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Video Shows Murder And Slaughter Of American Robert Jacob, In Riyadh

The Australian, 13.06.2004 18:51


This video should only be viewed by a mature audience

Video shows what it claims to be the murder of US national Robert Jacob in the Saudi capital. The footage is attributed to an al-Qaeda terror cell which claimed responsibility for the killing.

News from Iraq Bush and the neocons don't you to hear about. 834 U.S. GI's dead and.....

jamie, 13.06.2004 18:34


News from Iraq Bush and the neocons don't you to get. 834 U.S. GI's dead and..... By all means, spread this news everywhere. Be the media. jamie

A Different Remembrance of Ronald Reagan

Benin Dakar, 13.06.2004 17:56

Remembering Ronald Reagan beyond modern Reagan mythology: Myth makers beware!


micaela, 13.06.2004 17:20

micales prueva esto

The Vomitorium 2004

Wendy Tremayne, 13.06.2004 16:31

A response to the New and Improved American Empire

The opening night event for The HOWL Festival's Avant Garden Series ( Tuesday August 17th, 7pm. Location TBA

Vomitorium2004 is a theatrical performance, modeled after the opulent parties of the Roman Empire, where guests will engage in consuming astounding amounts of food, and when stuffed to the limit, vomit so that they may gorge themselves again and again. For one evening we will transport the participants and audience to those long-gone days in order to reflect on the fate that eventually befell the Roman Empire, and heed the warning signs of history repeating in the current decline of the American Republic.

BTL:Planned Parenthood Court Challenge Overturns GOP-Backed...'

Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus, 13.06.2004 13:40

...Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act~ Interview with Beth Parker, attorney representing Planned Parenthood in the Partial Birth Abortion Ban court case, conducted by Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus

CHIAPAS: Asesinan a militante zapatista

difunde Red Latina sin fronteras, 13.06.2004 11:47

resistir ES existir Eduardo Vázquez Alvaro fué brutalmente asesinado en la ciudad de Chillón.

Deportation Airlines goes online

Deportation Airlines, 13.06.2004 07:15

The Website accompanies the campaign against the pushing away business of the LTU with information and materials. Some airlines Tarom (Romania) or the Swissair (Switzerland) knew with successful campaigns are moved their commitment in the pushing away business to adjust. revolution

allah x amin, 13.06.2004 06:28

pcww1 . peace cities worldwide 1 .

New Book: The 4 Hundred and 20 Assassins of Emir Abdullah-Harazins

Aducco Tradere, 13.06.2004 06:16

About the Book

Warning: Philosophical Content-Explicit Ideas-May offend those easily offended. The legend of the Hassan El Sabbah is not as famous as his garden. Sabbah was an entrepreneur of sorts using the assassin as a tool to gain political influence throughout the Middle East. He would use young men by making them smoke hash then allowing them to enter his garden of earthly delights. The young men were told they had entered paradise and would be expelled if they did not carry out Sabbah’s wishes, which were usually to kill someone of relative importance. This tale is not only a fictional look at Sabbah, but also a mind-altering look into America’s drug culture and the idea of paradise. Told by a stoner, set over a thousand years ago with an Arabian Nights feel to it, the story centers around Emir Abdullah-Harazins (Sabbah) and his infamous garden. It is the story of only one of his Hashishiyyins (Assassins).

Denuncia: Josu Lariz Iriondo

Edgardo Balduccio, 13.06.2004 06:07

El pueblo vasco fue y es perseguido, humillado y torturado desde hace décadas, los que leen "la otra cara de la irrealidad" lo saben. Y esto, si bien tiene que ver con E.T.A. ya que ese grupo radical decidió hacer algo al respecto que no trataremos ni juzgaremos, por lo menos en este post (aunque es necesario aclarar que Santos y Demonios repudia la violencia explícita en contra de inocentes), no pasa por pertenecer o no a dicha agrupación, ser vasco, para el poder español, es sinónimo de ser criminal.


LOVEDOC, 13.06.2004 05:30

Though it's often thought-of differently, it's still Murder to deny an Elderly Patient Indicated and Available Substances......The Real Communist Attack Strategy......EVEN-WORSE THAN PRESIDENT REAGAN, IS...Prohibitionism......

Sea Island G8 arrestees still in custody! How we can help them.

Max @, 13.06.2004 04:51

Demonstrators break off the March For Palestine and head for Sea Island On Thursday June 10th 15 people were arrested in Brunswick (GA) after refusing to disperse. The majority of them has not yet been released and they are not receiving medical attention despite injuries due to prolonged sun exposure and other lesions. Others were later arrested at a jail-solidarity demonstration outside the Glynn County detention center on Friday and charged with criminal trespassing.

