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Recent news from the “front&quot;

jamie, 17.06.2004 12:58

Recent news from the “front," as the 837th U.S. GI has died in Iraq.


Neb, 17.06.2004 11:52

a critical art poem for the promotion of thought, discourse and
universal health by Nebulous

Sweeping stun guns to target crowds

..., 17.06.2004 10:20

Weapons that can incapacitate crowds of people by sweeping a lightning-like beam of electricity across them are being readied for sale to military and police forces in the US and Europe.


Citizens' Initiative Omega, 17.06.2004 09:06

Amnesty International today called for the immediate appointment of a special counsel to investigate the torture and ill-treatment of prisoners in United States custody, citing leaked memoranda from the Departments of Justice and Defense.

From the Ground-Up

Naji Makarem, 17.06.2004 08:57

Local Produce Capitalism, monoculture and remote politicians had left north eastern Brazil in a bad way. Then small farming communities started reviving their land and their fortunes, by rejecting the conventional wisdom of competition. Naji Makarem investigates.

Iraq clown Jo Wilding brings reality of war to small town America

Brenda Norrell, 17.06.2004 07:08

British activist and volunteer circus clown Jo Wilding and documentary maker David Martinez described war profiteering in Iraq and the murder of civilians by occupation forces, while speaking in Flagstaff, Arizona

Bush plans to reinstate draft by 2005

Voice of Dissent, 17.06.2004 04:11

Rumors of a draft coming out are more than rumors, they are true.

Ashcroft may face prison over 9/11 cover-up, says Daniel Ellsberg

Fintan Dunne, 17.06.2004 04:00

In an exclusive interview with he said that Ashcroft's legal actions against Edmonds were: "clearly intended to keep her from bringing out in public information that could lead.... to criminal indictments and possible convictions of major political figures."

Sisterfire NYC Throws A Free Party Full Of Music And Dance In Riverbank Park Saturday

By The Sisterfire Collective, 17.06.2004 03:37

Come out to Sisterfire NYC on Saturday, June 19th! A day to raise awareness and unite our communities to end all forms of
violence against women of color with FREE music, performances, dance,
arts & crafts, contests, and poetry for all ages

Please support this &quot;hero&quot;

Joe, 17.06.2004 03:23

Jeremy Hinzman, Hero

by Lou Plummer

In January, a paratrooper from the Army's 82nd Airborne Division, Jeremy Hinzman, loaded his wife, their son and a few possessions into their small car and drove from Ft. Bragg to Toronto, Canada. In a journey reminiscent of one taken by another generation of soldiers, Jeremy deserted, committing a felony punishable by death to avoid serving in a controversial war.

Agent Orange is still killing, please firm the petition

puc, 16.06.2004 21:24

AGENT ORANGE, THE CHEMICAL, has killed, is still killing, and causing great suffering to over three million people in Vietnam.



Public Relations and Victim Advocates, 16.06.2004 21:09

Celeste Miranda aka Keli Swenson - Wanted Felon e-Spirit Holdings, LLC is a front for a nation-wide scandal. Editor, Keli Swenson's real name is Celeste Miranda. Celeste Miranda is a wanted felon and has both federal and state warrants out for her arrest. The latest response from Celeste Miranda: June 13, 2004 - "Game Over. You won. But a vendetta like that is never good. In the end, what did you really win?" We say the end has not yet come; Celeste Miranda has not stopped her operations and justice has not been served.

Myth and denial in the War on Terrorism

William Blum, 16.06.2004 20:19

Myth: USA is fighting terrorism.
The reality is that USA is exploiting the world, especially the 3rd world
who are in military terms not at par with the US.
Denial: The average American beleives that USA is truly fighting terrorism.
The reality is that the average American is in denial about the true evil
intentions of the US leadership to exploit the 3rd world of resources,
especially oil resources. The average American is also in denial that the
US leadership will most certainly eventually exploit them while proceeding
to exploit the 3rd world.

&quot;Could Secret Government Experiments Occur Today?&quot;

..., 16.06.2004 19:30

FAS Secrecy and Government Bulletin see the Nov.,
1994 issue and the segment titled, "Could Secret Government
Experiments Occur Today?"

