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American Indian Genocide Museum: Russell goes to Washington

Steve Melendez, 24.12.2007 15:33

Steve Melendez, Pyramid Lake Paiute and president of the American Indian Genocide Museum, speaks out on the Indian Claims Commission's actions of abrogation of treaty rights, following Russell Means and the Lakota Freedom Delegation's action in Washington.

FELICIDADES! ¿Mamones! (Invitación a la revista “Nature”)

noaptaparacardíacos, 24.12.2007 14:35

Les invitamos a reproducir el siguiente mecanoscrito: TEORÍA DEL ANTI-EGO (un cuanto para la navidad) (egustin antunez corrales) department in animal in biology in faculty in sciences in university in malaga in rizomecs

Alternative Monetary Systems

Duric Aljosa, 24.12.2007 14:16

So what are you going to do about it ?

BRASIL: Libro trata sobre la relación de la Iglesia con los pueblos indígenas

Edison Hüttner, 24.12.2007 13:32

BRASIL: Libro trata sobre la relación de la Iglesia con los pueblos indígenas
Adital -A través de su editora EDIPUCRS, la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Río Grande do Sul (Porto Alegre - Brasil), lanzó en septiembre el libro "La Iglesia Católica y los Pueblos Indígenas de Brasil: Los Ticuna de la Amazonia", del Dr. Édison Hüttner. El libro trata de una de las obras más completas sobre la verdadera relación de la Iglesia Católica de Brasil con los pueblos indígenas brasileros


BRUNO BERARDI, 24.12.2007 13:21

il presidente Buon Natale Prodi e che il panettone ti vada di traverso

Finanziaria 2008 soldi per tutti i parassiti di Stato

This Way Out: Audiofile 2007 Year in Review

Overnight Productions, Inc., 24.12.2007 12:23

December 24, 2007: The gender-and-genre-bending music of LGBT artists provided the "soundtrack" for the ongoing struggle for queer equality around the world. Our "top seven CD" list includes releases by Levi Kreis, The Cliks, Bluehouse, Joshua Klipp, Jennifer Leitham, Brian Glenn, and Ari Gold. (NewsWrap returns in two weeks.)

Statement given by GORKA LUPIAÑEZ MINTEGI.

Gorka Lupiañez, 24.12.2007 11:32

Gorka Lupiañez is a Basque young who was 5 days under incommunicado arrest in the Guardia Civil police station in Madrid. After the five days, he was sent to prison under incommunicado imprisoment for another 8 days. Here it is his torture statement. The Spanish democracy.

Felicitación de navidad

Jesús - Queda la Palabra, 23.12.2007 20:51


la Chiesa dei Potenti della Terra

pietro Ancona, 23.12.2007 14:34

diplomazia della conversione al cattolicesimo di Blair e della nomina di sarcozy a Canonico di Francia


ΧΑΦΙΕΣ ΤΗΣ ΑΣΦΑΛΕΙΑΣ, 23.12.2007 13:17

Διευρύνεται ο κύκλος των εκβιαστών “προβληματικών”πολιτικών

[QP] - MUY IMPORTANTE: &quot;Este año no vendrán los Reyes Magos ni sus Pajes&quot;

Jesús - Queda la Palabra, 23.12.2007 12:19

Tarjeta de felicitación -

Un mois de janvier décisif pour l'avenir de l'agriculture française

Vigilance, 23.12.2007 10:44

Militant de Greenpeace Poitiers Samedi 22 décembre, Greenpeace Poitiers a projeté en plein air sur l’église Notre Dame la Grande plusieurs spots vidéos sur les OGM. Ils souhaitent grâce à cette action d'interpellation, informer, sensibiliser et convaincre le grand public d'agir. Selon eux, il est temps que les décideurs politiques et économiques s’engagent réellement vers une autre politique.

VAMOS Unidos Organizes Bronx Street Vendors

Rafael Samanez (Director and Organizer), 23.12.2007 08:45

VAMOS Unidos, a Bronx, NY street vendor organization is born. Street vendors work against arrests and confiscations and fight for greater access to licenses.

