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American Express Corporation is Insolvent

AMX Ex-Customer, 25.07.2008 02:12

Attention - Attention - Attention



Your Immediate Action Is Required!!!

American Express Corporation in extreme severe financial distress - You are in extreme danger of immediate financial loss - losing all funds, investments, holdings, account receivables, etc., held by American Express or its subordinate subsidiaries.

I was told that “American Express is having trouble meeting its Federal Reserve Requirements required by law.” I asked why they had resorted to illegal acts without proper and dully required notice and due process of law. I was told that it is the way that they are trying to meet their Federal Reserve Requirements.

I requested to speak to her supervisor and after pressing her supervisor. I was told the same thing that “American Express is having extreme difficulty in meeting its Federal Reserve Deposit Requirements required by law”.

If American Express is having trouble meeting its Federal Reserve Requirement Required By Law - They are Extremely Insolvent and have failed to disclosed this fact to their shareholders, investment account holders, ect. This is TOTALLY ILLEGAL. This is A Complete violation of the Security Exchange Commission rules and regulations.

The only way that American Express Corporation can keep their Insolvent Sunk Ship afloat is to stop or delay people from removing money from their Investment and other Accounts, Stop people from spending money that they guaranteed their card holders causing irreparable and permanent damage and injury to each one of their card holders. This leaves them TOTALLY INSOLVENT AND ALLOWS EACH PERSON TO SUE THEM AND CLASS ACTION LAW SUITS TO BE BROUGHT AGAINST AMERICAN EXPRESS CORPORATION FOR NUMEROUS VIOLATIONS OF LAW AND CIVIL RIGHTS OF ITS CUSTOMERS, INVERTORS, DEPOSITORS, SHAREHOLDERS.

American Express also fails and refuses to pay on Employee Matching Donations that they Guarantee and donation are being declined on their credit cards from donors.

Latin American media broadcasts FARC statement

Colombia Activist, 25.07.2008 01:36

Recent events in Colombia have been widely discussed in the U.S. media, but what has been missing is the voice of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). Without that, there cannot be an informed discussion of the issues at play.

We reprint below the PSL's translation of a July 15 statement issued by FARC leader Alfonso Cano published by the New Colombia News Agency and TeleSUR. Subheadings have been introduced for ease of reading.

The Shortwave Report 7/25/08 Listen Globally

Dan Roberts, 25.07.2008 00:22

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Cuba, and Russia.

Socialismo por Encima de Todo y Elecciones de Noviembre

Prensa Popular Comunistas Miranda// F.R.B., 25.07.2008 00:07

Para el Partido Comunista de Venezuela las Elecciones Regionales y de Alcaldes de Noviembre son una oportunidad para profundizar la lucha por avanzar al Socialismo en Venezuela.-

Prosecutorial Timidity For White Collar Crimes: Long Term Costs to Residents

Dwight Hines, 24.07.2008 21:34

Failure of the state attorney to enforce public records and public meeting laws in the seventh circuit in Florida has allowed environmental crimes to go unpunished and uncorrected. The election offers the hope that the new state attorney will realize that access to records are integral to the well-being of local governance and to the community.

Libertarian Progressives: defining the destination

Roger White, 24.07.2008 21:06

Will libertarians and progressives ever get it together? The answer to that question may determine whether the U.S. remains a one party state with two political cliques or develops into a real democracy.

Free Florida home wind inspections exceed grant goals

Reduce Wind Insurance, 24.07.2008 20:30

Florida Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink has announced that free wind inspections through the My Safe Florida Home (MSFH) program are close to achieving their goal on free wind inspections.

Why only Omar al-Bashir and not Bush too?

Hans Magnus Fielsmann, 24.07.2008 18:12

Bush / Ratzinger ICC Prosecutor's Indictment of Sudan President al-Bashir Called Double Standard of Justice
The chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Court (ICC), Luis Moreno-Ocampo requested on July 14 that the Court issue an arrest warrant for the sitting head of state of Sudan, President Omar al-Bashir. The Court will decide on the request in the next two or three months. The request, however, has met with a strong chorus of criticism.

bush and the mormons

x, 24.07.2008 17:29

mccain is the mormon candidate this time....

New Rx for kids is a tough pill for this dad to swallow

By Tim Enstice, 24.07.2008 17:10

Giving overweight children cholesterol-lowering drugs, as the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests, is not the best way to prevent them from becoming tomorrow’s heart patients. A better solution is to teach kids to eat healthful vegetarian foods.

What the Media Hates About Recreate '68

Douglas McDaniel, 24.07.2008 14:58

The media has had a field day making all it can out of the Denver umbrella organization for protests at the Democratic National Convention, Recreate '68, but in the land of smoke and mirrors, they are in fact just a bunch of folks who have been paying attention. And, rather than trying to incite insurrection, just want delegates at the DNC to try to do a better job of paying attention, too ...

