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chioits Maltais à vendre

fredy, 15.04.2008 14:37

passiy très adorable chiots de 9 semaine pour une maison acuillente

Iraqis Pay? The Arrogance of the U.S.

Enver Masud, 15.04.2008 12:45

The war ended with the toppling of Saddam's statue, the Iraqis want them out, and now the occupiers, having destroyed much of Iraq, have the arrogance to ask Iraqis to pay for the occupation and reconstruction.

Avoid the Fall: Buy Euros with your dollars quick!

General Joe, 15.04.2008 12:33

"The really important piece of data this morning is the TIC Flow... I've explained this before... But, here a refresher course... TIC is Treasury International Capital, and measures the Net flows of foreign investment into the U.S., which is very important, due to the fact that foreign investment is what we used to finance our ever growing deficit...

In my last 4 or 5 presentations I highlight the fact that last year, we only averaged $51 Billion each month in net TIC flows... The problem with that is the fact that we need $80-85 Billion each month to finance the deficit! "

Oslo: Merkels Dekolleté machte baff

Louis Dejauné, 15.04.2008 11:45

Merkels Dekolleté-Debatte Offenherziger denn je zeigte sich Deutschlands Kanzlerin bei einem abendlichen Auftritt in Oslo. Das Echo in den Medien überraschte sie. "Die Bundeskanzlerin ist ein bisschen erstaunt gewesen", sagt Deutschlands Vize-Regierungssprecher Thomas Steg. Er fand sich in den letzten Tagen in der ungewohnten Rolle wieder, Fragen zu Angela Merkels Abendgarderobe zu beantworten. Merkels Dekolleté machte baff .... mehr ...

PDF of Book: Prisoners of the Cave IE 2005 - minus ch9

Project, 15.04.2008 10:20

Prisoners of the Cave - A 2003 book that ponders on the now rather banal question: "War on Terror" or "Imperial Mobilization"?

Author: Zahir Ebrahim - the plebeian nemesis of ubermensch Hectoring Hegemons

Marginalisation of Voices on Poverty and Disability on Irish Indymedia.

indy contributor, 15.04.2008 09:16

BCN Housing Collective Campaign, one of the topics written on by Iosaf. This weekend Two long term contributors to
received two month IPs bans from an editorial collective who have
not rotated since inception and have allowed trolls infect the openwire.

This situation is hardly new in a collective that has suffered from
the creation of hierarchies and internal mechanisms that are neither
open nor transparent.

Reveal Your Top Content with JS-Kit Score

JS-Kit, 15.04.2008 07:42

JS-Kit's Score service allows users to rate, approve, bookmark and view content across any domain and helps bring the best content within the site in the spotlight.

Hundreds of SEIU Protesters Storm Labor Notes Conference

Doug Cunningham, 15.04.2008 06:55

Eyewitness account of SEIU disruption of Labor Notes conference in Dearborn, Michigan on April 12, 2008.

PERÚ: Juez ordena detener a tres policías que violaron a joven gay

BOLETÍN DIVERSIDAD, 15.04.2008 06:26

Abuso policial y Homofobia

UN's Louise Arbour leaving due to Rwanda?

whisper, 15.04.2008 03:34

The UN's High Commissioner of Human Rights has announced she is stepping down from the post after only one term. Many believe that recent explosive allegations concerning her role as Rwanda Chief Prosecutor may be to blame

Join the PDC/LBL Contingent at the Demonstration in Philadelphia! Free Mumia Abu-Jamal!

Partisan Defense Committee, 15.04.2008 03:00

The Partisan Defense Committee and Labor Black League are mobilizing a class-struggle contingent for the National Demonstration called by International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal.

The Military Family Network- A national Disgrace in USA

geral sosbee, 14.04.2008 23:26

The Military Family Network-A National Disgrace To Servicemen, as it sends a porno and hate message to a Viet Nam combat veteran.

Plea Bargains- Unethical, Torturous and Abominable...

geral sosbee, 14.04.2008 22:40

Plea Bargains- Unethical, Torturous and Abominable...
in the USA and now the fbi tries to introduce the same barbaric legal trap in England (and in France).

The Mlitary Family Network- A Natioanl Disgrace

geral sosbee, 14.04.2008 22:37

The Military Family Network-A National Disgrace To Servicemen, as it sends a porno and hate message to a Viet Nam combat veteran.

