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Support Winter Soldier: Iraq &amp; Afghanistan Investigation

marco [for IVAW people], 13.11.2007 22:12

Here is our intro and the statement:

Please Support Iraq Veterans Against the War and their Public Investigation of the atrocities
occurring in Iraq and Afghanistan.The following statement contains a brief explanation of
what IVAW is doing and a statement of support that you can sign by clicking on the link to
IVAW's web page.

Prensa danesa cataloga Colombia como un Estado donde la tortura está institucionalizada

Guerreros y Amantes, 13.11.2007 21:05

Diarios de influencia en todo el reino danés refirieron el pasado 9 de noviembre, que es de conocimiento general que abusos sexuales y tortura durante interrogatorios son una pieza constante en el sistema jurídico colombiano. Esta revelación ha generado una gran duda respecto a la credibilidad del Estado colombiano y la respuesta de diferentes políticos daneses que han manifiestado su total rechazo al accionar del régimen colombiano.

Stop squandering resources on pointless animal experiments

Kathy Guillermo, 13.11.2007 20:21

In U.S. laboratories, millions of animals every year are infected with diseases, force-fed chemicals, burned, blinded and traumatized—and most of it is paid for by you, the American taxpayer. Isn’t it time we stopped footing the bill for useless experiments that don’t have anything to do with preventing or curing illness?

Investor’s Insatiable Appetite for Chinese IPO’s and Public Companies Doing Business in China, 13.11.2007 20:05 Reports on Listings from Shanghai to Hong Kong to U.S. Markets,
Updating Growing Stock Directory for Investors Following Sector

Lomas del Poleo: The Newest Laboratory of Binational Development

David Dorado Romo, 13.11.2007 19:52

“Juárez is famous around the world for its murdered women, but now it’s going to become famous for its concentration camp at Lomas del Poleo.”
—Willivaldo Delgadillo, writer and binational activist Reports on Resource Based Public Companies Strategies and Relationships with First Nations; Featuring Exclusive Audio Interviews with Industry and First Nation Leaders, 13.11.2007 19:38

Curtis Rattray, Chairman of the Central Council Tahltan Nation and Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse, President and CEO of NovaGold Resources Inc. (TSX: NG)(AMEX:NG) Provide Insight into Blending First Nations Culture and Corporate Culture to Create a Winning Formula

UTEP FORUM: What Side of the Fence Are You On?‏ Lomas del Poleo-Segundo Barrio Under Siege

Paso del Sur, 13.11.2007 19:11

UTEP FORUM: What Side of the Fence Are You On? FACING THE PROSPECT of losing their homes that many have lived in for decades, residents of Lomas del Poleo in Juárez and the Segundo Barrio in El Paso have joined community activists from both sides of the border to denounce the binational redevelopment schemes that are threatening their communities. They have organized a forum to be held at UT El Paso entitled “What Side of the Fence Are You On? Lomas Del Poleo - El Segundo Barrio Under Siege.” The purpose of this forum, scheduled for November 19, 2007, is to “expose the connections between the powerful land developers on both sides of the river who have put our communities under siege.”


Germán Ferrero, 13.11.2007 18:54

Hola, os envío el enlace de este video documental que he ido hilvanando desde hace algunos meses.

Mediante este video se intenta mostrar, a través de la experiencia laboral de tres trabajadores hoy jubiados (Telefónica, Ebro Puleva y Fenwick) la relación entre procesos económicos actuales, como son la deslocalización o la privatización de sectores estatales, y nuestra vida diaria, especialmente en el consumo y el empleo.

Hablan nuestros padres

Para verlo:


I'm speechless - this picture speaks volumes; The veteran who saved America from Bush

Boston Globe, 13.11.2007 17:33

"I guess the rich, privileged, draft dodging Yale and Harvard boys have had enough of all the "free speech garbage" , I guess because people are beginning to wake up to who the real enemies are."

Brasilien: Repression gegen LandarbeiterInnen

Anarchist, 13.11.2007 15:48

Bundespolizei Brasiliens nimmt Cicero fest, einen Koordinator der LandarbeiterInnen-Bewegung von Corumbiara in Rondonia/Amazonien

Letter of support for labour protests 17.11. in SLOVENIA

Autonomous Tribune, 13.11.2007 14:25

On 17th of November there will be large demonstration for higher wages, but the unions are supoported by many movements and collectives. Therefore the aim is not pointed at higher wages for workers, but also for the students rights, right of migrants, against privatization, repression and exploitation.


CESAR ACHING GUZMAN, 13.11.2007 14:18

Los TLC cumplen en exceso el dicho popular: meter una aguja para sacar un barreno, es decir, hacer un pequeño beneficio para obtener otro mayor; política común estadounidense en las relaciones con nuestros países; EE UU jamás da puntada sin hilo.

