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BTL:Army Conscientious Objector Who Opposed Abuse of Iraqi Civilians and...

Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus, 27.06.2004 11:50

...Prisoners Sentenced to 1 Year in Prison for Desertion~ Interview with Maritza Castillo, mother of Staff Sgt. Camilo Mejia Castillo, conscientious objector convicted of desertion, conducted by Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus

Ahem denial anyone? My take on Farenhiet 9-11

Michael b, 27.06.2004 11:23

This post contains some critical thoughts about Michael Moore's movie and some history of patriotic figures in this imperialist nation. Please respect the focus of this post and refrain from making it a nader advertisement.


Edmonds vs. Ashcroft: Our Last Chance For Justice?

Fintan Dunne, 27.06.2004 08:36

Edmonds is currently under a gag order on foot of legal applications by U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft, over her claims of alleged corruption and 9/11-related cover-ups in the FBI translation unit which she joined just after the September 11th attacks.

Orwell goes to Iraq and more as 852 U.S.GI's now dead

jamie, 27.06.2004 06:17

Dear friends,

Recent news of the “turning tides” in U.S. public opinion, the release and potent success of Mike Moore’s new movie, the resurgent and fierce efforts of people from just about everywhere to take their world back, have me really thinking about that other world that is possible. Man I’m inspired! But we’ve got a lot of work to do and we can’t afford to relax in our efforts. “Everyone’s children” depend on a change of course in our nation that only we can bring about. “Things” have been getting worse for about as long as I can remember. I’m hopeful and think it possible that we are turning some kind of corner and that our “rulers” may soon have to face the fact that the “old” game is up and that the institution of real fairness and justice is the only path forward? Am I dreaming? I know that before this “dream” is realized, we will be in the streets, many on the asphalt.

After the movie last night a dear friend of mine turned to me and said “it was the best one he’s done. It was great. But I don’t think it will change the way things are.” At first I was a little drawn in to this pessimism. I could, as well, see clearly that the power structure was not going to collapse for one powerful expose by a wonderful film artist and human being, Michael Moore. But it never is “one” artist, one revolutionary, one worker, one leader, one activist, one act of rebellion, one woman saying no, etc. It is all of us coming together to demand and make change. “Fahrenheit 9/11” may not destroy the system of oppression under which we all live, but the façade of invincibility is cracking. We can all have a hand in seeing it disintegrate and disappear from this earth forever. Let‘s!

The news articles and notes below represent various perspectives (not at all in full agreement) on events and their meanings. I have more affinity for some than others. But it seems to me that these are the kinds of issues that America needs to be thinking and talking about now. Peace. Jamie


Cobb wins Green Party nomination, but not without fight

Andrew Broman, 27.06.2004 05:46

In nominating David Cobb, a lawyer from Texas, the party rejected Nader’s bid for an endorsement. At the annual convention, Cobb succeeded in portraying an endorsement as a sign of party weakness and called a vote for nomination as a matter of “institutional self-respect.”

David Cobb Gets Green Party Nomination

marco, 26.06.2004 23:31

Live from milwaukee. In realtime.
Cobb got the nomination. The next highest votegetter
was a candidate literally named "nobody."

US-Israeli Mercenaries Pose As al-Qaeda And Carry Out Staged Beheadings

John Kaminski/ here forwarded, 26.06.2004 23:28

"The Al-Qaeda terror organization has caused immense damage to Islam, to Moslems worldwide and to the interests of the peoples of all Arab and Muslim countries. The actions of Al-Qaeda have only served to promote the interests of the U.S. and Israel, which are clearly interested in "reshaping" the Middle East in such a way that they can more easily rape and plunder the region at will..."

Whose side are you on? Show the world!

jamie, 26.06.2004 22:18

Fired up by Michael Moore's new film? Well you should be excited by the coverage that story is finally getting. Do your bit to encourage the awakening that is sweeping the country. Read below.

Battle Scars

Doris Cee, 26.06.2004 21:57

Compares what returning Viet Nam Vets faced upon their return with what lies awaiting for Iraq Vets. Completely original material, substantiated by remarks made on 6-26-04 by Jim Sardo, clinical psychologist at Portland (Oregon)Veterans Affairs Medical Center, who spent five months this past year in Iraq, providing mental health services to troops. The article also notes similarities between current ethical administration decisions with those made during the Viet Nam war.

A case of innocence - Alabama

Sherry Swiney, 26.06.2004 20:53

The wrong man!!! 318 days, 15 hours, 20 minutes, and 5 seconds have passed since the petition was filed in Alabama courts to prove the innocence of a man who has been wasting away in prison for 15 years for a crime he did not commit. Alabama is like that. It is loath to admit it made a very bad mistake and convicted the wrong man.

