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The capitalist phase of devastation.

José Miguel García, 17.02.2008 05:07

Climate change as the result of the economic, social and political organization that rules the world: brutal capitalism that is not content with plundering man, it also predates the planet.

Video: Nobel Prize speaks about imperialism and war

Western civilization process, 17.02.2008 02:18

Harold Pinter, the Nobel Prize in Literature 2005
Video of his lecture:"Art, Truth & Politics"
45 minutes about US imperial policy, war and truth. Watch here:

communiqué de la fédération chiite de france

sophia, 17.02.2008 01:50

communiqué de la fédération chiite de france

urgence :solidarité pour Gaza

sophia, 17.02.2008 01:43

video du rassemblement a Bruxelles en soutien a la palestine

Clinton Fatigue: There's a Lot of It Going Around These Days

Mark C. Eades, 17.02.2008 01:00

Last decade's news is trying to sneak onto this decade's front page.

Clintons Go Negative (Again), Still Refuse to Disclose Tax Returns

Mark C. Eades, 17.02.2008 00:31

Bill and Hillary Clinton go negative on the campaign trail as Obama continues to surge, insist tax returns will be disclosed only if and when Hillary receives Democratic nomination.

Grupo Modelo, ejemplo de política antisindical y antilaboral

Movimiento al Socialismo, 17.02.2008 00:17

denuncia y llamado a la solidaridad con trabajadores despedidos por motivos políticos.

MUY IMPORTANTE: Huelga indefinida de trabajadores inmigrantes &quot;sin papeles&quot; - ¡NOS ESTÁN REPRIMIENDO! Reenviad este mensaje a todos.

Sindicato Obrero Inmigrante (SOI), 16.02.2008 23:53

Pedimos a indymedia que pase este comunicado a la sección central de cabecera para una mayor difusión de nuestra huelga indefinida de personas que somos “sin papeles”, es la primera de europa. No tenemos nada y cuesta mucho entender que hasta vosotros no nos apoyeis, parece que nadie quiere vernos ni ayudarnos.

Australian prime minister’s “Sorry” to Aborigines – the full speech

Kevin Rudd, 16.02.2008 23:08

The Australian prime minister, Kevin Rudd, on Wednesday 13 February 2008 said the following in parliament:

El APRA MORAL saca antecedentes de Ministro de educación Peruano Chang Escobedo

Tupac Isaac2, 16.02.2008 23:01

Una joyita habia sido el Señor Chang escobeso que su tercio lo sacxo en la loteria de la Villarreal y su maestria en Azangaro.

Burma situation “significantly worse”, protesters tortured, jailed

Diet Simon, sourcing from an Avaaz email, 16.02.2008 22:40

The overall situation in Burma has deteriorated significantly since the protests three months ago, with 80% of the leadership of the monk and student networks that led them caught and jailed, reports the international public opinion campaigning organisation, Avaaz. The remaining 20% are on the run, hiding in safe houses and constantly at risk, a circular email from Avaaz says. “The Burmese generals have used torture extensively to work their way through these networks. They have also immediately and viciously cracked down on any street protests."

Spanien: 'Waffenruhe der ETA'

Bruno Geller, 16.02.2008 20:57

ETA-Militaire Der spanische Ermittlungsrichter Baltasar Garzón geht weiter gegen die baskischen nationalsozialisten der ETA vor. Am Montag ließ der Richter Baltasar Garzón bei 19 Durchsuchungen erneut 14 Führungspersonen der ETA-militaire verhaften. Sie gehörten zum Teil der Link-Partei der Baskischen Terroristen (EHAK-militaire) und der 80jährigen Traditionspartei Baskisch-Patriotische Natonalistischen Aktion (EAE-ANV-NS) an, deren Aktivitäten er am Freitag endlich suspendieren ließ . Sie dienten der 2003 in Spanien verbotenen Partei RTA-Batasuna (Basura) als "Tarnorganisationen" und somit den "Zielen" der Untergrundorganisation ETA, behauptet er. Noch vor einem Jahr, unter dem Eindruck einer Waffenruhe der ETA, hatte er keine Hinweise für ein Verbot gesehen.

