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US-Papst-Besuch - Bush-Regierung Folter auf Guantanamo

Jenny Bush, 20.04.2008 18:13

Ratzinger in NY Bush-Regierung drängte Militärs zu Folter auf Guantanamo, Papst-Besuch ... Hochrangige US-Regierungsbeamte sollen gegen den Willen der Militärführung die Anwendung von Folter im umstrittenen Gefangenenlager Guantanamo auf Kuba durchgesetzt haben. Dies berichtet die Londoner Tageszeitung "The Guardian" in ihrer Wochenendausgabe.

Sometimes your friends end up duct-taped and suicided

Tinoire, 20.04.2008 18:10

His name was Riad Hamad and he was my friend. A friend with courage and conviction who was not afraid to do the right thing.

He was found floating in a lake Thursday- suicided after being bound with duct tape...

1. Mai: Kampfansage der ImmigrantInnen.

tierr@, 20.04.2008 18:03

ImmigrantInnen-Streiks zum 01. Mai 2008 in Spanien und USA

Die Hungerstreikenden der Gewerkschaft der ImmigrantInnen, SOI, in Andalusien werden sich mit den 01. Mai-Streiks,- und Protesten der ImmigrantInnen in den USA koordinieren - Hungerstreiks auch in der spanischen Exklave Mellila und in Belgien...

callin' on maceo

jeffery mcnary, 20.04.2008 18:00

who's runnin' for what?

Founder of Saving Iceland Accused by Icelandic Police

Saving Iceland, 20.04.2008 16:58

On Monday 21st April 2008 Saving Iceland Founder, Olafur Pall Sigurdson,
will appear before the District Court of East Iceland charged with
property damage. The charge relates to an incident at Snæfell Mountain
protest camp in the end of July 2006 when a police officer drove in to Sigurdsson at a potentially fatal speed.

Ever Ponder Where Your Cravings Come From?

John Erb, 20.04.2008 13:56

The food additive MSG (Mono-Sodium Glutamate) is a slow poison. MSG hides behind 25 or more names, such as Natural Flavoring.' MSG is even in your favorite coffee from Tim Horton's and Starbuck's coffee shops!

[Sindicato Obrero Inmigrante] - RESUMEN DE NOTICIAS: “Aunque se dice que me sobran enemigos, todo el mundo me escucha...” (Silvio Rodríguez... y subscribe Jesús Hidalgo).

Jesús - Sindicato Obrero Inmigrante (SOI-CTM), 20.04.2008 13:29

Para todos los que siguen creando prejuicios sobre nosotros y dicen que insultamos, deciros que para los que mantienen actitudes hipócritas y quieren esconder la realidad a los demás, la verdad y la frontalidad son consideradas por éstos como insultos, lo que no saben es que sus reacciones hacen más evidente para todos que reaccionan contra lo que ellos son (“el ladrón cree que todos son de su condición”).

Chiefs jailed in Ontario for defending land from mining, 20.04.2008 13:04

On March 18th, 2008 five community leaders, including Chief Donny Morris from Kitchenumahkoosib Inninuwug (KI) were jailed for six months for contempt of a court injunction which prohibits them from interfering with a mineral exploration program by Canadian-owned Platinex Inc. The community is gravely concerned about the possible impact to their land and water where they have lived in the Boreal forest for over 5,000 years. It has been over a month and these leaders (one of whom is a grandmother) have still not been released.

Unfair Media Bias Against China, with coverage of Chinese protesters on 19/04/08

Angela Wenxiu Yu, 20.04.2008 10:36

t's time to publish what the media won't, the other side of the story.

Italy: Berlusconi a threath for European democracy

Hans Ceustermans, 20.04.2008 10:24

This is mainly the story of only one week before the Italian elections(I was in Italy).
Everything can be checked on the internet or press(written and TV) and most of the statements are statements of Berlusconi himself.
Just to give you a clear view of what we get in the european parliament...

