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BarWatch: Personal Privacy? Like We Care!

Cyb0rg/ASM, 10.06.2004 22:14

BarWatch In Vancouver, Edmonton, and more new places everyday, you can get free cover to certain bars by allowing a private company to collect your personal data by scanning your drivers license. It's not optional. By walking into the bar, your ID will be taken and scanned. Your face will be recorded without your knowledge by on-site cameras. This data will be shared with law enforcement, and sold to marketing groups. All this and you can pay for overpriced alcohol too!

Why invite trouble? - No US bases in Australia

mick lambe, 10.06.2004 22:08

US Military budget (2002) US bases in Australia would further embroil us in the USA's insane permanent war policy.


New England Committee to Defend Palestine, 10.06.2004 21:10

In Boston, the supporters of "Israel" have been forced to admit that there's nothing apolitical about celebrating the anniversary of this apartheid state, so they are now organizing an event to mobilize political support for it. We aim to make people aware of the genocide, racism and brutality that they are supporting when they declare their solidarity with this colonial entity.


jail solidarity, 10.06.2004 21:01

14 protesters arrested at G8 need your help!

Campesinos dan 90 dias al Gobierno oligarca de Guatemala

CERIGUA, 10.06.2004 20:59

Movilizacion y paro nacional dia 8 de junio en Guatemala para exigir al estado el sece de la represion y los desalojos de comunidades de campesinos en Alta Verapaz, la no aprovacion del nuevo paquete fiscal y la disolucion de los tratados de libre comercio con EEUU

The Explosion of the 9-11 Truth Movement -- U.S. Media's Dirty Little Secret

Bill Douglas, 10.06.2004 19:07

Join the movement now- it's not too late.

Security at G8 has turned the Volume Up on Local Direct Action

Urban Guerrilla Liberation Front, 10.06.2004 19:04

With the overwhelming security at the G8 in Georigia Local Action has been the Headline, those who couldn't make it or were diverted to local action in solidarity of the small group of dissentors who made the journey.

Michael Stoops Says Reagan Wrong On Homelessness

marco [reprint], 10.06.2004 18:48

Amid Tributes, Activists Lament Reagan's Failure on Homelessness
by Kevin Fagan

Security at G8 has turned the Volume Up on Local Direct Action

Urban Guerrilla Liberation Front, 10.06.2004 17:54

With the overwhelming security at the G8 in Georigia Local Action has been the Headline, those who couldn't make it or were diverted to local action in solidarity of the small group of dissentors who made the journey.

Bush, Rumsfeld confronted in U.S., Europe, Asia

Greg Butterfield / Workers World, 10.06.2004 17:45

The first week of June was not a good time to be George W. Bush or Donald Rumsfeld.


AMCBA, 10.06.2004 17:22

The same DEA-Registered Researcher that Discovered and Proved The Scientific Government Training Programs, in Federal Court, in 1989--- Dr. Eric Durand, discoverer and developer of the Programs that would've Prevented Every Schoolshooting Death, since 1989, and NYC's 9/11 Attrocity; has proven our Financial Markets and Businesses are Vulnerable to attack, Bankruptcy, Crash, and Ruin.....Programs to prevent such Economic Attacks, detailed herein, being illegally-obstructed, too....


m., 10.06.2004 14:49

Two U.S. corporations conspired with U.S. officials to humiliate, torture and abuse persons detained by U.S. authorities in Iraq according to a class action lawsuit filed today by the New York-based Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and the Philadelphia law firm of Montgomery, McCracken, Walker and Rhoads LLP.

Animal Rights Campaigners Arrested for Running Website

Fernando, 10.06.2004 14:24

7 activists arrested for running a website. Vested interests seek to make an example of open activists under the guise of fighting "domestic terrorism".

Bush, nationalism and postsemioticist theory

F. Ludwig Porter, 10.06.2004 13:22

It is not heartening that the 15-minute speech delivered Monday night by President Bush provides a pretext for the police state which has come to pass. Let us never forget that Colin Powell's parade of lies can be regarded as the resurgence of White Supremacist ideologies. Perhaps for the first time since the late 1940s, Donald Rumsfeld's worldview represents the crushing of internal dissent in order to propagate the seizure of the Iraqi Oil Ministry. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the unstated purpose of this war belies justifications given by the world's leading apologists for a humanitarian disaster of unimaginable scale.

The cost of an EU superstate

Keith Parkins, 10.06.2004 13:21

Across Europe we are seeing a rise in eurosceptism.

Request for Help Against Hacking

William Thomas Sherman, 10.06.2004 11:19

Ongoing and unanswered appeal to get assistance against flagrant human rights and civil liberties abuse.

mediomorto, (guerrilla art) estamos en la kalle, 10.06.2004 10:57

Pegatas en la calle: contrapublicidad sobre la ofensiva campaña ultraliberal de MediaMarkt.

