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Prisonnier torture par soldats Francais

Television Nationale de la Suede SVT, 09.04.2008 06:17

Pendant l´operation de l´ONU Artémis au Congo l´année 2003, un prisonnier était torturé devant les yeux des soldats suédois, sans que personne n´intervienne. Les responsables étaient des soldats et des officiers des unités spéciales francaises, avec qui les Suédois coopéraient. Pendant presque cinque années, la Défense nationale suédoise et la Défense nationale Francaise ont couvert cet incident en silence. Personne des responsables a été poursuit en justice.

Jim Roth's '08 Earth Day Fundraising Event!

Darla Shelden, 09.04.2008 04:52

Jim Roth Earth Day Fundraising Event "A New Energy for Oklahoma" Tuesday, April 22, 2008 5:30pm - 7:30pm The Boldt Company 101 W. Hefner Road Oklahoma City, OK 73114 Join us at the Boldt Company, Oklahoma's first privately owned building to earn silver LEED certification by the US Green Building Council. (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Live music from guest Kyle Dillingham Local Oklahoma organic cuisines by Kam's Kookery Featuring Tidal School Vineyards and Bricktown Brewery refreshments! Community Earth Day education booths 4056091929

Eware Technologies - fraud

Victim, 09.04.2008 04:14

Eware technologies doing fraud, looting innocent fresh gradutaes, fooling people looking for jobs, playing with yound carriers

Canadian UN Officer Reported Israeli War Crimes Before Murder: Widow

CBC, 09.04.2008 01:36

This is what the police would refer to as 'an open and shut case', yet the Harper Regime, which has closely aligned itself with Zionist Extremism and its colonial, military state in Palestine, refuses to seek justice for this Canadian soldier, murdered for telling the truth. All while Harper claims to "support the troops" in order to perpetuate their continued death in Afghanistan.

Remember, this incident occured shortly after Harper refused to condemn these attacks, even after several Canadians, including children, were murdered by what the UN referred to as "War Crimes".


Luis Agüero Wagner, 09.04.2008 00:26

La creación de la SIP, nacida bajo los mejores augurios en Nueva York en 1950, fue una operación en que la inteligencia estadounidense pirateó descaradamente la organización panamericana legítima creada en La Habana en 1943.

Great American Strike to protest Federal Reserve Control of our government

Eric Nordstrom, 08.04.2008 19:54

On April 15, 2008 the people of the United States want to send a message, loud and clear, "No more Federal Reserve Notes".

The Federal Reserve isn't "federal" at all …it's not part of the government of the United States; it is a corporation that operates for profit. The money that they print is really just paper that is backed by nothing, and an increasing number of people are just, well…."fed up".

To show that they are disgusted with the system they will be striking from New York to San Francisco and all points in between, some citizens in foreign countries such as France, England and Germany are going to be striking along with their American counterparts.

Soutien association Guatemala

Ankre, 08.04.2008 19:51

besoin d'un coup de pouce pour une expulsion d'association

Rogo distrugge la sede dell'ACU Gulliver e della Lista Gulliver di Medicina

ACU GULLIVER, 08.04.2008 19:16

Nella notte tra domenica e lunedì un rogo ha distrutto la sede Gulliver della FAcoltà di Medicina.

IsumaTV**CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS, 08.04.2008 19:02

You could have your film online with award winning films such as Atanarjuat (The Fast Runner), while giving yourself the opportunity to win a $1000 prize for our “Best New Video of the Month” contest!

Bürgerrechte, die man nicht in Anspruch nimmt, gehen verloren

Manfred Hugenburg, 08.04.2008 18:16

EUCOM-STAFF Zunächst ein paar allgemeine Bemerkungen zur Situation in Deutschland.
Satz 1: Die Bundesrepublik Deutschland ist ein souveräner Staat.
Satz 2: Die Bundesrepublik Deutschland ist ein von den USA besetztes Land.
Das klingt wie ein vollendeter Widerspruch. Es gibt aber eine Auflösung dieses Widerspruches und die lautet:
Satz 3: Die Bunderepublik ist ein freiwillig besetztes Land, denn sie stimmt ihrer Besetzung durch die USA zu. Bürgerrechte, die man nicht in Anspruch nimmt, gehen verloren ..... mehr ...

Ten reasons to leave the euro-dollar exchange rate alone

Stanly, 08.04.2008 17:44

A weak dollar is the most potent weapon to end the US recession. This is particularly important right now since monetary policy in the US is not working well. As Paul Krugman put it this week: a weak dollar is the only thing the US has going for it at the moment.

Sand Creek, wiping the tears of massacre

Brenda Norrell, 08.04.2008 17:35

The Longest Walk Northern Route held a memorial at the Sand Creek Massacre site in eastern Colorado, remembering the Cheyenne and Arapahoe babies, children, women and men shot and mutilated by the Colorado Militia. Marty Chase Alone, Oglala, held ceremonies to release the spirits and wipe the tears.