Krehales Fehalurteil eiehaler Riehal

Rhalf Stehal, 20.04.2008 10:01

Bilbos: krehales Fehalurteil eiehaler Riehalerin ...Der waehalhre Skaehaldal aus Siehalt des Kuehaln ist niehalt, dass Liehall krehallle Vorehaleisen beehalzt hat, um das eigene Peehalnal zu durehalchten, soehalrn dass die Aleha

Biosprit - Verbrechen von ©RalfStreck

Emma Brown, 20.04.2008 09:06

motoStreck War es nicht die Grüne/Linke, die Umweltschützer/innen schlecht hin, die propagiert haben, Leute tankt Biosprit, weil der ja so schön CO2 neutral ist!!!! Weil der ja aus erneuerbaren Energien stammt!!!!Und nun Mal wieder eine 360° schafft mann/frau/kind sich Glaubwürdigkeit bei der großen Maße der dummen, nichts ahnenden und wissenslosen Bevölkerung. Ihr habt es echt drauf; ... ihre Tortillas kaum noch leisten konnten. .. die Casa Grande im Baskenland ... Lustig die grüne Linke .. Donostia,Spanien von R. Streck (Ltn.d.eta-Militaire)

Italien: Stille auf dem Geisterschiff

Enzo Moriokone, 20.04.2008 07:31

Berlusconi Imperium Italiano Das Abschneiden der beiden grossen Parteien bei den italienischen Wahlen entspricht ungefähr den Prognosen. Überraschend sind das Verschwinden der radikalen Linken aus dem Parlament, der Triumph der Lega Nord und der Gleichmut der Verlierer nach diesem ungleichen Wahlkampf. Kaum ein heimischer Kommentator verweist auf das erdrückende, in jeder andern westlichen Demokratie undenkbare Medienmonopol der Rechten. ... Italien kapituliert vor Silvio Berlusconis Medienmacht .......

9/11 Was Good for Us! -- The Case against Israel

Captain Eric H. May, 20.04.2008 03:18

Captain Eric H. May, the Internet intelligence writer, takes mainstream media material and puts it together. The sum of it all is that Israel was involved in the 9/11 matter, although few writers are willing to cover it.

Ricardo Iorio con Victor Pinto

Fanatico del DJ Enmascarado, 20.04.2008 03:07

Entrevista de Ricardo Iorio con Victor Pinto


PRWeb, 20.04.2008 00:31

The World Institute for Security Enhancement Foundation ( announced it has been awarded the President’s Volunteer Service Award. The President's Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) is an award given by the President of the United States to recognize the valuable contributions made by volunteers across the nation. The award will be distributed at the CelebrateLA volunteer recognition event that will be held at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, California on April 27, 2008.

Exxon Mobile Boycott

John N Garner, 19.04.2008 22:47

Asking for a boycott of Exxon mobile

This State We're In

Tawanda Mudzonga, 19.04.2008 22:03

Zimbabwe liberated itself from colonialism in 1980 and ushered in a new era of majority rule led by President Robert Mugabe. Over the past 28 years, he has perpetrated every manner of human rights abuses, using violence to solidify his power base and to intimidate the electorate into accepting his increasingly inefficient government. As I write this, inflation is 168,000% and the economy is in free-fall with people barely able to feed themselves when they can find food. There has been massive out-migration to neighboring countries including South Africa where it is estimated that there are $3 million Zimbabweans living as refugees, not to mention that millions who have fled to the UK to earn the money that they send home to their families in order to survive.

Almost a month ago, Zimbabweans voted in the elections that would decide whether to allow Robert Mugabe to continue in power or to allow the opposition candidate Morgan Tsvangirai who has the popular vote to take over. Robert Mugabe and his party, ZANU PF, have a history of rigging elections, but this time opposition support was so overwhelming that they failed to rig the elections sufficiently to allow him to win. As a result, the election results have been suppressed and a nation has been left wondering how far his government will go to stay in power.

This essay reflects the reactions of the people on the street and tries to understand the ways in which Zimbabweans have chosen to deal with the fact that their votes have been stolen from them.


Narender Pendyal, 19.04.2008 21:45

After three years as one of Bay Area's largest sporting events, organizers of the San Jose Grand Prix announced today they are ceasing operations, citing the ongoing development taking place in the downtown area.