Rehnquist Judicial Ethics committee reviewing Patricia Cornwell - Judge Robert Payne bribery scandal

Dr. Les Sachs, 10.06.2004 10:45

The new judicial ethics panel announced in May by Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist, is reviewing as one of its first case studies, the allegations of federal bribery, fraud, and threats of illegal jailing and murder, involving U. S. 4th Circuit Federal District Judge Robert Payne and famous celebrity author and Republican contributor Patricia Cornwell.

&quot;What happened in Rafah proves that you don't have to be German to be a Nazi.&quot;

hoffman via poetpiet, 10.06.2004 08:12

Hoffman wonders why Palestinians are treated like they are nazis. Easy. They're losing, that's why. They are simply not the worst/best nazis in a game of verbal ammo for frenzy animation, remote taunt/tantalization 'dublimation'.

Israeli Terrorists, Palestinian Victims and the Masters of PR
"Terrorist" has become a brand name in the grand American PR tradition of Kleenex and Xerox
by Michael A. Hoffman II

Copyright ©2004 by

Abu Ghraib: The Charade

Amer Jubran, 10.06.2004 08:09

In this article, Palestinian activist Amer Jubran examines the factors behind the U.S. government's and corporate media's decision to admit to American war crimes in Abu Ghraib.

Since Mr. Jubran's inbox tends to get filled up very quickly, Replies to him can also be sent to

Página solidaria IV Festival de Cine Palestino solidaria, 10.06.2004 06:08

Apoyo para difundir la obra de una veintena de cineastas palestinos. El Festival de Cine Palestino cuenta desde ayer con una página y denotado esfuerzo de difusión para el mundo hispanoparlante. En Chicago ya no están aislados, esta vez el mundo entero sabrá del arte palestino.

DIY Smallpox Defence

Cal Crilly, 10.06.2004 02:32

Self help ways to deal with viral infections and other diseases.

Venezuela: En este tiempo de canallas...

Redacción de El Libertario, 09.06.2004 19:50

* Ante la coyuntura planteada por el referéndum revocatorio presidencial del 15/08/2004, la Comisión de Relaciones Anarquistas y su vocero El Libertario llaman a una ruptura radical con los contendientes por el poder autoritario, proponiendo al pueblo venezolano construir salidas a la actual crisis basadas en el apoyo mutuo, la acción directa y la autogestión.

Editorial de EL LIBERTARIO # 38, junio-julio 2004, Venezuela

Redacción de El Libertario, 09.06.2004 19:45

* Contra viento y marea, el vocero de la Comisión de Relaciones Anarquistas de Venezuela nuevamente sale a la calle, para enfrentar al maniqueismo tramposo que hoy abruma la escena político-social de este país y proponiendo alternativas consecuentes de libertad e igualdad en solidaridad.

O Sufrágio Universal 2

Francisco Trindade, 09.06.2004 19:23

O Sufrágio Universal 2

Working History

tony d, 09.06.2004 19:07

TELL US YOUR STORY.......................
This is an add for a working history project. The project is an annual journal of peoples experiences in the workplace. We are accepting submissions from all. The publication will be free and posted in PDF on various websites........ see file for details.... send questions and comments to e-mail address provided. thanks tony d and pat w


G, 09.06.2004 18:36

c f

Oil fires and a fiery population giving the lie to neocon crimes and U.S. propaganda

jamie, 09.06.2004 18:31

Iraq Today?

The two articles below revel the falsehoods that Bush and other neocon liars promote to the world. Spread the truth as widely as possible and help prevent the full force propaganda campaign from pulling the “wool over the sheep” of the U.S.A. Venceremos! We can and will win if we act. jamie

Making a Myth of Ronald Reagan: Hannity &amp; Colmes Demonstrate Media Fascism, ver. 2004

J. E. Fields, 09.06.2004 18:05

Ted Rall Skewers the Reagan Myth, Now in the Making, and Handles Colmes, So Hannity Goosesteps in to Muzzle the Media Satirist with Nazilike Bluster

Help kill people, receive $10

b, 09.06.2004 17:30

Help kill people, receive $10



We look forward to seeing all our comrades in Istanbul in June to raise the resistance and solidarity.

Request: Real democracy for Europe.

ciudadaniasinmordaza., 09.06.2004 16:35

To: The President of the Council of the European Union, to the President of the European Commission, to the President of the European Parliament, to the European Court of Justice, to all the political parties and electoral associations that run in the elections for the European Parliament on June 13th 2004.

