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Second Global Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes/ Update 5

Rainbow Hawk, 11.08.2008 21:54 Your Gathering is coming together very well. Join us in creating it.

noticiero popular

equipo de prensa de Radio 1° de mayo 102.9 FM, 11.08.2008 19:40

noticiero popular

noticiero popular

equipo de prensa radio 1° de mayo 102.9 fm, 11.08.2008 19:28

noticiero popular

noticiero popular

EQUIPO DE PRENSA DE RADIO 1° DE MAYO 102.9 FM, 11.08.2008 19:20

noticiero popular

noticiero popular

equipo deprensa de radio 1° de mayo 102.9 fm, 11.08.2008 19:04

noticiero popular

New facts on South Ossetia genocide

anonymous, 11.08.2008 18:30

New facts on South Ossetia genocide


EQUIPO DE PRENSA, 11.08.2008 18:14


Everything to Lose

Susan Morrison, 11.08.2008 17:33

There is one belligerent nation in the Middle East. Exactly one. Stretching from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan there is only one nation in which nearly a century has dared infringe upon a neighbor, save for colonial powers. Israel.

Πυροβολισμοί Αστυνομικών &amp; Επίθεση στο Τμήμα Λευκίμμης

Λευκιμμιώτης, 11.08.2008 16:49

Οι πυροβολισμοι, οι βρισιές και τα χημικά από αστυνομικούς του τμήματος Λευκίμης εξαγρίωσαν τους κατοίκους και επιτέθηκαν.

Russian Troops Enter Georgia, Seize Military Base: But beware of a trap.

Henry Meyer and Torrey Clark with addition from jamie, 11.08.2008 16:13

"From the perspective of a world sick and tired of imperial encrouchments all over the globe, this is good news for the yanks to suffer another strategic loss. But beware of a trap/diversion. The primary and current objective in the "great game" is still likely to be Iran."


Ingo Luckov, 11.08.2008 15:51

Abkhazia-Gov. Springer-Presse bezeichnet Südossetien als “terroristischen Staat” / Sarkozy droht im Namen der EU mit “Auswirkungen” auf das Verhältnis zu Russland .... Allein der Fall Irakli Okruaschwili zeigt den ganzen Abgrund an Verbrechen und Korruption welcher das Regime in Georgien von Anfang an auszeichnete, seit Präsident Michali Saakaschwili nach einem ganz normalen, gänzlich unvölkerrechtlichen Umsturz an die Macht kam. ...........

Nazi-Kader Mario Matthes verurteilt

Kevin S., 11.08.2008 13:50

Anschlusstreffer des SG Antifa gegen regionale Nazigröße zum 1:2 Zwischenstand. Wer zuletzt lacht...

Republik Abchasien im Bestand Georgiens ...

Timotei Luganof, 11.08.2008 10:34

Russland entsendet Soldaten Abchasien startet Offensive gegen georgische Truppen im Kodori-Tal ... Im postsowjetischen Raum. Abchasien bietet den zivilen Bewohnern des Kodori-Tals an, den Konfliktraum zu verlassen, und gibt diesbezügliche Sicherheitsgarantien, erklärte Sergej Schamba, Außenminister der nicht anerkannten Republik Abchasien im Bestand Georgiens, in einem Telefoninterview mit RIA Novosti. Gegenwärtig versucht Abchasien, die im Kodori-Tal stationierten georgischen Truppen zu verdrängen.

Problems in IMC Hungary

asdf, 11.08.2008 09:57

The Hungarian IMC is compromised.

Exploring Palma de Mallorca on the wings of a butterfly

La Dolce Vita, 11.08.2008 08:35

La Dolce Vita Explore Palma de Mallorcam, the largest of the Balearic Islands, find about it's history, nature and unforgettable sea views, bays with crystal-clear waters, the famous coves.

Wight Light on her way home

Mike Hood, 11.08.2008 08:25

Off Radar Cruise &amp; Ferry Review New ferry of UK cross-Solent ferry operator Wightlink, Wight Light, is on her way from her builders to the UK.

