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Joachim Heimrath Family+++Cor W+A+T+C+H+++ ARF please go after that scum

Coor ARF, 12.10.2007 17:39

They wanted to hold the Heimrath Family in Sta.Cruz and fulfill the contract to kill on order of the RC Church of In fanta , Quezon

Joachim Heimrath Family+++Cor W+A+T+C+H+++ What are the activities of Infanta , Quezon at Jollibee Los Banos

Cor ARF, 12.10.2007 17:34

Pls check the activities at Jollibee Los Banos a hide out for members of Infanta , Quezon catholics and members of catholic hold up gamgs or other criominal syndicates

Joachim Heimrath Familky+++Cor W+A+T+C+H+++ Calamba jeepney barkers and dispatchers at 7 11 harassing the Heimrath Family afterphoning Infanta,Quezon

Cor ARF, 12.10.2007 17:29

Tricyle drivers and jeepney drivers at 7 11 at Calamba are harassing the family now trying to get to safety followed by group from Infanta , Quezon

Joachim Heimrath Family+++Cor W+A+T+C+H+++Family Heimrath under attack SOS

Cor ARF, 12.10.2007 17:25

Please take action asap hold up planned for Sta.Cruz by Jollibee staff at Los Banos

New Eyewitness To WTC Basement Level Explosions: With Dramatic Utube video

Joseph Watson with Sara and Lacey, 12.10.2007 16:29

"Saltalamacia describes "grenade" like bombs, backs up William Rodriguez' story.

A new eyewitness who was working in the WTC on 9/11 has gone on record to describe how he heard multiple grenade-like explosions around the basement levels of the north tower, backing up William Rodriguez' story, the WTC janitor who reported explosions before the first plane hit the tower."


passaparola, 12.10.2007 16:17

Nobel è l'inventore della dinamite. Se venissero alimentate le centrali termoelettriche con candelotti di dinamite (nitroglicerina, t4, pentrite, termite,...) si otterrebbe energia ad un costo venti volte inferiore a quello del petrolio e del metano.

Mapucheinfo - different links

Solidaridad, 12.10.2007 14:25

In this artikel you can find links to different up-to-date sources about the present Mapuchesituation in different parts of Chile.
En este articulo puedes encontrar lazos a otros sitios que contienen informacion sobre los Mapuches en differentes partes de Chile.
In dit artikel staan er verschillende links naar up-to-date berichten over de Mapuchesituatie in verschillende delenvan Chili.

F\Joachim Heimrath Family +++ Cor W+A+T+C+H+++ Los Banos gang tries to kill the Heimrath Family

Cor ARF, 12.10.2007 14:21

He was honest to this group with good intentions to mediate the only thing they did plan a hold up and kill the family

Joachim Heimrath Family +++ Cor W+A+T+C+H Cath Barangay in Los Banos are members of hold up gang operating up to Infanta

Cor ARF, 12.10.2007 14:16

The Barangay at Los Banos do have a good additional income these catholics are willing ro fulfill contracts to kill with their cath Father leading this scum

Joachim Heimrath Family +++Cor W+A+T+C+H

Cor ARF, 12.10.2007 14:08

Favourite meeting place of Los Banos hold up gang either 2nd Internetshop from FO Santos St.Los Banos or Robinson's netopiawith 30 or more persons involved from 14 to adults


Copypaster, 12.10.2007 14:06

In a letter dated 5th Oct addressed to Mapuche International Link, one of Chief Calfunao’s close relatives stated ‘I' am writing to you with urgency and desperation, I see Juana dying and giving her life as a last resort to denounce and to vindicate in defence of the rights of the Mapuche people’’.

