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ANARSISTANBUL, 29.06.2004 12:34

On June 28, ANARSISTANBUL activists with the other groups against NATO began rallying through Okmeydani to Mecidiyekoy, to the isolated NATO valley.

A Negação do Estado Nacional

Francisco Trindade, 29.06.2004 11:51

A Negação do Estado Nacional

Anti-imperialist resistance in Istanbul against NATO

Atilim News (weekly revolutionary socialist newspaper), 29.06.2004 09:53

ISTANBUL (28.06.2004) Atilim News


C.S.A. CASTELLAZZO - -, 29.06.2004 08:20

locandina Iniziativa per venerdi 2 e sabato 3 luglio ad Ivrea.


C.S.A. CASTELLAZZO - -, 29.06.2004 08:18

Iniziativa per venerdi 2 e sabato 3 luglio ad Ivrea.

Advocacy Journalism, The Least You Can Do, and The No Confidence Movement

Dave Berman, 29.06.2004 07:39

With the support of Mayor Bob Ornelas, on July 7, Arcata, CA will be the first US city to consider passing a No Confidence resolution on the validity and legitimacy of US elections. This essay describes the origin, methodology and aims of the No Confidence Movement.

Another Ignored 9/11 Clue: Bomb Sniffing Dogs Removed From WTC Days Before Attack

Jon Rappoport, 29.06.2004 06:09

Gee, what a coincidence.

Catherine Austin Fitts: America's Black Budget

Catherine Austin Fitts w/ Jim Puplava, 29.06.2004 05:53

CA: Approximately 2 years ago, one of the things that developed on the Soprano TV show was that Tony Soprano's new big business was HUD financial fraud. And it's interesting that the financial fraud that Tony Soprano was doing was very much one of the predominant kinds of fraud in the HUD single family portfolio, but one of the one's used to finance the black budget, and one of the models that was very prevalent during Iran-Contra.

Argentina: La violencia contra los periodistas debe investigarse en profundidad

Amnistía Internacional, 29.06.2004 05:24

En Argentina los atentados contra la libertad de expresión han ido en aumento en los últimos años. Muchos periodistas no pueden desempeñar su legítima labor sin temor a ser intimidados y agredidos físicamente, ellos y, con frecuencia, sus familiares.

“La violencia y la intimidación padecidas por los periodistas argentinos durante y después de la crisis económica y la agitación política de diciembre de 2001 deben ser investigadas de manera independiente, exhaustiva y concluyente” ha manifestado Amnistía Internacional.

Republican National Convention Delegate List

Anonymous Affinity Group, 29.06.2004 04:24

A List of over 1600 Republican National Convention Delegates

U.S. Handed over of 'Sovereignty-related program activites' today in fortified 'Green Zone'

DLi, 29.06.2004 04:19

Remember how the Bushed Cabal reduced the search for Iraq's phantom WMDs to a simple one of seeking Iraqi 'weapons of mass destruction-related program activities'? Well, on June 28 the W Dept. of Fantasy did one better--it handed over several important "sovereignty-related program activities"(i.e., traffic directing & garbage collecting, among the most significant ones)to an Iraqi Cabal of ex-CIA assets such as P.M. Allawi...

Western Shoshone Lands Stolen by United States Congress

Amanda Holmes, 29.06.2004 02:58

U.S. Congress paves the way for the final theft of Western Shoshone ancestral homelands this week

Religious Storm over Hollywood

Patrick Salvo, 29.06.2004 02:31

An innocent-looking script called "The Presence" by English writer Matthew Horton is at the center of a new religious storm in Hollywood, proving that religion is still one of the most prickly of all subjects when it comes to the big screen.

Green Party convention to the real world: Drop Dead!

Joaquin Bustelo, 29.06.2004 01:09

After two rounds of voting, virtually unknown Green apparatchik David Cobb barely won the Green Party presidential nomination in Milwaukee

Antibalas seeks video clips of your AMERICA

Martin Perna, 28.06.2004 21:04

Antibalas seeks video clips of your AMERICA for an 11 minute video to accompany their new song "Who Is This America?"

Mother fights media blackout of returning dead

jamie, 28.06.2004 20:38

Mother allows photos of California soldier's coffin to protest media ban and latest casualty report from

The Associated Press
SACRAMENTO -- The mother of a soldier killed in Iraq summoned news outlets to photograph her son's flag-draped casket arriving at Sacramento International Airport to protest a Pentagon policy banning media coverage of America's war dead.


