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Student Arrested &amp; Tasered at Kerry Event

Jim, 18.09.2007 18:41

Student Arrested & Tasered at Kerry Event

The Pain of an Empty Soul

Jante Degaul, 18.09.2007 18:33

With great joy comes the price of sorrow

The Rest of the Story

anonymous, 18.09.2007 16:55

The other side of the Jena 6 story Expands Online Traffic Reach in Asia, 18.09.2007 16:21

Investor Ideas Sector Content Covering Investing in Water, Renewable Energy, China and Leading Sectors Expands Demographics Reach to Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and South America

canada violations of human and native rights

aware press, 18.09.2007 06:24

six nations

As Chief of Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation I agree that not voting for and not signing the UN Declaration of Indigenous Rights has embarrassed Canada internationally.

Philippine Protest Marks The First Senate Hearing On The JPEPA

Magkaisa Junk JPEPA Coalition (MJJC), 18.09.2007 01:49

THE MAGKAISA JUNK JPEPA COALITION 14 September 2007, Manila, Philippines. – A crowd of more than 300 workers, farmers, fishers, and environmentalists from the Magkaisa Junk JPEPA Coalition (MJJC) today called on the Senators of the 14th Congress to look beyond the rosy projections and government hype surrounding the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA), and to carefully assess its short-term and long-term implications. The group’s call came on the day of the first scheduled Senate hearing for this historic, precedent-setting treaty.

When Georger Bush Smiles People Die

Robert Weitzel, 18.09.2007 00:55

For almost seven years, Bush has been the glad handing, front man for the Republican Party. The substance of his presidency has been little more than photo-ops. But as he smiles his Texas-sized grin for the camera and then jets off to another photo shoot, real people are left behind to pay the price of his smile. There is, however, a way we may yet wipe the smile off his face . . . that would be impeachment.

Abizaid: World could abide nuclear Iran

Robert Burns, 18.09.2007 00:09

"There are ways to live with a nuclear Iran," Abizaid said in remarks at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a think tank. "Let's face it, we lived with a nuclear Soviet Union, we've lived with a nuclear China, and we're living with (other) nuclear powers as well."

Indigenous respond to passage UN Declaration on Indigenous Rights

Censored Blog/Brenda Norrell, 17.09.2007 23:03

Indigenous are celebrating the passage of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, but an Australian Indigenous activist says this country's vote against the Declaration reveals a racist, redneck nation aligned with South African Apartheid. One writer asks, "And the US has the gall to call Venezuela a dictatorship?" Similar criticisms are coming from Indigenous in Canada and New Zealand, among the four countries voting 'No' to the Declaration.

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pulpa, 17.09.2007 22:58


Tower Grove Farmers' Market Call for Mentors: Cultivating Young Minds

Emily, 17.09.2007 21:32

Local literacy and character development organization UrbanFUTURE
seeks mentors for the 2007-08 school year

This Way Out: Armistead Maupin &amp; &quot;Ugly Ducklings&quot;

Overnight Productions, Inc., 17.09.2007 21:31

September 17, 2007: Maupin and "Mouse" make family matter; kids conquer homophobia against "Ugly Ducklings." Plus queer Canadian couples boom despite objectionable boxes, Northern Ireland's top court severs harassment from anti-bias law, Halifax high schoolers protest in pink, and more news.

canadas struggle on natives

aware press, 17.09.2007 20:37

Support Grassy Narrows

Protect ancient forest; Respect Native Rights

You are invited!

The Mine Treaty: A Dead Letter?

Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization, 17.09.2007 20:29

Indigenous Peoples, Ethnic Minorities, the Forgotten Victims Ten Years On

Snakes on a dame

Paula Moore, 17.09.2007 20:00

While the September fashion magazines are touting alligator purses, crocodile coats and other exotic accessories, compassionate fashionistas should beware. These animals are often raised in deplorable conditions—farmed alligators are kept in crowded tanks of fetid, stinking water—and many are skinned alive.

ahora al INCE utiliza la imagen del CHE guevara para desvirtuar su presencia....

la chispa..., 17.09.2007 18:47

El antiguo Ince y su legion del mal se ha convertido enm la piedra de tranca de la revolución venezolana, no obstante hay personajes de la revolcuión que amparan por conveniencia estas aptitudes..REFLEXIÓN ¿hasta donde llega la ideologia? ¿cuanto quiero al proceso?¿cuanto cuido mis bolsillo y mis intereses particulares? la importancia del negocio en el sistema capitalista, a costilas del pueblo humilde...