Joachim Heimrath Family+++Coor W+A+T+C+H+++ Infanta , Quezon's RC Churches order to kill Heimrath still open

Cor ARF, 12.10.2007 14:01

The RC church of Infanta,Quezon put out a contract on yhe Heimrath Family abd Los Banos gangs very willing to execute it

Europa y el desarme mundial

Javier Sampedro -, 12.10.2007 13:08

Propuesta de un nuevo papel de Europa en el desarme mundial

joachim heimrath family

Cor ARF, 12.10.2007 12:34

hold up the heimrath family

[Queda la Palabra] - [España] - Como viene a huevo os reenviamos el número de agosto de 2006 de Queda la Palabra: ¡QUÉ VERGÜENZA DE MONARQUÍAS!

Jesús - Queda la Palabra, 12.10.2007 12:32

Aquí os reenviamos, adjunto en formato pdf, el número de agosto de 2006 "Queda la Palabra". En él analizamos el asunto más retrógrado e hipócrita de esta sociedad del ¿siglo XXI?: Las monarquías.

Joachim Heimrath Family+++Cor W+A+T+C+H+++ Catholics of Los Banos to finish of the Heimrath Family once and for all

Cor ARF, 12.10.2007 11:02

Offering accommodation to the Heimrath Family may bring a death sentence with it .They plan as before discussed with the priest yesterday at the Intershop to put Heimrath into hospital to help him to heaven ?
Can you ever trust them while smiling they stab you into the back

Joachim Heimrath Family +++ Cior W+A+T+C+H +++ SOS Heimrath Family under attack now at Robinson may be target of attack members of that gang at the same place possible hunting them

Cor ARF, 12.10.2007 10:14

Please secure the family may be target of hold up as they have no money this may become murder

Joachim Heimrath Family+++Cor W+A+T+C+H+++ Cath.criminal syndicate under arrested priest planning new hold ups

Cor ARF, 12.10.2007 10:10

New holdups are planned by LOS BANOS Cath gang led by a Cath.priest arrested already apparently according to ARF Los Banos this was requested and new gang members were supposed to be recruited

14-21 Octobre: WORLD VS BANK

octobre coalition, 12.10.2007 09:42

debtweek Du 14 au 21 Octobre 2007 est organisé une semaine d'action globale contre la dette et les institutions financières internationales (IFI).Dans de nombreux pays du monde la dette continue d'être un moyen de contrôle, d'oppression, d'exploitation des peuples aux profits d'intérêts économique d'Etats et de multinationales.

An Eye Opener about upcoming IPO of Reliance Power Limited

Alan Peter, 12.10.2007 08:29

Recently, a swindle being perpetrated by the promoters of Reliance Power Limited on the would be investors in the public issue of the company to enrich themselves at the expense of gullible public and how SEBI Guidelines are being subverted in a planned and scheming manner

Joachim Heimrath Family +++ Cor W+A+T+C+H +++ SOS protect the Heimrath Family from further attacks

Cor ARF, 12.10.2007 03:11

Toa all aupporters Pls make out an all out effort to crack any possible syndicated crime fooling Filipinos and the family alike

Joachim Heimrth Family+++ Cor W+A+T+C+H Jeffereson's Declaration of Independence

Cor ARF, 12.10.2007 03:05

The government is there to serve and to bring happiness to the people .Welfare of the people is the primary rule .Let us read the Declaration of Independence who ever allowed the atrocities to the Heimrath Family should have the decency to resign asap and take the consquences violating international law.the law of the Philippines and universal human rights is the government involved with deliberately false infor being fed into a webside linked to ours.

Joachim Heimrath Family +++Cor W+T+C+H+++ Urgent announcements

cor ARF, 12.10.2007 02:55

The group that met yesterday at one of the Internetproviders near FO Santos St. in Los Banos a priest being the gang leader had the following points to raise

Anti-war Poetry Reading &amp; Open Mic:

Women's Voices against the War Machine, 11.10.2007 17:59

Celebrated Seattle poets Georgia S. McDade of the African-American Writers' Alliance, Julene T. Weaver, health artist and poet, and others will share their powerful writings on the Iraq War and related ills.

