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Inter-Dependence Party Nominating Convention

peacehq, 25.06.2004 01:16

The Nominating Convention for Tyler Vega to run as State Representative of the 22nd legislative District of Washington State, U.S.A. to be held June 27th, 2004.

8th Annual Run For Freedom

peacehq, 25.06.2004 01:15

The 8th annual Run for Freedom, June 26th and 27th, 2004. This year's run will be in support of Leonard Peltier.

Exception to the Rulers Tour: Amy Goodman, 25.06.2004 00:02

The Midwest Renewable Energy Fair Saturday Keynote speaker Amy Goodman from Democracy Now!( describes the state of corporate dominated media and the true cost of an oilygarky. 31 minute, 13.7meg quicktime file

Used Stamps to Help Charities and Organisations

Pippa, 24.06.2004 21:20

Choose from a long list of charities and organisations who will take your used stamps to raise money.

Audio &amp; Text. Open Source At Green Convention

marco, 24.06.2004 19:25

here's an audio voicing and some text about my personal favorite
of the newest developments in Milwaukee's 2004 Green Party national
nominating convention. Quite a contrast to what's going to happen
in NYC and Boston, let me tell you!

CIA insider says U.S. fighting wrong war

MSNBC Interactive, 24.06.2004 19:01

After reading this interview, it would be obvious to anyone, the mentality that
persists among capitalist fanatics. We basically know that we are supporting and
protecting Zionism in all its forms; we know that we are supporting and
protecting ruthless tyrannies in the Middle East that oppress the Muslim
populations; and we know that we continue to, ineffect, plunder the Muslim
masses of their natural resources--oil. But that is a *simple* matter:
1) of our internal US policy of endless greed to consume and increase polution;
2) and of our external US (foreign) policy to invade, plunder, rape and kill
2nd and 3rd world populations of the world.
We should continue in this evil path, which causes the world populations
exploited by us to revolt against us, so we only have one option--the military
option--the "might is right" option!
Amazing how ludicrous the reasoning of the capitalist fanatics is!
This is what I would refer to as the Anti-Christ logic, completely devoid of
any sense of decency or shame.

Serious Question

Marine, 24.06.2004 18:07

What are you planning to do to stop the Ethinic Cleansing and Genocide of Black Africans by Arab and Muslim militias in the country of Sudan?

The draft platform of the REVOLUTIONARY PARTY

Liberation News, 24.06.2004 17:34

This platform results from a left split from the Peace and Freedom Party defending socialist principles in the face of reformist opportunism.

Candidates: Socialism key for LGBT liberation

John Parker, Teresa Gutierrez, LeiLani Dowell, 24.06.2004 17:04

It's crucial in this election year that we have our own independent political movement that will fight for LGBT lives.

U.S. forces are totally unable to contain the growing insurgency

jamie, 24.06.2004 15:29

Death count up to 851 "officially." The dying continues as U.S. forces are totally unable to contain the growing insurgency in Iraq. Defeat and retreat are inevitable. It is just a matter of time. The following list of today's events in Iraq are from jamie

Coincidencia do Encosto

Encosto, 24.06.2004 15:25

Coincidencia do Encosto na Igreja Batista Orkutiana Coincidencia do Encosto na Igreja Batista Orkutiana

Disney Kids' pajamas contain toxic chemicals

Geoff Lakeman, 24.06.2004 15:23

the nightclothes, depicting characters such as Mickey Mouse and Nemo, contain chemicals that can damage the liver, kidneys, testicles and even DNA. laboratory tests found chemicals including nonylphenal - which can damage the digestive system, eyes, kidneys, liver, skin, throat, reproductive system, unborn children and human DNA - and phthalates, which can harm the liver, kidney and testicles.

outrageous video, a king's horrific manners

buruileriak, 24.06.2004 15:22

King Juan Carlos I of Spain provokes demostrators.

Turning a blind eye to the Islamic bomb

Nick Lazaredes, 24.06.2004 14:17

SBS-TV Australia's "Dateline" program examines the dangers posed by Unied States complacency over Pakistan's bomb program and the subsequent proliferation. The program examines Saudi funding of the Pakistani bomb project, the role of the notorrious BCCI bank, and the possible links to terrorists. The program asks if the world is now facing a real nightmare.

