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JUSTICE SEEKER, 10.01.2009 04:24

In Colombia Drug traffickers continue to buy the corrupt government officials in order to fake the expropriation of their properties. For example, in San Andres Island, Martha Chica,the wife of a Drug trafficker's CEO, continue managing drug trafficker busineses ( such as with Aqua Works which was expropriated by the Colombian Government and yet Martha Chica, wife of the man who works as CEO for the drug traffickers continues to manage this business) by bribing the Colombian Police and DAS (the secret police of Colombia). It makes one wonder, what difference does nit make then if the Colombian Government expropriates a drug trafficker's property.

1/8 Palestine Watch: U.S. Weaponry Facilitates Killings in Gaza/Lists of U.S. Wapons in Israel

Lee Siu Hin - Peace NO War Netwoprk/National Immigrant Solidarity Network, 10.01.2009 04:04

Israel's two-week military onslaught has resulted in the deaths of over 700 Palestinians, including more than 300 civilians, mostly victims of U.S. weaponry....

1/9 Palestine Watch: U.S. covertly shipping arms to Israel

Lee Siu Hin - Peace NO War Netwoprk/National Immigrant Solidarity Network, 10.01.2009 03:25

The U.S. is seeking to hire a merchant ship to deliver hundreds of tons of arms to Israel from Greece later this month, tender documents seen by Reuters show.

Paris repressions et pressions policiéres contre le mouvement lycéens

un manifestant, 10.01.2009 03:02

il ne fait pas bon à Paris contester Darcos le ministre de l'éducation français

Solidarity action with gaza and greece (colombia)

cualquiera, 10.01.2009 02:43

Reseña de protesta.

Call for Day of Solidarity with the Palestinians and the Greek Anarchists and Anti-Authoritarian Activists

Julia Smedley, 09.01.2009 22:39

An International Day of Solidarity is being called for January 23, 2009, for the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the Greek Anarchists and other anti-authoritarian activists in Greece. There are many overlaps between these two struggles, and those similarities are explored below. The date of the demonstration is to also commemorate the anniversary of the Riots in the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland, during the period of Nazi Germany (1943), where 70,000 Jewish people took this city back, and held it for a long time before the Germans took over. The date and the atrocities exposed in this article are highly ironic, given that the Jewish people of Israeli have experienced a genocide of their own: the Holocaust.

Oakland's Not For Burning?

George Ciccariello-Maher, 09.01.2009 20:09

If a young black or Latino male pulls a gun and someone winds up dead,
intention is never the issue, and first-degree murder charges are on the
agenda, as well as likely murder charges for anyone of the wrong color
standing nearby. If we reverse the current situation, and the gun is in
Oscar Grant’s hand, then racist voices would be squealing for the death
penalty regardless of intention. And yet when it’s a cop pulling the
trigger, all the media and public opinion resources are deployed to
justify, understand, and empathize with this unconscionable act. One side
is automatically condemned; the other automatically excused.

London: World Against War ! For EVER ! Stop War in Gaza Now !

Dan Prackelman, 09.01.2009 19:01

The WORLD AGAINST WAR ! 08 and 09 ! National Demonstration & Rally .... London 15th March 2008 !!! ... People started gathering at Trafalgar Square at 12 noon. Most of the printed banners were familiar with a few new additions. Palestine Solidarity were represented by their popular "Free Palestine" flag and the newer "End the siege of Gaza" placard, the Stop the War coalition sported their themed "Out of Iraq and Afghanistan" and "Don't attack Iran" placards, with CND having similar messages on theirs. The Green Party had the powerful message "No more blood for oil" on their placards. It was the banners of British Muslim Initiative that perhaps best reflected the dire situation in Gaza with the message "Stop the holocaust in Gaza". This is no idle exaggeration, just two weeks ago the israeli deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai promised the Palestinians a "holocaust" in Gaza, and with the strikes on Gaza it is clear he is keen to keep his promise.

