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Hong Kong Commemorated Tiananmen Square Victimes

Yan Sham-Shackleton, 04.06.2004 19:09

Hong Kong is the only place in China that allows for commenmorative events for those who died in the June 4th 1989 Crackdown in Beijing. 82 000 people attended the candle light vigil this evening. In the captial 15 people were arrested in an attempt to protest in Tiananmen Square.

Neocons making our children pay a horrible price for ther're insane greed

Joe, 04.06.2004 18:57

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Five U.S. soldiers were killed and five wounded on Friday when their vehicles were attacked in east Baghdad, the U.S. military said.

Reinvindicacion por el Medio Ambiente. 5 de Junio 2004

Carlos Franco Pacheco, 04.06.2004 18:50

32 años del Dia Mundial del Medio Ambiente
Opinion Peruana.

Reinvindicacion por el Medio Ambiente. 5 de Junio 2004

Carlos Franco Pacheco, 04.06.2004 18:43

32 años del Dia Mundial del Medio Ambiente
Opinion Peruana.

White House Insiders Fear Bush has become Mentally Ill

Doug Thompson, 04.06.2004 18:10

There is more reason than ever to remove Bush from office IMMEDIATELY. Those who deal with him most closely say he is becoming mentally unhinged - for real!


José Del Grosso, 04.06.2004 17:50

El lenguaje deja traslucir las verdades y mentiras, el propósito... de las personas. El lenguaje de la oposición venezolana deja traslucir el deseo de regresar a un pasado oscuro. El del gobierno el de construir una patria entre todos.




Invisible beam tops list of nonlethal weapons

..., 04.06.2004 17:04

Invisible beam tops list of nonlethal weapons
By Greg Gordon -- Bee Washington Bureau
Published 2:15 am PDT Tuesday, June 1, 2004

&quot;Officical&quot; death count for U.S. troops up to 823

jamie, 04.06.2004 14:57

To friends of peace and justice everywhere,

With this news, reports that the death count for U.S. GI's killed in Iraq has risen to 823. Of course, the costs to Iraqis are far greater in every measureable way. All out to DC tomorrow! jamie

Press Release - Bush Protests - Rome and Paris

Stefan S, 04.06.2004 13:42


Cleaning up the EIB? New target for renewables lending a positive first step, says Bankwatch

Greig Aitken, 04.06.2004 13:39

jpg Bonn, Germany, June 4, 2004 - CEE Bankwatch Network welcomed today's announcement from the European Investment Bank (EIB) of its new lending target for renewable energies investment. The EIB is planning to increase its lending for renewables by up to 50 percent of its financing for electricity generation in the EU by 2010. The move will represent EUR 700 million per year for renewable generation by 2010.

Build Mass Movement of Resistance: WWP candidates

John Parker &amp; Teresa Gutierrez, 04.06.2004 13:31

Message to June 5 marchers against war & occupation

European ruling class has better understanding of Kerry than US 'left': 'Expect Continuity From Kerry'

Mr Whoohoo, 04.06.2004 13:18

In the US celebrity 'activists' are calling for all-out opposition to Bush in the presidential election and pouring vitriole on anyone who dissents or suggests that Bush and Kerry are similar. They assume that there's some daylight between Kerry's positions and those of Bush. In fact, as the conservative British Financial Times argues, there isn't any significant difference.


£, 04.06.2004 12:57

W$ the slaughter...

NGO calls for changes to EU house bank

Tadeusz Mazur, 04.06.2004 12:51

jpg The European Investment Bank (EIB)is the most powerful financial instutiution that lends more money every year than the better-known World Bank. On the eve of the first EIB annual meeting following EU enlargement, an international coalition of civil society groups has published a strong wake-up call to the EIB, the least transparent, least accountable and least democratically controlled of European Union and international finance institutions.

Amnesty Benefit Night in Glasgow

7:84 Theatre Company, 04.06.2004 11:39

Amnesty Benefit Night
Sunday 13th June, 2004
Tron Theatre, Glasgow
Doors open: 7pm

Hosted by 7:84 Theatre Company featuring Andy Gray, Martin McCardie, Neil McKinven, ballboy, Zuba, Sandy Nelson, The Sanctuary Exhibition, Guest DJs, interactive exhibitions with all proceeds going to Amnesty

Chicago Actions for Day of Global Action for Guadalajara Prisoners

Calle Y Media Collectivo, 04.06.2004 09:34

Chicago activists will send a delegation to the Mexican Consulate at 12:30 pm on Friday as well as participating an a massive fax/phone/email campaign in support of the global day of action for the Guadalajara prisoners.

Santana Says USA = Racist For Ignoring Death of Elvin Jones

George Varga, 04.06.2004 08:42

Elvin Ray Jones 1927 - 2004 (photo by Jos Knaepen) "I'm really embarrassed for this nation, and for MTV and VH1 and Rolling Stone, because it was a very racist thing not to acknowledge this most important musician when he passed," Carlos Santana said. "For them to (play up) Ozzy Osbourne and other corny-ass white people, but not Elvin, is demeaning and I'm really embarrassed to live in this country."