Vorsichtig: Schäuble liest mit.

Bodo Wagner, 16.02.2008 19:49

Zumwinkel ..... Ich habe keine Angst, weil ich nicht zu verbergen habe. Ich finde es nur eine grundsätzliche Sache. Für mich steht die Freiheit des einzelnen Menschen an allerhöchster Stelle. Und ich gestehe keinem anderen Menschen und keinem Staat dieser Erde das Recht zu in meinen privaten Daten zu schnüffeln wie es ihm beliebt, es sei den ich erlaube es ausdrücklich.

Comités Patrióticos costarricenses: La Lucha continúa, 16.02.2008 19:20

En Costa Rica, durante la lucha contra el TLC (CAFTA), cuya aprobación se decidió en un referéndum realizado el pasado 7 de octubre, en el cual el movimiento social obtuvo un resultado de un 48% de la totalidad de los votos, contra un 51.6% que favorecía el TLC.

La oligarquía nacional, el gobierno y los medios de comunicación masiva, invirtieron cantidades voluminosas de dinero en campaña y medidas completamente fraudulentas para manipular a la población a favor del nefasto TLC. Un muy alto porcentaje de los electores hasta despúes del referéndum se percataron del engaño, de la corrupción, del fraude y violación a sus derechos que sufrieron mediante la aplicación medidas de miedo, amenazas, tergiversación de la información y prevaricato.

Concentration Camps in America: The Consequences of 40 Years of Fear

William John Cox, 16.02.2008 17:00

Although Internet reports of the best known concentration camps in America are not supported by the evidence, there are abundant facts that the Bush Administration plans to declare martial law and is getting ready to do so. The calendar may say 2008, but, increasingly, we’re living in 1984. America may not have concentration camps yet, but we’re sure enough working on ‘em.

Lebanon Update

Arab Talk Radio, 16.02.2008 16:29

Arab Talk Radio Co-Hosts Jess Ghannam and Jamal Dajani interview Dr Karim Dajani about the explosive situation in Lebanon.


EΣΕ, 16.02.2008 14:00

αυτοκολλητα ΕΣΕ


bruno berardi, 16.02.2008 12:06

domus civitas La domus civitas vittime terrorismo e mafia in piazza il 20 febbraio

Off the Books: The Outsourcing of American Foreign Policy, Part II -- Operation Blowback

Dan Benbow, 16.02.2008 08:42

Part I of “Off the Books” followed the chain of events that led to the birth of al Qaeda in 1988, beginning with Jimmy Carter’s decision to fund guerrilla attacks on the Russian client government in Afghanistan, the Russian invasion that followed, and Ronald Reagan’s escalation of the conflict with the assistance of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Part I also dealt with the Reagan Administration’s secret Continuity of Government (COG) plans to greatly expand the circumstances under which the president could call the military in to take over local governments, and the powers the government would have over its citizens in such circumstances.

Off the Books: The Outsourcing of American Foreign Policy, Part I -- A Roll of the Dice

Dan Benbow, 16.02.2008 08:40

The Road to 9/11: Wealth, Empire, and the Future of America brings the numbing artificiality of America’s internal foreign policy dialogue home in stark detail. Outside of the rarefied left-alternative press there has been little national reckoning or pause for reflection on the root causes of 9/11. The instant, overwhelming response was to man the barricades; those who have fallen out of lockstep to honestly assess the wreckage have been systematically marginalized. As Scott says in The Road to 9/11, "The corporate media today have become, collectively, less a vehicle of information than of mind control."

There Will Be Blood

Jamal Dajani, 16.02.2008 04:51

Israeli forces have been placed on the highest level of preparedness against a possible Hezbollah strike. Israel has ordered its military, embassies and Jewish institutions around the world to increase security measures in case of revenge attacks. This news came immediately after the assassination of a top Hezbollah operative, Emad Moghniyeh in Damascus.