Icelandic protesters cut live transmission of annual party political TV show

Aftaka, 09.01.2009 18:00

Outside the hotel

On December 31st, we witnessed a unique action here in Iceland. Obviously it was not the all time climax in the history of Icelandic resistance compared e.g. to the 1949 riot, when Iceland joined NATO and people put up heavy resistance in Reykjavík. But first and all, it was a symbol for the waking up which is taking place in the Icelandic society – society that before was completely apathetic. And the action worked out perfectly in that we managed to do what we wanted, to disrupt and stop the TV transmission.

800 Menschen in Gaza ermordet um vier 4 Mrd Dollar zu stehlen?

Raimund Simpson, 09.01.2009 17:57

Wein-achten ZUM WEINEN! 800 Menschen in Gaza ermordet um vier 4 Mrd Dollar zu stehlen? .... Michel Chossudovsky erklärte gestern bei Global Research, dass die zionistische Terrorbande neben der Erstellung von Wahlkampfbildern für Ehud Barak und der Promotion von Tsipi Livnis Rassentrennungsprogramm auch handfeste finanzielle Gründe für die Massaker in Gaza hat. Gotteskrieger Ehud Olmert bekommt mit der Operation Cast Lead “ganz zufällig” die Finger auf Erdgas-Reserven vor der Küste von Gaza im Wert von schätzungsweise vier Milliarden US-Dollar. Zufälle gibt’s, die gibt’s gar nicht.

Ivy League-style Salvation

Bobby Meade, 09.01.2009 15:23

If you were convinced that stupidity was intelligence, do you think that your Saviour could convince you that He had to have your head cut off in order to save your intelligence? Would He tell you He was bringing a sword?

Ivy League-style Salvation

Bobby Meade, 09.01.2009 15:18

If you were convinced that stupidity was intelligence, do you think that your Saviour could convince you that He had to have your head cut off in order to save your intelligence? Would He tell you He was bringing a sword?

From Afghanistan to Gaza: the Ugly Canadians

Johnny Canuck, 09.01.2009 14:38

From Afghanistan to Gaza Canadian politicians continue to assist USRAEL with war and genocide. Are highly secretive Joint Task Force 2 Commandos assassinating Afghanis during night raids. Canadian troops fired 4.7 million bullets between April 2006 and Dec 2007. Canada was the first government to boycott badly needed aid from reaching Gaza after its people voted for Hamas. Canada has the most pro-Bush government in the western world. And the opposition isn't much better.


COPENOA, 09.01.2009 14:18

Unos 100 obreros petroleros se encuentran tomando el pozo de gas Aguaragüe ante el anuncio de la empresa petrolera Tecpetrol S.A que opera en la zona, de bajar los costos operativos. El pozo esta ubicado en le Municipio de Gral. Mosconi y los obreros reclaman la continuidad laboral.

1/9: Palestine Watch: Israeli War on Gaza Continues Despite UN Truce Call

Lee Siu Hin - Peace NO War Netwoprk/National Immigrant Solidarity Network, 09.01.2009 14:02

Latest Updates from Israel Invade Gaza: Israeli War and Massacre on Gaza Continues Despite UN Truce Call, Senate Pass Pro-Israel Legislation!

¿Qué hacer frente a un genocidio?: ACCIÓN GLOBAL pacífica CONTRA ISRAEL

Colectivo Queda la Palabra, 09.01.2009 13:39

Niño palestino contra tanque israeli Os pedimos a todas y todos los que leéis este comunicado que lo reenviéis muy urgentemente a todos vuestros contacto y lo publiquéis en las listas y foros en los que participéis. Aquellos que podáis, por ser nativos de otros idiomas os pedimos que lo traduzcáis y nos hagáis llegar las traducciones, aunque ya hay algunos compañeros puestos a esto.

