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Schwerverletzter mit BMW Motorrad Nähe

IM-de Presserecherschist, 22.01.2008 12:43

R1200GS - Donostia BMW Motorradfahrer mit Integral-ABS wegen technischen Defektes an Bremse schwer verunfallt.
Die Polizeistation Hünfeld (Polizeidirektion Fulda, Polizeipräsidium Osthessen) veröffentlichte am 15.01.2008 über den Presseverteiler folgenden Pressebericht:

Regulation for Withdrawal of Applications by Retailers and HNI in an IPO

Alan Peter, 22.01.2008 12:21

Instances have happened in our country where investors have withdrawn their applications in an IPO

Robert McChesney's &quot;Communication Revolution&quot;

Stephen Lendman, 22.01.2008 11:21

Reviewing McChesney's important new book on the media.

The abandonment of Marx

Mark Camilleri, 22.01.2008 08:05

An independent journalist who used to wrote for Zminijietna: an orthodox communist newspaper of what was before the soviet Communist Party of Malta had his article [The Abandonment of Marx] banned due to its different philosophical nature. The group which is formed by old orthodox communists loyal to soviet ideology and recent members who adhere either to Alternattiva Demokratika or the Malta Labour Party have asserted their political convictions by putting away others. Nerverthless the article has been published here. We will welcome any articles which have been denied publishing due to political censorship.

On prisoners of the greek state

R, 22.01.2008 02:26

a short report

Internet Group Anonymous Declares &quot;War on Scientology&quot;

Anonymous, 22.01.2008 01:53

Jan 21, 2008 – CLEARWATER, Florida - Anonymous announced their intention to combat the activities of the Church of Scientology on Monday. A spokesperson said that the group's goals include bringing an end to the financial exploitation of Church members and protecting the right to free speech, a right which they claim was consistently violated by the Church of Scientology in pursuit of its opponents.

Elizabeth Beckett: HER UNTOLD STORY

Namaste Publishing, 22.01.2008 01:12

Student of the British Constitution -
83 year-old Elizabeth stands alone against our TREASONOUS GOVERNMENT
Will you look the other way?

De Miedos y Otras inconveniencias Sociales

geraldkurt, 22.01.2008 00:26

Cada día colombia es atemorizada por el mismo Estado.

Internet Group Anonymous Declares &quot;War on Scientology&quot;

Anonymous, 22.01.2008 00:10

Anonymous announced their intention to combat the activities of the Church of Scientology on Monday.

This Way Out: Adam Bock &amp; Canada Rejects Donors

Overnight Productions, Inc., 21.01.2008 23:33

January 21, 2008: Gay playwright's process; Canadian gay organ donor ban. Plus jailed Cameroonians and Moroccans inspire sex law reformists, South Korean cop comes out, US soldier who "told" on TV waits for Army to "ask," Black lesbian to lead US city, GOP candidate campaigns on theology, more news.

January 21st Protest in Jena

January 21st in Jena Committee, 21.01.2008 23:10

Today's Protest in Jena La

Las bolsas tiemblan en todo el mundo

Editorial El Nuevo Alcázar, 21.01.2008 23:06

Los temores de que los Estados Unidos estén en recesión repercutieron en todo el mundo el lunes, provocando el desplome de grandes bolsas como la de Frankfurt o la de Bombay, cortando las esperanzas de muchos inversores de que Europa y Asia puedan evitar la influencia de la recesión americana.

Jesus Christ Martin Luther King John Lennon Sarah Dylan Peace Dreamers

Robin Churchill, 21.01.2008 22:56

Martin Luther King They showed us the way to everlasting peace on earth.

Today in Palestine, 21 Jan 2008

Arab Talk Radio, 21.01.2008 22:19

A summary of the day's events in Palestine, 21 Jan 2008.

Was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Murdered by the U.S. Government?

john doraemi, 21.01.2008 20:06

Evidence from the trial of Loyd Jowers.

NAFTA, US spy dollars, designed to cut Mexico off at the knees

Brenda Norrell, 21.01.2008 17:28

Photo: Mike Wilson, Tohono O'odham/by Brenda Norrell NAFTA was a landgrab in Mexico for large US corporations. The result is displaced people walking north and dying. Mike Wilson, Tohono O'odham, wants the Tohono O'odham government held responsible for those dying on O'odham lands, for want of a drink of water.