Fina García al borde de la EJECUCION!!!

Aitor., 23.12.2007 08:32

LIBERTAD PARA FINA YA!!!!!!! De nuevo, ayer viernes 21 de diciembre a la noche, la presa política del PCE(r) JOSEFINA GARCIA ARANBURU ha tenido que ser trasladada de máxima urgencia al Hospital Príncipe de Asturias.

2007: A Tumultuous Year

Jamal Dajani, 23.12.2007 06:19

From Saddam Hussein's execution to Iran 's Nuclear program, 2007 has been a horrific year for the Middle East. What were the surprises of the year? And will peace prevail in 2008?

The answers to these questions and more on Link TV's Mosaic Intelligence Report presented by Jamal Dajani.

Nostradamus' Lost Book Bombshells - Part I

Seven Star Hand, 23.12.2007 05:25

This is now Part One of a multi-part series. It has been reworked and is full of surprises for those who read the first article.

bus strike, repression in Barcelona

p, 23.12.2007 00:47

News of a militant bus strike by the anarcho-syndicalist union CGT, as well as information on recent squat evictions and solidarity actions

Homeless Forcibly Removed from New Orleans' Duncan Plaza

Tanya Paperny, 22.12.2007 22:10

Clean Up State orders demanded the removal of tent city in Duncan Plaza yesterday.

The Al Gore Jamie Lynn Spears Pope Benedict Climate Change Connection

Karen Fish, 22.12.2007 19:37

Al Gore We are all parts of the same wheel. United we stand divided we fall.


ΑΔΙΑΦΘΟΡΟΙ, 22.12.2007 17:20



Ο κ. ΚΑΤΣΙΚΑΣ ΧΡΗΣΤΟΣ ΕΚΒΙΑΣΤΗΣ...., 22.12.2007 16:02

Διευρύνεται ο κύκλος των εκβιαστών “προβληματικών”πολιτικών
(Αλλά τι περιμένεις από έναν απατεώνα που δεν δηλώνει εκπαιδευτικός που είναι το επάγγελμά του


ΚΑΤΣΙΚΑΣ ΧΡΗΣΤΟΣ ΕΚΒΙΑΣΤΗΣ...., 22.12.2007 16:00



(Αλλά τι περιμένεις από έναν απατεώνα που δεν δηλώνει εκπαιδευτικός που είναι το επάγγελμά του αλλά δημοσιογράφος. Ενας φιλόλογος σε νυχτερινό σχολείο (που δεν πατάει και ποτε σύμφωνα με πληροφορίες από μέσα) και το παίζει ερευνητής της Εκπαίδευσης!!!!

Lakota activists home burns to the ground

Brenda Norrell, 22.12.2007 15:07

Lakota activists Alex and Debra White Plume's home burned to the ground in Manderson, S.D., on Pine Ridge. Debra is among those leading the opposition to new uranium mining on the Oglala Sioux Nation. Alex and Debra have been leaders in the struggle to protect sacred land and Indigenous Peoples rights.

Uncensored media honors for 2007

Brenda Norrell, 22.12.2007 15:01

As the mainstream media became more twisted, racist, distracted and fraudulent in 2007, Indigenous Peoples struggled to find new ways to publish their news, documenting crimes of genocide and apartheid. Mohawk Nation News publisher Kahentinetha Horn wins top honors for writing, publishing and taking action.

Interview with Kurt Richebecher

Kurt Richebacher, 22.12.2007 13:56

Dr. Richebacher is the former chief economist of the Dresden Bank.


Ishmael, 22.12.2007 12:01

International pressure has only saved 50 Humpbacks. We have a thousand more to rescue this year alone.

Christmas at Clear Channel

ltinpdx, 22.12.2007 08:21

Clear Channel Communications is the largest owner of radio stations in the U.S. Its slash-and-burn tactics have earned it the moniker of "Cheap Channel" -- even "Crap Channel" -- in the radio business. But at this festive time of year, one satirist is fighting back...

