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manifestazione nazionale a cosenza

k, 08.02.2008 15:41

video della manifestazione nazionale di Cosenza

Ludwigshafens grösste Nachkriegs-Brandkatastrophe

Einmal Ausländer, immer Ausländer, 08.02.2008 02:41

Fragen, die sich einem Ausländer stellen.

Restoration Project Fraud

Offshore Informant, 08.02.2008 00:49

Restoration Project Fraudsters: Gil Ziegler, Zig Ziegler, and Danny Hashimoto Although all have committed serious 'fraud', 'money-laundering', and/or 'tax evasion', none have ever been held by any government agency to account for crimes against thousands of victims worldwide.

Obam,a Security Lax

raven, 07.02.2008 21:07

Just what Bush needs to declare martial law


Departamento de Comunicaciones, 07.02.2008 19:43

El estudio del Movilh fue lanzado en compañía de ex policías civiles y uniformados gays, de una profesora lesbiana y de una sobrina de una persona transexual asesinada, todos víctimas de la homofobia y transfobia. El estudio criticó duramente a dos ministerios y al Senado por desaprovechar los cambios culturales favorables a lo no discriminación

Non au « nouveau » Traité européen !

Sortir de l'Europe, 07.02.2008 19:12

Nicolas Sarkozy et ses alliés politiques passent en force pour imposer la « construction » d’une superpuissance impérialiste européenne. Nous devons continuer à nous opposer, en France comme dans l’ensemble des pays européens, à la ratification et au maintien de ce Traité prétendument nouveau mais qui n’est qu’une refonte de façade de celui rejeté par le référendum de 2005. Mais ce mot d’ordre ne suffit pas : prendre conscience du caractère impérialiste de la prétendue « construction européenne » est devenu une véritable urgence. Global Green Marketplace; Connecting Green Investment and Business Opportunities, 07.02.2008 18:02

CERA Reports;” Clean energy investment could surpass US$7 trillion by 2030”


John Murphy, 07.02.2008 17:58

The Pennsylvania Green Party nominated John Murphy as its candidate for House of Representatives in the 16th Congressional District of Pennsylvania.

The Secret Life of Cell Phones - An INFORM Project

EA McLellan, 07.02.2008 17:21

Ever wonder what happens when we toss old cell phones in the trash? Take the paper we read in the morning, and the jeans and t-shirts we wear. Have you ever considered what impacts these products have on the environment, from beginning to end? INFORM’s Secret Life Series is a collection of videos that highlight the environmental impacts of everyday products we all use.

Activists across the world denounce impact of free trade agreements, 07.02.2008 16:45

Fighting FTAs: new publication and website on resistance to bilateral free trade and investment agreements launched

indymedia is very nice

popolo sovrano, 07.02.2008 16:44

ciao ciao

Ludwigshafen - .de: Nach der Brandkatastrophe

Deniz Sandberger, 07.02.2008 13:54

Ludwigshafener Brandkatastrophe Bei dem Feuer in einem von türkischen Familien bewohnten Haus waren am Sonntag neun Menschen getötet worden, 60 Menschen wurden verletzt. ... Es ist wie im Kasperle, jeden Tag ein neues Stück. Dank der Telefonüberwachung (Speicherung der Verbindungsdaten) kann ja jetzt unser Innenminister nachweisen lassen ob Anrufe und von wem stattgefunden haben. War es ein Anschlag, so ist dieser wohl mit einem Terroranschlag gleichzusetzen. Jetzt kann er ja beweisen ob das MEHR an Überwachung auch MEHR an Aufklärung bringt.

New law gives bunnies a break

Kathy Guillermo, 07.02.2008 13:12

New Jersey recently became the second state in the U.S. to pass a law that prohibits product tests on animals when a federally approved alternative exists. Now it’s time for every other state to follow suit.

Project Drishti - a unique initiative by RIL and NAB

Manu Dagar, 07.02.2008 11:23

Project Drishti crosses 5,000 nationwide corneal graft surgeries for the underprivileged and the largest corneal grafting drive undertaken by a single corporate in India

Marc Emery censors truth from Cannabis Culture forums proving he is involved in a criminal conspiracy!

Clarion, 06.02.2008 23:01

Marc Emery is aware that in order for the DEA to extradite him it must be criminal law in both countries...The proof of a 1979 supreme court decision making all pot laws civil infractions being erased along with proof Marc's own lawyers have sworn invalid unlawfully formed oaths was posted and deleted by Marc Emery as well as info in Conspiracy Corner regarding the Fraud the RCMP have setup a bogus website to ensnare unsuspecting Canadians.

Can YOU Scupper this Unjust Deportation in Just Three Clicks ?

