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Rudy Giuliani’s Wheelchair Theft just the Tip of the Iceberg

Karen Fish, 29.11.2007 15:54

Rudy and Friends Rudy Giuliani was one hair away from the Presidency.

Venezuelan Opposition Protesters Shoot Chavez Supporter: How the ruling class responds to democracy

Kiraz Janicke, 29.11.2007 15:25

"National Assembly Deputy Francisco Ameliach and the Mayor of Guacara, José Manuel Flores, who visited the neighborhood to pay their respects to the Oliveros' family, reported that opposition groups in Ciudad Alianza that claim to represent "civil society" have marked the houses of Chavez supporters, or those they believe to be Chavez supporters, with red paint and "have said they are going to kill them."

Holland: students protest against 'dumbing down'

Henk Ruyssenaars - Journalist, 29.11.2007 15:07

Tomorrow, Nov. 30th 2007, pupils in the whole country again will protest against the 'dumbing down' via their schools: they want 'quality' in their education. Not the government proscribed 'quantity' of 1040 school hours. The present school system - according to an education professor - is dangerous.

Venezuela’s D-Day: Democratic Socialism or Imperial Counter-Revolution

James Petras, 29.11.2007 15:02

"The outcome of the Referendum of December 2 is a decisive historical event first and foremost for Venezuela but also for the rest of the Americas. A positive vote (Vota ‘Sí’) will provide the legal framework for the democratization of the political system, the socialization of strategic economic sectors, empower the poor and provide the basis for a self-managed factory system. A negative vote (or a successful US-backed civil-military uprising) will reverse the most promising living experience of popular self-rule, of advanced social welfare and democratically based socialism. A reversal, especially a military dictated outcome, will lead to a massive blood bath, such as we have not seen since the days of the Indonesian Generals’ Coup of 1966, which killed over a million workers and peasants or the Argentine Coup of 1976 in which over 30,000 Argentines were murdered by the US backed Generals."

Reviewing James Petras and Henry Veltmeyer's &quot;Multinationals on Trial&quot;

Stephen Lendman, 29.11.2007 12:56

How corporate giants plunder developing nations.

Casas viejas está siendo desalojada

coconut, 29.11.2007 12:50

A primera hora de la mañana de hoy 29 de noviembre el c.s.o.a. casas viejas ha sido invadida por un numeroso grupo de antidisturbios para realizar el desalojo del centro. El cuerpo de polícia esta sumiendo además el terror en las calles desplazando a todo el que ve en las proximidades de la zona sevillana y cortando las protestas de resistencia por medio de la violencia.

RIL sturdily refuses to have any plan for RNRL Acquisition

Manu Dagar, 29.11.2007 11:23

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) strongly denies that there is any plan, or any talks with ADAG for acquiring RNRL

Khalid Awan a victim of &quot;creative legal theories&quot; and religious profiling.

muhammad yar, 29.11.2007 07:29

"I am not a terrorist, I do not know any terrorists," U.S. officials presented incriminating evidences in court. Mr. Awan was caught on tape calling a leader of the Sikh terrorist group in India, from prison. And several modified,Bogus,False Sikh witnesses testified against Mr Awan by FBI, including one he had met in jail .Mr. Awan has filed court documents that assert he falsely confessed to crimes because FBI agents threatened him with lethal injection and said that they would have RCMP officers arrest his sisters in Montreal. "I tried to give answers so they would be pleased and not give me the death penalty," Mr. Awan wrote in court documents ,

Something Beautiful in Remote Oaxaca: Real Democracy

Nathan Kleinman, 29.11.2007 07:19

The election of radical activist (and former political prisoner) Agustin Sosa Ortega as mayor of Huautla de Jimenez, the Mazatec hub in northern Oaxaca. Brief coverage of his first Social Forum, aimed at the creation of a Democratic municipal development plan, with a brief explanation of Huautla's recent history. Originally appeared at

Opération Exposition Coloniale, 29.11.2007 05:49

Banniere Opération Exposition Coloniale Manifestation Revendicative & Sonore {Contre un racisme d'Etat Contre une Immigration jetable Contre un fichage des individu-e-s Pour la Liberté des Peuples Pour la Diversité des Cultures Pour le Respect de toutes les Différences :} Parade Solidaire contre un Cirque Sécuritaire {Samedi 1er décembre 2007 à 14h Place Felix Eboué - PARIS XII - Métro Daumesnil}