The Military Family Network- A National Disgrace

geral sosbee, 14.04.2008 22:27

The Military Family Network-A National Disgrace To Servicemen, as it sends a porno and a hate message to a Viet Nam combat veteran.

Baltimore, MD: Parachute Squat in Solidarity with Autonomous Spaces!

Para Chutting, 14.04.2008 21:53

Sunday, April 13th around 5:00 pm Baltimore Anarchists created an autonomous space under a parachute.

In Solidarity with squats and autonomous spaces around the world and the fight to live the lives we choose. For spaces free of commodities! For self-organization and the desire to live free from oppression, hierarchy and authority! Make space for what you love!

Fight for and defend self-organized space!
Fuck the law, squat the world!

&quot;Full Frontal Feminism&quot;: A 20-something activist reviews Jessica Valenti's new book

Seattle Radical Women, 14.04.2008 21:51

Monika Goforth will discuss her response to this provocative guide, which describes barriers to female personhood and reclaims feminism as "pretty frigging cool!" Come share your views on current attitudes toward women, negative stereotypes of feminists, whether women's liberationists of different generations can find common cause, and the burning issues of the Second Sex today.

This Way Out: Jesse Brune &amp; S. Bear Bergman

Overnight Productions, Inc., 14.04.2008 20:31

April 14, 2008: "Workout's" personal trainer/chef on weight, masculinity, and celebrity; Jewish trans performance artist on stage and in print; Tutu apologizes for Anglicans. Plus more "debauchd" men jailed in Egypt, Serbian homophobes target Eurovision Song Contest, Singapore cable channel fined for lesbian kiss, and more news.

Humboldt Forest Defense Action Camp and Skill Share

Jeff Muskrat, 14.04.2008 19:28

MAXXAM on the way out? Preliminary announcement of the next Forest Defense Skillshare. We'll be rendezvousing in the Ancient Redwoods here in Humboldt. More details will be out shortly. Stay tuned. Inviting old-timers and newcomers alike!

Humboldt Forest Defense Action Camp and Skill Share

Jeff Muskrat, 14.04.2008 19:22

MAXXAM on the way out? Preliminary announcement of the next Forest Defense Skillshare. We'll be rendezvousing in the Ancient Redwoods here in Humboldt. More details will be out shortly. Stay tuned. Inviting old-timers and newcomers alike!

Peter Hallward's &quot;Damming the Flood&quot; - Part I

Stephen Lendman, 14.04.2008 19:16

A superb book on recent Haitian history.

Marketplace Offers New Listings in Clean Coal and Water Sector, 14.04.2008 18:57 Green Global Marketplace Update: Connecting Green Companies Seeking Management, Partnerships, Funding, Acquisitions, Licensing Agreements

Close the Isolation Camps in Germany

thevoice, 14.04.2008 18:54

We call on closing of the refugee isolation camps in Germany!

"Anytime you ask the authorities about something, they make the situation
worse." . . .
Mrs Claudia Omoroghomwan (Nigerian) in Posseck (Sachsen)

Wir rufen zur Schließung der Isolationslager in Deutschland auf!

Warnung an Besetzer

Mafins, 14.04.2008 18:53

Polizei observiert seit 14.04.2008 die Scheinbestzten Häuser in Pieschen.

Letter from anarchist prisoner Juan Sorroche on hunger strike in Italy, 14.04.2008 16:53

Juan was arrested and jailed for making spray-paint slogans in Bologne, Italy, denouncing the forced psychiatric hospitalisation of a girl sleeping in a piazza. The incident caused great tension in the local area amongst the people and many expressed their anger at the police and the city. Juan is serving 10 months.

Brasilien: Wasser nur für die Mächtigen?

Enrico Moriocone, 14.04.2008 16:52

Rio São Francisco Die Pegel des Rio São Francisco sinken .... Rund 12 Millionen Menschen im Sertão, der Halbwüste im Nordosten Brasiliens, leben vom Rio São Francisco, der für Brasilien so etwas wie ein nationaler Mythos ist. An seinen Ufern trafen die Jesuiten auf die ersten Indios, auf ihm wurde von den Küsten aus das gigantische Hinterland erschlossen.

