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Joachim Heimrath Family+++ Cor W+A+T+C+H +++ Can you really trust them?

Cor ARF, 11.10.2007 07:41

Most cath groups that are active are not to be trusted being led by priest swho allegedly think that others are as dirty in their way of treating human beings as they are

Joachim Heimrath Family +++ Cor W+A+T+C+H+++ to all ARF supporters cath group in Los Banos shows that one cant work with them they neither search the truth but are prisoners of their crimes that includes so called Fathers

Cor ARF, 11.10.2007 07:34

Lies,slander , murder ,nothing too dirty for these holy men while hearing their voices it hurt me to listen to one of the group whose heart is still filled with love for another may god bless him who begged ......this low life of a cath. priest to trust me -he just threw Heimrath out like a dog.

Joachim Heimrath Family Los Banos ++++SOS URGENT MAY BE UNDER ATTACK -

Cor ARF, 11.10.2007 07:27

Please respect my wish there was a group of cath with the leader a priest who I would have liked to talk to do to see what problems are existing and how to solve them -they just threw Heimrath out

Re: Why is a US defense contractor hosting a known terrorist website?

Horizon Technical Team, 11.10.2007 04:56

this is to clarify Why a US defense contractor is hosting a known terrorist website

Joachim Heimrath Family+++Cor W+A+T+C+H+++ Los Banos FO SANTOS ST.Little Infanta,Quezon and all those nefarious activities allegedly with it

Cor ARF, 11.10.2007 02:29

It is not only Infanta tricycle drivers who live at FO Santos St. but a lot of Infanta,Quexon originators some allegedly with something to tell

Joachim Heimrath Family+++ Cor W+A+T+C+H+++ New cath.grouping discovered by ARF UP LB

Cor ARF, 11.10.2007 02:22

Congrats for fast location your suspicion was right . All ARF members pls get the UPs rid of carh groupings violation the law and human rights for all as a matter of fact

Jaoachim Heimrath Family+++ Cor W+A+T+C+H SOS URGENT security needed for family members asap we may be under attack

Cor ARF, 11.10.2007 01:43

Establish all UP LB contacts already exposed follow up link mainly bayan muno and act bayan , Family in danger are in the vicinity

Joachim Heimrath Family+++ Cor Watch SOS to all ARF inform authorities asap to take action supversive group locate

Cor ARF, 11.10.2007 01:39

10 - 12 persons to these groups cath.owners or linked to owners of area 51 READING THE TEXT OF CUSTOMERS ILLEGALLY VIOLATING ART 12 OR PRIVACY LAWS IDENTIFIED AS CATH GROUP HARASSING Fam.Heimrath at Cubao SM Food Mart came from cath subversive group from Los Banos at computershop area 51 as informed by ARF members LB hunting thi group.

Joachim Heimrath Family+++ S.O.S. at Area 51 Computershop LB suspects of Infanta , Quezon group hunting for Heimrath Family in Manila located

Cor ARF, 11.10.2007 01:32

Chasing the Family around SM Cubao they frequented at the Carmelite stronghold at Jollibee Cubao opposite Iseta possibly involved in hold up plans and kidnapping of Paul Heimrath

Joachim Heimrath Family+++ Cor W+A+T+C+H +++ Go after them clean out the Philippines of these criminal elements under the protection of the RC Church of Infanta , Quezon

Cor ARF, 11.10.2007 00:29

May those ladies who met Joachim Heimrath at the ALI MALL bus station and made fools out of the bus drivers and conductores pls contact Joachim Heimrath under 0917 408 1736

Joachim Heimrath Family+++Cor W+A+T+C+H+++ Infanta , Quezon gang members located at FO Santos LB

Cor ARF, 11.10.2007 00:20

Members of RC church of Infanta , Quezon were located at FO Santos St ticking out their dirty fingers and their foul language betrayed them at once

Joschim Heimrath Family+++ Cor W*A*T*C*H+++ clean out UP LB and FO Santo St. et al in Los Banos

Cor ARF, 10.10.2007 23:56

Criminal gangs some with contracts , planned hold ups , murders are on the lose as the RC church in Infanta gave orders to have the Heimrath Family of well known human rights advocate Joachim Heimrath to be killed .ARF groups are locating criminal gangs to lead them to justice

Joachim Heimrath Family +++Cor W*A*T*C*H C Infanta Hideout of bishop's gang located

Cor ARF, 10.10.2007 23:45

Bishop's gangs in Los Banos FO st Nr Dancel Dormitory located STANBY urgent messages

George Bush’s Strategic and Biblical Reasons for Nuking Iran Now

Karen Fish, 10.10.2007 22:22

Prophet Ezekiel Truth is stranger than fiction.


