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Auf zum fröhlichen Morden

Paul Zapucci, 13.07.2008 14:43

Bush Administration Die Politikverdrossenheit ist endlich überwunden. Wozu sich mit so komplizierten Dingen wie der Geschichte der USA auseinandersetzen? Die Politik der USA ist einfach zu erklären. In Afghanistan und im Irak wird gerade gemordet, was das Zeug hält. Und das fröhliche Morden soll nun bald im Iran weitergehen. So macht Politik Spaß. .... Video:

&quot;Anti-Islam-Kongress&quot; und Gegenaktivitäten

Mediencommando Kölle, 13.07.2008 11:10

Für das Wochenende vom 19. bis 21. September 2008 lädt die extrem rechte Bürgerbewegung pro Köln die europäische Rechte zu einem "Anti-Islamisierungskongress" nach Köln ein.Erwartet werden nicht nur "Patriotische Gäste" aus der BRD, wie Harald Neubauer (Herausgeber der neurechten Zeitschrift Nation und Europa) oder der Bundestagsabgeordnete Henry Nitzsche (ehem. CDU), sondern auch VertreterInnen rechtspopulistischer und rassistischer Gruppierungen aus ganz Europa. Jean-Marie Le Pen vom französischen Front National (FN), die Lega Nord aus Italien, die Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs (FPÖ), Vlaams Belang aus Belgien, Die Freiheitlichen aus Südtirol sowie extreme Rechte aus dem ehemaligen Jugoslawien, Ungarn usw. haben ihre Teilnahme zugesichert. Es ist mit 1000 Kongressgästen zu rechnen.

Cologne (Germany): Call against international racists conference in September

gualtiero, 13.07.2008 04:21

Translate, spam and get participated on the mass-blockades in Cologne!!! Translate, spam and get participated on the mass-blockades in Cologne!!!

Restoring Eroding Constitutional Rights: Discrimination Against Muslim Nuclear Physicist / Community Activist

Haroon Al-Qahtani, 13.07.2008 04:21

Dr. Abdel-Moniem El-Ganayni is a nuclear physicist who was employed by Bettis Atomic Power Labority between 1990 and 2008. In 2007 Dr. El-Ganayni's security clearance was suspended due to his political statements and religious commitment. In 2008, his security clearance was revoked without a hearing as required by DOE regulations. Dr. El-Ganayni has resided in the United States for almost 30 years, and helped to establish one of the area's largest Muslim institutions, the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh.

taxi to the dark side

j downes, 13.07.2008 01:27

u.s. torture documentary features at galway film fleadh Scenes from the town hall, at the opening of dir. Alex Gibney's documentary film entitled 'taxi to the dark side' at galway film fleadh 11 july 2008. Representatives from amnesty international including members of 'reprieve',lawyers for justice at guantanamo were there to promote the film also. members of swp donned orange jumpsuits, chains and placards in opposition to the use of shannon airport for refuelling and rendition of prisoners.

An Aggressive and Hypocritical US Policy Toward Iran: Stop the war while there is still time.

Sara, 12.07.2008 16:59

"Iran got permanently on the wrong side of U.S. policy after its fundamentalist Islamic revolution and the taking of U.S. diplomats hostage in 1979. However, the American people have always been oblivious to what caused that burst of anti-American venom. In 1953, the CIA ousted Mohammed Mossadeq, the elected leader of Iran, because he nationalized British oil interests. The U.S. government reinstated and supported the brutal Shah, who ruled until the revolution in 1978, and grabbed 40 percent of Iran's oil for American companies.

Thus, the Iranian missile tests and taking of American hostages show that only in Heisenberg's uncertainty principle in quantum physics and in U.S. public opinion are events uncaused. Furthermore, the U.S. public has the impression that Iran is a totalitarian state of people wearing strange Darth Vader-style black costumes. But Iran does have some democratic tendencies and many more than the despotic U.S. allies of Egypt and Saudi Arabia."

