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How The DPRK Succeeds in Its Effort of Building Socialism

., 02.06.2004 17:54

Ziad Shaker ElJishi, Socialist Arab Coalition of North America, Introduces material explaining the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's strategies and tactics for building socialism and uniting in Anti-US struggle!

Optimization Process

Dturner/flatratetech media specialist, 02.06.2004 17:38

How Corporate companys are using people for thier own monetary progress.

Is The Fed Expecting Catastrophe?

Richard Russell, 02.06.2004 17:36

There must be a crisis of historic proportions coming, and the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States is making sure that there is enough liquidity in place to protect our nation's fragile financial system.

Contact Starbucks' Union Busting Attorneys

x355468, 02.06.2004 17:03

Below is the contact info for the law (state violence) firm being used by Starbucks to prevent IWW 660 from organizing barristas.
Deemed too hot for infoshop.
Give 'em an earful

Just A Question

Ruslan, 02.06.2004 16:49

Questions worth asking

Over 700 signatures for the replacement of the EU Ambassador to Slovakia after racist blunders

European Roma Information Office, Brussels, 02.06.2004 15:47

After racist statements made by the EU Ambassador to Slovakia against Roma more than 700 people and organisations signed for his removal.

911: the Road to Tyranny

Rick Wilson, 02.06.2004 15:31

Explosive documentary "911: the Road to Tyranny" is now on the Internet Archive.


snowshoefilms, 02.06.2004 15:20

“Iraq is a nation on fire and the fuel that feeds that fire is the presence of American troops. You want to put out the fire, bring our boys and girls home.”

Organisez l'action dans VOTRE ville lors des Journées Internationales pour le Droit au Logement en Octobre 2004!

Habitat International Coalition, 02.06.2004 13:58

Cette année, le thème central de la Journée Mondiale de l’Habitat lundi 4 octobre) sera “les villes - moteurs du développement rural". Malgré l'importance de cet évènement, la Coalition Internationale pour l’Habitat (HIC) concentre toute son énergie sur l'application du Droit au Logement, et appelle à la mobilisation dans les villes, les régions et les pays.

Organiza en tu ciudad un día de acción en octubre 2004 por el Día del Hábitat

Habitat International Coalition, 02.06.2004 13:53

Este año el Día del Hábitat (Lunes 4 de octubre) tendrá como tema central "ciudades como motores del desarrollo rural". Pese a la importancia de este tema la Coalición Internacional del Hábitat (HIC) centra su atención en la aplicación del Derecho a la Vivienda y llama a acciones en ciudades, regiones y países enfatizando las luchas locales más destacadas sobre derecho a la vivienda.


£, 02.06.2004 11:32

W$ interactive displays not wider screens!

bush quote on torture

x, 02.06.2004 09:28

June 2003 bush quote on torture:

Homenaje a Cuerpos de Seguridad en Guadalajara

Pato, 02.06.2004 07:07

Las autoridades felicitan a sus cuerpos de seguridad Los cuerpos policiacos que reprimieron la marcha el 28 de mayo, son reconocidos por las autoridades 4 días después por su trabajo de limpieza.

CIA Covering Up

Angie IMC reporter, 02.06.2004 06:43

I have uncovered the truth of 9-11!

Enron Traders Caught On Tape

CBS News, 02.06.2004 06:30

Both the Justice Department and Enron tried to prevent release of these tapes When a forest fire shut down a major transmission line into California, cutting power supplies and raising prices, Enron energy traders celebrated:

"Burn, baby, burn. That's a beautiful thing," a trader sang about the massive fire.

"They're f------g taking all the money back from you guys?" complains an Enron employee on the tapes. "All the money you guys stole from those poor grandmothers in California?"

"Yeah, grandma Millie, man"

"Yeah, now she wants her f------g money back for all the power you've charged right up, jammed right up her a------ for f------g $250 a megawatt hour."

condena global al gobierno mexicano

radiozapote frecuencia libre, 02.06.2004 02:56

resistencia global desde mexico animaciones desde la frecuencia libre

Harmful US Government Experimentation on US Service Men

..., 02.06.2004 02:22

Harmful US Government Experimentation on US Service Men without their knowledge or consent

Azioni contro gli Olimpiaci 19/06/2004

@, 01.06.2004 22:34

Azioni contro gli Olimpiaci 19/06/2004

Backdoor Draft

Jason N. Parkinson, 01.06.2004 21:51

United States draft board enforces madatory draft registration to driving license applicants in "insurance policy for the department of defense".