USA Video Interactive Corp. Positioned to Integrate into the Future of Digital Media, 14.04.2008 16:33

Investor Podcast with Patrick Gregston of USA Video Interactive Corp. (OTCBB: USVO) (CDNX: US.V) Discusses Watermarking Content Protection Technology MediaEscort, Deployed by Twentieth Century Fox

Red Fellas

kernal maybe, 14.04.2008 15:23

the fundamental christian legacy to America

does anyone out there remember the groups like 700 club beseeching their watchers to sponsor a russian jew? to help these poor downtrodden relatives of jesus to escape to America via israel?

heres what ignorance begets:

Six Indigenous Voices events at Bluestockings surround the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

Indigenous Voices, 14.04.2008 14:21

Indigenous Voices is a monthly series held at Bluestockings Bookstore. A diverse group of voices will be gathered in solidarity for 10 days surrounding the UN Indigenous Issues Forum for discussion, film screenings, readings, workshop/skill shares, performances, and music. The events will host representatives from indigenous communities around the world, those who deal with the violence committed by the states and governments against them.


reso, 14.04.2008 13:44

Cette idée est née de la volonté de réunir des personnes de diverses cultures et milieux sociaux autour de projets de rencontres engagées solidaires populaires et culturelles. Celles ci s'articuleront autour de projections, de débats, de concerts,de performances artistiques et d'ateliers pratiques divers sur des sujets qui nous tiennent à coeur.

Noel criticises Glastonbury headline decision

Jonathan Morrow, 14.04.2008 13:22

The Oasis guitarist has attacked the decision to have a hip-hop act headlining this years festival.



VIVIENDA PRIMERO AL HIJO DEL OBRERO Invitacion a tod@s los participantes en el FORO SOCIAL ALTERNO DE CANCUN del 15 al 18 de Abril para hospedarse y o visitar los campamentos de vivienda que mantenemos en Resistencia desde hace mas de 3 meses

Il sistema Internet: verso la costituzione dell'IGF ITALIA

ISOC Italia, 14.04.2008 10:50

logo ISOC Italia La sezione italiana di Internet Society, con l’obiettivo di sensibilizzare tutte le componenti della comunità Internet italiana ed in preparazione del prossimo Internet Governance Forum (IGF) che si terrà a Hyderabad, India dal 3 al 6 dicembre 2008, organizza, con finalità di consultazione pubblica, una giornata di lavoro sul tema della governance della Rete il giorno 19 maggio 2008, presso la Sala conferenze del CNR, in Piazzale Aldo Moro a Roma. La registrazione e aperta a tutti, previa registrazione obbligatoria.


PRNewswire-USNewswire, 14.04.2008 03:22

SANTA MONICA, Calif., April 14 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Save the Titanic Foundation ( announced it has been awarded the President’s Volunteer Service Award. The President's Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) is an award given by the President of the United States to recognize the valuable contributions made by volunteers across the nation. The award will be distributed at the CelebrateLA volunteer recognition event that will be held at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, California on April 27, 2008.

Down With the King, Up With Justice!

Lawrence Fair Food, 13.04.2008 23:57

titlephoto Around noon on April 12, almost 60 people gathered in Lawrence, Kansas to voice a resounding NO! to the exploitation of farmworkers in the fields of South Florida and to conditions of modern day slavery. Protesters gathered in front of the Memorial Union at the University of Kansas, where they marched, biked, danced and sang through campus towards the Burger King restaurant on the corner of 23rd Street and Naismith Drive. They demonstrated in support of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers's national campaign against Burger King's unjust treatment of tomato pickers.

Der Kommunismus ist tot - und der Kapitalismus funktioniert auch nicht! Deshalb: Ganz neu nachdenken!

Helmut Meer, 13.04.2008 18:12

Diese vorhersehbare Geldentwicklung steht in krassem Widerspruch zu den fallenden Wachstumsraten der Wirtschaftsentwicklung. Die auf das globale Finanzsystem zukommenden Probleme können zum Zusammenbruch des neoliberalen Kapitalismus weltweit führen.