DOCUMENTAL mission diplomatique rwanda 1994 The international launching of the Humanitarian Documentary film "The Daily of a Colombian Child in the War", made by the Humanitarian International NGO, Missión Diplomatique Internationale Humanitaire RWANDA 1994 that works with Colombian children affected by the armed conflict

des sites d'extréme droite français piratés et hors d'usage

anti fascist, 29.11.2007 00:19

une dizaine de sites d’extrême droite français parmi les plus racistes et xénophobes piratée et hors d’usage pour le moment

Uranium waste: Russian post for German state prosecutor

Aktionsbündnis Münsterland gegen Atomanlagen, 28.11.2007 23:17

A year ago Russian opponents of atomic power filed a criminal complaint in Münster against Urenco Deutschland, alleging illegal transportation of atomic waste from Gronau to Russia. The state attorney’s office started to investigate, but wanted to be quickly rid of the politically charged case. In May it stopped its investigation of the globally leading uranium enrichment firm. Now the Russian activists are demanding resumption of the investigation and have engaged a lawyer from Münster.
The background is the delivery by now of more than 21,000 tonnes of depleted uranium from Gronau to Russia. Depleted uranium (DU) is a waste product created in uranium enrichment. Urenco and the licensing and supervisory bodies in North-Rhine Westphalia and Berlin claim that the DU is valuable recyclable material, but there is no commercial world market for it. It is used for armour-breaching ammunition and to dilute weapons-grade uranium. Urenco claims the DU is re-enriched in Russia to return to Gronau. The reality is that since 2003 Urenco has not imported uranium from Russia. Instead, RWE Nukem became the importer of natural uranium.

Catholic Priest in Arvada, CO does not respond as &quot;Loving Pastor of His flock&quot; Priest exposed on tape mistreats parishioner in personal meeting &amp; denies allegation of surveillance of church on his home personal computer

misconduct, 28.11.2007 22:37

Catholic Priest caught on tape during meeting with a parishioner and displays frustration and contempt towards this person who inquired why others and he were terminated from the Life-Teen music group. Priest was questioned about surveillance of Church on his home personal computer without consent from the parishioners may be in violation of the Privacy Act. This matter was brought to the attention of this individual by a staff member @ Spirit of Christ Catholic Community. Priest denied the allegation on tape and displayed anger.

racism in Japan

FU, 28.11.2007 22:08

r From 20 November 2007, the government of Japan has branded all foreigners (with a few specific exceptions) as potential terrorists.

Another CIA sponsored Coup D'Etat? Venezuela’s D-Day

Negroponte &quot;US war criminals&quot; Watch, 28.11.2007 21:47

Apart from the deep involvement of the US, the primary organization of the Venezuelan business elite (FEDECAMARAS), as well as all the major private television, radio and newspaper outlets have been engaged in a vicious fear and intimidation campaign. Food producers, wholesale and retail distributors have created artificial shortages of basic food items and have provoked large scale capital flight to sow chaos in the hopes of reaping a ‘no’ vote.

Alternative Money under attack: &quot;Liberty Dollar&quot; raided by Feds

O. O'Connell, 28.11.2007 21:44

The head office of alternative money "Liberty Dollar" was raided by Federal Agents on the morning of 15/11/2007. Founder Bernard Von NotHaus has long been a kind of political gadfly and monetary pioneer, and had recently sued the US Mint for what was claimed to be defamatory remarks regarding Liberty Dollar.


Por Iris Armas Padrino, 28.11.2007 20:04

Hace siete años Venezuela y Cuba dieron un paso concreto en la búsqueda de la verdadera solidaridad humana y el trabajo conjunto, para devolver a los venezolanos el bienestar de la salud.

Respondiendo al bilateral Convenio Integral de Cooperación de Salud, rubricado por ambos gobiernos, el 30 de noviembre de 2000 arribó a La Habana el primer vuelo con pacientes, quienes serían atendidos de forma gratuita en instituciones médicas de alto nivel de la Isla.


Jodiabs, 28.11.2007 19:13 desk3 [url=]desk4[/url] [link=]desk6[/link]


Carlos Ortiz de Zárate, 28.11.2007 17:54

El capitán Hastings agradece la aportación de Descartes para el planteamiento de la escenografía de la actualidad. En efecto, de la misma manera que el filósofo, ya en el título, prioriza la existencia vivenciada a la pensada, nuestro grupo de teatro puede salir de su atolladero priorizando la existencia al mero texto de la actualidad.

Iraq: Looking Back: 'Internationally Sponsored Genocide'

GRC, 28.11.2007 17:53

As you know, when I was here in April/May 1992, I thought things could get no worse. Yet in July this year, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations note in a Report: '..with deep regret', all the: 'pre-famine indicators being in place'. Further that an appreciable proportion of the population now had less calorific intake than the most famine stricken parts of Africa.

