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Un videoclip puente entre África y Canarias

Puente Humano, 06.01.2008 16:00

A tres años del Encuentro de Medios Independientes promovido por la Red Indymedia en Dakar, 2004, vemos cómo maduran los trabajos conjuntos de comunicación independiente entre África y Canarias.

2007 Housing Report - The Best &amp; Worst

Miami Real Estate, 06.01.2008 08:50

Real Estate had it's best and worst of 2007. There were ups and downs...

Fichage biométrique des étrangers entrant au Japon.

Jean Pati, 06.01.2008 07:32

Japan Yokoso, anonyme, 2008. Réflexion concernant la nouvelle loi en vigueur au Japon fichant les étrangers entrant (empreintes + photo).
L'article s'interroge sur les raisons de cette loi et envisage d'éventuels effets pervers qui pourraient en découler.

Tasmania's North Weld Wilderness- too precious to plunder

Will Mooney, 06.01.2008 06:30

Threatened old-growth forest in the North Weld wilderness Beneath the rugged rocky crown of Southern Tasmania's World Heritage Snowy Range, a hidden tract of wilderness is in the firing line.

Has The Ron Paul Effect Sunk Rudy &amp; Hillary? Leftists should not miss this

Paul Joseph Watson, 06.01.2008 03:43

"The Neo-Cons would have loved to insert another Bush clone into the White House and carry on the imperial looting of the world while America collapses and decays under the weight of its own decadence but thanks to the Ron Paul effect it's not going to happen."

Lakota Freedom Delegation Website and Contact Info Hijacked?!?

Eric Stewart, 06.01.2008 03:17

According to Lakota Oyate (For a Free & Independent Lakota Nation), on December 30, 2007, the Lakotah Freedom Delegation website and contact info were hijacked by one delegation member without consent of other delegates.

Assassinations: Politics as Usual

Jamal Dajani, 06.01.2008 00:25

A week has passed since the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, yet questions and speculations about her death are still being raised. Who Killed Benazir Bhutto? How did she die? And could her death been prevented?

Most recently, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf said Bhutto took excessive risks. “There is no complicity” in Ms. Bhutto’s killing, he said. “Would I or the government be the maximum gainer from doing this? Or would there be someone else who would gain more?”

Sadly, the truth is that her violent end could have been foretold with almost near certainty. Moreover, the real significance of this latest killing is that others are sure to follow in Pakistan and other parts of the Middle East.

Barack Obama Al Gore Bob and Sarah Dylan on Global Warming

Robin Churchill, 06.01.2008 00:07

Al Gore We are now turning the corner on world peace and climate change.

Barack Obama Al Gore Bob and Sarah Dylan on Global Warming

Robin Churchill, 05.01.2008 21:44

Al Gore We are now turning the corner on world peace and climate change.

2 Oklahoma Gold Star Fathers to Demonstrate for End of Iraq War at Bloomberg Forum

Darla, 05.01.2008 21:36

Two Gold Star Fathers Ask for End of the Iraq War Two Oklahoma fathers who have lost their sons in the Iraq war are leading a demonstration outside of the Bloomberg bipartisan forum which will take place at 10:00 AM on the University of Oklahoma campus, January 7th.
They are challenging the political leaders of America to end the war and bring the troops home.

Barcelona: Arbeitskampf bei FRAPE-BEHR geht weiter - internationale Proteste weiten sich aus

Name, 05.01.2008 21:25

Sitzstreik der ArbeiterInnen Barcelona: ArbeiterInnen bei FRAPE-BEHR weiten Aktionen aus, während die internationale Unterstützung wächst

+++ Blockade der Ronda Litoral +++ Proteste gegen die Regionalregierung in mehr als 15 Ländern +++


Departamento de Comunicaciones, 05.01.2008 20:39

Pareja homosexual fue expulsada del motel Bleu- Nuit. Caso fue denunciado ante el Sernac y tiene como principales testigos a carabineros de la Quinta Región.

BACHELET GENOCIDA, se asesina hermanos indigenas Mapuches

Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos, 05.01.2008 20:26

La criminalizaciòn de la protesta es incesante. Los gobiernos para mantener y seguir explotando asesinan dirigentes y mas si son indigenas que se resisten a ser despojados de sus tierras.

