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Merkel: EU-Weltmeisterin 2008?

Alfred Schmidler, 17.06.2008 16:38

EU-Weltmeisterin 2008? Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel tippt auf einen 2:1-Sieg der deutschen Nationalmannschaft beim entscheidenden EM-Spiel gegen Österreich. Merkel, die im Wiener Ernst-Happel-Stadtion dabei sein wird, sagte der österreichischen Nachrichtenagentur APA: „Ich tippe auf ein 2:1 für Deutschland.“ Sie hoffe, dass die Entscheidung nicht so spät falle wie beim Spiel der Türkei gegen Tschechien am Sonntagabend. Der österreichische Kanzler Alfred Gusenbauer hofft laut APA auf ein „zweites Cordoba“, also einen Sieg seiner Mannschaft. .......

Doug Dowd's &quot;At the Cliff's Edge&quot;

Stephen Lendman, 17.06.2008 15:38

an indictment of imperialism

Prestigious Breckenridge Film Fest Hosts World Premiere of “Washington, You’re Fired”

Debbie Morgan, 17.06.2008 15:34

High drama, suspense and political intrigue drew audiences from the four corners of the nation for the World Premiere of “Washington, You’re Fired” at this year’s 28th annual Breckenridge Festival of Film.

On the Future of Israel/Palestine. An Interview with Noam Chomsky and Ilan Pappe

Frank Barat, 17.06.2008 12:56

An interview realised by email between April and June 08 between Noam Chomsky and Ilan Pappe.

I Notturni al Museo Carlo Zauli

Donato D'Antonio, 17.06.2008 10:31

Rassegna Musicale, giunta alla V edizione, dedicata alla musica del 900.

Metrobank: stop funding climate change

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 17.06.2008 09:39

Ask Metrobank to save the climate!

La necesaria república

José López, 17.06.2008 09:35

Más de 30 años después de la restauración borbónica en España, empieza a surgir un creciente movimiento republicano que cuestiona el sistema político vigente. Cada vez es más habitual ver banderas tricolores en la calle, empiezan a surgir diversas plataformas ciudadanas por la república, se empiezan a ver protestas simbólicas contra la monarquía, empieza a haber incluso cierta iniciativa dentro de la propia clase política como la red de municipios por la tercera república, etc. Pero cabe preguntarse si este movimiento (aparentemente aún minoritario) responde a una necesidad real de nuestro país o si más bien se trata de una cuestión puramente idealista de unos pocos republicanos nostálgicos.

Greenpeace tells Metrobank to stop funding climate change

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 17.06.2008 07:16

Greenpeace activists concluded their occupation of a coal plant site in Iloilo City by dumping 20 sacks of 'coal' in front of Metrobank today. Metrobank is the promoter of the proposed Iloilo City coal-fired power plant in whose site Greenpeace volunteers have been camping since last Friday to step up public opposition to their proposed coal project. The Greenpeace action came a day after the environment group launched an online petition on their website to enable people to write to Metrobank urging it to invest in cleaner safer renewable energy solutions instead of coal.

¡Alto a los ataques contra el FMLN, el BPJ y Mauricio Funes!

Bloque Popular Juvenir. El Salvador, 17.06.2008 04:40

La burguesía salvadoreña está desatando una campaña de desprestigio en contra del FMLN, Mauricio Funes y el BPJ, acusándonos de tener vínculos con las FARC por lo cual el Bloque Popular Juvenil señala:

How Well Do You Remember? Phoebe Washer Retrospective

densje, 17.06.2008 04:27

A retrospective art show of the works of the late Phoebe Washer and reception

¡Alto a los ataques contra el FMLN, el BPJ y Mauricio Funes!

Bloque Popular Juvenil, 17.06.2008 03:55

La burguesía salvadoreña está desatando una campaña de desprestigio en contra del FMLN, Mauricio Funes y el BPJ, acusándonos de tener vínculos con las FARC por lo cual el Bloque Popular Juvenil señala:

Libertad a Elena Varela

Equipo de Prensa de Radio 1º de Mayo 102.9 FM, 17.06.2008 03:37

La cinematografista Elena Marisol Varela López, 42 años, ignoraba que la “inteligencia” chilena seguía sus pasos y la fotografiaba cada vez que entrevistaba personajes para su documental Newen Mapuche ("Energía del universo mapuche" en lengua mapudungun), en particular cuando conversaba con un joven dirigente indígena prófugo de la Justicia.


Nick Gulotta, 17.06.2008 01:23

Tibetans and their supporters will gather on Tuesday, June 17th to protest China’s parading of the Olympic torch through Tibet and call for immediate media access to Tibetan areas. The protest aims to inspire Tibet supporters worldwide one day before a Global Day of Action called by Tibet activists for June 18th. China has announced that the Olympic torch will arrive in Lhasa on June 18th or 19th.

