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Tony Starlight’s Supperclub &amp; Lounge Brings Dino Back

Tony Starlight, 03.06.2008 19:35

Second Annual Birthday Party for Dean Martin to be Bigger than Ever

Corruption in Military Amongst Colnols Goes uninvestigated

Don larussi, 03.06.2008 17:03

I am no longer amazed by how racism, corruption in government, education goes univestigated. My most recent experience is two, one with a racist Summerlin, Nevada Catholic School teacher and his spouse. She is a Lt Colnol in the United States Air Force.

Rotoblock Advances Acquisition of Respected Chinese Brand with Modern Manufacturing Facility

Rotoblock, 03.06.2008 16:59

Rotoblock's (OTCBB: ROTB) $25 Million Acquisition of China's Hikom Gottell Targets Global Market for Energy Efficient and Environmental Equipment Manufacturing

US-Wahlkampf: akzeptiert Hillary Clinton Obamas Mehrheit?

Rodger Wilson, 03.06.2008 16:02

Clinton / Obama Im Duell zwischen Hillary Clinton und Barack Obama um die Präsidentschaftskandidatur der US-Demokraten zeichnet sich die Entscheidung ab: Offenbar will Clinton am Dienstagabend offiziell Obamas Mehrheit anerkennen. Ein formelles Ende ihrer Kandidatur werde sie aber nicht verkünden. ......

On the road Cup in Turin, Week of doping and free-information

anarcoccupante, 03.06.2008 15:37

This 7 days of sport begins by the need of showing the reality of anarchic squat in Turin.

E-Ware Technologies

Alok Roy, 03.06.2008 09:08

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Pawan Kumar Gangwal, 03.06.2008 08:55

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Arun Upadhyay, 03.06.2008 08:48

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Shashi Bhushan, 03.06.2008 06:54

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[Sindicato Obrero Inmigrante] - Apoyo a Renzo Pirca, el compañero agredido brutalmente por cuatro policías en su propia casa.

Sindicato Obrero Inmigrante (SOI-CTM), 02.06.2008 23:20

Durante la semana pasada y en este fin de semana dos compañeros del Sindicato Obrero Inmigrante y dos voluntarios más hemos estado apoyando todo lo que hemos podido a Renzo, el compañero agredido brutalmente por cuatro policías en su propia casa. La labor que hicimos con la prensa el jueves y viernes pasados hizo que se interesaran muchos medios, entre ellos medios importantes como Europa Press, Efe, Tele 5, ABC, Ser... Al final de este comunicado tenéis los enlaces con la noticia de Europa Press y con el testimonio en audio de Renzo.

This Way Out: &quot;Babe: An Olympic Musical&quot;

Overnight Productions, Inc., 02.06.2008 23:07

June 2, 2008: Bio-play on sports legend Didrikson hits the boards. Plus world's proudest parade packs Sao Paulo, cheers and jeers meet marchers in Riga and Bucharest, Aussie Olympian comes out, Berlin monument memorializes queer Holocaust, Harvey Milk returns to City Hall, and more news.

comunicato Critical Mass Roma - 2 giugno 2008

alcuni ciclisti &quot;critici&quot;, 02.06.2008 22:32

Lunedì 2 giugno le forze dell’ordine hanno perpetrato l’ennesimo atto intimidatorio ed assolutamente ingiustificato nei confronti di tutti i partecipanti della massa critica di ritorno da Ostia. Dopo tre giorni di festa, che hanno visto in totale circa 5000 biciclette invadere pacificamente Roma con suoni e colori senza il benché minimo episodio di turbativa all’“ordine pubblico”,tutti i ciclisti di ritorno a Roma sono stati fermati ingiustificatamente dalle forze dell’ordine in luoghi e modi diversi. Quasi duecento persone, in un arco temporale che va dalle dieci alle dodici di mattina, sono state tenute sotto sequestro dalle forze dell’ordine senza alcuna motivazione plausibile tra l’Eur e P.le Ostiense.
Ci sembra ridicolo che, in una giornata in cui le forze armate mostrano i muscoli paralizzando buona parte della città con grande spiegamento di uomini e mezzi, venga criminalizzato chi rivendica quotidianamente attraverso l’uso della bicicletta un mondo libero da inquinamento, auto, petrolio e dalle guerre che da esso dipendono.

