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Request for Activist Assistance.

Eliza Earsman, 23.05.2008 18:39

URGENT. Ref. John Burns (CEO NHS Dumfries, Scotland), John Angus Cameron (General Medical Council 2335485), Alexander Barlas Christie, James McClellan Graham.

Immediate Release - Squamish™ Nation Territory Claimed by Sovereign Hereditary Siyám Kiapilano™

Communications, 23.05.2008 17:46

TAKE NOTICE THAT: Taking place today at 10:30 AM PST, the Sovereign Hereditary Siyám Kiapilano™ has claimed the Traditional Sovereign Squamish™ Lands at the Squamish™ Nation Band Council Office in North Vancouver by traditional ceremony.

Central American and Canadian activists protest Goldcorp AGM in Toronto

Rights Action, 23.05.2008 16:40

Young Indigenous Cree activist DJ at Goldcorp protest On May 20th, dozens of protesters gathered outside the King Edward hotel in Toronto, Canada, where Canadian mining company Goldcorp was having its annual general meeting. Honduran and Guatemalan community leaders from Goldcorp open pit gold mine affected regions Carlos Amador and Fausto Valiente, along with several supporters, addressed the shareholders inside the AGM.

Den Schwarzen schwant Rotes

Roberto Pocci, 23.05.2008 15:50

Köhler 2003 Es gibt gar keinen Zweifel, dass Gesine Schwan, die brillante Intellektuelle aus der SPD, den hölzernen CDU-Köhler in der Bundesversammlung bei der Bundespräsidentenwahl bezwingen wird. Sie wird nicht nur gewinnen, weil sie eine Überfliegerin, eine beeindruckende, charismatische Frau ist. Sie wird auch gewinnen, weil der jetzige Bundespräsident seine soziale Ader ein wenig spät entdeckt hat. .....

Caso Carrera: Sentencia de la Sala III de la Cámara Nacional de Casación Penal

Familia Carrera, 23.05.2008 15:39

La Cámara Nacional de Casación Penal confirmó la condena a 30 años de prisión para el presunto autor de la denominada "Masacre de Pompeya", un confuso episodio en el que un supuesto ladrón, huyendo de la policía, atropelló y mató a tres personas frente a la basílica de ese barrio porteño el 25 de enero de 2005. La Sala III de la Cámara rechazó la apelación presentada por la defensa del condenado, Fernando Carrera, a quien ahora le queda una última instancia para revertir su situación: la Corte Suprema de Justicia.

Congress Forces U.S. Army School to Release Names of Graduates to Public

SOA Watch Media, 23.05.2008 14:55

Graduates and Instructors of the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC) have been linked to Human Rights Abuses and Criminal Activity in the Hemisphere

Schavan und Oppermann: weitere Abgeordneten-Diäten

Wolf Angelmann, 23.05.2008 12:18

Kabinett Merkel Neuer Anlauf in kommender Legislaturperiode ... Schavan und Oppermann werben weiter für höhere Abgeordneten-Diäten. Trotz des Verzichtes der Koalition auf die zusätzliche Diätenerhöhung für Bundestagsabgeordnete plädieren Politiker von CDU und SPD weiter für höhere Bezüge. Bundesforschungsministerin Annette Schavan (CDU) sagte am 21. Mai im ZDF-"Morgenmagazin", "wenn einmal klar ist, wir wollen diese Analogie zum Bundesrichtergehalt, dann muss man es durchhalten".

Frankreich: ETA-militaire-Chef verhaftet

Arnold Weber, 23.05.2008 11:28

Mikel Albizu Iriarte Mikel Albizu Iriarte wurde bei einer groß angelegten Razzia gegen die ETA-militaire verhaftet. Der 43-jährige Mikel Albizu Iriarte alias "Antza" und seine Freundin "Anboto" Soledad Iparragirre Genetxea wurden in Salies de Bearn im Südwesten Frankreichs entdeckt und verhaftet. Die beiden ETA-Mitglieder seien anhand ihrer Fingerabdrücke identifiert worden. .......

Ataque a la Embajada de EE.UU en Montevideo

Lusitania Aldunate, 23.05.2008 07:48

Hoy viernes a las 3 de la mañana se estrellaron contra el edificio de la embajada de EEUU en Montevideo al menos 50 petardos explosivos.


Altimira Encuentro, 23.05.2008 07:01


Innovative Design Converts Modular Clean Room System into Sound Barrier Booth

Mike Weaver, 23.05.2008 06:16

Weaver Technologies Reduces Noise Exposure to Employees Significantly

Victory for Raboteau Massacre Victims in Haiti

Brian Concannon Jr., 23.05.2008 04:07

On May 16, victims of the infamous 1994 Raboteau Massacre in Haiti received over $400,000 in court-awarded damages. The historic recovery is the result of a 14-year struggle fought by the victims and their families in the courts of Haiti and the United States.