"When that intro comes in on 'A Love Supreme' it's like the gates of heaven opening," Santana, 56, said. "In fact, when I die, if I don't hear 'A Love Supreme,' I'll turn back; I'll know I'm in the wrong place. For me, Elvin was Número Uno, forever, for all ages, for all existence.

It is because he holds Jones in such high esteem that Santana was angry at the absence of media tributes to the masterful drummer, who was 76 when he died and kept performing until just weeks before his death.

The reason for the slight, Santana believes, is a matter of racial and cultural prejudice.

"Here in the U.S., it's embarrassing (how jazz is treated). People should be ashamed of themselves."

Support the arrested and disappeared in Guadalajara Now!

artists against humanitarian repression, 04.06.2004 02:59

Ways to support the arrested and disappeared in Guadalajara now!
Donate, write, act, complain. Details of how, plus details of Guadalajara issues.

Stop Police Brutality: Concerned Wellington (Aotearoa/New Zealand) citizens met Mexican Ambassador

smush, 04.06.2004 02:45

Today, concerned citizens joined an international day of action to condemn the police brutality towards protesters opposing the summit of Governments and Heads of Sate of Latin America, the Caribbean and the European Union in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Pakistan Vexing Indigenous people

Asad Owaisi, 04.06.2004 02:20

Pakistan Vexing Indigenous people -- Please Support Balawaristan National Front

The War on Art

Jim Baldauf, 04.06.2004 00:02

Recent government suppression of art and artists should be countered with more art.

Bush &amp; Fundamentalist Christian Magazine Never Apologized for U.S. Military Torture

Concerned American, 03.06.2004 23:44

According to the magazine "Christianity Today", Bush "never apologized to the Arab World" for the torture in Iraq, and imply this is a good thing.

Bush &amp; Fundamentalist Christian Magazine Never Apologized for U.S. Military Torture

Concerned American, 03.06.2004 23:38

According to the magazine "Christianity Today", Bush "never apologized to the Arab World" for the torture in Iraq, and imply this is a good thing.

The other 9/11 feature documentary - &quot;Liberty Bound&quot; Release annouced

zRants, 03.06.2004 22:54

"Liberty Bound" - A US Citizen's journey of discovery into the lies,
oppression, and corruption that has invaded her country since 9/11.

Repression Worsens in Guadalajara

La Jornada, 03.06.2004 22:25

The repression against nonconformist young people here becomes more serious every day. Since this morning, patrols of the Preventive Police continue to surround the Independent Media Center (CMI)—filial of the international agency Indymedia—on the corner of Zaragoza and Juan Manuel, and in the evening, anti-riot police forcefully dispersed a peaceful assembly in front of the Municipal Palace. Through the course of several hours, seven boys were taken prisoner—one of whom, Benjamin Quirarte, was brutally beaten in the installations of Public Security.

Florida Politics

zRants, 03.06.2004 22:24

How Kerry is Blowing it in Florida

Blacks Have Always Been “Enemy Combatants”

Kwasi Seitu, 03.06.2004 22:12

An enemy combatant, according to the “New World Order” of “W” and gang, means that a person can be seized and held indefinitely on general principle, baseless and absurd allegations, and outright lies. An enemy combatant has no rights that those who seize and hold him are bound to respect. The U.S. Constitution, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Geneva Conventions, nor any other rule of law can be relied upon for protection. Funny, but really not, this sounds like the U.S. Supreme Court decision in the Dred Scott case, were it declared that black people had no rights that whites (meaning America) was bound to respect.

Electromagnetic Radiation (emr) Weapons: As Powerful as the Atomic Bomb

..., 03.06.2004 21:43

Electromagnetic Radiation Weapons: As Powerful as the Atomic Bomb

The Cloud Of AntiSemetism, A Detail In Crime

£, 03.06.2004 21:30

- Germans, like other, non-english languages, have a multi-faceted view of 'shame'. English has no equivalent word for this 'first half' shame. (note: words like 'humility' or 'humble-ness' are inaccurate)
antiSemetism v "antiSemetism"

Chemtrails In The Mainstream News

Amy Worthington, 03.06.2004 21:00

North America is now suffering its seventh year of conspicuous and dangerous aerosol and electromagnetic operations conducted by the U.S. government under the guise of national security. Concerned citizens watch in fear as military tankers discolor the skies with toxic chemicals that morph into synthetic clouds.

Help Support Free Speech TV!

Brian, 03.06.2004 20:59

DirecTV Should Carry Free Speech TV
This website has an online petition to appeal to satellite service provider DirecTV to carry Free Speech TV.

