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hh, 13.01.2008 21:00

!!!!!macht was!!!!!

best link of 2008 Powerful Secret to Freedom‏

procyonlotor, 13.01.2008 17:10

In the "Language of Light" the Sacred Prayers of the Universe; Transmissions of the highest heaven will activate your "God Code Points"; Awakening you to your Higher Self and Return to God. Are you ready to be who you came here to be?

Mapuche Comunero Died in Confrontation with Police near Vilcun, Chile.

Article by ANSA, Thurs Jan 3rd, 2008, at 8.32 a.m., 13.01.2008 17:07

A young Mapuche 'comunero' (member of the local community) died early this morning, it is thought after being wounded by police officers that fired at him at a farm under police protection on the outskirts of Vilcun, in the Araucania region.

Weekly Summary of Israeli War Crimes, 1/9/08

Arab Talk Radio, 13.01.2008 16:54

This is a weekly summary of israeli war crimes committed in Palestine for the week ending 9 Jan 2008.

Kucinich Backs New Hampshire Recount

General Joe, 13.01.2008 14:48

"Citing "serious and credible reports, allegations and rumors" about the integrity of Tuesday's results, Congressman Dennis Kucinich is backing a full recount of ballots for the Democratic contest in New Hampshire, meaning that both party's primaries may now both be cast into doubt. However, vote fraud expert Bev Harris has warned that it could all be a trap to validate Diebold electronic voting machines."

Scottsdale AZ Straw Poll 80% for Ron Paul!! Votes were almost stolen!!

General Joe, 13.01.2008 14:38

"This article is just a peek at the sort of evidence that is piling up about the abuse of the voting system in New Hampshire (and elsewhere in New England). From the fact that there is a convicted felon running the company that provides the voting machines (with a companion who regularly threatens anyone who stands in his way), to the fact that the chain of custody is regularly breached in the voting process in New Hampshire, to the fact that in the areas where the votes were handcounted Paul won perhaps 20% of the vote or more but in the areas where the Diebold machines were used he garnered less than 8%, to the fact that all this took place in a state where Buchanan won handily against far greater odds, to the fact that Paul won the NH straw polls leading up to the election (and most of the other straw polls), to the fact that he had troops on the ground for months and spent heavily in the state, to the fact that poll after poll either omitted him or used a method heavily weighed against him, added to the fact that the scientific polls with a margin of error of a few percentage points were completely skewed with the final tally on the Democratic side, and to the fact that the exit polls were congruent with the original polls and showed that Obama was the Democratic winner, to the fact that there has been a longstanding and concerted effort to smother Dr. Paul with silence in the press, to the fact that even now this story with far reaching, even historical implications is receiving little to no national media attention, all add up to more than mere suspicious behavior. But we are not going to go away. We will hunt down these predators on the body politic until we corner them in their lairs, then we will take back our Republic. Bob Coffey

PS Follow these threads at

Pentagon's troubling role in Haiti

Haiti Information Project, 13.01.2008 12:09

Residents of Cité Soleil are forced to bathe in open ditches despite over $1.5 b The role of the Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency have remained highly controversial in Haiti since it came to light in 1996 they helped to create the Revolutionary Front for Advancement and Progress in Haiti or FRAPH.

Justice pour Adrien !

Comité Justice pour Adrien, 13.01.2008 10:55

Le droit de grève est constitutionnellement reconnu en France. Durant le mouvement contre la LRU, des
étudiants du site de Clignancourt de l’Université Paris IV Sorbonne ont tenté d’exercer ce droit légitime. Ils se sont
heurtés à l’hostilité de l’administration, qui a choisi d’attiser les antagonismes entre grévistes et anti-grévistes,
créant violence et tension afin de trouver une raison valable de faire intervenir la police.