Black Cop Writes Book on His Hatred of Inner-city Criminals...

KODIACK, 21.12.2007 23:00

&quot;Ass Backwards&quot; PHILADELPHIA, PA.- November 8, 2007 - They're young, They're dangerous and they are determined to cause eternal doom on the world. Young African American Males contributed to 80% of violent crime in Kansas City, even though African Americans were merely less than 30% of the population. Philadelphia is over 50% African American and has over 230 murdered young African American men, but who is to blame? According to some African American leaders of racial equality, African American genocide is a direct result of slavery, a part of history that can never be erased, thus resulting in a perpetual cycle of crime amongst African Americans.

El espacio del CJCM en Juvenalia, alterado de forma unilateral horas antes de su inauguración

Consejo de Juventud de la Comunidad de Madrid, 21.12.2007 23:00

La organización de la feria Juvenalia, que se inaugura hoy a las 12:00 en el recinto ferial de Ifema en Madrid, ha decidido esta mañana, de manera unilateral, retirar antes de la inauguración y con carácter de urgencia uno de los espacios que componen el stand que el Consejo de la Juventud de la Comunidad de Madrid (CJCM) ha organizado en dicha feria.

Holiday Season Hypocrisy

Stephen Lendman, 21.12.2007 19:08

Consumerism corrupts the holiday season.

Fountainhead, Black International Cinema Berlin, THE COLLEGIUM Forum &amp; Television Program Berlin

Fountainhead, 21.12.2007 17:30

Film Festival Poster An intercultural production organization based in Berlin Germany

Helsinki: Squatters go nomadic, soon to strike again

Jope Ruokasuu, 21.12.2007 17:30

Today (December 20th) the Youth Department of the city of Helsinki decided not to rent the
squatted house in the Vallila district to be used as an autonomous social


Departamento de Comunicaciones, 21.12.2007 16:05

Luego de 15 años de servicio, César Contreras fue expulsado de la policía en razón de su orientación sexual y en medio de un operativo que intentó involucrarlo en delitos jamás comprobados y que fueron desechados por los tribunales. Hoy pidió justicia a la presidenta Michelle Bachelet.

Japanische Version von startet!

Philipp Schiwek, 21.12.2007 14:17 startet auf japanisch! Düsseldorf, 21. Dezember 2007 – Rechtzeitig zum neuen Jahr startet am 21. Dezember 2007 die japanische Version von mit Unterstützung von Mitsubishi Electric Europe.

En españa, hoy: Lupiañez: «Me violaron con un palo y me sometieron a 50 sesiones de bolsa al día»

Gorka Lupiañez, 21.12.2007 10:14

Ofrecemos aquí el relato de las torturas sufridas por Gorka Lupiañez, uno de los últimos jóvenes vascos detenidos por la Guardia Civil.

La democracia española, hoy: Lupiañez: «Me violaron con un palo y me sometieron a 50 sesiones de bolsa al día»

Gorka Lupiañez, 21.12.2007 10:12

Este es el testimonio íntegro de torturas de Gorka Lupiañez, uno de los últimos detenidos en el País Vasco por la Guardia Civil.

Hacker Labs and Crime ThInc

Jedite (Jedite83) / Hacker Labs, 21.12.2007 05:59

Melbourne FL - Hacker Labs, Melbourne's fastest growing (and most likely only) Anarchist group is announcing their becoming a Crime ThInc Cell (also referred to an affinity group by some people.)

Confidencial a Cristina Fernández de Fulanodetal, 21.12.2007 04:03

Cristina_Geisha Un estadunidense le manda un billet doux a la presidenta de Argentina. Entre burlón y serio, es un divertidísimo abordamiento del caso de la maleta.

NEW ORLEANS: Tasers, Pepper Gas Greet Protesters At City Hall

Michael Steinberg, 21.12.2007 01:20

Police attacked and arrrested housing rights activists locked out of a City Council meeting to vote on the demolition of public housing. One woman, shot with a taser in her back, went into a seizure and had to be taken to the hospital. People inside the City Council chambers were attacked and arrested too. The City Council voted 7-0 to demolish all four public housing complexes, comprising 4600 low income units, and allow HUD, which took over the local housing authority in 2002, to replace them with "mixed income" housing with 82% less low income units. Activists vow to keep fighting for justice.