"The blood of our slain commander will lead to Israel's demise," said the Hezbollah leader, Hassan Nassrallah. “I say for the whole world to hear that our war will extend everywhere without restraint. The Lebanon War is not over; there is no ceasefire.”

Israeli officials were quick to deny Israeli involvement in the assassination of Moghniyeh but welcomed the news, as did the US.

Invitación a la presentacion del disco de Kushia bonton

JESUS, 16.02.2008 01:48


Longest Walk Northern Route receives permit

Longest Walk Northern Route, 16.02.2008 01:27

The Longest Walk Northern Route received a permit at 3:30 pm on Friday.


Alliance for Global Justice, 16.02.2008 01:02

Announcing the Respect for Democracy Campaign to end US interference in the electoral processes of other countries, and to demand real democracy right here in the USA. We'll be kicking off the campaign in Washington DC in April, then are going to both conventions, doing lots of local rallies across the country, and a lot more. If you want to learn more about the campaign, write us at !

UK Vivisectors Conference in Scotland - MAHR Action!

Shacing, 15.02.2008 22:56

Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty MacDonald Highland Resorts (MAHR) in Aviemore, Scotland, is hosting the Institute of Animal Technology (IAT) Congress 2008 in March.

Make your voices heard against the vivisectors in the UK!

Radio Ruisriet Migrant tot Migrant

radio ruisriet, 15.02.2008 22:35

Radio Rusiriet Migrant tot Migrant. Every Friday from 7pm. Stay tuned!

Full support for the Marxist candidates in Pakistan! For a socialist revolution in Pakistan!

SUF-GSV-GLT, 15.02.2008 22:08

Presrelease from one of Socialist Youth Fronts branches (Denmark). A declaration of support to the marxist candidates at the Pakistan election, who runs on PPP's list and are supported by the Pakistan Trade Union Defence Commitee.

F. William Engdahl's &quot;A Century of War&quot; - Part II

Stephen Lendman, 15.02.2008 20:25

Part II of this epic book.

Department of California Transportation attempting to halt Longest Walk Northern Route

Brenda Norrell, 15.02.2008 19:56

The California Department of Transportation has refused to give the Longest Walk Northern Route a permit to proceed. Please demand the permit be issued today, Friday, Feb. 15. Miwok runners, including youths, are leaving now and will risk arrest.

Getting Away With Murder!

Malcolm Everett, 15.02.2008 19:36

Find out which Canadian doctors are getting away with medical murder.

HollyWould… Freewaves’ 11th Festival of New Media Arts :: OPEN CALL

Charlene Boehne, 15.02.2008 19:14

HollyWould... OPEN CALL for experimental media art, video, animation, cell videos, wifi events, images for electronic moving signs :: Submission Deadline: February 29, 2008.

For details, see:

Hamburgwahl 08: Grüne Stimmen für die CDU?

Charles Pointer, 15.02.2008 18:55

Ole von Beust Am 24.02.2008 sind die Hamburger aufgerufen, eine neue Bürgerschaft zu wählen. Um die Entscheidung bei mehr als 900 Kandidaten aus 14 Parteien zu erleichtern, hat der DHV die Arbeit des Ersten Bürgermeisters Ole von Beust (CDU) und die Programme der aussichtsreichen Parteien genauer unter die Lupe genommen und gibt eine drogenpolitische Wahlempfehlung x . Die beste Wahl für Cannabiskonsumenten sind demnach die Grünen, die in Hamburg unter dem Kürzel GAL antreten. x ...

[Wash.] riot at &quot;Dead Presidents&quot; rap group show

acab, 15.02.2008 18:25

...... OLYMPIA, Wash. -- A riot erupted during a hip-hop concert in Olympia early Friday that ended with a police car being overturned and looted.

iMA Big Bang Online – A game partnered with IIT Delhi to bring out Business Tycoons

Manu Dagar, 15.02.2008 16:48

In a pioneering endeavor, internet marketing company iMarketing Advantage (iMA) has collaborated with IIT Delhi and taken up the business school Big Bang to the virtual world




Please help

jamie, 15.02.2008 15:51

"Now that the presidential election is down to three candidates, two of whom are dedicated interventionists, the War Party is revving up its motors."

