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Leon Ratticus, 23.08.2008 07:26

T-BOONE PICKENS is apparantly going to invest in a giant wind-electric energy transformation facility. (energy production is scientificly impossible) Mass media and political opposition FORCE OBAMA to buck article II. Military stategy analysis of Putin's perfect execution of the classic French Defense during this month's war theatre. and....


Police threatens Ecotopia camp in Turkey with eviction

Ecotopius, 23.08.2008 06:50

In the moment, the participants of the 20th Ecotopia international environmentalist gathering at Sarikum nature reserve, Sinop, on the Turkish Black Sea coast, are awaiting and preparing for forceful eviction of their camp by the Jandarma (Turkish Police). The 70 participants from over 30 countries will peacefully resist this unjustified raid.

DPL Semen (Infidelity) Detection Kit II

Monty Henry, 23.08.2008 06:48

Now open 24/7/365 Enter Coupon Code: " Indy-Media" and save 5% (Please do not use quotes). Surveillance and Security Equipment Demonstration Videos (Watch & Listen): We have a life-time warranty / guarantee on all products. (Includes parts and labor). Our Semen Detection II is the most accurate home semen detection kit on the market today!

Volunteers Strike Back at Drug Abuse and Crime

Rev. Gwen Barnard, 23.08.2008 06:41

Willamette Valley to Receive Anti-Drug Education Blitz

Recibe 601.4 millones de pesos AICM por ingresos

José Víctor Rodríguez Nájera, 23.08.2008 05:57

Impuesto por uso de aeropuerto y servicios los conceptos más benéficos

Murder at the University of Pittsburgh

Jeffrey Rubard, 23.08.2008 05:23

Overwhelming evidence points to the killing of left-wing professors at the University of Pittsburgh during the period of 1997-2003, following on a series of mysterious deaths among prominent analytic philosophers elsewhere (reprinted from pgh.general)

Censure sur &quot; Le Post&quot; &amp; facebook (frans tassigny), 23.08.2008 02:54

Censure sur " Le Post" & facebook
censure, psychanalyse, alzheimer, exil, Expo, lacan

Par maldoror
le 23/08/2008, vu 0 fois, 0

Bilan de censure

J'ai eu plus de onze cent articles publiés sur "Le Post" et dès que j'ai publié des textes qui n'allaient pas dans leur sens (trop critiques et de gauche), ils on tout simplement érasé mon » post » , SUIS-JE BIEN CLAIR !


J'avais gardé mes sources et propose maintenant un livret électronique en PDF gratuit & Une édition papier NON PLUS DES ARTICLES AYANT RECU PLUS DE TROIS MILLE CENQ CENT LECTURES (comme jai eu la naïveté de le publier jadis) MAIS DE ARTICLES CENSURES QUI M ON CONDUIT A LA SUPPRESSION DE MON POST. Articles donc en provenance de :

Towards Women’s Liberation

ILPS, 23.08.2008 02:00

Towards Women’s Liberation The cause of women’s liberation and the rights of women against sexual discrimination, exploitation and violence

Mid-Summer Alert—Update

Maj. Wm. Fox and Cpt. Eric May, 23.08.2008 00:07

Very Strange Timing for Little Georgia to Attack the Big Bear

international anti-nuclear camp shut down in turkey

ecotopia, 22.08.2008 22:50

the 20th international ecotopia gathering in sinop, turkey, dedicaded to support of local anti-nuclear movements is about to be violently evacuated by the police for ridiculous reasons

Former Squiggle King on Quest for Virtue at Asylum Gallery

Ann Tracy, 22.08.2008 22:30

Seeker, painting by Dan Samborski Once known as a bad boy artist, Dan Samborski has solo show at Sacramento gallery after a six year hiatus.

Τα δικαιώματα των ζώων

Βασιλική Τσαγκαράκη, 22.08.2008 21:51

Οι γείτονές μου έχουν δεσποζόμενα ζώα (σκύλους) αλλά τα έχουν στό δρόμο. Όταν τα βάζω στο σπίτι τους τα κλειδώνουν απέξω, όταν τα παίρνω στην αυλή μου κάνουν διάρρηξη για να τα ξαναπάρουν. Τα ζώα κινδυνεύουν και μερικά χάνονται.

