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9/11 smoking gun revealed

shep, 01.07.2004 18:32

A controversial book due to be published on 5 August contains explosive new information about the 9/11 attacks

political rape

laura corradi, 01.07.2004 15:49

a lesbian activist has been raped by homophobic fascists in lucca, italy. she has been assaulted near home at 7 am, while she was going out to walk the dog. a premeditated action to punish her as a lesbian who is living in a relationship with another woman. during the rape she has been insulted for being a lesbian. it is a political rape - even though most of the activist community in italy seems to be unaware of it. a rally will take place in lucca july 7 at 6 pm. Attached the press release and more info. For solidarity statements:

&quot;Official&quot; death count of U.S. GI's in Iraq now stands at 859

jamie, 01.07.2004 15:31

Dear friends who will not stop until there is peace and justice for all,

At least 859 U.S. GI's have lost their lives now in the lastest installment of the Neocon conquest of Iraq. Many thousands have been maimed for life. The loss for the Iraqi people and others of the thrid world is of course many, many, times greater.

Yet the losses for imperialism are large as well. Economically and politically the effects may be "fatal." This opens the door to the possibility of real and fundamental change. So take heart. Work for human survival and real "progress." That work has never been more important. jamie

And now war news from Iraq:

Moore's movie trashed by his fellow leftest - must read!

Christopher Hitchens, 01.07.2004 13:00

If Michael Moore had had his way, Slobodan Milosevic would still be the big man in a starved and tyrannical Serbia. Bosnia and Kosovo would have been cleansed and annexed. If Michael Moore had been listened to, Afghanistan would still be under Taliban rule, and Kuwait would have remained part of Iraq. And Iraq itself would still be the personal property of a psychopathic crime family, bargaining covertly with the slave state of North Korea for WMD.

New VA Denies Contractual Rights to Gays and Lesbians

Kate St.Amour LPN, MA (AKA Hipwitch), 01.07.2004 12:02

This reporter, gathered with more than 120 protesters in the heart of conservative Fredericksburg, Virginia, to rally against a law which goes into effect July 1, 2004, that critics are claiming is perhaps the worst assault on civil rights in over 40 years. Gathering in Hurkamp Park, in Fredericksburg; Christians, Pagans, representatives from NOW (the National Organization of Women), The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU); Parents, Families and Friends of Gays (PFLAG)- an event sponsor, The Fredericskburg Congregational Church (a co-sponsor) and various other concerned citizens; ages ranging from infancy to over eighty; banded together in protest of HB 751- Virginia's so called, “Marriage Affirmation Act.”




Green Party National Convention Hosts Unwelcome Visitors

Bureaucrash, 01.07.2004 07:15

Members of the free-market activist network, Bureaucrash, infiltrate the Green Party's national convention.

We're comin for YOU

SOAR, 01.07.2004 05:52

letter to "militants"

Bush to visit WV SOS

Alison, 01.07.2004 05:34

Bush to visit Charleston, WV July 4th. Let him know what you think of him!

MSN Money Website Asks: Would You Have An RFID Chip Implanted In Your Body?

Paul Joseph Watson, 01.07.2004 05:20

U.S. Supreme Court rules that citizens no longer have the right to remain silent

Voice of Dissent, 01.07.2004 02:30

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled recently that citizens no longer have the right to remain silent.

Prison Planet Daily News Digest

Prison Planet, 01.07.2004 01:35

The latest police state/big brother developments.

s/f imdymedia&quot; attack animal rights supporters&quot; CALL FOR ACTION

Pam, 01.07.2004 00:08

Your ignorance is appalling and your morals are worse.
by nessie


Julio Carreras (h), 30.06.2004 23:12

Desmonte en Santiago del Estero, Argentina Carta no publicada por El Liberal, en respuesta al lobby de los empresarios sojeros, quienes se aliaron con los obrajeros y la Sociedad Rural Argentina para presionar al gobierno provincial a levantar la recientemente decretada suspensión del desmonte en Santiago del Estero.

George W. Bush: The Madness in His Method

katherine van wormer, 30.06.2004 22:26

a follow up on my earlier article on Bush's dry drunk thinking

Hummingbirds Fly To Europe For Music Fest

Ira Tucker, Jr./Word-Out Public Relations, 30.06.2004 21:38

Dixie Hummingbirds Poised For European Tour The Dixie Hummingbirds the worlds oldest gospel quartet will wing their way across Europe performing with Stevie Wonder and a plethora of celebrated artists.

JEANMARRY PAZ: Homenaje a Audrey Hepburn

jeanmarry, 30.06.2004 21:36

el Lugar de la Paz ayuda al UNICEF


ANARSISTANBUL, 30.06.2004 21:20

ANARSISTANBUL activists just before the beginning clashes On June 28, ANARSISTANBUL activists with the other groups against NATO began rallying through Okmeydani to Mecidiyekoy, to the isolated NATO valley. As police tried to stop the activists with pepper gas and batons, activists built barricades and clashed with the police.