Gas Natural Licuado en Sonora; los chicos de ENRON atacan de nuevo

Erich Moncada, 01.06.2004 20:33

Barco carguero de GNL El día 26 de mayo el gobernador de Sonora (México) Eduardo Bours anunció una inversión de la empresa Sonora Pacific Mexico, para construir una terminal de gas natural licuado en Puerto Libertad, a partir de julio de 2005. Se invertirán mil millones de dólares entre 2005 y 2008, se generarán 1,500 empleos temporales y sólo 100 permanentes. Hasta el momento existen 200 estaciones de conversión en todo el mundo.

Las plantas de GNL son peligrosas e inestables. Han ocurrido varios accidentes a lo largo de los últimos 50 años y la prensa local del Estado se ha negado a cubrir la noticia a fondo.

Activities Calendar for the G8 in Georgia!

Atlanta IMC, 01.06.2004 18:37



. Food Not Bombs Kitchen: FNB being planned for Brunswick.

. Bike Caravans down Coastal Bike paths to Brunswick: from Atlanta: Jacob

. Environmental Video Project: Brunswick/environmental issues video project. Need volunteers to film in Brunswick. Contact

. Media Center: Atlanta IMC will set up an Independent Media Center in Brunswick. Contact Atlanta IMC

U.S. tortures elicit painful memories in Indian country

Brenda Norrell, 01.06.2004 16:36

Bush should be held responsible for tortures in Iraq; What if there had been videos of indigenous tortured in Central and South America

Anarchist looking for a collective home

Anarcho Grey, 01.06.2004 16:25

Anarchist looking for a collective home anywhere in the united states.

the operation

Captain wardrobe, 01.06.2004 14:51

remember the movie total recall:

well imagine that the 'mars colony' is planet earth as a slave plantation...
and that the Air that was being controlled in the mutant sector in the movie
is oil being controlled in the global arena

now imagine that the 'alien reactor' in the movie is the infinite resource of free energy...

Eugene Mallove [RIP] was murdered

Memorial Day at the Naples Pier

John Dwyer, 01.06.2004 14:30

Memorial Day at the Naples Pier Deeply concerned by the mounting death toll, we gather in Naples this Memorial Day to respectfully remember and mourn those we have lost. At sunrise we formed a field of white crosses in the sand, each cross bearing the name and age of a fallen soldier. We will shortly begin a solemn reading of the names of the 815 American soldiers killed in Iraq. We’ll conclude the roll-call of U.S. dead with a short prayer and taps played by two trumpets. The aim of our Arlington South is to commemorate the Iraqi war dead as well as make visible the human cost of this war. Our hope is that everyone—whether they approve of this war or not—will join us in remembering these men and women who have been killed in our names.

911: the Road to Tyranny

Rick Wilson, 01.06.2004 14:13

Explosive documentary "911: the Road to Tyranny" is now on the Internet Archive.


c/o £, 01.06.2004 14:04

scarbush IS TRU


£, 01.06.2004 12:56

W$ the taunting...


Ithu_Porkalama, 01.06.2004 10:58


George W. Bush Cartoons from New Zealand

Ian McElvan, 01.06.2004 10:48

Banana Republican A number of excellent cartoons criticising Bush and his administration.

scary night

Zajel/An-najah university-Palestine, 01.06.2004 09:22

Everyone was thrown off of their feet and onto the ground, and everything inside had fallen over. Ala hates the nights more than days, because the nights that were once highly admired by all have turned into nights of horror

It is curfew, go back home

Zajel/An-najah university-Palestine, 01.06.2004 08:59

The soldier asked, "Are you the same boy from Hawarah that I told to go home?" The soldier began to beat Ahmad for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Our only mistake..

