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Friday, June 13th - silent protest against the gas prices.

annonymous, 01.05.2008 00:41

That's something I've got from an annonymous person, through e-mail.

US War Parade: Kid Rips Jesus Sign, Crowd Cheers

Goodwill Media Project, 30.04.2008 22:06

Activist Patrick O'neill is one of a handful of activists who showed up last Saturday at Raleigh NC's military parade. O'neil and about 15 other mourners, primarily Veteran's for Peace, hoped to mourn the dead, bring attention to the injured, and offer a dissenting voice in a largely pro-war audience. A young boy snatches Patrick's sign that says "Jesus said: Love Your Enemies" and tears it up, while the war crowd cheers him on.

The Disappearing Bees: CCD and Electromagnetic Radiation

bee, 30.04.2008 21:38

La disparition des abeilles : Le syndrôme d'effondrement des colonies et les radiations électromagnétiques

[Rebelión Pacífica] - MUY URGENTE: En el parlamento italiano hablan de &quot;dar caza&quot; a los inmigrantes incluso recurriendo a las armas - LLAMADA AL PARO EUROPEO DE MIGRANTES Y AUTÓCTONOS PRECARIOS 1, 2 y 3 de Mayo 2008

Jesús - Plataforma Rebelión Pacífica (PRP), 30.04.2008 20:36

Esto es lo que nos estamos jugando si no nos unimos y hacemos algo rápido. Este es el momento de que los cobardes salgáis y deis la cara, luego puede ser tarde. El fascismo viene más deprisa de lo que nos podíamos imaginar, sobre todo hacia nuestros compañeros trabajadores "sin papeles". Evitemos por todos los medios pacíficos posible que sean los primeros, detrás iremos el resto de personas precarias y justas:

Aspartame Press Conference, Hawaii State Capitol, May 1, 2008, 11:00 AM, Bill Deagle, M.D.

Dr. Betty Martini, D. Hum, 30.04.2008 18:46

All media,physicians and attorneys should attend this press conference and find out how a deadly addictive excitoneurotoxic carcinogenic drug that interacts with most drugs and vaccines, and once listed with the pentagon in an inventory of prospective biochemical warfare weapons submitted to Congress is marketed in 100 countries. It has caused a global plague, embalms living tissue and causes sudden death! Don't mess this conference.

All Out to May Day 2008 March for Immigrant Worker Rights!

Lee Siu Hin - Immigrant Solidarity Network, 30.04.2008 18:12

On May Day 2008, National Immigrant Solidarity Network is calling for a multi-ethnic, decentralized, multi-topic and multi-tactic national day of mobilization to support immigrant workers rights!

La viande des [lapins-&gt;] français bannie des rayons des supermarchés suisses

marjo, 30.04.2008 18:00

La viande des lapins français bannie des rayons des supermarchés suisses

Bishop Phillip Takes a Clear Stand With Radical Shack Dwellers' Movement

Bishop Reuben Phillip, 30.04.2008 17:30

Bishop Phillip, the cleric that played a leading role in getting the Chinese ship laded with arms for Mugabe turned away from the Durban port, has taken a clear stand for the country's largest social movement, Abahlali baseMjondolo

LIES, THREATS, AND GOVERNMENT COVER-UP – UK and Canada are Dangerous Places for the Victims of a Billionaire Bully

Roderick Russell, 30.04.2008 16:23

This is a true story about a human rights abuse. An executive left Grosvenor International - a powerhouse in financial and royal circles, with a closeness to intelligence; MI5 / MI6 and CIA. He was blacklisted and defamed. He complained. 8 years of threats and intimidation followed. He went to the police. The investigation was stopped. Intelligence involved. A Cabinet Minister orchestrated a cover-up. Closet fascism where intelligence services can override rule of law, civil liberties and democracy.

Alzheimer y demencia: confinamiento y dieta Morghentau

Braulio Alvarez, 30.04.2008 14:57

veinticuatro horas y un día y otro día encerrada entre cuatro paredes. ¿Qué normas tendrá al respecto Instituciones Penitenciarias para los presos? Y a estos pobres desdentados con enfermedades mentales la comida que les dan es en puré, un turmix, que se dice en el argot. Y, además, de cathering.

VIDEO: Lebanon and Palestine: two peoples fighting imperialism

L'altra Lombardia - SU LA TESTA, 30.04.2008 14:19

It is available in DVD.
To order it write to

Opossums: Mother Nature’s clean-up crew

By Carla Bennett, 30.04.2008 13:36

If you see an opossum in your yard, what should you do? Nothing. These gentle animals are your garden’s evening clean-up crew and will keep your yard free of snails and fallen fruit and other debris.

