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Joachim Heimrath Family++Cor W+A+T+C+H Take action asap please

Cor ARF, 06.10.2007 04:44

Please check sighting of Paul Heimrath at a vegtable shop at Pasig Market selling may use his earnings on rugby suspected for it Please restrain and call the fam via 0917 408 1736

Joachim Heimrath Family+++Cor W+A+T+C+H+++Please check sighting of Paul Heimrath asap

Cor ARF, 06.10.2007 04:40

Allegedly Paul Heimrath was working in the market in Pasig City today for a vegetable shop called Beth Please check if found restrain and inform father asap via 0917 408 1736

The Art of Racial Discrimination as practiced by the Federal Court Australia

justme, 06.10.2007 04:14

The Art of Racial Discrimination can only succeed with the deliberate and concerted efforts of the 3 branches of a "democracy": the Executive (the Prime Minister), the Judiciary (Judges and Laws) and the Parliament (Law makers):

INFORME SOBRE CHIAPAS, los síntomas, la enfermedad...: agresiones a comunidades zapatistas

cml-df, 06.10.2007 04:03

El plan según los de arriba funcionaría en tres pasos: primero, acabar con el movimiento zapatista mediante una entrada del ejército; segundo, arrebatarles a las bases de apoyo zapatistas su medio de autogestión y autonomía(la tierra) y tercero, abrir el camino a la inversión para que empresas transnacionales (o nacionales) privaticen y exploten las riquezas de la región.

Joachim Heimrath Family+++S.....0......S+++

Maricel V.Sarmiento, 06.10.2007 03:47

Joachim Heimrath can be reached via Tel.0917 408 1736 SOS Internet access not scured pleasesecure the welfare of the Heimrath children from the INC attack to harass the animals

Joachim Heimrath Family ++ another subhuman activity this time by a INC family to give them the rest

Maricel V.Sarmiento, 06.10.2007 03:39

How come the authorities tolerate this family being treatedlike animals can the authority not give them a room to safe their belongings in what way did certain members or allegedly have been conniving with Brgy.Tanod Denis America

Joachim Heimrath Family++Cor W*A*T*C*H++Marikina Market

Cor ARF, 06.10.2007 03:32

Paul Heimrath inMarikina Market noone wants to inform his father why not Paul figures in courtcases against catholic abuser of the carmelitesand Altezza family most likely this ploy was incinated by certain catholics to remove the witness.Everybody knew but the clique is silent

JOACHIM HEIMRATH FAMILY*** SOS URGENT we immediate request to authorities in Infanta,Quezon to stop the harassment of the Heimrath Family by INC Family treating them like animals

Cor ARF, 06.10.2007 03:25

wife of INC minister and herfamily harass the family in Infanta want to continue with another illegal evictian putting building materials in front of them causing increased respiratory tract problems

Joachim Heimrath****Cor W*A*T*C*H*** That's enough

Cor ARF, 06.10.2007 02:00

All ARF members stay in the market be ready for action That is the last time ccertain catholics you abuse this child......

Joachim Heimrath Family**** Cor W*A*T*C*H***To all ARF and alligned groups****SOS

Cor ARF, 06.10.2007 01:56

Urgent update PaulHeimrath was kept illegally detained in alleged child trafficking by a certain Connie Mendoza a Catholic with Carmelite connection

Simulacra Shade and the Tree of ....

v annon, 06.10.2007 00:56

are you a sheeple a series of cool photos will be added here soon

Joachim Heimrath Family***Cor W*A*T*C*H888 Toa all ARF members Rosario and Cainta

Cor ARF, 06.10.2007 00:32

ARF Rosario reported to have seen Paul Heimrath the market authority tolerated this and Markina Brgy et al neglected their duty .Please charge foir child abuse and kidnapping at al send authority to secure the child who needs rehab since his drauma

Joachim Heimrath Family***Cor W*A*T*C*H***Urgent Immediate action please

Cor ARF, 06.10.2007 00:27

Subject Paul Heimrath kept and staying in Marikina Market along side street although well known who he is and how to reach the father none of Marikina's authority or Market supervision took any bother to secure the boy

The Truth About the SCHIP Veto Revealed

Ed Tubbs -- The Bristling Scrub Brush, 05.10.2007 23:56

It is a matter of principle: No it is not just a difference of political opinion when more than a couple million have had their lives shredded and, for an included uncountable number, their bodies dismembered or lives ended by a president and party hell bent on creating a hell on earth while to hell whatever the financial cost to future generations might be.

Neo Nazi group threatens Jena 6 students

antifa worldwide, 05.10.2007 23:39

A report on how an anti-jena 6 website by some Neo Nazis that are putting up personal information are causing trouble for the students involved in the controversy.

Detienen Caravana de la Comisión Sexta

cml-df, 05.10.2007 23:25

Es la primera vez que la camioneta del Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos es detenida por un reten militar en todo el tiempo del recorrido de la Otra Campaña por el territorio nacional.