Foro Mundial del Saber Aplicado

Profesor J, 19.04.2008 21:05

Foro Mundial del Saber ASplicado Fecha del Foro: 21 a 24 de julio 2008

Clinton's Campaign Cash: The Missing Tax Records and the $5 Million

John Stovers, 19.04.2008 21:05

Sources at the Clinton Initiative report pressure applied to employees to help cover up the syphoning of $5 million from the endowment for the political campaign of Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY).

Black Youths Sue Barclays Over Slavery Genocide, 19.04.2008 20:54

Plaintiff Clive Campbell, right, with a community youth, left. On Monday, April 21, 2008, a response is due in Brooklyn Federal Court to the slavery genocide lawsuit filed against Barclays Bank, et. al. by New York youth leader Clive Campbell. Campbell filed the complaint on March 20, 2008 in State Court in Kings County, Brooklyn demanding genocide compensation for Barclays' alleged role in enslaving his Jamaican ancestors and the resulting destruction of his African ethnic and national identity.

Hitler Birthday

Jack Gordon, 19.04.2008 18:56

Emma and Streck Fast überall wo Migrantenheime gebaut werden und nazis offen protestieren bekommen sie teilweise zuspruch von den Spießbürgern.
Das Problem sind nicht die paar idioten die da brüllen sondern die grundhaltung vieler bundesbürger. gerade in thüringen soll es ja laut umfragen besonders rassistisch gedacht werden.
Außerdem wollen die nazis im märz und im april in weimar aufmarschieren.

Mexico: neue Konflikte stehen bevor

Raul Chávez, 19.04.2008 18:29

Dia de los Muertos Das Autonomie-Referendum in Santa Cruz und die drohende Nationalisierung von Speiseölproduzenten sorgen für Biogas-Knaller. Oiltanking gehört heute zu den weltweit führenden unabhängigen Betreibern von Tanklägern für Mineralöle, Chemikalien und Gase. Eine hohe Professionalität sowie kreative Lösungen für Logistikprozesse, die weit über die traditionellen Lagerleistungen hinaus gehen, sind die Basis für Oiltankings weltweite Position als bevorzugter Partner für unsere Kunden.

Weekly Summary of Israeli War Crimes, 16 April 2008

Aarb Media Center, 19.04.2008 15:47

A weekly summary of israeli war crimes committed in Palestine for the week ending 16 April 2008.

Carta de un miembro del PSOE a la señora Maigret

Carlos Ortiz de Zárate, 19.04.2008 15:43

Señora; no puedo felicita a usted por la falta de rigor que nos impone, tenazmente, en su presunta organización resistencia contra una supuesta conspiración de los medios de comunicación. Hay demasiadas voces con el perfil de la suya, para distinguir la última de la algavaría ensordecedora que se ampara en nuestro mantenimiento de la libertad de opinión.

Jews plot bombing Palestinian children: PBS Video - Israeli Terrorism

PBS, 19.04.2008 15:37

PBS: Jews plot bombing Palestinian children.

A 100% FREE online dating &amp; social networking site for meeting single Native Americans who share a passion for Native American

Gabriel Twodove, 19.04.2008 15:36

A 100% FREE online dating & social networking site for meeting single Native Americans who share a passion for Native American culture.

Lapin : garanti 100% cage

marjo, 19.04.2008 14:39

Lapin : garanti 100% cage

Rightwing-extremists in Germany: Building a martyrer

mcgzt, 19.04.2008 12:02

Fascists on the 12th April in Stolberg / Germany After the stabbing of a 19-year old student by a 18-year old migrant on the 4th of april in the german city of Stolberg, Neonazi-groups abuse the crime for their racist propaganda.

For a democratic, campaigning student movement

Petros Delianides, 19.04.2008 11:58

the students united will never be defeated - 40 years later The NUS has failed to fight the government on its education policies. The time for a new left-wing student movement has come. On Sunday May 18 there will be an open meeting to discuss the building of a student-left in Great Britain.

Die Renaissance der Studenten-Aktivisten in Großbritannien

Petros Delianides, 19.04.2008 11:50

Es gibt viel Arbeit für die Studenten-Aktivisten, die die Probleme der Studenten und ihrer Umwelt wirklich adressieren möchte. Denn schon nächstes Jahr fängt die Revision der Studentengebühren-Reform an. Diese sieht vor die Höchstgrenze der Studiengebühren abszuschaffen.