Houston-based TIFCO Industries promotes anti-Arab racism

Anonymous anti-racist, 30.04.2008 10:10

An email to employees of TIFCO Industries promotes an anti-Arab video on YouTube.

Deutschland Bannenrepublik Ende der Demokratie

Evita Peron, 30.04.2008 09:37

Dse Pierers Fall "Sie sind Soldaten von Siemens"Die Anschuldigungen gegen von Pierer wiegen schwer: Einem Bericht der "Süddeutschen Zeitung" zufolge soll ein Siemens-Manager ausgesagt haben, von Pierer habe ihn und einen Kollegen angehalten, fragwürdige Provisionszahlungen zu leisten. Auf Skrupel der Mitarbeiter habe von Pierer geantwortet, sie müssten sich wie "Soldaten von Siemens" verhalten. Es sei um eine Summe von zehn Millionen Dollar für ein Großprojekt von Siemens in Argentinien gegangen.

An open letter to Socially Just Internet Users

Sam Menefee-Libey, 30.04.2008 08:15

A call to readers to actively engage in Social Justice on the Internet.

Mayday Europarade

Euromayday, 30.04.2008 07:56

Since 2001, the 1 of may, MayDay Parades spread all around Europe.
Migrants, precarious workers, trade unionists, employees, shop workers, activists, artists, hackers, queer, are welcome to protest against precarity as a modern institution. Nowadays, precarity is structural and generalized. It's the paradigmatic condition of work. We cannot stand on this.

11. September - Japanische Opposition erneut fordert Aufklärung

Yoshhh, 30.04.2008 03:38

April 2008 24. April 2008: Stärkste Oppositionspartei Japans zweifelt erneut offizielle Version des 11. September an
Direkte Befragung des Aussenministers im Parlament
Letzte Befragung der Regierung zum Thema 11.9. fand im Januar statt.

DECLARACIÓN E INVITACIÓN AI : Tortura y violencia sexual contra detenidas de San Salvador Atenco -- Dos años de injusticia e impunidad

Amnistía Internacional México, 30.04.2008 02:52

Por este medio enviamos a ustedes la declaración pública:" Tortura y violencia sexual contra detenidas de San Salvador Atenco -- Dos años de injusticia e impunidad".

Aprovecho para recordarles la actividad que mañana, 30 de Abril a las 10:30 a.m., tendremos frente a las instalaciones de la Procuraduría General de la República (Av. Paseo de la Reforma #211 – 212, Col. Cuauhtémoc, Distrito Federal) para exigir que no queden impunes los actos de violencia sexual contra las mujeres de San Salvador Atenco.

Finalmente, quiero solicitarles que agenden la rueda de prensa que llevaremos a cabo el día 2 de mayo del presente a las 10:45 a.m. en la Sala Renato Leduc del Club de Periodistas (Filomeno Mata, No. 8, Centro Histórico, Distrito Federal). En esta rueda de prensa reiteraremos nuestras solicitudes al Estado mexicano a 2 años de los hechos ocurridos en San Salvador Atenco, y se presentará material visual de las actividades desarrolladas en Amnistía Internacional México, así como en otros países durante la jornada internacional de actividades del día 30 a la que hemos convocado.

Su asistencia es muy importante para nosotros.

please international support

six nation in canada royal corporation, 30.04.2008 02:24

Subject: [six_nations_info] Protest closes school (Intelligencer)
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 10:15:55


movimiento mexicanista, 30.04.2008 01:38

Que se necesita para ser mexicanista

Report: Fascist Lisbon Treaty, US Elections, Economic Crisis

Jack Bart, 30.04.2008 01:33

Here is THIS WEEKS overview by EIR's Chief Counterintelligence Director, Jeffrey Steinberg. Visit for an archive of previous reports, daily intelligence items and breaking news. SUBSCRIBE to stay updated, because these intelligence briefings are weekly, and often contain EXCLUSIVE intelligence from our first hand sources.

Drums and Vocals

Daniel Vitarelli, 30.04.2008 00:56

The drummer and vocals Daniel Vitarelli live PA.

The All City Waitress Marching Band

jerri Allyn, 29.04.2008 21:11

The All City Waitress Marching Band, c.1979 Calling all Women

AIDS and the contradictions of Spanish development cooperation in Equatorial Guinea

Agustin Velloso, 29.04.2008 20:43

While AIDS is spreading in Equatorial Guinea, the government does not care for the patients and the Spanish Coooperation is unable to redress the situation.