Landford Lake Cave Will Be Blasted 2 Establish Throughway Spencer Rd Interchange(aka-Bare-Bear Mountain)

Rose, 13.01.2008 08:41

The BC Speleological Federation (BCSF) has been negotiating in a spirit of
cooperation with the City of Langford to protect Langford Lake Cave at the
site of the planned Spencer Road Interchange. The BCSF is concerned about
damage to the cave and other karst features in the area, and is advocating
for a relocation of the interchange. The group recommended a complete
geotechnical assessment, which the city has not done. The city has also
failed to protect the cave and other natural features.
The new interchange "will completely and irreversibly alienate a substantial
portion of the karst unit within which the cave is located and will destroy
any as-yet unidentified cave passages which may exist within the affected
area. In addition, the City has advised that blasting will take place to a
depth of 2 - 7 metres at a distance of only 9 metres from the most easterly
point of the surveyed cave. In the view of Federation representatives who
have examined the cave, the potential for damage to, or even destruction of,
the cave as a result of the proposed blasting is extremely high."

All Treesitters and Cavers Welcome. We Need Your Support ASAP

Victoria Cave Will Be Destroyed Soon Please Come and Visit Before This Happens

Rose, 13.01.2008 08:10

Treesitters and cavers please come and visit us ASAP

SPAET Mountain(aka-Bare Mountain)

Rose, 13.01.2008 08:03

Treesitters/cave come and see one one mother nature's last known cave located within the city limits before the authorities blow this one up too

How S.1959 Could Prohibit Gun-Ownership for Americans

Dan Scott, 13.01.2008 05:39

Stop “The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act."

S.1959 does not provide sufficient public oversight to ensure the “Commission” does not target innocent Citizens and organizations because they supported a lawful cause opposed by the Government.

Elder for Lakota People in US says 'no treaty withdrawal'

Wikinews, 13.01.2008 05:32

The Lakota Freedom Delegation, which in December declared that the Lakota people were withdrawing from their treaties with the United States and reasserting their sovereignty as an independent state, is acting without the support of the Treaty Council, the traditional government of the Lakota, Wikinews has learned.

Ron Paul and False Flag Fever

Captain Eric H. May, 13.01.2008 03:36

Captain Eric H. May, the Internet intelligence writer, examines the Ron Paul campaign in its approach to the 9/11 event. May suggest that Paul's own 14th Texas congressional district has been the target of a Bush false flag terror attack.

decima edicion de l kaos

lagente del kaos, 13.01.2008 03:11

esta es la decima edicon a un año del kaos

novena edicion del periodico estudiantil de launiversida mas bacana de colombia

lagente del kaos, 13.01.2008 03:05

esta es la novena edicion... pilas

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periodico estudiantil universidad de cundinamarca, 13.01.2008 02:54

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septima edicion dell periodico estudiantil kaos

lagente del kaos, 13.01.2008 02:45

universidad de cundinamarca en resistencia

Minutemen Highway?

everardo carvajal, 13.01.2008 02:11

As part of the program and agreement to collect rubbish within the specified area, Caltrans (State of California Transportation Department) has posted two signs along the freeway that read “ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY- SAN DIEGO MINUTEMEN”.

George Bush Nostradamus Third Anti Christ and Iran’s Greatest Hero

Karen Fish, 12.01.2008 23:02

Oil Kings This week George McGovern called George Bush a false prophet.

Protesta en contra del terrorismo

Yunier Lugo, 12.01.2008 21:48

Hoy en día se lucha por un mundo justo y posible y la base naval de Guantánamo es un lugar ocupado ilegalmente. Ademas en el se encuentran muchos prisioneros que han sido torturados y queremos que esto se elimine

Chasm of Privilege/American Apartheid and the killing of Women in Basra, Iraq

swaneagle harijan and Yifat Susskind, 12.01.2008 21:02

The first part announces the first anti oppression forum taking place on Feb. 3rd on Vashon Island, across from Seattle. This is followed by a critical article about the growing femicide by death squads in Basra, Iraq.

Bush the Peacemaker?

Jamal Dajani, The Mosaic Intelligence Report, 12.01.2008 19:44

US President George W Bush has used some of his strongest language so far to describe his vision for a Palestinian state living in peace side by side with Israel. At a news conference Mr. Bush uttered the taboo “O” word, the occupation. He said there should be "an end to the occupation that began in 1967".

"The agreement must establish Palestine as a homeland for the Palestinian people, just as Israel is a homeland for the Jewish people," he added.

Tough words from President Bush; however, Palestinians worry about what he did not say.

He desires peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis…but is Iran on his hidden agenda?