Food Not Bombs - West Palm Beach - FLorida

hunger stops here, 11.10.2007 17:00

Food Not Bomb Arrests Pending in Florida


KAPIL MISHRA, 11.10.2007 16:59

YOUTH FOR YAMUNA- a YOUTH FOR JUSTICE initiative against LOOT and KILLING of YAMUNA in the name of commonwealth games Updates its Directory of Renewable Energy and Green Stocks

iNVESTORIDEAS.COM, 11.10.2007 16:38

Global Investor Interest in Renewable Energy Expands List to Include Stocks listed on TSX, OTC, NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, ASX, AIM Exchanges

Books On Sale in NTU !!!

Paul Chen, 11.10.2007 15:17

About the books on sale in NTU in the following week, All books are 35% off.

Life Extension Technologies To Facilitate Elite Technocracy

Paul Joseph Watson, 11.10.2007 15:09

"The planet would be perfectly able to sustain many more billions than currently occupy the earth if third world nations were allowed to industrialize and raise their living standards, but the elite, keen to protect a policy that exploits the third world and plunders their resources, are loathe to accept this and thus have to resort to scaremongering about the population bomb in order to maintain the status quo."

Joachim Heimrath Family+++Cor W+A+T+C+H+++ S.O.S. get us out of Infanta , Quezon

cor ARF, 11.10.2007 13:26

May we ask you to help us to give us a room so that at least our very last things can get out of Infanta so that we do not have to go back there

Tel.0917 408 1736 (you can reach Joachim Heimrath via this phone)

Religious Oppression in Tibet Sparks Protest

The Rotten Word, 11.10.2007 13:19

The Chinese Embassy in New Dehli was overrun by protesting monks and exiles yesterday. Their anger stems from a recently passed Chinese law that requires all future Lamas (the title fo Tibet's religious leaders) to be approved by the Communist regime.

Joachim Heimrath Family+++Cor W+A+T+C+H+++black propaganda and lies is that the only thing the RC church and their shepherds can give us

Cor ARF, 11.10.2007 13:16

please watch out for false information that is deliberately fed into our Websites we can't do anything about.So far Heimrath was allegedly crazy now in hospital what is next ?

Joachim Heimrath Family +++ Cor W+A+T+C+H+++This is an urgent appeal to the world community

Cor ARF, 11.10.2007 13:10

The power struggle between the RC church of the Philippines slowly and hopefully finds its end.Christmas is coming and we fear that some will starve.We just cant get at the wheels of power as yet and money has not been released by the courts yet.

Joachim Heimrath Family +++Cor W+A+T+C+H+++ the very dirty businesses of the RC church fooling and abusing their own and others

Cor ARF, 11.10.2007 13:00

Enough with your lies , abuse , adultury and paedophilia around the globe we want an RC church with morals and 10 commandments .We do not want the church to die however it is time to get rid of false prophets and criminal inclined clergy.Please catholics joinn us you are our brother and sisters and human beings.Let us find love again where there was hate for money making .Love will conquer everything.The church has slowly decayed by the decadence of their leaders who forgot god.Please let us meet and talk do not let them use you .We want to talk to make a better Philippines.e do not want to push you financially into the grave we love you too much for that.But once you talk to us you understand that we want a better life for all of us.Heimrath will give everything but P100 000 Billion for himself that is enough the rest belongs to all of you.I can,t eat meat will others do not even have a Pandesal.This Christmas look down on the pavement where you find what I found an old lady fed by her husband .Not begging but looking at one.People walked over them.I can't forget.

joachim Heimrath Family +++ Cor W+A+T+C+H+++ Request for legal protection against the criminal activities of yhe RC church of the Philippines

Anna Heimrath, 11.10.2007 12:45

This is the request of the 14 year old daughter of Joachim Heimrath against the criminal activities of the RC church interfering , attacking and trying to dismember the Heimrath Family violating international law,legal and human rights

Joachim Heimrath Family+++Cor W+A+T+C+H Just a little in response

Cor ARF, 11.10.2007 12:35

Please take action on information at once Pls all out efforts against those Cath leaders fooling their own and catholics involved in nefarious activities

Reviewing James Petras' &quot;Rulers and Ruled in the US Empire&quot;

Stephen Lendman, 11.10.2007 10:55

An in-depth review of James Petras' important new book.