Secret Prisons: New Evidence

anonymous, 13.04.2008 17:42

Secret Prisons: New Evidence

Afghanistan: Bundeswehr ist dem Feind unterlegen

Erwin Nüchtern, 13.04.2008 16:27

Mongolische Mäuse Was für ein Terror: Unsere Jungs in Afghanistan werden nicht mehr nur von den Taliban bedroht. Jetzt muss die Bundeswehr auch noch gegen einen Feind kämpfen, der kleiner, wendiger und zahlenmäßig gnadenlos überlegen ist – die mongolische Rennmaus. Die Gefahr: Hautgeschwüre, Narben, sogar Organschäden. Der Bundeswehr-Stützpunkt im nordwestafghanischen Mazar-i-Sharif. Millionen kostet der Terror-Einsatz jährlich, allein 360.000 Euro musste die Bundeswehr 2007 hier für den Kampf gegen die millionenfach in Erdlöchern hausenden mongolischen Rennmäuse aufwenden.


Luis Agüero Wagner, 13.04.2008 15:39

Las crónicas del siglo XX nos informan que la popular expresión prensa amarilla nació relacionada con un tira comica publicada en el New York Journal con el nombre de "The Yellow Kid"

[Paro General en Europa] - Ha comenzado la Rebelión Pacífica de los Precarios y Excluidos.

Sindicato Obrero Inmigrante (SOI), 13.04.2008 15:38

HA COMENZADO LA REBELIÓN PACÍFICA - Paro General en Europa de Trabajadores Migrantes y Autóctonos Precarios (1, 2 y 3 de mayo de 2008). Reenviad este mensaje a todos vuestros contactos y publicadlo en todos los sitios de Internet que podáis. Corred la voz de boca en boca.

Weekly Summary of Israeli War Crimes, 9 April 2008

Aarb Media Center, 13.04.2008 15:14

A weejly summary of israeli war crimes committed in Palestine for the week ending 9 April 2008.


Fran Johnston, 13.04.2008 14:36

SEIU turns violent at labor conference in Detroit.

Join the Longest Walk in tornado devastated Greensburg, Kansas

Brenda Norrell, 13.04.2008 13:52

The Longest Walk Northern Route will offer a feast for the tornado devastated community of Greensburg, Kansas, today, Sunday, April 13, at 5 pm.

Nuclear Terrorist Financing

Unwanted Publicity, 13.04.2008 09:26

Africa to Iran: Nuclear Kings of the Jungle Iran supplying individual tactical nuclear terrorists with smuggled nuclear materials from Iran bank money-laundering purchases. From Africa black-markets yellow-cake, uranium, and beryllium processing in Kazakhstan to Russia secret designs and production, and those who got in the way...

The Shock Doctrine and Speak Out at 3rd Friday Free in Watsonville

Barbara Hayes, 12.04.2008 23:04

The Shock Doctrine exposes the thinking, the money trail and the puppet strings behind the world-changing crises and wars of the last four decades. The Shock Doctrine is the gripping story of how America's "free market" policies have come to dominate the world--through the exploitation of disaster-shocked people and countries.

Cómo Calcular exactamente cuánto aumentarán las Expensas de tu Consorcio cuando se le aumenta a los Encargados

Dr. Osvaldo Loisi, 12.04.2008 22:59

Atento a la disparidad de estimaciones hechas públicas por las diversas entidades vinculadas al sector de la propiedad horizontal (Suterh, Caphai, etc.,) y con el objeto de evitar la incertidumbre que ello genera, conviene dar a conocer una fórmula general que permite, a cada uno, determinar exactamente el monto de esa incidencia.

Iº Congreso Internacional de Derecho Condominial. La Liga del Consorcista Participó Representando a la Argentina

Dr. Osvaldo Loisi, 12.04.2008 22:29

En la Universidad Metropolitana de Caracas, los dias 4, 5 y 6 de abril

Diálogos sobre Encargados de Edificios sometidos al Régimen de Propiedad Horizontal en Argentina

Arq. Enrique Viola y Dra. Rita Lidia Sessa, 12.04.2008 22:19

Interesante Diálogo sobre la necesidad o no de mantener un encargado de Edificios en el régimen de Propiedad Horizontal Argentino. A favor de la innecesariedad del encargado el Arq. Enrique Viola, con razones de peso, y a favor de la necesidad de la existencia del encargado, la Dra. Rita Lidia Sessa.

Nueva Categoría de Encargados de Condominios: El Encargado Espía

Dra. Victoria Loisi, 12.04.2008 22:09

Artículo Originalmente publicado en

[11Abril]Acciones descentralizadas por la okupación en Madrid

madrid, 12.04.2008 20:58

Acciones enmarcadas en la jornada internacional de acciones por la Okupación

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