en la ideología anarquista.

Patrick Rossineri, 13.09.2007 21:16

Quizás las controversias mayores entre los anarquistas tengan lugar al momento de considerar qué y cuánto es lo que hay que modificar y en qué punto los cambios deberán detenerse

Wild Weather Creates Chances for Political Progress

Paul Rogat Loeb, 13.09.2007 21:11

It's hard to keep up with the crazed weather. As I write, a heat wave has killed over 50 people in the Midwest and South, with temperatures reaching 112 degrees in Evening Shade, Arkansas. Torrential storms have flooded Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Indiana, Iowa, and South Dakota. California has its second largest wildfire ever.

Fools of Babylon **

Bobby Meade, 13.09.2007 20:55

In Washington, D.C., Babylon on the Potomac was found "the blood of the saints and of all who have been slain on the earth." (Rev. 18) "O God! Pride of Man, fallen in the dust again!" Quicksilver Messenger Service. 9/11 Feigning distress and regret? Break a Bush leg! It's just a joke!

Pakistan in Hot Waters

Tanveer Jafri, 13.09.2007 17:13

Author Tanveer Jafri It is not wrong for Pakistan & its neighbours as all say that welfare of the Islam world lies in the fact that Pakistan shouldn't come under the control of conservatives, religionists, communalism & terrorism in the name of Islam. The political control should be in the hands of those persons who may be a political party or a military general but the party or the man must be secular.

Gold Hits a 16-month High as US Dollar Falls Setting the Stage for Upcoming Online Mining and Resource Conference, 13.09.2007 16:59 Adds BacTech Mining Corporation (TSX.V: BM), Gold Resource Corporation (OTCBB: GORO), Peak Gold Ltd. (TSX.V: PIK) and Probe Mines Limited (TSX.V: PRB) to the Growing List of Participants

Pese a la condena mundial, Bush recrudece el bloqueo

Por Ángel Rodríguez Álvarez, 13.09.2007 16:24

Por 15 ocasión consecutiva, el pasado año la Asamblea General de Naciones Unidas condenó el bloqueo económico, comercial y financiero de Estados Unidos contra Cuba, en esta ocasión por 183 votos.

Venezuela: Convocatoria para la Segunda Muestra de Documentales Independientes y Videoactivismo

Periódico El Libertario, 13.09.2007 15:03

Convocatoria para el proximo mes de enero en Caracas, Venezuela

U.S.-IRAQ: Fallon Derided Petraeus, Opposed the Surge

Gareth Porter, 13.09.2007 13:35

"The policy context of Fallon's extraordinarily abrasive treatment of his subordinate was Petraeus's agreement in February to serve as front man for the George W. Bush administration's effort to sell its policy of increasing U.S. troop strength in Iraq to Congress."

Mother Wants Explanation for Son's Death in Iraq: or Shut up or die

From General Joe, 13.09.2007 12:54

"The August 19th editorial co-written by 28-year-old Sergeant Omar Mora was critical of the Pentagon's positive assessment of the Iraq war."

España y la enfermedad del alzheimer

Braulio Alvarez, 13.09.2007 06:15

el día 18 de Septiembre se celebra el día internacional del alzheimer. La atención que los enfermos reciben en España es penosa y lamentable.

End The War Demonstration - September 15th in OKC

darlajane, 13.09.2007 06:01

In support of the National March on the Pentagon in Washington DC, there will be a demonstration to Stand Up and End the War in Iraq in Oklahoma City. Join us.

Victronix's Good 9/11 Activist Guidelines

Jenny Sparks, 13.09.2007 04:03

What follows might help many groups resist infiltration or disruption. Take what you need and good luck. ;-)

Review of the book, The Trouble with Physics, by Lee Smolin

Martin Concoyle, 13.09.2007 03:31

Though Smolin proclaims he wants new ideas in physics, none the less what he claims to be new ideas are in fact the same old ideas upon which physics has worked for the last 60 or 70 years, namely, unifying the curved coordinates of a geometric description with a probability based description of elementary particle event. The very thing that string theory is all about, ie putting geometry into a probability based language of physical description. Smolin claims he is (somewhat) against string theory and wants new ideas.
Smolin, and the reader, are invited to read about some really new ideas about physics which are also presented in this article to provide a means to contrast orthodoxy with truly new ideas.

George Bush’s Real Definition of Victory in Iraq

Karen Fish, 13.09.2007 01:17

Roman Soldiers Have you had the feeling that you aren’t being told the entire truth?

WAR ON HAWAII! (No, It's NOT Japan This Time!)

Cathy Garger, 13.09.2007 00:47

Kaho’olawe Island Bombed in Hawaii The Navy is planning on expanding its war games and numerous new weapon "toys" in an area of 235,000 square nautical miles around Hawaii! The adverse impact on whales, other marine wildlife, the air, and ocean is unfathomable. Can we possibly get enough international outrage going within four (4) days to stop the Navy from this expansion?

Azioni Globali Contro La Industria Pesante

Saving Iceland, 12.09.2007 23:05

Oggi, la gente in Sudafrica, Islanda, Trinidad, Danimarca, America e XXXX protesta contro l’industrializzazione pesante. Questo e il primo evento coordinato di un nuovo movimento globale che sta crescendo e che e nato all 2007 Saving Iceland campo di protesto in Ölfus, Islanda. (1) L’obbiettivo comune di questi protesti contro l’industria pesante, in particolare le corporazioni Alcan/Rio-Tinto e Alcoa.

Direct Action News From Greece

woo, 12.09.2007 20:33

News from nowhere -

VBS Meets Arnaud de Borchgrave, 12.09.2007 19:30

In VBS Meets Arnaud de Borchgrave, we chat about topics ranging from Iran's quest for the bomb, to Pakistan's Dr. A.Q. Khan, to "the biggest blunder in the history of the United States" Iraq. We even get down and dirty on the current state of journalism and the rough and tumble days of old when you would steal a car to get a story. Yeah Arnaud did that. Updates Stock Directories, 12.09.2007 17:51 Updates Stock Directories in Renewable Energy Stocks, China Stocks, Mining Stocks, Oilsands Stocks and other Leading Sectors

set east la on fire -------water----lptop lazar guidance

arowws, 12.09.2007 17:43

you got a phone number i got no fuel-arrrrrr planssssssssssssssss------------------

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