If Israel Attacks Iran ... (LNR Audio Online #489)

Retiarius Zogreso, 12.07.2008 16:21

Life-Net Radio presents music and commentary by Don Edwards. Topic: The possible consequences of an Israeli attack on Iran.

North Korea to Let Experts Inspect Nuclear Sites: Fools to Trust Imperialists

Heejin Koo and Wing-Gar Cheng, 12.07.2008 16:14

No doubt the North Korean people paid dearly for the attainment of their "deterance." They should review the history of Native American peoples before they give it up. Joe

Turkey, Iraq to discuss new pipelines

Yasip Gürdal, 12.07.2008 15:55

Mittelmeer Union Turkey and Iraq will discuss joint energy projects in oil drilling and the transfer of oil and natural gas to Europe via new pipelines during Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's scheduled one-day visit to Baghdad today. ... Ariş Pırlanta Sanatı Pırlanta Tektaş almanın en kolayı 12 taksit, ücretsiz kargo Büyük Beden Giyim Pantolon,Kapri,Deniz Şortu,Eşofman Koşulsuz İade Garantisi, Kapıda Öde BEGÜM GÜRSOY .... Erdoğan, accompanied by a large delegation, is expected to depart for war-torn Iraq early this morning to meet with Iraqi President Jalal Talabani and Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

'Inspirational' graffiti crew jailed

Kate Mead, 12.07.2008 15:25

(l-r) Ziggy, Andrew, Paul, Slav, Matthew. As members of graffiti crew DPM start a prison sentence, pictures of their work are to be exhibited in a New York art gallery. So are they vandals or frustrated artists? KATE MEAD reports.

End G8 Domination!

Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC), Philippines, 12.07.2008 14:03

Joint Statement on the 34th G8 Summit in Toyako, Hokkaido, Japan

Appeal of Checkpoint East and Ukraine Kompetenz Zentrum about the ‘war’ against East Europeans

Olha Samborska, 12.07.2008 12:04

Recently it turns out that a great invisible for the EU citizens “war” on eastern European side has been started wherever there are borders, at ports and airports and physical borders and in the cities and areas near them. “War”, by definition, is accompanied by acts of injustice, violence, punishment and tears. Unfortunately, with each new law and changes to the way Shengen is enforced, the situation is getting worse, especially on the Ukrainian frontage line. It has been highlighted by some issues. Please check,
Checkpoint East virtual platform ( and Ukraine Kompetenz Zentrum (www. concerned about humiliations on eastern European frontier of Shengen border and due to we make an appeal to the European civil society concerning what is happening on eastern European border!

This forum deletes anti corruption topics

Joe Stirling, 12.07.2008 10:26

How to stop the NWO/Masons crimes immediately

L'Assamblea de Joves de Cardedeu allibera un nou espai

Assamblea de Joves de Cardedeu, 12.07.2008 10:23

L'Assamblea de Joves de Cardedeu allibera un nou espai

Bunker Busting Practice Outside Liberal San Francisco

Cathy Garger, 12.07.2008 01:53

Bunker Buster Explosion While well-meaning San Francisco liberals are hugging trees, in a suburb nearly within their backyard, bunker buster bomb testing is taking place and Depleted Uranium exploded into their open air. Does San Francisco not know what Livermore Laboratory is up to?

How many kids did you kill today?

Joe Blow, 11.07.2008 20:57

Sydney Indymedia I have been sitting here in my Sydney office in Commonwealth Street this morning watching articles being removed on Sydney Indymedia advertised as an open publishing service. Now I'm not a FED but I'm certainly Fed up!!!

McCain's Nomination - A Possible September Surprise?

Stephen Lendman, 11.07.2008 20:31

Potential September fireworks

World's Largest Flip Cup Tournament

John Miller, 11.07.2008 20:06

The Flip Cup Guys are organizing the World's Largest Flip Cup Tournament. Players and teams can register at

From the grounf UP.