Bush European Tour 2008: looking for new resistance strategies

Andrea Rigon, 16.06.2008 23:44

Anti-war protesters: a tourists’ attraction Five years after the world's biggest antiwar protest, the European tour of George W. Bush gives an opportunity to evaluate the anti-war struggle. Its ineffectiveness is used to claim for new strategies.

This Way Out: Charles Nolte

Overnight Productions, Inc., 16.06.2008 21:09

June 16, 2008: Veteran actor recalls gay life in stages; star of the past, anthem of the future. Plus Norway bonds with marriage equality countries, Rome, Athens, and Warsaw Prides in the trenches, gays busted in Gambia and Uganda, more queer voices join UN, and more news.

Michael Reagan threatens Mark Dice: The &quot;Left&quot; must respond

Mike Malloy, 16.06.2008 15:56

"Neo-Cons claim that our free speech should be restricted because we are expressing radical opinions yet they think its perfectly within the remit of their free speech to advocate lining people up in front of firing squads and blowing their brains out."

London to Geneva Peace Walk, May 2008

peacehq, 16.06.2008 14:16

First Day We have been in France for 28 days, and over a month since the walk began. We have had huge support from not just local people but globally the walk has been joined by people from Japan, Canada, German, France, Italy, Australia, Sweden, Scotland, England, Niger & the United States of America.

21 juni 200: Debat &quot;Mensenrechten in de Molukken&quot;


Debat met Amnesty/Tapol/v. Bommel/Johson Panjaitan/John Watilete


Mirko Vladik, 16.06.2008 11:58

Schäubl Fluggastdatenübermittlung - Internetkontrolle - Zentrales Melderegister - Steuer ID Biometrischer Personalausweis - Visa Informations System - Online Durchsuchungen, Rasterfahndung - Fingerprints - Zentrale Steuerdatenbank mit allen Einkommensdaten - Gläserne Bankkonten von Hartz IV Empfängern - Telefon und Videoüberwachung - verdachtsloses Kfz Kennzeichenscanning - .....

Blödel-Heini Hamid: “Da lang, nein, da lang!”

Heiner Langhorn, 16.06.2008 11:34

Hamid Karsei NATO-US-Prokonsul von Afghanistan Karzai will nach “Gefängnisausbruch” von “Taliban” den Angriff auf Pakistan
Kabul: Wer das noch glaubt, wird dafür bezahlt. Steht da also die Witzfigur von Hamid Karzai, der sich in der NATO-Besatzungszone Afghanistan dessen “Präsdident” nennt, vor der intenationalen Dummpresse und erklärt, die mitten in der US-Zone in Kandahar mal eben “mit Minibussen” aus einem Gefängnis “ausgebrochenen” 1000 Häftlinge, darunter 400 “Aufständische” oder auch “Taliban”, hätten nun quer durch die US-Zone nach Pakistan rübergemacht.

Greenpeace occupies proposed Philippine coal station site

Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 16.06.2008 11:19

Greenpeace activists from different countries, including the crew of the Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior, and members of Responsible Ilonggos for Sustainable Energy (RISE) have established a "climate defenders camp" at the site of a proposed Philippines coal plant coal in Iloilo.

Tuning the HAARP: Chemtrail Air QualityTest Results in US/Italy;toxic electro-metals study

repost and commentary, 16.06.2008 06:05

&quot;Chemtrails&quot; - chemical aerosols, illegal, toxic, U.S. global military program The electronic HAARP weather warfare by the internationalists in charge of the USA is attacking the whole world--including U.S. domestic populations. This domestic attack is both in terms of the deadly toxins (see below) utilized in this HAARP weather warfare and 3D radar 'atmospheric enhancement' via toxic barium. Assuredly, we know that Japan several years ago had a HAARP hit on it from Benjamin Fulford's testimony. Other potential HAARP hits were the 'hurricane on land' seen across the U.S. Midwest that dropped 10 inches or more of rain within 24 hours recently. It destroys the U.S. corn crop just at a convenient time to cause global food scares even more--just like Naomi Klein's 'Shock Doctrine' notes neoliberalism has always moved forward. The strange Chinese 'quake' recently (see attachment below after this article) doesn't seem like a natural quake. The 2005 hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico (Katrina and Rita) didn't act like normal hurricanes either with lot of hairpin turns and right angle turns and holding together even when going over land or across Florida. The U.S. military is on record to aim by 2025 (look up the U.S. Navy document "owning the weather by 2025") to perfect weather warfare and geo-warfare. Weather warfare would be weather enhancement or weather denial. Geo-warfare would be causing artificial earthquakes and volcanoes to happen. Don't believe me: believe ex-Sec. of Defense Cohen who said it was real over 10 years ago.