War Resisters: Open Letter to Stephen Harper

Spencer Spratley, 22.08.2008 21:26

In general, we Canadians are very proud of our unique historical traditions. I think most Canadians are proud of the ways in which we helped Americans who refused to serve in the Vietnam War

Drug Companies – The New Sin Stocks

John Carey, 22.08.2008 21:15

It is part of the American dream to put a dollar into a company stock today, and get lots of dollars back when you sell. The only modifier to this dream by some is an aversion towards “sin” stocks – avoiding companies that make alcohol, cigarettes, pornography, guns or provide gambling. But when I suggest that you pitch drug-companies into this same sin-bucket you probably think I’m joking. But I’ll let you in on my reasoning, which includes numerous lawsuits against the companies, lying by the company executives to market their drugs under false pretenses for profit’s sake, and drugs pushed on the public which knowingly harm more people with the side-effects than they ever help.


DOUGLAS FIELD, 22.08.2008 20:55


Candidate May Be Underage

Anne Teaks, 22.08.2008 19:28

Not only may be there be an age problem with some Chinese gymnasts. A similar problem may afflict the U.S. presidential race.

france guerre anti pauvre quand la gauche collabore avec la droite ump en dordogne

non au rsa, 22.08.2008 18:30

guerre anti pauvre la gauche collabore une fois de plus avec la droite Ump

Maroc nouvelle répression a sidi ifni

sidi ifni, 22.08.2008 18:03

la police royale a nouveau coupable d'exactions

And None Dare Call It Treason: A good idea for the U.S. go to war with Russia?

Patrick J. Buchanan and General Joe, 22.08.2008 17:52

"What were Mikheil's marching orders to Tbilisi's man in Washington? Get Georgia a NATO war guarantee. Get America committed to fight Russia, if necessary, on behalf of Georgia.

Scheunemann came close to succeeding.

Had he done so, U.S. soldiers and Marines from Idaho and West Virginia would be killing Russians in the Caucasus, and dying to protect Scheunemann's client, who launched this idiotic war the night of Aug. 7. That people like Scheunemann hire themselves out to put American lives on the line for their clients is a classic corruption of American democracy.

U.S. backing for his campaign to retrieve his lost provinces is what Saakashvili paid Scheunemann to produce. But why should Americans fight Russians to force 70,000 South Ossetians back into the custody of a regime they detest? Why not let the South Ossetians decide their own future in free elections?"


John Silver, 22.08.2008 16:13

Two Morons That Americans are living in a fantasy world, one concocted and schemed by the Bush/Cheney Junta and the Zionist media, is evident to most of the world, but not us dumbass Americans.

France nouvelle attaques contre les malades pauvres

cogemas, 22.08.2008 16:10

guerre contre les pauvres la ministre de la santé Roseline Bachelot persiste et signe

Videoblogger Brian Conley, detained with 5 others in Beijing

Eowyn Rieke, 22.08.2008 15:34

Statement from Eowyn Rieke, wife of Brian Conley, regarding his detention in China. Brian Conley has been involved with Indymedia for many years, including working on some collaborative Indymedia video projects. He has worked on media and human rights issues in the United States, the Middle East, and Latin America (particularly in Mexico).

Die Kunst des Krieges

Dino Michele, 22.08.2008 15:16

Video: bunch of liars! Kaukasus-Krieg: “Reuters”-Fotos von angeblichen Opfern russischer Bombardements in Gori, Georgien, wurden von Schauspielern inszeniert. Gori, Georgien: Videos und Fotos auf youtube bringen die Nachrichtenagentur “Reuters” sowie ihre “Kunden” der Konzern- und Staatsmedien in arge Erklärungsnot. Angebliche Tote, schröcklich erschütterte Schauspieler, eine unsichtbare Regie auf georgischer Seite, sie bildeten ein ganz normales Foto-Shooting, auf der eine inszenierte Darstellung von angeblichen Opfern russischer Bombenangriffe auf Gori als mitleiderregende Pressefotos von georgischem Leid um die Welt gingen. Nun stellt sich heraus: sie wurden durch Kriegskünstler gefälscht. ...

