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Three Mile Island at 29: Reactors and Infant Health

John LaForge, 28.03.2008 14:44

The consequences of the TMI disaster are not widely understood. Cover-up, disinformation and ignorance of radiation-induced illnesses have led to its trivialization and today's putative revival of new reactor construction. Raising nuclear power from the intensive-care unit requires denying the damage resulting from TMI itself and flies in the face of decades of science regarding the effects of low-dose radiation, especially its affects on infants.


Terry Howcott, 28.03.2008 13:58

Clintons as actors in the ultimate act of socio political murder suicide.

The Question Remains

Justin Smith, 28.03.2008 13:13

It's apparent nothing will be done anytime soon with regards to the Iraq war, not pulling out, no phased withdraw. But instead of looking for ways to disengage in the least bad way because that's all there is, the status quo rambles on in perpetuity. A war sought and brought by the Bush administration by, I could say lied to the American people but conspiracy to defraud the United States of America will suffice. Now the US is shackled in a generational war. And one of the most unfortunate of these byproducts of the Iraq War is the refugee problem, which does get media attention, but does it have the attention of those in office?

Third Circuit Court Upholds Frame-Up Conviction of Mumia Abu-Jamal, Orders Hearing to Reinstate Death Penalty or Entomb Him for Life

Partisan Defense Committee, 28.03.2008 12:48

Third Circuit Court Upholds Frame-Up Conviction of Mumia Abu-Jamal, Orders Hearing to Reinstate Death Penalty or Entomb Him for Life
Free Mumia Now!
Emergency Protests, March 28 in cities across the U.S., internationally on March 28 and 29: Freedom Now for Mumia Abu-Jamal! Contact the Partisan Defense Committee for local information or go to

EdgarVIPCards heiß begehrt: Botschaften der Stars kommen per Gratispostkarte

United Ambient Media AG, 28.03.2008 11:54

Sportfreunde Stiller, Wir sind Helden, Udo Lindenberg: Prominente bringen mit Edgar ihre Message rüber

Fichage biométrique des étrangers entrant au Japon.

Julien BIELKA et Christian KESSLER, 28.03.2008 10:46

Une loi ordonnant de prendre une photo de visage et de relever les empreintes digitales des étrangers entrants est en vigueur au Japon depuis le 20 novembre 2007.


CFE CGC AGRO, 28.03.2008 10:40

NEW-DELHI, avril 2008.

Heimrath Family

Heimrath Family, 28.03.2008 10:27

Heimrath Family

Fichage biométrique des étrangers entrant au Japon.

Julien BIELKA et Christian KESSLER, 28.03.2008 03:07

Une loi ordonnant de prendre une photo de visage et de relever les empreintes digitales des étrangers entrants est en vigueur au Japon depuis le 20 novembre 2007.

Jim Roth's '08 Earth Day Fundraising Event!

Darla Shelden, 28.03.2008 03:05

Jim Roth for OK Corporation Commissioner A fundraiser for Jim Roth's run for Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner in '08 will be held on Earth Day at the Boldt Construction office. This is Oklahoma's first privately owned building to earn silver LEED certification by the U.S. Green Building Council. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

Jim Roth is committed to the environment and wants to make Oklahoma a better place to live.

El sexismo y la liberación de la mujer

Miguel G. Fonseca, 28.03.2008 02:22

El sistema del transporte público en el Distrito Federal separa a hombres de mujeres. ¿Discriminación?...

Urgent: In Plane Site Website HIJACKED, New Gatekeeper In Place

William Lewis, 28.03.2008 01:43

The makers of “911 In Plane Site” have been locked out of their own website, content has been suppressed, and funds have been illegally diverted.


Monty Henry, 28.03.2008 00:28

Open 24/7/365! This item rents for: $75.00 per week Self-contained totally covert (baby-sitter-buster) motion activated real time video or high-resolution "still shots" are recorded on a tiny SD card, housed in a hidden compartment. All recording are time/date stamped for professional security applications. Every system includes a 1Gb SD card. All units available in B&W or Color What better way to Rise and Shine to your favorite tunes? This sleek clock radio wakes you gradually and lulls you to sleep with your iPod music or AM/FM radio or buzzer. It does all this while charging the iPod with a built-in dock connector, so it's ready to go when you are!

Flop: Münchner Transrapid-Strecke

Toni Müller, 27.03.2008 23:52

csu-transrapid Nach dem Aus für den Münchner Transrapid hat sich der frühere bayerische Ministerpräsident Edmund Stoiber über die Kostenexplosion des Projekts verwundert gezeigt. "Nahezu eine Verdoppelung der Kosten in sechs Monaten ist doch sehr ungewöhnlich", sagte der CSU-Ehrenvorsitzende. Aus für Münchner Transrapid-Strecke - Stoiber verwundert - Maget hämisch

Polish Campaign Against Militarism Update

Campaign Against Militarism, 27.03.2008 23:42


Emergency Rally to DEFEND Mumia ABU-JAMAL!