The Curse of Canaan

The Exposer, 08.04.2008 16:10

The planned destruction of the American People

BND: Libyen-Affäre seit Jahren bekannt

René Krause, 08.04.2008 15:17

Libyen-Affäre In der Libyen-Affäre haben Abgeordnete der Opposition und der Regierungskoalition das Verteidigungsministerium kritisiert. Das Ministerium hatte früh Informationen über die illegale Ausbildung libyscher Sicherheitskräfte durch Deutsche, diese aber offenbar nicht an den Verteidigungsausschuss weitergegeben. Morgen trifft sich das Parlamentarische Kontrollgremium zu einer Sondersitzung. Was verschwieg die Bundeswehr den Parlamentariern? ... mehr .......

Solidarität mit Berndt Pfeifer

Michael Pusch, DIE LINKE. KREIS GÜTERSLOH, 08.04.2008 14:24

Seit mehr als 5 Wochen befindet sich der Gütersloher Berndt Pfeifer im Hungerstreik. Sein Zustand ist inzwischen lebensbedrohlich.
Wir verlangen von der GT aktiv GmbH als zuständige ARGE die sofortige Erfüllung der Forderungen von Berndt Pfeifer.

The &quot;Brussels Pact&quot;: Kosovo 2008 = Sudetenland 1938. Who will be Poland 1939?

Avanturist, 08.04.2008 14:17

Perhaps, it’s now even worth drawing the analogy between today’s annexation of Kosovo and the Munich Pact of Germany, France, Britain and Italy of 1938, that provided for passing the Czech Sudetenland to the Hitler’s Third Reich. For all those well familiar with history almost 100% coincidence is apparent: beginning with the right of an “oppressed nation” for self-determination and up-to the role of the League of Nations and the UN.

Misterios diversos del Mt. Sinai al descubierto

Ramon Ramonet Riu, 08.04.2008 13:35

Una forma de MANO enorme, esculpida en la ladera del Mt. Sinai sobre dos rectangulos, asi como una forma de busto humano en foto de satelite, pueden explicar la ultima esencia de la montaña sagrada.

Preview-Veranstaltungen von &quot;CAMILO - Der lange Weg zum Ungehorsam&quot; in Berlin und München

Carsten Happe, 08.04.2008 12:55

Am 13.4. in München und am 20.4. in Berlin finden Previews von Peter Lilienthals Dokumentarfilm "CAMILO - Der lange Weg zum Ungehorsam" über den ersten Kriegsdienstverweigerer des Irakkriegs statt.

USA-Chronik: Mafia, Geheimdienste und Politik

Waldo Moris, 08.04.2008 12:38

BUSH Diese Chronik behandelt die Geschichte des Organisierten Verbrechens und der Geheimdienste in den USA sowie deren Einflüsse auf die Politik. Zudem gibt es viele weitere Informationen zu relevanten, zeitlich angeordneten Ereignissen. Zu Beginn der jeweiligen Abschnitte (Übersicht) sind die Stichworte und Personen angegeben, die behandelt werden und mit den Links schnell gefunden werden können. ... Kevin Barret von der University of Wisconsin-Madison "(ver-)"öffentlich-te, er glaube, dass die US-Regierung hinter dem 11.9. stehe, ....

Obama Meets The Lobby

General Joe, 08.04.2008 12:33

"More disturbing to The Lobby have been Obama's own views, which, prior to his run for president, were relatively nuanced on the Middle East: he advocated fairness and justice for the Palestinians while questioning the efficacy of knee-jerk support for Israel's politicians. Obama has also defended Wright, noting that his view of Israel was conditioned by Tel Aviv's support of apartheid South Africa in the 1970s and 1980s, which included assistance in the development of a South African nuclear weapon and the supply of hundreds of millions of dollars of Israeli-made weapons in contravention of a UN-imposed embargo. Water cannons used to attack black demonstrators were manufactured in the Israeli kibbutz Beit Alfa, for example."

Lettre ouverte aux médias dominants pour le respect de l’esprit olympique

Abdellah Ouahhabi, 08.04.2008 12:24

Il y a beaucoup de gens à travers le monde qui ne voient pas d’un bon œil le développement actuel de la Chine. Notamment les Etats qui du fond de leur culture impérialiste et néo-coloniale n’acceptent pas l’émergence d’un pays qui était pauvre et arriéré au début du siècle dernier et qui s’est formidablement développé (bien sûr avec des hauts et des bas) à la suite de sa révolution marxiste. Passant à travers des expériences au succès inégal, la Chine a su en fin de compte adapter la théorie à ses réalités nationales. Et la voilà troisième économie mondiale, avec un taux de croissance extraordinaire, disposant de réserves financières convoitées. Du point de vue des métropoles impérialistes, elle peut effectivement être « un très mauvais exemple » pour les pays en voie de développement : une direction unie, une théorie sociale solide, la prééminence de l’intérêt général dans le respect des droits de l’individu.

