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This Way Out: &quot;Beyond Marriage&quot; &amp; &quot;Buckshot Lunch&quot;

Overnight Productions, Inc., 21.07.2008 20:11

July 21, 2008: Feminist law professor critiques marriage equality movement; humorist Kate Clinton goes Cheney hunting. Plus Dubai and Kuwait cross-dresser crackdowns, US Senate shelves HIV border barrier, Methodist ministers risk rebuke for renegade weddings, gay Italian motorist wins suit over "disability" license, more news.

Moscow, July 3 2008. Voina group documents the “Cop In A Priest’s Cassock” action

anonymous, 21.07.2008 19:02

Cop with company exiting the &quot;United Russia&quot; party HQ Moscow, July 3 – members of the Voina group have documented a late night robbery in a high-class supermarket in downtown Moscow. The thief appeared to be a police officer with his uniform covered by an Orthodox priest’s cassock.

social forces and truth

Martin Concoyle, 21.07.2008 19:01

scientific truth needs to be explained because science institutions mis-represent scientific truth

The Personal RFID-Based Tracker / Locator (Buy or Rent)

Monty Henry, 21.07.2008 17:53

Open 24/7/365! Enter Coupon Code: " Indy-Media" and save 5% (Please do not use quotes). Surveillance and Security Equipment Demonstration Videos (Watch & Listen): * Alzheimer or Elderly Family Members * Wandering Children * Lost Pets Prevention * Personal Belongings * Place inside your car in large parking lots to find your car in seconds! This item rents for $75.00 per week.

4 Arrested in Civil Disobedience on Zeb Mountain

Anonymayous, 21.07.2008 17:44

Participants at the march MARCH ON ZEB MOUNTAIN
Organizers Gather in East Tennessee to Protest
Mountaintop Removal

Organization Principles towards Top and Bottom line growth

Upadrista Venkatesh, 21.07.2008 16:59

An Approach based on my experiences Most top management teams are in the views that increasing the top line revenue growth by concentrating on the sales will tend to a profitable account which is definitely true in a sense that implicitly we concentrate on the bottom line revenues. But many of us tend to focus more on the top line leaving aside the bottom line growth to our senior managers and middle managers. I have seen many cases and references from the industry where organization has tend to shell off their units merely because of the fact of failures that their managers had chosen and concentrated more towards getting the new business rather then concentrating the profit margins for the existing accounts. The consequences of failed accounts can be disconsolate. Lost business, lost jobs, and lost opportunity thereby leading to the organization concluding its operations. Put it in perspective, consider this: In just a 12-month period, one of my known organization that average closing $100 million worth of projects has seen a 40M loss in those projects at risk of failing and well that was the case with nearly half of many organization's which are at the same risk at any given time, no matter the size of the organization. Account Management principles put forth in this whitepaper will be introducing you to a comprehensive account growth values with a review and recovery process that helps you identify the areas which needs concentration throughout your existence in the industry. There are 2 phases of business values which are the top line and the bottom line growth which will be discussed in detailed:

Spanien: Interview RA Arzuaga - Prozess 33/01

Juanako Ortegas, 21.07.2008 16:13

RA Arzuaga Wir haben bereits vor einiger Zeit über den Prozess gegen 27 Bürger- und Menschenrechtsaktivisten berichtet, die in verschiedenen Gruppen der Dachorganisation Gestoras Pro Amnistía-Askatasuna (Bewegung Pro-Amnestie - Freiheit) aktiv waren und sind. Die Verhandlung ist mittlerweile abgeschlossen, der Staatsanwalt hat für 21 Angeklagte zehn Jahre Haft gefordert, für weitere drei der Angeklagten 13 Jahre, gegen drei Personen wurde die Anklage fallen gelassen. Der Prozess fand vor dem umstrittenen spanischen Sondergerichtshof Audiencia National statt. Im Herbst 2008 wird das Urteil verkündet. .... Interview mit Julen Arzuaga Rechtsanwalt und einer der 27 Angeklagten im Prozess 33/01 ....

5th Peoples Global Action Gathering (PGA) North Greece (Alexandroupoli) 18th to 25th of August

Peoples Global Action, 21.07.2008 15:02

announcement of the preparation group of the 5th PGA conference in Europe this time will take place in North Greece

5th Peoples Global Action Gathering (PGA) North Greece (Alexandroupoli) 18th to 25th of August

Peoples Global Action, 21.07.2008 15:02

announcement of the preparation group of the 5th PGA conference in Europe this time will take place in North Greece

Peruvian government recognizes Ayahuasca as cultural heritage

Jakobien, 21.07.2008 14:02

Two Peruvian mestizos making ayahuasca The Institute of National Culture has declared the knowledge and traditional uses of ayahuasca as national cultural heritage, in order to guarantee their cultural continuation within native Amazonian communities.