Seattle Radical Women, 27.03.2008 23:00

Rally tomorrow, Friday, March 28, 4:00 – 7:00pm
Federal Courthouse, 700 Stewart St., Seattle

Your presence is crucial!

This morning, journalist, former Black Panther, and political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal was denied a new trial by a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals.


SANDY, 27.03.2008 20:58


Persecucion politica en el Peru-Libertad para Ronderos Detenidos

tupac isaac2, 27.03.2008 20:24

La detencion de dos dirigentes ronderos de Santiago de Chuco por Luchar contra la trasnacional Barrick habla de que quienes disienten del Sr Garcia Peres van presos

Freedom for America - A Patriot's Call for Action

Johnny Wizard, 27.03.2008 20:08

withus the war
crimes committed against Iraqis, are crimes against US all.
Crimes committed by the neocon traitor liars, who are
'escaping' responsibility for 911 also, as the true enemies of
all Life and God to believe as Justice.

A Culture Of Death And Destruction

Emily A. Spence, 27.03.2008 18:53

Some people have likened the Earth to a relatively small lifeboat wheeling in an incredibly vast sea of outer space. If they also think that the sinking of the Titanic was a sad disaster, they will be heartbroken over the tragic devastation when this sort of occurrence happens on a planetary scale.

The Recession's Human And Environmental Impacts

Emily A. Spence, 27.03.2008 18:46

If the world is to simultaneously deal with economic recession, a growing population and environment decimation, we need to see these areas as related and approach them in a coordinated fashion. This analysis covers reasons for doing so and some ways to tackle all three matters.

FAO obliga al Gobernador Marcelo de Los Santos a dialogar en Cerro de San Pedro

Luz Sierra, 27.03.2008 18:34

Miembros del FAO, haciendo uso de sus derechos ciudadanos, obligan al Gobernador de San Luis Potosí, Marcelo de los Santos Fraga a tener un diálogo en cerro de San Pedro

March/April: 3800 US soldiers to be moved from Baumholder (FRG) to Iraq

noman, 27.03.2008 18:30

Within the next two weeks, 3800 soldiers shall be moved from Baumholder, a base of the US Army in the FRG, to Iraq. We hope, that this will not be able to be done in silence, especially since the questioning/resisting within the army itself continues to grow.

March/April: 3800 GI's sollen aus Baumholder (BRD) in den Iraq verlegt werden

noman, 27.03.2008 17:54

Aus Baumholder, einem Standort der US-Armee in der BRD, sollen innerhalb der naechsten zwei Wochen weitere 3800 Soldaten in den Iraq verlegt werden. Wir hoffen, dass dies nicht stillschweigend vonstatten geht, besonders, da der Unmut/Widerstand innerhalb der Armee selber waechst.

Santuário Sagrado de Xamãs amenazado por la especulacion financiero-inmobiliaria

imc-brasilia, 27.03.2008 17:53

No se move Santuario Informaciones acerca de la situación de conflicto en Brasília (Capital de Brasil)
La situación envolve violación de derechos indígenas y legislación ambiental.

Indy Media-Alert about the conflict situation in Brasília - Brazil

imc-brasília, 27.03.2008 17:43

Não se move Santuário Information about the actual conflict situation in Brasília (Capital of Brazil)
The situation involves a violation environmental and indigenous rights

RES Audio Interview With Clear Skies Solar, Inc. Discusses New Solar Technologies, 27.03.2008 17:05

Renewable Energy Stocks Audio Interview; Ezra Green, CEO & Chairman of Clear Skies Solar, Inc. (OTCBB: CSKH) Discusses Business Model and Development of New Solar Technologies

El VII Congreso de la UNEAC: De Palabras a los intelectuales a Caliban digital

Maribel Acosta Damas, 27.03.2008 17:03

El próximo 1 de abril de 2008 se reunirá la intelectualidad cubana luego de una década de su último encuentro

DREI KINDER sterben bei US-Angriff

Gerd Radmann, 27.03.2008 14:00

Bush-Boy Bei einem Angriff der US-Truppen sind in der irakischen Stadt Tikrit fünf Zivilisten getötet worden, unter ihnen drei Kinder. Elf weitere Menschen wurden nach Angaben der Polizei verletzt. Die US-Armee erklärte, die Attacke in der Nacht zum Mittwoch habe mutmasslichen Al-Qaida-Terroristen gegolten, die auf die Soldaten geschossen hätten. Diese hätten versucht, sich in einem Wohnviertel zu verstecken und die Bewohner als "Schutzschilde" zu missbrauchen. Bedauerlicherweise seien mehrere Zivilisten getötet oder verletzt worden. Fünf Zivilisten sterben bei US-Angriff auf Extremisten im Irak


Deborah Numpa, 27.03.2008 13:27

Tras una jornada de protestas contra la petrolera Pluspetrol el 20 de marzo, 52 indígenas kichwa y achuar fueron ilegalmente arrestados y trasladados a las ciudades de Iquitos y Nauta, Amazonia peruana, donde permanecen hasta la fecha. Español e Inglés. Por favor reenviar.