U.S. To Launch The 2nd Coup D'Etat In Venezuela

Bulov, 13.11.2007 13:29

"There is a very real possibility that a “flash-point” will occur, in the midst of these actions or to launch this plan such as hasn’t been seen since the April 11, 2002 coup attempt, when President Chavez was kidnapped by the US-backed coupsters. In world history, there has been no humanistic Head of State comparable to him. Period!

Chavez is fully aware that this mega-conspiracy is not an objection to the constitutional reforms, but in reality, is another attempt to eliminate a democratically-elected Head of State. His awareness tells us that element of surprise has already been defused and his administration has plans in place to neutralize the actions of the US-backed, fascist opposition."

Internet censorship and control by US hot topic at UN forum

Henk Ruyssenaars - Foreign correspondent, 13.11.2007 11:27

With the Internet now dominating nearly every aspect of modern life, U.S. control of the medium has become a sensitive topic worldwide. In nations that try to control what people can see and hear, the Internet often is the only source of uncensored news and opinion.

Asturias, ampliación del puerto de El Musel: sobrecostes y despidos.

Carmelo de Samalea., 13.11.2007 08:59

Las obras de ampliación del puerto de El Musel, enGijón, han generado un sobre coste de 40 mil millones de pesetas sin que nadie asuma la responsabilidad. Por otra parte, 40 ferrallistas fueron despedidos por reclamar sus derechos.


BRUNO BERARDI, 13.11.2007 08:05


BREAKING: Kerik, Hillary, Giuliani, Spitzer, Schumer Tied to New York State PassportGate

Tom Heneghan, 13.11.2007 05:30

It can now be reported that the indictment of Bernard Kerik, Rudy Giuliani’s former New York City Police Commissioner and business partner in Giuliani’s firm, also deals with the buying and selling of FAKE U.S. and foreign passports for ILLEGAL aliens, foreign nationals from the Middle East, including Arab and Israeli.
Also linked to Passport-Gate is former New York Attorney General, now New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, both New York U.S. Senators Charles Schumer and unelectable CLOSET lesbian Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton and former New York City Major and Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani

The US, Minority rule, Materialism-probability, Vague notions of hierarchical value, Truth, and Geometric-spectral structures (Cold Fusion, as well as a Living existence)

Martin Concoyle, 13.11.2007 04:33

The most pressing issue for society is truth. Descriptions of what exists is the context of determining the truth. First ask, “What exists?” then provide descriptions of existence, and then determine the truth of these different descriptions. That is, determine, what is true about the various descriptions of existence. This requires that the descriptions be both geometric and measurable, ie the language is to be quantitative, and the language must be widely applicable, and it must have many practical uses.

Landlord Foreclosures - Let The Renter Beware

Alex Shay, 13.11.2007 01:14

Something very interesting with regards to real estate, but unbeknownst to most renters of homes or apartments, is that renters must be very aware of exactly what they are getting themselves into when they sign a lease contract.

MIR: Oil Is King

mosaicnews, 13.11.2007 00:54

Oil prices have inched closer to an all-time high of $100. Who is reaping the profits? And what is the King of Saudi Arabia doing in Europe?

Restituye Mexicana de Avición prestaciones económicas a sus sobrecargos, tras anuncio de huelga

José Víctor Rodríguez Nájera, 12.11.2007 23:34

Los mil 450 empleados aéreos recibirán 54 por ciento de las prestaciones económicas suspendidas

The Growing Gay and Lesbian Community in South Florida is being Courted with New Products and Services by Small Businesses

Ron Akanowicz, 12.11.2007 23:11

Boutique Astrology Company, Miami Astrology, Finds Niche in South Florida's Growing Gay & Lesbian Market

Carlos, hermano, nosotr@s no olvidamos

Antifascistas Madrid (España), 12.11.2007 22:57

Hoy, 11 de noviembre de 2007, nos lo han robado. Hoy los fascistas se han llevado la vida de un compañero, de un amigo, de Carlos. Un chico vallecano de 16 años hoy no volverá a casa sólo por rechazar el racismo y plantar cara a las agresiones xenófobas que estos últimos días hemos visto en diferentes medios de comunicación, entre ellas, un hombre congoleño que quedó tetrapléjico en Alcalá de Henares, varias palizas más a inmigrantes en Pío XII y en Las Rozas, la agresión en el metro de Barcelona…


Departamento de Comunicaciones, 12.11.2007 21:51

Así se acordó en cita con el director general de Registro Civil, la diputada María Antonieta Saa (en la fotografía) y el Movilh. Histórica nueva política, que implica un triunfo para la igualdad de derechos de las minorías sexuales, se adoptará desde el próximo lunes.