Éstas y otras acciones unidas que se propongan son una RESPUESTA GLOBAL Y AL UNÍSONO por parte de ciudadanos, activistas y colectivos por los Derechos Humanos de todo el mundo. Es la única forma de parar a estos asesinos genocidas sionistas de israel y ee.uu. No es cuestión de nacionalidades, tendencias políticas, ideologías o religiones diferentes y esperamos que tampoco haya prejuicios o discriminaciones entre distintos colectivos y organizaciones, pues la cuestión que nos ocupa es ser personas dignas y los hermanos palestinos lo están demostrando ENTREGANDO SUS VIDAS POR LA LIBERTAD frente al ataque terrorista y global del salvaje capitalismo contra la humanidad, ante el que todas las personas justas del mundo debemos estar unidas.


17 Filipinos escape Gaza war, 16 had arrived

Karlo Alexie Puerto, 09.01.2009 13:14

17 of the estimated 100+ Overseas Filipino Workers have been evacuated from the war in Gaza.

Salvemos el Beti Jai, 09.01.2009 13:11

Empiezan las acciones para salvar el BETI JAI de las garras de los especuladores de Marbella. El Beti Jai (que significa “Siempre fiesta” en Euskera) es un frontón de estilo Neomudéjar situado a pocos metros de la Castellana, en la calle Marqués de Riscal. Está catalogado como bien de interés cultural, lo que afortunadamente impide que sea reconvertido en un hotel A pesar de ello, una de las delincuentes de la operación Malaya (Montserrat Corulla) intentó con todas sus fuerzas (que son muchas) obtener tal recalificación, pero afortunadamente no lo consiguió. Esta individua es una de las que está detrás de las operaciones para adquirir el palacio social ex okupado Atocha 49, tristemente desalojado hace pocas semanas.

Segeberger Soliaktion: gegen israelisches Massaker in GAZA !

Carlo Delapontis, 09.01.2009 11:48

Gegen-Israel.-Gaza-Massaker! Sofortiges Basta! linke Jugend 08.01.2009 23:21 Themen: Freiträume ... usw.
Bad Segeberg: Die Gruppe BASTA! Linke Jugend hängte am Mittwoch den 07.01. an verschiedenen Stellen in Bad Segeberg Transparente an Brücken, auf denen sie dazu aufrufen das GAZA-Massaker, ein selbstverwaltetes Jugendzentrum, welches um ! FRIEDEN in GAZA SOFORT ! kämpft, zu Unterstützen und sich mit den dort engagierten palestinensischen Jugendlichen zu solidarisieren. Das HAK führt am 10.01. um 14.30 eine Demo durch, um sich gegen die Schikanen der israel.-Soldaten, Polizei und der Panzer zu wehren.
Sofortiges Basta! linke Jugend 08.01.2009 23:21 Themen: Freiträume ... usw.

press release about findings of fatal accident inquiry into the death of Dr Graham Meldrum .

Lindsay Keenan, Karen Thomson, Graham Meldrum Memorial Campaign, 09.01.2009 11:43

Our press release into findings of Graham's deasth. Again we are faced with the news that Graham like many others was murdered for profit.They being powerful global compamies effectively got away with murder, myself and my children still paying the price. karen Thomson

Killtown: conspiracy flake or Internet menace?

Rita S., 09.01.2009 01:38

Killtown? It is one thing to believe strange conspiracy theories about the September 11th attacks on America, and quite a another to leverage that belief as an excuse to harass anyone who dares to question his personality cult.

Venezuela protesta contra la masacre del pueblo Palestino

Catia TVe, 09.01.2009 00:48

Fotos de la marcha a la embajada de Israel en Caracas. El embajador ha sido expulsado por el gobierno bolivariano de Hugo Chávez como gesto de repudio a la masacre y gesto solidario con Palestina.

The Shortwave Report 01/09/09 Listen Globally

Dan Roberts, 09.01.2009 00:45

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Cuba, and Russia.

