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Prague group submits Obama in 30 Seconds ad

Micah Jayne, 18.04.2008 11:05

Prague Obama Team collage A multinational group of volunteers in Prague made a submission to the Obama in 30 Seconds ad contest being run by

Watch the video here:

Mass Graves of Canadian Children Revealed; Catholic Pope Issued Letter of Demand

Kevin Annett, 18.04.2008 09:55

At a public ceremony and press conference held yesterday in downtown Vancouver, the Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared (FRD) released a list of twenty eight mass graves across Canada holding the remains of untold numbers of aboriginal children who died in Indian Residential Schools, most of them run by the Catholic Church.


Una calle Salvador Allende, 18.04.2008 07:15

UNA CALLE SALVADOR ALLENDE ... en el mundo La calle, la avenida Salvador Allende, es aparentemente un fenómeno único: no existiría en el mundo ningún otro personaje histórico cuyo nombre encuentre un eco de tal proporción en las apelaciones de lugares públicos.

&quot;The time for waiting is over. The time for dreaming must end and the time for change must start&quot;

Les Malezer, 18.04.2008 06:45

Les Malezer A MESSAGE TO:


The National Aboriginal Alliance represents the voice of the Aboriginal Peoples of Australia. This message is made on behalf of the people who are committing themselves to the National Aboriginal Alliance and who are prepared to share a vision of a future for Australia's Indigenous Peoples. I write this article in the hope that participants in the next meeting of the National Aboriginal Alliance will give thought to these issues and start the movement for real social changes in Australia, not to wimpy ideas that Australia's so-called 'visionaries' might concoct.


Departamento de Comunicaciones, 17.04.2008 23:04

Se demandó al Sename que trabaje por igualar la edad de libertades sexuales entre jóvenes homosexuales, transexuales y heterosexuales mediante modificación al Código Penal. Al Mineduc se pidió una “política efectiva para enfrentar el bulling homofóbico y transfóbico”.

Le député fédéral Serge Cardin craint l’impact de la hausse de la tarification des services d’eaux sur les familles à faibles revenus

Eric Lachance Ligue des Droits et Libertés section Estrie, 17.04.2008 22:49

La Ligue des Droits et Libertés section Estrie, réitère ses inquiétudes quant à la capacité des familles estriennes à assumer une nouvelle hausse de la tarification des services. En décembre dernier, nous sonnions déjà l’alarme tout en invitant les administrations municipales estriennes à faire preuve d'humanisme et retenue dans la hausse de la taxation foncière et de la tarification des services municipaux. Rappelons que plusieurs familles de notre région ont peine à s'alimenter et à se loger convenablement faute de moyens financiers adéquats. Les récentes fermetures d'usines ainsi que les pertes massives d'emploi qui affligent l'Estrie depuis plusieurs années, notamment Québécor World de Magog, ne permettent que très difficilement l'accroissement du fardeau fiscal de ces familles déjà fortement éprouvées.


FMMAINGRETTE, 17.04.2008 21:33


Peter Hallward's &quot;Damming the Flood&quot; - Part II

Stephen Lendman, 17.04.2008 20:14

Part II of Hallward's superb book on Haiti.

Some animals can use tools? Who cares?

By Kathy Guillermo, 17.04.2008 20:00

A recently released study found that rats can be trained to use tools and to understand the tools’ functions. Now it’s time for experimenters to act on the mounting evidence that rats can think, learn, laugh and feel—and stop hurting them in laboratories.

Fascist Threat Against Demonstrators for Mumia Abu-Jamal’s FreedomK

Kevin Gilroy, Partisan Defense Committee, 17.04.2008 19:04

Fascists of the Keystone State Skinheads and Maryland Skinheads are reportedly planning a provocation against the April 19 demonstration in Philadelphia for death row political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal. The demonstration is protesting the federal appeals court decision that reaffirmed Mumia's frame-up murder conviction. This fascist threat underscores the need to mobilize labor contingents for the April 19 demonstration in Philadelphia demanding Mumia’s immediate freedom. For more information: Fascists of the Keystone State Skinheads and Maryland Skinheads are reportedly planning a provocation against the April 19 demonstration in Philadelphia for death row political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal. The demonstration is protesting the federal appeals court decision that reaffirmed Mumia's frame-up murder conviction. This fascist threat underscores the need to mobilize labor contingents for the April 19 demonstration in Philadelphia demanding Mumia’s immediate freedom. For more information:

Anarchism in Venezuela, past and present

El Libertario, Venezuela, 17.04.2008 18:12

Anarchism - Venezuela * This is a brief outline of the libertarian footprint in the history of Venezuela, prepared by members of the Collective Editorship of El Libertario We hope that this serves as a useful point of reference for those who are interested in the subject.