ANARSISTANBUL, 28.06.2004 18:09

Against NATO, Anarchy in Istanbul On June 27th, a rally was organized in Kadikoy, Istanbul, against the global murderers of NATO.

Fahrenheit 9/11 Turns Up the Heat

RWOR reader, 28.06.2004 17:38

Fahrenheit 9/11 is hilarious, and savage, and (despite the howls of rightwing attack dogs) overwhelmingly factual. People are sick--to death!--of being muzzled, stifled and gagged. And in this onscreen rush of images and sound, there is a feeling that the cork has been popped. It's like an opening shot to this heated, politicized, dangerous and oh-so-crucial summer.


Joseph K., 28.06.2004 17:35

Any American designated by Bush as "enemy combatant" is now guilty until proven innocent!

last chance for a general srike in France

bob le chien, 28.06.2004 17:34

we need you support , "intermittent-e-s" (light and sound technicians, actors, directors and more genrally all employees of the culture industry) have been on strike for a year.
35 of them have been occupying the roof of the MEDEF in Paris (french employers union)for 74 hours

Reconstruction: Putting It In Context

Chuck, 28.06.2004 17:26

Following are comparative reconstruction milestones for post-Saddam Iraq and post-WWII Germany from the CPA:

GLBT Theatre Rocks Rocky Horror

Plum de Noom, 28.06.2004 17:25

Sexual Freedom and radical free self expression alive, well and rocking at Nation

Anti-imperialist resistance in Istanbul against NATO

ISTANBUL (28.06.2004) Atilim News, 28.06.2004 17:23

Thousands of demonstrators who were marching for a protest action against NATO were attacked by the police in a labourer district of Istanbul, Okmeydani. The anti-NATO protestors spent the night in a park of Okmeydani. The people of the neighborhood were very interested in the protestors and joined the activities done in the park. Protestors sang songs and shouted slogans until 2 am.

Masters of Terror

Samizdat, 28.06.2004 17:18

"Masters of Terror" now availabl on Internet Archive at link below!

ZAP the Attorney General! Trial and jury must continue!

The US Constitution, 28.06.2004 16:30

The Supreme Court justices just said that the president can imprison anyone he chooses without trial. It's the Attorney Generals office that should be upholding the constitution at this point. However, as we all know, he's a fascist who loves to imprison people without trial. Time for a ZAP!

Kill Kimmitt for this

Johnny Wizard, 28.06.2004 14:44

Kill Kimmitt for this. Kimmitt pushes American GIs to
die as thieving terrorists, who instead of arresting bad
guys, bomb homes of innocent families, while refusing to
go after those nazi bush bitches in the Berg film who
are whitey overweight slobs with towels on their heads.

A colación del filme &quot;¿donde estarás el dia de mañana?&quot;

Alejandro De Fez, 28.06.2004 13:36

Ningún grupo social, político o religioso puede marcarse estrategias o tácticas sin tener en cuenta que la situación del planeta y de la Humanidad es en estos momentos pre-apocalíptica, tanto si se analiza la situación de la Civilización desde la economía social, la filosofía histórica o desde la ciencia natural.

They`re all sick, twisted fucks!

Molotov cocktails, 28.06.2004 13:11

...all of them are, corrupted, sick, twisted fucks...words cant describe their real nature.

They`re all sick, twisted fucks.

Molotov cocktail, 28.06.2004 13:04

A bunch of sick, twisted fucks.

855 U.S. troops, and countless Iraq1s dead

jamie, 28.06.2004 12:53

06/28/04 icWales: Welsh SAS sergeant among Iraq body count
A WELSH SAS officer was killed when the convoy he was travelling in was attacked by a mob in Baghdad and.....

stabilo boss, 28.06.2004 11:49

The best news round up on the web. Globalecho is an open publishing site so please feel free to post your own news/comment or repspond to the posts of others.

50 000 have said &quot;No war - No Bush&quot; in Istanbul

F. Levent Sensever, 28.06.2004 11:05

Global Peace and Justice Coalition of Turkey 50 000 demonstrated to show that Istanbul is for peace, not for war, despite the minority NATO leaders claim otherwise.
It was big, international and peacefull!