De la gréce a l'autriche les jeunes tombent sous les balles de la police

1 sur G, 09.01.2009 00:16

voila ce que c'est la "deomcratie" en Europe c'est ferme ta gueule ou c'est une balle dans la tête

Some 20 Belgians plan their escape

The great escape, 09.01.2009 00:13

A group of Belgian individuals plan to leave their social and material status behind, according to their ultimate escape plan they prepare on the internet. The group consists of man and women between 20 and 40 age old. Together they plan to make ‘The Great Escape’ and leave what they call ‘the matrix’. They want to be completely independent of governments, and want to be responsible for their own survival. They will build their own houses, create their own agriculture, in order to survive the coming cataclysm. Once there, there will be no turning-back option, and all communication with the outer world will cease.

Basken: Aufruf zum Boykott des Staates Israel

Ralfs Struckos, 09.01.2009 00:10

Basken: boikot Israel. Es war eine sehr starke Demonstration, die von den Angehörigenorganisation Etxerat angemeldet wurde. Merkwürdigerweise hatte niemand das Verbot beantragt, obwohl es den Angehörigen noch im Sommer verboten wurde, bei der Regatta in Donostia-San Sebastian zu demonstrieren.Stürmisch wurde eine Gruppe mit Beifall bedacht, die sich aus der Demonstration löste und zur Solidarität mit den Palästinensern und zum Boykott des israelischen Staates aufgerufen hat. Auf der Abschlusskundgebung wurde eine Grußadresse an die Palästinenser verlesen.

20-tal Belgen vluchten

The great escape, 09.01.2009 00:09

Een groep Belgische individuen zijn van plan hun maatschappelijke status en materiële verworvenheden achter zich te laten, en plannen een ultieme vlucht op het internet. De groep bestaat uit zowel mannen als vrouwen tussen de 20 en 40 jaar. Samen gaan ze ‘The Great Escape’ maken en verlaten wat zij ‘de matrix’ noemen. Ze willen volledig onafhankelijk worden van overheden, en willen zelf voor hun eigen overleven instaan. Zo gaan ze zelf huizen bouwen, aan landbouw doen, eigen kleren maken, en zich met de nieuwe nederzetting voorbereiden op het volgende cataclysme. Eens ter plaatse is er geen weg terug en geen contact meer met de samenleving.

Gaza sniper

Joe Fullhorn, 08.01.2009 23:31

Gaza Sniper Wie hoch sind die israelischen Verluste wirklich? Die Wahlkampagne von Ehud Barak in Gaza ist als Psyop darauf angelegt, durch sinnloses Massenmorden von Kindern und Kranken größtmöglichen Schrecken in den Köpfen der Bevölkerung von Gaza zu verbreiten und dabei gleichzeitig zu demonstrieren, dass die Besatzungstruppen unverwundbar sind. Damit auch die richtigen Wahlkampfbilder und Nachrichten in die Köpfe der Menschen gebombt werden, halten die zionistischen Landräuber ein striktes Zensursystem aufrecht und hat im Gaza-Streifen Journalismus verboten. Ein besonders heikles Thema für den Krieg an der Nachrichtenfront sind die Verluste der israelischen Armee, bei der Pietät gegenüber den Angehörigen als Begründung für eine Verheimlichung vorgeschoben wird. .....

Israel's fait accompli in Gaza

Eric S. Margolis, 08.01.2009 20:44

"The Israeli offensive into Gaza now looks likely to short-circuit any plans Obama might have had to press Israel into withdrawing to its pre-1967 borders and sharing Jerusalem.
This has pleased Israel's supporters in North America who have been cheering the war in Gaza and have been backing away from their earlier tentative support for a land-for-peace deal."

No Victors in the War on Dissent

William John Cox &amp; Coleen Rowley, 08.01.2009 19:19

Among the wars currently being fought by the American government is one in which there can be no winners. Our prior law enforcement experiences warn us that the "war on terrorism" has spawned an internal "war on dissent" in which everyone loses.