Ayer y hoy del anarquismo en Venezuela

El Libertario, Venezuela, 17.04.2008 18:09

Anarquismo - Venezuela * He aquí un apretado bosquejo de la huella libertaria en el proceso histórico de este país, preparado por integrantes del Colectivo Editor de El Libertario Esperamos que sirva como referencia útil para quienes se interesen en el tema.

fbi and cia &quot;MISSION&quot;

geral sosbee, 17.04.2008 18:01

The fbi and the cia are experts in deception, the time is come to uncover their criminal and murderous hold over mankind.

Mapuche Festnahme: Barbarische Polizei

Franz Bachelet, 17.04.2008 18:01

Detención Waikilaf Cadin Calfunao Festnahme des Ex-Politischen-Häftlings mapuche Waikilaf Cadin Calfunao durch die Chilenischen-Carabinieri nach einer Zusammenkunft in Temuko (IX region) [Chile] -

fbi and cia &quot;MISSION&quot;

geral sosbee, 17.04.2008 17:43

The fbi and the cia are experts in deception, the time is come to uncover their criminal and murderous hold over mankind.

fbi and cia &quot;MISSION&quot;

geral sosbee, 17.04.2008 17:18

The fbi and the cia are experts in deception, the time is come to uncover their criminal and murderous hold over mankind.

Watch Israel deliberatly murder Reuters cameraman (Warning: the video footage above contains images of a graphic nature)

Times Online, 17.04.2008 16:52

The editor-in-chief of Reuters demanded that Israel launches a "thorough and immediate investigation" into the killing of one of its cameramen in the Gaza Strip yesterday (David Byers writes).

Trittin grundsätzlich für Schwarz-Grün im Bund offen

Chris Sievers, 17.04.2008 16:27

Merkel und Trittin Der designierte Grünen-Spitzenkandidat für die Bundestagswahl, Jürgen Trittin, ist auch für eine schwarz-grüne Koalition im Bund offen. Das sagte der stellvertretende Chef der Grünen-Bundestagsfraktion am Donnerstag im ZDF-«Morgenmagazin». ......

Heimrath Family

Heimrath Family, 17.04.2008 15:03

Heimrath Family

Greenpeace dumps coal at DENR: calls for cancellation of IloIlo Coal plant

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 17.04.2008 10:38

Greenpeace activists dumped half a ton of coal at the entrance of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) today and unfurled a banner with the message “Atienza, don’t be a climate criminal.” The activists are demanding that Secretary Lito Atienza immediately reject all plans to construct a dangerous coal-fired power plant in Iloilo City.


BRUNO BERARDI, 17.04.2008 08:06


Gas is still cheap for one Texas man

Cannon Fuel Systems promise more miles per gallon, 17.04.2008 05:35

Fuel Economy Texas inventor getting greatly improved fuel economy with CannonSFDS fuel device.


Naren Pendyal, 17.04.2008 00:53

After three years as one of Bay Area's largest sporting events, organizers of the San Jose Grand Prix announced today they are ceasing operations, citing the ongoing development taking place in the downtown area.

Block Report Radio interview with Mumia

Partisan Defense Committee, 16.04.2008 23:31

POCC: Block Report Radio interview with Mumia Abu-Jamal aired on KPFA Flashpoints program on 7 April 2008
Transcribed by the Partisan Defense Committee, 15 April 2008. The PDC is a class-struggle, non-sectarian legal and social defense organization which champions cases and causes in the interest of the whole of the working people. This purpose is in accordance with the political views of the Spartacist League.
Audio Link:

Review of Eric Larsen's &quot;A Nation Gone Blind&quot;

Sean M. Madden (, 16.04.2008 21:04

"For the same reasons [that America's literary future looks grim], the social-political future is equally or more unpromising. The odds in favor of the United States remaining a free country are insufficient to encourage a bet on the prospect. Worse, the question as to whether we’re now a free country may be a mere technicality."

Note: The below article is available with integrated web links via the blog at the following URL:

Planned Action gasoline prices Corporate Greed

Executive Director of Vecinos United, Andres Valdez, 16.04.2008 19:22

Vecinos United (Neighbors)is putting out A National Call for Action on Corporate Greed Manifested by gasoline prices!
Corporate oil profits trippled last year and again this year. This will continue unless the people rise up.

No Action on Global Warming Expected in Paris

David Roknich, 16.04.2008 19:21

As night falls across the US, the sun will rise in Paris, where the largest polluters in the world will address the problem of global warming caused by carbon emmisions.