The Green Party steps up

Anonymous, 11.08.2008 06:51

Despite all odds, the Green Party is preparing to fight for Democracy and their right to debate in November

Nonviolent Tactics &amp; and tasers - information sought

S. Yowler, 11.08.2008 05:25

We are collecting information about the use of taser stunguns by police during demonstrations, marches, and protests.

Why We Challenged Barack Obama

Diop Olugbala, 11.08.2008 03:07

Diop Olugbala On Friday, August 1st I led a contingent of the Uhuru Movement into Barack Obama’s town hall meeting in St. Petersburg, Florida to raise the question, “what about the black community, Obama?” Without the benefit of a big media budget, our organization attempted to bring the serious issues experienced by African working class people across this country into the national political debate.

Check Out The Facts &amp; Evidence

Brian David Andersen, 11.08.2008 02:55


Brian David Andersen is a forerunner for the Truth.
We must have all the facts on the real puppeteers or we are entering a battlefield unprepared for the real enemy of our world. As I recently presented at a June 2008 conference in California, The End of the Age and Transformation Nexus of Mankind, without the full knowledge of our nature and our world in all its aspects we will not make good choices, take action or understand opportunities or dangers.
This expose is important in that it demands you the reader to become informed and take sides. As refusal to look inside the Pandora's Box of our world, you by default become the enemy of your own future. We must research all the info and seek first the best questions for the things we can be certain, the things that make good sense and the bizarre things that just keep coming up in our world view.
Ask the right questions and use your full intellect and sight with your mind's eye. Pray for revelation, courage and action to apprehend the future for a mankind free of the bonds of a tyrannical over class, religious zealots and their minions and cohorts in every corporation and nation in our world at the End of the Last Secular Age.
Truth and Revelation,
Dr. Bill Deagle MD

france immigration une provocation de trop de sarkozy et hortefeux

solidaritè avec les sans papiers, 11.08.2008 02:02

le cauchemar xenophobe continue dans la forteresse europe

Freeing the Wings Freeing the Flying

AA, 10.08.2008 23:37

Dear friends in the list and in the struggle.
Those of you that do know me, are aware of my commitment with the MTD Solano of Argentina (on its past forms and struggles you can read on our site
I profoundly regret the situation the movement is in (there is also info on the indymedia sites and others), and i have taken the desicion to leave from what is the group today, I, am sure, as well as many others who departed before me, are and will keep the Heart that was Solano walking and building that New World that is so badly needed. MTD Solano should have no owner, and walk in the steps and hearts of the ones who were the struggle and are true to the principles, horizons and struggles that gathered us together.
Here is my departing letter. It is not a resignation letter, i strongly feel the Movement is no more there in the actual form, so i do not resign, i depart from that form in which i cannot recognize our heart, walking and horizons no more.
Painful, but also hopeful. Time for the spores to fly, thus the title of the letter.
Your words will be really appreciated.

Big Hug


geral, 10.08.2008 21:27

AMERICANS EMBRACE THEIR FBI/CIA/POLICE SERIAL KILLER PROTECTORS for now, but in the longer term this unhealthy state of affairs must be reversed.

Αυτός είναι ο δολοφόνος του Doujon Zammit

Info Press, 10.08.2008 20:28

Ο δολοφόνος δήλωσε πως θέλει να παθάνει.

This man killed Doujon Zammit

Info Press, 10.08.2008 20:19

His name is Marios Antonopoulos and he killed Doujon Zammit and injured Cameron Tabone.


Janis Schmidt, 10.08.2008 16:46

In the face of the opening of the Olympic games in China, Russia's aggression against Georgia, bank failures, job lay-offs, and foreclosures in America, the press chose to ruin the career of John Edwards, by reporting that he had an affair over 2 years ago. The timing of this is very suspect. Is there no limits to the depths the press will stoop to in their zeal to serve their masters, the giant corporations who own the press.

Eta herriak dio... JALLALLAH BOLIVIA!!