Joachim Heimrath Family +++, Cor W+A+T+C+H+++

Cor ARF, 11.10.2007 09:40

This is not the first time the RC charge tries to child traffick the Heimrath children,Paul Heimrath most likely still in the hands of certain catholics was targetted as child trafficking victim by Carmelites on behalf of a certain Dra.Marlyn Coronacion the ladyfriend of the bishop of Infanta and i,portant stockholder of Lucena private hospital now another attempt why not adopting those children of priests at the Good Shepherd convent St.Mary's in QC

Joachim Heimrath Family+++ SOS further attacks of the Roman Catholic Church

Cor ARF, 11.10.2007 09:33

A member of radio Veritas with 2 helpers in black T shirt just threatened the Heimrath Family that the children will be taken in custody they have the papers to give them to the mentally sick mother who was kept in hospital for hearing voices to hurt the kids

joachim Heimrath Family+++Cor W+A+T+C+H+++ SOS Family under attack

Cor ARF, 11.10.2007 09:29

1 member of veritas with 2 helpers in black T shirts near FO Santos St. was threatening Fam.Joachim Heimrath ti give custody of the Heimrath children to the mentally sick mother with schizophrenia paranoia and had abused the children .They allegedly have the custody papers


Manolo Palacios P., 11.10.2007 09:24


Joachim Heimrath Family+++ Cor W+A+T+C+H +++

Cor ARF, 11.10.2007 09:13

The group having followed the Cath Priest bliendly opened their eyes as catholics .Yes may have had anti- action against Joachim Heimrath but I truely love them on my side as my converts like many others .I pray and beg for their trespasses

Joachim Heimrath Family***Cor W*A*T*C*H

Cor ARF, 11.10.2007 09:08

Pls rectify public infor Joachim Heimrath was not attacked by the priest's members they actually pleaded , begged for Heimrath

La impunidad de las industrias contaminantes en Gijón y Asturias.

Carmelo de Samalea, 11.10.2007 08:44

Mientras el satélite Envisat señaló a Asturias como uno de los puntos negros de la contaminación mundial y los tumores malignos aumentaron un sesenta por ciento en los últimos veinte años, las autoridades locales y regionales miran para otro lado.

Joachim Heimrath Family+++Cor W+A+T+C+H+++ Let the innocent go punish their leaders who chase those who trust in them to commit crimes against god's fellow man

Cor ARF, 11.10.2007 08:22

All supporters , ARF members and those catholics who want to keep their decency as a catholic from ceratin scum leading them

Joachim Heimrath Family +++ Cor W+A+T+C+H +++ Catholic priest of Los Banos threatens the Heimrath Family to stab them before he left on a bike

Cor ARF, 11.10.2007 08:12

Catholic church is allegedly planning to murder the Heimrath Family in Infanta,Quezon but may be so kind hearded to give the children to a good catholic family Thys cath.priestly scum rather should go to prison than those who still had a heart

Joachim Hewimrath FAMILY +++ Cor W+A+T+C+H

Cor ARF, 11.10.2007 08:03

Cath priest of a gang wants to child traffick the Heimrath children but Heimrath begs to spare the others of the group as they were pleading for him.Their conversation was overheard.


Cor ARF, 11.10.2007 07:53

Family must return to Manila and is in danger please protect have to go calamba to Manila .Family is starving for dauys getting weaker and weaker.

Joachim Heimrath Family+++ Cor W+A+T+C+H

Cor ARF, 11.10.2007 07:49

The one who just left with motor bike wants to stab do not touch them I am a martial arts instructor I know what to do I want to keep my word.

Joachim Heimrath Family +++ Cor W+A+T+C+H +++ SOS Urgent

Cor ARF, 11.10.2007 07:46

For days ARF watched the Heimrath Fam.being trailed by a who follows them wherever to go to bounce on them now with their latest plan child trafficking again

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