Anti-War Movement Successfully Pushes Back Against Military Confrontation With Iran: Keep It Up!

Mark Weisbrot, 24.07.2008 10:19

"Of course, this is just one skirmish in the long battle to end this current, senseless war in Iraq -- a war that has needlessly claimed the lives of more than 4000 Americans and, according to the best scientific estimates, more than a million Iraqis; and to prevent our leaders from launching another criminally insane war. But it shows that, even in the rather limited form of democracy as exists in 21st century America, there is an organized anti-war movement and it has real power. It doesn't look like the anti-war movement of the last century, with street demonstrations, nationally known leaders, and regular expressions of public outrage. (It's not clear that the major media would give much more attention to the movement or its views -- that is, the views of the majority of the country -- even if it did pull huge crowds into the streets.)

But it is there, it is organized, it is intelligent and strategic. It will continue to grow, no matter what happens in November."


BRUNO BERARDI, 24.07.2008 08:48



Monty Henry, 24.07.2008 07:21

Open 24/7/365! Enter Coupon Code: " Indy-Media" and save 5% (Please do not use quotes). Perfect For Covert Surveillance In Schools, Banks, Airports, Museums, and Offices Surveillance and Security Equipment Demonstration Videos (Watch & Listen): What looks like a regular mirror is actually a hidden camera with a built-in DVR! The device is made from a patented material that acts as a functional mirror while still allowing the miniature hidden camera to record crystal-clear video from behind the glass. The Square Mirror Camera is trusted for surveillance at high-security bank ATM machines, airports, museums, as well as in schools and offices. Wide Angle Low Light Camera Records All The Action!

Obama (and Big Media) Turn Blind Eye to Israeli Apartheid

Ben Prevost, 24.07.2008 07:18

Obama A well-written and cogently presented piece. The irony of the Israeli/Palestinian nightmare is that there is a lot more serious criticism within Israel than exist in America. The Jewish lobby's lock on America's foreign policy is well documented and anyone who dares to deviate from the program pays dearly.

New Hong Kong cruise terminal delayed

Mike Hood, 24.07.2008 05:49

Off Radar Cruise &amp; Ferry Review Building of new cruise terminal in Hong Kong will be delayed because Government decided to re-tender for the re-development of the former airport site at Kai Tak.

The Female Perpetual Traveller

Antonella Varbaro, 24.07.2008 05:44

Perpetual Traveller Lately the tourism business is finally focusing more than ever on women and their specific needs. Women need to stay on their own sometimes and demand a special space to call their own. Today’s women are always a spree to rediscover their fun-loving and confident selves.

Paris france la prisonière politique Marina Petrella est transferée a l'hopital saint anne

libérez Marina, 24.07.2008 02:02

nous exigeons le respect de la parole donnèe

Non a l'extradition de Marina Petrella

THIS IS IT: We the People Need Kucinich to Impeach, BUT HE NEEDS US MORE!

Lucia Revo, 24.07.2008 01:41

Want to see Bush and Cheney held accountable? THIS IS IT - the moment we’ve been hoping for

SIGN THE IMPEACHMENT PETITION BY KUCINICH NOW (before Friday the 25th is best) -

Please help us get the word out as much as possible by Friday! See press release at bottom for videos and info.


ABDEL, 23.07.2008 23:13

Voila une vidéo sur le camp de rétention de Vincennes détruit complètement par les flammes

The heroic story of the Quran petition

V Sundaram, 23.07.2008 21:57

Three heroic sons of India, namely Sri Chandmal Chopra, advocate of Calcutta High Court, Sri Hamangshu Kumar Chakraborthy and Sri Sital Singh filed an application in the Calcutta High Court under Article 226 of the Constitution of India on 29 March, 1985, praying for a Writ of Mandamus directing the State of West Bengal to declare each copy of the Quran, whether in the original Arabic or in its translation in any of the languages, as forfeited to the government.

July 28 Protest Against Police Violence, Unjust Imprisonment

Uhuru Movement, 23.07.2008 19:37

July 28 Protest Against Police Violence, Unjust Imprisonment July 28 Demonstration to Launch
"Uhuru Summer Against State Terror"


What: Demonstration
When: Monday, July 28 at NOON
Where: The Clothespin, 15 and Market, Philadelphia
Contact: Harris Daniels, 857-233-7508

Mukasey to Congress: Defy the Rule of Law

Stephen Lendman, 23.07.2008 19:17

More attempted administration lawlessness.