Biosprit verursacht Koalitionsstreit

Werner Lohmann, 19.04.2008 07:29

Keine Anzeige Der Koalitionsstreit um das Scheitern der Biosprit-Pläne wird schärfer. Bundesumweltminister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) attackierte am Montag die Union und zog ihre Zuverlässigkeit in Zweifel - daraufhin warf die CDU ihm Versagen vor. Gabriel hätte sich in seinem Haus mehr um diese Frage kümmern müssen, sagte CDU-Generalsekretär Ronald Pofalla nach einer Sitzung der Parteispitze in Berlin. So wäre die Verunsicherung der Autofahrer zu verhindern gewesen. Gabriel hatte die Verdopplung der Beimischungsquote von Bioethanol in Benzin gestoppt, um höhere Tankkosten für rund 3,5 Millionen Autofahrer zu vermeiden.

Colombia-Iniciativa de Fensuagro en el día internacional de las luchas campesinas.

Eberto Diaz presidente de Fensuagro-colombia, 19.04.2008 01:55

Fensuagro en la jornada de homenaje a las victimas de la violencia-03-06-008
Declarada esta fecha como el día internacional de la lucha campesina en conmemoración de 19 campesinos del Movimiento sin Tierra de Brasil, asesinados en la localidad del Dorado dos Carajas, estado del Piara, la Federación Nacional Sindical Unitaria Agropecuaria "FENSUAGRO", fiel a sus principios y defensa del campesinado y trabajadores rurales, ha lanzado una iniciativa de Fortalecimiento de la Participación Campesina para la Construcción de un Programa de Paz y Desarrollo Económico Social y Ambiental del Campo Colombiano.

[ Brazil ] aboriginal Advice condemns declaration of general and says that it will be against the Brazilian Army

contra-net, 19.04.2008 01:52

Aboriginal advice condemns declaration of general and says that it will be against Army the declaration of that the Brazilian indigenista politics is "lamentable" and "chaotic", made for the military commander of the Amazônia, August general Heleno, was criticized by the CIR (Aboriginal Advice of Roraima), main entity favorable to the withdrawal of the not-indians of the Raposa/Serra of the Sun.

Continúa el humo en Buenos Aires por la quema de pastizales

Chelo!, 18.04.2008 23:29

Humo en la ciudad Quema de pastizales, una práctica que sólo beneficia a los propietarios y nadie controla

The Spontaneous Healing of Belief

Gregg Braden, 18.04.2008 21:26

Is it possible that we're born with the power to reverse disease, create peace and abundance, and even change reality itself?

[Sindicato Obrero Inmigrante] - Llamada a la Rebelión Pacífica (Mayo del 2008). Hagamos la Historia: “Sólo es sometido aquel que se deja someter”

Sindicato Obrero Inmigrante (SOI-CTM), 18.04.2008 20:52

Enviad este mensaje a todas las personas que podáis. Traducidlo a las distintas lenguas. HA COMENZADO LA REBELIÓN PACÍFICA DE LOS PRECARIOS Y EXCLUIDOS: “Mayo del 2008”, fecha que pronto veremos en la Historia como más importante incluso que “Mayo del 68”, porque todo lo que aprendimos entonces lo ponemos en práctica ahora de forma pacífica. Precarios y excluidos de todo el mundo, tomemos la tierra porque ésta es de todos. ¡NI UN PASO ATRÁS, ARRIBA LA REBELIÓN PACÍFICA! ¿Tu te vas a quedar fuera mirando? Sólo se puede ser digno o indigno. Aquí no hay término medio.

Updating Sami Al-Arian - His Ordeal Continues

Stephen Lendman, 18.04.2008 20:41

His false imprisonment and torture.