Bowtrol Colon Cleanser

Ryan, 05.01.2008 18:25

Bowtrol Colon Cleanser helps clean out the gastrointestinal tract, allowing these nerves to work better, and to handle the functions which nature intended them to have. In addition to a regimen of Bowtrol Colon Cleanser, a diet high in fiber and low in fat can help ease suffering.

Thinking for yourself is now a crime

Paul Craig Roberts, 05.01.2008 17:17

HR-1955 Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention act has passed the House with flying colors and is now coming before the Senate and President Bush. This act has gone largely unnoticed and uncommented on in the media, but would appoint a committee for monitoring extremist beliefs in the United States. According to the article, Halliburton is already building detention centers in this country - for the possible detention of political dissidents?

La condena de los cinco cubanos en Estados Unidos...

Combate News, 05.01.2008 16:15

¿Cuál es la situación jurídica de los cinco ciudadanos cubanos presos en Estados Unidos?

French 'terror' warning stopped Dakar Rally

Henk Ruyssenaars - Senior Africa correspondent, 05.01.2008 16:03

French president Sarkozy - warning via his counterintelligence agency DST of which he since 2002 still is the boss - stopped the Paris-Dakar rally. And all major media in the world had the 'al Qaeda threats': "They scored a media victory without firing a shot," said Louis Caprioli, a former assistant director at the french DST.

Quest for ‘green tourism’

Mr Awni Kawar, 05.01.2008 11:11

Adopting 'green tourism'practices is vital for the survival of the global tourism indistry. More commitment is required not only from tour operators but others to ensure for a better environment and emissions kept low.

Reliance Power trying to rush with IPO

Dev Ghosh, 05.01.2008 10:57

Reliance Power trying to rush with IPO by modifying originally proposed terms in order to avoid public scrutiny and answers to key questions related to corporate governance.

Nicolás, el Santa Claus Mexicano

Cristóbal Cavazos, 04.01.2008 23:51

vuela san nicolas gloriosamente por el cielo de chicago
mientras sus elfos prietitos trabajan a escondidas.....

Two Body Blows to the Political Establishment: Or how to send Hillary packing!

By ALEXANDER COCKBURN, 04.01.2008 22:00

The only age bracket Hillary scored well in was that of women 65 and up. Obama was able to expand the electorate, an unprecedented feat in the history of Iowa caucuses. Students currently on winter break went back to Ames, Iowa City and Desmoines to vote for him. Hillary won 11 per cent of college voters. Obama won 60 per cent. The three main issues on voters' minds were, in descending order, the war, the economy and health care. Obama led in all three. Overall, he beat Hillary among both men and women. He took the five biggest cities and most of the counties in every quarter of the state. Young people simply don't care for Hillary. In their cohort, Hillary's "likeability" scored a desolate 17 per cent. Young voters see Obama as a break with the past, and he skillfully manages to avoid any substantive positioning that might disabuse them of this belief. As much as the press tried to say that the war is no longer an issue, it turned to be the top concern of the voters, and Obama's record features opposition to the war in his Senate campaign in 2004. Clinton and Edwards both voted for the war. Edwards apologized for that vote. Clinton never did."


ISHRAT AFSHAN ABBASI, 04.01.2008 21:48

This article is rgarding the utility of Conflict Transformation Traning, which has been requird strategy of the present global age. This article emphasis upon the familiarity of this subject via traning courses and workshops in order to train the youngsters from the elementary school level extending to higher education positon. In additon, this article is contribution to the confidence buildin measures between India and Pakistan exclusively and all the countries generally.

Venezuela.Ministro del Trabajo arremete contra el Consejo de Trabajadores y Trabajadoras del mismo Ministerio del Trabajo.

Manuela Saenz, 04.01.2008 20:36

En Venezuela Trabajadores de la Administraciòn Pública se organizan en Consejo de Trabajadores recibiendo coacción y amenazas por parte de los funcionarios directivos de los entes publicos, yendo en contra de la política del Presidente de la República

Reviewing F. William Engdahl's Seeds of Destruction - Part II

Stephen Lendman, 04.01.2008 19:32

Agribusiness aims to control food worldwide and make it all genetically engineered.

Paris Paul Wem sans papiers expulsé au mépris du droit

sans papiers en lutte, 04.01.2008 18:31

Paris la répression continue au centre de rétention administratif de vincennes en banlieue parisienne




Obama's win in an overwhelmingly white Iowa may catapult him to the Democratic nomination. Iowans looked pass race and to the ideas and character of the candidate and chose Barack Obama (Dr. King would be proud).