Drifters cruise on Balmoral

Mike Hood, 22.08.2008 11:28

Off Radar Cruise &amp; Ferry Review World’s most famous pop groups – The Drifters will cruise on board of Fred Olsen Cruise Line's vessel Barmoral.The 13-night cruise from Dover will feature live entertainment from the group.

La Dolce Vita: Travel Notes (World Destination) Hong Kong and Singapore

La Dolce Vita, 22.08.2008 11:22

La Dolce Vita The current economic boom in China started off right here: in busy commercial Hong Kong and in the city-state of Singapore, devoted to business, technology and highly specialized electronics.

Pepe Escobar: Welcome to the New Cold War

Milton Jackson, 22.08.2008 09:49

New Cold War Full spectrum dominance - Excellent report: ... But will the US renounce Brzezinski's control of Eurasia, which is in fact the blueprint for the war on terror? Not likely. McCain and Obama are on the same wavelengths. What the US establishment wants, no matter who was elected in November, is still full-spectrum dominance. ...

Rühe: Bundesregierung verharmlost Afghanistan-Einsatz

Otto Klapp, 22.08.2008 08:21

Saat Süren Ex-Verteidigungsminister Volker Rühe (CDU) hat aus Anlass des Todes zehn französischer Soldaten der Bundesregierung eine Verharmlosung des Bundeswehreinsatzes in Afghanistan vorgeworfen. Georgien, unter Führung eines unfähigen demokratiefeindlichen Präsidenten, bot sich als „dummer Bauer“ im Schachspiel der Mächtigen an. Der selbstherrliche Präsident eines Landes, fast so klein wie Bayern, legte sich mit seinem russischen Problembär an. ......

paris france des nouvelles des grevistes sans papiers de man btp

man btp en Greve, 22.08.2008 02:48

a paris les luttes des travailleurs-es sans papier continue malgré l'apathie estivale

The Shortwave Report 8/22/08 Listen Globally

Dan Roberts, 21.08.2008 23:39

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Cuba, and Russia.

El escudo antimisiles que nunca funcionará

Ignacio Sarmiento, 21.08.2008 21:05

US-Missiles in Poland Es una manera original de quitarte la vida. Justo cuando Rusia ha demostrado lo que les ocurre a los antiguos países subalternos que le molestan, Polonia va y firma un acuerdo para establecer en su territorio una base estadounidense que alojará un sistema misiles de defensa.

Is Geffen a fake?

Mac Crary, 21.08.2008 20:48

David Geffen has long posed as a gay militant and philanthropist, yet his suppression of my investigation as a Medical Library Clerk turned bloody. He alibi'd my certain evidence of a pre-meditated testing cult as a scared straight program. In his wikipedia article could be the Hitchcockian smoking gun.

500 years of Injustice and Oppression

Rodney Bailey Jr., 21.08.2008 20:20

Often I have heard well meaning but naive people say; "oh yeah, we have really done natives in this country wrong, killing them and stealing their land. That sort of stuff happened a long time ago. We're not like that anymore. Besides, they are now better off with progress and the protection the US government gives them." Oh, really?

Coeur D'Alene and smokes- Should Tribes be Taxed by States &quot;No law broken here&quot;

Mashkikinabinais, 21.08.2008 19:37

This article is about the ongoing litigation of a family on the Coeur D'Alene Reservation who will come up for appeal with in these next few days. The problem here is who has jurisdiction with tribes in regards to what they can sell and not sell and tribes being taxed. This family resides on the Coeur D'Alene Reservation in Idaho? What about tribes soveriegn rights to sell with other tribes?

Peace Mom v. Guardian of Power

Stephen Lendman, 21.08.2008 19:36

Challenging entrenched congressional power.

ERC Carbon Capture Technology Represents Alternative or Add- on to Carbon Sequestration, 21.08.2008 17:32

Renewable Energy Stocks Green Investor Audio with Professor Colin Oloman, Inventor of the ERC carbon capture technology, on behalf of Mantra Venture Group Ltd. (OTCBB: MVTG )

Racist Scientology Cult Targets Africa

Dr. Lilly von Marcab, 21.08.2008 14:32

Keep the racist cult away from Africa The Scientology cult & criminal organization has recently been making efforts to recruit new members in Africa. Although the cult claims not to be racist, there is abundant evidence that tells a different story. Let's look at some quotations from the cult's founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

Scientologists in Action: The True Nature of Scientology's &quot;Vulture Ministers&quot;

Dr. Lilly von Marcab, 21.08.2008 14:28

The Vulture Ministers are increasingly targeting less-wealthy countries The Scientology cult is desperately trying to recruit the people of the world's less-wealthy countries, now that most rich countries see through their dangerous nonsense.