Call to Action!: The Really REALLY Democratic Bazaar-- July 27th, Boston MA

really really, 16.06.2004 18:38

The Really REALLY Democratic Bazaar is an opportunity for us to demonstrate *real democracy* in the midst of the sham that is the Democratic National Convention. We will gather on the Boston Common, July 27th noon-8pm, to manifest and celebrate our imaginations and skills, our communities and our inter-connections, our diversity and our autonomy, our love and our freedom. The Bazaar is a place to demonstrate the realms of creativity that already exist within and around each of us. It will be a public gathering space at which we can share our practices and visions of a better world in the form of a free, celebratory, open-air, public “market.”

Hunger Strike Activist Beaten in Israeli Jail

P10K (Palestine 10000), 16.06.2004 18:20

Irish Political Activist Ken O'Keefe suffered concussion and bruising at the hands of an Israeli prison guard Monday evening, five days into his hunger strike against detention and possible deportation. He was arrested last Thursday for attempting to enter Gaza to discuss the P10K plan with representatives from Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

fox news reports, you decide...

Hard Copy's Bill O'reilly, 16.06.2004 15:01

the news today on AP and other wires is:
( (and more--check the "real" news)

Noam Chomsky in Budapest on May 16th 2004 3/3

anon, 16.06.2004 14:45

Chomsky portrait 2. Final part of the talk given by Noam Chomsky in Budapest 2004.

Noam Chomsky in Budapest on May 16th 2004 2/3

anon, 16.06.2004 14:39

Chomsky portrait 2. Second part of the talk given by Noam Chomsky in Budapest 2004.

Good morning from Baghdad,

jamie, 16.06.2004 14:27

Good morning from Baghdad

All oil exports from Iraq have been stopped. The “official” death count of U.S. troops has gone up to 835. Main stream press reports now openly admit that the majority of Iraqis want the U.S. out now. Failure, as it turns out is not only an option, it is the only option for imperialism in Iraq.

But beware. Bush and the neocons are now turning their sights on Venezuela. There they will employ “all means” to destroy that nation’s democracy and steal it’s natural resources. If they succeed they may well sack the entire planet. No serious progressive person of any stripe can afford to stand by on this one. Be informed and be active on this critical issue. Neither John Kerry or the NYTimes will ever help us out here.

After the Iraq war report please read the excellent piece from zmag on the situation is Venezuela and it’s significance. And be the media. Please share this news as widely as possible. Peace. Jamie

Noam Chomsky in Budapest on May 16th 2004 1/3

anon, 16.06.2004 14:18

Chomsky portrait 1. Noam Chomsky, author, linguist, university professor and political activist, joined the 'Another World is Possible! Network' in the Kossuth Club, Budapest, for a Sunday afternoon of questions and answers on today's most vital questions. The audio track of the video of the debate can be downloaded in English, first of a three part series.

poem: Mantra

£, 16.06.2004 13:52


solidarity with imprisoned in Guadalajara! Call to action!

ABC Int, 16.06.2004 12:22


Llamado a la solidaridad con lxs presxos en Guadalajara/Mejico

CNA Int., 16.06.2004 12:21


statment by Basque facing deportation in Argentina

euskalinfo, 16.06.2004 11:43

Josu Lariz Iriondo was tried in Argentina on 8th June in the Comodoro Py Court. The result will be made public on 17th June. This is his testimony in court – a clear example of what Spanish repression and ‘justice’ have been gor Basques in the latest years. There is a new government in Spain, and expectations for the Basque Country continue to be very poor: .

Convocatoria de manifestacion contra la incineracion de residuos

Todas las plataformas de Gipuzkoa y Sindicato EHNE, 16.06.2004 11:39

Todas las plataformas de Gipuzkoa contrarias a la incineracion y el sindicato agrario EHNE convocan a una manifestacion el dia 19 de Junio en El Boulevard Donostiarra a la 18:00 horas

The Darfur Crisis: Not Genocide

Nabil El-Khodari, 16.06.2004 10:32

Some US-based media and NGOs are pressing the US Government to declare the crisis in Darfur, Sudan, as genocide. The Nile Basin Society has issued a press release and started an online petition to set the record straight.