4 de octubre: Inicia Encuentro de Pueblos Indígenas de América, Calendario, transmisión en vivo

cml-df, 05.10.2007 22:04

En medio de la peor escalada de agresiones contra las comunidades zapatistas desde 1998, el Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional , a través de su Comisión Sexta, participará y ha co-convocado junto a Pueblos Indígenas del Norte y el Congreso Nacional Indígena.

ARTBEATS Fundraiser 2007-celebrate art, activism, and social justice Friday October 19, 2007

Art for Change, 05.10.2007 21:38

Support Art for Change and Buy Tickets TODAY for our annual fundraiser to celebrate art, activism, and social justice. If having an opportunity to network with amazing people is not enough, we will also have an incredible and very affordable art auction, open bar, live music, DJ liberation sound and more .

Joachim Heimrath Family ***Cor W*A*T*C*H*** To a all supporters and ARF groups

Cor ARF, 05.10.2007 21:28

All supporters and ARF groups

Joachim Heimrath Family****Cor W*A*T*C*H****To all supporters and ARF groups

Cor ARF, 05.10.2007 21:16

Faces hidden behind curtains ,threats and who is it they transport from Lucena to Legarda in RAYMOND buses.

JOACHIM HEIMRATH FAMILY*****Cor W*A*T*C*H**** To allARF groups and suppporters

Cor ARF, 05.10.2007 20:56

New rumours ,new stories , new intrigues and the nefarious activities go on

Stop Nike Landbank in Eugene Oregon

Eric Eiden, 05.10.2007 20:16

Nike eminent domain threatens neighborhood for sports complexes with University of Oregon's help.

La construcción de un pantano dentro de una Reserva de la Biosfera en Asturias, Norte de España, divide a la clase política.

Juan Robles, 05.10.2007 19:14

La mayoría del parlamento regional resuelve que el proyecto de dicho pantano es "innecesario,inadecuado y obsoleto".





Departamento de Comunicaciones, 05.10.2007 18:57

Con una carta dirigida a la presidenta Bachelet y críticas a la Oposición, nueve organizaciones sociales de la Red contra el Abuso de Poder exigieron la rápida aprobación del Proyecto. La actividad se enmarcó en un nuevo aniversario del plebiscito que derrotó a la dictadura.

Cry from the top of the world, Arctic sea ice is melting

Brenda Norrell, 05.10.2007 16:55

The Big Village Network in Alaska is struggling to protect the pristine Arctic. With sea ice melting in the Arctic at an alarming rate, the whales, walrus, seals and polar bears are threatened with the loss of their homelands and changing migrations of their food sources as water temperatures rise.

Kunnie &amp; McKinney: Impeachment, 911, Hurricane Katrina and Iraq

Brenda Norrell, 05.10.2007 16:47

University of Arizona professor Julian Kunnie speaks out on corporate profiteering in New Orleans and Iraq, while former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney speaks out on impeachment and the United States' failed Defense systems on September 11, 2001.

Edwards-Obama: Go Edwama

Paul Rogat Loeb, 05.10.2007 16:16

Barack Obama and John Edwards are competing against each other. Suppose each pledged to focus on their commonalities, and on their real differences with Clinton's priorities and stands. What if each pledged to offer the Vice Presidency to the other if they won?

Help Stop the Depleted Uranium Poisoning of America

Cathy Garger, 05.10.2007 16:11

Depleted Uranium Explosion in Yuma, Arizona DU is being blasted, burned, fired, and spewed all over our indigenous peoples, suburbanites, and city dwellers alike. It is being dispersed -in nanoparticle form - all over our wild lands, harming innocent people as well as animals, birds, fish, and plants. We must each take a stand now and help to stop this radiation poisoning madness via the weaponized ballistic Uranium!

SEZ means a new found prosperity in Haryana

Manu Dagar, 05.10.2007 15:10

The winds of change, it seems, have already started to blow as an ambitious Excellence in Learning programme launched by Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) in this upcoming multi-product and largest SEZ area, 100 Mitras have been attached to 100 government primary schools

Joachim Heimrath Family *** Cor W*A*T*C*H

Cor ARF, 05.10.2007 13:52

Certain Cath youth groups et al seem to want to keep up harassment of ARF members identified on campus ,may we know what vilaltions of the law and human rights has got to do with any religions we hereby request an all out effort to get notorious groupings still terrorizing others having put themselves above the law

A tribute to Congresman Donald Payne and Chris Smith!

Leoul Mekonen, 05.10.2007 12:33

Congressman Donald Payne Ethiopians now can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the House of Representatives unanimously passed HR 2003, the Ethiopia Democracy and Accountability Act of 2007. Congressman Donald Payne and Chris Smith deserve great honour for their tireless effort to pass this Bill. They are voice of the voiceless oppressed Ethiopian people.

