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New Writers Email List for Writers Covering NYC RNC Protests

kirsten anderberg, 21.06.2004 23:14

There is a new writers list for reporters and journalists coming to NYC for the RNC protests this summer at Put RNC Writers in the search box at for info to join...It is a place to share resources, coordination of coverage, etc...

Josh Harper Speaks Out On Video (Shac 7 News)

Afro Ken, 21.06.2004 22:59

Media activist Josh Harper of the Shac 7 discusses the terrorism charges filed against him for using exercising his freedom of speech.

'Security' Concerns Trump Academic Freedom at Commencement

Bill Cunningham, 21.06.2004 22:24

The four women arrived promptly at nine in the morning of Friday, June 4, and began handing out their flyers to people arriving to attend MIT's 2004 Commencement. They each had only a few hundred to give out, so they expected to be finished long before ceremonies would actually begin.

Instead, by 9:40am one woman was being booked at Cambridge Police headquarters for "disorderly conduct" and "disrupting a school assembly."

Dying for the rich. Four more U.S. GI's killed in Iraq today

jamie, 21.06.2004 21:40

Four more U.S. GI’s died in Iraq today. Death count of U.S. troops now at 845. Will you let your son or daughter be the next to die for the rich people who control (and are destroying) the world? Please spread widely. Jamie


NATIONAL-BOLSHEVIK, 21.06.2004 21:19


GW Bush is slapped!

jamie, 21.06.2004 21:18

A military judge tells GW he may not "destroy the evidence." U.S. forces are prohibited from tearing down torture prison. jamie

Israeli agents infest Iraq

Haaretz, 21.06.2004 20:44

Israel is re-instating it's espionage relations with Kurds in Iraq, amid pessimism
that USA cannot get a grip on Iraqi resistance.


OTRO MAYO GUADALAJARA, 21.06.2004 19:12

La marcha pacífica fue brutalmente reprimida El pasado 28 de mayo 111 personas fuern detenidas ilegalmente después de la marcha pacífica frente a la III cumbre América Latina y el Caribe - Unión Europea. 8 Extranjeros fueron deportados y 50 continuan bajo proceso legal, 4 de ellos son menores de edad y a 46 se les ha dictado auto de formal prisión con testimonios arrancados bajo tortura. Por ello, se convoca a una MOVILIZACIÓN GLOBAL el próximo 28 de junio, a un mes de las detenciones, por la liberación de estos presos políticos.

Analysis: Do Politicians Only Resign On Mondays?

marco, 21.06.2004 18:54

I don't know the answer to this question yet.
But I had to ask it.
John G Rowland, you ARE the weakest link.

Sleazy Ex-President Bill Clinton proves &quot;Crime Pays&quot;!

Fauxlosopher, 21.06.2004 18:06

Sleazy Ex-President Bill Clinton proves "Crime Pays"!

Latest picture to shock America : Slaughter on the street

Lech Mintowt-czyz, 21.06.2004 16:30

This is the latest picture to shock America and pile even greater pressure on George Bush over Iraq.


£, 21.06.2004 13:34

w$ bR

O2-Laden in Saalfeld von NPD als Propagandazentrale missbraucht

linkes klientel(efon), 21.06.2004 12:43

In einem kürzlich eröffneten Geschäft in Saalfelds(Thüringen) Innenstadt, Fleischgasse, wird von dem einschlägig bekannten Daniel P. rechtsgesinnte Propaganda verteilt. Ob die Konzernleitung von O2 das gut findet, ist zu bezweifeln, aber es wird zumindest toleriert!

On Venezuela's coming &quot;border crisis&quot;

jamie, 21.06.2004 02:38

The article below suggests likely plans to destablize this great oil producing nation and undermine it's quite remarkable left of globaization government. Please share with all who are interested in maintaining propects for democracy in our world. jamie

30 de junio: La oficialización de la &quot;Big Lie&quot; - Bonus Track: &quot;The Bush Horror Show&quot;

Edgardo Balduccio, 21.06.2004 01:01

Próximos a la promesa de la entrega del poder a Irak por parte del gobierno norteamericano, nos permitimos algunos repasos de lo que fue la guerra, sus elementos y consecuencias, la gran mentira histórica y la manipulación mediática que evolvió su desarrollo.

Ensayo privatizador del agua fracasa en el Perù

Carlos Franco Pacheco, 21.06.2004 00:21

Fracaso estrepitoso de la explotación privada de los servicios de agua de Pacasmayo, San Pedro de Lloc y otras del Valle del Jequetepeque donde los alcaldes entregaron estos servicios a la empresa Nordwasser SAC.

Rush Limbaugh leading the Kerry campaign

Red neck, 20.06.2004 22:40

Maybe you missed this story.

What started out as a humorous suggestion by radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh has turned into real-life political intrigue as Republican U.S. Sen. John McCain says he'd entertain the idea of being Democrat John Kerry's running mate.