Un artiste francophone se révolte contre Israël

Anonyme, 08.01.2009 19:07

Clip video

Internationale Diplomatie - Verbrechen des jüdischen Staats

Marthia Leone, 08.01.2009 18:42

Electronic Intifada 2008 "Internationale Diplomatie: Komplize der Verbrechen des jüdischen Staats"
Wir drängen unsere Regierungen dem Blutbad unverzüglich ein Ende zu setzen
Seit elf Tagen führt Israel einen grauenhaften Krieg gegen eine Zivilbevölkerung mit eindeutiger oder stillschweigender Beihilfe, und dies sollte man unerlässlich laut sagen, unserer Staaten.
Seit elf Tagen wirft Israel ununterbrochen Phosphorbomben und Bomben mit abgereichertem Uran ab, verachtet deutlich das internationale Recht und zeigt keine Rücksicht für das Leben der Einwohner von Gaza, ob Männer, Frauen oder Kinder.

Los errores de la izquierda

José López, 08.01.2009 16:39

El resurgimiento de la izquierda en el siglo XXI no puede ocurrir sin el análisis de
los errores que se cometieron en el pasado. La izquierda debe aprender de las
experiencias históricas para usar nuevas estrategias. Y dicho análisis hay que
hacerlo con un espíritu libre y crítico que cuestione las verdades “intocables”. En este trabajo se analizan los errores ideológicos de las distintas corrientes de la izquierda analizando las experiencias históricas.


Departamento de Comunicaciones, 08.01.2009 16:35

Docente y Movilh demandan a Chile por lesbofobia La instancia internacional notificó que la acción cumple con los requisitos para su análisis. Se acusa al Estado de vulnerar los derechos al trabajo, la vida privada, la no discriminación y la igualdad de la profesora Sandra Pavez, impedida de hacer clases en Chile sólo por ser lesbiana. Se identifica como responsables de los atropellos los Poderes Ejecutivo y Judicial y a la Iglesia Católica.

Armas radiactivas

Anónimo, 08.01.2009 16:22

Irak y Afganistan: guerras radiactivas.

Tears of Love for Palistine, Tears of Hatred for Zionism

jamie, 08.01.2009 15:50

"Don't allow the Zionists to win the propaganda war."

Raketen aus Libanon schlagen in Nordisrael ein?

Rüdiger Nüchtern, 08.01.2009 14:06

Oiter Kerl SpOn titelt: Raketen aus Libanon schlagen in Nordisrael ein .... Der Einspieler lautet: Womöglich greift jetzt die Hisbollah aus dem Libanon heraus in den Gaza-Konflikt ein. Am frühen Morgen schlugen in Nordisrael drei bis fünf Raketen aus dem Südlibanon in Israel ein - zwei Menschen wurden verletzt, die Furcht vor einer Ausdehnung des Kriegs wächst.

Kriegsverschwörung Berlin/Jerusalem: Deutsche Soldaten nach Gazastreifen

Walter Steingraben, 08.01.2009 13:10

ISRAELISCHEGAZASMASSAKER Kriegsverschwörung in Berlin und Jerusalem: Deutsche Soldaten sollen in den Gazastreifen ... Seit Beginn des Gazakrieges am 27.Dezember wundert sich die Weltöffentlichkeit über zwei Dinge:
1. Warum wurde er durch die israelische Regierung überhaupt begonnen wenn er militärisch nicht zu gewinnen ist?
2. Warum wurde er trotzdem aus Washington und Berlin unterstützt?
Die Antwort ist neben simplen wahlkampfpolitischen Gründen offensichtlich auch strategischer Natur: Deutsche Soldaten sollen in die Hölle des Gazastreifens gelockt werden.

Call U.S. Congress Jan. 8, 2009 to OBJECT to certification of Electoral College Vote!

Cris Ericson, 08.01.2009 09:50

Black Cat Disquised in Dragon Suit! Call your representatives to U.S. Congress January 8, 2009 and ask them to OBJECT to certifiying the Electoral College Vote, and to demand an investigation to determine if Barack Obama is not a "natural born citizen".