Destroying Public Education in America

Stephen Lendman, 08.04.2008 10:57

Privatization schemes to destroy public education.

Why I’m Not a Zionist

Harris Brio, 08.04.2008 10:38

Before, one gets into why they are not a Zionist, one should really explain who current day Zionists are. Outlining who today’s Zionists are will give a better understanding of what Zionism is about and what it creates.

We are all familiar with what is going on in Palestine. For this purpose I won’t get into too much detail regarding Palestine. Israel was founded by terrorists using terrorism, that is something which is not debatable as any person with the slightest knowledge of history can easily look up the Zionist terrorist groups that were active in that region since the 1930's. Irgun, Stern Gang, Haganah, all these world designated terrorists organization were the introduction to terrorism in that region. Tribal conflicts were settled not by blowing up hotels but on the battlefield, soldiers fighting soldiers.

La inflación de los países asiáticos empieza a afectar a los consumidores en Europa y EEUU

Mery Galanternick, desde Brasil para el Nuevo Alcázar, 08.04.2008 10:21

Los trabajadores de los paises en desarrollo son cada vez mas exigentes con las condiciones laborales y salariales, y todos los meses empiezan a sucederse contínuas protestas que los gobiernos no pueden -aunque se esfuercen- reprimir, por ejemplo en Vietnam, Camboya y Egipto.

1216 RECORDS announces search for Independent Artists

Mista White, 08.04.2008 08:30

New compilation effort seeking Independent artists, political, innovative, social music.

The Brussels Pact

Avanturist, 08.04.2008 08:20

Kosovo 2008 = Sudetenland 1938. Who will be “Poland 1939”?

Irish anti-war activist deported from U.S. for damaging U.S. military plane - 5 years ago!

Damien Moran, 08.04.2008 07:40

These guys would have let me in .

Paro en el campo: Comunicado del Mocase - Vía Campesina

Leonardo Federico Bauchwitz, 08.04.2008 01:07

Comunicado del Mocase y vía Campesina en ocasión del lockout agropecuario que llevaron adelante las cuatro entidades agropecuarias en Argentina y que provocó el desabastecimiento de los hogares y puso en peligro la estabilidad democrática


Departamento de Comunicaciones, 07.04.2008 23:46

La extensa lucha dada por el Movilh ante el Ministerio del Trabajo, la Dirección del Trabajo y el Parlamento posibilitará que la Nueva Justicia Laboral beneficie también a los trabajadores gays, lesbianas, bisexuales y transexuales, aún cuando la reforma sólo hace referencias generales al fenómeno de la discriminación.

Los/as internos/as del CIE de Aluche (Madrid), en huelga de hambre

Rompamo el Silencio, 07.04.2008 22:26

La protesta, motivada por el trato recibido, comenzaba a última hora de la tarde de hoy.

Lunes 7 de abril de 2008, por Rompamos el Silencio
Los/as internos/as del CIE de Aluche (Madrid), en huelga de hambre La protesta, motivada por el trato recibido, comenzaba a última hora de la tarde de hoy.

This Way Out: &quot;Waiting for Giovanni&quot; &amp; &quot;My Sister's Hand in Mine&quot;

Overnight Productions, Inc., 07.04.2008 19:54

April 7, 2008: James Baldwin bio-play in the works; comment on Jane Bowles collection. Plus queer Euro-partners win pensions parity, Irish activists demand parental rights, Greek lawmakers consider civil unions, Beijing police raid gay venues, married gay singled out for US passport, and more news.


Captain Eric H. May, 07.04.2008 17:15

Captain Eric H. May, the Internet intelligence writer, presents this alert as issued in accordance with a mission of conscience by two former military officers: Major William B. Fox, USMCR, Publisher, America First Books; and Captain Eric H. May, former Army intelligence officer, Military Correspondent, The Lone Star Iconoclast.

&quot;Official # of dead GI's&quot; now at 4020 and rising fast

General Joe, 07.04.2008 15:41

"Official # of dead GI's" now at 4020 and rising fast. Many believe that GI's who are taken off the battle field before they are die are never counted. Including those would put this sad # much higher. The correct figure is possibly as high as 15,000.


Angelina Murksin, 07.04.2008 15:13

kabul Ruß, Abgase und Staub wabern über der afghanischen Hauptstadt. Hier ist es so dreckig, dass selbst Kurzzeitbesucher vom sogenannten Kabul-Husten gepackt werden - und das an einem Ort, der noch vor Jahrzehnten wie ein Garten am Fuße des Hindukusch war. LUFTVERSCHMUTZUNG AM HINDUKUSCH ... Kabul erstickt an seinem Dreck ....

