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Do Your Bit for the Environment and the Earth

Pippa, 21.02.2004 01:36

A new group has been created to share and learn new ideas for changes we can make in our every day lives to lessen our impact on the environment.


Martin F. Abernathy, 21.02.2004 00:31

This is an extremely important lawsuit --- plaintiff Schlund charges Bush with conspiring to RIG the presidential elections. - We will lead to peace, 20.02.2004 22:57

please forward

Corrupción dentro del Partido de los Trabajadores llega adentro del Palacio Plan Alto.

aldux IMC Brazilian, 20.02.2004 22:47

Hoy se cumplió una semana, del escándalo que envuelve a una parte de la cúpula del PT, y sus aliados PL en el gobierno de Lula, a cada hora, la acumulación de información, denuncias, y recriminaciones aumenta.
En medio de una crísis política, el cuadro económico se agraba, ayer salió un Ministro (de Transporte ), con la excusa de que se va a presentar a las elecciones municipales de un estado; y otro político diputado del PL cesado en su cargo.

Duma to mull ban on media coverage of terrorism

The Russia Journal, 20.02.2004 17:43

OSCOW- United Russia, the pro-Kremlin bloc that dominates the new State Duma, is set to either completely ban media coverage of terrorist attacks and catastrophes, or to considerably restrict the volume of information reported. The issue has been addressed in two draft bills submitted to the lower house recently and will be reviewed by lawmakers next month.

Valery Komissarov, chairman of the Duma information policy committee, has proposed an amendment to the mass media act, ordering television networks to refrain from ''showing the bodies of victims of terrorist acts as well as fragments of human bodies''.

The ban is necessary to ''counteract information terrorism and to prevent psychological pressure on citizens'', the author of the draft said in an explanatory note attached to the draft. Komissarov’s colleagues in the information policy committee have already held a preliminary discussion of his initiative and tentatively endorsed the proposed amendment.


Jordan Thornton, 20.02.2004 17:09

The more extreme events, statements, and actions become, the more patterns begin to emerge, and the utter corruption of our treasured system becomes transparent.

7 dead, scores injured in prison truck accident filled with illegal burmese refugee deportation

RK, 20.02.2004 16:21

little truck carrying 103 ppl 103 pp involved, at least 7 ppl dead, 4 children, almost everyone injured, many critically when a overloaded prison transport with illegal Burmese immigrants hit a concrete barrier and flipped over 4 kms from sangklaburi, , Thailand only 15 kms from the Burmese border.

How to defeat Bushism in 2004:

Joseph P. Diaferia, 20.02.2004 16:05

The defeat of the Bush regime may require both a national and international effort -- J. Diaferia

Fake death statistics from Iraq?

Brent, 20.02.2004 13:26

Just how many soldiers are really dying in Iraq?

Working Class Struggle in British Occupied Basra - 3 month research report

Ewa Jasiewicz, 20.02.2004 13:13

This the culmination of over three months of resarch, support, solidarity, advocacy, accompaniment and analysis of the obstacles, struggles, attacks, and as wins experienced by Iraqi workers on the ground in Occupied Basra. The author is an independent human rights activist affiliated with Voices in the Wilderness who has lived in Palestine for 6 months and Iraq for 8. Feel free to use and fwd this report as far as possible..

El Sistema Familiar Subsidiario

Julai, 20.02.2004 13:05

Por tradición histórica, el valor de la moneda ha sido el mismo para todos,... pero el dinero en una cuenta bancaria puede variar, según el índice de medios de la familia ....

Europa der Nationen: Wird die EU untergehen?

Hans, 20.02.2004 08:48

Die EU wie sie bis jetzt gemacht worden ist ist naeher and einer 'Gegen Union , den einer UNION!

Boycot German Cars

Turandot, 20.02.2004 06:58

Spread this message all over the world by internet. I appeal to all right thinking people to send this message every year on Oct. 2nd the birth day of Mahatma Gandhi,

The Electronic Surveillance of America

Bruce Glaser, 20.02.2004 03:30

USA PATRIOT ACT expands all four traditional tools of surveillance -- wiretaps, search warrants, pen/trap orders and subpoenas. Their counterparts under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) that allow spying in the U.S. by foreign intelligence agencies have similarly been expanded. This means:

Be careful what words or phrases you put in your search engine.

February20th: 3rd National Day of Solidarity w/ Muslim, Arab &amp;South Asian Immigrants

BTN-NY, 20.02.2004 00:54

We call on people everywhere to come together on the 3rd National Day of Solidarity to resist the scapegoating and criminalization of Muslim, Arab and South Asian immigrants! Take action and speak out on February 20th, 2004 as part of the National Day of Solidarity with Muslim, Arab, and South Asian Immigrants!

For a list of events around the country check out

GMOs in the UK

Richard Hepburn, 19.02.2004 22:29

Government permission for commercial cultivation of GMOs is imminent.

