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View New Jihadi video issued: Fallujah Volcano

NIN, 23.06.2004 14:30

Explicit and graphic footage shows a play by play of the events of several months ago when American contractors were attacked, dragged from a burning car, pulled through the streets of Fallujah, and hung from a bridge over the Euphrates.

Israel-Palestine: the real problem is the West

£, 23.06.2004 14:21

We are gluttonous ignorami whose only interaction with the rest of our living brothers and sisters in the world is one passive engagement through a media that is thoroughly and permanently corrupt?
Jenin's story, that razing homes is not genocidal and therefore acceptable, is one recent casualty.

Women United in Solidarity &amp; Peace

Laura, 23.06.2004 14:18

A peaceful march and candlight ceremony to protest war and express solidarity with those who suffer around the globe.

Proposal concerning action for solidarity to the Palestinians And the Israeli Total Objectors

Nikos, 23.06.2004 14:02

We address you from Greece in order to submit a specific plan for global libertarian action to support the Palestinian People and the Israelis who are imprisoned because of their refusal to join the army of their country in the occupied areas

Industriespionage der Sektenbandenbehörden die rechtsgelagert einzustufen sind

Marco Berges, 23.06.2004 13:25


renda bàsica

josep m reyes, 23.06.2004 13:24

refutació de la teoria de la renda bàsica

Tony Blair's daughter in suicide bid

Tony Gosling, 23.06.2004 13:10

Kathryn Blair with her war crime suspect dad and relatively crime free mum Last month Tony Blair's daughter Kathryn tried to commit suicide. According to my sources the combination of pressure over father Tony's warmongering at school, parental neglect and general exam stress were behind the bid.
Various commentators have noted a shift in press reporting of Blair's chances of remaining as party leader since a news blackout was imposed on this story.

Anarchy Today

spartacus, 23.06.2004 13:03

Capitalism or Anarchism

Watchdog Group Petitions FDA for Warning Labels on 356 Personal Care Products

Environmental Working Group (EWG), 23.06.2004 12:53

Shampoos, Skin Creams and Other Products Found to Lack Safety Data

Link to full article.

Link to petition.


F.L., 23.06.2004 11:50

Enlace a una página con fotografías de las manifestaciones contra la guerra de Irak en marzo de 2003 en Madrid, donde la represión fué brutal, como muestran las fotografías

Old britannia's Rifles

£, 23.06.2004 11:31

w$ don't panic!
be jolly!


Caroline Botsford, 23.06.2004 11:20

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Revolution has arrived! Michael Moore’s FARENHEIT 911 heralds in Hope for Good to Triumph over Evil – the People versus Global Corporatization. It is a call to Spirit to “Put Down Your Arms!” FARENHEIT 911 is the counterpunch that we’ve been waiting for and it previewed late last night at the Village East in downtown New York City to a sold-out audience.

The Two Towers in Khartoum and London

Martin Mbugua Kimani, 23.06.2004 10:15

The shame and injustice of Darfur. African activists and their partners launch a worldwide campaign to demand that the world heed the dissipation of its humanist ideals should it not act to stop genocide. A story of a small vigil and a planned march.


Onder A., 23.06.2004 08:57

NATO summit will be held between 28-29 June in Istanbul.Rising oposition against BU$H and NATO formed so many groups and pushed activities. Please watch the summit and protest!

Tel Aviv court hearing for P10K Founder Ken O'Keefe

P10K, 23.06.2004 07:52

The Irish-American political activist Ken O'Keefe, who spent over a week on hunger strike in an Israeli jail, will go to court on Wednesday 23rd June to fight against deportation.

From the front

jamie, 23.06.2004 05:08

06/22/04 Daily Telegraph: Women translators shot dead
GUNMEN shot dead two Iraqi women working as translators for British forces in Basra, Iraqi officials said.

Human Exposure Radiation Report by US Air Force

..., 23.06.2004 04:36

Human Exposure to Raiofrequency Radiation: A Comprehensive Review of the the Literature Pertinent to Air Force Operations


Andy, 23.06.2004 01:34

Is there anyone out there who can translate Italian activist literature into English?

saddam hussein stars in - The Terminal

steven playberg, 23.06.2004 00:59

A deposed dick-tater finds himself stranded in an american airbase, and must take up temporary residence there. The time of his landing coincides precisely with the point at which the war causes his nation of origin to no longer exist, meaning that his passport and paperwork are no longer valid. As a man without a home, he takes up residence in the airbase prison, 'befriending' the staff of the airbase, and falling in love with an airline flight attendant.

Monogamy Gene discovered -hormone could lead to purity among teens!

Brent Herbert, 23.06.2004 00:08

Scientific breakthrough should bring good cheer to abstinent chastity campaigners around the world as scientists discover that lifelong monogamy is genetically based, with the hormone vasopressin responsible for 'sexually moral conduct'.

Religion of Peace Alert

Meer Sahib, 22.06.2004 22:32

dead kids in fallujah Maybe Invading and occupying and torturing and raping and bombing migt not be such a great idea after all?

To those whom Evil is Done
Do Evil in Return
Poet W. H. Auden 1939

Latest From E-mail List

Michael John Dobbins, 22.06.2004 21:52

With the Washington Post / ABC News poll released yesterday, for the first time ever Americans favor John Kerry over President Bush (48% to 47%) to do a better job in the war on terrorism. This is a significant development and signals a major shift in the American psyche. Bush has dropped 13% points on this issue since April! Since National security will be the dominate issue on the table leading up the National Election, John Kerry is in an excellent position to do the unthinkable and defeat a “war-time” President.