Man wins damages over al-Qaida claim

Sam, 09.06.2004 16:18

Tuesday, June 8, 2004 · Last updated 5:22 a.m. PT

Man wins damages over al-Qaida claim


Bush Administration Torture Memo &amp; Analysis Now Online

Bush Administration Walker Working Group Report, Analysis by Michael, 09.06.2004 15:26

If anyone in the higher levels of government acted in reliance on this advice, those persons should be impeached. If they authorized torture, it may be that they have committed, and should be tried for, war crimes. And, as we learned at Nuremberg, “I was just following orders” is NOT (and should not be) a defense.

UGSOA Local 38 Joins SPFPA

Ronald A. Mikell President SPFPA Local 38, 09.06.2004 15:22

Memorandum to the Membership of Local 38 Dated 28 May 2004

Bush, Cheney Indictments in Plame Case Looming :COUP D’ETAT: The Real Reason Tenet and Pavitt Resigned from the CIA on June 3rd and 4th

By Michael C. Ruppert, with additional reporting from Wayne Madsen in Washington, 09.06.2004 14:28

It is one of the greatest ironies of the Plame affair that the Bush administration, spawned and nurtured by oil, might have committed suicide by vindictively, cruelly and unthinkingly exacting personal retribution on an intelligence officer who had committed no offense, and who was, quite possibly, providing the administration with critical oil-related intelligence which the President needed to manage our shaky economy and affairs of state for a while longer to squeak through to re-election.

And now for a little of what it really feels like in Iraq

Sara, 09.06.2004 12:51

The western press is full of pure lies of the looming "happy transfer." Don't believe it. reports that fighting rages all over the occupied country. 832 U.S. troops now confirmed dead. Check this from Aljazeera:

Reclaim The Streets in Helsinki 5.6.2004 part II

Joachim Stark, 09.06.2004 12:47

Coca Karma? Here are still some more pictures for all the world to see and enjoy.
(all photos taken by Joachim Stark)

Reclaim The Streets in Helsinki 5.6.2004

Joachim Stark, 09.06.2004 12:26

Terrorist? It was a sunny, beautiful day with lots of people attending the Reclaim The Streets
in Helsinki on Saturday 5th of June.

(Re)claim your City folks!

bush stop rome 04.06.04

enk, 09.06.2004 10:32

foto video report

Ronald Reagan (1911-2004): An Obituary

David North, 09.06.2004 09:01

"Nothing could have quite prepared the innocent bystander for the eruption of dishonest, cynical and preposterously stupid propaganda with which the media and political establishment have responded to the death of Reagan."

Our Myopic Beeblebrox: Plausible Selective Memories

Adam Christopher Snow, 09.06.2004 08:47

Pabst Blue Ribbon, ketchup, a Black Panther in Cuba, myopia, Pat Brown and Sci-Fi classics: an eclectic and selective obituary of Ronald Wilson Reagan, the 40th President of the United States of America.

Petition of the Arab Associations: Who will put an end to the American-British occupation’s crimes?

Ittijah - Union of Arab Community Based Associations, 09.06.2004 07:46

Sign the petition on:

Words cannot express the horror of the crimes of torture perpetrated by the American-British occupation forces in the prison of Abu-Ghrayb in Iraq. We assert that had these crimes been perpetrated by an Arab-Islamic state, or a state in the developing world, the international reaction, in particular that from America and Europe, would have been immediate denunciation and the sharpest criticism, accompanied by the most extreme sanctions possible against the regime.


n, 09.06.2004 05:32

drag n

Jose Delgado patents

..., 09.06.2004 01:20

Below is the link and abstract to a patent by Jose Delgado. The
second patent listed is one which references the Delgado patent.
Following some further links leads to other interesting patents...

The Nature of Ronald Reagan : Will the Earth Accept His Corpse?

JEFFREY ST. CLAIR, 09.06.2004 01:13

Reagan's Crazies

The corporate counter-attack on greens began with the rise of the Sagebrush Rebels, an amalgam of ranchers, corporate executives, free-market economists and right-wing politicians who decried environmentalism as socialism-by-another-name and as a backdoor assault on property rights.

Iraq background

Jane Howarth, 09.06.2004 01:07

Backgrond to the current war on Iraq the Iran?iraq war & more lies


Celebrity Media, 09.06.2004 01:00

Hollywood actress Lunden De'Leon best known for her role on the hit television series "Vital Signs" starts indie record label

The Cleveland Airport Mystery: 200 passengers got lost on 9/11

Woody Box, 08.06.2004 21:39

This article will prove that not one, but two planes made an emergency landing in Cleveland - in close succession.

Guatemalan Protests Shut Down Country (Urgent DC Solidarity Action WEDS)

Matthew Kavanagh, 08.06.2004 21:01

Thousands of workers, farmers and indigenous people have have blocked highways and shut down the main border points with El Salvador, Honduras and Mexico in protest against violent land evictions, regressive taxes, and the Central American Free Trade Agreement. US Groups have called for a solidarity action in DC on Wednesday @ Noon.

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