While Dean Conned Anti War Vote Party Bosses Laughed

Lloyd Hart, 19.02.2004 21:29

Now that the Democratic party bosses have effectively driven the anti-war vote into the ground with more than a little help from the corporate media that gave Governor Dean's campaign the red carpet treatment up until mid December while at the same time purposely ignoring Congressman Dennis Kucinich's campaign Governor Dean's campaign now looks more like a very effective con job

Enrons Jeff Skilling writes $50 million bail check

By Kate Murphy, 19.02.2004 21:20

I'm Jeff Skilling, SCREW YOU! Jeff Skilling's Morning in Court

He bit his tongue, proclaimed his innocence, wrote a $50 million bail check, and departed after his lawyers slammed the indictments

Haliburton Executive Leads Denver Neo-Nazi Group

Antifa, 19.02.2004 20:47

Denver National Alliance Leader, Roger Williams, is a senior Market Analyst for Haliburton

Peak Oil - Now being covered by mainstream media - Newsweek: This is scary stuff!

Brian Braiker, 19.02.2004 20:27

A prominent physicist warns in a new book that the world is running out of oil and we're not doing anything to stave off the coming crisis.

'Anti-Terror' Laws - Risking Making A Corpse of Habeus Corpus

Duncan McFarlane, 19.02.2004 20:16

New anti-terror laws proposed in the UK and US risk the removal within a matter of years of legal rights which took centuries to secure. The 'War on Terror' risks not only failing to bring democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan but eroding it at home by removing these rights.

Peak Oil - Mainstream media is reporting it - Newsweek: This is scary stuff

Brian Braiker, 19.02.2004 20:13

A prominent physicist warns in a new book that the world is running out of oil and we're not doing anything to stave off the coming crisis

Russia Says Weapon Renders 'Missile Defense Useless' Wires, 19.02.2004 20:03

MOSCOW – Russia has successfully tested a hypersonic weapon capable of penetrating any prospective missile shield, a senior general said Thursday

Jihad: The Real Terrorist Enemy

spencer, 19.02.2004 19:45

A vote for Bush or Kerry will be a vote for or against the war on terror.

Complete list of US Soldiers who died for this bogus war

Dr. Dick, 19.02.2004 19:30

The whole list. With photos of thos ewho gave their life for this ploy.

Open Letter To U.S. President About Slain Soldier Son

marco, 19.02.2004 19:26

Open Letter To President About Slain Soldier Son
Written by Richard M. Dvorin
Voiced in by marco
Musical interpretation of NoFX's "Idiot Son Of An Asshole"
by marco

Jenny Tonge Is a Disgusting Woman

fin, 19.02.2004 19:25

British Liberal Democrat MP Jenny Tonge apparently never learned that when you’re in a hole, you need to stop digging—because her latest dispatch finds her not just sympathizing with suicide bombers, but hanging out with them. And the BBC is happy to provide a podium for this vacuous terror dilettante


Jewish Prime Minister, 19.02.2004 19:08

If the British Conservative party wins the next General election then Britain will at last have its first ethnic minority Prime Minister. Michael Howard, leader of the Conservative Party, is Jewish.

The Politics of Passion

Joachim Martillo, 19.02.2004 19:02

Most of the discussion of Gibson's The Passion of the Christ has missed the real issue that is the basis of current controversy. This article proposes a theory to explain the behavior of Foxman and his cronies.

ozone hole hoax

JS, 19.02.2004 17:56

reply to "environmentalism" comment by incredulous greenhead Thron at - Market Dictatorship is a Threat to Peace, 19.02.2004 16:08

please forward

Die Zukunft der eritreischen jungen Generation/ The Future of the Young Generation of Eritrea

Sium.S Deutschland/ The Future of the Young Generation of Eritrea, 19.02.2004 13:23

Eritrea ist ein strategisch gut gelegenes Land, welches sich in Ostafrika am Roten Meer befindet. Eritrea wurde 1889 das Ziel der italienischen Kolonialmacht.Das Volk Eritreas kämpfte viele Jahre im Land und im Ausland auf verschiedenste Weise für seine Unabhängigkeit. Sein Wissen, Geld, Kraft und vor allem sein wertvolles Leben hat es für die Freiheit gegeben.
In der Geschichte des Unabhängigkeitskampfes nimmt die junge Generation Eritreas immer wieder eine wichtige Rolle ein. Die Jugend war mutig, dynamisch, flexibel und stets bereit, für den Freiheitskampf alles zu tun.

Eritrea is a strategically well-situated country in East Africa at the Red Sea.The people of Eritrea were fighting many years for their independence – within Eritrea and abroad using varied methods. They gave their knowledge, money, power and, above all, their precious life for freedom.
In the history of independence war, the young generation of Eritrea has always played an important role. The youth were brave, dynamic, flexible and always willing to do everything for the fight for freedom.