This Is What Government Looks Like

£, 24.06.2004 13:41

W$ fin

Industreispionage Rundschreiben habe leider keine andere Möglichkeit

Marco Berges / Atlntis (Staat der Zwillinge)), 24.06.2004 13:09

Rundschreiben betrf. Statistische erhebung

Anarchist's thought

Anarcho Grey, 24.06.2004 12:58

I will resist capitalisms' plan to restrict me.
I will resist capitalisms' plan to enslave me.
I will resist capitalisms' plan to kill me.
And if capitalism has a plan to free me,
I will resist that too, because I will free myself.

Is there any reputation-based p2p system out there?

Todd via piet, 24.06.2004 12:38

Taking indy as (if it were) a religion, this item qualifies as (conundrum causing) sacrilige, a shame, taboo, reprehensible, against the grain, respectless . . until you resolve the apparant paradox and latent skkkitseeness by coming to think of the fact that one cannot think of a more ligit way for being than to carry water like a cloud, spew dust like a volcano and coordinate a little so it don't turn out to messy but just rite. Sound with resounding rockoverturnaround til it's unbound, moistened targeted to succor (in this age of composting ignorance nearly and as good as) ANONYMOUS MYRIAD metabolized life forms livin in the ground. No more ligit way for being than to see (that relatively but not even remotely REALLY irrespective) sunshine load itself up and tickle all takers into the shapely heap of shapes in their respective good shapes to be sucked up by and becoming the good ground.


£, 24.06.2004 11:24


To live in the spirit

henk, 24.06.2004 10:59

No longer under the law but under grace

Moonie leader 'crowned' in Senate

Julian Borger, 24.06.2004 10:35


The US Senate was used for a bizarre ritual in which the Rev Sun Myung Moon, the head of the Unification church, was "crowned" and declared himself the messiah in the presence of more than a dozen Republican and Democratic members of Congress, it was reported yesterday.

"Emperors, kings and presidents ... have declared to all heaven and Earth that Reverend Sun Myung Moon is none other than humanity's saviour, messiah, returning Lord and true parent," the 85-year-old Korean "Moonie" cult leader told several hundred guests at the meeting in one of the Senate's office buildings on March 23, according to the Washington Post.

June 24 04: Civil Liberties and Immigrant Rights News Updates

Lee Siu Hin, 24.06.2004 10:06

No Immigrant Bashing! Last two weeks had been one of the dark moments in US civil liberties and immigrant rights, U.S. conducted several horrible raids against immigrants across the California, arrested and deported many people. Meanwhile, in Washington, DC, the House passed the so-called "Intelligence Bill". Lee Siu Hin National Immigrant Solidarity Network Peace No War Network United Students Against Sweatshops

VIDEO: Ralph Nader Addresses His Reasons for Seeking the Presidency in 2004

jayson dunlap, 24.06.2004 08:42


Galeria fotográfica de las mivilizaciones ciudadanas en Madrid tras sel atentado del 11 de marzo de 2004

F.L., 24.06.2004 08:39

Fotografías de marzo de 2004 en Madrid, tras el brutal atentado del dia 11. Un año después de las macromanifestaciones contra la guerra de Irak.

Better Be The Last

Clinton Fein /, 24.06.2004 08:13

From Condoleezza Rice to Karl Rove, artist Clinton Fein's rendition of Juan de Juane's The Last Supper captures the subtle nuances of the Bush Administration's key advisors and cabinet members, along with a scathing poem on the havoc they have wreaked.

astonishing video: Spanish king points: &quot;F#ck off!!!!&quot;

buruileriak, 24.06.2004 08:09

the king's scandal video is totally real !!! The king of Spain does a nice gesture to protesters in Basque Country. Ever seen a State Chief doing things like that?? Go to the web page below (BERRIA, basque paper) and click the pìcture inside.

Fahrenheit 9/11 Friday!

susanscully, 24.06.2004 07:23

Fahrenheit 9/11 opens nationwide on Friday, June 25.

Something to do after the movie?

Sara, 24.06.2004 06:42

Michael Moore recently showed Fahrenheit 9/11 to a focus group of undecided
voters in
Michigan. After watching the movie, they were undecided no longer: "We found
that if you
entered the theater on the fence, you fell off it somewhere during those two
Moore told the New York Times[1]. "It ignites a fire in people who had given

Why we should all go to the movies this week end

jamie, 24.06.2004 06:33

Dear friends of human survival, It's time for a night out at the movies in a big way. Please read the note below and pass it on and I bet we can cause a lot of extra popcorn to be consumed this weekend! We might not have ever had such an opportunity to have fun and support greater awareness for a saner world by going to the movies. Lots of love, jamie

9-11 Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds Sues Ashcroft

Tom Flocco, 24.06.2004 05:42

Edmonds told us "The Senate Judiciary Committee and the 911 Commission have heard me testify for lengthy periods of time (3 hours) about very specific plots, dates, airplanes used as weapons, and specific individuals and activities."