Uhuru Fights for Education Rights in Florida

Uhuru Radio, 20.12.2007 22:56

InPDUM demonstration opposes plan to keep African children out of schools in own community!

Liberty City 7 Verdict Announced

Uhuru Radio, 20.12.2007 22:27

Government frame-up of Liberty City 7 is set back by jury

Smart Santas don’t give animals as gifts

Lisa Towell, 20.12.2007 22:07

Sadly, when animals purchased on a whim over the holidays grow up and the novelty wears off, many are tossed out like last year’s fruitcake. If you know someone who is ready to add a furry friend to the family, wait until after the holidays, then take him or her to the local shelter to rescue one or better yet, two, needy animals who are anxiously awaiting a loving “forever home.”


Departamento de Comunicaciones, 20.12.2007 17:41

Pese a fallo adverso de la Corte de Apelaciones que favoreció a la Iglesia Católica, la alcaldesa acogió la petición de que la profesora Sandra Pavez se mantenga en sus funciones. Para tales efectos se modificarán las clases de religión del colegio y se buscará hacer extensiva la experiencia a todo Chile.

pologne initiative workers vs auchan

cnt, 20.12.2007 17:37

comment les supermarchés français auchan exploitent leurs personnel

As Sahab Inquiry Clearinghouse

Wilfred L. Guerin, 20.12.2007 15:50

There is significant need to create a inquiry clearinghouse for consolidating the millions of inquiries from the general population with coherent translation to be presented to Ayman Al-Zawahiri for their response mid-january. The server is physically compromised by a quarantine by unknown governments, so it is unlikely even their previously registered users will be able to post content which is antagonistic to the imperialist disinformation. This can be easily completed with a simple cgi/php database and index of concepts and inquiries, however it must be managed by a journalistic consortium to preclude undesirable concerns. Please contact if your IndyMedia branch is capable or interested in this topic. Someone needs to do it, and none of the mass media entities besides al-jazeera has the logistic capability required. Does IndyMedia stand for legitimate representation of public interests in journalism?

Connecticut Lab Results Confirm Deadly Asbestos in Toy

Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO), 20.12.2007 15:04

Redondo Beach, CA … December 19, 2007 --- The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) today announced that it applauds the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection and Commissioner Jerry Farrell, Jr. for swift action to issue a statewide recall of the CSI Fingerprint Examination Kit. The following are excerpts from the statement issued today by the Department:

Epuration ethnique en France ?

Jeroen, 20.12.2007 14:58

La Préfecture du Rhône expulse à la hâte le fils adoptif et irréprochable, mais noir, d’une famille française de longue génération.

Ethnic purges in France ?

Jeroen, 20.12.2007 14:38

The Prefect of the Rhone hastily expels the adoptive black son of a French "native family".

Zimbabwe - Land of Contrasts

Linda Ramcke, 20.12.2007 11:52

On December 7 the Minister of Information and Publicity, Sikhanyiso Ndlovu said the Zimbabwean government will invite the foreign media as part of its policy to show the world the "true Zimbabwean story". He added that the government had not banned any foreign journalists from coming into the country, but was wary of some that twisted the Zimbabwean story after "misrepresenting themselves" to the authorities, as it is not possible to get a journalist visa. At the same time there is a blacklist of websites that includes amongst others CNN and the American Embassy in Zimbabwe. I believe most news about Zimbabwe describe only part of the real situation. Nevertheless I also disagree with what the government sees as the true story. Therefore I will try paint a more holistic picture of Zimbabwe.

Berlin: They come to evict the Köpi!

Berlin_Fighters, 20.12.2007 09:31

Defend Köpi! But we won't tolerate the eviction. Come to Berlin and join the final battle for the Köpi!

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