'Eco-friendly' fur? That's fuzzy thinking

Matt Rice, 15.02.2008 13:40

Some furriers are trying to convince consumers that killing small animals and turning them into tacky coats is on par with recycling and calculating your carbon footprint. This is greenwashing at its worst.

Position Paper - 15th February 2008: Digging Machinery operating at the Lismullen Henge

Tara Foundation, 15.02.2008 12:46

According to reports on the 6th February 2008, there is digging machinery at the Lismullin Henge as attempts are being made to bury the Lismullen National Monument.

Philippines: Greed, Corruption and Illegitimate Debt

FDC &amp; PAID, 15.02.2008 11:59

whistle-blower Rodolfo &quot;Jun&quot; Lozada Jr Greed is defined as an excessive or uncontrolled desire for or pursuit of money, wealth, food, or other possessions especially when this denies the same goods to others. It is reprehensible acquisitiveness, an insatiable longing for power, and supremacy in order to advance individual interests at the cost of other's well being.


bruno berardi, 15.02.2008 11:10



ANNA BERMEO TURCHI, 15.02.2008 06:25

La Universidad Nacional de Tumbes no fue considerada como Institución en el Comité Multisectorial constituido para este fin; a sabiendas que cuentas con especialistas en medio ambiente

9/11 'Mastermind' Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Charged

Enver Masud, 15.02.2008 03:31

Pentagon news transcript and CNN report contradict the 9/11 Commission Report on what happened at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001

What is Gang Stalking

gangstalking, 15.02.2008 03:16

Gang Stalking is a appendenge of a global systemic form of control, which seeks to control every aspect of a Targeted Individuals life. The target is followed around and placed under surveillance by Civilian Spies/Snitches 24/7. It's similar to what happened in East Germany, however it is happening on a global scale and many targets are going unaided.

Summary of The Unified Field Theory

Brent Herbert, 15.02.2008 01:27

Unifying Gravity and Electro-Magnetism. Ending our dependence upon fossil fuels and ushering in the age of clean energy sources (fusion).

Paris appel des résident du foyer du 13 eme

soutiens aux sans papier, 15.02.2008 01:24

répression policiére suites des violences policiéres contre ce foyer de travailleurs

The 21st Century State

john stanton, 14.02.2008 23:55

President Putin may have it right. The US tried to cripple Russia but....

Candidates For The Con

Joe Martin, 14.02.2008 23:53

The shadow cabal-crime members in the U.S. 'CON' make up what you can reliably call "Candidates For The Con". Background on the hijacking of The United States by criminal U.S. Intelligence gangs. The lawless, murderous, deceptive operations which rob U.S. Citizens of a sovereign, high standard of life, and jeopardize world peace, constantly. Murdering a U.S. President to start the coup d'etat. The key players in the 'Con'.

Una Nacion Drogada No Es Saludable

Dr. Domenick J. Maglio, Ph.D., 14.02.2008 23:49

El siguiente articulo es recomendacion del Comite de Ciudadanos en Defensa de los Derechos Humanos A.C.


CAAC-COMORES, 14.02.2008 23:45

DAns le cadre de la semaine anticoloniale (16 au 24 février 2008), une centaine d'associations et de partis politqiues organisent des événements contre le colonialisme d'hier et d'aujourd'hui.
- samedi 16 Février - grand rassemblement au Trocadéro des peuples colonisés par la France,
- samedi 16 Février : Nuit du film anticolonial - Jeudi 21 : Colloque au Palais au Sénat
- Vendredi 22 Février : Banquet anticolonial avec remise de prix - Manifestation contre le Ministère de l'identité nationale (Ministère de la Honte)... Confère :

Meet Hillary's Brain: Mark Penn

Mark C. Eades, 14.02.2008 21:27

Compared to Karl Rove, the highly suspect Clinton strategist Mark Penn would likely play a Rovian role in any prospective Clinton II administration.

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