Joachim Heimrath Family*****Cor Watch**** Toa all supporters , human rights groups ,ARF

Cor ARF, 05.10.2007 11:15

Harassments , threats , dehumanization nothing new in Infanta , Quezon Province....Toa all ARF take action


Carla J Johnson, 05.10.2007 10:01


Kolkata love tragedy

Dr.A.Prabaharan, 05.10.2007 07:25

Despite stringent laws allowing the people above eighteen years to decide upon their marriage, the government machineries are dead slow in responding. The innocent youth who understands only love are prevented from realizing their dreams because of the social factors. The police and other crucial State players go against the affected people.

Major Asian papers too cowardly to publish paid appeal ad

Avaaz, 05.10.2007 05:26

Today, our petition to China and the UN Security Council to stop the brutal crackdown on peaceful Burmese protesters is being delivered to the world in a full page ad in the Financial Times worldwide -- but the ad was rejected by other newspapers like the South China Morning Post and the Singapore Straits Times. Our message is an invitation to China to do the right thing in Burma, not an attack -- yet even that seemed too much for media that fear Chinese reprisals.

Scandal in the Porn Industry - A summary

Brent Herbert, 05.10.2007 03:57

Now everyone be very very quiet...

Sindicatos Salvadoreños se solidarizan con SITRABI.

Centro de Estudios y Apoyo Laboral, CEAL, 05.10.2007 03:56

Representantes de CSTS durante protesta en Embajada de Guatemala en San Salvador HASTA DONDE LLEGA LA FALTA DE CONSECUENCIAS.

Desde la implementación de CAFTA se esta matando a los sindicalistas en Guatemala. No es una exageración.

devilry typhoon news

winnie, 05.10.2007 02:48

about devilry typhoon news

joachim heimrath family

Cor ARF, 05.10.2007 02:47

SOS urgent

Pinochet family arrested in Chile

venceremos, 05.10.2007 00:15

The widow and five children of Chile's former military ruler, Gen Augusto Pinochet, have been arrested on charges of embezzlement.

Veterans, documents suggest U.S., Israel didn't tell full story of deadly '67 incident

Chicago Tribune, 04.10.2007 22:25

New revelations in attack on American spy ship
Veterans, documents suggest U.S., Israel didn't tell full story of deadly '67 incident

By Ann “Kenonilani” Moore of Honaunau-Kona, Hawai’i (re-printed with permission), 04.10.2007 21:21

Stryker Vehicle: Hawaii Residents Say No Stryker Brigade in Hawaii When the U.S. military asked Hawaii residents' for input about EIS and Stryker Brigade build-up in Hawaii, we told you "NO"--we do not want Strykers on the Hawaiian Islands... We need the worlds help to protect Hawaii. Please send your comments to the U.S. Army Before October 30, 2007...

Hillary Clinton from Barking Idiotic Warmonger to Jerry Lewis

Karen Fish, 04.10.2007 20:17

Jerry Lewis The woman who changed her image.

&quot;Capitalism and Freedom&quot; Unmasked

Stephen Lendman, 04.10.2007 19:43

The dark side of Milton Friedman's economics

Campaña de recogida de firmas pro referendum República/Monarquía

Colectivo Referendum 2009, 04.10.2007 18:47

Se inicia una campaña de recogida de firmas por Internet para pedir la celebración de un referendum para que los ciudadanos puedan decidir la forma política del Estado (República/Monarquía).

Pennsylvania Non-profit Organization The Ozone Hole Inc. wins 20th Anniversary of the Montreal Protocol Public Awareness Award

Charles welch, 04.10.2007 17:39

October 4,2007 Montreal,Canada-On the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the Montreal Protocol, on Sunday, 16 September 2007, the Ozone Hole Website, , a project of The Ozone Hole Inc. was presented the Montreal Protocol Public Awareness Award for outstanding work in raising awareness about ozone depletion and the global effort to address it. Charles Welch, Executive Director, accepted the award from Marco Gonzalez, Executive Secretary, Ozone Secretariat and Achim Steiner, Executive Director, United Nations Environment Programme at the opening ceremony, which was attended by representatives from 191 nations.

A tribute to Congressmen Donald Payne and Chris Smith!

Leoul Mekonen, 04.10.2007 17:01

Donald Payne and Chris Smith I wrote the following poem as a tribute for what these two Congressmen have done for the oppressed Ethiopian people. They have done a great effort to be voice of the voiceless Ethiopian people which languishes in the hands of the tyrant Meles Zenawis security forces. They unmask the brutal nature of the Meles Zenawi regime which for years was hidden from the international community due to his cooperation with the Bush administration in "war on terror". These congressmen have convinced The US congress and The House that “war on terror” should not be an excuse to keep a blind eye when dictatorial regimes violate human rights.

SHU CPN experience camp

Yi-Fan Chen, 04.10.2007 16:44

It is about a college association is going to hold acamp.

India and China’s Piracy Problems Plague Film Industry Creating Need for Improved Awareness, Stronger Policies and Effective Technology, 04.10.2007 16:35

Piracy Rate in China Estimated at over 90% Due to Lack of Open Market Access to Foreign Films

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