Departamento de Comunicaciones, 10.10.2007 20:06

Con los slogan “tu cerebro, la mejor droga” y “el amor, la droga más pura”, la campaña nacional contiene folletos, afiches, performances y un spot publicitario que será difundido en pubs, discotecas, saunas, cines y cibercafés.


antifa, 10.10.2007 19:02

fight the nazis, block the fascist demo in Euskal Herria (basque country)

Zoo babies: From famous to forgotten

Lisa Wathne, 10.10.2007 16:23

Remember Knut, “the people’s polar bear” born in a German zoo earlier this year? Zoos know that newborn animals bring paying customers through the gates so they make sure they have a steady supply of babies. What zoos don’t advertise is what happens to the babies when they grow up.

BREAKING: Bush’s Bin Laden Tape-Gate and Update on the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate

Tom Heneghan, 10.10.2007 14:40

It can now be reported that the Bush Administration received the recent BOGUS Osama bin Laden tape from a CIA think tank called SITE Intelligence Group.
The SITE Intelligence Group warned Bush and Karl Rove that the tape was phony created to a large degree by Israeli and British Intelligence and not to release it until the real source for this propaganda video could be identified.

Menores, inmigracion y derechos humanos

Corriente Sindical de Izquierda. Bienestar Social, 10.10.2007 12:11

Son menores, todos ellos han nacido fuera de la Europa rica, democrática y que libra guerras como defensora " de los derechos humanos", la mayoría llevan años "viajando" de centro en centro,( jugandose la vida sería más justo decir) por nuestra tierra buscando ese paraiso en el que el Poder dice que vivimos los del "Norte".
Se exige que respeten las leyes, pero a cambio no respetamos sus derechos. Eso es lo que ocurre, al menos , en Asturias (España)




Thoughts on the City Council Primary, Asheville, NC

Christopher Tiongson, 10.10.2007 04:56

Thoughts on the Asheville (NC) City Council Primary


M.Paskvan, 10.10.2007 04:28


Joachim Heimrath Family ****Cor W*A*T*C*H ....The kidnapping not taken place why not

Cor ARF, 10.10.2007 04:20

Joachim Heimrath went to discuss some problems with some people present upon return Joachim Heimrath could not find his children as they changed position .He asked for help but only got nasty answers or grins.Some teased him looking under the seats .Heimrath can't see that well at certain close range as he has no money for glasses with the right focus.

Joachim Heimrath Family+++Cor W*A*T*C*H

Cor ARF, 10.10.2007 03:35

To all ARF groups and supporters may this day's experience be a lessson

How Senators Voted ...Infuriating...

hardtofindtruth, 10.10.2007 03:16

The following senators voted against making English the official language.


Following are the senators who voted to give illegal aliens Social Security benefits.

Gandhian Philosophy: Nobler than Nobel Prize

TANVEER JAFRI, 10.10.2007 01:38

Author Tanveer Jafri The highest committee that award Nobel Prize will repent every year near about October 2, the World Non-Violence Day or will out of the way give Nobel Prize to him to decorate its museum. Only time will tell it. But I must say that the life & personality of Gandhiji touch the height that is far above the Nobel Prize.

Gandhian Philosophy: Nobler than Nobel Prize

TANVEER JAFRI, 10.10.2007 01:35

Author Tanveer Jafri The highest committee that award Nobel Prize will repent every year near about October 2, the World Non-Violence Day or will out of the way give Nobel Prize to him to decorate its museum. Only time will tell it. But I must say that the life & personality of Gandhiji touch the height that is far above the Nobel Prize.