Venezuela: In these times of scoundrels

Comision de Relaciones Anarquistas - newspaper El Libertario, 20.06.2004 19:42

* Facing the situation created by the referendum of 8/15/2004 to recall the president, the Comision de Relaciones Anarquistas and its newspaper El Libertario call for a radical rupture with those candidates for authoritarian power, presenting to the Venezuelan people ways out of the actual crisis based on mutual aid, direct action and self-management.

All hell breaking loose in Iraq!

jamie, 20.06.2004 19:11

Today's report from demonstrates the hell into which Bush and the neocons have plunged the Iraqi nation. U.S. troop loses now at 840 dead. More to come. jamie

Action Alert - Western Shoshone: War not just in Iraq

front lines, 20.06.2004 18:54

Crescent Valley, NV - The United States Congressmen are mirroring the same deceptive tactics in Western Shoshone territory in Nevada as in Iraq, said Western Shoshone as legislation was pushed to compensate tribal members for Aboriginal land in an effort to seize it and open it up for mining, energy and nuclear corporations.

While Western Shoshone maintain their Aboriginal land claim secured by the Treaty of Ruby Valley of 1863, their sacred Yucca Mountain is being gutted for nuclear dumping, their horses and cattle seized to make way for geothermal industries and the earth mutilated for gold extraction.

"If the war on terrorism is about protecting this country, then why is our own government trying to take away our homelands?" said Mary McCloud, Western Shoshone elder.

Israeli Journalist Accepts Anna Lindh Award in Stockholm

Amira Hass (acceptance speech), 20.06.2004 18:43

Amira Hass, Israeli Journalist Ha'aretz journalist Amira Hass on Friday was awarded the Anna Lindh award, created in memory of the slain Swedish foreign minister. Hass was the first recipient of the award.

The Torturers of Iraq

Posted by Gary Sudborough, 20.06.2004 17:22

Fascist mass murderers and torturers from the "dirty" wars against leftists in Latin America are being contracted by Blackwater to apply their disgusting techniques against the Iraqi people. The scum of the Earth are coming to Iraq!

Nuclear terror red alert for South Africa

forwarded, 20.06.2004 16:35

The United Nations nuclear watchdog has issued a worldwide high-security alert warning countries, including South Africa, about the dangers of possible nuclear terrorism attacks.

Texas Dems Unite Against Occupation of Iraq

David Swanson, 20.06.2004 14:22

Delegates to the Texas Democratic Convention on Saturday found a unifying passion that the Democratic Party nationally has lacked. If the national convention in Boston ends up looking anything like this state convention in Houston, the Dems will have developed a powerful answer to the common question "Well, yeah, Bush is lousy but what does Kerry stand for?" Why? Because the Texas Democratic Convention passed a resolution supporting the establishment of a Department of Peace.

Texas Dems pass Resolution endorsing medical marijuana

Tammera Halphen, 20.06.2004 14:13

Thanks to supporters of Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich, Texas Democrats have adopted a medical marijuana resolution at their State Convention this weekend.

Old britannia's Rifles

£, 20.06.2004 14:02

W$ bR

BTL:At Their Georgia Summit, G-8 Nations Fail to Cancel Debt for...

Between the Lines' Scott Harris, 20.06.2004 12:00

...World's Poorest Countries~ Interview with Njoki Njehu, director of the 50 Years is Enough Network, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

Bush plans to screen whole US population for mental illness-The Texas Project

Jeanne Lenzer, 20.06.2004 02:55

The Texas Project started in 1995 as an alliance of individuals from the pharmaceutical industry, the University of Texas, and the mental health and corrections systems of Texas. The project was funded by a Robert Wood Johnson grant—and by several drug companies.

Iraq war notes for Sunday, 6/19/04

Reposted from by jamie, 20.06.2004 00:27

U.S. death toll in Iraq now at 839 as reported by

Bush: Let The Drugging Start In Pre-School

Jeanne Lenzer, 20.06.2004 00:26

Bush is the clear front runner when it comes to drug company contributions. According to the Center for Responsive Politics (CRP), manufacturers of drugs and health products have contributed $764 274 to the 2004 Bush campaign through their political action committees and employeesófar outstripping the $149 400 given to his chief rival, John Kerry, by 26 April.

Numb and Nummer

Candi Duke, 19.06.2004 22:11

No doubt about it, there will be a draft. Let’s not make the same mistake twice and sit back silently again. Ask the questions, demand some answers. How many will be drafted. Who will be drafted? How long will it last? Do Conscientious Objectors and Pacifists have an option to refrain from participation?

Nonlethal Weapons A Global Issue

..., 19.06.2004 21:30

This article, Nonlethal Weapons, A Global Issue, has been cited and Cheryl Welsh, director of Cahra [now Mind Justice], has been listed as one of six Non-Lethal Weapons Experts in the world in UNIDIR, United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research 2002 Media Guide to Disarmament in Geneva.

Government Officials Implicated In Serial Arsons

Kenneth Clark, 19.06.2004 19:47

Eyewitness account to fires in
the National Capital Region.