Bildung einer demokratischen Weltgemeinschaft

E. Boller, 28.11.2007 13:50

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren

Auf Grund der dramatischen und brekären Entwicklung im Weltgeschehen, sehen wir uns veranlasst, Ihnen unseren Entwurf zu einer umfassenden weltweiten Systemänderung: Bildung einer demokratischen Weltgemeinschaft, zukommen zu lassen.
Dem bestehenden hauptsächlich auf Geld ausgerichteten System, nicht nur mit Kritik, sondern auch mit umsetzbaren Änderungsvorschlägen entgegen zu treten, erscheint uns als wichtige Zielssetzung.
Es geht primär nicht darum alle Staaten gleichzuschalten, sondern eben diese Farben zu erhalten, dies möchten wir erwähnen, um den eher nationalistisch eingestellten Menschen ihre Bedenken zu nehmen.
So suspekt Ihnen dieser Artikel auch erscheinen mag, denken wir doch dass er einiges an Brisanz in sich beinhaltet, über den nachzudenken es sich durchaus lohnt.
Wir jedenfalls gehen davon aus, dass sich im weltpolitischen Gefüge die nächsten Jahre einiges radikal ändern wird - und auch muss.
Gerade deshalb sollten wir auch "unmögliches" in Betracht ziehen.
Eine gesunde Mischung des "freien"neoliberalen und kommunistischen Gedankengutes, vereint unter dem Leitbild der alles umfassenden Liebe...Klingt doch sicher besser als "Geiz ist Geil", oder?
Wir würden es begrüssen, wenn Sie diesen Artikel weiterleiten oder auf Ihrer Homepage veröffentlichen würden.
Somit möchte ich mich für Ihre aufgewendete Zeit für unser Anliegen, bedanken und
wünschen Ihnen einen guten Tag!

Mit freundlichen Grüssen

E. Boller

Humans Hope
CH-8593 Kesswil

Fake French 'charity' sued over 103 stolen &quot;Darfur Kids&quot;

Henk Ruyssenaars - Senior Africa correspondent, 28.11.2007 10:38

French 'charity' Zoe's Ark tried to fly out 103 children they kidnapped in Chad. The plan was to present the children to the world as 'Darfur orphans': 'poor war torn kids' in need of parents. Who however were very much alive, worried to death and desperately looking for their stolen children. Can you imagine the pain?

French fake: Sudan sues 'charity' over 103 stolen &quot;Darfur&quot; Kids

Sudanese Tribune +Henk Ruyssenaars, 28.11.2007 09:34

The French so called 'charity' Zoe's Ark illegally tried to fly out 103 children they kidnapped in Chad. The plan was to present the children to the world as 'Darfur victims': 'poor war torn kids' in need of parents. Who however were alive, and desperately looking for their stolen children. Can you imagine the pain?

Beware: Black Gold will turn their future black.

Mihir Bhonsale, 28.11.2007 07:33

This article is an account of the impact of iron ore mining on the Tribal Communities in Goa and their gradual organized resistence to the phenomena of usurping natural resources by vested interests.

Citizens’ Groups Reject Dirty Waste Technologies, Call for “Zero Waste for Zero Warming:”

GAIA, 28.11.2007 07:22

As the international community faces up to the looming climate change, public interest groups from over 30 countries across the globe are pushing for “Zero Waste for Zero Warming” as an urgent solution to cut back and combat greenhouse gas emissions from dirty waste disposal technologies. To mark the annual Global Day of Action against Waste and Incineration, now on its sixth year, environmental health and justice groups took action to raise citizens’ opposition over the reckless marketing and financing for landfills and incinerators, highlighting the fact that dirty technologies will not clear the atmosphere of climate changing emissions. Together, the groups called for global support for Zero Waste alternatives to dumps, landfills and incinerators.

Reporters sans frontières contre Hugo Chávez

RSF Watch, 28.11.2007 06:58

Comme à son habitude, l’association de droit français co-subventionnée par les services états-uniens et le gouvernement français, Reporters sans frontières, a profité du passage à Paris du président Hugo Chávez pour se livrer à une nouvelle diatribe contre la révolution bolivarienne ; comme d’habitude, l’association n’a pas hésité à asséner les plus gros mensonges pour servir la propagande de Washington et tenter de discréditer une expérience politique originale qui résiste à l’Empire états-unien.