BP On Clean Energy Initiatives: We’re Just Getting Started, 23.07.2008 18:38

Head of BP’s Alternative Energy Division, Vivian Cox Discusses Commitment to Clean Energy

Berlusconi erhält Freibrief für Straftaten

Pietro Scarafungi, 23.07.2008 17:44

Silvio B. - George B. Jetzt muss er nicht mehr vor Gericht: Berlusconi lässt sich per Gesetz vor Strafe schützen. Der italienische Senat hat am Dienstagabend mit großer Mehrheit einem Gesetz zugestimmt, das Regierungschef Silvio Berlusconi künftig vor der Verfolgung durch die Strafjustiz schützt. ... Ialiens Senat schützt Regierungschef vor der Justiz!

Explosive new evidence of post-9/11 spying on Americans

Salon, 23.07.2008 15:28

Salon has uncovered new evidence of post-9/11 spying on Americans. Obtained documents point to a potential investigation of the White House that could rival Watergate.

26,000 Christian Pastors For Martial Law

x, 23.07.2008 14:57

These pastors are all mind control operatives of a foreign power, attempting to reinstall royalty via worship of a lord and king, and they are the new ss...

Richard Holbrooke: &quot;Osama bin Laden Europas&quot;!?

Mirko Vulkid, 23.07.2008 14:37

Radovan Karadzic Radovan Karadzic sorgt wieder für Konflikte: Nach der Festnahme des ehemaligen Präsidenten der bosnischen Serben ist die Lage in Belgrad gespannt. EU und USA begrüßen die Inhaftierung ... Die Festnahme des ehemaligen Präsidenten der bosnischen Serben, Radovan Karadzic, hat international für Aufsehen gesorgt. Nach 13 Jahren auf der Flucht wurde der inzwischen 63-Jährige in der Nacht zum Dienstag erstmals von einem Untersuchungsrichter in Belgrad vernommen.

Ocean Village in major passenger incident

Mike Hood, 23.07.2008 10:44

Off Radar Cruise &amp; Ferry Review UK cruise operator Ocean Village will be sued by a 53-year old British man who lost his leg after severely burning it while on a cruise.

Istanbul Emotions

La Dolce Vita, 23.07.2008 10:38

Perpetual Traveller Istanbul,Turkey’s most monumental city,lying on the two shores of the Bosporus - one in Europe, the other in Asiat. The sprawling Turkish metropolis recounts its ancient splendour with its mosques, palaces and museums brimming with treasures.

Paris les grèves des travailleurs sans papiers sétendent

soutien aux sans papiers, 23.07.2008 10:37

la gréves des travailleurs-es sans papiers ne connait pas les vacances

Marcha Mundial por la Paz y la No Violencia

Mundo sin Guerras. España, 23.07.2008 10:31

Marcha en Barcelona Un centenar de personas reunidas en Barcelona realizaron una marcha por la ciudad como primer acto de apoyo a la Marcha Mundial por la Paz y la No Violencia


Monty Henry, 23.07.2008 04:09

Open 24/7/365! Enter Coupon Code: " Indy-Media" and save 5% (Please do not use quotes). Perfect For Covert Surveillance In Schools, Banks, Airports, Museums, and Offices Surveillance and Security Equipment Demonstration Videos (Watch & Listen):

This year's Olympics: not all fun and games

Joe Blow, 22.07.2008 20:34

Torture, Pollution, Forced abortion, oh my! China's guilty of a number of crimes against humanity, animals and the environment. We encourage you to take your pick and boycott this year's Olympics in Beijing

Green Movie Night and Forum- &quot;Still We Ride&quot; and &quot;Velorution&quot;

M. Plontkin, 22.07.2008 18:32

Come absorb some of the most insightful films, documentaries and commentaries across a wide spectrum of relevant topics of today and tomorrow. Urban Alliance for Sustainability's Green Movie Night provides a casual space for you to meet others in the local sustainability movement and encourages lively, open discussion. Local organizations working on the theme of the month participate in a Q/A discussion with the goal of creating effective collaborations and solutions. Afterwards, conversation continues down the block at Elixir (, a Green-Certified bar

Attacking disabled children who cannot defend themselves

Father of an autistic Son, 22.07.2008 17:19

In a hate filled broadcast a failed author moonlighting as a shock jock attacks children disabled by autism and insults their parents saying their lack of mental abuse towards children such as insults and name calling, how he was raised, has merely made them brats with parents running a racket and scam against the system. He compares it to how asthma is abused and accuses non-Caucasian races of using that as their racket to scam money and services.

Schäuble wirbt für neuen elektronischen Personalausweis

Claus Zumkinkel, 22.07.2008 16:43

Scheuble-E-PA Bundesinnenminister Wolfgang Schäuble hat am heutigen Dienstag in Berlin das Grobkonzept für den geplanten elektronischen Personalausweis auch offiziell vorgestellt. Neu ist an dem Großprojekt, dass am morgigen Mittwoch vom Bundeskabinett beschlossen werden soll, neben dem kleineren Scheckkartenformat und der verpflichtenden Aufnahme eines digitalen Lichtbilds als biometrisches Merkmal eine freiwillig aktivierbare elektronische Funktion zur Authentisierung im Internet. Ebenfalls freiwillig soll die Möglichkeit sein, wie im biometrischen Reisepass der aktuellen Generation zwei Fingerabdrücke auf dem vorgesehenen kontaktlos auslesbaren Chip speichern zu lassen.