Mike Dobson, 06.02.2008 22:11

UK- Now the inquest has decided his wife was killed unlawfully by the NHS hospital which employed her, Arnel Cabrera is to be deported tothe Philippines. Naughty man, he's foreign and was only allowed to live and work in England because his wife, the one the NHS killed, was a theatre[OR] nurse. You can protest -- right now -- without leaving your comfortable chair. Unless of course you know different.

Declassifed US Military story Recon 7 declassified

Dale Beckerstine, 06.02.2008 22:11

Declassified story of Recon 7 Declassifed US Military story of Recon 7 a story the world was un aware of till now. Now declassified by Cheney.

anarchist people of of color conference 2008 discussion list serve

x, 06.02.2008 20:38

brand new anarchist people of color listserve

Fountainhead e-Letter, Berlin Germany

Fountainhead, 06.02.2008 18:42

Fountainhead Film Festival Poster 2008 An overview of intercultural Berlin Germany, via an annual film festival & weekly television programs.

Designing Graded Structure with Custom-Fit

Custom-Fit Integrated Project, 06.02.2008 18:03

A multi million European project has found the answer to designing products with multi material and graded structure.

Custom-Fit is an industry led project funded by the EU under Sixth Framework Programme, with the aim of creating a fully integrated system for the design, production and supply of individualise products using Rapid Manufacturing technologies. One of the objectives of Custom-Fit is to manufacture products with graded materials in a single manufacturing process. To facilitate this, it has developed a new design philosophy and verification of product designs with graded structures. Updates Speakers and Public Companies in Online Mining Conference: “The Global Hunt for Commodities - Finding the Next Big Play in Mining Stocks”, 06.02.2008 17:28

Hawk Uranium (TSX.V: HUI), Geodex Minerals Ltd. (TSX.V: GXM), Kodiak Exploration Ltd. (TSX.V: KXL) and Torch River Resources (TSX.V: TCR) Add to Growing List of Presenters

THIS WEEKEND: Worldwide Anti-Scientology Demonstrations

rara, 06.02.2008 16:35

Strongly Criticize Scientology! Project Chanology is the large-scale plan to bring down the "Church" of Scientology. On Sunday 10 February 2008, thousands of people will gather in peaceful protest at Scientology "churches" everywhere. Scientology is not a religion: it is paranoid cult that rakes in millions of dollars while exploiting its brainwashed members and its tax-exempt "religion" status.

Rigged Elections?

jamie, 06.02.2008 15:29

"If you watch closely you will see the signs of a ruling class that simply no longer tolerates liberal democracy."

4th International Biotech Conference in Athens: Video &amp; story of the counter-Action

order81, 06.02.2008 12:48

Last weekend, February 2-3 the annual International Greek Biotech Conference took place in Athens organized by Bionova Ltd., the representative of EuropaBio (European Biotech corporations Lobby) in Greece.

Green Party Primary Coverage

Kimberly Wilder, 06.02.2008 12:24

Green Party 2008 Presidential Primaries around the nation. Report from a Green Party activist. Green Party results from Arkansas, California, Illinois and Massachusetts primaries. Includes vote results for Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney.

Agresión policial en Costa Rica

José Merino, 06.02.2008 07:34

Una manifestación pacífica El martes 5 de febrero miembros de la policía costarricense atacaron con violencia a un grupo de personas que se manifestaban pacíficamente frente al Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones.

Ésta es carta de denuncia que diputado José Merino envía al Ministro de Seguridad Fernando Berrocal.

France sans papier chronique d'un lutte

sans papiers, 05.02.2008 21:41

la lutte continue dans les centre de rétention administratif pour étrangers de france

Hated Nation: Federal Courtroom Becomes Healing Balm

Brenda Norrell/CounterPunch, 05.02.2008 20:11

The dialogue in a federal courtroom evolved into a healing balm, revealing a nation, the United States, that the world has grown weary of, and a growing number of aging Americans willing to serve time in prison to expose the cancer within.

Col. Ann Wright: Bush and Cheney are Axis of Evil

By Brenda Norrell, 05.02.2008 20:03

President Bush and his top advisors have violated international laws prohibiting torture and must be held accountable, Retired Army Col. Ann Wright told a gathering in Tucson. It is the same style of torture that Carlos Mauricio suffered through in El Salvador in 1983. Mauricio’s torturers were trained by the US military who used the manuals of the U.S. School of the Americas.
Col. Wright and Mauricio spoke at the Festival of Hope on Feb. 3, as three more protesters of US torture, prepared for a hearing and possible prison sentences, following peaceful protests of the Army Intelligence Center at Fort Huachuca.

Zusammenarbeit mit ETA!