Joachim Heimrath Family Erika , Anna and Olga are kidnnapped by catholics at the bus terminal at Ali Mall

Cor ARF, 10.10.2007 00:26

Please help Mr.Heimrath at Legarda kids may be kidnapped into any province by catholics

Joachim Heimrath Family SOS Heimrath children are kidnapped by bus conductors and members from RC church Infanta Quezon

Cor ARF, 10.10.2007 00:24

Kidnap of Heimrath children by members of Cath gang may be still at the bus terminal at legarda urgend aact asap

[Queda la Palabra] Apuntes sobre el silencio y el capitalismo (Jaume d'Ùrgell)

Jesús - Queda la Palabra, 09.10.2007 23:23

Hola a todas/os:

Aquí abajo os adjunto una ponencia escrita por nuestro compañero Jaume d´Urgell. Compartimos todo lo que en ella expone pues es, como muchos han hecho a lo largo de la historia, el mismo canto a la libertad que siempre hemos buscado la mayoría aunque debido a la represión por el uso de la fuerza y las armas siempre ha querido ser silenciado.

Quienes promovemos de forma pacífica el reparto de la riqueza y reivindicamos que las decisiones sobre el pueblo las tome el pueblo somos los que buscamos la justicia y el respeto a los Derechos de todos los Seres Humanos, sin excepción. Pero el engaño tiene en la actualidad rostro propio en las figuras de las monarquías y de sus secuaces representantes políticos que las apoyan y contiene acciones concretas que es necesario denunciar sin parar. La mayoría de los auténticos ladrones y asesinos están fuera de las cárceles y ostentan cargos poder, son reconocidos por algunos medios de comunicación y adorados por los cobardes y los enriquecidos. Los auténticos héroes, como Jaume no salen en los medios de comunicación de masas, no ejercen poder y no engañan a nadie; dicen su verdad..., verdad que afortunadamente es universal, lógica y legítima. Las personas valientes que defienden la libertad en todas sus formas deben ser cuidadas, apoyadas y reconocidas en extremo por todas/os.

Tengamos capacidad de auténtico discernimiento, actuemos y trabajemos con ahinco en la evolución del Ser Humano y de sus sociedades. La época feudal debe ser nuestra vergüenza del pasado y no la desgracia del presente. ¡Seamos los creadores de nuestra propia historia y los hacedores de un futuro justo para nuestros descendientes! ¡Condenemos a los opresores con nuestra libertad de expresión en todas sus formas!

"No, no hay cárcel para el hombre,
no podrán atarme, no.
Este mundo de cadenas,
me es pequeño y exterior.
¿Quién encierra una sonrisa?
¿Quién amuralla una voz?"

(Miguel Hernández)

Colectivo Queda la Palabra


EASY Ways to Stop the Military Radioactive Contamination of Hawaii

Cathy Garger, 09.10.2007 22:25

Stryker's cannon fires Depleted Uranium The Army is salivating to get the 2/25th Stryker Brigade Combat Team established in Hawaii. Even volunteering one hour of your time will help! Here's how.

EKO-INFO meeting about Sustainable Energy

Robin, 09.10.2007 18:21

Flyer For this evening three speakers are invited: Hans Crone about saving energy, Frits Ogg about solar and wind energy and Alex de Meijer about sutainable energy club in the make for Nijmegen and surroundings. This club aims to collectively do sustainable energy and share knowledge.

Global Search for a Cancer Cure Drives Market for Benda Pharmaceutical’s Gene Therapy Medicine, 09.10.2007 17:13 Profiles New Showcase China Stock for Investors Following Sector; Benda Pharmaceutical, Inc., Producer of Conventional and Traditional Chinese Medicines

Aus Liebe zum Volk

Julia Kendlbacher, 09.10.2007 17:10

Erschöpft von der Reise warten sie darauf, im Hotel eingelassen zu werden. Bericht von der Wiederaufnahme der Allianz der Völker der Wälder in Brasília vom 19. bis 21. September 2007

lettre ouverte a Granma Digital internacional, organe de presse officiel de Cuba

Nadine, Laurianne et Vicente, 09.10.2007 16:48

Le véritable fiasco de la célébration de la mort du Che Guevara orchestré par les Cubains à Vallegrande et la Higuera

letter from olli - section 129a prisoner in germany

transladora, 09.10.2007 16:47

A letter by one of the prisoners of the current proceedings under section 129a against the militant group (mg) in Germany.