Mohawk Kahentinetha to United Nations: 'Canada conspired to kill us'

Brenda Norrell, 22.07.2008 16:09

Photo Sagowaiaks Kahentinetha Horn, publisher of Mohawk Nation News, living in fear for her life, files complaint with United Nations, after suffering a heart attack in a police stress hold.

Die Stunde der Patrioten

Frankie Boy, 22.07.2008 15:51

Angie-Patrioten Auch Deutsche wollen mit der Freiwilligendivision Angela in den Krieg ziehen ..... Die USA suchen ihre Superstars nicht nur auf den Schlachtfeldern dieser Welt, sondern auch im TV. [extern] American Idol heißt die amerikanische "Superstar"-Show, die der Sender Fox gerade ausstrahlt. Und wer in kriegerischen Zeiten ein richtiges amerikanisches Idol werden möchte, der kümmert sich nicht um so banale Dinge wie Frieden oder Liebe, sondern der zeigt patriotisch gestimmt Flagge. Auch bei der Auswahl seiner Lieder.

The Medvedev proposal: Russia’s &quot;New Order&quot; of security relations incorporating the US, Russia and the European Union

William Engdahl, 22.07.2008 15:40

"In a major speech recently in a Deutsche Bank conference in Moscow, Lavrov called for a strategic pause in the trans-Atlantic debate with a mutual freeze on controversial actions like NATO expansion, US missile defense deployments in Eastern Europe, US recognition of Kosovo, and frozen conflicts in the former Soviet Union such as around Georgia.

Lavrov proposed that Russia, the EU and the US should stop "arguing over superficial issues" like a League of Democracies replacing the UN, or spheres of influence, and focus on immediate real-life challenges where interests clearly coincide like arms control, counter-proliferation, combating terrorism. Significantly, while warning against "sliding backward into the past," Lavrov called for trans-Atlantic cooperation to deal with the global challenges that could not be dealt with during the Cold War – fighting world poverty, hunger, and communicable diseases."

US detainee's lips sewn shut and wires shoved through his cheeks

Wikileaks, 22.07.2008 14:36

Photo leaked from a military computer

Voina action - Goods stolen by the Cop In A Priest's Cassock

anonymous, 22.07.2008 14:07

A hairy Orthodox youngster presents the shoplifted goods The July 3 2008 Voina group action featured a new role model for today's Russia - the cop in a priest's cassock. Inside the "United Russia" HQ a member of the Cop's company, an Orthodox youngster, has presented what was stolen in the "Sedmoy Kontinent" supermarket.




LA's Avant Garde Playwright Sinner Living with Multiple Sclerosis Captures FringeNYC

Sheryl Mandel, 22.07.2008 07:51

Photo of Betsy Moore courtesy of Theatre Revelation John Sinner's Theatre Revelation company Premieres "2 BY SINNER"
Unburthen (To My Soul's Delight!)& If Water Were Present It Would Be Called Drowning. Chosen by the prestigious International New York Fringe Festival FringeNYC- to open in August, 2008.

Norwegian Sky returns to Miami

Mike Hood, 22.07.2008 06:03

Off Radar Cruise &amp; Ferry Review Start of the Miami cruise season of NCL’s 2,002 passenger capacity vessel Norwegian Sky.

Wonders of the World

Sharon Mckinley, 22.07.2008 05:58

Perpetual Traveller 7 Ancient and Modern wonders of the world. Why seven? The number seven was chosen because the Greeks believed it to be magical!

AIM on Churchill-no radical, no Indian, no activist, Just aself serving Special Agent of the FBI!

Ogitchidaag, 22.07.2008 01:43

For those who are not yet brainwashed by the left on Special Agent Churchill. The CIA Contra supporter. THe COP.

El INESCER festejo veintiún años de vida

Luciano Aguilar, 21.07.2008 20:48

El INESCER festejo sus 21 años de vida y lo hiso en su sede central, con la participación de todos sus alumnos.

Moscow, July 3 2008. Voina group documents the “Cop In A Priest’s Cassock” action

anonymous, 21.07.2008 20:18

Cop with company exiting the &quot;United Russia&quot; party HQ Moscow, July 3 – members of the Voina group have documented a late night robbery in a high-class supermarket in downtown Moscow. The thief appeared to be a police officer with his uniform covered by an Orthodox priest’s cassock.

Jeff Halper's &quot;An Israeli in Palestine&quot; - Part I

Stephen Lendman, 21.07.2008 20:17

Halper's excellent book.

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