A Brazen Evil: Israel Blackmails the World

Justin, 21.07.2008 13:19

"Americans must reject this attempt at moral blackmail with the contempt it deserves – and perhaps begin to reexamine the "special relationship" that enables Israel to even contemplate such crimes against humanity. As for Morris, he should be shunned by every decent human being, although perhaps that description doesn't apply to the editors of the New York Times."

New internet newspaper &quot;Salvo of the revolution&quot;

Shmuel Yerushalmi, 21.07.2008 12:27

Invitation to the site

Prelude to war: Dictatorial Powers. Look out Iran

Andy Worthington with help from General Joe, 21.07.2008 12:17

"Disturbingly, as Judge Motz mentioned above, the court also indicated its presumption that its ruling applies not just to legal residents like Marri, but to U.S. citizens as well. Judge Traxler noted, "it is likely that the constitutional rights our court determines exist, or do not exist, for Marri will apply equally to our own citizens under like circumstances," and Judge Motz explained that the lack of distinction between citizens and residents had become apparent at oral argument, when the government "finally acknowledged that an alien legally resident in the United States, like Marri, has the same Fifth Amendment due process rights as an American citizen. For this reason, the government had to concede that if Marri can be detained as an enemy combatant, then the government can also detain any American citizen on the same showing and through the same process."

Narcotraficante Neo-Nazi pacta con Obispo Fernando Lugo

Luis Agüero Wagner, 21.07.2008 11:28

El mismo obispo de los pueblos y de los pobres que for export festejaba el sábado el aniversario sandinista, en casa ha sellado pactos con un temible narcotraficante neo-nazi.

OBAMA :The postmodern coup

Webster Tarpley, 21.07.2008 08:57

This book exposes Obama, but it does so from a standpoint that is
fundamentally different from almost all other critical studies seen so
far. This book exposes and refutes Obama from the left.

Azamara gets close-up in Thailand and Vietnam

Mike Hood, 21.07.2008 08:48

Off Radar Cruise &amp; Ferry Review Azamara Cruises has modified its 2008/2009 cruise programme in the Far East to take passengers closer to several cities in Thailand and Vietnam and enhance passengers travel experiences.

Madagascar, the nature sanctuary

La Dolce Vita, 21.07.2008 08:44

La Dolce Vita Discover Madagascar - the planet’s fourth biggest island, a land that seems to guard the most ancient secrets of Africa and which leaves visitors saucer-eyed, awestruck by the sheer variety of its natural history and the richness of its culture.

Dungeon Spies: Left Hand Doesn't Know It's Right

Unwanted Publicity, 21.07.2008 04:41

Intelligence Medallion Spy versus spy, classified alibi defenses, two (2) spies working separate missions, both targeted for assassination, and imprisoned where they were left to rot as U.S. government sacrifices, until one revealed the other was an ongoing threat to U.S. national security.

County workers take stand alleging harassment, discrimination

Kathleen L'Ecluse at 427-6933 or, 21.07.2008 03:23

Three CPS employees describe the unlawful conduct of the Child Protective Services Unit of Solano County, an agency charged with the care of some of Solano County's most vulnerable residents.

The Personal RFID-Based Tracker (Buy or Rent)

Monty Henry, 20.07.2008 23:31

Open 24/7/365! Enter Coupon Code: " Indy-Media" and save 5% (Please do not use quotes). Surveillance and Security Equipment Demonstration Videos (Watch & Listen): * Alzheimer or Elderly Family Members * Wandering Children * Lost Pets Prevention * Personal Belongings * Place inside your car in large parking lots to find your car in seconds!

Poverty Quest

Maggie Hughes, 20.07.2008 21:54

Round tables and hearings structured on the business model will never reveal the parameters of poverty.

Warum tötest du?

Tom Schröder, 20.07.2008 14:43

Blair und Bush Oder ...: Wie gerecht muss ein Weltgericht sein? Ein offener Brief von Jürgen Todenhöfer an den Chefankläger des Internationalen Strafgerichtshofes ...... Anklage gegen George W. Bush und Tony Blair ..... EILMELDUNG! - Bush, Cheney, Rice, Blair, Merkel, Schäuble und viele andere festgenommen und nach Den Haag überführt? .....