Army to demilitarize deadly liquid

Zakale, 19.02.2004 11:10

his faces Weapon of mass destruction stored in Newport, Ind

“Desert!” call to US troops flying to Iraq from Germany

Diet Simon (drawing on German IndyMedia postings), 19.02.2004 10:26

Demonstrations have begun at Nuremberg airport in southern Germany against American troops being flown out to Iraq. Activists report that a tent city has been erected at the airport to process the transports. A local newspaper reports that three to six chartered civilian planes a day leave Nuremberg for Iraq, each carrying 250 soldiers. Altogether 13,000 troops from bases in Bamberg, Würzburg, Vilseck and Grafenwöhr, are to be flown out, reports the “Nürnberger Nachrichten.” It quotes airport spokesman, Jan Beinßen, as saying the activities will run until 17 March.

female ex prisoner of Baathists returns to Iraq and reports

piet (via lbo-talk &gt; Guardian), 19.02.2004 10:07

At the sound of special hooting many of Baghdad's women rush outdoors to
pay the refuse collectors to collect the rubbish (in the heart of old
Baghdad, rubbish piles as high as the buildings. Women and children search
there for anything they can sell or eat).

In refusing to take part in any initiative by the US-led occupation, or
its Iraqi allies, women are practising passive resistance. They adopted
the same technique against Saddam's despised General Union of Iraqi women.
Then, they managed to cause the collapse of one of the richest, most
powerful institutions for women in the Middle East. Perhaps they will do
so again.

Irving Kristol on PBS video admits being Marxist. Founder of neo-con movement!

xx, 19.02.2004 10:06

short video clip of From PBS video "Arguing the world."

Same Sex Marriage Or?

Lloyd Hart, 19.02.2004 03:27

Same Sex Marriage Or?


KYAW S. WIN, 19.02.2004 03:06

Hundreds of thousands of chickens in Thailand and as much as a million were slaughtered in Asia due to the orders executed by government policies. Bird flu could have been managed with antibiotics and sensitive and naturally-harmonious care towards animal breeding practices.

Abbie Hoffman At Rutgers '88

marco, 18.02.2004 22:52

Subtitle: Rutgers Convention Speech To Plenary
Summary: This comes from microcassette tape
recorded live at the rutgers convention in '88.
29 min 30 secs - 16x16 (128 available at


Jose Surra, 18.02.2004 22:36

Programa de radio FM de la Comunidad indoafrolatinoamericana de Bélgica


OREAD DAILY, 18.02.2004 22:31



..., 18.02.2004 21:18

Old article but I think its interesting none the less

PBS to air &quot;MIAMI: Crackdown on Dissent&quot; on Bill Moyers' NOW this Friday

Will B. Watching, 18.02.2004 20:38

PBS to air "MIAMI: Crackdown on Dissent" on Bill Moyers' NOW this Friday!!!!!!!SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!!!!

Not Quite A Dream Team (Kerry not all that much different than W)

Laura Flanders: Published on Wednesday, February 18, 2004 by, 18.02.2004 20:29

Kerry's foreign policy advisers don't look like they will be that big of a difference from current gov't......may just be Republicans in Democrats' oil pipelines and Colombian fumigation and the Carlyle Group!

ETA - Catalunya

Català!, 18.02.2004 20:23

ETA El texto íntegro del comunicado de ETA, en el que se anuncia una tregua en Cataluña

Open Letter to Dean Supporters

Al Jones, 18.02.2004 20:06

You can still influence the Democratic nomination process in a meaningful way. The answer is to back Representative Dennis Kucinich, who has vowed to remain in the race through the convention. If the convention becomes a "brokered" deal, which it appears will happen, then the more Progressive voices there the better for our issues.

Iraq Protests One Year Ago in San Francisco

Paul, 18.02.2004 17:21

Some fascinating photos of the crowds and faces including aerial photos of the events one year ago. - Defeating Crooked Capitalism, 18.02.2004 16:26

please forward

Criticism of the criticism of peak oil

Brent Herbert, 18.02.2004 16:04

I have been following the 'peak oil' debate currently taking place on a number of Indy sites, and I have been interested in studying the papers and reports written by the debunkers and critics of 'peak oil'. What I have found reminds me of the debunkers of global warming (bad arguments, not to hard to question or even refute). My criticisms of these critics follow below...

Peak Oil, a plea to learn about it, teach, and press for responsible leadership

Michael Kuhn, 18.02.2004 15:54

Post-peak oil production, or "Peak Oil" is the most important issue of our time. You may not have heard about it, or considered it before now. Please do so. Peak oil is the root of very many of the issues raised in the Indymedia pages. Please do whatever you can, by any means, to learn, teach, and influence leaders about peak oil.

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