A 1-year long struggle by woman workers against FMC Novamed in Turkey

towsonu2003, 17.09.2007 17:13

In a free trade zone in Antalya, Turkey, 80 women workers of FMC Novamed are in strike for almost a year now, since September 26th, 2006. They allege not only low wages but also severe abuses on FMC's part.

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY To Save Hawaiian Paradise &amp; The Pacific Ocean!

Cathy Garger, 17.09.2007 17:13

Destruction of Paradise on Kaho'olawe Island, Hawaii Public Comments are due today, Monday, September 17, in opposition to the dramatic increase in military operations and "war games exercises" in the Hawaiian Islands within 2.1 Million square nautical miles in the Pacific. If this is approved, it will have unfathomable adverse affects upon Hawaiians and all forms of life in the Pacific.

Bulgarien: Jagd auf Roma

Amen Dschihas, 17.09.2007 16:48

Nationalgarde Rechtsradikale wollen eigene "Nationalgarde" gründen bulgarische Staatsanwaltschaft hat Ermittlungen gegen eine selbst ernannte "Nationalgarde" eingeleitet, das meldete der bulgarische Rundfunk im August 07. Im September kündigten die Rechten ihr Vorhaben erneut an...

Kolumbien:Morde für Palmöl

tierr@, 17.09.2007 16:46

113 Morde für Palmöl bzw. Agrokraftstoffe!!! Hintergründe und Protestbrief gegen die Zerstörung der Tropenwälder und die Gewalt gegen Bauern, Afro-KolumbianerInnen und Indigenas in Kolumbien... Urgent Action

Iran has every right to nuclear energy and any kind of weapon

General Joe, 17.09.2007 16:16

The west is again all about double standards so it can enjoy imperial benefits while most inhabitants of the planet are robbed without end.

Los promotores del esclavismo laboral en España

Carmelo de Samalea, 17.09.2007 09:34

Las empresas o entidades públicas que subcontratan y promueven el esclavismo laboral merecen la sanción social. Los sindicatos presentes en las mismas deberían de preocuparse de que los trabajadores subcontratados tengan unas condiciones laborales y económicas iguales que los de la empresa contratante.


BY VICTOR YANULEVICH, 17.09.2007 08:58

“The Russian military has successfully tested what it described as the world's most powerful non-nuclear air-delivered bomb, Russia's state television reported Tuesday. Channel One television said the new ordnance, nicknamed the "dad of all bombs" is four times more powerful than the US "mother of all bombs." "The tests have shown that the new air-delivered ordnance is comparable to a nuclear weapon in its efficiency and capability," Alexander Rukhsin, a deputy chief of the Russian military's General Staff, said in televised remarks. The US Massive Ordnance Air Blast, nicknamed the Mother Of All Bombs, is a large-yield satellite-guided, air delivered bomb described as the most powerful non-nuclear weapon in history. “ Report: Russian military tests 'world's most powerful non-nuclear bomb' The ASSOCIATED PRESS from MOSCOW.

Picture by The Guardian.

Ron Paul: Thomas Jefferson Incarnate [on Imperialism and &quot;blowback&quot;]

Republicae, 16.09.2007 08:03

on Imperialism and "blowback"

Atlas Travel Network Profits from Tibetan People's Suffering

Nessa Hutcheson, Austinites for a Free Tibet, 16.09.2007 07:11

Let them eat cake The infamous China-Tibet railway is used to increasingly militarize Tibet, maximize the Chinese population transfer into Tibet, and exploit Tibet's natural resources while damaging its fragile ecosystem. Atlas Travel Network is offering a luxury tour of Tibet via this infamous railway. This tour not only insensitively ignores the plight of the Tibetan people, but uses the very tool used to oppress them. Atlas is supporting China’s occupation of Tibet and profiting from the Tibetan people’s suffering.