Jim Goodenow's &quot;Yellow Rose&quot; Bus Destroyed by Suspicious Fire

Darla Shelden, 12.01.2008 19:16

Jim Goodenow's &quot;Yellow Bus&quot; Jim Goodenow and his bus, the Yellow Rose, both have suffered a terrible tragedy. In recent months, Jim has been providing transportation to Iraq Veterans Against the War for their various tours and other activities. Last night, Jim escaped a fire of suspicious origins that destroyed the bus. Luckily Jim is all right.

This message was passed on by Bill Perry, a vet, anti war activist and member of Delaware Valley Veterans For America.

Chávez y la entrega de las rehenes

José Gregorio González Márquez, 12.01.2008 18:07

Chévez se perfila como el mediador ante una eventual entrega de rehenes

A YouTube video from Black Box Voting that you won't soon forge

Bev Harris, 12.01.2008 15:06

"The exact same make, model and version hacked in the Black Box Voting project in Leon County is used throughout New Hampshire, where about 45 percent of elections administrators hand count paper ballots at the polling place, with the remaining locations all using the Diebold version 1.94w optical scan machine. Because the voting machine locations tend to be urban, this represents about 81 percent of the New Hampshire voters."


Departamento de Comunicaciones, 12.01.2008 14:51

Decisión fue adoptada en cita con la dirección del establecimiento, tras la denuncia del Movilh ante el Ministerio de Educación. Desde el 2002 a la fecha se han registrado en Chile 17 expulsiones u hostigamientos contra escolares identificados como gays, lesbianas o transexuales, lográndose revertir los atropellos en la casi totalidad de los casos.

Another Vicious Race Attack Covered Up by BBC

By News Team, 11.01.2008 23:59

paul-hannam1.jpg Yet another vicious and unprovoked racist attack on a White person has been ignored by the BBC and other major media, although whenever there is a relatively rare occurrence of a racial incident the other way round, those media are the first to trumpet it from the rootops.

FARC communique about the release of Clara Rojas and Consuelo Gonzales: This is the first step to think on the possibility of peace

FARC (Translated), 11.01.2008 23:49

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) issued a communique,subsequent to the freeing of Clara Rojas and Consuelo Gonzales, in which they remark that they have given the first encouraging step “that invites to think on the possibility of peace in Colombia”.

Two Cylinder Truckee Tour with Steve Poltz

Stacie Huckeba, 11.01.2008 22:29

Truckee Photo Steve Poltz and the Truckee Brothers to play Mississippi Studios in Portland OR on February 1st.

Fraud US-Style: Fake Videos and Elections

Stephen Lendman, 11.01.2008 21:05

We're being lied to.

FMLN mayor assassinated in Usulután, El Salvador

Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvdador, 11.01.2008 21:02

Wilber Moises Funes Wilber Moises Funes, mayor of Alegria, Usulután, was assassinated on January 9 while visiting community projects in the Las Casistas area of his municipality.

Tips on Effective Propaganda AKA 'Public Relations': Version 1.0

Feral, 11.01.2008 20:16

V 1.0, updated from V. 0.7 copyright 2005, 2008

This guide is intended to be the most functional, reference and introduction to propaganda. I intend to cover as much ground in the shortest form possible; so you could call it utilitarian. While no hands are held- if you have any experience with the media, lying to your parents, or reading into shit you should be able to use this as a very valuable guidepost on your way to freedom.

Free inquiry about the nature of “truth”

Martin Concoyle, 11.01.2008 18:02

Materialistic science (physics) has come to a state in which its probability based descriptions are no longer useful (see below), though its classical descriptions are still useful and technology itself continues to advance or to innovate. It appears as if modern science’s main function now is to support the idea of “creative design,” eg the “big bang.”

The second half of this article beginning with the section, “In order for a culture to find truth, people must be equal,” is the technical side of the paper and there, in a new language for physical description it addresses explicit spectral structures and transitions between orbital levels of physical systems.
Note: These ideas cannot be used for destructive nor selfish purposes.
The first half of the article places ideas in both their social context and their context in truth.
Extensions of culture belong to the culture and are more likely to approach truth when they are selfless actions, which lead people to ever greater mystery and into new contexts for greater (selfless) creative power, which are simply properties of existence and our relation to that existence, equally accessible to all. Strive to be in harmony with the earth and be responsible for your creations. Selfishness veils the truth that one can see.