Republican National convention delegate list

anonymous affinity group, 26.06.2004 20:42

Here is a list of over 1600 RNC delegates. Many of the names include home addresses and phone numbers. I'm sure there are some people out there who would like to play with them. And let the delegates know what kind of a welcome they'll recieve in New York.



msnbc, 26.06.2004 19:14

yep. they thought he had a weapon, and decided to beat him with a flashlight over and over. so wheres the riots?

Peace And Dignity Journeys

Algorythm, 26.06.2004 19:00

Indiginous people from North and South America are running from Alaska and the tip of South America to meet up in Panama to unify all people of the Americas.

Save Grassroots Democracy in Venice

Eric Ahlberg, 26.06.2004 18:32

Progressive Community of Venice defends it's election.

'Fahrenheit 9/11 Raises America's Temperature

Bill Moore, 26.06.2004 18:07

Review of Michael Moore's incendiary film from the opening day in Republican-stronghold, Omaha, Nebraska

milan italy an antifa at home arrest

marius jacob, 26.06.2004 17:06

an antifa comrade, orlando, after three months of prison, has got home arrest

rnc delegate list

anon., 26.06.2004 16:53

list of rnc delegates

Republican national convention delegate list

an anonymous affinity group, 26.06.2004 16:51

Here is a list of over 1600 RNC delegates. Let the fun begin.

Fascist Mercenaries Come to Iraq

Posted by Gary Sudborough, 26.06.2004 16:46

Previously, I posted an article about fascist mass murderers and torturers from Latin America's "dirty wars" being employed by Blackwater. Now, it seems that members of South Africa's secret police, who murdered black activists during apartheid, are also mercenaries in Iraq.

El mundo va bien.

kikor, 26.06.2004 07:22

us school.jpg De extraigo esta preciosa, tierna y delicada manera de lavar cerebros.

&quot;The Phenomena of the Armand Hammer Titanic Masterpiece&quot;: A Premonition of the Raising of the Titanic

PRWeb, 26.06.2004 06:19

A Premonition of the Raising of the Titanic forms Save the Titanic Foundation

Devious Ploy to Censor

anonymous, 26.06.2004 05:01

Forum introduces disinfo ploy to scare off folks who speak the truth.

Al Gore - Before and After

Alexei, 26.06.2004 04:22

What Changed? Hmmmmmm......

American massacre in Falluja yet again

Tanveer Ashraf, 26.06.2004 02:09

The song remains the same!


Hizb ut-Tahrir (Party of Liberation) Britain, 26.06.2004 01:54

The party adheres to the Islamic Shari’ah in all aspects of its work. It considers violence or armed struggle against the regime, as a method to re-establish the Islamic State, to be *forbidden* by the Islamic Shari’ah.

Iraqi victims of war: Fact sheet

Aljazeera, 26.06.2004 00:56

"We don't do [enemy] body counts"
General Tommy Franks said when answering a question from reporters.

Musicians Remain Detained in Colombia after Solidarity Performance

Victoria Cervantes, 25.06.2004 22:28

Musicians from the group Los Pasejeros remain detained in Medallin, Colombia after performing in solidarity with the trade union confederation the CUT. Translated press release and an update.

Quote From Orwell

Maxim, 25.06.2004 21:03

Worth Thinking About

That's no lie: wireless polygraph on the way

..., 25.06.2004 20:43

The American government is funding the development of new technology for a polygraph machine that is capable of identifying whether a person is telling the truth, without physically attaching him to the equipment.

Argentina to crack down on demonstrators

piquetero, 25.06.2004 20:21

Argentina's economy minister has signalled harsher treatment of leftwing demonstrators who have started targeting multinational companies including McDonald's, the US fast-food group, and Repsol, the Spanish oil company.
- Taken from Friday 25th June edition of the Financial Times (London)

Huge stockpiles of WMD chemical precursor found in Iraq

Dissociated Press, 25.06.2004 19:52

Washington - It was announced today that Coalition authorities in Iraq have discovered many millions of metric tons of a chemical precursor crucial to the preparation of WMDs, together with highly specialized deionization, distillation and membrane separation equipment used in purifying the raw chemical feedstocks to make them suitable for WMD production.