Immigrant Groups Launch Boycott Against Western Union

Youssef Sawan, 16.09.2007 05:03

Press statement and video from press conference and rally in Los Angeles, CA, Sept. 10, 2007. For more info visit Thanks to Sylvester Rivers from KPFK Los Angeles for the great report!

BREAKING: Greenspan Fingers Bush-Clinton Crime Family in Secret Grand Jury

Tom Heneghan, 16.09.2007 04:45

It can now be reported that former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan has testified in a secret National Security Court in Virginia that both the Bush and Clinton Crime Syndicate misused the Federal Reserve system for their own personal financial and political gain.
Further, Greenspan now believes that the current Federal Reserve under Chairman Ben Bernanke is being threatened and blackmailed to lower interest rates, which would place the world banking system in chaos as monetary and currency inflation could reach chaotic levels.
Reference: Informed sources familiar with Bank of America and Bear Stearns allege that the Federal Reserve is on orders from Bushfraud to bail out Bank of America and the Bear Stearns Hedge Fund.
Note: The Northern Rock Bank of the United Kingdom has already collapsed because of the criminal money laundering of both Bank of America and Bear Stearns Hedge Fund.
Bush is actually using the Patriot Act to give the Federal Reserve command and control decisions on monetary policies.

La enorme capacidad irradiante de la CGT

Luis E. Sabini Fernández, 16.09.2007 03:42

unas pinceladas acerca de la situación de organizaciones gremiales en Argentina, de derecha e izquierda.

September 15th - Thousands protest Iraq war in D.C. march on September

Matthew Barakat, 16.09.2007 01:49

In a Mass March on Washington DC, on Saturday, September 15th, several thousand protesters marched from the White House to the Capitol and then a "Die In" was held. The event was sponsored by ANSWER Coalition and was participated in by many national groups including Iraq Veterans Against the War, Code Pink and Veterans For Peace. Over 150 protesters were arrested. It is the right of Americans to participate in civil disobedience. We must change the course of America. Thank you to everyone who went to DC and made their voices heard.

September 15th - Thousands protest Iraq war in D.C. march on September

Matthew Barakat, 16.09.2007 01:48

In a Mass March on Washington DC, on Saturday, September 15th, several thousand protesters marched from the White House to the Capitol and then a "Die In" was held. The event was sponsored by ANSWER Coalition and was participated in by many national groups including Iraq Veterans Against the War, Code Pink and Veterans For Peace. Over 150 protesters were arrested. It is the right of Americans to participate in civil disobedience. We must change the course of America. Thank you to everyone who went to DC and made their voices heard.

memo del TLC en Costa Rica

Kevin Casas y Fernando Sanchez, 15.09.2007 23:47

El memo adjuntado fue escrito por el vicepresidente del Costa Rica, Kevin Casas, y diputado Fernando Sanchez, y salio al publico por acidente. Detalla los estrategias sucias y ilegales que quiere usar el gobierno para que la poblacion vote SI en el referendum del TLC.

Militarization of the Israeli educational system

mikonos, 15.09.2007 22:11

The militarization of the Israeli educational system has three major characteristics

Εβραίοι και Χούντα

Αντιπληροφόρηση, 15.09.2007 21:29

Η στάση των Εβραίων κατά τη περίοδο της Χούντας

Χριστιανικό και εβραϊκό τυπικό

Αντιπληροφόρηση, 15.09.2007 21:23

Πάνδημη κηδεία για τον πρώην αρχιεπίσκοπο Παρισιού καρδινάλιο Λούστιγκερ

Minera Majaz y Proyecto Rio Blanco

CESAR ACHING GUZMAN, 15.09.2007 20:35

Creo sinceramente, que nadie esta en contra de la explotación de los recursos naturales, siempre y cuando su usufructo…


αιρετά μονοπρόσωπα όργανα οργανισμών τοπικής αυτοδιοίκησης, 15.09.2007 20:12



Οι ανακατατάξεις στις Νομαρχίες λόγω “βουλευτικών υποψηφιοτήτων&quot;