The Collapse Of The Constitutional Government Of The United States of America

geral, 02.06.2008 19:59

The Collapse Of The Constitutional Government Of
The United States of America


Departamento de Comunicaciones, 02.06.2008 19:28

Diversas irregularidades han puesto en riesgo la salud de las personas. El último gravísimo hecho ocurrió el jueves anterior cuando en la discoteca Bokhara se expandió un gas lacrimógeno que provocó pánico en los clientes.

Washington Planning to &quot;Checkmate&quot; Chavez

Stephen Lendman, 02.06.2008 18:58

Washington planning to oust Hugo Chavez.

El congreso internacional de partería y parto humanizado “Nacer…Renacer” arrancará el 15 de junio en San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas

Casa de Partos Luna Maya, 02.06.2008 18:34

Parteras tradicionales, Organizaciones Civiles y Secretaría de Salud se reunirán para analizar la situación del parto y la partería en México

Katrina: Where do we go from here?

The Real News Network, 02.06.2008 17:01

June 2 - Three years after Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans community is still struggling to rebuild. Actor and humanitarian Danny Glover visited New Orleans to support the Algebra Project, which aims at helping low-income students and students of color to achieve mathematical skills.

BRD-Spitzelstaat: Merkel als DDR-IM aktiv?

Günther Bechler, 02.06.2008 15:59

Lafo-Merkel-Gysi Die Linke beginnt, einigen Leuten in diesem Land Kopfzerbrechen zu bereiten. Wie Wowereit möchte ich sagen: "und das ist gut so." Weniger gut ist dann die wieder gegen Gysi losgetretenen Kampagne. War er ein IM? Ich weiß es nicht und es interessiert mich auch nicht, es sei denn, man könnte ihm wirkliches Fehlverhalten nachweisen. Die DDR hat Bürger bespitzelt, das ist richtig und gar mancher hat Informationen weitergegeben, wie die Stasi-Akten beweisen. Aber ist die heutige BRD nicht ein viel schlimmerer Spitzelstaat? ...

Flora Pavez Prisionera Politica en Chile 2008

Radio 1º de Mayo 102.9 FM, 02.06.2008 14:03

Todavia en Chile existen prisioneros politicos como Flora, ademas de una cantidad importante de presos politicos mapuche.

Realistic Planning Holds the Key to a Prosperous Iraq

Bardia Sinaee, 02.06.2008 13:52

Bardia Sinaee takes an in-depth look at the current situation in Iraq and argues that "repairing" the country is no longer an option. Iraq’s problems cannot be patched up as an authentic reconstruction program is necessary.

Western Promises: The Future of Alberta as the Hot Destination for Interprovincial Migrants

Kendall R. Giberson, Illustrations by Adrian Steeves,, 02.06.2008 13:49

With production cuts in Ontario's manufacturing factories, the potential looms for an even larger exodus to the Canadian west. Kendall Giberson highlights the devastating problems associated with such an economic boom.

Heating Up: The Battle for the Jewish voice and the Jewish soul

David Mandelzys, Photographs by Ryan Davies,, 02.06.2008 13:46

"A letter home from a young Jew" - David Mandelzys explains how he and other young Jews think diferrently from previous generations in a letter to his parents.

8ª MARCHA CICLONUDISTA 2008 (ZGZ/7-Jun), 02.06.2008 10:49

el sábado 7 de junio

Surveillance and Security Equipment Demonstration Videos (Watch &amp; Listen)

Monty Henry, 02.06.2008 06:41

Open 24/7/365! I'm posting Surveillance and Security Equipment Demonstration Videos on this page ( Enter Coupon Code: " Indy-Media" and save 5% (Please do not use quotes). Please check back often as I'll be adding more and more videos over time. is a world leader in providing surveillance and security products and services to Government, Law Enforcement, Private Investigators, small and large companies worldwide. We have one of the largest varieties of state-of-the-art surveillance and counter-surveillance equipment including Biometric Identification Systems, Anti-terrorist-related equipment, Personal Protection (recommended for our female customers) and Bug Detection Products.

Mexican Drug cartels to U.S. citizens: Keep buying so we can keep on fighting.

By Patrick Osio, 02.06.2008 06:20

As long as US citizens continue to buy drugs, drug trafficking cartels will have funds to continue to fight US and Mexican authorities.