Askapenako Bolivia-Brigada, 10.08.2008 16:29

Evo Morales Gaur ikusiko dugu zein den herriak babesten duen aukera eta bihartik aurrera zein indar korrelazio dagoen hurrengo urteetako erronkei ekiteko. Guk argi daukagu zein den herriaren aldeko eta mundu neoliberal eta inperialista hau aldatzearen aldeko hautua. JALLALLAH BOLIVIA!!

Ein Konflikt mit Ansage

Boris Petroskovich, 10.08.2008 15:44

De-Waffenlieferungen Bei einem schnellen Ende des Konflikts zwischen Russland und Georgien könnte sich Deutschland als Vermittler profilieren ... Die Eskalation im Kaukasus zwischen Russland und Georgien mag für viele überraschend gekommen sein. Für Beobachter der politischen Verhältnisse zeichnete sich allerdings schon länger ab, dass sich die Kaukasusregion zu einer der zentralen Krisenregionen entwickeln könnte ([local] Kalter Krieg auf postsowjetisch). Dabei überlagern sich ungelöste Nationalitätenkonflikte, wie aktuell der Status von Südossetien, mit dem Kampf um Rohstoffe und Bodenschätze. Diese Gemengelage erst hebt die Auseinandersetzungen auf eine internationale Ebene. Sie erklärt auch, warum Russland unverzüglich auf Seiten Südossetiens in die Auseinandersetzung eingegriffen und den Konflikt darüber hinaus auf georgisches Gebiet getragen hat.

&quot;Η ΔΑΜΑΝΑΚΗ ΜΑΡΙΑ Paris Ηilton υποψήφια για τον προεδρικό θώκο;;&quot;

polla psonia gia proedria!!, 10.08.2008 15:31


France les association d'aide au immigrès répondent au ministre brice hortefeux

solidaritè avec les sans papiers, 10.08.2008 15:16

les associations d'aide aux immigrés et au sans papiers répondent au ministre Brice Hortefeux

Russia takes control of South Ossetian capital

Gregori Pelkow, 10.08.2008 14:43

School Shelter in Tshinval Russia controls most of South Ossetian capital ... Georgia says pulling back troops ... Washington condemns Moscow's "dangerous actions" ... Possible second front to conflict opens in Abkhazia ... Russia's military commander on the ground, Gen. Anatoly Khrulyov, was wounded by shrapnel when his convoy came under Georgian fire, Russian agencies reported. ... In Geneva, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres expressed concern over the plight of thousands of civilians caught up in fighting in and around South Ossetia, a region of 70,000 people. .....

Go Parks - No Nuke Camping Circeo 2008

sempreverde, 10.08.2008 12:14

three days of sea, mountain walking, music and fun
a meeting to show support for the protected area
and opposition to pollution and risks of nuclear energy.

Konflikt im Kaukasus eskaliert

Ben Weber, 10.08.2008 09:32

Gori Bombed Georgien und Russland werfen sich gegenseitig ethnische Säuberungen vor, während die Situation in Südossetien noch unüberschaubar ist Vermutlich wollte die georgische Regierung die Aufmerksamkeit der Weltöffentlichkeit auf die Olympische Spiele für die eigenen Zwecke nutzen, als Präsident Mishail Saakaschwili am Freitag Truppen in die abtrünnige Provinz Südossetien einmarschieren und die Hauptstadt unter Beschuss nehmen ließ. Mit einem Überraschungscoup sollte die Provinz vereinnahmt werden, in der nicht nur vor allem Menschen mit russischen Pässen leben, sondern auch russische "Friedenssoldaten" stationiert waren.

Palestine! We’re in the Olympics!

v, 10.08.2008 04:03

Palestine! We’re in the Olympics!

Bush controls federal court, reverses ruling on San Francisco Peaks

Brenda Norrell, 09.08.2008 23:41

Photo: Longest Walk at Peaks/ As the US media dives to its lowest point in its shallow pool, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reverses an earlier ruling and allows toilet water for snowmaking in the ceremonial area of San Francisco Peaks in Arizona, where Native American medicine men gather plants for healing and conduct ceremonies on sacred lands.


geral, 09.08.2008 21:07

AMERICANS EMBRACE THEIR FBI/CIA/POLICE SERIAL KILLER PROTECTORS for now, but in the longer term this unhealthy state of affairs must be reversed.