Guadalajara: Journée de mobilitation mondiale ce vendredi 4 juin

Appel d'imc Guadalajara, 03.06.2004 20:09

Après la violente répression qui a marqué les actions de protestation contre le 3e sommet des chefs d'État et de gouvernement des pays d'Amérique latine et des Caraïbes et de l'Union européenne, les arrestations se poursuivent à Guadalajara.


socialismo rivoluzionario - italia, 03.06.2004 16:48

Pacifist, united, mass

Group of Eight Pre-Summit Conference to be held in Bloomington, Indiana

Douglas Wilmoth, 03.06.2004 16:43

Indiana University to Host G8 Pre-Summit Conference, June 3-4

FUEL CRISIS: stock up on supplies!

Acheson Intelligence Group, 03.06.2004 16:31

Could recent fuel and energy shortages around the world be linked to a major global fuel crisis? And if so, would the crisis be kept secret? One day the supply of fossil fuel will no longer be able to meet demand. Civilisation as we know it will cease to exist when the life-blood of civilisation no longer flows in sufficient quantity.

in the high court london

independent reporter, 03.06.2004 15:10

please take a look

hello imc people

informant, 03.06.2004 14:06

Fascit alert on IMC

Death count now at 818 from

jamie, 03.06.2004 13:45

818 U.S. GI's and countless Iraqis have now died in Iraq war. Details follow on latest loses. Hearts and minds remain elusive. jamie


Ives Gandra da Silva Martins, 03.06.2004 12:47

"Cada vez mais se percebe que Bush mentiu para o povo americano e para o mundo, como o ditador nazista mentiu para seu povo, ao levá-lo à guerra "

Justice does not live in a court. No court can prosecute those who dared to rebel

Comitato Anarchico di Difesa e Solidarietà, 03.06.2004 01:16

After the 20th July 2001´ revolt, enquiry and arrests, in March 2004 in Genoa
started the process against 26 manifestants (actually 25 after the extraction of
one of them due to a formal fault) in charge for ?devastation and pillage?.
A process that, once more, although the general callings for an illusory state
based on right, rhetorically made by the democratic, leftist and progressive
dog-dom, it appears to be clearly unbalanced in favour of the accusation,
represented by the prosecuting attorneys CANEPA and CANCIANI and by the
procurator´s bureau of Genoa tribunal.


Comitato Anarchico di Difesa e Solidarietà, 03.06.2004 01:04

Dopo la rivolta del Luglio 2001, inchieste e arresti, si è aperto nel marzo 2004 a Genova, il processo contro 26 manifestanti (ora 25 dopo lo stralcio di uno di essi per vizi di forma) accusati di "devastazione e saccheggio".
Un processo che, ancora una volta, nonostante gli appelli generali ad un illusorio stato di diritto, lanciati retoricamente dalla canea democratica, sinistrorsa e progressista, si sta confermando chiaramente sbilanciato a favore dell'accusa, rappresentata dai PM CANEPA e CANCIANI e dalla procura del tribunale di Genova.

David Gilbert book launches June 8,9,10 Boston, Philly, NYC

AG Press, 03.06.2004 00:31

former Weatherman and current political prisoner David Gilbert's new book NO SURRENDER by Abraham Guillen Press/Arm the Spirit launches June 8,9,10 in Boston, Philly, NYC

Latest news from

www.globalecho webmaster, 02.06.2004 23:54 is an Open publishing platform that invites registered users to post news, opinion, and comment on local and global issues. Intended for non-mainstream political and social news and views.

Bush Chooses New Head of Iraqi Governing Council

Guy, 02.06.2004 23:30

Washington DC, USA - In a surprise move that shocked many Americans, President George W. Bush picked a new President for the Iraqi Governing Council - an American citizen.

- = FREE CAMENISCH = - 04 giugno 2004 - presidio nazionale - Firenze - Italy

Comitato Anarchico di Difesa e Solidarietà, 02.06.2004 23:23

Manifestazione Internazionale per Marco Camenisch

10 MAGGIO - 4 GIUGNO 2004

NPD-Zentrale / Abschiebeknast: &quot;Endlich weg damit!&quot;

Kampagnen-Büro, 02.06.2004 22:17

Endlich weg damit! Im Frühjahr 2004 haben sich in Berlin verschiedene antirassistische und antifaschistische Gruppen, Organisationen und Einzelpersonen zusammengefunden und eine Kampagne gegen die NPD-Zentrale in der Köpenick und den Abschiebeknast in Grünau ins Leben gerufen. Seitdem gab es verschiedene thematische Veranstaltungen hierzu und am 6. Juni 2004 soll eine Demonstration die Anliegen der Kampagne öffentlich machen.

UPDF Starving Kony

Anonymous, 02.06.2004 20:51

Developments in the Ugandan crisis. (From The Ugandan New Vision 6-2-4.)

Resistance To Continue , Even Against the United Nations!!!

,, 02.06.2004 19:05


the tragic reality of the movement

the urban guerrilla liberation front, 02.06.2004 18:49

Urban Guerrilla Liberation Front Calls the Vanguard to action. Protesters and activists sell out the movement by submitting to Designated "free" Speech Zones.

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