Ethnische Säuberung in Frankreich ?

LucB, 11.01.2008 16:43

Der Polizeipräsident von Lyon hat in einem Schnellverfahren den afrikanischen Adoptivsohn einer alteingesessenen französischen Familie abgeschoben !

Huelga de empleados de limpieza en el AICM

Marco García Granados, 11.01.2008 16:38

El movimiento afecta a más de 65 viajeros

Will S.1959 Prohibit Gun-Ownership for many Americans?

Stan Roberts, 11.01.2008 08:26

“The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act."

Also referred to by Americans as “The Thought Crime Bill.”


BRUNO BERARDI, 11.01.2008 08:22


What We Think Vs. Who We Are

Jay Smooth, 11.01.2008 07:02

Some thoughts on why we should strive to respect the person while we debate the politics.

Black Box Voting (.ORG) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, 501c(3) organization funded by .........

Dori Smith &amp; Brad blog, 11.01.2008 01:59

"They program every single voting machine in New Hampshire, Connecticut, almost all of Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine. But did state officials in five New England states ever do a criminal background check on this company's executives? Do the laws of these five states even ALLOW them to hire convicted criminals for services paid for by the state? What about over 500 local towns and municipalities?"

Reviewing David Edwards and David Cromwell's Guardians of Power

Stephen Lendman, 10.01.2008 20:59

A powerful critique of the corrupted dominant media.

An Open Letter To All Present and Future Representatives and Senators on Capitol Hill…

Debbie Lewis on behalf of Every-Citizen, USA, 10.01.2008 20:44

Our Congressional Representatives should be put on notice for not representing We-The-People

Mohawks welcome Lakota Freedom Delegation to Akwesasne Longhouse

Mohawk Nation News, 10.01.2008 18:37

The Mohawk Warrior Society welcomes the Lakota Freedom Delegation to the Akwesasne Longhouse on January 12, 2008. Announces Mining/Resource Conference for February, 10.01.2008 17:32 Announces Online Investor Conference: “The Global Hunt for Commodities - Finding the Next Big Play in Mining Stocks”

war against the rich, war to the rich. Mapuche Solidarity

x, 10.01.2008 16:59

war against the rich, war to the rich. Mapuche Solidarity

Neutral Scan Format for customised products

AIJU - Suny Martínez or Luisa Marín, 10.01.2008 16:34

A unique, specially designed file format to store both geometrical and non-geometrical data has been created in a multi-million European project to facilitate the introduction of customised products.

BREAKING: Clinton-Bush Diebold-Gate is New Hampshire-Gate

Tom Heneghan, 10.01.2008 05:28

Evidence is mounting that the use of Diebold electronic voting machines were used with the assistance of the NSA and Westar satellites to steal the New Hampshire Primary on behalf of Bush Crime Family business partner and PRO Iraq war unelectable Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton.

Juicio de la minera Montana contra siete campesinos Maya Mam

I.luegstenmann , T.Coban, 10.01.2008 01:32

pruebas de video en el juicio ACOGUATE observó por solicitud de la Asociación para el Desarrollo Integral de San Miguel Ixtahuacán ( ADISMI), , el juicio contra siete campesinos, acusados por el Ministerio Público y la empresa minera Montana Exploradora de Guatemala S.A. de haber cometido delitos de lesiones leves y graves contra trabajadores de la empresa en enero 2007 además de delitos de coacción e instigación a delinquir durante bloqueos que sufrió esta empresa en enero de 2007.


Ken, 10.01.2008 01:29

"We have CNN, FOX, and MSNBC who “projected” John McCain as the winner with only 16% of the votes counted. if you notice that in both Iowa and New Hampshire CNN and others were showing the percentage of votes that each candidate had received even though only 3-5% of the votes had actually been counted. The disturbing part is that NOT ONE candidate jumped another from the time that 3% of the votes were counted until all of the votes were counted."

Guillain-Barre Overlap Syndrome

meverett, 09.01.2008 21:29

"Hospitals are on constant watch for organs, and are known to provoke fatal outcomes in cases where they are likely to obtain body parts."

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