TheMedia Illusion Continues

David Hoffman, 16.06.2004 10:18

I take succor in the fact that these are the same media that, for the sake of ratings and profits, zealously disseminated the lies of the Bush dictatorship to promote the war against Iraq, and who censored (and continue to censor) voices of dissent transform Reagan into a demigod

Flotillas of Hope heading for Nauru and arriving on World Refugee Day 20th June 2004

FoH 2004 via Refugee Action Coalition, 16.06.2004 10:13

Flottila of Hope 2004 - Poster Sent on behalf of organiser & crew member Stavros (Steve Georgopoulos) from the Solomon Islands - plenty of info, news & logs ...

Akha Genocide

Citizens' Initiative Omega, 16.06.2004 09:27

Deportation Can't Hide Thailand's Treatment of the Akha Hill Tribe.


JON RAPPOPORT, 16.06.2004 06:18

Among these secret elite groups, there is no longer a line drawn between believing that scarcity is the fundamental state of human affairs and ACTING TO MAKE IT SO. In truth, there never was such a line.

Feds Advise IMPLANTS for Depression

Thorstein Veblen, 16.06.2004 05:25

Implants for pets,implants for the homeless, implants for depression, implants for...???

Red Hill Tree Sit

by Randy Kay &amp; John Milton, 16.06.2004 04:32

Andy blocking Hamilton's proposed NAFTA highway. Police, followed by private guards, arrived at the site of the tree sit in the Red Hill Valley yesterday afternoon (June 1, 2004), forcing supporters on the ground to leave rather than be arrested.

Blasting is scheduled to begin soon to cut an 80 metre wide swath through the face of the escarpment to make way for the controversial Red Hill Creek Expressway.

In the early hours of Sunday, the protesters entered the area and managed to scale the trees and erect sturdy platforms without being detected by private guards posted less than 100 metres away.

Those occupying the trees in a small wooded area just west of Mount Albion Road intend to stay for an extended period of time, up to "several months" they claim, in order to prevent irreparable damage to the escarpment face.

Representatives Vote: Ignorance is Bliss

Amendment to seek information regarding contractors at Abu Ghraib voted down, 16.06.2004 02:58

CSPAN aired coverage on House Resolution 640. Opening statement provided below. A majority of Representatives voted against seeking more information on Abu Ghraib, despite evidence of missing information.

Bolivarian Project in Mortal Danger

posted by jamie from zmag, 16.06.2004 01:09

ZNet | Venezuela

Bolivarian Project in Mortal Danger

by Hans Dieterich;; June 15, 2004

The legalization of the recall referendum against President Hugo Chavez—conducted by the Venezuelan right with pre-meditated fraud and recurring acts that violate the rule of law—open the doors for a possible loss of power for the Bolivarian forces. Such a loss could occur either de facto or de jure (via the institutions).

The August referendum is, in military terms, the decisive battle in the four year war between the oligarchic–imperial axis and the presidential–patriotic axis. It is the Waterloo of Napoleon Bonaparte, the Ayacucho of Antonio José de Sucre, the Kursk (1943) of the Red Army, and the Carabobo of Hugo Chavez.


Sue, 16.06.2004 01:01

Cia still trying to "prove" WMD hoax

Will the neocons rise still?

Sue, 16.06.2004 00:58

It has become very fashionable to believe that the neocons are on the run, and their hold over American politics has finally come to an end. Nothing could be further from the truth. Although Iraq isn't going well, and the torture issue is proving to be a bit of an embarrassment for certain Washington elites, the power of the neocons continues pretty much unabated. They are keeping a low profile until it is clear that oil prices will stay low enough for Bush to be reelected, but their ultimate plans for the Middle East and the world remain in place, and are quietly advancing. Americans who think that some fairy godmother - either the CIA, 'patriotic' U. S. generals, or the U. S. Congress - is going to rescue them are dreaming in technicolor. All kinds of terrible legal things are supposed to be in the works for Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, and all the infamous neocons from Wolfowitz on down. Just who exactly will be bringing all these people to justice?