Las salidas de Uribe

José Gregorio González Márquez, 04.01.2008 16:21

Las salidas de Uribe no son transparentes

Phone Line to Kenya

Izzy, 04.01.2008 14:20

This article is a transcript of a converstaion with Mwana Milla from Nairobi, Kenya on the 3rd of January 2008. Amidst the post election chaos, tune into this voice from the ghetto...

Big Pharma USA spends more on marketing than R&amp;D

Mike Dobson, 04.01.2008 09:48

The pharmaceutical industry has long attempted to justify the unaffordablility of medicines by the high costs of research & development. Recently in PLos Medicine, Canadian academics Marc-André Gagnon and Joel Lexchin have cast yet further doubt on this fib by demonstrating big pharma spends more on promotion of its products to physicians than R&D in the USA.

Hate Group opposes Prem Rawat. Court gives groupie suspended sentence.

J. Singleton, 04.01.2008 05:39

The latest in a string of guilty verdicts for members of a small internet-based Hate Group, the Brisbane Supreme Court handed down a suspended jail term to Tom Gubler, a Gold Coast resident member of the so called "Ex-premie"group which opposes the work of Prem Rawat, an internationally acclaimed humanitarian and peace advocate. Gubler was found guilty on three counts of contempt of court on October 24th, 2007 and appeared later for sentencing.

No Olympics on Stolen Land! Great Lakes &amp; East Coast Speaking Tour

Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement-Guelph, 04.01.2008 04:57

With the 2010 Winter Olympics scheduled to occur on unceded Coast Salish, St’at’imc and Squamish territory in two years, the spectacle surrounding them continues to wreak havoc on Indigenous people, poor people, and the Earth. In the spirit of resistance to colonialism, with the 2010 Olympics as a main target, Kanahus Pellkey of the Native Youth Movement and Native youth Dustin Johnson are touring throughout the Great Lakes and East Coast in January and February 2008.

Bahrain charges dozens with attempted murder, rioting after Shiite protests

Anthony Probe, 04.01.2008 04:19

Bahrain after the riots MANAMA, Bahrain : More than a dozen people detained during recent Shiite protests were charged Thursday with attempted murder, illegal assembly and rioting, a defense lawyer and a local rights group said.

Gente de la tierra en la hora de su verdad

Tito Alvarado, 04.01.2008 01:48

...entre las muchas noticias, que nos hablan anecdóticamente de como van avanzando los azares de la vida, me encuentro con una que nos habla de la muerte de un estudiante a manos de la guardia nacional de Chile (carabineros). Estos leones verdes de la estepa verde, ¿sabrán que están en territorio mapuche? ¿sabrán que una parte importante de chile, antes de ser lo que es, estaba habitada por los ancestros de esta valerosa gente de la tierra? ¿sabrán que ellos tienen una historia, una cultura, unas tradiciones y un apego a la tierra que los hace indomables?

Reviewing F. William Engdahl's Seeds of Destruction

Stephen Lendman, 03.01.2008 21:14

Agribusiness aims to control world food and make it all genetically engineered.

bottom line: happy 2008 dear Nablus!

samah atout, 03.01.2008 20:08

my house in (Nablus - Palestine) is occupied by Israeli soldiers (again) for the fifth time in past three years; for 24 hours i have no news from my family who are locked inside the house; my mother who is 55 years old and brother of 23 years old ; how should i feel?! and what shall i say.. occupation gives - on a daily bases- enlightenment to understand Israeli- Palestinian conflict out of my house story and everyday stories..

Direct Action around Greece for December 2007

asdf, 03.01.2008 17:47

‘Hunting’ for unique home décor? This isn’t it

Carla Bennett, 03.01.2008 17:11

Taxidermy chic—think mounted deer heads and stuffed pheasants—is showing up in some unusual places. But considering that more and more Americans are giving up hunting and fishing, peddling stuffed-and-mounted wildlife as home décor seems like a dead-end business.

Kenia: Polizei verhindert ODM Demonstration

Eyes on Kenya, 03.01.2008 16:37

Nach dem offensichtlichen Wahlbetrug in Kenia rief die Opposition zu einer Demonstration in Nairobi auf. Demgegenüber stand ein gewaltiges Polizeiaufgebot. Ein Überblick über die Geschehnisse des Tages und einige Hintergründe

MA Governor Deval Patrick Has More Important Things To Do!