The Pope's Music

seamus breathnach, 21.01.2008 16:29

WHY NOT JUDGE FOR YOURSELF WHAT MUSIC THE POPE CONDEMNS! Why do you need to be told what to hear. In the past those who claimed to know what was good for you outlawed the best music in the world. Why does the Pope need to control music?

UN transformation proposed to create 'new world order': Will the left allow it?

Andrew Grice, 21.01.2008 16:01

Statements coming from Gordon Brown seem to openly admit what has long been denied. The super imperial world is being constructed behind the curtain W/O our consent. Will you continue to allow it? Sara

Moving Out of Victim Mode - STOP Nuclear Poisoning

Cathy Garger, 21.01.2008 15:27

Map of Some US Depleted Uranium locations Human rights are being violated inside the US with every breath of air we take, with every glass of water or wine we drink, with every bunch of grapes we feed our children. Here is a way for every single American to become empowered and legally, peacefully make a difference to effect change.

Innenansichten eines Irrenhauses. Folge 2.102.007: SS-Universität der Stadt Essen.

Dr. A. Poleev, 21.01.2008 14:51

In diesem Artikel berichte ich daüber, wie die deutschen Universitäten die Studenten mit der national-faschistischen Propaganda vollstopfen und indoktrinieren.

Propagandasender WDR behindert Berichterstattung.

Dr. A. Poleev, 21.01.2008 14:42

In diesem Artikel berichte ich über die Versuche der WDR, die Berichterstattung zu behindern.

El pueblo de nuevo el principal protagonista

Por Roberto Pérez Betancourt, 21.01.2008 14:08

Masivamente, en ambiente de alegría y confianza en el porvenir, los cubanos acudieron a las urnas para renovar su Parlamento e integrar una nueva legislatura, a la que corresponderá estudiar nuevas leyes y adoptar importantes decisiones para el país.

Mouvement d'Actions Révolutionnaires des seXualités.

MARX, 21.01.2008 12:24

MARX, Mouvement d'Actions Révolutionnaires des seXualités est né en réponse à l'investiture UMP de Christian Vanneste aux prochaines municipales et dénonce l'homophobie d'Etat que cette décision consacre.

Il se veut aussi comme un acteur reconnu et identifié de la lutte contre l'offensive normative et integrationniste du capitalisme.

Odyssey of the 8th Fire

Steven McFadden, 21.01.2008 09:39

Odyssey of the 8th Fire is an epic, nonfiction saga, a physical and spiritual travelogue of North America and the road immediately ahead for us all. Based in the prophetic teachings native to our land, this prophetic adventure tale brings what has been foreseen and foretold into the present in a dynamic format for consideration at a pivotal time in history.

Bank firebombed and responsibility claim (Athens, 19/1/2008)

oriol zgroblovski, 21.01.2008 04:05

Athens: unknown persons attacked with molotov cocktails a subsidiary of eurobank in Petralona district .According to ANA-MPA news agency, the arson caused sever damages to the bank.

I Still Believe

Martin Luther King, Jr., 21.01.2008 02:05

I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality. Wolfgang Clement

Maggi Fliederbux, 20.01.2008 23:58

Gegen Missbrauch, Abzocke und Selbstbedienung im Sozialstaat. Für diese Broschüre aus seinem Haus schrieb
Im August 2005 brachte das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Arbeit die Broschüre Vorrang für die Anständigen - Gegen Missbrauch, Abzocke und Selbstbedienung im Sozialstaat heraus. Für diese Broschüre aus seinem Haus schrieb Clement das Vorwort.Vorrang für die Anständigen - Gegen Missbrauch, Abzocke und Selbstbedienung im Sozialstaat. Ein Report vom Arbeitsmarkt im Sommer 2005 , Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Arbeit, August 2005 In der Broschüre wird unter anderem suggeriert, dass ein Großteil der ALG II Empfänger die staatlichen Unterstützungen nicht rechtmäßig erlangten. Jedoch sind keine Untersuchungen oder Statistiken dazu in der Broschüre enthalten. Sie stützt sich auf Einzelaussagen in denen unter anderem die Begriffe Schmarotzer, Trittbrettfahrer, Abzockern, und Parasiten benutzt wurden.