Past Olympic Games Venue (Narender Pendyal)

Narender Pendyal, 16.04.2008 19:19

Past Olympic Games Venue (Narender Pendyal)

Greece Olympics 2004 Medals Table (Narender Pendyal)

Narender Pendyal, 16.04.2008 19:09

Greece Olympics 2004 Medals Table (Narender Pendyal)

Street Medic Training in Iowa City, April 25th -27th

Zonko, 16.04.2008 18:43

Street Medic Training in Iowa City, IA the last weekend in April. Training will include: Initial Assessment, First Aid for Civil Disturbance Scenarios, Holistic healing methods, Chemical weapons protocol, & after care.

amtsgericht hannover . fakten 4 und 5

islam, 16.04.2008 18:39

fakten 4

während einer demonstration für studentenrechte, habe ich aus lauter wut auf die regierung,
gegen ein cdu plakat getreten. die polizei hat nichts besseres zu tun gehabt, als mich zu identifizieren,
anstatt die leute aufzuhalten, welche nach mir das cdu plakat zerstört haben.
das plakat ist etwa 6 meter mal 4 meter groß und so stabil befestigt,

Barack Obama: Regierung Bush juristisch durchleuchten

Jimmy Dean, 16.04.2008 18:04

US-Folter-Guantanamo Barack Obama wurde gefragt, ob er als Präsident juristische Schritte gegen die dann ehemaligen Mitglieder der Regierung Bush einleiten würde wegen Rechtsbrüchen insbesondere im Zusammenhang mit Guantanamo und Folter.

UA-Midwest Call to Action for the 2008 RNC: Adopt a Delegate

Midwest Maelstrom, 16.04.2008 17:50

Unconventional Action Midwest invites all autonomous groups and individuals to "adopt a delegate" in preparation for the Republican National Convention taking place in St. Paul September 1-4. How does it work? Easy! Simply choose a hotel and do what you can to make the delegate experience in the Twin Cities an unforgettable one!

HDS Presents the April 2008 Spade Index Interview, 16.04.2008 16:20 Audio Presentation with Scott Sacknoff, Manager of the Benchmark SPADE® Defense Index


Modaira Rubio, 16.04.2008 14:38

En el contexto de la 118 Asamblea de la Unión Interparlamentaria, los países capitalistas occidentales fueron ampliamente cuestionados por sus políticas económicas en contra de los pueblos del Sur.

Troopergate Opens in New York, Cops and Robbers Come Out

Carola Von Hoffmannstahl-Solomonoff, 16.04.2008 13:01

With Governor Eliot Spitzer off the throne in New York, Troopergate is opening wide. Revealing not just one measly scandal, but a political culture so airless it makes Jersey smell fresh. Cave Troll Number One: a State Police smear squad...

BRASILIEN: Bewaffnete greifen Gefängnis an

Joaquin da Silva, 16.04.2008 11:18

Campo Grande Sie rasten in Jeeps heran, feuerten aus den Fenstern und steuerten sogar einen Helikopter über den Knast: Doch Sicherheitskräfte haben den spektakulären Angriff auf ein Gefängnis in Campo Grande abwehren können. Vermutlich sollte ein Drogenboss befreit werden.

April 22nd - Day of Action Phone Jam against I-69!

_, 16.04.2008 10:53

Take action against I-69, the NAFTA superhighway, this Earth Day with a phone jam!

Carta de la señora Maigret a ZP

Carlos Ortiz de Zárate, 16.04.2008 09:33

Señor presidente; la alegoría de los derechos cívicos de los violadores que se está produciendo en los debates sobre las actualidades francesa y española, que coordino me parece extremadamente inquietante. Más exactamente debería usar nauseabundo. Mi inquietud aumenta cuando compruebo que efectivamente, la imagen de la actualidad de su régimen parece reiterar esta apología

Rencontre et Entretien avec le poète français Yves Bonnefoy

Jereme Sote, 16.04.2008 08:52

"Les fleurs du bien" disait notre poète Obispo.
Nous allons nous réunir ce 10 mai, pour le 160ème anniversaire de l'abolition de l'esclavage. Quand faisons nous celui de l'abolition de la dette ?

April Fools Day

xxxxxxxxxxxxx, 16.04.2008 01:17

truth is not hate. zionists are liars and thieves.

Open Letter to Fighters for Mumia’s Freedom:

Partisan Defense Committee, 15.04.2008 21:51

Open Letter to Fighters for Mumia’s Freedom: For Mass Labor Mobilizations to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal! For United-Front Action!

The Partisan Defense Committee issued the following open letter on April 8.


Vermont AFL-CIO, 15.04.2008 21:09

Vermont AFL-CIO Backs Longshoremen strike against war!!