The unification of science and religion

Martin Concoyle, 02.06.2008 05:28

If materialism and the spirit are unified so that materialism is a proper subset of the spirit, ie the new space-form based description of existence as opposed to a description based on materialism and probability, then life is not about our relation to the material world, but rather life and its knowledge is about the creation of existence itself. There cannot be authority about this endeavor and it is selfless.
Everyone is equal in this endeavor and the social conditions of the world and its laws for such a new context for life must become based on equality and a selfless freedom to seek knowledge as well as the freedom to selflessly create.
The earth and the sun nourish all of life on earth for free. By living in harmony with the earth, civilization should be about making the material part of living easier and better for all life on earth.
Currently accepted views of physics is driven by materialism and is failing to describe fundamental physical systems.
If clean cheap energy sources are going to be developed, it depends on using a new language upon which to base both the descriptions of physical systems and beyond, as well as the new inventions which are also based on the new knowledge of existence which unifies material and spirit.

Activist Depression, Burn Out, and Guilty Pleasures

Cathy Garger, 02.06.2008 02:36

How to spend an hour, a day, a week A Personal Coach, Writer and Speaker on Depleted Uranium Weapons tells you what to do when you're just about at the end of your rope.

Moscow, May 29. Public hearing of the Erofeev – Samodurov censorship case

anonymous, 02.06.2008 01:05

Public hearing in decoration by the Voina group – “Censorship SUX” Moscow, May 29 – the public hearing hosted by leading Russian civil rights activists featured the Voina group showing a new representation of the Sots Art genre.

London, UK: Occupied London #3 out now

Occupied Londoner, 02.06.2008 00:33

Urgencies of Everyday life: Between Here and the Outside

Rencontres pour l'Autonomie au Mexique -nov 2007

Coeur Vrai en Résistance, 02.06.2008 00:24

(media independant) VIDEO DOCUMENTAIRE (9MIN) Novembre 2007, Dans la commune de "Zirahuen", région de Michuacan au Mexique, se sont réalisées sur quatres jours les deuxièmes "Rencontres des jeunes pour l'autonomie". Un groupe de jeunes adhérants à "la Otra Campaña" (l'Autre Campagne * ) organisèrent cet évenement afin de tisser des liens entre les groupes d'actions anticapitalistes du pays, et échanger leurs connaissances et témoignages de pratiques autonomes. Durans ces rencontres "le campement pour l'autonomie" a réalisé une manifestation à travers le village afin de soutenir et faire connaitre la situation d'expropriation des terres commununales dont souffre actuellement cette communauté indigène et paysanne. Dernièrement le gouvernement fédéral et local à voulu faire de ces terres une marchandise capitaliste détruisant culture et environnement. Les habitants s'organisent de facon autonome afin de défendre leur culture, traditions, et territoir et s'opposent aux projets immobiliers, touristiques ou de sur-exploitation des sols comme l'agro-industrie ou plantations d'avocats. * "L'autre campagne" ou "otra campaña" est une iniciative de l'EZLN, invitant tout groupe, individu, ou organisation au Mexique et à travers le monde à s'unir pour lutter contre le captitalisme afin de présèrver peuples, cultures, et ressources naturelles. Unir forces et actions sans s'organiser sous forme de parti politique et sans autre volonté unanime que de construire "un monde ou cohabitent différents mondes !" Pour plus d'information lire: "sixième déclaration de la forêt lacandone" discours de l'EZLN traduit au francais sur ce site du CSPCL (Comité de Solidarité avec les Peuples du Chiapas en Lutte)

Moscow Lesbians and Gays Out-Fox Authorities, Successfully Hold 3rd Gay Pride

Gay Liberation Network, 01.06.2008 23:01

Despite the banning of their protest for the third year in row and attempted pre-emptive arrests by the authorities, Moscow Lesbians and Gays today successfully held Pride with widespread coverage by alternative, prominent international and some mainstream Russian media. A few hours before the protest, authorities attempted to arrest Moscow Pride's most prominent organizer, Nikolai Alekseyev, who successfully evaded them in a car.

Days of Plenty Arte OVer

simone, 01.06.2008 22:49

a chicken has a better chance to save the world than any human However, the government and the experts (Mostly in the Pentagon) know all of this for a long time and they know what to do. When THE CHAOS dawns from food shortages (associated with water shortages and price increases) THE RICH will ordain a type of socialism that will eliminate debt and ration out jobs and fuel and food. Soon after this THE RICH will take over the world with deadly force.

INDY ALERT!-Terror Drills June 4-19 -

Dr.J.Fetzer, Maj.W.Fox, Cpt.E.May, SFC.D.Buswell, 01.06.2008 19:18

Captain Eric H. May, the Internet intelligence writer, joins other distinguished veterans in issuing the INDY ALERT, advising the public to keep an eye on just-announced Bush administration terror drills in Indianapolis with 2200 Marines.