Chinese Friends - Music video

BD, 21.08.2008 14:03

Original music video drawing together multiple threads around the Olympics and Chinese foreign policy. Non-partisan and thought-provoking.

Warum die NATO nicht einfach abschaffen?

Raul Quintana, 21.08.2008 13:19

US-Kanonenbootdiplomatie Das Nordatlantische Verteidigungsbündnis (North Atlantic Treaty Organization - NATO) ist ein Übrigbleibsel des kalten Krieges. Es wurde am 4. April 1949 als defensive Allianz westeuropäischer Länder, Kanadas und der Vereinigten Staaten gegründet, um die erstgenannnten Länder vor der Vereinnahmung durch die Sowjetunion zu schützen. Aber seit 1991 existiert das Sowjet-Imperium nicht mehr und Rußland arbeitet seitdem mit westeuropäischen Ländern zusammen, indem es sie mit Öl und Gas und allen möglichen anderen Waren versorgt. Dies hat das Geflecht wirtschaftlicher Beziehungen in Europa verstärkt und die Notwendigkeit für eine solche defensive Militärallianz über die eigenen Verteidigungssysteme der europäischen Länder hinaus stark verringert. ....


Rima E. Laibow MD, 21.08.2008 13:09

Here is the Censored Release that the mainstream media does not want the
public to see.

Oceania’s new ship to be named Marina

Mike Hood, 21.08.2008 11:59

Off Radar Cruise &amp; Ferry Review New ship of Oceania Cruises will be named Marina and will start operating in September 2010.

Bomb Scare Forces Airport Evacuation

PlanetData, 21.08.2008 11:54

Perpetual Traveller After suspicious material was found in two bags going through security Williams Lake Regional Airport was evacuated and several flights cancelled.

The Career Empire

The Career Empire, 21.08.2008 10:22

New Batch for LL.B. Entrance (2009) for Students of 11th & 12th Class & Students pursuing Graduation starting from 7th September 2008

Just and unjust favours to ADAG

Reena Roy, 21.08.2008 10:08

The day SP decided to cuddle up Congress-led UPA alliance, it was evident the party was driven by dual agenda: save its skin from cudgels of CBI and pursue corporate agenda of the Anil Ambani led ADAG

The Career Empire

The Career Empire, 21.08.2008 06:36

New Batch for LL.B. Entrance (2009) for 11th & 12th Class Students and students pursuing Graduation starting from 7th September 2008

Temen por represión militar

José Víctor Rodríguez Nájera, 21.08.2008 05:14

Sostienen un plantón en minera canadiense para solicitar un plan de desarrollo social

PORTABLE DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDER VI (Undercover Surveillance) (Buy or Rent)!

Monty Henry, 20.08.2008 23:43

Now open 24/7/365 Surveillance and Security Equipment Demonstration Videos (Watch & Listen): Enter Coupon Code: " Indy-Media" and save 5% (Please do not use quotes). We have a life-time warranty / guarantee on all products. (Includes parts and labor).

Talking About Disorders of Sex Development: Interview with Intersex Activist Amy Hinton

Gregory W. Esteven, 20.08.2008 20:32

Intersex or Disorders of Sexual Development is basically an umbrella term for a number of conditions. Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, 5-alpha reductase syndrome, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, gonadal dysgenesis, Klinefelter syndrome, etc. are all under the umbrella of "intersex" or DSD.

Twin Cities HLS Demos

None, 20.08.2008 20:29

Twin Cities Animal Liberation Advocates are issuing a call for HLS demos
Friday, September 5th, and Saturday, September 6th. If your in town for
the RNC, consider staying a couple extra days to help fight for the
animals inside HLS. DON'T TURN YOUR BACK ON HER!!!!

Global Policy and Investing Trends in Green Energy, 20.08.2008 18:34 Ongoing Green Investor Audio Series with Michael Brush Gives Insight into Sector with Leading Renewable Energy Experts

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