Communist &quot;israeli&quot; Parties

., 25.06.2004 18:46



SAN MIGUEL CHIMALAPAS, 25.06.2004 18:39

saludos: Solidarizacion por la defensa y la conservación de las etnias y de la biodiversidad en la selva de los Chimalapas. enviar una carta de solidaridad para el comisariado de bienes comunales, prof. Cuahutemoc Martínez Gutierrez, colonia segunda seccion, CP:70160 del Municipio de San Miguel Chimalapa, distrito de Juchitán de Zaragoza, Oaxaca, o al correo electrónico TENTAMENTE "Por la regeneración cultural y la conservación de nuestra madre naturaleza" PD: favor de difundirlo por todos los medios de comunicacion

The Roots of the Saudi-American Conspiracy (and stolen Muslim lands) Journal, 25.06.2004 18:27

Roosevelt wanted Ibn Saud to use his position with other Arab Leaders to win
support for a plan to transfer a portion of Palestine west of the Jordan River
to the Jews as a new homeland for $50 million.
In 1950 Ibn Saud asked Truman for a formal military treaty.
Truman's Assistant Secretary of State George McGhee told Saudi King Ibn Saud,
"The United States... will take most immediate action at any time that the
integrity and independence of Saudi Arabia is threatened." The King, evidently
pleased, closed the meeting by saying he wished, "It to be understood that he
considered the United States and Saudi Arabia as One State."

Four new songs from The Compassionate Conservatives

The Compassionate Conservatives, 25.06.2004 17:23

Four new anti-Bush/anti-war songs from The Compassionate Conservatives. Free download.

Reliving my torture: An American supervised it By Sister Dianna Ortiz, OSU

alwaysshariff, 25.06.2004 15:58

On November 2, 1989, I was abducted by Guatemalan security forces and taken to a clandestine prison, where I was burned with cigarettes more than 111 times, raped repeatedly, and subjected to other forms of torture. While there, I met the man my torturers referred to as their boss.

He was an American.

What “October Surprise” does Carl Rove have in store for Americans this fall?

Bruce Mulkey, 25.06.2004 15:36

This article provides a brief overview of possible October Surprises that the Bush administration might resort to in order to win reelection.

Baghdad Burning

raven, 25.06.2004 15:18

What American troops cannot do today, NATO troops won't be able to do later on. Everyone must know: Western troops will be regarded by Iraqis as occupiers. This is something that George W Bush and his faithful ally Tony Blair will do well to think about. If they have won a battle, they have not won the war yet. The great battle is still to begin. The liberation of Baghdad is not far away.”

The Clash of Our Civilisation

Brainaddict, 25.06.2004 15:07

The War on Terror, while maintaining a moderate level of violence that sporadically leaps to catastrophic highs, is essentially a war of words. George W. Bush understands this as well as anybody, at least on some level. He understands that it is about getting the world to operate to his definitions of good and evil – his and no one else’s.

(t)error - a mixed reality persiflage on world politics

Robert Praxmarer, 25.06.2004 14:08

Subverting computer games with political content.
fun anyone ?

Atlantis - Staat der Zwillinge

Oberhaupt des Zwillingsrates / Cesare della Tera, 25.06.2004 14:07

Gründung und informnatin an Zwillinge und Einlinge

[GenoaG8] counter investigation

italy imc, 25.06.2004 13:15

Italy: Genoa Counter-investigation

Day of the World's Orphans 7/23/04

Everyorfan, 25.06.2004 06:18

Call to Direct Action.
July 23, 2004, is the first annual

Day of the World's Orphans,

in answer to the prayers and pleas of the world's orphans.

Please join the national general work stoppage, on July 23, 2004.

Re:Regan article: NYC IMC has Absolutely No Credibility!!!!

k.hawley, 25.06.2004 03:36

Fuck you assholes at IMC staff for deleting my comment! Why are you covering and protectring these sleazy Pro Isreal Jew ASSHOLES at NYC IMC????

Does the media advertise &quot;Fahrenheit 9/11&quot; enough?

Matt Evans, 25.06.2004 03:20

Efforts should be made by individuals and groups to make Michael Moore's new film more salient in people's minds than it already is in order to draw an even larger audience to the cinema. Suggested efforts are offered.

Summary of June 12th Day of Action &amp; Solidarity for Jeff Luers

Friends of Jeff Luers, 25.06.2004 03:17

Russian anarchists tag US embassy-&quot;FREE JEFF LUERS&quot; The June 12 International Day of Action and Solidarity for Jeff Luers was a total success. All in all, there were 27 events scattered on three continents! Despite harrassment by the FBI, people went ahead, organized wonderful events and agitated for Jeff's release. Over fifty media articles ran the week of June 12 and the site recieved over 20,000 visits on June 12 alone.

June 30th Anti-war Protests

Andre, 25.06.2004 02:44

June 30th anti-war protests in San Francisco, as well as washington and the rest of the world...

bomb making plans

£, 25.06.2004 02:33

from heaven's kitchen, tested and approved

Gore: Bush Liar Authoritarian Impeah Him

karlof1, 25.06.2004 01:22

In a speech at Georgetown University, former VP Gore directly called Bush a liar and ended his speech calling for impeachment proceedings without actually using the term. The speech text follows and should be read, distributed and discussed. The transcript can be found at

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