Indigenous Alliance in solidarity with Apaches at Texas border

Brenda Norrell, 20.01.2008 23:10

As Homeland Security began seizing private lands for the border wall in Texas, the Indigenous Alliance without Borders/Alianza Indigena sin Fronteras sent a proclamation of support to Apaches on the Texas border.


asesinados por la democracia y justicia, 20.01.2008 23:02



Escribo, sí escribo porque es necesario hacerlo ...
Yo raíz de esta tierra
lleno con palabras el legado de los antepasados ...
Juan Marimán.

20 Bozeman Residents Brave 17 below wind chill to march in Memory Of Martin Luther King

Don larussi, 20.01.2008 22:25

The weather was blistering cold with 17 below windchill with a fresh coating of snow over the unshoveled downtown Bozeman sidewalks.

20 Bozeman residents braved the cold to march from the Imperial Hotel on Main Street where marchers met in the parking low to march to the Bozeman City Library to enjoy hot cider, the music of Vocalist Hannah Thrornburg accompanied by Tyler Van Dyken.

Workers file suit to stop raids

Jill Cashen, 20.01.2008 22:04

Homeland Security and ICE have been sued to stop the raids in the workplace, resulting in illegal arrests.

Grassroots Movement swells for Nobel Peace Prize for Pete Seeger *

Eleanor Walden, 20.01.2008 20:52

Do It For Peace! A petition started on the Internet last year suggesting that Pete Seeger be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his lifelong work for peace, social justice, civil rights, human decency, and environmental responsibility, has developed into a grassroots movement with 14,000 + signatures. The word about this petition has spread exclusively by word of mouth and email; no money was spent on advertising. You can view the petition on We need help to identify organizations and individuals willing to mount the nomination. Contact: Eleanor Walden at

US Apartheid of Indigenous Peoples documented in UN report

Brenda Norrell, 20.01.2008 20:39

Environmental racism, treaty rights and border rights of Indigenous Peoples stated in new report to the United Nations on Apartheid in the US. The report includes racism by Homeland Security and the violation of Indigenous Peoples right to spiritual practices on sacred lands.

Lakotah Freedom Delegation Speaks on Attempts to Divide Secession Movement

Lakota Oyate, 20.01.2008 18:32

Lakota Freedom Delegation: "We ask individuals to cease with false personal attacks, slander and attempts to erode the advances of the Lakota Freedom movement. If concerns exist, we ask why individuals cannot have the integrity to address others directly with their questions instead of using COINTELPRO tactics to try and discredit people or a movement."

Mouvement d'Actions Révolutionnaires des seXualités

MARX, 20.01.2008 18:00

En réponse à l'investiture de Christian Vanneste est né ce jour le Mouvement d'Actions Révolutionnaires des seXualités

Zero sympathy for U.S. soldiers

Brkic Sulejman, 20.01.2008 15:28

In support of the Iraki resistance

War crimes are &quot;encouraged&quot;

Brian Dwye, 20.01.2008 14:29

""The killing of innocent civilians is policy," veteran Mike Blake said. "It's unit policy and it's Army policy. It's not official policy, but it's what's happens on the ground everyday. It's what unit commanders individually encourage."

Hitler: An Officer And a Gentleman?

Henk Ruyssenaars - Senior foreign correspondent, 20.01.2008 12:56

You better look at the whole global scene, of which you are a minuscule part, like this: the whole world is divided in big 'production units' for profit and power. It is 'Animal Farm' alive and kicking, and globally it hurts everywhere.

Join the party with Burma's bedfellows!!

Erij Swenson, 20.01.2008 10:47

Thailand is hosting Bangkok Gastech from 10-13 March 2008. PTT, a huge Thai fuel corporation will be there along with a host of other cronies responsible for propping up the Burmese Military junta and rendering the worlds embargos ineffective.