Mike Cann, 03.01.2008 15:41

Video Documents testimony at MA State House medical and marijuana decrim hearings from both family members and medical marijuana patients suffering from pain with HIV, AIDS, Hep C, Crohns Disease, Lupus, Spinal fusions, back pain, strokes, migraines and more.

Also features quotes from Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.

Fungus Nail Natural Treatment

Ryan, 03.01.2008 15:39

Fingernails and toenails are the common breed of fungal infections. Though it is common, it is not really as easy to disappear. Everywhere we go, fungi are present, and they can give different effects on our body. Like a nail, for example. When infected, the nails will look thick and dull. Eventually, it will become crumbly and will result to the loss of your nails.

[QP] - Fascismo hacia los temporeros en la Campaña de la Aceituna en la provincia de Jaén: Una &quot;noche vieja&quot; para un &quot;mundo nuevo&quot;.

Jesús - Queda la Palabra, 03.01.2008 15:20


Speak Up for Public Lands and the Future

Forest Guardian, 03.01.2008 11:41

The Western Oregon Plan Revisions (WOPR) threaten 2.6 MILLION ACRES of Oregon's public forest lands.

Dutch-Belgium EarthFirst! celebrates the downfall of the carbon economy

EarthFirst Lowlands, 03.01.2008 10:55

Earth in oil This afternoon, at 5pm. members of Groenfront will join together in the centre of capitalism in the Netherlands: the Beursplein in Amsterdam. Here they will bring out a toast to the record-high price of oil of $100 per barrel. Since 2003 the price of oil has sky-rocketed, with the rate sometimes climbing several dollars a day. GroenFront-activist Rogier: "What the earth needs is economic 'shrinkage'. The climate crisis and the peaking oil production show us that we need to adjust to the limits of our ecosystem".

0 zu 1 für den Bupser Strecke?

Juan Martínez Camino, 03.01.2008 10:54

Los Maquinistas Rund zwei Monate vor der Parlamentswahl bahnt sich in Spanien ein Konflikt zwischen der sozialistischen Regierung und der katholischen Kirchenführung an. Hintergrund ist eine Grosskundgebung, auf der Spaniens Bischöfe am vergangenen Wochenende heftige Kritik an der Reformpolitik von Ministerpräsident José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero geübt hatten. Die regierenden Sozialisten warfen der Kirchenführung am Mittwoch nun in einer Erklärung vor, die bürgerlichen Freiheiten zu ignorieren und damit die Prinzipien der Demokratie zu verachten. Die Kirche geniesse zwar in Glaubensfragen Autonomie, sollte sich aber nicht in die Politik einmischen. 0 zu 1 für den Bupser Strecke? .... leer mas ....

Benazir Bhutto, courted by the West but a mind of her own

Dr Marwan Asmar, 03.01.2008 10:38

Benazir Bhutto was a tough politician. She loved politics and knew how to handle her sorroundings. Her life is mulled over in the following article

Accepting Nominations for the Gwangju Prize for Human Rights 2008

International Cooperation Team, 03.01.2008 09:11

Now, on its 8th year, the Gwangju Prize for Human Rights is now open for nomination. Since its inception, this prestigious award has been given to 9 individuals and a Korean organization. In 2006 and 2007 saw co-winners receiving the award. Among the winners include Xanana Gusmao (Timor Leste), Daw Aung San Suu Kyii (Burma), Wardah Hafidz (Indonesia), Malalai Joya (Afghanistan) and Irom Sharmila (India).


International Cooperation Team, 03.01.2008 09:08

The International Internship Program on Human Rights is a program of the Foundation created to contribute in the development of democracy and human rights throughout Asia. It is also an opportunity for interns to learn and experience the history and process of the development of human rights and democracy in South Korea. Specifically the purpose and aim of the program are the following: 1) To improve international solidarity and networking and 2) To promote Gwangju as Asia’s Hub for Human Rights Movement.

GreenGranny's Scorecard for 2007

Joyce Emery, 02.01.2008 22:01

Will 2007 bring action? GreenGranny addressed that question in January and July posts to her blog. It has been a year of remarkable advances and big letdowns, but the battles themselves give me hope that the human race will at least fight the good fight against this greatest of all challenges, global warming.

Friends of Animals: “Chimp Haven Is Home” Act Whitewashes Great Ape Experiments

Priscilla Feral, 02.01.2008 21:53

Friends of Animals: “Chimp Haven Is Home” Act Whitewashes Great Ape Experiments

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