Renewable Energy Stocks Podcast; Driving Green Interview with Jonathan Ortiz, 29.04.2008 19:58

Foreign Affairs, Florida's 1st Smart Dealership Current Electric Car Portfolio Includes ZAP and Other Electric Vehicles

Longshoreman Will Write History on May 1, 2008

David Roknich (compilation), 29.04.2008 19:45

On May 1, all 29 ports on the U.S. West Coast are to be shut down by the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) in protest against the U.S. war on Afghanistan and Iraq. In April 2003, as invading U.S. troops reached Baghdad, six longshoremen were injured and a union official was arrested as police fired on hundreds of antiwar protesters in the port of Oakland. A memorial has been held each year (see below), but this year the ILWU will write history.

Warren Buffett Finances Candy Maker – Betting on Old School Eating Trends; Sugar as a Staple of North American Diets, 29.04.2008 19:43 reports on trends in organic, natural foods – Are the undercurrents there to prove the Oracle wrong long term? Announces Addition of Message Boards, 29.04.2008 19:30

Investor Tools Include Stock Directories and Message Boards for Renewable Energy Stocks, Nanotech Stocks, Biotech Stocks, China Stocks and Oil and Gas Stocks

Lesbians in court dispute

Nikolaos Tzimas, 29.04.2008 18:19

A Greek court will be assembled to decide whether the word “Lesbian”, meaning inhabitant of, or person originating from the sizeable Greek island of Lesbos, may also be used to designate homosexual women.

Rodenstock: Merkels Schweigen &quot;ein Skandal&quot;

Udo Klier, 29.04.2008 16:10

MoneyW Der frühere Firmenchef und heutige Vorsitzende des Roman Herzog Instituts Randolf Rodenstock erwartet von Bundeskanzlerin Merkel mehr Engagement bei Themen wie Managergehältern und Mindestlöhnen. Ihn erzürne, "dass Angela Merkel und die CDU-Spitze all dies nicht thematisieren. Die Partei, die den Begriff soziale Marktwirtschaft geprägt hat, überlässt die Diskussion, was sozial und gerecht ist, dem politischen Gegner. Das ist verantwortungslos. Ein Skandal. Es ist eine politische Führungsaufgabe, den Menschen zu erklären, was Gerechtigkeit ist."

No nuclear material in Syria, Where is the evidence?

nihaadi, 29.04.2008 15:47

Show us the evidence

accion solidaritat occitania-palestina

anaram au patac, 29.04.2008 14:53

Accion contra lo blocus de gaza organizat per ANARAM AU PATAC e AFPS e colectiu paulin.
Visca la solidaritat enter los pobles!

Der tiefe Fall des heiligen Heinrich

Hajo Kuhlmann, 29.04.2008 13:49

Pierer Fall Der ehemalige Aufsichtsratsvorsitzende der Siemens AG Heinrich von Pierer steht in der Kritik wegen der Schmiergeld-Affäre in dem Unternehmen ... Einst war Heinrich von Pierer Deutschlands wichtigster Manager und Kanzlerflüsterer. Seit der Schmiergeld-Affäre bei Siemens gibt es für ihn nur noch Abschiede und Rücktritte. zeichnet ein Porträt des Doktor P., der so weit hinten steht, das in seinem Rücken nur noch die nackte Wand ist.

What a job Big Ben is doing: or Hoodwinking the Nation

Chuck Butler, 29.04.2008 13:26

"And another horror is that the stock market went up, which is Pretty Freaking Strange (PFS) since Barron’s reports that the earnings of the Dow Jones Industrials went down, dropping to $225.53 from $234.49. This has produced the unbelievable price-to-earnings ratio of 57! Earnings are going down, but the stocks are going up! To a P/E of 57!

Anschlag auf Karsai: Polizisten beteiligt

Rolando Kirsch, 29.04.2008 12:58

Gepanzerter Karsai Am Hindukusch hat sich die Sicherheitslage weiter verschärft – für Soldaten und Zivilisten gleichermaßen. Hunderte Sicherheitskräfte sahen lediglich zu, als Präsident Karsai bei einer Militärparade nur knapp dem sicheren Tod entging. Obwohl mit Panzern und Soldaten gesichert, gelang es den Attentätern auf das Gelände zu gelangen. - Foto:

Pakistan - A Highly Competitive IT Industry - Looks forward to serve local and foreign clients

Abid Jamal, 29.04.2008 12:52

Pakistan’s IT industry has registered a remarkable growth in the last few years. With its fast paced IT industry Pakistan is emerging as a powerhouse of economic expansion in the region. This has resulted in motivating both the local and the foreign businesses to secure their place in the economy that is on the verge of explosive growth.