Nueva central térmica paralizada por sentencia del Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Navarra

Carmelo de Samalea, 20.01.2008 09:52

El Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Navarra da la razón a la Plataforma de la Ribera + Centrales No y anula la concesión de la autorización ambiental integrada, sin la cual el nuevo grupo térmico de 400 MW de Erelebro, filial de Hidrocantábrico-EDP, en Castejón, no podrá entrar en servicio.


Rudolph Hudsucker, 20.01.2008 07:56

New Zealand Experimental Arts Activist Magazine WHITE FUNGUS is Now in Stores Throughout Canda and the US.

Can U.S. Government use NSA Spy-Wiretaps against Citizens in Court?

Dan Scott, 20.01.2008 06:30

Determining what NSA electronic surveillance can be used by police or introduced into court by Government, may be the next battle Americans have to fight.

Hezbollah Distortions from the Beirut Section

Jimmy Amal, 20.01.2008 03:19

A post from 2005 claims the Lebanese organization Hezbollah has expanded into Turkey and is cooperating with the Turkish Army in operations against Kurdish Yazidis.

6. Jahrestag der Gefangennahme Ahmad Sa'adats

Marcel Gillwing, 19.01.2008 23:36

Am 15. Januar jährte sich zum sechsten Mal die Verhaftung von Ahmad Sa’adat durch Sicherheitskräfte der palästinensischen Autonomiebehörde. Sa’adat wurde damals unter falschen Vorzeichen zu einem Treffen mit Vertretern der Autonomiebehörde eingeladen. Dort wurde er umgehend gefangen genommen.

George Bush Suffers Mutiny by Admiral Mike Mullen

Karen Fish, 19.01.2008 21:15

Abdullah and Ahmadinejad Admiral Mike Mullen, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has his finger in the dam of Armageddon, as he escorts George Bush to the gangplank.

14 people arrested after the commomeration of Hrant Dink's death

Leto, 19.01.2008 21:09

After the commemoration of the killed Journalist Hrant Dink Turkish Police illegally detains 14 people.

Institutionalized Spying on Americans

Stephen Lendman, 19.01.2008 17:45

Big brother really is watching.



THE BATTLE FOR RUSALKA WHO IS THE THE REAL RUSALKA -- ANNA NETREBKO OR RENEE FLEMING? Nobody has heard about it, yet everybody knows about it - the battle for Rusalka! Anna Nerebko is a child of the Russian Revolution; Renee Fleming , the adored Diva of the bourgeois classes? Which of them makes the most authentic Rusalka, a pagan Water-nymph praying for for human (or divine) love?

BETWEEN THE LINES Syndicated Radio Newsmagazine -- Weekly Summary -- Distributed by Squeaky Wheel Productions =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= BETWEEN THE LINES THE WEEK ENDING JAN. 25, 2008

Distributed by Squeaky Wheel Productions, 19.01.2008 15:22

BETWEEN THE LINES Syndicated Radio Newsmagazine -- Weekly Summary --

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1) Despite Reduction in Violence, Iraq Remains Dangerously Volatile

Interview with independent journalist Dahr Jamail, conducted by Scott Harris

Real Audio:

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2) National Global Warming Teach-In Aims to Inspire Student Activism

Interview with Eben Goodstein, founder and director of Focus the Nation, conducted by Melinda Tuhus

Real Audio:

Text summary/related links:

3) U.S. Media Hostile to John Edwards' Anti-Corporate Campaign Message

Interview with John Nichols, Washington correspondent with the Nation magazine, conducted by Scott Harris

Real Audio:

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4) This week's summary of under-reported news Compiled by Bob Nixon

* The war crimes trial of former Liberian president Charles Taylor resumed in early January in The Hague.

* Chicago prosecutor Mark Pera is waging an insurgent primary election campaign against conservative Democratic congressman Dan Lipinski.

* Philip Agee, a former CIA officer who wrote a book in 1975 exposing U.S. covert operations, died Jan. 7, in Havana, Cuba.

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Reliance Super - Reliance Retail achieves another milestone in Haryana

Manu Dagar, 19.01.2008 08:50

Reliance Super in Gurgaon Reliance Retail Ltd announced the launch of its second Minimart ‘Reliance Super’ at LG-01, DT Mega Mall, DLF City, Gurgaon – 122002 Haryana today

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