Agrupacion Azul - SITRATEL Rosario, 16.06.2008 01:43

Comunicado - 12/06/2008

Phoebe Washer : How Well Do You Remember?

Jeremy Mora, 15.06.2008 20:33

You may have heard the tragic story of Phoebe Washer. If you have not, here is one of many links that covered the story:

We have been working with the Washer Family and have now planned an amazing exhibition of Phoebe's work.

The Simple but Powerful Secret to Freedom Is Already Within You

procyonlotor, 15.06.2008 19:28

In the “Language of Light” the Sacred Prayers of the Universe; Transmissions of the highest heaven will activate your “God Code Points”; Awakening you to your Higher Self and Return to God.
Are you ready to be who you came here to be?

on the path of light

procyonlotor, 15.06.2008 19:18

Welcome to the mutual study of ancient wisdom, here we are exploring the limits of our reality. We are a group that goes by the name Procyonlotor, the majority of our group observes from the non-physical dimension


Ian Pricer, 15.06.2008 17:03

Thank's Irland Ein Leser von hat uns diese Idee zugeschickt: Zeigt es! Hängt die irische Flagge in eure Fenster! Bringt sie am Auto an, als Button an Euere Kleidung oder wo immer sie gut zu sehen ist! Aktion: Irische Flagge ins Fenster und ans Auto!

Bil’in: Video dokumentiert Demonstranten-Beschuss

Rudi Klinger, 15.06.2008 16:19

16 Tote in Gaza Bewohner des palästinensischen Dorfes Bil’in, nahe Ramallah, organisierten auch letzten Freitag wieder, die regelmäßige gewaltlose Demonstrantion gegen Apartheidmauer und Besatzung. Zahlreiche israelische und ausländische Friedensaktivisten unterstützten sie dabei. ... Video dokumentiert, wie israelische Armee auf gewaltlosen Demonstranten schießt ....

Situación Actual de Freddy y Marcelo en Argentina. Ultimas Informaciones desde Junin, Argentina

Equi de Prensa de Radio 1º de Mayo 102.9 FM, 15.06.2008 14:23

Situacion antual de los presos politicos que se encuentran en Argentina debido a que son perseguidos en Chile mediaticamente.

Okay, Exhale

Sudhama Ranganathan, 15.06.2008 13:56

Whew! We’re past the primaries and what heated events they were. The Republican nomination was basically finalized months ago. The Democratic Party just finished narrowing down its field to a presumptive nominee. Barring any unforeseen tragedy before vice presidential running mates are nominated, we’re almost on to the general election.

Unemployed Workers Movement of Solano Argentina

Michael, 15.06.2008 13:29

Some postings in english on european Indymedias ask for translation of the postings for the ones that do not understand spanish. Well i have not the time, but contribute here with some comments.

Turnbull condemns solar panel means test

Energy Matters, 15.06.2008 11:05

In an address to the Press Club on 21st May 2008 Malcolm Turnbull, the Federal shadow treasurer said: ” This is a Government that says climate change is the greatest long term economic challenge of our times, but presents a Budget with nothing to say about the likely impact and costs of an emissions trading scheme due to start in less than two years. This is a government that kills off the solar energy industry in one blow.”

Climate Change Budget slays solar power silently

Energy Matters, 15.06.2008 11:04

By means testing the $8,000 solar rebate the Rudd Government has done irreparable damage to Australia’s burgeoning solar industry. To fix it, and at the same time reclaim its tattered climate-friendly credentials, the government must introduce country-wide gross feed-in tariff laws now.

Solar Panels - World record breakthrough in cell efficiency

Energy Matters, 15.06.2008 11:02

Physicist Bram Hoex and colleagues at Eindhoven University of Technology, together with the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, have developed a process that improves the energy produced by solar panels by six per cent (in relative terms), a new world record in solar cell efficiency.

Climate Budget threatens solar industry with big sting in the tail

Energy Matters, 15.06.2008 11:00

One of Australia’s leading online renewable energy companies, Energy Matters, hopes that certain aspects of the Rudd Government’s climate change budget package don’t lead to a trough in the nation’s renewable energy sector.

A proper solar feed-in tariff in Victoria - 10 Reasons Why

Energy Matters, 15.06.2008 10:59

The Victorian State Government recently introduced a net metered feed-in tariff. While a start, the initiative is not likely to create a massive uptake of domestic solar systems for Victorian roofs. A gross metered feed-in tariff would be needed to achieve the outcome of more solar powered homes.