May Day celebration launches “Viva la Raza”

Freedom Socialist Party, 18.04.2008 20:20

May Day celebration launches “Viva la Raza.” Author and activist Megan Cornish will talk about her new book, Viva la Raza: A History of Chicano Identity and Resistance, co-authored with Yolanda Alaniz. The volume, with a foreword by educator Rodolfo Acuña, is the focus of festivities for May Day, the international workers’ holiday. Saturday, May 3, 7:30pm at New Freeway Hall, 5018 Rainier Ave. S.,

Terroristas autorizados por George W. Bush en Paraguay

Luis Agüero Wagner, 18.04.2008 19:50

Así como los terroristas árabes invocan el islamismo para sus actos terroristas, algunos partidarios del Obispo Fernando Lugo invocan hoy la bendición del candidato de Dios para justificar los actos terroristas en los que se vieron envueltos en mayor o menor grado una buena parte de ellos y para colmo, con la autorización de la embajada norteamericana.

Student protests forest destruction

Christina Kuhlman, 18.04.2008 19:41

A college student demonstrated today at a AAA in Orlando to inform the public of the ancient forest destruction that goes into Kleenex brand tissue products.

Torando Witness Radio

Darrell Kirk, Host Tornado Witness Radio, 18.04.2008 18:46

Listen to in-depth radio interviews of people involved in severe tornados.

A list of interviews on our station follows below. To listen to any of these stories please go to:

End the Empire: Sell dollars-Buy Euros!

Sara, 18.04.2008 18:39

"Well... The U.S. data yesterday showed more signs of recession, with the Weekly Jobless Claims jumping up to 372K from 355K the previous week. But the piece of data that really barks like a recession was the Philly Fed Index (manufacturing), which collapsed this month and fell from -17.4 to -24.9. This is the lowest level since Jan and Feb 2001, as we entered the last recession. Data back to 1968 shows that declines in the index below current levels has been consistent with recessions.

Of course you, a Pfennig reader, knew we were in a recession months ago, because I told you so! I bet you used that information as "cocktail trivia" to sound smart! Good for you! That's the way more people see the "light"...

Alright, I went off on a tangent there... I'm just kidding you know... It's just my nature to have fun!

So... The fundamentals haven't changed... The U.S. Deficit is soaring higher and higher, requiring us to attract more and more foreign investment... The economy is in a recession... Jobs are hard to find... House prices are falling... And we're still fighting a war! Does this sound like the stuff that a stronger currency is made of? I don't think so! So... If this isn't a trend reversal, what is it? Ahhh grasshopper, it's simply profit taking and the scared Nervous Nellies selling... It sure does give us some cheaper levels to buy euros, eh? "

Pope Benedict calls for the Religious Freedom to blow yourself Up

Karen Fish, 18.04.2008 18:23

The President and The Pope There has to be a better way.

Murdered by Israel: Reuters cameraman talks on assassination of reporters

Al Jazeera, 18.04.2008 17:32

Fadl Shanaa, who was killed by an Israeli missile on April 16, spoke to Al Jazeera in February.

He was interviewed as part of a series called 'Shoot the Messenger' that focuses on the increased dangers that journalists are facing in covering the story. He had survived an Israeli air raid in 2006.

Carta de la señorita Marple a José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.

Carlos Ortiz de Zárate, 18.04.2008 17:30

Señor presidente; han hecho muchos reproches a la imagen proyectada por la “entronización” de su nuevo gobierno. Podría aplicarse la máxima opusiona del “Ladran luego cabalgamos” y aludir a los comentarios del “Cavalieri III”. También podemos fijarnos en lo que no se ha dicho en esa escenografía, por ejemplo en lo que se dice en la mediatización de la reentronización de Sarkozy.

Who Wants Hillary In Texas?

Michael Treis, 18.04.2008 16:41

Actually, very few. Many still have a very bad taste from the “Clintonestia” US period and resent the Waco debacle and loss of 86 men women and 17 little children under the age of 5, by the Clinton murder group.
Considered a true American Holocaust!

Germany is in shock as subprime gets worse

Umberto Bresconi, 18.04.2008 16:35

High risk borrowers Germany is mired so deep in the subprime crisis that its entire banking structure is under threat of collapse. As writedowns continue to mount and government guarantees wear thin, experts warn that losses could soon reach €30bn (£24bn) - and possibly more. WANT TO KNOW MORE? ......


Автор Владимир Филимонов, 18.04.2008 11:24

"Человек, его права и свободы являются высшей ценностью. Признание, соблюдение и защита прав и свобод человека и гражданина-обязанность государства" ст.2 Конституции Российской Федерации.

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