ANARSISTANBUL, 15.06.2004 23:26

NATO IS MURDERERS', ISTANBUL IS OURS! Have you ever thought bombs dropping on your head while you are sitting at home peacefully?

Muslim women are routinely raped by western forces, 15.06.2004 23:11

The techniques of psychological humiliation devised, implemented and
shared by US, Israeli and (possibly British) intelligence institutions
is not new. These techniques are no different than the techniques used by Serbian Slobodan Milosevic who committed Muslim ethnic cleansing in Bosnia.
One thing's for sure, this wont go on for ever.

Neo-cons and US military study books depicting Muslims as subhuman, 15.06.2004 22:58

“Hatred has already appeared from their mouths but what their hearts conceal
is far worse"
[Quran: Ale-Imran (Family/House of Imran): verse 118]

Georgia G-8: Model for repression @ Democratic/ Republican party conventions is matial law

Chris Powers, 15.06.2004 22:23

The Summit of the Group of Eight (G-8), the US and other wealthy “democracies,” networked from June 8-10 in Georgia to advance their free market plans while a state of emergency led to the suspension of basic constitutional rights. Not the “Miami model” of repression but the logical next step of domestic repression.

The crimes of US President Bill Clinton and his administration

Nicholas Von Hoffman, 15.06.2004 20:06

Bill Clinton, 42nd President, USA, 1993-2001
Madeleine Albright, 64th Secretary of State, USA, 1997-2001
Nancy Soderberg, US Ambassador to US, National Security Council for US White House, Deputy
Assistant of US President for National Security Affairs, 1993-1997
James Rubin, Assistant Secretary of State, USA, 1997-2000

Latest war notes from

jamie, 15.06.2004 20:04 has taken the place of the lunaville site for posting of "confirmed" casualties of the Iraq war. U.S. troops killed as of today are 834. Here are more details:

Thwart Right Wing - Support Micheal Moore 911 film

rusl, 15.06.2004 19:26

A Republican PR firm trying to shut down Michael Moore's new film. If you scroll down you'll see that they thoughtfully provide a list of email addresses for major theatre chains, so visitors to their site can let theatre owners know that they appreciate and patronize businesses that don't buckle under to right wing thuggery.

That's how we can use it, anyway.

Promoting Our Values in the Democratic Party

Kevin Spidel, 15.06.2004 19:16

Can Progressives succeed in advancing the "Progressive Agenda" within the Democratic Party?

The Aftermath of the Madrid bombings and the agenda for Muslims

Hizb ut-Tahrir - Britain, 15.06.2004 19:06

In the midst of the recent Madrid bombings, Hibz ut-Tahrir (Party of
Liberation) presents the Islamic agenda for Muslims. Although this
presentation is addressed specifically to Muslims in Britain and Europe,
it clearly applies to the Muslim Ummah (the Muslim peoples) all over the


JUSTICENETWORK, 15.06.2004 17:46

This is about another severe case of medical neglect at Montana State Prison. The administration and DOC are letting
a Native American Prisoner die... denying him proper medical treatment in spite of the international outcry.


murat cinar, 15.06.2004 16:45


Urgent Alert: Amendments to Interior Funding Bill Would Protect Forests, Parks and Wildlife

Citizens' Initiative Omega, 15.06.2004 16:18

The second shoe to drop in this frantic week of legislative activity will hit on Wednesday, June 16, when the U.S. House of Representatives takes up the Interior Appropriations bill for Fiscal Year 2005.

cinco compañeros son detenidos en manifestacio de apoyo a pres@s politic@s en la Universidad de La Frontera, temuko, chile

colectivo 25 de abril, 15.06.2004 15:48

cinco compañeros fueron detenidos ayer lunes al interior de la Universidad de La frontera por fuerzas especiales, con la autorizacion de la vicerectora ANA MARIA GONZALEZ

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