The evil that men do: Dolphin murderers of Japan;

Paul T, 12.11.2007 19:25

Short film about the murder of innocent ones..

Fallece estadounidense en aeropuerto de México

José Víctor Rodríguez Nájera, 12.11.2007 17:20

Perdieron la vida 22 personas, en los últimos seis años.

Young antifascist killed in Madrid

rex &amp; haps, 12.11.2007 17:15

The young antifascist Carlos was killed yesterday (11 november) morning, he was killed after being stabbed by a nazi-skin. The incident occurred at Legazpi metro station, one more antifascist was seriously injured from the same nazi-skin.
According to local police 5 persons have been arrested, one supposedly the murderer of Carlos, who was also injured with several other nazi-skins.

Last week's direct action news (Greece, 05-12/11/2007)

Oriol Zgroblovski, 12.11.2007 16:10

communications of struggles. the moment of direct action. reportings from Greece and Cyprus. creating spaces of self-expression. a cut-up.

Activists to travel to the gates of Fort Benning, Georgia for massive anti-militarization mobilization, 12.11.2007 15:07

Join area activists at the gates of Fort Benning, Georgia at the vigil and nonviolent direct action to close the SOA and to change U.S. foreign policy.

Vaccin : « Pas de preuve scientifique ! »

Par Jean-Luc Martin-Lagardette, source Agoravox, 12.11.2007 14:55

Le député médecin, chirurgien des hôpitaux de Lyon et professeur des universités, qui présidait une table ronde sur la vaccination en France, le 6 juin dernier au Sénat, estime "qu'il n'existe pas de preuve scientifique sur l'utilité des vaccins". "M. Eric Guez, de Novartis Vaccines, a considéré que la défiance à l'égard du vaccin relève, en France, d'un manque de confiance dans les résultats."

Veterans Speak Out Against the War on Veterans Day

darlajane, 12.11.2007 14:34

Oklahoma City - - Two Oklahoma fathers who have paid the ultimate price in losing their sons to the Iraq war are speaking out against a war that they believe should end.  The event will take place on Veterans Day holiday, at 12 noon, Nov 12th on the south steps of the State Capitol. 

France, universités : saura-t-on un jour quelle est la valeur légale de la Charte des Thèses ?

Universitaire 1995, 12.11.2007 14:14

D'après la propagande institutionnelle, la Charte des Thèses des universités françaises définit des droits pour les doctorants. Mais les décisions des tribunaux administratifs ne semblent pas suivre de telles annonces. L’absence de publicité des jugements rendus par ordonnance contribue à alimenter une situation de désinformation, alors qu’il est très difficile pour un doctorant de réunir les moyens financiers nécessaires pour se pourvoir en cassation.

England: Brown insists that US is Britain's strongest ally

Henk Ruyssenaars - Foreign correspondent, 12.11.2007 12:34

The UK's PM Gordon Brown insists that the US remains Britain's most important ally, as he attempts to draw Europe and the United States into a new drive to make the United Nations "fit for purpose" in the 21st century.

Stoppons l'agression impérialiste contre l'Iran !, 12.11.2007 12:02

Pétition mondiale contre l'agression envers l'Iran et la guerre nucléaire - Organiser, désobéir, bloquer l'empire et le capital!

Lo que hará Facebook con nuestros datos

Carlos, 12.11.2007 12:01

Luego de la compra de parte de esta compañía por Microsoft, es presentada la nueva estrategia publicitaria de facebook.

Seminario Internacional &quot;La economía de las drogas ilícitas, escenarios de conflicto y derechos humanos&quot;

Colectivo Maloka, 12.11.2007 10:48

La Oficina Promoción de la Paz de los Derechos Humamos de la Generalitat de Catalunya, la Fundación CIDOB, el Transnational Insititute y el Col•lectiu Maloka, tienen el gusto de invitarle al Seminario Internacional “ECONOMIA DE LAS DROGAS ILICITAS, ESCENARIOS DE CONFLICTO Y DERECHOS HUMANOS”


ERIC SHINE, 12.11.2007 09:51

NAOMI KLEIN AND NAOMI WOLF AND DR. LAWRENCE BRITT and others have stated that one of the key points of a MILITARY DICTATORSHIP and MILITARY RULE is the use of MILITARY TRIBUNALS... it is already underway....