Viaje a Hollywood sin salir de Guadalajara

Asociación cultural sécolectivoforzoso, 20.07.2008 14:07

Este verano Hollywood y Moratilla de los Meleros (Guadalajara) se convertirán en ciudades hermanas.

La agrupación artística sécolectivoforzoso lo celebra organizando unas jornadas culturales del 24 al 27 de julio.

A West Bank Town's Fight to Survive

Neve Gordon, 20.07.2008 04:01

The residents of the town of Ni'lin continue to fight Israel's efforts to take away their land. Is anyone listening?


Monty Henry, 20.07.2008 03:13

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offene Brief an Deutsche Regerung

chak, 19.07.2008 23:56

Ihre Regierung hat chemische Waffen an den irakischen Staat geliefert und nach der Vertreibung der Kurden aus der Gegend um Halabja den Aufbau strategischer Dörfer seitens der Firma Dobler für das irakische faschistische Regime gebaut. Sie hat außerdem Waffenhandel mit der Türkei betrieben und gegenüber deren rassistischer Politik gegen das kurdische Volk geschwiegen. Dies sind nur einige kleine Beispiele über ihre Beteiligung am Massenmord an Kurden und zeigt eine feindselige Haltung gegen unsere Rechte.

Saving Iceland Stops Work at Century Aluminium Construction Site

Saving Iceland, 19.07.2008 18:19

Locked on! Work stopped for the whole day! HELGUVIK (ICELAND) – Early this morning 40 activists from over 10 countries occupied the construction site where Century Aluminum are preparing to build their Helguvík aluminium smelter, and chained themselves to machinery and cranes. The protest is aimed at damage to geothermal areas in southwest Iceland and Century’s environmental and human rights abuses in Jamaica and Africa.

Prison and Drug Economy Expert Catherine Austin Fitts on

African People's Solidarity Committee, 19.07.2008 17:59

Catherine Austin Fitts Inner Workings of the Parasitic Economy

This week on Solidarity Not Charity Penny Hess will interview Catherine Austin Fitts, former Wall Street investment banker and Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under the administration of George Herbert Walker Bush.

Torture As Official US Policy

Stephen Lendman, 19.07.2008 17:50

America's darkest hour.

Zivile Opfer in Afghanistan

Bernd Mayer-Gerold, 19.07.2008 17:15

ISAF-Afghanistan In Afghanistan wächst nach den vielen zivilen Opfern bei Militäreinsätzen die Wut. Die Skepsis gegenüber allen Ausländern werde größer, stellt ein UN-Sprecher fest. Die Militärs sollten überlegen, wie sie ihre Strategie ändern könnten, fordern Experten.

Afghanistan: Obama tour war zone

Neil Diamond, 19.07.2008 14:36

Obama Kabul Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama arrived in Afghanistan on Saturday, the first stop on a campaign-season tour of war zones, a spokesman said.
Less than four months before the general election, Obama's first visit to Afghanistan, with a subsequent stop in Iraq, was rich with political implications, although the Illinois senator flew as part of an official congressional delegation.

[Sindicato Obrero Inmigrante] – Denuncia ante la Fiscalía General del Estado en España por las graves agresiones policiales a Renzo Pirca.

Sindicato Obrero Inmigrante (SOI-CTM), 19.07.2008 13:39

Foto 1 RESUMEN: En el pasado mes de mayo, nuestro compañero Renzo sufrió unas graves agresiones en su propia casa, con allanamiento de morada incluida, por parte de cuatro policías pertenecientes a la comisaría de Usera (Madrid). La denuncia será interpuesta el próximo martes día 22 de julio a las 12 del mediodía en la Fiscalía General del Estado (C/ Fortuny, 4 - Madrid). Todas/os debemos acompañarlo, pero como siempre, cuando se trata de una persona precaria, sólo apoyaran o se harán presentes las personas dignas.


Maj.Wm. B. Fox, Cpt.Eric H. May, 19.07.2008 12:22

An impressive medley of military officers join Captain Eric H. May in alerting the public to the danger of Bush administration foul play in the upcoming terror drills Noble Resolve and Diablo Bravo.

Eco Anthem

Valrita Fournier, 19.07.2008 07:53

There is an eco anthem, a real call to action on environmental issues, free to hear and share. See it on or Livevideo, or Mevio,or Stickam


Rising Tide UK, 19.07.2008 00:23

Compiled and sent out by Rising Tide UK: info at
To receive this News Sheet monthly, email news-subscribe at with the subject line 'subscribe' (without the quotes).