Motion to Intervene in Criminal Court in St. Augustine, Florida, for Failure of Police to Maintain and Produce Records

Dwight Hines, 28.11.2007 04:39

Florida Rules for Electronic Records require that all state agencies and local governments keep their records in specific forms that can be shown to the public, if asked. Not doing so, according to the Florida State Archives, puts the agency at risk if there are lawsuits against the agency because not having proper records hurts credibility. Florida law also allows media, or private citizens to intervene in criminal cases if the intervernor has a specific interest. Because the St. Augustine Police have refused to produce required discovery information, that is the equivalent of not producing open records.


Harris Buckland, CT News Staff Writer, 28.11.2007 04:36

The University of Vermont Student Labor Action Project (SLAP) must have never read the words of the Italian labor organizer and revolutionary Errico Malatesta. Last spring SLAP embarked on their most dramatic action yet with 13 members vowing not to eat until the University administration agree to a policy that would guarantee a base wage of $13.64 per hour to all campus employees.


Harris Buckland, CT News Staff Writer, 28.11.2007 04:26

The University of Vermont Student Labor Action Project (SLAP) must have never read the words of the Italian labor organizer and revolutionary Errico Malatesta. Last spring SLAP embarked on their most dramatic action yet with 13 members vowing not to eat until the University administration agree to a policy that would guarantee a base wage of $13.64 per hour to all campus employees.

La supremacía de la Constitución Política del Estado

Jhonny Lazo Zubieta, 27.11.2007 22:49

En Bolivia el 8 de abril de 2005, el Congreso sancionado la Ley Nº 3015. Ley que tiene plena vigencia en nuestro país, que es anticonstitucional y que es la causa de todos los conflictos que estamos viviendo. Creo que no hace falta comentar que los Prefectos en ejercicio, de los nueve departamentos, se encuentran al margen de la Ley y, por tanto, todos, absolutamente todos deben ser revocados de sus mandatos por imperio de la ley. Pues la Ley se cumple, no se discute.

Abuses and Deprivations in American Prison

Leonna A. Brandao, 27.11.2007 21:24

Abused and deprived prisoners kept in solitary confinement, pleading for legal and outside help.

Wanted sources on those Israelis and Arabs who are married and life withint the New York State area.

Mr. Roger M. Christian, 27.11.2007 20:21

There are no central support group which is active in the Internet for Israelis and Arabs ( Palestinians ) who are married. Moreover, The Foundation " for " Arab - Israeli Reconciliation - Ithaca, New York has been approached by graduate students from both NYU and Columbia University concerning their working thesis.

Tragedy and Travesty at Annapolis

Stephen Lendman, 27.11.2007 20:18

The latest chapter in the sham Middle East peace process.

In light of annapolis: The Confederal Model

Danni`el Qeletti, 27.11.2007 19:56

We should all SHIFT our perspective, CHANGE our terminology and - ABOVE ALL!! - Update our Minds. Let us not speak of "occupation" vs "the green line" anymore - but instead, let us speak of apartheid vs a TRULY Democratic State

Bush just made Iraq an American colony. Hello

Damian Lataan, 27.11.2007 19:33

PRESIDENT SIGNS DOCUMENT EFFECTIVELY MAKING IRAQ A COLONY OF THE U. launch. The place for creative people to buy and sell their work.

Eleanor Hunt, 27.11.2007 17:27

Zeecreate, buy, sell create, The launch of a new website this xmas, to enable artists and craftmen to be able to sell their work.

Manifeste à Strasbour pour le service public

Kinostrasbourg, 27.11.2007 17:11

Les images d'une manifestation, les regrets d'un retraité qui n'a pas forcément envie de lutter et que tout cela lasse, les revendication d'une syndicaliste, une réalisation qui participe à cette manif' et essaie de la soutenir.

Asturias, complejo químico de Dupont: ausencia de datos de emisiones contaminantes.

Carmelo de Samalea, 27.11.2007 16:43

En la sección española del European Pollutant Emision Registe (EPER) solamente aparecen los óxidos de nitrógeno (calculado en 2005)y el vertido al agua de COT en 2002 (medido) de las tres plantas que la multinacional Dupont tiene en Asturias.

BREAKING: Hillary’s Criminal Fundraiser, Mark Shields TREASON, Leo Wantas Missing Gold

Tom Heneghan, 27.11.2007 14:17

Major fundraiser and pollster to unelectable CLOSET lesbian Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, Vinod Gupta, is under investigation by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) in regards to misuse of corporate funds to benefit unelectable Hillary Clinton.
Shields was in Los Angeles, California on November 22, 1963, and tipped off his CIA handlers several hours before the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, that Karyn Kupcinet, the daughter of former Chicago Sun Times columnist Irv Kupcinet, between 9:00 and 9:15 a..m. PST made phone calls to the Los Angeles FBI and to her father in Chicago, that she had received information from a friend at the British Consulate in Los Angeles, that President Kennedy was about to be assassinated later that day in Dallas, Texas.