Lawyers For Poor Americans, 15.04.2008 21:07

When the wealthiest country in the world continues to allow the enslavement of the tens of thousands of their own innocent Middle Class and Working Poor to decades of false imprisonment,it's time to ask for International help!Currently there are reported to be 100,000 falsely imprisoned Americans living along with the estimated 2,000,000 US prison population nationwide.America now has the very unique distinction of not only being rated the #1 in the World for having the largest prison population,but America also has the distinct rating of having the largest wrongfully imprisoned prison population in the World as well.Our US Congress affords themselves all the perks and salary most Americans could only dream about,but ask anyone of these Leaders Of The Free World to protect our Middle Class or Working Poor Americans from continuing to be falsely imprisoned endless decades due to the lack of federal appeal legal counsel being afforded them, and you just might be thought of as being crazy?
The masses of the American people could never come close to ever being able to burden these federal appeal legal costs for themselves or for a family member,and should not need a lobbying group for this basic right of legal protection to be afforded them! Our Poster Child of this exact neglect by our US Congress is this young man named Manny Gonzales.Anyone interested in reading first hand how our US Congress is willing to allow our judicial system to continue keeping this now 21 year old young man imprisoned for 27 mandatory years for frightening someone with a hand gun(not even injuring the so called victim,) without affording him federal appeal legal counsel to properly be able to defend himself in our Federal courts of Appeal? Manny Gonzales The kid that everyone forgot in the CA prison system can be entered into any WWW search engine for the judicial ride of ones life! Tens of thousands of other Americans being imprisoned in the US are facing this same lack of legal counsel everyday,and with this lack of legal counsel being denied their right to new retrials,which in turn forces thousands to remain endless decades in our prison systems of the wealthiest country in the world!

United-Front Protests Demand Mumia Abu-Jamal’s Immediate Freedom

Kevin Gilroy, Partisan Defense Committee, 15.04.2008 20:27

All out for united-front mobilizations called by the Partisan Defense Committee under the slogans: “Mumia Abu-Jamal Is Innocent! Free Mumia Now! Abolish the Racist Death Penalty!” Oakland, Toronto and London on April 19; Sydney on April 23; Mexico City on April 24; Chicago and Los Angeles on April 26. For more information:

Brodkorb: Lenins Klassenhass

Marco Feldmann, 15.04.2008 18:00

Lenin, Stalin, Hitler Haben Lenins Klassenhass und Hitlers Rassenhass die gleichen geistigen Wurzeln? Für einen Libertären ist diese Frage schnell beantwortet, gehen doch beide Hassmotive letztlich auf kollektivistische Denkmuster zurück. Wenn aber ein SPD-Landtagsabgeordneter aus Meck-Pomm ebenfalls zu dieser Erkenntnis gelangt, ist dies durchaus ungewöhnlich.

Carta de Antoine Roquentin a Jean-Paul Sastre

Carlos Ortiz de Zárate, 15.04.2008 17:55

Señor autor; lo lograste; soy lo que has hecho de mi. Esta certeza no es un simple síntoma de resignación. Es, asimismo, una liberación de energías y una posibilidad de usar las últimas para el planteamiento del discurso de la actualidad de hoy, 15 de abril de 2008, por el simple hecho que ya hace muchos años que murió mi autor.

Der Cavaliere Silvio Berlusconi

Wolf Brinkmann, 15.04.2008 17:07

Cavaliere Silvio B. Ein alter Bekannter der Schweizer Justiz. Italiens voraussichtlicher Wahlsieger Silvio Berlusconi ist ein alter Bekannter der Schweiz - vor allem der Strafverfolgungsbehörden. Zurzeit läuft noch immer ein Geldwäschereiverfahren gegen vier Manager seines Medienimperiums.

Merkel hält am staatlichen Einfluss VW's fest

Benito Bruskoni, 15.04.2008 16:31

Merkel, Sauer "Die Bundeskanzlerin hält es für richtig, das VW-Gesetz nicht ersatzlos zu streichen, sondern eine gesetzliche Anschlussregelung zu finden", sagte Vize-Regierungssprecher Thomas Steg am Montag in Berlin. Merkels Position sei klar und eindeutig. Es gebe aber noch keinen abschließenden Entwurf der Bundesregierung. Die Abstimmung unter den Ressorts über den Vorschlag von Justizministerin Brigitte Zypries laufe noch.

NCAP Ottawa founding meeting updates

Daniel Dufresne (National coalition against poverty founder), 15.04.2008 14:52

This is the latest updates from our founsing meeting of Ottawa chapter of our coalition.

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