Poverty Relief, Human Rights and Peace: Links website

Seth Leonard, 24.06.2004 05:30

links developing world NGO's with hundreds of organizations working on poverty relief, human rights and peace.

Hotevilla/Hopi Survival Kit by Th.Mails/Dan Evehema and WWIII

Th.Mails/Dan Evehema, 24.06.2004 04:25

The Hopi have prophesied WWIII and its roots seem to be in hegemony, human rights abuses and environmental abuses worldwide from the US.

World's first brain prosthesis revealed

..., 24.06.2004 04:07

The world's first brain prosthesis - an artificial hippocampus - is about to be tested in California.

Korean People's Struggle to Implement June 15 North-South Declaration Supported Abroad

., 24.06.2004 03:55


Truckers call for nationwide port strike

repost, 24.06.2004 03:10

From The Journal of Commerce -- It seems like they take the trucker movement seriously even though the progressives do not. --Jim D

Food Not Bombs Gathering, July 1-4, Richmond, VA, U$A

RVA FNB, 24.06.2004 02:50

Richmond Food Not Bombs Presents:

July 1st-4th - Richmond, VA

For Immediate Release: Tobacco Buy-Out Amendment Sparks National Action

Debra Rosen, Tobacco-Free Kids, 24.06.2004 01:59

Tobacco-Free Kids Launches Campaign to Stop Congress’ Sweetheart Deal for Big Tobacco

Kim Sun-il Beheading video: Short Version - Long Version

unknown, 24.06.2004 01:08

Kim Sun-il Beheading video: Short Version - Long Version

North American drought worst in 500 years

Brent Herbert, 23.06.2004 23:49

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the current drought in the West of North America is the worst that has occured in the last 500 years, with water flow levels at close to half those of the drought in the dirty thirties of the previous century.


APATRIDAS, 23.06.2004 23:38


The 13-Moon Calendar for a Healthy Planet

Hunab Ku, 23.06.2004 22:43

The Maya believed a healthy way to live was to expand their awareness and synchronize with the natural world. Modern civilization has become obsessed with consumption; we have forgotten that we are only one piece of the earth's life force. Why not change to a time keeping system that synchronizes humanity into the natural world?

links to indymedia publication on the aubonne support actions

alvaro, 23.06.2004 22:13

photos and coments actions in barcelona today en catalan
photos and summary of actions in amsterdam en catalan y castellano:
photos and coments on the actions in madrid

The Colombian Holocaust

Nicolás Zea, 23.06.2004 22:08

An introduction to Colombian conflict history

more informacion on the aubonne case

alvaro from the barcelona aubonne group, 23.06.2004 22:06

today there were 6 actions in differents cities of support in fornt of swiss embassies
more info on the case: check the web, different languages
you could find the 8 minutes video of the action there too.

Memos to Osama

Ruslan, 23.06.2004 21:55

One scenario for how the US goes down (courtesy The Belmont Club)

Pacifica Radio Bi-Coastal Pride Coverage

John Riley, 23.06.2004 21:02

OutFM and Full Circle, radio shows covering progressive lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues at Pacifica stations WBAI in New York and KPFA in Berkeley will run an eight hour Pride Day special June 27th. Tune in to WBAI 99.5 FM in New York, KPFA, 94.1 FM in the Bay Area, or listen on line at either or

Please Help Canadian Anti-War Organizer

Kingston Coalition Against Poverty, 23.06.2004 18:12

Please take a few minutes to lobby for Paul..

Use Michael Moore's Movie, Fahrenheit 9/11 to Help Fire Bush

Rob Kall, 23.06.2004 16:31

The film could make a real difference in November, helping send Bush back to Texas. But it's important you go see it this weekend, not later

Public Interest Groups make Internet an Election Issue (Canada)

Russell McOrmond, 23.06.2004 15:30

Three public interest groups have launched a campaign to focus the attention of political parties and candidates on issues involving the Internet and user rights. The Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC), Digital Copyright Canada, and the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) have asked party leaders and candidates for their views on user rights under copyright law and other technology-related issues.

Open Letter from Western Shoshone

Citizens' Initiative Omega, 23.06.2004 15:00

June 22, 2004 Message from Hugh Stevens, Chairman Te-Moak Tribe of Western Shoshone. For more information call Te-Moak Tribal Office at 775-738-9251.

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