Plummeting Bush Demockracy * 4/7

Bobby Meade, 07.04.2008 14:34

Je Te Plumerai La Tete! Et Al La Tete! Brought to you by the Bush Nazis and my IMC censors. Illegal Eagles in the military?! That's more serious than any war that they could be pretending to fight! "Bitter water! Gassified air! What you got? Flying machines in pieces on the ground!" Remember TWA 800!

El Che: 1928-2008

Ralf Nebler, 07.04.2008 14:30

El Che Am 14. Juni 2008 wäre Ernesto Guevara, genannt "Che", 80 Jahre geworden. Für viele nur ein Gesicht auf T-Shirts, Uhren und sonstigen Artikeln, sind die Ideen des Ches noch immer aktuell. Auf den Seiten sind neben Informationen zur Biografie, Fotos, Videos, und Texten auch Literaturempfehlungen zu finden. ...


HEIMRATH FAMILY, 07.04.2008 13:28



HEIMRATH FAMILY, 07.04.2008 13:27


Solar-powered journey from France to Calcutta

Solar Generation - Turkey, 07.04.2008 13:03

SolarGen Turkey - april08 Solar Generation Turkey meets up with French youth who are cycling 14,000 km from France to India raise awareness on climate change!

PARAGUAY. Dictadura mediática, encuestas dibujadas

Luis Agüero Wagner, 07.04.2008 11:04

Un notorio avasallamiento de las mayorías a través del control de la mente pública, ejercida por intermedio de la prensa que responde a los grupos dominantes, es lo que puede advertirse en la actual campaña presidencial de Paraguay.

Tactical Nuclear Jihad

Unwanted Publicity, 07.04.2008 08:10

GAZPROM Tactical Nuclear Jihad Shocking new details inside Muslim clandestine terrorist activities, from where seemingly innocent support mechanism nations, banks, and businesses, just grew the next Islamic terrorist threat level, to:

Police Harassment

Steve in Vista, 07.04.2008 07:37

Local unlawful activities and harassment in San Diego County, California, by those who carry a badge.

Eware technologies-gurgoan, india looting fresh enginerring graduates who is looking for job.

Victim, 07.04.2008 03:53

Fresh engineering graduates beware. Eware technologies which is based in Udyog Vihar, Phase-5, Gurgoan , Haryana, India is looting fresh engineering gradutes of Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 80,000 for appointing them as a trainee.

Eware technologies-gurgoan, india looting fresh enginerring graduates who is looking for job.

Victim, 07.04.2008 03:46

Fresh engineering graduates beware. Eware technologies which is based in Udyog Vihar, Phase-5, Gurgoan , Haryana, India is looting fresh engineering gradutes of Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 80,000 for appointing them as a trainee.

SECRET PRISONS: Timeline of the European Inquiry

David Roknich, 06.04.2008 22:37

On Friday, Swiss senator Dick Marty of the Council of Europe once again prodded European governments to come clean about their involvement in candestine operations by the US. As recently as February 22nd, Romania and Poland continued to deny their role in illegal rendition programs, but the EU has refused to accept their blanket denials. On February 24, AP came forth with similar evidence from sources in Romania..

Peal Starch Is Cleaning Clothes Across America!

Harry Bradman, 06.04.2008 22:36

We are a native foundation with firm roots reaching all corners of the country and we are and can provide any packaging solution from standup pouches to any extent of personalization.

ABC Packaging Direct, The Packaging Experts, operates on these three main goals of Availability, Dependability and Accountability.
Our dedication to these objectives drives our day-to-day operations. You can have confidence in our extensive knowledge, large resource network and personal commitment to providing the type of products and services that separate us from the rest of the pack.

Alimentation végétalienne : des associations dénoncent l'amalgame

marjo, 06.04.2008 22:26

végétarisme : alimentation éthique et saine.

Une vidéo Foie gras IGP Sud Ouest censurée par YouTube !

marjo, 06.04.2008 22:18

youtube censure une vidéo montrant la réalité de la production de foie gras.


GERAL SOSBEE, 06.04.2008 19:22


Aldi: Gegenorganisation zu Verdi gefördert

Rudi Dressler, 06.04.2008 18:35

ALDIALDI Die Supermarktkette Aldi, die mit Niedrigst-Preisen Millionen von Kunden anlockt, könnte jetzt in den Sog der Affären um verdeckte Einflussnahmen auf Arbeitnehmer-Organisationen und die Tätigkeit von Betriebsräten geraten. Verdeckte Zahlungen über Anwaltskanzlei ....

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