Sterling Jester, 11.07.2008 19:16


Türkei: Geiseln freilassen - Roj-TV Verbot aufheben!

Karl Gropsky, 11.07.2008 19:01

ROJ-TV! Anfang des 19. Jahrhunderts eroberte die Französische Armee unter Napoleon große Teile der heutigen deutschen Gebiete. Man stelle sich vor, Napoleon hätte dort die Ausübung der deutschen Sprache verboten, die Kinder dürften in der Schule nicht mehr in Deutsch unterrichtet werden, die Namen von Straßen und Städten würden französisiert, die Vornamen der Kinder müssten französischen Ursprungs sein usw. Türkei: Die Geiseln sofort freilassen und das Verbot von Roj-TV aufheben!

ACTION ALERT: Forest Service Must Be Exposed as a Rogue Agency

Colorado Legal Eagles, 11.07.2008 16:24

Attendees at the annual Rainbow Gathering have once again been the target of brutal law enforcement tactics this past week as they gathered in the Bridger National Forest in southwestern Wyoming. The violent tactics, which have injured several adults and children, include the shooting of pepper spray bullets, pointing guns at children, and repeatedly tasering a man who was handcuffed.

Betrugsversuch durch das Jobcenter

Kai Bergmann, 11.07.2008 08:59

Jobcenter erhebt Aufgrund gefälschter Unterlagen den Vorwurf der groben Fahrlässigkeit.


Lug Nutz, 11.07.2008 08:34

Why would Indy media disable articles that are based on substatiated facts from the website of the accused and from the NEW YORK TIMES? Does Wade Rathke control Indymedia? Are you going to coverup his blatant cover upoof the theft of 1,000,000 by his brother? Really?


Lewd To You, 11.07.2008 06:41

ACORN burned their financial disclosures every 5 years. Has it dawned on anyone that over the course of the last 38 years they could have gotten away with this little bit of family theft at least five times before they were busted?

Ciudad de México, basurero cotidiano- National Geographic- julio 2008

Raúl Tortolero, 11.07.2008 01:59

Érase una vez, en un callejón al oriente de la Ciudad de México, un letrero del gobierno de la capital, cuya leyenda a nadie amedrentaba: “Se consignará a quien se sorprenda arrojando desperdicios”. Cerros de bolsas malolientes yacían allí, manjar nocturno para las ratas, hasta que un par de vecinos amaneció con una peculiar idea. Acuciosos, asearon la rinconada y plantaron un gran altar a la Virgen de Guadalupe.

The Shortwave Report 7/11/08 Listen Globally

Dan Roberts, 10.07.2008 23:51

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Cuba, and Russia.

InBrief: What if Your Undies had the Last Word...

ISIS Inc, 10.07.2008 22:52

We asked people "what would your undies say if they had the last word" in safe sex and STI prevention. As it turns out our undies had a lot to say because the 500+ entries to the campaign gave them a voice. These undies have spread across the Internet and along with them ideas of safe sex, STI prevention and all around healthy attitudes toward sex are reaching viral proportions. The 500+ entries have gotten over 650,000 engagements through votes, views, reviews and content created and entries can be seen in close to 700 different places online





Departamento de Comunicaciones, 10.07.2008 17:11

Se pide respetar la opinión del fallecido director general de Carabineros, José Bernales, quien fue el primer alto de esa institución en pronunciarse en contra de la discriminación a las minorías sexuales. Además, se espera que en el caso de un policiía civil expulsado por el mismo motivo, la Contraloría ordene la reincorporación.

I ran in Pamplona—but not with the bulls

By Lauren Bowey, 10.07.2008 16:41

More than two dozen people—and counting—have been injured during this year’s Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain. Many tourists do not realize that the bulls suffer, too: All of the bulls who are stampeded through the streets during the day are slaughtered in the bullfighting ring at night.