Bodaboda Storm Kampala

Henry Mukasa and Herbert Ssempogo, 30.06.2004 19:25

Bodaboda Demonstrations in Kampala, Uganda.

The Forbidden Truths of the Diseased Human War and Military Systems

The Seer of Forbidden Truth, 30.06.2004 18:25

A Forbidden Truth dissection of the structural and operational natures of the genocidal war and military service human behavioral constructs as created and maintained by human society.

Iraqi Uprising: A View from the Ground

Joe Roche, 30.06.2004 17:40

A description of the Sadr uprising in the Shi'a south of Iraq by one who was there.

A colación del filme ¿Dónde estarás el día de mañana?

Alejandro De Fez, 30.06.2004 15:25

Ningún grupo social, político o religioso puede marcarse estrategias o tácticas sin tener en cuenta que la situación del planeta y de la Humanidad es en estos momentos pre-apocalíptica, tanto si se analiza la situación de la Civilización desde la economía social, la filosofía histórica o desde la ciencia natural.

what is this?

somedude, 30.06.2004 14:59

what is it that grows on the plane just before it hits wtc2?

Levi Strauss jeans company must press Grupo M to end violations of workers' rights in Haiti

Haiti Support Group, 30.06.2004 14:58

30th June 2004 - In letter sent today to Michael Kobori, director of global code of conduct for the San Francisco-based Levi Strauss & Co., the Haiti Support Group expressed its very grave concerns regarding the behaviour of Grupo M, at the Codevi free trade zone in Haiti.


not one, 30.06.2004 12:09

"Lick Bush"
Berg is in Dublin for a three-date Irish tour, snappily called Lick
Bush, just ahead of the US president's visit. His music is a dizzying
mix of garage-rock riffs with lyrics straight out of a Noam Chomsky
book. Berg is intent on showing the Irish that political dissent, US
style, is alive and well and rocking out.

Condition of malai malasar tribes is pathetic and distress

sadashivan, 30.06.2004 12:03

Malai Malasar tribes live in Topslip deep forest koomatti tribal settlement in ulandi forest range, situated near Pollachy of Coimbatore district in Tamil Nadu (India). I contacted Moopar (head) Mr. Salvarajan and his associate Mr.Sedukkan. Condition of these tribes is pathetic and distress. Most of the men/ women in this village, I see are sick and undernourished. Serious help they need.


ANARSISTANBUL, 30.06.2004 10:17

Around 100 ANARSISTANBUL activists in Beyoglu, Istanbul ANARSISTANBUL Organization Against NATO was in action on June 29. About 600 activists gathered in Galatasary Square, Beyoglu and around 100 ANARSISTANBUL activists started to rally with other groups to Tunel Square. Police attacked the activists. Some banks were smashed during the action. censure ou democratie?

olivier m., 30.06.2004 10:05

critique des methodes editoriales sur (valable pour tout les IMC a reflechir ... !)

Negroponte - Don't Look The Other Way In Iraq

Pastor Valle-Garay, 30.06.2004 08:56

In Central America, John Dimitri Negroponte's tenure as United States Ambassador to Honduras (1981-1985) left a trail of blood. In the '80s more than 200,000 people were killed in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala as a result of President Ronald Reagan's support of brutal military regimes in the area. More than 3 million fled the violence sponsored by Reagan, and continued by former President George H. W. Bush.

s/f indymedia, defending animal experimentations

Aaron, 30.06.2004 08:50

animal rights, stop the injustice!

Moore and More is Needed

David Swanson, 30.06.2004 08:38

Fahrenheit 9-11 reminds me of Howard Dean. Both were wildly promoted by the media in a manner not carefully thought through by media bigwigs, and then both were savaged by the media just before opening day.

The size of the audiences seeing this movie was guaranteed by the media hype, and the notion that the audiences consist mainly of liberal activists is disproved by the size of them. More people have already seen this movie than subscribe to progressive magazines or participate in political primary MeetUps. The question is what will happen in the heads of people who had never heard any of this stuff before.

Fahrenheit 9/11 Movie Review

Ira, 30.06.2004 04:01

Movie Review of Fahrenheit 9/11

4GW- INSURGENCY and SURVIVAL-Making the Insane Crazy &amp; the Downtrodden Invincible

J. Desallines, 30.06.2004 03:55

Damn Brits-Iraq-UK Empire &amp; They Bombed Darfur Too! (1919) Warfare and revolution have been transformed by high-tech. Outcomes can no longer be forecast by counting heads. The whole is more than the sum of the parts. To be successful, revolutionaries must think in terms of high-tech, outside-the-box (or the Box-Cutter!), teamwork and specialties. Al Qaeda takes the long view, that if Islam survives, they win. Fundamentalists have cohesion and they have a waepon that embodies the most powerful elements of 4GW warfare: People, Ideas and hardware. The weapon is suicide bombers and car bombs. The West has no defense against such weapons except to declare martial law and watch the global economy crumble in their hands. A sign of impending demise of the Empire is that the people at the top tend to believe their own propaganda.