Self-proclaimed 'Spiritual Master' Threatens Internet Freedom of Speech

PRNewsChannel, 27.03.2008 12:09 announces that attorney Walter Hansell and trial counsel Stephen Kaus will lead its defense against an Oregon company that has filed suit for defamation, a "blunt force attack on Freedom of Speech."


., 27.03.2008 11:53


Un año de reflexiones, de verdades como puños

Por Ángel Rodríguez Álvarez, 27.03.2008 11:46

El 28 de marzo del 2007 la prensa cubana publicó las primeras Reflexiones del Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro, titulada “Condenadas a muerte prematura más de tres mil millones de personas “.

Le racisme dans les stades: indignation ou hypocrisie française

Rodrigue KPOGLI, 27.03.2008 11:17

Comment peut-on aujourd'hui lutter contre l'humiliation des joueurs africains dans le championnat français sans autopsier un passé si présent dans les esprits? Le poisson commence par pourrir de la tête, dit-on. Il ne faut pas aller trop loin dans l'histoire pour rechercher les racines du mal.

heimrath family

heimrath family, 27.03.2008 09:53

heimrath family

Solidaridad con los compañeros asesinados en Ecuador

Kolectivo Eskoria, 27.03.2008 05:43

Solidaridad con los compañeros asesinados en Ecuador

Entrevista de Mariano Grondona

JDT, 27.03.2008 02:11

Entrevista de Mariano Grondona con Virginia Luque

Entrevista de Juan Di Natale

JDT, 27.03.2008 02:03

Entrevista de Juan Di Natale con Virginia Luque

Unite Here Local 100 in dispute with Aramark Food Corps

Gunnar Hansen, 27.03.2008 00:44

Drawing the lines Workers from Unite Here Local 100 NYC are engaged in an ongoing standoff with Aramark, an international food service corporation, in regards to failed contract negotiations. Local 100 workers employed by Aramark at a Bank of New York corporate location in downtown Manhattan were "permanently replaced", after negotiations for a new contract settlement reached an impasse. Non-union workers were promptly hired from a food service contracting agency.

Access to Istanbul Indymedia is banned (italian version)

(((i))), 26.03.2008 23:32

This is the article prepared by about the situation of The next to last link is the italian version of the official indymedia istanbul document about the block of the site

China’s Growing Appetite for Luxury Brands in Fashion, Cars and Jewelry, 26.03.2008 20:37

OmniaLuo, Inc., Coach Inc., BMW Group, Audi AG and the Swatch Group Ltd Satisfy Demands of Growing Numbers of New High- End Consumers In China

Bolivia: Un presidente ornamental

Jaime Duran Chuquimia, 26.03.2008 19:58

hágale caso a Don José Luis Exeni, que parece ubicarse muy bien en la coyuntura. Si se mantiene firme en ese camino verá como los autonomistas terminan arrinconados.

brad, 26.03.2008 19:10

showing what the corporate media doesn't want to see. This is our story."

Bradley Roland Will (1970-2006) was a U.S. documentary filmmaker and a journalist with Indymedia New York City. He was shot and killed on October 27, 2006 during the teachers' strike in the Mexican city of Oaxaca.

Jeremiah Wright proved Barack Obama is a Christian

Karen Fish, 26.03.2008 17:42

Barack Obama Every cloud has a silver lining.

Body of War Los Angeles Premiere

Wendy Bruget, 26.03.2008 16:38

Critically Acclaimed Doc BODY OF WAR Opening in LA April 23, 25

+ The True Story of an Anti-War Hero +

What If...The Lights Went Out?

Keith Farnish, 26.03.2008 12:20

Industrial society is built around technology, and that technology needs a constant supply of energy. This article takes a look at what would happen if that electricity supply stopped.

heimrath family

heimrath family, 26.03.2008 12:04

heimrath family

Marcha 24/03/2008 A 32 Años del Golpe Justicia!

Cecilia E. Pizzuto, 26.03.2008 07:12

24/03/2008 Marcha 24/03/2008 A 32 Años del Golpe Justicia! , Derechos reservados

virginia luque con diego rostrado

JDT, 26.03.2008 04:22

Entrevista con Virginia Luque con Diego Rostrado

Virginia Luque con Jose Zatarillo

JDT, 26.03.2008 04:10

Entrevista de Virginia Luque con Jose Zatarillo

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