Economic Sharing: A Shift in Global Values

Rajesh Makwana, 09.10.2007 16:21

A growing body of progressives within the global justice movement, including environmentalists, economists and policy makers, broadly agree that a significant overhaul of the world’s economic and political systems is long overdue, and that without significant restructuring our most pressing problems will never be tackled.

joachim heimrath family

Cor ARF, 09.10.2007 15:57

The Operator of the Network Service.

Iraq wants $136 million for Blackwater killings: A way to end the war

Associated Press and General Joe, 09.10.2007 15:42

"The tone of the Iraqi report appears to signal further strains between the government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and the White House over the deaths in Nisoor Square - which have prompted a series of U.S. and Iraqi probes and raised questions over the use of private security contractors to guard U.S. diplomats and other officials." The imperialists can not "prevail" without "private" help. Get rid of blackwater and it's over. GJ

Joachim Hewimrath Family

Cor ARF, 09.10.2007 15:04

Enough with crime get them and lock them up to free society of these scums

Joachim Heimrath Family+++Cor W+A+T+C+H+++ Infanta Informer and stalkers are hunted in Cubao

Cor ARF, 09.10.2007 14:59

An Informer at a Videoshop near St.Mary's Cubao is hunted for providing information and services for the holdup for the RC church of Infanta

Cases of anti-Iranian BBC bias referred to British Secretary of State

Westminster Committee on Iran, 09.10.2007 14:58

Two cases concerning alleged anti-Iranian bias in BBC news coverage were today passed on to the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, James Purnell. The letter drafted by the Westminster Committee on Iran following a cross-party parliamentary meeting last week, was also forwarded to the BBC’s Director General, Mark Thompson.

joachim Heimrath+++Cor W+A+T+C+H Lets set up at once a newtwork for Carmelites and suspects of RC criminal groups

Cor ARF, 09.10.2007 14:53

The RC church of Infanta has set up a texting network run partly in Pobl.38 Infanta , Quezon by the family members of Efren Altezza , Brgy Tanod Denis America and hired cath Highschool kids to stalk , arass and commit crime

joachim Heimrath Family+++Cor W+A+T+C+H++SOS Heimrath Family under attack getting harassed wait for the cath at marikinia market or around is on ARF in no mood to talk pls come now we pay you back UP cath

Cor ARF, 09.10.2007 14:34

It apears that certain cath students are waisting their time studying hold up and kidnap techniques from the Infanta , Quezon church members why not throwing them out of UP and give deserving students who can't have a chance let them study funds could be made available to get them scum out of UP then send them with Raymond to Infanta they could stay there

&quot;TRELEW, la fuga qaue fue masacre&quot; en DVD

MARIANA ARRUTI, 09.10.2007 14:12


Joachim Heimrath Family*Cor W*A*T*C*H

Cor ARF, 09.10.2007 11:54

Not all UP is bad some have offered their heart to the new ideas of Joachim Heimrath
LETS WORK TOGETHER my numer 0917 408 1736

Joachim Heimrath Family ***Cor W*A*T*C*H*** SOS URGENT Fam.Heimrath under attack by cath UP students with members of Infanta ,Quezon church

Cor ARF, 09.10.2007 11:47

Authorities please crack up cath syndicate 2 members from Tinnahikan already seen at the Jollibee Cubao hold up incident were identified going into the jeepney warned by the dispatcher /dispatcher ringleader


Cor ARF, 09.10.2007 11:40

In urgent need of interference in nefarious activities between cath groups of UP and members of the RC church of Infanta , Quezon


SO MA, 09.10.2007 11:27

This is Joachim Heimrath......SOS urgent

joachim heimrath family

Cor ARF, 09.10.2007 11:14

Family Heimrath treated like animal.....

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