Departamento de Comunicaciones, 01.06.2008 18:33

La asociación Acción agrupa a corporaciones, fundaciones y movimientos sociales de todo el país. En otra votación democrática, Rolando Jiménez se convirtió además en el primer activista gay en asumir como consejero nacional de un partido político, donde milita a titulo individual.

UK: Party in Londoner-Tube endet im Chaos

Ronald Flanagan, 01.06.2008 18:13

Londoner-Tube-Party Ab heute gilt in der Londoner U-Bahn ein Alkoholverbot. In der vergangenen Nacht wurde noch einmal tüchtig gefeiert – die «Protestaktion» artete dabei ziemlich aus. Erste des neuen Londoner Bürgermeisters, Boris Johnson. Der konservative Politiker will damit «asoziales Verhalten» unterbinden und für mehr Sicherheit sorgen. .....

Italian girl attacked by nazis in central Rome

@, 01.06.2008 17:40

"The latest attack yesterday morning in the centre of Rome. For the third time in fifteen days was heard to say phrases like" Dirty negra, c… want? "," C'avete broken, tornatevene to your country ". you, Annaz, 48 years, passport Islands Mauritius but Italian, married for twenty-five years with a Calabrian, two daughters, has always committed socially in the capital, yesterday sought to respond.

[Italy - Roma] eyewitness racist violence from police

@, 01.06.2008 17:36

Rome, Via di San stopover Lorenzo.
To midnight and midnight and a half, a host of agents of law enforcement has found courage to deal with some people of Chinese origin.
Inizuialmente were present only the urban vigilant, but then I noticed two flying police car and three of the policemen.

Spanien: Erneut ETA-Anschlag

Raul Strexser, 01.06.2008 16:50

San Sebastián ETA-Anschlag Die baskische Terrororganisation ETA hat in der Nacht erneut einen Bombenanschlag im spanischen Baskenland verübt. Drei Menschen wurden leicht verletzt. Die Detonation habe kaum Sachschäden angerichtet, hiess es in Medienberichten. Ein Unbekannter hatte etwa eine Stunde vor der Detonation des Sprengkörpers im Namen der ETA telefonisch vor dem Anschlag gewarnt. ....

Palestinians Trapped at Crossroads

Nicola Nasser, 01.06.2008 16:06

Nicola Nasser By Nicola Nasser*

Firing home-made primitive rockets at Israeli targets from the Gaza Strip, the mass sweeping through the Palestinian – Egyptian border crossing of Rafah in January and the series of ongoing peaceful demonstrations at Gaza’s crossing points with Israel are not an aggressive demonstration of self-confidence, but more a show of defensive despair and weakness against the tight Israeli military siege, as much as Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ threats to resign are passive defensive reaction to the political siege imposed on him by the United States and Israel, who so far fail to deliver on their promises to bring about an agreement to create a Palestinian state by the end of 2008.

Brazil, Traffic of Wild Animals, Amazônia, Bahia

Silva ambientalista, 01.06.2008 14:52

Vendidos Wild birds in free fair in the Bahia, the capital of the traffic The Brazil lives of the traffic of birds and wild animals.

The Traffic of Wild Animals is the biggest source of income of Brazil, the financial greater of campaigns politics of presidents and governors.

The money sent for other countries to fight these crimes only serves to enrich ambient owners of Ongs.

Brasilien, Verkehr der wilden Tiere, Amazônia, Bahia

Lúcio Santos, ambientalista, 01.06.2008 14:25

Vendidos wilde Vögel in der freien Messe des Bahias, Brasilien Die Brasilien Leben des Verkehrs der Vögel und der wilden Tiere.

Der Verkehr der wilden Tiere ist die größte Einkommensquelle von Brasilien, das finanzielle grössere der Kampagnen Politiken der Präsidenten und die Regler.

Das Geld, das damit andere Länder diese Verbrechen dient gesendet wird, nur, umgebende Inhaber von Ongs anzureichern kämpfen.

Build an Alternative Society - World Forum of Applied Knowledge (WFAN) Valparaiso, Chile July 21st to 24th, 2008.

indymedia foromundial, 01.06.2008 13:45

The first World Forum of Applied Knowledge (WFAN) will take place in Valparaiso, Chile July 21st to 24th, 2008. It is an opportunity to exchange practical experiences for the construction of an alternative society.