Schwarzenegger's Legacy of Pain

Mike Lynberg, 10.07.2008 15:43

Courtesy of the &quot;People's Governor&quot; Hundreds of people complained of getting sick following the aerial spraying of highly populated cities with potentially dangerous pesticides.


nzajkmll, 10.07.2008 15:18

Opération Sarkozy : comment la CIA a placé un de ses agents à la présidence de la République française

Rolf Schwendter erhielt Preis

Win Tsin Kong, 10.07.2008 12:03

Schewendter LIFE "Ich bin noch immer unbefriedigt." Dieses Lied hat Rolf Schwendter 1969 als Antwort auf den Rolling-Stones-Song "I can't get no Satisfaction" veröffentlicht. Bei der Verleihung des Marburger Leuchtfeuers für Soziale Bürgerrechte am Montag (30. Juni) sang der Preisträger seinen Song im Historischen Saal des Marburger Rathauses.

Legitimizing Permanent Occupation of Iraq

Stephen Lendman, 10.07.2008 11:06

Washington plans to stay.

Sein Körper gehört ihm!

Petrus Apolinaris, 10.07.2008 10:47

La Tour de France 2008 "Wer behauptet, man könne die Tour nur mit Mineralwasser bewältigen, ist naiv oder ein Heuchler." (Jacques Anquetil, fünfmaliger Sieger der Tour de France) - Die Tour de France und das Doping. Eigentlich müßte es ja heißen: Der Radsport und das Doping. Aber da das Verabreichen von leistungsfördernden Mittelchen im Radsport eigentlich nur während der Tour de France für die Öffentlichkeit relevant wird, ist es wohl weniger der Radsport in seiner Gesamtheit als die Grande Boucle. Und zweifelsohne leidet die Tour, läßt keinen Anquetil, Merckx, Hinault, Indurain oder Armstrong am Horizont erscheinen, hat statt "Helden der Landstraße" nurmehr ordinäre Betrüger zu bieten; geradezu kriminelle Subjekte, die oft brutaler von der Polizei behandelt werden als Gewalttäter. .........

Seizing Native land in Peru, one parcel at a time

indian country news, 10.07.2008 10:40

Seizing Native land in Peru, one parcel at a time

Humanitarian Group Presses Into Fifth Summer of Life-Saving Work, Three Years After Arrests

No More Deaths, 10.07.2008 03:55

During recent weeks, with the average daytime temperature reaching over 110 degrees, No More Deaths volunteers have encountered nearly 80 migrants per week, many lost and in critical need of medical care.

G8 Solidarity Action in Portugal

g8amesa1mundoafome, 10.07.2008 01:20

Last Friday, July 4th, a group of activists occupied the building where the Japanese Embassy was located on a 6th floor, in Lisbon - Portugal. Holding a 6 metres where it read “G8 at the table, One Planet starving”, with the objective of exposing the real consequences of the anti-democratic neo-liberal policies of the G8, and their fake recipes for the current world crisis: food, climactic and social..

Urgent paris risque de rafle de sans papiers énorme demain 10 juillet 2008

solidarité avec les sans papiers, 10.07.2008 00:06

la fRance de la honte et du racisme frappe encore

Undocummented workers' strikes in France

The paper of the occupied Center of the Unions, 09.07.2008 21:50

French isolated and undoccummented workers has begun an occupation and strike in Paris (France).

Absent Cause #1 zine

redguard, 09.07.2008 19:44

AC explores topics that resonate with me and many people whose work I respect and admire: underground cultures, radical politics, hidden histories, feminist and queer sexualities, and chosen families; the gothic, vampirism, horror, dark music and paganism; surviving abuse, coping with mental illness, self-harm, body image and suicidal feelings; and the incredible array of ways they intersect.