ΦΙΛΟΙ ΔΗΜΟΚΡΑΤΙΑΣ, 15.09.2007 19:48



joachim Heimrath Family*Cor**W*A*T*C*H** We like how they uphold family values in INC something to be proud of certainly

Maricel V.Sarmiento, 15.09.2007 19:10

When certain Roman Catholics around their gang leader Brgy Tanod Denis America harassed and attacked the Heimrath Family there was only ONE family in Infanta , Quezon who gave what they could a temporary refuge for the Heimrath's as what the head of the family a real gentleman publically said THEY ARE HUMAN BEINGS........and he did not change his mind whether being bribed not to do so or stones were thrown at his house.

joachim Heimrath Family*Cor**W*A*T*C*H** Paul Heimrath (13) missing may be in danger to be held by certain suspects with RC connec tion

Cor ARF, 15.09.2007 18:56

Paul Heimrath may be in danger again to get into hands of crtyain suspects with RC connections as thus already happened at once

Eva und Eva

The Black Chapel Film Project, 15.09.2007 18:45

Is the german TV hostess EVA Hermann a NEO nazi??


Danni`el Qeletti, 15.09.2007 18:16

Extreme danger of new bourgeois-led wars and genocide against Syria and Iran

&quot;TRELEW, la fuga que fue masacre&quot; en el Cine Gaumont

Mariana Arruti, 15.09.2007 17:51

Comunicar la exhibición del multipremiado "TRELEW" en el cine

Sobre la lucha en Naval Xixón

anónimo, 15.09.2007 16:54

Librillo recién salido que analiza desde una perspectiva de clase los acontecimientos y conflictos que desde su creación han golpeado el astillero Naval Gijón.

Doctors Just Say &quot;No&quot;

Christopher Clark, 15.09.2007 16:06

I just moved from Florida to Pennsylvania. I cannot get a doctor to see me or help me continue my treatment plan for this debilitating disease. How can we live in the richest country in the world and have such limited access to basic human needs such as competent and affordable health care?

9/11 and Hillary, Bush, Berger and Karl Rove

Tom Heneghan, 15.09.2007 14:41

It can now be reported that unelectable closet lesbian Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton has none other than noted Mossad asset Sandy Berger working for her campaign.
Berger, former Clinton Administration National Security Adviser is still under Justice Department review for raiding and taking national security documents out of the United States National Archives.
Note: It was Karl Rove and Bush's Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, that allowed Berger to enter the National Archives to steal sensitive national security documents involving the Bush-Clinton complicity in what would become the 9/11 attack on America.

Portland cops gettin ruff with it

Ron Fogat, 15.09.2007 08:44

Cops gettin ruff with a dude. breaking rights

National Indigenous Body formed in AU

Ahni, 15.09.2007 05:31

Today, a National Political Body for Indigenous Australians has been formed--- the culmination of a three-day gathering that took place in Alice Springs this week, which brought together about 100 Aboriginal People from around Australia.

Joachim Heimrath Family***COR**W*A*T*C*H** S.....O.....S

Maricel V.Sarmiento, 15.09.2007 04:29

The Heimrath Family is starting to starve some members of this family are on a mission to raise food and some money for their most needed items .Soap , toothpaste and personal hygiene and MEDICINE ran out.They still have no centavo and in their refuge in Infanta , Quezon they children are getting sicker with respiratory tract infections if you can share please respond asap as it is getting critical

Joachim Heimrath Family*Cor***W*A*T*C*H....Now the ultimate challenge for Sir Joachim Heimrath's friends at UP and UP in general especially UP Manila,Diliman and Los Banos

Maricel V,Sarmiento, 15.09.2007 03:58

As Sir Joachim Heimrath wants to use Billions to build up a better life for the Philippines he would like you to discuss the following :

Joachim HeimrathFamily****Cor*W*A*T*C*H****to all ARF groups and supporters

Maricel V.Sarmiento, 15.09.2007 03:46

Please take immediate action

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