PV solar power systems to become cheaper

Energy Matters, 15.06.2008 10:57

The price of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels is tipped to fall in the next year as the so-called “solar module supply bubble”, which has seen demand exceed supply, bursts.

BUDGET - Disappointment regarding solar feed-in tariff

Energy Matters, 15.06.2008 10:55

The latest Victorian budget’s claim to be environmentally responsible by introducing a solar feed-in tariff has been viewed as “disappointing” by one of Australia’s solar power leaders, Energy Matters.

Chomsky and Newman - The False Debate

Michael D. Morrissey, 15.06.2008 10:35

For 15 years, the "experts" have been debating the wrong question about Kennedy's Vietnam withdrawal plan. There is a reason for this.

Mentiras que matan - biocombustibles.

ANNA BERMEO TURCHI, 15.06.2008 08:08

MENTIRAS QUE MATAN: “El Biodiesel: mitigará los efectos del cambio climático”; “mejorará las condiciones del ambiente”; o: “con la utilización de biocombustibles se estaría contribuyendo a un desarrollo sustentable del ambiente, a disminuir gradualmente la dependencia de los combustibles fósiles…

Racist Democratic Party Officials in Tennessee Start Rumor That Obama's a Terrorist

JoNina M. Abron, 15.06.2008 03:07

White racist officials in the Democratic Party of Tennessee have started a rumor that Barack Obama's a terrorist.

Graves Problemas con la educación en chile

Isaac Huerta, 15.06.2008 00:45

Graves Problemas con la educación en chile Problemas con la educación en chile, varios liceos emblematicos ya llevan varias semanas sin clases, los liceos se encuentran en tomas y cada semana hay marchas de estudiantes secundarios y universitarios, donde la represión ha sido el gran protagonista.


Douglas Field, 14.06.2008 22:04



Departamento de Comunicaciones, 14.06.2008 21:56

Con el respaldo de parlamentarios de la Concertación y de la Derecha y el apoyo del Instituto Nacional de la Juventud y la DOS, minorías étnicas, sexuales, personas con discapacidad, inmigrantes, jóvenes, mujeres e indigentes dijeron no a la discriminación en la Plaza de Armas con un acto cultural que reunió a unas dos mil personas.

Assises nationales au Sénégal

Jeanne LOPIS – SYLLA, 14.06.2008 21:28

Les politiques, c'est-à-dire les partis politiques du Front Siggil Senegaal, ne peuvent qu’être pleinement satisfaits de ce qu’a été le lancement des Assises nationales et qui laisse présager qu’elles seront porteuses de fruits ; satisfaits de l’appropriation par tous de leur concept d’ « Assises nationales », qui s’est concrétisée par une réflexion commune ayant abouti à un produit commun : les Termes de références de ces Assises, puis leur méthodologie et le choix de leurs dirigeants ; satisfaits de l’identification de réels espaces de convergence entre la société civile, les partenaires sociaux et les partis politiques.

Agissez dès aujourd'hui contre le foie gras !

marjo, 14.06.2008 19:20

Action contre le foie gras

The Reflecting Pool, 9/11 Investigative Drama, Premieres in New York City at Pioneer Theater July 11 2008

Jodie Baltazar, 14.06.2008 17:25

The first dramatic feature film to challenge the official version of 9/11 events, The Reflecting Pool, will screen twice a day July 11-16 and July 18 at the Pioneer Theater in New York City. The Reflecting Pool follows a journalist who teams up with the father of a 9/11 victim to investigate the official version of the events. What they find poses a disturbing question: To what extent was the U.S. Government at fault for the attacks?

swiss cheese navy

bloomberg, 14.06.2008 16:56

IRAN prez is correct-bush cannot attack iran-
because uranium metal(not nukes)has been used by bush to show every one of his victim nations how easy it is to make these Uweapons and how effectively these Uweapons turn
usa navy into a swiss cheese navy.

Rencontres des medias libres de France et alentours//Free and independant medias meeting in Lyon-France, 14.06.2008 14:58

Du 9 au 13 juillet 2008, dans la ville de Lyon en France, se tiendront des rencontres autour de la question des médias libres et autonomes. Cinq jours de discussions, ateliers, projection, échanges qui permettront de consolider le réseau des médias indépendants. Appel en anglais, espagnol, français, italien et allemand.


Toni Müller, 14.06.2008 14:52

&quot;Gefängnis in Afghanistan&quot; Die jährlichen Einsatzkosten für die Bundeswehr - im vergangenen Jahr beliefen sich die Ausgaben allein für ISAF offiziellen Angaben zufolge auf fast 470 Millionen Euro.[1]
Afghanistan ISAF 2007: 470 Millionen Euro ....

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