Stepford America

Carolyn Baker, 13.06.2004 04:42

Will the Stepford Voters awaken, and take back their minds?

Bush's &quot;Right Wing&quot; Media shows its Muscle in its phony Reagan Eulogy!

Whorealdo, 13.06.2004 02:06

American "Right Wing" Media shows its Muscle in its phony Reagan Eulogy!


Hank Ramey, 12.06.2004 21:58

Commencement of the Recall Arnold campaign and the previous service of the Notice of Intention on Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger


GRR, 12.06.2004 21:06

Helena Paul, de Econexus y Alfredo Galli, del GRR Helena Paul, fundadora de Econexus, y Alfredo Galli, del GRR, se solidarizaron con campesinos de Mili, Santiago del Estero. Ellos están amenazados de expulsión por empresarios de la soja transgénica.

Protesting BIO 2004

Daniel Borgström, 12.06.2004 19:42

An account of the June 8th protest at the biotech convention in San Francisco


Greg Butterfield (Worker's World), 12.06.2004 18:09

One of many Reagan era symbols While mainstream information media is fully engaged in Ronald Reagan historical revisionism, here we have a very good reminder of what it was really like.

Spontane Protestaktion gegen Neonazi Meinolf Schönborn

unknown, 12.06.2004 17:30

Am 9.Juni 2004 fand in der verschlafenen Gemeinde Herzebrock- Clarholz in Ostwestfalen eine spontane Protestaktion statt, um bei dem bundesweiten " Mittwochs"- Mottroadtreffen auf den Laden "Meniha" des Neonazis Meinolf Schönborn aufmerksam zu machen.Schönborn, zunächst in der NPD aktiv,hat u.a. die später verbotene Organisation "Nationalistische Front" gegründet.

Any Meteor Swarm Disaster the Happens in June will be more Bush Mob Bunko

walrus, 12.06.2004 14:22

If you are president its easy to get the navy sent to sea, and to set off some lightshows in the sky.

As Eleições para o Parlamento Europeu

Francisco Trindade, 12.06.2004 13:43

As Eleições para o Parlamento Europeu

BTL:June 30th Transition of Power in Iraq Criticized as Hollow Attempt to...

Between the Lines' Scott Harris, 12.06.2004 13:20

...Bolster Bush Re-Election Bid~ Interview with Rahul Mahajan, author and commentator, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

EU corruption

Keith Parkins, 12.06.2004 12:15

Corruption in the EU makes the mafia look like a quiet family business.


RESEARCHER, 12.06.2004 04:12

"There is a single theme behind all our work-we must reduce population levels," said Thomas Ferguson, the Latin American case officer for the State Department's Office of Population Affairs (OPA). "Either they [governments] do it our way, through nice clean methods or they will get the kind of mess that we have in El Salvador, or in Iran, or in Beirut."

Report on Action to Re-Historicize Reagan Legacy

Ben Grosscup, 12.06.2004 04:01

Today, Friday June 11, in the midst of a national call to honor the legacy of former President Ronald Reagan, a small group of friends and I in Vermont did an action to contest the way that Reagan has been memorialized in recent days.

في الذكرى السنوية لإعتقاله تضامن جماهيري مع نائب أمين عام الجبهة الشعبية

وديع, 12.06.2004 00:22

الاعتصام التضامني في غزة غزة: اعتصام العشرات من أنصار الجبهة الشعبية لتحرير فلسطين وممثلي القوى الاجتماعية والسياسية يخضع ملوح للإعتقال الاداري المعمول به وفق قرار عسكري يتم تمديده دون الخضوع لمحكمة عادلة ودون أن توجه اليه أي اتهامات.

Alegato ante el juez de Josu Lariz Iriondo

Euskaldun bat, 11.06.2004 23:39

«Soy inocente, quiero la libertad, la decisión está en sus manos Señoría.»

Results of the G8: Two Observations that weren't expected...

urban guerrilla liberaration front, 11.06.2004 23:14

Global Direct Action held (actions of those in LA, SF, Atlanta, Londonto name a few ) in Solidarity with the few couragous one who show shift in doctrne/strategy of the Movement; and the actions Urban Guerrilla Liberation Front stand out as the Highlight of the G8/J10 Calls to Action.

Canada’s Billion Dollar P3 Boondoggle

Eugene Plawiuk, 11.06.2004 21:20

The real story behind the cost overruns at the Canadian Firearms Centre

What the Liberals and Conservatives Don’t Want You To Know.