Breaking News From the No Border Camp: Cross Border Kissing Booth Inspires La Migra to Violence

Seth Porcello, 12.11.2007 08:28

Border Patrol agents brutalize non-violent protestors during the No Borders Camp closing ceremony / La Migra brutaliza a manifestantes pacificos durante la ceremonia de clausura del Campamento contra las Fronteras

End of the game: Indigenous Peoples bringing down Apartheid wall

Brenda Norrell, 12.11.2007 04:33

Mohawk warriors said it is time to tear down the Apartheid wall being built by corporate profiteers at the US/Mexico border and stop the imprisonment of migrant babies and children in Texas which is enriching private prison corporations.

Kosher Swastikas

Captain Eric H. May, 12.11.2007 03:17

Captain Eric H. May, the Internet intelligence writer, tackles the ever sensitive issues of Jewish political pressure. Is it anti-Semitism to state undisputed facts, or to quote Jewish sources about Jewish realities?

San Miguel community leaders face trial for obstruction of the mine

Nicholas Clarke, 11.11.2007 23:00

Tomorrow will be the first audience against the ixtahuaqueños leaders with the legal support of the lawers of the Rigoberta Menchú Foundation. The public audience will be shoot in order to include in a documentary about the presidential campaign of the Guatemalan Nobel Prize. The films is being produced by Macanudo Films- -.

National Committee to Free the Cuban Five to Speak in Terre Haute, IN

Cathy McGuire, 11.11.2007 21:43

Members of the Natl. Committee to Free the Cuban Five are touring several cities in Indiana to talk about Fernando Gonzalez who is incarcerated in Terre Haute, IN at the federal prison there. A documentary and talk will describe the case and why it is important with regard to the War on Terrorism.

[Queda la Palabra] - Hipocresía gubernamental: Vergonzosa actitud de los representantes del pueblo español en la Cumbre Iberoamericana.

Jesús - Queda la Palabra, 11.11.2007 21:20

Al final de esta reflexión tenéis el comunicado de prensa de Izquierda Unida publicado por Europa Press ante los lamentables acontecimientos protagonizados por los dos máximos representantes del pueblo español durante la jornada de clausura de la XVII Cumbre Iberoamericana en Santiago de Chile dedicada a Justicia Social.


Israel, US Create Iran-War Group, Attack IAEA Head

Oppose Neo-Fascism, 11.11.2007 20:36

In the run-up to Iraq, Israel's hand was fairly unseen, hidden within the Pentagon's Office of Special Plans. This time around, the hand of Israel's Extremists in this impending Act of Aggression (a crime for which men hung at Nuremberg) is unmistakable.

So why is the media virtually silent ... ?

Israel to Follow Annapolis 'peace conference' With Massive Aggression

Zionism, Apartheid Irrelevent Within A Generation, 11.11.2007 20:34

The media's virtual silence on Israel's escalation of the crisis in Gaza - a crisis created by the US and Israel - and the imposition of Collective Punishment against the Palestinians suggest that they are planning to present this as a response to the attacks their measures are predicted to provoke, as opposed to a premeditated Act of Aggression.

Carta de Charo, la prostituta de Vázquez Montalbán a María Teresa Campos. Aviso a navegantes

Carlos Ortiz de Zárate, 11.11.2007 18:02

Señora; reconozco que en su nueva etapa, usted ha vuelto a lograr una importante tasa de penetración en la audiencia. Sin embargo, reitero mi opinión de que sus opciones partidistas no son las adecuadas y que no sería de extrañar que Ana Rosa Quintana volviera a excluirla de su papel de “musa de opinión”.

Report Back From Smash Tacoma ICE

the Odonians, 11.11.2007 17:06

details from Smash ICE march on Tacoma, november 9th and 10th.

Latin America’s Shock Resistance

Naomi Klein, 11.11.2007 16:31

"Today Latin Americans are picking up the project that was so brutally interrupted all those years ago. Many of the policies cropping up are familiar: nationalization of key sectors of the economy, land reform, major investments in education, literacy and healthcare. These are not revolutionary ideas, but in their unapologetic vision of a government that helps reach for equality, they are certainly a rebuke to Friedman’s 1975 assertion in a letter to Pinochet that “the major error, in my opinion, was…to believe that it is possible to do good with other people’s money.”

EMERGENCY: Antifascist killed by neo-Nazi, today in Madrid!!!

Jaume d'Urgell, 11.11.2007 14:34

A young man of about 20 years of age have been killed this morning by a stab in the heart, killed by a group of neo-Nazis in a subway station in Madrid.

Wit Announced The Release Date For, &quot;Secrets To The Universe&quot; E-Book Mobipocket Version November 11, 2007.

Wit, 11.11.2007 09:31

Etna, CA, Sunday, November 11, 2007, Wit ( announced today that the Mobipocket version of Secrets to the Universe Volume I E-book (ISBN: 0-9760650-1-0) is now available for purchase on Mobipocket store.

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