Rainbow Warrior blocks coal shipment in Philippines

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 23.05.2008 03:28

PHILIPPINES — The Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior today blocked coal shipments at the Pagbilao coal-fired power plant in Quezon province, 150 kilometers southwest of Manila to protest the impending expansion of the said plant.

Just Say NO to Uranium Mining

Ottawa Coalition Against Mining Uranium, 23.05.2008 03:17

OTTAWA, ONTARIO - A peaceful vigil calling for the Moratorium on Uranium Mining within Ottawa/Gatineau Watershed will take place on Monday May 26, 2008 at 12 Noon in front of the CBC building on Sparks St (between Bank St. and O'Connor).

Artist Says no To Goods Made In China

Donald Iarussi, 23.05.2008 00:50

say no to amde in china Award winning artist Don Iarussi MFA is fed up with USA Dollars going to china to support exploitation of the Tibertans, the chinese workers and undercutting hard working USA Business and the International Ladies Garment Workers Union and other organizations that a re being driven out of business by china dumping their goods on the USA market. There was a time when everybody supported usa workers and the unions. How can someone call themselves a democrat, republican conservative, etc while wearing chinese made goods? How is this helping America?

I have seen Bigotry and racism in Montana, Yellowstone Park Wyoming, Truth is americans no longer care

Donald Iarussi MFA, 23.05.2008 00:39

I ahve witnessed arcism and bigotry all over the USA. Especially in Montana. Liberals, Democrats, Conservatives, Republicans alike.

Truth is most people do not care about bigotry, which is now rampant in the hospitality industry.

The governors Of Wyoming and Montana have turned a blind eye and an
open pocket to the privileged white families who own most business in and around Yellowstone Park.

The miserable treatment, low pay and horrendous housing conditions are ignored by the National Park service, the state of Wyoming/Montana.

Run down housing with swastikas on walls, no smoke alarms, no fire extinguishers, animal feces at ones doorstep, no not buffalo, but rodents.

Stained , unclean beds that have not been sanitized. These stories are conveniently ignored by the local media. The Bozeman Chronicle, the West Yellowstone News, Billings Gazette. All would rather have the ad dollars and write propaganda , pro employer stories then risk losing advertising dollars

The Shortwave Report 5/23/08 Listen Globally

Dan Roberts, 22.05.2008 23:42

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Cuba, and Russia.

Palestine Investment Conference Opens in Bethlehem

The Alternative Information Center, 22.05.2008 22:15

The idea for the Palestine Investment Conference originated with Tony Blair and has been strongly backed by the Quartet. However, the occupied Palestinian territories do not suffer from a lack of international investment—they suffer from the lack of a political environment in which investments for sustainable development can be made. This, of course, is due to the Israeli occupation, an occupation the conference works hard to ignore.

Press Release from the Legal Defense Team (Rechtshilfe) about the Wave of Repression against Austrian Activists

up against the law, 22.05.2008 21:12

Around 7:00 am on Wednesday May 21 members of the Viennese elite police force (WEGA) stormed several apartments in Vienna. Some of the residents were woken up in their beds with guns drawn on them. A total of twenty-three (23) apartments, houses and offices were searches in Vienna, Lower Austria, Styria and Tirol.The grounds for the searches was the accusation Formation of a Criminal Organization according to §278a of the criminal code. There were arrest warrants for 10 of the people targeted by the searches. The basis of the arrest warrants was the accusation of Danger of the Destruction of Evidence (because, for example, the targeted people communicated via encrypted e-mails) as well as Danger of Commiting a Crime (partially because the targeted people have been active in the animal rights scene for a long time).

Speed Racer: A reel drag

By Kristie Phelps, 22.05.2008 20:26

Chimpanzee “actors”—like the young chimpanzee who plays Chim Chim in the new Speed Racer movie—are forcibly taken from their mothers when they are still infants and beaten into submission. It’s time to put the brakes on the use of great apes in the entertainment industry.


anne archy, 22.05.2008 20:06

Starting around 4pm on Wednesday, members of SDS and their supporters started on occupation of the administrative offices at The Evergreen State College in Olympia until SDS is reinstated as a student group. This followed a rally for Free Speech on campus where 150 showed up. The following is an update on the current status of the sit-in.

Where Are Those Iranian Weapons in Iraq?