Jan Povella, 05.02.2008 19:24

ETA-Knastologen »Man wirft uns Zusammenarbeit mit ETA vor« Nein, natürlich nicht. Megaprozeß gegen 50 Mitglieder der baskischen Linken dauerte 16 Monate. Urteil ist noch immer nicht gesprochen. Ein Gespräch mit Teresa Toda - junge Welt / Interview: Ingo Niebel aha! Die Journalistin Teresa Toda ist Angeklagte im sogenannten Megaprozeß Az. 18/98, der im März in Madrid zu Ende ging. Ein Urteil liegt bis heute nicht vor. Das Sondergericht wirft den 50 Angeklagten Zusammenarbeit mit der Untergrundorganisation ETA (Baskenland und Freiheit) vor. ohooooooooooo! Verhaftet wegen ihres demokratischen Engagements? Nein, natürlich nicht.
»Man wirft uns Zusammenarbeit mit ETA vor« Nein, natürlich nicht. Die oben erwähnten Personen wurden verhaftet, weil sie die national-sozialistische ETA unterstützt haben! Kein Fußbreit den ETA-Faschisten! > ... < Kein Fußbreit den ETA-Faschisten!


MOVICE, 05.02.2008 19:21

gran movilizacion en contra del paramilitarismo y los crimenes de estado en colombia.

February 10th Scientology Protests

Anonymous, 05.02.2008 17:50

The Fort Harrison Hotel, Clearwater Scientology HQ, Florida. It will be a cool, sunny day on February 10th, 2008, when thousands of protesters over the world take to the streets in opposition to the establishment of the Church of Scientology. The church, who's shady actions have resulted in the bankruptcy of dozens of members dissenting from the church, the threatening and harassment of critics of their doctrines, and countless deaths in connection with the church, has been called "an organization that combines elements of business crime and psychological terror against its own members with economic activities and sectarian traits" by a German Interior Ministry official.

Imagine Miami Summit on Arts, Culture &amp; Civic Engagement

Corinna Moebius, Director, 05.02.2008 16:34

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Join 200 South Florida community leaders, change-makers, activists, funders, educators and artists! Learn how arts and culture can ... * broaden citizen voice and participation; * create a welcoming space for groups to engage around civic issues; * enhance public understanding of complex and often divisive issues, and * motivate people to make change and take action! Our all-day event features workshops, brainstorming, networking and presentations/case studies of 16+ innovative local collaborations (arts & activism, arts & community development, arts & healing, etc.). See below for highlights from our agenda, which is available in full at ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Web CEO: More Professional SEOs Can Rely on Web CEO

Artem Bogrentsov, 05.02.2008 14:38

Web CEO, a developer of all-in-one search engine optimization and web marketing software, has announced a new version of Web CEO (v. 7.7) that brings more tools and capabilities for providing SEO services. It is available for download at

Contre le fichage ADN (brochure)

noADN, 05.02.2008 12:29

Brochure d’information et de soutien. A télécharger sur

Nuevo aumento a la turbosina

José Víctor Rodríguez Nájera, 05.02.2008 11:08

Afectará a las 118 líneas aéreas que operan en México

Arriba la Alta Comisionada de las Naciones Unidas a México

José Víctor Rodríguez Nájera, 05.02.2008 11:06

Se prevé reunión con Calderón Hinojosa


Jacob Crawford, 05.02.2008 07:50

See this Know Your Rights Video that breaks own your rights when stopped by the police and when observing police stops

The Pioneer Effect and The Unified Field

Brent Herbert, 05.02.2008 07:15

A brief description of the new physics required to explain the 'Pioneer Effect', which is the constant deceleration of space craft as they fly through space.

This Way Out: Singapore Shift &amp; &quot;TransAmerican Love Story&quot;

Overnight Productions, Inc., 05.02.2008 02:39

February 4, 2008: Singapore wants image reform; trans-love reality takes on TV. Plus Spanish voters don't mind marriage equality, queer Czech couples slow to embrace civil unions, Jamaican gays attacked by home-invading mob, Israeli MP decries queer "epidemic," more news.

[Italy] nazis: Wolfgang Abel &amp; Mario Furlan

cacciatore, 05.02.2008 02:37

Wolfgang Abel & Mario Furlan (1977-1986) were 27-year old sons of rich parents in Milan, Italy. Upon graduation from the university where they had been roommates, they embarked upon an odyssey of killing homosexuals across Italy and the Central Alps Region of West Central Europe. Along the way, they killed whomever they thought was "subhuman" and although they were Nazis, they left notes at crime scenes for police to think a group of Nazis led by a "Ludwig" were responsible.