RT newsheets will be short and sweet over the summer due to very active


Monty Henry, 18.07.2008 23:17

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Protecting the Earth Mother from mining

Brenda Norrell, 18.07.2008 22:52

Photo of Carrie Dann by Brenda Norrell Indigenous Peoples from the Americas are organizing to halt the destruction of mining and toxic industries destroying the Earth Mother. Listen live to the Indigenous Environmental Network's Conference on Western Shoshone lands:


Departamento de Comunicaciones, 18.07.2008 20:14

Se trata de la propuesta sobre Derechos Sexuales y Reproductivos que hizo referencia a la libertad y autonomía de todos los sectores, incluidos lesbianas, gays, bisexuales, y transexuales. El Movilh comenzó ya a trabajar su apoyo a la propuesta, poniéndose en contacto con la Comisión de Salud del Congreso Nacional.

El progresismo capitalista del Conosur.

José Miguel García González, 18.07.2008 17:50

Los Gobiernos Progresistas del Conosur que desoyen el mandato de la tradición de la Izquierda Latinoamericana. La penetración de la inversión extranjera y la profundización de la dependencia con las transnacionales. ¿Deberemos sufrir 200 años más de expolición para lograr nuestra segunda independencia?

BMW-Biker: Medien-Getue, Spagat, Dressur-Highlight

Raul Streck, 18.07.2008 16:20

Bikers Days 2008 Auf spricht man vom ruinösen Wiederverkauf des Deutschen liebsten Bikes, der BMW R 1200 GS. Auslöser waren Probleme mit den Handprotektoren, bei denen die Presse gezielt weggeschaut haben soll ... BMW und die Presse im Zentrum der Kritik ... Ich liebe den Motorsport und kann keinen Tag ohne Motorrad. Darum fahre ich weder BMW noch Suzuki.

federal whistle blower finally exonerated of stock fraud after eight years of hell on Earth

Americans For Truth &amp; Justice, 18.07.2008 07:19

Due Diligence Is The Duty Of Every Citizen U.S. Senior District Judge Weinstein agrees to dismiss all charges against federal agent turned whistle blower who insisted on representing himself

Islands and archipelagos of the northern seas

La Dolce Vita, 18.07.2008 06:18

Perpetual Traveller Discover sailing in the northern seas and experience an age-old history emerge from the deep, cold waters and the wild landscapes that may not always be friendly to man, but they are still capable of showing how wonderful and spectacular nature can be.

Orient Lines to sail on

Mike Hood, 18.07.2008 05:38

Off Radar Cruise &amp; Ferry Review Speculations regarding the name of the first ship of Orient Cruise Lines. Cruise industry veteran Wayne Heller acquired the brand name last week from Star Cruises.


Monty Henry, 18.07.2008 05:10

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The Shortwave Report 7/18/08 Listen Globally

Dan Roberts, 17.07.2008 23:56

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Cuba, and Russia.

Demarcação de terra indígena e defesa do santuário ecológico e espiritual

gaia, 17.07.2008 21:06

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Demarcação de terra indígena inédita no Distrito Federal e defesa do santuário ecológico e espiritual ameaçados pela especulação imobiliária

The (Not-So) Sudden Crisis of the Global Food Ecomony

Tony Weiss, 17.07.2008 18:50

In recent months major international banks, financial newspapers and mass media have been forced to recognize that there is a major food crisis and that hundreds of millions of people face hunger, malnutrition and outright starvation. World conferences have been convoked and national emergencies have been declared, as millions riot in nearly fifty countries, threatening to overthrow regimes. In North America and Europe, skyrocketing food prices, combined with stagnant wages, home evictions and debt payments threaten incumbent regimes and increase pressures on all governments to take urgent action.

Live from Western Shoshone's Healing Mother Earth Conference

Brenda Norrell, 17.07.2008 17:46

Earthcycles' web radio is broadcasting live from the Western Shoshone's South Fork Powwow grounds. The 15th Indigenous Environmental Network's Protecting Mother Earth Conference, July 17 -- 20, 2008 is live and uncensored.

Castro y las FARC: Ocho tesis erróneas

Pedro Gipiscoda, 17.07.2008 17:18

Castro y Maradona Cuando el principal líder niega la historia revolucionaria y la práctica de un movimiento popular en marcha, está negándoles a los movimientos del futuro una rica herencia de resistencia y estructura exitosa. La historia no lo absolverá .......

Drought and Israeli Policy Threatens West Bank Water Security

Stephen Lendman, 17.07.2008 15:31

Inadequate West Bank water resources.

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