VII Foro Mesoamericano de los Pueblos

Foro Mesoamericano de los Pueblos, 09.07.2008 17:35

Managua, Nicaragua El Foro Mesoamericano de los Pueblos en su VII encuentro se desarrollará en Managua Nicaragua bajo el lema: Mesoamérica en resistencia… No al Libre Comercio, del 14 -16 de julio del corriente año

Istanbul: Sechs Tote bei Angriff auf US-Konsulat

Mehmet Erdin, 09.07.2008 15:37

US Konsulat Istanbul Drei Polizisten unter den Opfern - Drei Schützen eröffneten das Feuer aus weißem Pkw - Hintergründe der Tat vorerst unklar ... Bei einem Angriff auf das US-Konsulat in Istanbul sind am Mittwoch nach offiziellen Angaben sechs Menschen ums Leben gekommen. Augenzeugen zufolgen fuhren mehrere Männer mit einem Auto an dem von Mauern umgebenen Gelände vor und eröffneten das Feuer auf Polizisten. Bei dem anschließenden Gefecht wurden drei der Attentäter und drei Polizisten getötet, wie Istanbuls Gouverneur Muammer Güler mitteilte. Die Hintergründe des Vorfalls waren zunächst unklar. ... Drei deutsche Bergsteiger von der PKK entführt ...

blu color cia in italy

ya basta pontedera, 09.07.2008 15:28

cia in italy war gender global waradn repression politic

Chiapas: Plan Puebla Panamá, Phase 2

Japhy Wilson, 09.07.2008 14:15

Chiapas: Plan Puebla Panamá, Phase 2

Der Plan Puebla Panamá, ein Lieblingskind des transnationalen Kapitalismus, das von lokalen Widerständen strupfig geworden ist, soll .ausgerechnet u.a im rebellischen Chiapas (Mexiko) neue Sonntagskleidchen bekommen. Eine umwälzende Umstrukturierung der gesamten Infrastruktur bedroht Indigenas, Bauern und die autonomen zapatistischen Gemeinden, incl. Klima und Natur...

“Seminario Taller Análisis de Riesgo de Desastres y Protocolo de Evaluación en Proyectos de Inversión Publica”

Prof. Mg. Lincoln Alayo Bernal, 09.07.2008 01:33

El desastre es un fenómeno social, no es la ocurrencia del hecho meteorológico, sísmico o inundaciones etc., sino el impacto de ese hecho en una comunidad o sociedad. Más aún, el desastre es una manifestación de fallas en el sistema social para proteger a las personas ante consecuencias de fenómenos naturales. Cuanto más pobre es una región, mayor es el impacto del fenómeno natural y la posibilidad de que este se convierta en desastre. Además de que la pobreza aumenta la probabilidad de desastres, los desastres contribuyen a hacer más subdesarrollado el subdesarrollo. Los desastres son evitables con las políticas públicas adecuadas para reducir la vulnerabilidad de las sociedades.

Supreme Court, Inc.: Supremely Pro-Business

Stephen Lendman, 08.07.2008 20:40

the pro-business Roberts Court

Comunicado Publico

Martín Mogar, 08.07.2008 18:31

El vacío en la izquierda revolucionaria es evidente y dialécticamente debe ser llenado. Es la tarea de los cientos de grupos de izquierda que hay en el país. Es el momento de lograr la unificación de los revolucionarios, para frenar el remate del país y reiniciar el camino al socialismo que Allende dejó inconcluso.

BRD: Arbeitslosigkeit u. Exportindustrie wächst

Bruno Vollmer, 08.07.2008 17:30

Sahara-Solar-Panel Nur 22 Prozent der Befragten einer repräsentativen Umfrage des Bundesverbandes deutscher Banken aus dem November des Vorjahres glauben, dass Deutschland eindeutig zu den Gewinnern der Globalisierung gehört. Kann sich die Mehrheit der deutschen Bürger irren? Schauen wir uns die Fakten an. ......

Marching to the US Embassy in La Paz, Bolivia

ContraImagen Bolivia, 08.07.2008 17:07

The demonstration Movilization of farmers and indigenous people to the US Embassy in La Paz, Bolivia on the 16th of June, 2008.

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