GOP Hit List World Wide?

William Lott, 09.08.2008 18:10

GOP Hit List World Wide?

Israel backs Georgia in Caspian Oil Pipeline Battle with Russia: Israel should be punished

DEBKAfile, 09.08.2008 17:02

"Last year, the Georgian president commissioned from private Israeli security firms several hundred military advisers, estimated at up to 1,000, to train the Georgian armed forces in commando, air, sea, armored and artillery combat tactics. They also offer instruction on military intelligence and security for the central regime. Tbilisi also purchased weapons, intelligence and electronic warfare systems from Israel."

Obama Fever Reality Check

Lloyd Hart, 09.08.2008 16:46

Obama Fever Reality Check

Russia-Georgia-War orchestrated from USA

Viktor Dimitrovich, 09.08.2008 16:10

Georgia attacks South Ossetia The US administration urged for an immediate cease-fire in the conflict between Russia and Georgia over the unrecognized republic of South Ossetia. In the meantime, Russian officials believe that it was the USA that orchestrated the current conflict. The chairman of the State Duma Committee for Security, Vladimir Vasilyev, believes that the current conflict is South Ossetia is very reminiscent to the wars in Iraq and Kosovo.

Sept. 6 Nashville, Tenn., March and Rally for Woman Murdered in CCA Jail

Power to the People, 09.08.2008 15:48

A march and rally will be held on Saturday, September 6, 2008, in Nashville, Tenn., to protest the cover-up of the murder of Estelle Richardson, an inmate who was murdered at the Metro jail operated by the Corrections Corporation of America.

Terremoto 7.9 grados Mucho se habla poco se hace, un año después. Perú

Prof.Mg.Lincoln Alayo Bernal, 09.08.2008 15:19

El terremoto del 15 de Agosto del 2007 es obviamente calificable como desastroso porque trajo al piso elevados porcentajes de las edificaciones de las ciudades de Chincha, Pisco, Ica, Tambo de Mora, Leoncio Prado y otros centros poblados de Ica, Lima, Apurimac y Ayacucho, que afectaron rudamente a más de 35,000 familias “damnificadas” (que implica la destrucción de sus viviendas), según el Instituto Nacional de Defensa Civil; y determinaron la muerte de alrededor de 600 personas.

Ben &amp; Jerry's ou la censure chez Unilever (et chez aussi)

Chatpascensure, 09.08.2008 14:00

Comment Ben & Jerry's, puis censurent ce qui n'est pas "correct" à leurs yeux diformes...

deja vu

Keith Parkins, 09.08.2008 13:59

Friday morning, I turned on my radio and heard that Russian war planes were attacking Georgia, that Russian tanks were rolling into Georgia. A horrible sense of history repeating itself.

Grita conmigo, Taki Ongoy!

Maria Taurizano, 09.08.2008 04:26

Todos somos pueblo latinoamericano. Todos somos Bolivia.
Grita conmigo, grita Taki Ongoy!

Taki Ongoy: Movimiento milenarista, político, religioso (1560-1572)contra la aculturación española.

france et cra le deni de démocratie via le ministre hortefeux

9 éme collectif, 08.08.2008 23:42

hortefeux le ministre des rafles de sans papiers et de la honte nationale persiste dans le deni de démocratie

Christians join forces with Militant Israeli Jews

geral, 08.08.2008 21:34

Christians join forces with Militant Israeli Jews in an unholy effort to convert God's Children into killers for Israel.


Douglas Field, 08.08.2008 20:30


Embedded Photographer's Images of Dead Marines Stirs Up Controversy

Michael Gallagher, 08.08.2008 20:30

Suicide Bomb US Marines Below is the first paragraph of a Herald Tribune article from Saturday 26th of July about a freelance photographer, Zoriah Miller, who had his embed accreditation taken away because he published images of dead US makes interesting reading.

des nouvelles de cesare battisti

liberte pour les prisoniers politique, 08.08.2008 20:21

nous n'oublions pas que Cesare Battisti est toujours emprisonè au bresil

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