Ms. Cris Ericson, 08.01.2009 09:11

Black Cat in Dragon Suit! January 8, 2009 U.S. Congress counts and certifies Electoral College votes unless YOU call your Congressperson and ask her or him to OBJECT and demand an investigation! Barack Hussein Obama has NEVER proven he is a "natural born citizen" qualified to be President of the United States of America! He might be a naturalized alien! STOP CORRUPTION!

Réunion internationale des mouvements radicaux du 16 au 18 janvier 2009 à Strasbourg

dissent_fr, 08.01.2009 08:42

Les 3 et 4 avril les représentants des pays membres de L'OTAN se réuniront de nouveau. Du 1er au 5 avril 2009 nous serons donc présentEs à Strasbourg et nous nous opposerons à leur « mondialisation par la force » de par la créativité de nos actions résistantes : actions directes, blocages, désobéissances civiles, rencontres, village autogéré, centres de convergence, arts autonomes,…


Rising Tide Boston, 08.01.2009 04:21





This Valentine's Day, February 14th, 2009, join Rising Tide Boston (RTB) in demanding that Bank of America stop its funding of the dirty and deadly coal industry and demanding, in solidarity with City Life/Vide Urbana, stop its unjust foreclosures and evictions of working families. Closing your account with Bank of America (BOA) is an important step in bringing closure to this unhealthy relationship. In Boston, we are planning a day of coordinated bank account closures in at least two locations, and encourage people in other places to organize something similar.

Jordan is not Palistine: Israel's plan exposed

jamie and others, 08.01.2009 01:22

"Mass expulsion could occur at some later stage of the ground invasion, were the Israelis to open up Gaza's borders to allow for an exodus of population. Expulsion was referred to by Ariel Sharon as the "a 1948 style solution". For Sharon "it is only necessary to find another state for the Palestinians. -'Jordan is Palestine' - was the phrase that Sharon coined." (Tanya Reinhart, op cit)"

Meet the Obama-Biden Train with a Peace Train

Jerry Park, co-director of Little Friends for Peace, 08.01.2009 00:32

Child practitioners of Nonviolence, along with their teen and adult guides, invite other peacemakers to join them as they don cardboard box/signs and march to Union Station in Washington, DC to greet the Obama Train.

Ready for the union

Adam Turl (Socialist Worker Online), 07.01.2009 23:59

Wal-Mart's Everyday Low Wages Adam Turl looks at what unions can do for young workers--and what youth could do for organized labor.

A petition signed by about 500 Israeli citizens, calling for urgent international intervention to stop the war on Gaza

free gaza, 07.01.2009 23:08

a petition signed by about 500 Israeli citizens, calling for urgent international intervention in order to stop Israel from continuing the war it has waged against the Palestinian people in Gaza.

Call to Action: Rally at the Texas State Capitol

Centex ARA, 07.01.2009 22:56

Rally at the capitol steps in solidarity with the occupied peoples of Gaza

Video Series: Asylum Seekers Squat Church in Zurich (Switzerland)

a-films, 07.01.2009 22:41

On Friday, 19 December 2008, around 150 Sans-Papiers and solidarity activists squatted the "Prediger" Church in Zurich, Switzerland. The squatters demanded from the Canton Zurich documents for everyone, work permits for all and the implementation of the hardship provision.

The Quartet's Hypocrisy and Failure in Occupied Palestine

Stephen Lendman, 07.01.2009 21:24

The Quartet's complicity in Israeli war crimes

Warum hassen sie den Westen so, fragen wir uns

Roberto Becker, 07.01.2009 21:14

Israel. Angriff 6-1-09 UN-Schule Zum Angriff auf die UN-Schulen in Gaza .... Wieder einmal hat Israel den Palästinensern das Tor zur Hölle aufgerissen. 40 Zivilisten - Flüchtlinge - wurden in einer Schule der Vereinten Nationen getötet, drei weitere starben in einer zweiten UN-Schule. Nicht schlecht für eine einzige Nachtschicht in Gaza. Es ist die Arbeit einer israelischen Armee, die an die "Reinheit der Waffen" glaubt. Warum sollten wir uns wundern?

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