More arrests at Brunswick G8

AZ IMC, 11.06.2004 21:11

Protesters March and Yell around Jail 2 more arrested at Jail Solidarity action at Brunswick Jail.

In The Court Of Appeal - Civil Division - London UK

Sarg.Maj.Res. Aviad Rosen, 11.06.2004 20:14

Claimant Skeleton Argument

Irish Concrete in Israel's Wall

Press Association, 11.06.2004 19:55

The wall construction continues apace, as politicians talk and talk "Kweeva" Butterly was deliberately shot through the thigh by Isreali soldiers in Jenin Refugee Camp in 2002. Now she's protesting an Irish company's involvement in the building of Israel's apartheid wall in the West Bank.
Please do what you can to support her.

The Forbidden Truths of Child Abuse within Human Society

The Seer of Forbidden Truth, 11.06.2004 13:54

A devastating dissection of the Forbidden Truths of how human society chooses to sponsor, encourage, facilitate, and revel in the genocidal victimization, abuse, torture, and murder of it's child-slaves.

Cyprus Indymedia refuses right to open publishing

redbrickwall, 11.06.2004 13:50

The Hellenic and English braches of the Cyprus Indymedia are held captive by essentially two individuals who hold closed meetings and refuse to have an editorial policy. They alter articles posted at the newswire of the site, adding their own views.

protestas en loops

nosubjec7, 11.06.2004 11:53

loops de video con fotos de manifestaciones en chile por la libertad de los presoso políticos

3rd Dirty Beach Cabaret

galegos de londres, 11.06.2004 11:51

Next Dirty Beach Cabaret will take place at the George next Saturday 26 of June.

Roma vs Bush, 11.06.2004 10:21

Roma vs Bush G. W. Bush in Rome - Pictures from the demostration against - 2004 june 04

USA The Movie--A Powerful Film For Peace And Justice

Elizabeth Dana, 11.06.2004 06:49

Indymedia played a major role in a new underground film.

Rockefeller, Reagan, and Bush: The Dance Of Death

Thorstein Veblen, 11.06.2004 06:22

I truly feel sorry for Ronald Reagan. He was a dupe and patsy all the way through. His entire adult life was one long script.

Outsourcing Ethics Challenged From Within

Anthony Mitchell, 11.06.2004 05:37

Offshore IT outsourcing firms face loss of business for lack of protection of workers’ rights and for lack of environmental responsibility by parent firms

TEN US Navy Carriers Now At Sea - Only Two In Port

Radwick, 11.06.2004 05:12

North Korea? Iran? Saudi Arabia?

This is no training exercise.

Protesters Met With Some Resistance at BioDevestation 2004

Jose Coffee, 11.06.2004 04:54

As Protesters Descend on San Francisco for the Anti-BioDevelopment Demonstrations, some find their efforts thwarted by pro-freedom activists.

Anxiety in Israel as hundreds of Jews convert to Islam, 11.06.2004 02:52

Read more ...

The true face of Democracy, 11.06.2004 02:03

Democracy in this day and age should have been advanced compared to when
it was first supposed implemented among the Greek. Reality about democracy
speaks for itself. Today democracy is a farce, as it always was. In the
past leadership in democratic systems were dominated by dynasties. Today
they are dominated by barons with selfish agendas. Read more to find out
about two (one of which is the largest) democracies in the world.


M. S., 11.06.2004 01:01

Saudi govt along with multi-nationals screwing local arabs in their quest for money and sex. One man's account from the inside.

Libyan plot to bring down King of Saudi Arabia

Propaganda News from Washington UN TV News, 11.06.2004 01:00

Just heard that either one or two individual have been detained. They have
"allegedly" revealed a plot of Libyan origin to kill King Abdullah of
Saudi Arabia and destablize Saudi Arabia affecting the smooth flow of
oil from Saudi Arabia.

Korean Central News Agency: Appeal to S. Koreans

Songun Politics Study Group (USA), 11.06.2004 00:11


P10K Founder Ken O'Keefe in Israeli Jail for entering Gaza

Ian Hodgson, 10.06.2004 23:54

Former US Marine and initiator of the Human Shield Action to Iraq, Ken
O'Keefe, was jailed last night by Israeli authorities attempting to enter
the Gaza Strip. He wished to discuss with the people and leaders of Gaza
the P10K plan to bring 10,000 western citizens to act as international
observers in the Palestinian Occupied Territories. P10K also calls for a
cessation of offensive operations from the Israeli Government and the
militant Palestinian Resistance, upon the arrival of the 10,000 strong
P10K Force.

The Houdid Protocol to Elect GW Bush!

Editor,, 10.06.2004 23:31

George Bush has not been packaged; he has – in fact - been invented.

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