Zajel/An-najah university-Palestine, 01.06.2004 08:53

They destroyed everything in our flat: furniture, computers, and books. They arrested us and took us to Howarah military camp where they humiliated us. Our only mistake was that we were from Jenin

It is unbeable situation..!

Zajel/An-najah university-Palestine, 01.06.2004 08:45

Education has become a luxury for poor people like us.

What horrible guilt!-Palestine

Zajel/An-najah university-Palestine, 01.06.2004 08:23

The Israeli soldiers had stolen every useful thing in Isam's flat hile he watched. They took 2 computers, which the students needed to help them with their studies. The students were then blindfolded, tied up

We also had to pass through dangerous curve-Palestine

Zajel / An-Najah National University, 01.06.2004 08:04

Suddenly, an old Palestinian man began to shout, "They are coming. Hurry, try to escape."


marco, 01.06.2004 07:50

Here's a short poem in honor of Memorial Day.
It first appeared here:

Statement from Tim Donoghue

..., 01.06.2004 06:12

Statement from human rights activist and prisoner Tim Donoghue. For more info on Tim Donoghue and the framing of him by the authorities please see the Citizens Against Human Experimentation website at

Oxfam's Big Sound Music only supports Microsoft products.

Bèr Kessels, 01.06.2004 05:23

Oxfam launched a new campaign called "Big Sound Music". It allows people to buy and download digital music. A part of the profit is donated to the "Make Fair Trade" campaign. Unfortunately they chose to use the technology from the multinational OD2. This means that only windows users, with the latest Windows Media Player can access the music.

International Day of Action &amp; Solidarity with Jeff 'Free' Luers

Friends of Jeff 'Free' Luers, 01.06.2004 05:12

Jeff-Winter 2004 June marks the fourth year that our friend and comrade, Jeff "Free" Luers has been imprisoned and held captive by the state. Sentenced to 22 years and 8 months for burning three Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) at Romania Chevrolet in Eugene, Jeff has continued to be active in prison and fight back with his words and inspiration. This June 12, we aim to strengthen his efforts by promoting a day of action and solidarity with Jeff throughout the world.

Memorial Day: A Poem in CELEBRATION of US Combat Losses!

., 31.05.2004 23:04



gabriele zamparini, 31.05.2004 22:18

peace Award Winning Documentary on the Voices of Dissent in Bush's America


chaostage-schweiz, 31.05.2004 21:16

chaostage in der schweiz, gabs noch nie doch es soll dieses jahr geschehen!!

4 personas ingresan en la prision Puente Grande de Guadalajara, Mexico

lola, 31.05.2004 21:10

4 personas ingresan en la prision Puente Grande de Guadalajara, Mexico. 44 mas siguen detenidas despues de cumplirse el plazo legal de 72 horas que la policia tiene decidir sobre su situacion y 8 estan trasladados/as al D.F. para ser deportados/as: 4 del estado esapñol, 1 de EEUU, 1 Canada, 1 Italia, 1 Australiana-Xilena

June 4 Bush in Rome, violence and repression expected

ZabrinskyPoint, 31.05.2004 18:08

Updates on June 4

dizzidenza (echoes from Tinanman) Cultural Square of Freedom Action

dizzident, 31.05.2004 16:41

Desiring not just of being patriotic.
Of the people, democracy is not all.
Making a movement is not the only thought.
Love, hate and sadness, echoes on.
Desiring to trek the path again.
Lovers and comrades.
Unto the square we go.
Death or live, together we always will.

New Release of 'IF I HADN'T GONE TO WAR' by Gary Revel

Jongleur Music, 31.05.2004 16:39

Gary Revel Story-song about a man who goes to war and comes back half-a-man.

New Release of 'IF I HADN'T GONE TO WAR' by Gary Revel

Jongleur Music, 31.05.2004 16:31

Story-song about a man who goes to war and comes back half-a-man.

Are all Americans killed in Iraq bwing reported?

Sara, 31.05.2004 15:16

Article below from suggests that not all Americans killed in Iraq are being reported?

Restaurant Association happy with smoking ban in ireland!

Sebastian, 31.05.2004 14:35

Smoking ban a full sucess!
After irelands smoking ban, also restaurants have no reductions in business.

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