Media Lies

Crapacino, 22.06.2004 21:50

Action Against UK Indymedia Censorship Action Against UK Indymedia Censorship

America in expectation of a major terrorist attack

Salman Daudov, Kavkaz Center, 22.06.2004 19:31

Each time Israeli agents get detained in the US by accident. It gets swept under the rug by their higher protectors right away, and the agents get escorted back home. One of mid-ranking FBI officers once said (which shows that Israeli spies have high-ranking protectors in the US): «Saying ‘Israeli spies’ means quitting your job».

Chain of Command

Bendib, 22.06.2004 19:12

Uncovering the chain of command in the prisoner torture mess

Up in smoke!

jamie, 22.06.2004 18:44

Are they getting any oil out of Iraq? Not if the resistance has any say. Peace. Joe

Giant Penguin Kills Part of Arctic Explorers

Marideth Dorfgon, 22.06.2004 18:33


Argument against Capital Flow Liberalization

Christian Kamongi, 22.06.2004 18:05

Amidst the post-Cold War neoliberal bonanza the rapid advocation for capital flow liberalization is an utter failure and even worse is its coercion by international banking institutions upon developing nations.

The Colombian Holocaust

Nicolás Zea, 22.06.2004 17:34

The antecedent of present crisis

The Colombian Holocaust

Nicolás Zea, 22.06.2004 17:10

The antecedent of present crisis

The Come to New York City Song

Papa Dish, 22.06.2004 16:17

The latest political folk song from Papa Dish rallies people of all backgrounds to converge on New York City to protest the Republican National Convention

The Rapture Fact or Fiction?

Pastor Mike, 22.06.2004 16:15

The Rapture Fact or Fiction? looks at the when and if the rapture occurs and origins of the doctrine.

Scales of Justice

John Mackesy, 22.06.2004 14:23

An Exponential Peace Plan and Scles of Justice. Editorials that offer an alternative to a future that is spiraling downward to a bottomless military nightmare.




The future of cultural Relations

Counterpoint Online, 22.06.2004 14:12

Counterpoint, the cultural relations-think tank, is attempting to map out a new constituency for cultural relations as part of it's mission to think about cultural relations in new ways.

9/11 - Inside job

a forwarded message, 22.06.2004 13:46

. Far from ordering a full and objective investigation to
determine who was responsible for the 9/11 tragedies, the
Bush administration dragged its feet and actually took
actions to impede a swift and truthful probe into the events
of that day. It was nearly two years after the events that
mounting pressure from the public, led by families of 9/11
victims, finally forced the creation of an "independent"
investigatory commission.

allah x amin . the last peacmaker, 22.06.2004 12:38

pcwww1 . peace cities worldwide 1.


BURUILERIAK, 22.06.2004 12:16



£, 22.06.2004 12:14

w$ bR


Reinforced, 22.06.2004 11:28

Total Liberation tour will focus on the liberation of all! Human,earth and animals!
The tour will include Speakers from the Animal liberation,black,indian and earth liberation movement. Allso bands will be on the tour! political Hardcore and Hip hop acts
please check out:

Manipulated consensus

FOG(Fuck the Olympic Games), 22.06.2004 10:42

They also own the pharmaceutical cartel that funds the 'medical' system training the doctors and dispensing their lethal drugs and destructive vaccines. They own the transnational 'food' corporations that dictate what the people eat. They own the drinks corporations that decide what the people drink. They own the oil supplies and power companies on which modern society depends.

HOPE! Beam me up, Scotty - NAURU's NEW GOVT could close detention centre

ABC Radio Australia, 22.06.2004 09:59

- NAURU: Rene Harris' government collapses
- Political reformers win places in new Nauru Government
- New government could close Nauru detention centre

Surprise vote of no confidence, toppling Mr Harris' administration and installing a new President, Ludwig Scotty +++ Mr Harris said: "When we were in government, they (the new govt!) were totally against it (the detention centre)

Total Liberation Tour 2004

TLF, 22.06.2004 08:55

:: Announcing the Total Liberation Tour 2004 ::

Hall Packed for Candidate Forum on Canadian Peace and Security

Stacy Chappel, 22.06.2004 07:22

Freda Knott asks the candidates about CPP investments in military industry. Missile Defence, Israel and Palestine, and definitions of Security on the table at Victoria, BC, forum organized by VIPIRG and the Council of Canadians June 21.

Arguments Against Free Capital Flow

Christian Kamongi, 22.06.2004 06:56

The main point of this article is that the liberalization of capital flow that is erupting internationally amidist the post-Cold War era has proven to be a dangerous ideology that is the prime reason for poverty internationally.

Let's Talk About the Draft: 10 Questions

Candi Duke, 22.06.2004 06:32

Inquiring minds want to know. Put these questions to the Politicians and the Press. Poke and prod and pinch all the sleeping dawgs you can find.

UFOs Making Big News Again: Here's Why

Thorstein Veblen, 22.06.2004 05:58

The aliens are here- look busy.

New Way to Analyze EEG Data

..., 22.06.2004 04:40

New Way to Analyze EEG Data

Against the 2004 Olympic games in Athens

Skyclad, 22.06.2004 03:42

In August this year Athens, Greece will host the olympic games. This is a revelation of what the games really are, and a call for opposing them.


Greens for Impact, 22.06.2004 01:46

In response to the so-called "spoiler" problem, members of the Green Party of the United States (GPUS) are encouraging voters to support David Cobb in the "safe states" and John Kerry in swing states -- those states in which the presidential election is so hotly contested that the victor cannot be readily predicted.

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