Secure Calling for enabling Intercept-Free Communications

GNU Telephony, 29.04.2008 12:37

Designed to help both national governments and private corporations comply with their obligations to the general public by promoting widespread adoption of secure and intercept free voice and video communication services worldwide using free software.

joachim heimrath

joachim heimrath, 29.04.2008 11:40

joachim heimrath


DAVID M.G., 29.04.2008 11:19

Orígenes y proyección aproximativa del "Cuarto Poder", es decir, de las fuerzas psiquiátricas que actúan en la sombra y se pasan por el forro los otros tres poderes: ejecutivo, judicial y legislativo.

Die Totenruhe der deutschen Nation gestört...

Dr. A. Poleev, 29.04.2008 11:03

Bericht wiedergibt Texte meiner Schreiben an den Britischen Innenminister Jack Straw, Britischen Richter John McNaught und an die Richterin Maja Tratnik, Internationale Richtervereinigung.

DISUASIÓN (fundamentalismo sanitario)

David M.G., 29.04.2008 10:41

Sobre la intromisión de los psiquiatras en la vida privada de los ciudadanos (fundamentalismo sanitario) y su colaboración con los poderes fácticos (donde no es aplicable el código penal)a pesar de sus propias contradicciones ontológicas.

Architektur des Holocaust - Holocaust der Architektur

Dr. A. Poleev, 29.04.2008 10:25

Bericht beinhaltet Text meines Schreibens an den Presidenten des Britischen Architekteninstituts (The Royal Institute of British Architects, RIBA, 66, Portland Place, London, W1B 1AD UK) vom 25.04.2008.


Col·lectiu de l'AteneuSantboià, 29.04.2008 08:13

Acció de protesta davant de la seu del departament de Disciplina Urbanística. MÉS SENTENCIAT PER LA JUSTÍCIA QUE MAI

Thousands of Tibetans protest in Nepal

Steve Edwards, 29.04.2008 06:36

The 29th April saw a silent protest march involving thousands of Tibetan exiles take place in Nepal's capital Kathmandu. Around 5,000 people holding candles and covering their mouths with masks to express solidarity for those killed during last month's violent protests in Tibet submitted a petition at the United Nation's rights group where demanding the wish that international human rights observers be permitted to enter Tibet and calling for a restoration of cultural and religious freedom.

Thousands of Tibetans protest in Nepal

Steve Edwards, 29.04.2008 05:56

Thousands of Tibetans marched in Kathmandu The 29th April saw a silent protest march involving thousands of Tibetan exiles take place in Nepal's capital Kathmandu. Around 5,000 people holding candles and covering their mouths with masks to express solidarity for those killed during last month's violent protests in Tibet and calling upon the international community including the UN to send human rights monitors to Tibet.

FundRaiser for the United Workers of Van Nuys

Mercedes, 29.04.2008 05:11

FundRaiserin solidarity with the United Workers of Van Nuys

No Middle East Peace Without Tough Love

Henry Siegman, 29.04.2008 04:28

This is the best article I've read to date on the Zionist War in Palestine.

It's great to see that people have finally started talking about not only recognizing, but confronting, Zionist Extremism, and its role in the creation and perpetuation of this conflict, and the reasons behind their rejection of peace.


Jaime Montejo, Elvira Madrid, Kryzna, Garibay, Alma Delia, ET AL., 29.04.2008 03:59

Este día primero de mayo se cumple otro aniversario en el cuál los trabajadores y trabajadoras de todo el mundo salimos a las calles, del mismo modo en que lo hicieron hace ya 122 años nuestros mártires de Chicago para protestar contra la explotación del sistema capitalista, que nos despoja, explota, desprecia y reprime.


sssssssssssssssss, 29.04.2008 02:55


Obama and Generation Jones: It is Our Time to Lead

Bennet Kelley, 29.04.2008 01:37

Bennet Kelley Senator Obama is the first Joneser to emerge as a serious candidate at the national level and just as Senator Clinton represents the Baby Boom era and Senator McCain the Ice Age, Obama's campaign embodies the Generation Jones zeitgeist.

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