Asablea autónomxs de la complutense

bili the kid, 27.11.2007 09:05

Convocatoria dee asamblea de autónomxs

Bugged and tracked via your cell phone

Henk Ruyssenaars - Former correspondent in Scandinavia, 27.11.2007 07:42

People at LM Ericsson in Sweden went on strike three decades ago because they refused to make telephones with build-in bugging software for the dictatorial Stroessner regime in Paraguay. Nowadays people - like in Greece - are killed or 'suicided' if they talk about what really can be done via a cell phone.

Les munitions radioactives utilisées au Moyen-Orient plus mortelles que les bombes d’Hiroshima et Nagasaki

antinucléaire, 27.11.2007 06:48

Selon Arthur Bernklau, du groupe « Veterans For Constitutional Law », « L’effet à long terme de l’Uranium Appauvri revient à une condamnation à mort. L’Irak est un désert toxique. Quiconque s’y trouve à de bonne chance d’avoir cancer et leucémie. En Irak, le taux de naissance avec mutations est totalement hors de contrôle. »

Peace a la Americaine

Erin Ellingson, 27.11.2007 06:17

This is an opinion editorial about the US government's employment of a shadow army, its misconduct, and the government's deliberate failure to do anything about it.

Nano Coffee Energy Tablets Announces Winner of the “Dead Tired and Hot Wired” 2007 Awards For the Presidential Candidates!

NANO COFFEE Energy Tablets, 27.11.2007 04:58

New York, NY (November 27, 2007) Jan Stuart, founder of Nano Coffee™ Energy Boosting Tablets, an American Healthy Energy Supplement Company, has announced the winner of the first annual 2007 Dead Tired & Hot Wired Awards.


Frosty Wooldridge, 27.11.2007 03:44

Tina Griego, journalist for the Denver Rocky Mountain News wrote a column titled, "Mexican Visitor's Lament"
- 10/25/07.

Annapolis: Only Fools Believing in Miracles Rush In

Mohamed Khodr, 27.11.2007 02:25

Whenever the U.S. and/or Israel are planning a military operation in the Middle East they either before or after such an operation appease and quiet the Arabs by dangling the lives and fate of millions of Palestinians in the balance of the usual lie of a "peace conference". Bush Sr. after the First Gulf War held the failed Madrid Peace Conference and now his son, Bush Jr., after his devastating illegal invasion of Iraq and his alleged upcoming Israel and Neocon driven plan to attack Iran holds another failed MidEast conference, a one day conference whose only memory will be in photo ops and in Israel's files of another sabotaged American faux pax plan. See you next, next, next Summit, etcetera.

Roque de Pablo opina-entrevista

Emily Anderson, 27.11.2007 01:45


Hace algún tiempo, leímos por Internet un reportaje a Roque de Pablo,
posiblemente había sido hecho en Buenos Aires, luego algunos escritos,
opiniones y su paso por Bolivia. Actualmente reside en Paraguay, su país
natal y desde allí, después de mucho tiempo, se decidió a hablar sobre
algunos temas que seguramente desatarán nuevamente la polémica.
Escritor, cantautor, es un personaje muy influyente sobre la opinión de
algunos políticos, intelectuales, y estudiantes de América y Europa.

[Queda la Palabra] - Graves atentados a la soberanía democrática del pueblo boliviano por los fascistas del capital.

Jesús - Queda la Palabra, 27.11.2007 00:45

Graves atentados a los derechos de los políticos y por lo tanto a la soberanía democrática del pueblo ejecutado por los fascistas y amigos del capital que no quieren ver repartidas la riquezas naturales de Bolivia pues se las quieren quedar para su propio enriquecimiento. Malditos malnacidos que como buitres carroñeros están matando en las calles para desestabilizar un régimen democrático del pueblo.

[Queda la Palabra] - Retomar el diálogo Venezuela-España. Para hacer aún más evidente a quien no le interesa dialogar.

Jesús - Queda la Palabra, 26.11.2007 20:42

Quisiera hacer llegar esta reflexión al compañero Hugo Chávez. Desde el colectivo por la Justicia y los Derechos de las Personas “Queda la Palabra” hemos analizado la importancia que tiene que Chávez de un primer paso y pida disculpas a Zapatero por no haber respetado las formas aparentes e interrumpirle en su turno de palabra, pero también debe seguir exigiendo que el rey de España, que perdió aún más las formas mandándole callar, le pida disculpas a él mismo.

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