America´s Amnesia

Matthew Rothschild, 28.06.2004 09:58

"If Americans were to truly acknowledge (let me emphasize that word 'truly') what is being done in their name, they would have to change the way they live and remember, work and play," he says. "Or give up seeing themselves as ethical."

united against torture

tkt, 28.06.2004 09:57

international contest

American Indians among Bush 'expendables' for corporate war profiteers

By Brenda Norrell, 28.06.2004 04:32

British human rights activist Jo Wilding, who rescued wounded while being shot at by the U.S. military in Fallujah, Iraq, warns American Indians they are being used as expendables in Bush's war for corporate profiteers

Care to know some More Truth Beyond Michael Moore and his movie?

Eric Rainbolt of Austin Texas, web publisher of, 28.06.2004 04:28

Does Michael Moore's recent movie, Farenheit 911, seems to be a brilliant display of the truth unloaded in mass upon the American and world public - or does it still leave you bewildered and without any sort of ultimate and clear direction? Does it seem to leave something out?

oglala commeration 2004 pix

chia, 28.06.2004 03:31


Advocacy Journalism, The Least You Can Do, and The No Confidence Movement

Dave Berman, 28.06.2004 03:04

With the support of Mayor Bob Ornelas, on July 7, Arcata, CA will be the first US city to consider passing a No Confidence resolution on the validity and legitimacy of US elections. This essay describes the origin, methodology and aims of the No Confidence Movement.

The Green Convention - Shocking, but not surprising

Red neck, 28.06.2004 01:26

The Greens have nominated a phantom candidate. What a waste of time, energy and money. They have nominated a candidate no one has heard of, too late for him to become anything.

Zionism: A Conspiracy Against Jews

Henry Makow Ph.D, 28.06.2004 01:07

In my opinion, Zionism is a movement to deceive Jews into advancing the objectives of British imperialism. (See, "The Jewish Conspiracy is British Imperialism") Of course, Zionists who have built their lives on a false premise naturally will reject this view.

A Fantastic Tale: Drugs, Faustian Alliances and Sibel Edmonds

john stanton, 28.06.2004 00:48

Sibel Edmonds knows what's up!

Corporate media &quot;blackout&quot; of Fahrenheit 9/11

sw, 27.06.2004 21:45

Prior to the release of Moore's new film, there was a great deal of talk and debate about it. Now that the film has been watched by millions across the nation, does it seem a bit odd that none of the corporate media outlets have even mentioned the after-effects and reactions of the film's viewers?

Fahrenheit 9/11 Turns the Heat Up on the Bush-Cheney Administration

Genevieve Cora Fraser, 27.06.2004 18:23

More on Moore's Take on the Defrauding of America

First Hearing of the Diaz Trial.

Nessuno, 27.06.2004 18:15

Yesterday saw the preliminary opening of The Diaz/Bolzaneto Trial at the main Genoa Tribunal. The first Group of 29 police officers from the diaz raid, are to be tried first. The 44 police plus three doctors from bolzaneto are to be tried as the Diaz case finishes.

Basta de barbarie. No al toro de la vega.

fumar, 27.06.2004 17:53

El proximo martes 14 de septiembre se celebrará, un año mas, el festejo del "Toro de la Vega" en Tordesillas (Valladolid).

Republicans &amp; Independents being converted by Fahrenheit 9/11..

Etherzone, 27.06.2004 17:53

Republicans & Independents being converted by Fahrenheit 9/11..


Jennifer Flynn, 27.06.2004 16:45

Room worth $1,000, which is actually a hallway with two beds and no door New York City's Human Resources Adminstration is paying up to $2,400 to emergency housing for people living with HIV/AIDS. While there is no contract or acountability system with landlords, rooming houses fall apart and tenants are subjected to harrasment and illegaly set rules. Millions are spend for "temporary" housing which keeps people on average 3 years on the same location.

Deriding Imperial Mystique: Kaneko Mitsuharu's 'Lighthouse'

Zeljko Cipris, 27.06.2004 15:28

Translation of a bold, bitterly mocking poem written in an oppressive and belligerent era.

Cidadãos e Cidadania

Francisco Trindade, 27.06.2004 13:55

Cidadãos e Cidadania

60 years later...still chasing Nazis

David Vickery, 27.06.2004 13:35

Every time I hear about Jewish organizations still tracking down "Nazi war criminals", I think about Palestinians.

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