Der Würth ist eben kein Ackermann

Klausjürgen Brinkmann, 01.06.2008 13:20

Würth / Ackermann Ich (J.Hoff) gebe zu ich mag den Schraubenmilliardär Reinhold Würth und seinen glücklichen Kapitalismus und ich verabscheue Josef Ackermann und all den Dreck für den er steht. Der Grund ist einfach. Würth hat jeden Cent seines Vermögens durch ehrliche Arbeit verdient und dabei immer seine Leute ebenfalls leben lassen. Er hat immer wieder Geld in seine Firma gesteckt und diese erweitert und damit auch Arbeit für andere Menschen geschaffen. Der Schweizer Kriminelle Ackermann lebt davon, das er gegen das Aktienrecht verstößt, durch dubiose Zahlungen dafür sorgt, dass der Vorstand der Firma Mannesmann einem Kaufangebot von Vodafone nachgibt, das nur Ackermanns Bank und Ackermanns Kunden aus Hongkong nützte, den deutschen Steuerzahler aber 75 Milliarden kostete. .....

The WMD 2008 Omnibus Collection

Project, 01.06.2008 05:10

Bookmate Announcement: The WMD 2008 Omnibus Collection


Angela Merkel doch Stasi-Mitarbeiterin?

Michael Westenfeld, 31.05.2008 15:23

FDJ-Merkel Die grösste Aktion in der Geschichte der Stasi der DDR war die dauernde Observation des kritischen deutschen Kommunisten Robert Havemann, ... Jugendliche im Alter von Angela Merkel haben die Stasiobservation am Grundstück rund um die Uhr übernommen. Zeitweise wurden bis zu 200 Stasiagenten auf das Grundstück angesetzt und ausser Hausarrest hatte Havemann seit 1976 mit einem gekappten Telefonanschluss zu leben. ....
Die Doku des WDR gibt es hier:

Marathon initiatives to attract foreign investments in Pakistan IT Sector

Bilal Rasheed, 31.05.2008 12:40

Initiatives of Goverment of Pakistan to promote foreign investment in IT Sector

BETWEEN THE LINES Syndicated Radio Newsmagazine -- Weekly Summary -- Distributed by Squeaky Wheel Productions =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= BETWEEN THE LINES THE WEEK ENDING JUNE 6, 2008

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Syndicated Radio Newsmagazine
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1) FBI Agents at Guantanamo Kept "War Crimes File"

Interview with Marjorie Cohn, president of the National Lawyers Guild, conducted by Scott Harris

Real Audio:

Text summary/related links:

2) Palestinians in Village of At-Tuwani Resist Israeli Settler Harassment

Interview with Hafez Hureini, a leader in the Palestinian village of At-Tuwani, conducted by Melinda Tuhus

Real Audio:

Text summary/related links:

3) Army Sgt. Matthis Chiroux Refuses to Serve in "Illegal" Iraq War

Interview with U.S. Army Sgt. Matthis Chiroux, conducted by Scott Harris

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4) This week's summary of under-reported news

Compiled by Bob Nixon

* A proposal by Britain's development agency to fund climate aid programs in poor nations through loans instead of grants has created an uproar in the lead-up to the July G8 Summit in Japan.

* The ACLU has filed a class action lawsuit against Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons and the state corrections system over inferior medical care and denial of treatment at the state's maximum security prison in Ely, Nev.

* During the 1990s, civil rights organizers and unions working with Latino immigrants in the Mississippi Gulf Coast casinos have built a strong multi-ethnic immigrant rights movement.

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[Sindicato Obrero Inmigrante] - Pedimos ayuda para el compañero peruano agredido por la policía en su propia casa - Adjuntamos fotografías.

Sindicato Obrero Inmigrante (SOI-CTM), 31.05.2008 00:40

Renzo_01 RESUMEN: El domingo día 11 de mayo a las 8:30 de la mañana, Renzo Pirca Martínez, recibió una brutal agresión, según ha declarado en el informe hecho por el Sindicato Obrero Inmigrante, por parte de cuatro policías nacionales de la comisaría de Usera (Madrid). Si seguimos permitiendo que los profesionales que supuestamente se dedican a nuestra seguridad cometan estos terribles actos en contra de cualquier persona, estaremos dejando que la violencia, la agresividad y los comportamientos fascistas ganen a los derechos y a la dignidad humana.

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