Anarchist anti-olympic demo in Athens

@, 19.06.2004 16:09

Anarchist anti-olympic demo in Athens

BTL:Human Rights Investigation into the 1980s Murder of Thousands of...

Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus, 19.06.2004 12:44

...Colombian Political Activists Moves Toward Conclusion~ Interview with John Lugo, of Colombia Action, conducted by Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus

Der Staat der Siamesen und die Aktiendemokratie ausgelöst durch die soziale Telekommunikation Soft/TeleGrundgebühr- über die Liegenschaften abzurechnen sind

Cesare della Tera / Marco Berges, 19.06.2004 11:36

Regressverfahren bei Stattengründung der Aktiendemokratie ausgelöst durch soziale Telekommunikation und Industriespionage mit Menschenrechtsverletzungen gegen über den Zwillingen und Einlingen nachhaltig

老英國的槍 (繁體中文版)

£, 19.06.2004 11:30

bR jolly ole


MANITHAM &amp; CHRO, 19.06.2004 10:16


Book &quot;Beheaded&quot; on the journalist Georgi Gongadze

JV Koshiw, 19.06.2004 10:02

The book "Beheaded" in English and Ukrainian documents and analysis the responsiblity of Ukraine's president, Leonid Kuchma, for the murder of the journalist Georgi Gongadze in September 2000.

The Mass Arrest: Part II of Protesting Bio 2004

Daniel Borgström, 19.06.2004 09:01

On the evening of June 8th, 128 activists were encircled and arrested at Market & 5th in San Francisco

&quot;Brave New World&quot;

Bill, 19.06.2004 05:14

Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., said he was grappling with what interrogation techniques, including torture, are acceptable in wartime. "We are in a brave new world," he said.

They will do to Venezuela what they did to Nicaragua--if we let them

jamie, 19.06.2004 03:55

Iran-Contra in Venezuela

The experience of the long drawn out war against Nicaragua is being brought to bear on Venezuela by the same people who led the United States to its conviction for terrorism against Nicaragua by the International Court of Justice in 1986. Powell, Cheney, Armitage, Abrams, Noriega, Rice, Maisto, all these people familiar from Ronald Reagan's outlaw terrorist government have leading jobs in the current Bush regime. Colin Powell's big-mailed-stick and little-withered-carrot approach was perfected in Nicaragua. What should we expect from such people in Venezuela?

Martial law threatened for Iraq

Nicolas Pelham and James Drummond in Baghdad, 19.06.2004 02:47

Iraq's incoming government is considering imposing martial law to help
stabilise the country ...

The upcoming *next* phase of The New American Century

nobody, 19.06.2004 02:38

The possible invasion/invitation of Saudi Arabia's oil infrastructure to
control world oil markets and to keep cheap oil flowing [to the US and
as rewards to buddy regimes]. To keep China, (possibly) Russia and Euro(pe)
[economically] inline.

Colonial Violence Against Women

Ghali Hassan, 19.06.2004 01:48

Great day for the people in Iraq, torture chambers and rape rooms are
shut down. Colin Powell, U.S. Secretary of State, 08 March 2004.

Now read further about the truth.

Time to Tell the Truth! - A Challenge to the NY Times

Editor,, 19.06.2004 01:39

The NY Times published an editorial stating that George Bush owed the nation and apology for misleading them about the reasons for going to war. believes that the NY Times, and the rest of the collaborators in the media, also owe the public an apology for repeating and supporting every lie that was told.

Salfit Farmers Block Work on Apartheid Wall: Video from Palestine

International Women's Peace Service, 19.06.2004 01:14

On Thursday, June 17, older men lay down in front of moving bulldozers to stop the destruction of their olive groves for the Apartheid Wall in Salfit, West Bank. The army responded by shooting tear gas and sound bombs at close range, and later threatened youth with live fire. Video 5:40.

Nek Mohammad – Charisma and Allah, The Man the US Feared the Most

Where US dies, 19.06.2004 00:47

Open,Friendlyand among the Bravest warriors - We Honor your Struggle Pakistan lacks the sophisticated satellite technology necessary for such phone intercepts and acknowledges that it sometimes receives "technical help" from the Americans. -- Nek Mohammad was the kind of man the US fears the most – more than Osama or Ayman al-Zawahri, because he was young, fearless, has strong roots in the Afghan border areas and was respected by the tribal chiefs in Pakistan. Bush and Rumsfeld feared Mohammad enough to risk the deaths of Karazi (the US Afghan puppet) and the military dictator stooge Pervez Musharraf, in Pakistan.

State Dept. Quashed 9/11 Links To Global Drug Trade

..., 19.06.2004 00:39

"And you see certain semi-legitimate organizations that may
very well have a legit front, but with very criminal
illegitimate activities --who start coming at you from
these investigations."

Centro de Mídia Independente

leandrotr, 19.06.2004 00:09

latuff [ ]

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