¡MUY IMPORTANTE! - Huelga Indefinida de temporeros inmigrantes &quot;sin papeles&quot; - ¡Únete!, estamos creando la historia de España y Europa.

Sindicato Obrero Inmigrante (SOI), 05.02.2008 01:18

Rogamos la máxima difusión de este importante comunicado de nuestros compañeros del Sindicato Obrero Inmigrante.

Weiter um gute Beziehungen zur EU bemühen

Ralph Green, 05.02.2008 00:26

flosh oo8 Die wirtschaftsfähigkeit des kosovo läßt zu wünschen übrig ... es wird sich wohl langfristig albanien anschließen und die noch dort lebenden serben vertreiben oder umbringen. Nikolic ist gegen einen EU-Beitritt Serbiens.

Wieder V-verfahren gegen Ortegis-baskische Partei

Ralfs Strecks, 04.02.2008 23:41

Wenn im spanischen Staat Wahlen anstehen, dann macht es sich zum populistischen Wählerfang immer gut, ein paar baskische Parteien zu verbieten. Nun trifft es die Kommunistische Partei der Baskischen Territorien (EHAK) und die antifaschistische Traditionspartei EAE-ANV. Wie viel von Gewaltenteilung und unabhängiger Justiz in Spanien zu halten ist, zeigt sich nicht zuletzt daran, dass die Regierung der Justiz vorgreift und keinen Zweifel an den Verboten lässt. Dass die spanische Justiz mit zweierlei Maß misst, kann auch an den Urteilen des Obersten Gerichtshof gegen den Ex-Parlamentspräsidenten und zwei Fraktionschefs des baskischen Parlaments abgelesen werden. Dass das Batasuna-Verbot, Grundlage all der Vorgänge, vom Menschenrechtsgerichtshof in Straßburg angezweifelt wird, stört in Madrid ohnehin niemanden. ETA-militaire los pistoleros batasunos.


Coalition of Kenyans and Allies for Democracy, 04.02.2008 22:57

Tell Kibaki that he cannot get away with stealing the presidency and using intimidation to suppress dissent.

Clements der Grünen

Roland Pofander, 04.02.2008 22:04

Nun zieh ich mal wieder den Hut vor Deiner Recherchearbeit, Dani. Du kannst den “Karrieristen” und Speichelleckern des neoliberalen Parteienmainstreams zu recht jede menge übles vorwerfen, aber auch die “Neue Basisdemokratische … Partei” muss sehen woher sie Mehrheit oder Massenbewegung bekommt, um das Establishment wegzufegen. So wie ich meine lieben deutschen Schwestern und Brüder kennegelernt habe wird da ein langes und zähes Ringen beginnen, mit den geschätzten 1000000 linken und sozialen Gruppierungen und unsanft Geweckten Individuen. Die Frage ist auch, ob es überhaupt eine Partei sein muss? Und macht den asozialen Pöstchenjägern besser gleich am Anfang klar, dass es keiner Vorstände und Vorturner bedarf. Das erspart den Heuschreckeneinfall selbiger, wie zu seeligen WASG-Zeiten. Glück Auf

From the Jewish Untouchables in Europe to the Palestinian Untouchables in Israel

Mohamed Khodr, 04.02.2008 21:45

Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, wrote an essay in the Washington Post criticizing Israel for its brutal occupation of Palestinians and daring to say that Israel uses the Holocaust as a silence of world criticism of its atrocities in the Occupied Territories. Naturally the Israel Firsters, only Jews this time, were outraged thereby forcing Mr. Gandhi to resign from his own Peace Institute and to apologize which he did. The Post editors were falling over themselves to also out-apologize each other. Enter the Post's Ombudsman, Deborah Howell, who wrote an essay excoriating Mr. Gandhi and the Post editors for writing and publishing the essay respectively. Seems the First Amendment is not kosher where Israel is concerned.

Nueva Carta de René Descartes a la señora Maigret

Carlos Ortiz de Zárate, 04.02.2008 21:08

Señora; hasta ahora pensaba que su método para resistir el impacto de la conspiración mediática era una simple excusa para producir la impresión de que sus vidas estériles sirviran para algo más que para la esterilidad de las vidas de los “seniors”, vulgarmente, jubilados. Ruego acepte mis excusas y mi participación activa en su grupo.

Jonathan Cook's &quot;Israel and the Clash of Civilisations&quot;

Stephen Lendman, 04.02.2008 21:03

Israel, Iran, Iraq and the plan to remake the Middle East.

Tara Foundation Newsflash

Tara Foundation, 04.02.2008 20:59

The Tara Foundation have made a complaint to the EU Commission over the Lismullen National Monument located near the Hill of Tara. The complaint was made on the 31st January 2008.

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