Gareth Porter, 22.05.2008 19:57

"But US officials have failed thus far to provide evidence that would support that claim, and a long-delayed US military report on Iranian arms is unlikely to offer any data on what proportion of the weapons in the hands of Shiite fighters are from Iran and what proportion comes from purchases on the open market.

When Maj. Gen. Kevin Bergner was asked that question at a briefing May 8, he did not answer it directly. Instead Bergner reverted to a standard US military line that these groups "could not do what they're doing without the support of foreign support [sic]." Then he defined "foreign support" to include training and funding as well as weapons, implicitly conceding that he did not have much of a case based on weapons alone."

ms. stovall's canticles

jeffery mcnary, 22.05.2008 19:01

…glimpses of the scared and chillin’ art of Suesan Stovall


Heidi Bruggink, UNITE HERE, 22.05.2008 17:37

At today's CBS Corp. annual meeting in New York, UNITE HERE asked shareholders to demand an explanation from CBS executives about recent transactions concerning CNet and their plans for the Outdoor division. Outside, around 50 striking ARAMARK workers at the CBS Headquarters handed out remote controls urging investors to "change the channel" if CBS fails to hold itself accountable.

Roberto Fiore terrorist european parlamentar

Action, 22.05.2008 17:31

Roberto Fiore(i)taly european parlament

Gelöscht: Nostalgie und Realität

Ingolf Glückster, 22.05.2008 16:59

Zensur de-indymedia-de Der Text: .... Warum es gut ist, an das Jahr 1968 zu erinnern, sich aber dennoch nicht jeder darauf berufen sollte. Wichtig ist, zu verstehen - und zu bewahren, was heute noch sinnvoll ist. Eine Außenansicht von Daniel Cohn-Bendit ... , Abgeordneter der französischen Grünen im EU-Parlament. ... Artikel Zensiert und Gelöscht !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zensur bei indymedia de !!!John Niemeier 22.05.2008 - 17:08

Renewable Energy Stocks Sector Close-Up as Oil Hits over $130 Barrel, 22.05.2008 16:28

Recent Developments in Solar, Wind, Geothermal and Green Automotive Stocks
As Oil Hits Record Highs

privatización de la sanidad y la medicina en españa:

starwars, 22.05.2008 16:16

El gobierno de la comunidad de Madrid a través de su política pretende privatizar uno de os mejores sistemas sanitarios del mundo, gratuíto, al igual que la enseñanza pública (la cual es pública también, financiada por el estado y accesible para todos, que hace que la mayoría de los ciudadanos tengamos estudios superiores) La gente se opone y se manifiesta, como sale en los siguientes videos, manifestaciones que han tenido poca difusión en los medios de información.

It's the lawyers you need to watch

big eyes, 22.05.2008 16:04

totally legal immigration scams

Nostalgie und Realität

John Niemeier, 22.05.2008 16:03

Danny 68 Warum es gut ist, an das Jahr 1968 zu erinnern, sich aber dennoch nicht jeder darauf berufen sollte. Wichtig ist, zu verstehen - und zu bewahren, was heute noch sinnvoll ist. Eine Außenansicht von Daniel Cohn-Bendit ... , Abgeordneter der französischen Grünen im EU-Parlament. ...

&quot;Immoral Hazard&quot;

Stephen Lendman, 22.05.2008 15:23

Current economic troubles are broad, deep and worrisome.

Congress Votes on School of the Americas Today - Take Action!

SOA Watch Media, 22.05.2008 14:53

Take action and urge your representatives in Congress to support the McGovern-Sestak-Bishop(GA) amendment to the Defense Authorization Act which would force the former School of the Americas (now WHINSEC) to release the names of graduates and instructors who have attended the school in the past 4 years and future clases.

Call for mobilization: Declaration of the Autonomus Tribune at the EU-USA summit 2008 in Slovenia

Autonomus tribune, 22.05.2008 13:29

In the beginning of June 2008 a meeting of the EU and the USA will be held in Slovenia, the country that is running the presidency of the European Union. The ruling elites of the two most powerful global powers will be taking decisions that are a direct concern of us all and will have a great impact on our future. Those, who take such decisions and consequently undertake actions, represent only the interests of power and capital and not the people. The EU and the USA are economic superpowers with interests which directly and indirectly cause social conflicts at home and abroad.

Basken-Mörder: Hirnlose-r Ralf Paul Streks

Ralph Streker, 22.05.2008 13:03

Thierry oder Ralphie ... Anbei Originalton der "basken-Nazi-Mafia-Indymedia-de". Es wird für alle Poster seit Jahren eine Totale Zensur gübt bei Indymedia-de, die fest in der Hand der nationalistischen Mörder ( gerade kürzlich der baskische Stadtrat Carrasco und ansonsten mehr als 800 Todes-Opfer der Nazi-ETA die so verbissen von dem Donostia-Nazi Ralf Streck um jeden Preis verteidigt wird. weg mit den Mördern, Pistoleros und Bomber der baskischen national-sozialistischen ETA und deren fanatischen Verbrechern ( auch bei indymedia-de, etc...) dafür ist indymedia nicht gedacht und wo ist die freie Meinungs Äusserung u.v.m.............

Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi attacks the 911 Truth Movement

V, 22.05.2008 10:56

Ambitious media fraudster Matt Taibbi, joins the NeoConservatives in advancing the "official story" of 911 by attacking those who are uncovering the truth about that infamous day in American history.

Ahmad Reza Taheri

Nature Of Baloch Politics in Pahlavi Era, 22.05.2008 10:55

mahiat siasat dar balochistan

Ahmad Reza Taheri

Liberty IN Political Philosophy, 22.05.2008 10:50

liberty, philosophy, Berlin, Adam Sift

Interview With Ahmad Reza Taheri

Radio Rasad Khaneh Iran, Zahedan, 22.05.2008 10:47

Life, Study, Current Busyness

Alto al hostigamiento laboral en el IEMS !

Jesús Valdez, 22.05.2008 10:39

Resolución en defensa del compañero Juan Olguín

Firma esta resolución en:

Encuentros con la memoria anticapitalista [Murcia · Del 23 al 25 de Mayo]

Autonomos Murcia, 22.05.2008 10:23

Encuentros para recuperar la memoria anticapitalista. Charla con compañeros Ex militantes de Grupos Autonomos a mitad de los 70 y de la C.O.P.E.L. Ademas concierto y proyeccion de videos

Italian crystal nights: Is this Europe 1938?

Hans Ceustermans, 22.05.2008 09:53

Nightly raids with baseball bats and molotov cocktails have done the job.
Why didn't we see in Europe the sensational images of burning gypsy camps?

Robert Fisk: Die Lage im Libanon

Udo Weinberg, 22.05.2008 09:30

Robert Fisk Fisk: 'Dieser verdrehte, dumme und unerfreulich gewalttätige Mann' - Fisk ist der einzige westliche Journalist im Nahen Osten, der sich nicht hat kaufen lassen und nicht dem US-/Israel-Mainstream seine Opfer in Form von Lügenartikeln darbringt. In dieser Woche nun sagt uns Fisk, was im Libanon vorging. Er sagt, die Regierung war sowieso schon schwach. Nun haben die Hizbollah-Brigaden ein wenig die Muskeln spielen lassen und haben gewonnen. Niemand wollte den fast schon angefangenen Bürgerkrieg weiterführen, denn alle wussten: Die Hizbollah hat gewonnen. ... mehr ...

DUST IN THE WID - The Battle For Oil

ARVIN GUMATO PAREJA, 22.05.2008 09:16

"power and dominance is the root cause of the fire to burn with ash dusting the wind"

DUST IN THE WID - The Battle For Oil

ARVIN GUMATO PAREJA, 22.05.2008 09:15

"power and dominance is the root cause of the fire to burn with ash dusting the wind"


BRUNO BERARDI, 22.05.2008 06:16


Felipe Calderón presenta la Alianza para la Calidad Educativa

edgar cavazos, 22.05.2008 04:09

calderon junto con la sep y la snte entre otros, presento la Alianza para la Calidad Educativa, que va desde la reestructuración para promover valores, dotar de baños, pizarrones y techos a las escuelas, hasta la entrega de bonos económicos a los maestros.

Violencia y Narcotráfico

Mariana Ortega, 22.05.2008 00:01

La violencia se ha visto vinculada al narcotráfico y al crimen organizado. Con una búsqueda desmedida del dinero, acciones fraudulentas e intereses mezquinos devaluando la dignidad humana o eliminándola violentamente.

Incrementa consumo de drogas en Tijuana, Gobierno de EE.UU interviene

Osvaldo, 21.05.2008 22:44

Se habla del incremento del uso de drogas en Tijuana y la intervencion del gobierno de Estados Unidos

La desinformación de la ley antitabaco

Dina Velarde Gámez, 21.05.2008 22:35

El artículo que nos ocupa es respecto a la Ley Antitabaco, de su ámbito de aplicación, ya que no es federal como muchos lo creen, de las salvedades que tengo respecto a la misma para una mayor congruencia, y de la relatividad de la justicia en Mexico por la figura del de Amparo, ya que el que lo promueve podra fumar en cualquier lugar.


Gerardo Escobedo, 21.05.2008 22:34

Una breve critica al forum de las culturas realizado en Monterrey N.L.

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