Fahrenheit 9/11-- Movie Review

Ira, 30.06.2004 03:50

Review of Fahrenheit 9/11 and the mainstream response to it.

Tell Cheney to Fuck Himself

Douglas Lain, 30.06.2004 03:17

Vent a little. Tell Dick Cheney that you don't appreciate his profiteering and to fuck himself.

The paranoid persecution of Steve Kurtz

Martin E. Rosenberg, 30.06.2004 02:38

The FBI investigation of a Buffalo art professor who works with biological agents found the materials harmless. But as the grand jury investigation widens, says Martin E. Rosenberg, artists and scientists are outraged by the degree of government intrusion Sunday, June 27, 2004

Is Iraq transfer of power a sham?

Sidney Martinez, 30.06.2004 01:59

This article discussed the true class nature of Iraq under the rule of Imperialism.

Moving from Agenda to Action: Suggestions on a way forward for the NHHPC.

Kali Akuno, 30.06.2004 01:37

An analysis of seven fundamental issues the National Hip Hop Political Convention must confront in order to be a force in united states politics.

Union Grows after Cutting Labour Ties

Worker Independence, 30.06.2004 00:42

The biggest rail workers’ union has increased its membership by more than 3,000 since being thrown out of the Labour Party, it was revealed today.

Father of beheaded American speaks out against Bush and the Media

Voice of Dissent, 29.06.2004 22:56

Michael Berg, the father of Nick Berg (who was beheaded) speaks out against Bush.

Boston Social Forum

Sean Donahue, 29.06.2004 22:50

As the U.S. faces the erosion of the public sector, and of civil rights and civil liberites, and the left remains fragmented, the Boston Social Forum offers an opportunity to envision another world and strategize about how to build it.

A colación del filme ¿Dónde estarás el día de mañana?

Alejandro De Fez, 29.06.2004 21:20

Ningún grupo social, político o religioso puede marcarse estrategias o tácticas sin tener en cuenta que la situación del planeta y de la Humanidad es en estos momentos pre-apocalíptica, tanto si se analiza la situación de la Civilización desde la economía social, la filosofía histórica o desde la ciencia natural.

A colación del filme ¿dónde estarás el día de mañana?

Alejandro De Fez, 29.06.2004 21:18

Ningún grupo social, político o religioso puede marcarse estrategias o tácticas sin tener en cuenta que la situación del planeta y de la Humanidad es en estos momentos pre-apocalíptica, tanto si se analiza la situación de la Civilización desde la economía social, la filosofía histórica o desde la ciencia natural.

Iraq's International Terrorists

Vantari, 29.06.2004 20:05

These attacks are a political strategy intended to prolong the US military occupation of Iraq. The new Iraqi government must be able to show cause to it’s own People why the US troops are still needed. No internal enemy, no need for a continued US military occupation.

New Mailing List on Linux, OSM and Revolution!

marxism-penguinism, 29.06.2004 19:03

A multi-lingual group dedicated to good humoredly sectarian theoretical and practical discussion of Linux and the Open Source Movement (OSM), from the perspective of the marxist and marx-influenced revolutionary left.

New Book: The Fluoride Deception

MC, 29.06.2004 18:18

A new book from Seven Stories Press on the history of fluoride. A must-read for anyone curious about the issue. See:

Canadian Moslem Family Terrrorized by RCMP

Khawaja Mahboob, 29.06.2004 17:42

How bogus arrests are staged for anti-moslem propaganda purposes

Venezuela: Chavez hace negocios con Repsol YPF

pito peres, 29.06.2004 16:56

El presidente Venezolano y el presidente de Repsol YPF se felicitan Las palabras incendiarias de Chavez no pasan de ser solo eso: palabras. De su puño y letra firma ventajosos contratos con el capitalismo global... Bonita paradoja: Una "revolucion" financiada por ChevronTexaco, British petroleum y Repsol YPF

U.S. combat deaths now at 858 from Iraq war

jamie, 29.06.2004 12:58

U.S. combat deaths now at 858 from Iraq war. At this rate (although the rate is increasing)the U.S. would incur 10,000 war deaths over a ten year "occupation." The # of badly injured and crippled would perhaps be ten times as great. Further extrapolations concerning mental and emotional, as well economic impacts, are worth considering.

Below find recent war news from Iraq from We can stop this war and build a new world. Spread truth and hope. jamie

Atlantis bereitet den Gegenschlag vor und erbitet eine Antwort der Ver. Nationen Stille ist tötlich

Cesare della Tera, 29.06.2004 12:44

Stilschweigen der Beteiligten Zwingt den Staat der Siamesen zum Gegenschlag

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